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  • shadowhannibad
    23.04.2021 - 12 hours ago

    TTT: Joe and Nicky tentando ter uma noite juntinhos na paz e nos chamegos, assistindo um show de drag queens, dançando sob a luz do luar, declarando o amor que eles têm um pelo outro, lutando nazistas e ajudando minorias no cenário queer da década de 30 na Alemanha.


    Fandom: Nicky não tem empatia nenhuma pelo Joe, é um monstro insensível e o Wheeler fez um péssimo trabalho, pois decidi que irei ignorar todo o contexto histórico da HQ e a caracterização geral dos personagens, e só focarei em uma fala individualizada pois preciso problematizar tudo se não perco minha carteirinha de "Tumblr woke"


    #isso foi em português pq precisava usar esses memes #provavelmente irei escrever um post sobre isso depois #mds#mdsss #nao temos um segundo de paz nesse fandom #SEUS HEADCANONS SAO APENAS ISSO: HEADCANONS #deal with it #tipo #vc acha mesmo que a escolha de ambientar a estoria na Alemanha nazista foi coincidencia? #o wheeler tava justamente querendo explorar como é dificil pro Joe e o Nicky terem um tempo juntos sem brigas e drama #pois como um casal homossexual e interracial eles tinham que se esconder e enfrentar todo tipo de ofensa o tempo todo #o tema central da hq é justamente esse: como cada segundo conta nao so pq no fim das contas eles realmente nao sao imortais #mas pq eles passam mais tempo lutando do qualquer coisa #agir como se o Nicky tivesse atacado o Joe e invalidado os sentimentos nao se sustenta quando vc lê oq ambos dizem no final da hq #nao se sustenta quando o nicky pula e ja ta pronto pra meter o cacete no nazista que atacou o Jie verbalmente e moralmente #MO PERTURBACAO#rambling
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  • breakingtheepigraph
    22.04.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Book review | My thoughts—Delilah's Scandal

    Book review | My thoughts—Delilah’s Scandal

    Book two of The Cove Sisters Trilogy by Sienna Mynx is Delilah’s story. If you read Goodiva’s Secret and curious about Delilah and her story. This story is for you. Delilah’s world is rocked when she learns that her son is not her husband’s. However, the revelations don’t stop there, and Delilah comes to a stalemate with Mother Abigail, then hits her with a checkmate. Had this been a drama on…

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  • jeromeivory01
    22.04.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Where are the cucks who just live to serve Gods like myself?

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  • sweetestofchaos
    22.04.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Word Count: 2,735 Trope: Strangers to Lovers Warning: Interracial couple. Description: Fluff. SFW. SOL. Vacation to Seoul, SK where you and your friends decide to give your international fans a show. Parings: Idol!Wonho & Youtuber!Reader

    You are with a group of friends from the States, you’re on vacation and Seoul was number one on everyone’s bucket list. You run a Youtube channel where you cover different songs and for the past few days you and your friends have posted on social media accounts that you are in Seoul and you are going to put on a live concert. You dropped hints to where you would be, and you are surprised to see just how many international fans you have. There is a nice little crowd of maybe sixty or more people who all figured out where you are, and you are happy to see them. While your friends are setting up the equipment, you take the time to go over your setlist which consist of song both in English and Korean. Some songs you picked yourself and others you let your follower’s pick. You would be lying if you said that you weren’t nervous, singing in front of people is always crazy, but you love seeing the smiles on their faces. You’re happy with your playlist, but you are thinking of maybe taking some recommendations from the crowd and just winging whatever songs they choose if you know them well enough.

    Taking a sip of your water, you smirk to yourself; the people here have no idea what you have in store for them. The songs are all pretty well known, and you cannot wait to hear people sing along. Your phone goes off with a notification from Instagram and you open it up to see that someone tagged you in a post. You click on the photo and your eyes widen when you see a picture of yourself sitting on a bench holding your phone with the caption underneath giving away the location of your concert. You quickly comment on the picture thanking the person for their support and you tell them that you are excited to meet them after the show. Another notification pops up and you are tagged in another post with someone saying that it looks like you and Wonho, the Kpop singer are in the same place. You laugh with a shake of your head, what are the odds? For fun you read a few of the comments under the post and everyone is pointing out that Wonho does follow you on Instagram.

    “Hey! Y/N we’re all set girlie.”

    You nod your head and hand over your phone so that the ‘concert’ can be streamed on IG Live for those who aren’t in Korea or cannot make it today. Standing up, you fix your high waisted jeans and straighten out your gray shirt that you knotted in the front to make a cute ‘crop’ top. You push a loose faux locs out of your face and head towards your little stage, which is really just clearing surrounded by your friend’s instruments. Standing in front of the mic you smile as everyone starts to cheer when they see you. You set your water down on the ground and wave at everyone.

    “Annyeonghaseyo! I’m Y/N…better known to most of you as swavy vocals on Instagram and Youtube.” You smile as someone screams that they love you. “This is our first time in South Korea, and we thought we would do something for all our fan while we were here.” You look back at your group of friends and they all give you their signal that they are ready to start. “We created the playlist for today based on songs we liked and songs that you picked as well…so with that said let’s go!” You grab hold of the mic stand as the music starts and you let your body sway to the beat of ‘Cranes in the Sky’ by Solange. Your friends join in on the backing vocals and you let the music move your body. The song ends and everyone cheers as you take a few sips of water.

    “That was Cranes in the Sky by Solange. This next song doesn’t really need any introduction, sing along if you know it.” You set your water down once again and nods your head to the familiar beat that starts to play before you all sing the opening line.


    pil-yohae sigan-i neowa nae chueog-e

    kkamkkamhan bam-i chaj-aomyeon miwojiji anhge

    al-a ulin machi jeomuneun hae gat-i woo woo

    jeomjeom chagawo neol nae pum-e kkog an-ado

    You can’t help but to smile when everyone sings along with you.


    nal bomyeo us-eum jisdeon neo

    Slowly neowa nae sigan-eul doesaegyeo

    Stay with me

    ‘Fade’ by Kim Sung-Kyu is one of your favorite songs and you feel honored to sing it in front of people. The next song you sing is ‘POV’ by Ariana Grande and you sit down in front of the mic for the song.

    “Is everyone having a good time? Enjoying the songs?” Your friend on the drums, Steph asks, and everyone claps and cheers. “Do we have any dancers here?” A few people cheer and throw their hands up.

    “Perfect!” You walk closer to the crowd with the mic in your hand. “Do you want to help us with the next song?” About seven people come up and you smile at them all. “Tish is going to show you the dance that I need help with, okay?” You lead the seven people over to your friend and Tish takes them a little good distance away to keep the song a secret. You go back to the ‘stage’ and chat with the crowd a little before you start on the next song, ‘Good Days’ by SZA. While singing, you notice a large guy has made his way towards the front of the crowd and what catches your attention is his large frame. He is dressed in a plan gray t shirt that looks like if he moves the wrong way it will rip in half and jeans with a black mask over his face and a gray snapback on his head.

    The dancers come back, and you smile at everyone. “Got it down?” You question and everyone nods their head. “Okay! Let’s do this!” You give them all a high five and switch out your hand mic for a headset. “Can everyone hear me?” The crowd cheers and you get in position with the rest of the dancers and your friends. The upbeat music starts to play, and as you start to sing, you dance with two of the dancers making everyone shout and scream as they realize what song you are singing. ‘Reason’ by Kai was one of the recommended songs that your friends picked and they really wanted to do the choreography, so you spent a lot of time working on the dance for everyone.

    The song ends with everyone laying on the ground and everyone is panting hard. You sit up and feel your heart pounding in your chest, dancing while singing isn’t easy and you have to do it again with the next few songs. Standing up you help the other dancers up, “Let’s show some love! They were fire! That was tight!” You clap you hands and send the stand in dancers back into the crowd. “I really didn’t know what to expect since it was so last minute-”

    “Oh, we told everyone ahead of time to practice two dances,” You friend, Summer cuts in and you laugh.

    “What? Really?” Everyone in the crowd laughs at your surprise and you shake your head sending a few locs flying over your shoulders. “Wait…what was the other song?”

    “The next song your singing, but you’ll be okay with just us.” Erica states as she rolls her shoulders getting ready to dance again.

    Pulling the hair tie from your locs, you secure the tie around your wrist and get into position while your friends put on head mics to sing with you. You keep your face blank as you stand back to back with Erica and soon the music to ‘Love Shot’ by EXO plays. It’s only the five of you so you split the song up as equally as you could, and everyone is having fun. The song comes to an end and once again you are panting. While everyone cheers, you all grab water and Steph is the first one to speak.

    “So, we have a surprise for everyone.”

    “We do?” You look back at Steph and she smiles.

    “There was an overwhelming number of comments recommending that you sing a certain song…” Tish fiddles with the string of her bass as she speaks. “We reached out to the artist’s company to see if they would allow for a duet and we got the green light.”

    “What?” You look around at your friends and they are all laughing at your cluelessness. “I don’t have any duet songs on my list.”

    “Oh? I must not have sent the last song in the group chat…” Summer giggles.

    “O..kay.” You look at the crowd and the big guy is no longer in the front. “So, what’s this mystery song I’m singing?”

    Summer and Erica start stumming away on their guitar and bass and your eyes widen when a male voice starts to sing from behind you.

    neon silluesdo mwonga dalla baby

    ttala geulyeo bogo sip-eo lady

    amudo mollae humchin neoui shadow

    You turn around and Wonho, the very iwonhoyou from Instagram is walking your way wearing a head mic. You take in his outfit; gray t shirt and jeans and you want to scream. The big guy that was in the crowd is none other than Wonho. You look over at your friends and they are all smiling. Wonho smiles as the crowd loses their shit and now it makes sense as to why there is a barricade set up. Taking a deep breath, you gather your own shit and force yourself to overcome being starstruck. Wonho makes it to your side and smiles down at you. 

    daleuge heulleo ganeun neoui chaedo

    onmom-i jjalishaejige

    deo saeloun sesang-eul julge

    Don't you want somethin' different?

    The girls all sing as Wonho’s back up vocals. “Ooh aah!”

    You don't have to love me

    “Ooh aah!”

    Wonho offers you his hand and you shy away from his touch on purpose making him smirk.

    'Cause we want the same thing

    sangsanghaji ma wanjeon daleul tenikka

    oneul bam-eun

    Keep an open mind girl

    Together the two of you easily pick up the choreography of the dance break and you know that the next part it is your turn to sing.

    cheoeum neukkineun gamgag-eul jeonbu kkaewo

    neon dasi taeeonage dwae jigeumbuteon

    nalan segyel gamdang hago nan dwien yeah

    neon jungdogdoel geoya naege jangdamhalge

    onmom-i jjalishaejige

    deo saeloun sesang-eul julge

    You dance around Wonho and he laughs as you point at him.

    Don't you want somethin' different?

    Again, the girls sing as back up, “Ooh aah”

    You don't have to love me

    “Ooh aah”

    'Cause we want the same thing

    sangsanghaji ma wanjeon daleul tenikka

    oneul bam-eun

    Keep an open mind boy

    Together the two of you switch between dancing the correct choro and free styling as you trade off on singing alone and together.

    We both want the same thing

    sangsanghaji ma wanjeon daleul tenikka

    oneul bam-eun

    You run your hand up Wonho’s arm and slide it over to be on top of his heart. Wonho grabs hold of your hand and does a body roll.

    Keep an open mind boy

    Oh you and I

    michyeodo joh-a mangseol-il geo eobsjanh-a

    Wonho lifts your hand off his chest and pushes you away, quickly pulling you back as you spin, crashing into him with your back pressed against his chest. You slide down the length of his body and Wonho lifts his leg up and over you. He reaches down to grab your hand and pulls you back up, again pulling you into his arms.

    “Keep an open mind girl/boy”

    Oh you and I (you and I)

    huhoen eobs-eo geogjeong ttawin sachiya

    Keep an open mind girl/boy

    Wonho grabs your knee and dips you, making your leg wrap around his upper thigh. Wonho winks and you give a small jump as he lifts you in the air above his head, his hands keeping a supportive grip on your hip and leg. With little effort, Wonho lets you go and catches you in his arms bridal style as you cup his face between your hands.

    “Ooh ah”

    Keep an open mind girl/boy

    The two of you are panting but smiling as the song ends. Carefully, Wonho lets your legs go and hugs you tightly and you hug him back just as tight. Pulling away from each other, you turn to the crowd and they are all shouting and cheering. You, your friend and Wonho thank the crowd for coming and you all take pictures and sign some autographs before you start to clean up. Wonho’s crew helps with clean up and once everything is packed away you and Wonho break away from the group to chat. Wonho leads you to a restaurant that seems to be a hole in the wall, but you trust his judgement. The two of you sit away from the windows and you let Wonho order for you since you aren’t really sure what everything is.

    “Can I just say that you are way bigger in person!”

    “Yeah? Do I look small online?” Wonho raises an eyebrow, and you shake your head with a laugh.

    “Not at all, but dude you are solid.” Wonho’s ears turn red, and you smile. “So, what in the world made you agree to sing with me?”

    “Oh…” Wonho rubs the back of his neck and looks away from your face. “A lot of my fans sent me a link to your cover of ‘I Just’ and when I watched it, I was blown away. Your voice is so different and the way you rearranged the song it made me wonder what other songs you did.” Wonho runs a hand through his brown hair and laughs nervously. “I think I watched all of your videos to be honest and I saw someone comment that you had an Instagram, so I looked you up and I was surprised to see that you followed me.”

    “Summer is a really big K Pop fan, and she was the one that showed me your solo album. I watched the music videos, and I was really shocked to see that the voice I fell in love with came out of you!” You laugh remembering your reaction to seeing Wonho on Youtube for the first time. “I thought it was really cool how you carried yourself, so I took the time to sit with Summer and learn more about K Pop. After you I found Monsta X and from there I fell into the world of K Pop pretty hard. Summer was over the moon that she finally had someone on her side.”

    Wonho smiles listening to your story and the food soon comes, “You’re really good at speaking Korean. How did you learn?”

    “Honestly? I watched a lot of interviews and listened to songs. I’m more of an audio learner, once I got some of that down, I started to look at the writing in children’s books and I progressed from there. It was a lot of work because I’m dyslexic and I tend to spell everything the exact way that it is sounds.”

    “That would explain your pronunciation. You really stress some words when you speak.” Wonho points out as he starts to eat.

    “Yeah…a lot of my fans have told me that. I’m trying to get better.”

    “I think it’s cute,” Wonho admits, and you can feel heat attack your face. The two of you exchange numbers and decide to meet up later tonight for drinks. That same night as Wonho was walking you back to your hotel you could tell that he was drunk, and you invited him back to your room. The two of you made out and thankfully passed out before anything else could happen. The next morning you treated Wonho to breakfast to help with your hangovers and after that the two of you would meet up every night to get dinner or just hang out while you were in Seoul. When I was time for you to leave, Wonho asked if you would like to date, and you agreed to give the long-distance relationship a try.

    #soc writes#soc wonho #black!reader #soc pmh#interracial #queue this shit #strangers to lovers
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  • lilactyme
    22.04.2021 - 18 hours ago

    💞Coming soon. AMBW full-length romance novel.💞

    Checkout bestselling author Sydney Arrison’s steamy new release, Summer & Joon.

    💓Summer is a single mother with a four-year-old son and a hefty bunny. She works in a diner with some colorful characters, who regularly dole out advice about love and life. Summer wasn’t looking to fall in love until she met Joon. A handsome, successful entrepreneur. Their flourishing relationship is threatened by a ruthless family member determined to keep them apart.


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    22.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Follow me for more memes made with the finest NSFW content mixed with plenty of artistic flair to share while you ait in your usual spot getting spun, high, cloudy, tipsy, horny all day or night. You follow me I follow you. You'll want to wipe yourself off and say thank you for the bath. Lol

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    22.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Shungudzo - White Parents

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  • whitegirlzwantblackguyz
    21.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    She couldn't be happier ☺

    #white girls evolving #say no to white boys #once you go black you never go back #whitegirls4bbc#interracial
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  • whitegirlzwantblackguyz
    21.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    It's true , a white girl will get naked for a black man a hell of a lot faster than for a white guy . Because she knows the sex will be amazing 👏

    #white girls evolving #say no to white boys #once you go black you never go back #blacked#whitegirls4bbc#interracial
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