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    #tth.sehunnies hunnie96 #dana's love letters #i think its in one of those vids where they were interviewed as a group #and then someone exposed them LMAO
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    Sexy as hell!

    #interviews with monster girls #demi chan wa kataritai #sakie satou#tetsuo takahashi
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    Osora Interview translation (pt.2)

    (printed in AnimaniA 4/2018, p.58 - 61 / interview originally given in March 2018 at the Manga-Comic-Con in Leipzig, Germany)

    ( pt.1 )

    The Internet offers Let’s Players, but also all kinds of artists an opportunity for very direct communication with their fans. However, this can also have its downsides when it comes to potentially negative feedback. How do you deal with this issue?

    —Sometimes you just stumble across negative feedback that you didn’t want to see, and that can chip away at your motivation and creativity. I try to prevent that by not really looking at reactions in the first place, and when I do happen to see negative feedback, I try to forget about it again as soon as possible. Of course, when I start a new series, I’m curious about the readers’ reactions and go looking for feedback, but if eight out of ten comments are very positive and two are negative, I still tend to get stuck thinking about those two negative comments. There even was a time when that negative feedback made me feel too depressed to draw for a couple of days. But the more often this happens, the more you learn to deal with this criticism. I can stomach it pretty well by now, and I think it’s important to not let negative feedback get to you.

    Did your experience regarding interactions with readers change much from Boku to Senpai no Tekken Kousai to The Ones WIthin?

    —Digital publications receive a lot more feedback than series that are only released in print - be it via email or via Twitter. Twitter is the main source of comments. With Boku to Senpai no Tekken Kousai, there was much less of a response, and the feedback that we did get was usually in the form of letters. Since readers had to buy the magazine first and then go out of their way to send a letter, that was a lot more complicated. (T/N: i.e. it takes more time to write/send a whole letter than to just send a tweet)

    How do you handle responding to messages from your readers? For example, do you set specific times for yourself to reply?

    —Since I get the most reader interaction on Twitter, I try to answer questions and comments there when I find the time for it. I always do that myself because I want to respond to my fans in my own words. That doesn’t feel like extra work to me, but rather like a pleasant change of pace. Aside from my personal account, there’s also the official account for The Ones Within, which is mostly for promotional use. My editor retweets my tweets there and forwards any questions that get asked there to me.

    Could you describe your usual daily routine when working on The Ones Within?

    —I’m a night owl, so I usually get up rather late at around 10 am. After that, I basically work in two rounds. The first lasts the entire day and ends in the evening, around dinner time. Then I take a short break, and the second round starts at around 9 pm and ends at roughly 2 am. If I’m close to a deadline, I sometimes just continue drawing until I pass out. (lol) I never take much time to eat at that point, either.

    What advantages are there to drawing digitally in comparison to drawing traditionally?

    —Oh, there’s a lot - especially how easy it is to make corrections and adjustments. Your work space is neater and other people can’t stare as easily at what you’re drawing. There’s no need to erase sketches or apply screentones by hand (T/N: see here how screentones are applied traditionally, it’s definitely faster digitally lol), so there’s not as many work steps either and you can finish your work even on your own [without assistants]. And since it’s all data anyway, it’s easy to save as well.

    Do you have any advice for artists who are just starting to work digitally?

    —Practice makes perfect! I used to have a private page online where I more or less kept a drawing diary, all about original characters. I still kind of do the same thing on Twitter nowadays. It’s important to keep at it and actually draw on a daily basis, that way you’ll get used to it. There’s also live streams from artists on Pixiv and Twitter - it’s helpful to watch those and adapt parts of their progress for your own work.

    You’ve shown us a picture of one of your notebooks that you use to jot down your ideas - where do you usually come up with these? (*picture under the cut at the bottom of the post)

    —There’s two main places where I tend to draw spontaneously. For one, on the train - usually after meetings with my editor. I can best sort out my thoughts right after those meetings and save some first ideas. Secondly, in bed, right before going to sleep. Ideas flow really easily when you’re sleepy and letting your thoughts wander. Also, I’d feel like I’m wasting my time if I did nothing and just waited to fall asleep, so instead I imagine as many scenarios as possible and jot down the best ones. When I come up with something I especially like, I might also get up again and draw it digitally right away. (lol) I don’t take my notebooks with me everywhere I go, though.

    Both Boku to Senpai no Tekken Kousai and The Ones Within combine dark, mysterious elements with more comedic ones. How do you find a balance between these two aspects, and what do you like so much about combining these opposites?

    —I like both comedy and serious plots, so I wanted to draw both - in the end, I combined the two without really thinking much about it. I usually just let this come to me naturally while I’m drawing too, although I do keep the timing in mind. For example, it wouldn’t be appropriate to make a joke in the middle of a sad or serious scene, and vice versa. So, I take care not to destroy the atmosphere that I’m trying to convey [in each given scene].

    Personally, which character from The Ones Within is your favorite?

    —I can’t really “rank” my characters because I love them all! Going by who’s the easiest to draw, it would be Anya. He’s a pretty straight-forward type, so he’s easy to understand. He’s also the only one who looks angry a lot of the time and has eye bags… and his accessories, like the helmet, his iron bar or the chewing gum - they make him stand out and thus easy to draw.

    Do you already have an ending planned for The Ones Within or do you still have a few options to choose from?

    —The ending is already planned out!

    Do you maybe already have a new project in the works that you would like to tell us about?

    —For now, I’m just really happy that The Ones Within is getting an anime adaptation and I can finally talk about it, now that it’s getting officially announced this May! I can’t wait to see my characters animated on the screen!

    A final word to your fans?

    —Thank you so much for reading my manga! There are so many Japanese manga series out there, and I’m really happy that you chose to read mine out of all of them. The Ones Within is getting an anime adaptation, and of course the manga is still ongoing as well, so I hope you will stick around and enjoy it until the end. Thank you!

    Osora-sensei, thank you very much for the interview!

    I tried to decipher these but the picture was too small to read much sadly agdjsdvhs

    The bigger page seems to be some Kudou bros goodness? They seem to be talking about Shinya having Kenya's piercings (and maybe about Anya getting piercings as well, considering his very resolute "I don't want to." lol) and they're also mentioning ramen at some point from what I can decipher

    And the bottom right looks like some kind of character relationship chart / worldbuilding notes,,,

    #osora #the ones within #naka no hito genome #nakageno #boku to senpai no tekken kousai #translation#mangaka#mangaka interview #I feel dread knowing that Osora has the ending planned and might drop it on us some day after this hiatus lmao
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    Daphne Unleashed

    Disney Adventures, April 2004

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    BUDAPEST, HUNGARY - JULY 31, 2021: Charles Leclerc being interviewed during qualifying ahead of the F1 Grand Prix of Hungary
    (Photo by Peter Fox/Getty Images)
    #charles leclerc#ferrari#2021#hungary 2021#f1#*#e#qualifying#interview #THE FRECKLES ON HIS NOSE IM ACTUALLY GOING CRAZY!!!!! #IT LOOKS LIKE HES A LITTLE SUNBURNT LIKE I WANT TO DIE!!!!!!!!!
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    #vc#vampire chronicles #interview with the vampire #iwtv #the vampire lestat #tvl #lestat de lioncourt #louis de pointe du lac #loustat#fanfic#fic#anne rice
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    #Alexandra Harra #Carmen Harra new Book Interview #committed#Cover Stories #Dr. Carmen Harra #Finding Love and Loyalty Through the Seven Archetypes
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    #ultkpopnetwork#mgroupsedit#idolsincedits#maleidolsedit#suga#min yoongi#yoongi#bangtan#bts #myg.hairstyle : blonde mullet #myg.years : 2021 #i. weverse magazine interview
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    the avengers but they’re forced to have one of those news crews follow them around for the day

    #supposed to be there to show the avengers in a non hero format as part of a story #end up catching clint running through the hallways with no pants on #gets a shot of tony   &   steve sharing a coffee mug #tail end of logan's attempt to catch a quickie in the showers #every shot of nat is her way in the background   &   there's One shot of bucky looking like bigfoot that mysterious disappears before airing #steve's attempts to keep some kind of reasonable dress code   &   failing bc some state of undress is an avenger's natural state #ororo looks like a normal person until she's caught on film with logan then it's out the window #there's at least one shot of tony with his head in his hands or his hand on his face in Exasperation #so many dirty jokes from clint they have to cut 85% of his footage #only one interview of nat   &   she's maddeningly unhelpful the whole time doesn't tell a straight answer #90% of the entire footage caught is thor telling stories #*   ooc.     /     now we don't have time to unpack ALL of that.
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    -I was looking at Ethan in a charmed way because he’s beautiful in my opinion.

    I mean he’s really beautiful.-

    “I wanna be your slave” director is one of us

    #simone bozzelli#måneskin#ethan torchio #i wanna be your slave #music video#director #iwbys music video #iwbys#teatro d'ira#thomas raggi #victoria de angelis #damiano david#interview #vic de angelis #maneskin fan#maneskin #zitti e buoni
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    You know what bugs me? Job hunting. Especially job hunting in modern society.

    There is artificial intelligence now, which sort applications in advance. They're super common in larger companies these days, they're not expensive and they save a lot of work for HR people.

    So you don't even apply directly to the person you specify as the contact person anymore. The cover letter and the resume are checked by machine first with the criteria that are specified in the program. So if the AI has a problem reading your documents correctly, you're out. A beautifully designed resume is of no use at all, good formulations in the cover letter are not important anymore.

    You don't even get a chance to have your application read in the first step. I understand why it is done but it is definitely not cool. This way, many people are out of the process immediately, even though they might have been more convincing in a personal interview and would actually be a good/the best candidate.

    Since no one, except the companies that produce such AIs, knows their algorithms, it's hard to prepare for how exactly you have to write your application documents.

    I'm a fan of digitalization, but this is something that really annoys me. So many people don't get the job because an AI stands in their way, even though they are actually qualified and have made an effort with their documents but the machine doesn't care.

    This way, quite a lot of opportunities get crushed right away and just...meh. I'm not a fan.

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    I cosplayed Armand, my long time favorite character from the Vampire Chronicles

    #anne rice#vampire chronicles #the vampire chronicles #the vampire armand #vampire armand #the vampire lestat #armand#amadeo#cosplay #interview with the vampire #queen of the damned #vampire lestat#tvc
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    #yoongi: does an entire interview talking about music and philosphy #also yoongi: complains when jin talks nothing but music work and philosophy when he was imitating yoongs #as he said: hes the king hes the boss #ans
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    #interviews#jill wagner#link #mystery 101: deadly history #hallmark movies & mysteries #hallmark movies#mystery 101
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    #Repost with @fastsave_photo_video credit: @expansive_sound_experiments #Repost with @fastsave_photo_video credit: @expansive_sound_experiments The PhantomElectricGhost interview Damen Samuel & Ebony Isaac Live Thur Jul 28 7pm NYC TIME found.ee/PhantomElectricGhostYouTubeChannel Facebook.com/PhantomElectricGhost Click highlight “Damen Samuel” 2 listen 2 @spotifypodcasts .⁣ ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #applepodcasts #artistinterview #cabincrewinterview #interview #interviewee #interviewer #interviewing #interviewoutfit #interviewquestions #interviewready #interviews #interviewsession #interviewskills #interviewtips #jobinterview #love #motivation #music #newpodcast #podcast #podcaster #podcasters #podcastersofinstagram #podcasthost #podcasting #podcastlife #podcastmovement #podcasts #podcasts (at New Hampshire) https://www.instagram.com/p/CR_rzE9reiv/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    How Meghan Became Victim to the Right-Wing Tabloid Agenda

    Great video. Well researched, fact based content with humor.

    #meghan markle #meghan duchess of sussex #duchess of sussex #duchess meghan#princess meghan #princess meghan markle #meghan markle duchess of sussex #prince harry #the duke of sussex #duke of sussex #meghan and harry #the duchess of sussex #meghan markle oprah #oprah interview #harry and meghan interview #harry and meghan oprah interview #meghan oprah interview #meghan markle privacy #meghan markle pregnant #prince harry privacy #racism in britain #racism in the uk #royal rota#brf #the british royal family #british royal family #british monarchy#kate middleton #the duchess of cambridge #kensington palace
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