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  • I went to school with that person, I fucking know they’re not as cute as they seem on their instagram ffs

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  • i need some friends on here so reblog, like or reply if we can be friends!

    also i am 23, so minors who are 16 and under  i’d prefer it if you don’t message me , cause the age gap is a bit big , and that would be awkward for me tbh.

    i will dm you if you interact with this, but if you message me first thats fine also! 

    #internet friends #i am lonely #i love meeting new people #euphoria #buffy the vampire slayer #cloak and dagger #the hunger games #clueless#zendaya#stranger things
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  • image

    not sure what the best way to greet you is, so here we go!

    my name is Crystal, i’m 29, and i live in the UK :) for those of you into astrology, i’m a scorpio!

    i’m just a socially awkward disney fanatic looking for some new snail mail pals!! i only have a few, so i’m looking for more people to get to know from all around the world!


    music is my biggest passion! i love all different kinds of music, but i’m partial to the sad, lyrical kind. my favorite artists are Ruelle, Alec Benjamin, Florence + The Machine, Freya Riding and Billy Raffoul. i also love Ludovico Einaudi and Lindsey Sterling. my favorite song is I Get To Love You by Ruelle. i’d be so down to trade playlists!

    i also LOVE to read! my favourite genre is YA fiction and my favorite book is All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. my favorite quote comes from the book too :) “You are all the colors in one, at full brightness.” i also recommend Holding Up The Universe, also by Jennifer Niven, and An Abundance of Katherines by John Green.

    i love writing poetry! i’ve been writing since i was 13 and i never stopped! I’d love to trade poetry or write poetry together!!

    i’m an AVID movie watcher. i have over 60 movies in my collection and i usually watch between 5 and 10 movies a week! some of my favorites are You’re Not You, Freeheld, The Lion King, The Shape of Water, The Notebook, and Up :)

    i am a MASSIVE DISNEY FANATIC! i have a collection of movies and memorabilia that will rival any disney fan’s. a dream of mine is to go to Disney World! my favorite Disney movies are The Lion King, The Beauty and The Beast, Up, and Frozen 2.

    i have 7 beautiful cats who have all of my heart <3

    i love the color green, rain, cats, museums, Christmas and Fall!

    i have 12 piercings and 25 tattoos! someday, i hope to be completely covered in tattoos with the exception of my face, my palms, and the bottoms of my feet.

    what i’m looking for:

    i’m looking snail mail pen pals to exchange quotes, poetry, and drawings with! for drawings, what i like to do is exchange a piece of paper back and forth called our “Add-A-Sketch” that we each add to every time we write! you’ll also get some goodies and stickers :) i’m looking for pen pals who are women or people on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, as i’m on that spectrum myself :) i’m also looking for pen pals 22 and up.

    how you can contact me:

    you can contact me on my tumblr: @adventureisoutthere90​. i can’t wait to hear from you! :)

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  • nobody calls me out better than I do 

    #my mutuals are lowkey inimidating because they are very cool ajksdfh #meme#internet friends#emma rambles
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  • Me with my internet friends: I mean I want to say hi but what if I’m annoying them? What if it’s to early or late in their time zone :(

    Me with my friends that live around me and that go to the same school as me at 3 am: What’s up motherfuckers I’m feeling extra annoying today

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  • yeah so uh one time my dad tried to talk to me about turning social media contacts into real-life contacts and like ???

    sir are you mansplaining internet friends to me, a gen z kid?

    #yeah so hes apparently reading a book about it #i straight up told him i have an advantage and have been doing this for yesrs #taco talks#internet friends
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  • I bet no one will see this, but hey if you are reading this. I’m Eliza but you can call me liza. I was hoping by making this post I could maybe make a few friends on here. I’ve tagged a few things I love and hopefully someone will see this and maybe reach out. I look forward to hearing from you. 💕

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  • hello my name is makayla and i am 22 years old! i am from missouri and quarantine is starting to get to me so i thought i would reach out and make more online friends! i would also love to send snail mail, because i love sending gifts!

    i am an english and anthro major and i love to read and write! i am currently watching glee again and how i met your mother! i love other shows like the flash, the 100, the vampire diaries, and teen wolf. i can also say i am big fan of greys! i spend most of my time currently at my boyfriends apartment mostly playing minecraft and doing art!

    i also like to journal and go on walks! i am sadly obsessed with tik tok and if you can make me laugh then we are best friends! Send me a message @ohplut0 and my insta is @not_makx

    i hope we can be friends!!

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  • i just booked a fucking train ticket to see my friend on friday omfg i am so fucking hyped

    #internet friends #i cannot wait to meet her #but im also so fucking awkward #so im probably gonna be a melt #but shes weird as hell #so its okay #ahhhhh
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  • Can I pweese be ur fwiend? <:3


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    #be my friend #internet friends
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  • 18+ online friends

    i’m 18 and i live in Chicago

    my favorite types of tv shows are reality tv shows so shows like jersey shore or america’s next top model and im currently binge watching bad girls club. im open to all kinds of music so it would be nice if someone can introduce me to new music.


    most of my friends left me this year, feeling lonely and need people to talk to :(

    message my kik if you wanna be online friends @ariee_uwu

    or you can inbox me here too :)

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  • Hi everyone

    I’m looking for a friend, something happened with my phone and KakaoTalk, them I lost my account. When I added him with his KakaoID and not his phone number. So he wasn’t added in my new list of contact. I only have a picture of him, his name and maybe where he works, I send a message for the company’s instagram, but I think they don’t understand. I’m so upset, I’m trying finally talk with him.

    Does anyone know how I can find him?

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  • maybe i should do some detoxing and only use tumblr and whatsapp for a while, instagram and facebook are making me sick

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    hi lovelies!! my names cathlin , i’m 18 and i’m from ireland!

    honestly if i wanted to explain myself i’d be here for hours writing cause my hobbies and interests are so varied and all over the place but i absolutely love music! my fave artists are tame impala , glass animals , girl in red , lil peep etc honestly theres lots!! i’d love to find someone with a similar music taste so we could vibe about that and give eachother new artists to listen to!!

    i have many other interests from art , photography, writing poetry , make up , fashion etc so hmu if you want to talk more about any of these!

    Contact on tumblr @allaboutgrls​ or instagram xcathlingallx

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  • I hope someone sees this post. I think now is the moment when I’m in relative despair and therefore I’m writing this text. Idk how likely it’s that someone will respond, but I’ll try. In general, I wanted to talk to someone now. I’m looking for someone who can share common interests with me, discuss various topics, share thoughts and problems. AND YES, I’M READY TO LISTEN TO YOU ALSO. And yes, I don’t hide my identity and I can tell you more about myself in our dialogue, but if you want to remain “anonymous” - I’ll understand and accept it. It would be great if you were into philosophy, forensics or something like that, because I like to discuss some of these topics. In general, if you’re also lonely, you can give me any signal that you want to talk to me.

    Thanks for reading to the end.

    #find someone #need to talk #find a friend #internet friends
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  • Hi guys! So my aim in photography is urban photography, street photography but also fashion photography. I’m also interested in the Gen Z aesthetics like urbancore and citycore. I want to be artistic but the technical parts have me down :( 

    However, having a photography partner is really motivating for me so if anyone wants to be mine then please DM me or reply to this. Alternatively, you could repost this to help me find one :D

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  • @ me if I ever see any of my internet friends irl.

    @ me if I ever see my internet friends irl

    Y’all have been my real friends all along.

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