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  • Get you a friend who gives you good ass song recommendations

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    Hey, I’m Zoe, I’m 17, I’m a senior in high school, and I’m from the U.S. In college, I would like to study theater, but I will probably enter as undecided.

    Here’s some stuff I like!

    YouTube: Samantha Jo, Lex & Tati, Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star, bestdressed, Tana Mongeau, Markiplier, Domo Wilson (lifestyle, vlog, beauty, some gaming, lgbtq+)

    Music: J Balvin, ROSALÍA, Romeo Santos, The Drums, Crystal Castles, Foster the People, The Neighbourhood, Oliver Tree, Post Malone, Stromae (reggaeton, bachata, alternative, pop, rap, etc.)

    Movies and T.V.: Stranger Things, Unbelievable, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Blacklist, Suits, 80s teen classics (16 Candles, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), Euphoria, Gremlins, Aquaman, Marvel superhero movies, Doctor Who

    Other Interests: Reading (haven’t really done this on my own time in a while 😅 but I love Rick Riordan, John Green, and other YA fiction, and the Baby Ganesh Agency book series by Vaseem Khan), theater (I’m still so new and I’ve only seen/performed a handful of shows but I’d love to hear about your favorites!), engaging with my community (I am involved in a few clubs in school and I’ve been in 4H since freshman year), and learning about/experiencing new things!

    I’d love to become online friends and/or snail mail pen pals! I’d really love to use this new letter paper I got ☺️ Just send me a message here on tumblr @bitchslap1738

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  • I want to make more friends but my anxiety/depression sucks and when I’m not dealing with that I’m studying and cramming 24/7. I know that making friends is good for me but I can’t guarantee that I won’t ghost them and get very distant when I get overwhelmed by life so is there even a point???

    I don’t want to make people feel bad by not being a reliable friend :( Do people understand this?

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    finally have friends after a year of bein an antisocial dickhead

    thank u for dragging me out of my house until i became social again

    also shoutout to any of my mutuals or followers who r havin a rough time surviving the holidays. me too. we in this bitch together

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  • Hello Out There

    Hello. I’m M. I’m from California and I’m 23. I’m shy, introverted, and socially awkward. Being like this makes it hard for me to make friends. I did use to have a small group of friends but they stopped being friends with me because they didn’t like that I was so blunt and also they decided I no longer fit in to the group. But that’s okay at least I got some negativity cut out of my life right? Haha. Anyway I do have like 2 friends now but we’re not that close and we rarely hang out. So I made this hoping that I would find someone that also lives here in California and hoping that we could become close like best friends and that we’ll be able to tell each other everything and talk about everything together and do things together. But I’m also perfectly fine with talking to people from around the world.

    It takes a while for me to open up to people and for me to share things so please be patient with me.

    Okay so on to things I like. This is just going to be like the basic things.

    - Movies (mostly action and horror)

    - Netflix (TWD, supernatural, NCIS, Gilmore Girls, and more)

    - Anime (anything really, like I have a list that I need to get through)

    - Music (Mainly kpop and rock, but I listen to other things as well)

    - Playing with my dog

    - Going to the park, movies or the mall

    - I also like learning about new things

    - Eating (can’t forget about that)

    I’m okay with talking to anyone really as long as your between the ages of 21-26. And as long as you’re not judgmental or close minded or anything like that.

    I do have social media but I don’t use it since I don’t have friends anymore haha. But for now it’s fine we can talk on that or if you have kik we can talk there.

    Kik: lunar_serenity

    IG: mira.mar28

    If you found this boring and uninteresting sorry. But if you didn’t then that’s great. I look forward to speaking to you soon!

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  • hi!

    uH I’m 14 she/her 🏳️‍🌈

    I’m obsessed with interested in Brooklyn 99, marvel(comics and movies), Star Wars, She-Ra, Steven Universe, Adventure time, stranger things, dodie, and Cavetown

    I’m into feminism and queer activism.

    I’m a pretty chill person, I love geeking out, and I will listen to rants

    Yeah, ttyl

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  • Hello!

    My name is M (f), I’m 17 years old and from Europe.

    I would like to make a new friend around my age. Just someone to talk to and to be there for each other.

    Some of the things I’m interested in are:

    • Music: I listen to various types of music, but I especially like filmmusic/soundtracks and piano pieces/covers (I enjoy Kpop too :))
    • Movies: for example Dead Poets Society, The Intouchables, Some like it hot, Sabrina, The Chronicals of Narnia…
    • Reading: right now I’m reading Robert Galbraith’s book series about the detective Cormoran Strike
    • Drawing: eventough I don’t draw often
    • Writing: I don’t write often either and it’s more like a Journal/Diary
    • Piano: something I want to improve at

    I’m comfortable with talking here on Tumblr.

    Now that I’m close to submitting this, I’m getting a little nervous. But I’m looking forward to get to know someone new. If you want to, just text me:)

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  • hiii :))

    hi hello to the person reading this 🙋🏻‍♀️☺️ i am lea and i want internet friends or maybe bestfriends because i got none in real life, sad i know🤷🏻‍♀️

    soo i like music of course who doesnt lol and my fav artist is alec benjamin (you should listen to outrunning karma lol) and yehh if you wanna be friends dont be shy to hit me up i can be shy at first but then well be good friends i promise lol (no one above 19 please) doesnt matter any gender or sexuality :)

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  • Heyoo I’m Nikki and I’m 15 years old!!

    My interests: I absolutely love asian drama movies and some music. I listen to music from all around the world, kpop, cpop, german, latin… literally anything. I love videogames. Some of my favorites are Sims 4, Fallout Series (minus 76), Final Fantasy 15, Red dead redemption, minecraft… and the best roblox. I watch a lot of youtube and I love animals especially tiny pets like fishes and hamsters. I really want a hamster.

    What I’m like: I’m lowkey a crackhead. I take a bit to open up and feel comfortable so I may be a bit awkward and what not. I’m a big nerd… I love geometry but hate Algebra 2 with all my heart. So warning ya i make a lot of geeky jokes. I’m super organized, like i freak out if one thing is out of place. I work out almost everyday and i love to bake. I’m a bit sarcastic but overall pretty mature and carry a conversation decently well as long as the other person isn’t dry af.

    What I’m looking for: Ideally I would like any gender between the ages 14-17. I’m accepting of any race, religion, gender, sexuality… as long as you’re nice to me I’ll be nice to you. I would like someone who can reply relatively fast and is genuinely interested in being friends. NO DRY PEOPLE!! I would really like someone who will be a long term best friend :)))

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  • Howdy buckaroos 🤠

    Hii! i’m Sandra, I’m thirteen years old, I’m bi and i come from Italy

    i’m kinda awkward so i apologize for that. I’m basically 24/7 online so feel free to send me a text whenever you want, but if i don’t respond right away it means that I’m trying to fix my sleeping habits

    i have a dog and a hamster, i love vines and memes, i love music but i don’t like any specific genre i guess

    i’m fine talking to anyone, but i’d prefer to talk to people around 13-15 :)

    my tumblr is @hi-welcometo-chillis

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  • hey there!

    i’m lucie, i’m 17, i’m bisexual and i’m from england :)

    some of my favourite things:

    -music: tøp, p!atd, fob, yungblud, the cure, the smiths, joy division, cigarettes after sex, frank ocean, partynextdoor, j cole and so much more!

    -tv: adventure time, rick and morty, bojack horseman, pretty little liars, vampire diaries, brooklyn nine nine, lucifer, skins uk.

    -hobbies/interests: watching netflix, listening to music, reading, studying philosophy, drawing, going for walks.

    what i’m looking for:

    -someone between the ages 15-20, a girl preferably (i just click better with girls), someone from the uk, any race/religion/sexuality, someone who will want to talk alot, won’t leave after one conversation, comfortable sharing numbers/other social media, eventually wanting to facetime or skype!

    message me on tumblr @painfullybi


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  • Hey?

    16 yo, bi. I have the same interests as many teenagers: movies, TV series, music and books. Also I study art and history. Hope to study graphic design in future.

    English isn’t my native language, but I hope I’m fluent enough.

    I’m here to find internet friend. I mean a real friend, who I can share my emotions and feelings. It is hard for me to communicate with people in real life, but online it’s much easier.

    If you wanna talk to me, just send me a message. I’m waiting for you

    Inst: ylloooiiii

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  • Hi there! I’m Ace (name not sexuality, at least I don’t think so), almost 18 years old, female and desperately looking for some new friends. I am from Germany, for time zone reference, but open to people from all around the world. Just message me! :)

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  • Hey there 🤔

    I’m 17 y.o. girl from Russia. I’ve always wanted a friend from a different country, but that doesn’t really matter, I’d like to talk to you wherever you are from.

    I like music, art, memes, amimals (I have a cat so be ready for a lot of stupid photos) and math. I also like some TV shows (like Sherlock and Good Omens), Marvel (didn’t watch all the movies, but I’m going to). But if there is anything else you are interested in, I’d love to talk about it, I’m interested in anything you want to share.

    I’m a bit awkward and not really good at conversations, but I’ll try my best. Also English isn’t my mother language, but I learn it for quite a long time (anyway, I can always use a translator).

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  • spare friendship ma’am?

    hi, I’m ava, I’m a 17 y/o from and australia and not to toot my own horn or anything but I’m pretty lonely. hah

    I’m into a lot of stuff — music (indie + r&b mainly, and whatever genre lemon demon is), mcelroy stuff, movies, a bit of musical theatre, but I’ll talk to you guys about anything!

    also I think ages 15-18 would probably be best, but anything goes, really. and any gender is fineeee

    my tumblr is breadlover420, say hello if you wanna!

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  • A attempt to end my loneliness

    I just go by Meg, she/her pronouns, bi/ace, I’m 13.

    I’m pretty reserved which is most likely why I don’t have friends. I’m more outgoing once I feel comfortable around someone.

    I have a lot of mental health stuff and am pretty sensitive so please be nice :)

    I’m a great listener and will always listen/talk if its something you enjoy talking about.

    My interests:

    I’m a HUGE sander sides fan (a little obsessed), I’ve been riding horses for about 10 years now and its a big part of my life. I like stranger things, umbrella academy, and probably a lot of other stuff I’m forgetting. I love to chat about that stuff specifically but I’m pretty opened minded to anything.

    What I look for in a friend:

    •Preferably between 13/15

    •I would love to have a friend to fangirl about sander sides with.

    •I Don’t care about gender, race or sexuality, just be a chill person.

    •Someone who’s reliable and loyal.

    Pm on @just-another-fander-fangirl if your interested

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  • Hi my name is Kenan am 20 I am from Germany. Iam looking for people to write with. I do a lot of sport reading and listening to a lot of hip hop music. I am currently training as an office clerk. If you want to know more hit me up or like the post. See ya

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  • Hi, so I just opened a Group chat called study pals, if you would like to join tell me so i can invite you💌

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  • I’m freaking creating an army, and it’s helping me heal🌸

    I’ve been seeking out and texting people who have the same opinions on me on a certain fandom I used to love a lot before I started hating it a lot. And wOW knowing that people agree with my onion and that I’m not done alone, like… Means so much to me, you have no idea, the fandom affected me a LOT, personally, emotionally, and texting these people is like medicine to the injuries the fandom (and the show itself) has done to me.

    I’m super tempted to make [Terribly misunderstood character that I, no, WE love so much and relate to so much] DEFENSE SQUAD shirts like ASAP

    I haven’t seen myself this bubbly and lively and happy to interact and motivated and, well, alive for MONTHS now, like I’m literally freaking out over how much I’ve missed being happy and me.

    This only means one thing: THE THERAPY’S WORKING

    Depression won’t haunt me no more

    5 years was eNOUGH

    I am HEALING

    I will make it through and get better and start living and thriving, not just surviving

    And friendship really is magic (RIP MLP 😭❤❤❤)


    (Don’t mind me I’m just high on friendship energy and positivity for the first time after months of severe depression… Thanks to thAT ONE FREAKIN SHOW-)

    #woohoo#i'm healing #!!! #xD#lol #don't mind me #i'm just high #on FRIENDSHIP #friendship is magic #❤❤❤#friendship#tumblr friends#internet friends #you guys are awesome #depression#therapy#healing#About me#personal#positivity #you know what fandom i'm talking about #PINK DIAMOND DEFENSE SQUAD #LET'S GOOO
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  • im just saying. can i please find an internet friend. like yo i know my friends are doin something so i dont wanna bother them. but like picture this, i had an internet friend where we could rant to each other and just be super honest and open, and just like…. vibe

    holy moly hehehe

    #please message #im begging you #internet friends#mlm#mlm blog#aryntalks#mlm pride #please talk to me #im so bored
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