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  • valcntiines
    05.12.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    ( cis woman | she/her | greta onieogou ) —— isn’t that hassana valentine? yeah that is them, outside the three broomsticks! they used to attend uagadou institute of magic & the wizarding academy of the dramatic arts but apparently they now work as an actress. sybill once said that they reminded her of flashing neon lights reflecting off rain puddles, form fitting floor length gowns with the corset strung just a little too tight, the twinkle of a diamond necklace covered in somebody else's blood, a voice and a smile that could sooth even the vicious, an undying sisterly love, and a name in twinkly lights whose bulbs are slowly burning out which seems about right. anyway i’ve heard they’re still a bit relentless, gifted, and narcissistic, they’re thirty-one now but some things never change! i wonder how being a halfblood is affecting them after school, especially now they’re an unmarked death eater? i guess only time will tell…

    biography & pinterest.

    #*     ﹠     »     𝐇  .  𝐕𝐀𝐋𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐈𝐍𝐄     «     INTRODUCTION     . #dawn:intro
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  • detectives-of-willborne-if
    05.12.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Vaneta "Dyta" Aakesh

    junior | she /her | straight | cheerleader

    "Oh, please. You know that she had that coming from cozying up to my boyfriend."

    The bold reckless resident party girl and trendsetter (sometimes she can be a real tool), but she does have her good points. There is a lot of perk in her pompoms and occasion nastiness in her cheer. A loyal friend as long as you don't wear crocs with socks.

    Vedya "Vee" Aakesh

    junior | they/them | bi | commitee chairperson

    "No. I do not like that look at all.""

    Vaneta's twin sibling and the responsible "mom" friend in your close-knitted group. Unlike their sister; they are level-headed and they take their responsibilities and tasks very seriously. A future lawyer in the making—though their heart is set on something else.

    Paris Grey

    junior | he/him | demi | basketball player

    "You know we have your back, we’ll be here if you need us."

    Due to his demeanor, he is mistaken as someone cold but he is far from that. Watches over everyone in silence when you and the rest aren’t looking since middle school; he’s someone you can’t replace.
    #character introduction #MC’s best friends
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  • comesbetweenus
    05.12.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    ❝ ❪ isms ❫ … thomas ❞

    ❝ ❪ visual ❫ … thomas ❞

    ❝ ❪ introduction ❫ … thomas ❞

    ❝ ❪ interactions ❫ … thomas ❞

    ❝ ❪ wanted ❫ … thomas ❞

    ❝ ❪ starter ❫ … thomas ❞

    ❝ ❪ closed ❫ … thomas ❞

    ❝ ❪ event ❫ … thomas ❞

    ❝ ❪ task ❫ … thomas ❞

    ❝ ❪ answered ❫ … thomas ❞

    #❝ ❪ isms ❫ … thomas ❞ #❝ ❪ visual ❫ … thomas ❞ #❝ ❪ introduction ❫ … thomas ❞ #❝ ❪ interactions ❫ … thomas ❞ #❝ ❪ wanted ❫ … thomas ❞ #❝ ❪ starter ❫ … thomas ❞ #❝ ❪ closed ❫ … thomas ❞ #❝ ❪ event ❫ … thomas ❞ #❝ ❪ task ❫ … thomas ❞ #❝ ❪ answered ❫ … thomas ❞
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  • detectives-of-willborne-if
    05.12.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    Abel/Abelyn Martin

    16 | junior |ISFJ | the tree-stick knight

    "I have always been watching you--in not a creepy way!"

    They can be overbearing but they are someone you can depend on. They used to be a fiery well-rounded martial arts competitor before they quit and became a bit tamer. They act differently around a certain someone.
    Abe has bright hazel-brown eyes that glow amber under the light, dark-brown skin, and coiled black hair; Abel keeps their hair short while Abel keeps it in a medium length. They play with their glasses when they are nervous.

    Case-Joy/Cassie-Joy Monet

    17 | junior | ENFP | a walking encyclopedia with rainbows

    "I rather face the world head on with a smile than wallow in self-depression."

    Good thing their name is Joy because they are always happy and cheerful, you have never seen them once frown unless you count the time when---never mind! Surprisingly great with science, and impossible to hate because they are very lovable.
    CJ's porcelain skin is covered with light freckles, they have braces that change color every month (currently sporting a turquoise color), forest green eyes, and wild curly velvet-red hair. When they smile, their dimples show.
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  • detectives-of-willborne-if
    05.12.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    Gian/Gwen Maxwell

    16 | junior | INTP | the bushy-browed sherlock

    "You might see things you never notice before if you just opened your eyes."

    A blue-eyed blonde with cut-throat honesty; can be weird but their discerning eye for details that people usually miss is a useful skill to have. They have a cocky and smug air around them because they know they are right, no one can tell them off otherwise.
    G has light beige skin with faint blemishes, heavy and dark eyebrows, round sapphire-blue eyes, and butter blonde hair; Gwen ties her long hair in a ponytail while Gian keeps his hair short.

    ██████ ████ "Ender" Tolentino

    16 | junior | ISTP | geeky not emo in a phase

    "Why would I hate you when I never had cared about you in the first place."

    No one calls them by their given name, and will probably never talk to you if you did. Ender is a geek, and a weeb, they have a life-size body pillow of Jean from Genshin Impact. Gaming cheats is what had started them to learn how to code and hack (It was also because of Sakura Futaba), now they are an expert at it.
    Ender has purple hair with overgrown black natural roots. F! Ender keeps her hair in a short bob cut while M! Ender ties his short hair in a small low ponytail. They have faint eye dark circles under their dark eyes and tan skin tone.
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  • simmwash
    05.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    WHERE is the elias whore amv

    #im not an eliasfucker but that was my introduction to tma and elias and everytime i listen to one time i think of it #hang on im going to find it #op#elias
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  • gnfsleftelbow
    05.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    rb with the first clinically insane thing dnf did right after you joined the fandom. i'll go first. i joined the day after the cooking stream and searched up dnf just for funsies and BOOM. i was hit with the holy cow. so that comment did not just change the trajectory of george's life, it changed mine too.

    #dnf#dreamnotfound#dreamwastaken#georgenotfound#im curious #did anyone join right before or after the quiz? #imagine that being your introduction to dnf #i wud die #if this flops i will leave the country and change my name
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  • wyattthesixthsstuff
    05.12.2021 - 6 hours ago



    Anything personality type related that isn’t MBTI

    Character x Reader

    Character x Character


    I’m Wyatt. I’m a gay (achillean) trans man. I’m neurodivergent, mentally ill, chronically ill and disabled. I tell you this so you know where my writing perspective comes from. I’m an ESFP, 7w6, 792, Hufflepuff, Phlegmatic-Sanguine, Sx/Sp, Chaotic Good, SLUAI. 


    Anne with an E

    Boy Meets World/Girl Meets World

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

    Doctor Who

    The Good Place


    Grishaverse (show + books)

    Harry Potter (including fantastic beasts and marauders)

    The Hunger Games

    I Am Not Okay With This

    IT Chapter One + Two

    Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    The Maze Runner

    Never Have I Ever

    The Queen’s Gambit

    Red Band Society



    Sex Education


    Squid Game

    Stranger Things

    The Umbrella Academy

    The 100

    #introduction #anne with an e #boy meets world #girl meets world #brooklyn nine nine #chilling adventures of sabrina #doctor who #the good place #gotham#grishaverse #shadow and bone #the six of crows #harry potter#fantastic beasts#wizardng world#marauders#hunger games #i am not okay with this #it chapter one #it chapter two #lord of the rings #the hobbit #marvel cinematic universe #maze runner #never have i ever #the queen's gambit #red band society #riordanverse#percy jackson #trials of apollo
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  • jekkies
    05.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    okay king!!!! 

    #rc watches antique #this is a helluva character introduction i love it
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  • stoopidrppalace
    05.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Introducing BB.CHR, otherwise known as BB!

    A former arcade character, BB is a corrupted digital entity that in a way, is currently homeless.

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  • esmeraldawhitlock
    05.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    So you’ve just met Esmeralda….

    It can be hard to know what to  notice about a character. You know the face claim, but other than that  there isn’t much to go on. Well, here are some things that many people  notice about Esmeralda:


    On Esmeralda’s left forearm is a scar that Esmeralda gets the most questions about- largely due to it being the most clear to see. In an awkward imperfect white depressed circle she has a bite mark that is about six centimeters in diameter. She also has a scar that goes down the back of her left leg. It is thick slightly purple in color, and it is twenty-four centimeters long. She has about twelve stripes that go up her back. They are multiple different widths and lengths though always longer than they are wide. Her last scar is a wound that is two centimeters in diameter on her right hip.  


    Esmeralda smells strongly of lavender and vanilla. She makes all of her cleaning products, and so she always puts lavender and vanilla in them. For her perfume, Montgomery bought her something with roses that he makes her wear when around him.


    Esmeralda’s attire is largely based upon whatever Montgomery mood is. She tends to follow his mood, and she carefully constructs her attire to keep him happy. Largely, she is forced to wear short skirts, tiny shirts that show off her cleavage, and high heels. The rare times that Esmeralda has had a choice in her attire, she had chosen to wear long  flowy skirts, structured blouses, ballet flats, and small pieces of jewelry that doesn’t make much sound and can break easily if pulled on. She prefers a more feminine dress. Though, she puts this away when she needs to do something physical.


    -The most noticeable thing about Esmeralda is her large blue-grey eyes.
    -She  absolutely refuses to have her hair cut. This means that Esmeralda has hair  all the way down to her waist. Though, she always wears it up unless she’s trying to impress someone.
    -Esmeralda is has quite muscular arms due to doing archery to feed herself.
    -She is 5′1 unlike her face claim.
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  • ambientself
    05.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    literally so funny when i was at the neurologist they were like “we don’t normally prescribe medication for first time seizures if the EEG is normal” and they leave for 5 minutes to look at my EEG and they come back in the room and say “so there’s this medicine………” like ok

    #owen.txt #no introduction just straight into it
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  • evandeluca
    05.12.2021 - 10 hours ago
    VICTORIA PEDRETTI, NONBINARY, TWENTY-EIGHT, SHE/HER or THEY/THEM ⟨  ✽  ⟩   hey, you haven’t bumped into evan de luca lately, have you? they have been living here for the past four years and during that time, locals have gotten to know them as perspicacious & stimulating.  a little birdie told me they can be quite insociable & abrasive though. explains why they’re an archivist.  they really remind me of books with wrinkled pages & torn covers, loud music blasting from a parked car, a cigarette in one hand with a lager in the other, pen stains, too-hot coffee on a too-cold day, & well-worn boots.  if you’re ever looking for them, i bet you can find them around conan & sons.

    Evan was born to a teen mother, in the middle of December, on the North Carolina coast. For understandable reasoning, their mother placed them up for adoption and newborn Evan was taken in by a prominent family within the area, but kept their birth name (Evan de Luca).

    For the first few years of their life, Evan saw their biological mother once a month. Unfortunately, the visits turned into phone calls, then phone calls into letters, and then into nothing. Unbeknownst to 6-year-old Evan, her adoptive mother (Christine Wright) kept the letters from her birth mother and continued sending her updated photos until she asked her to stop when Evan was ten.

    There didn’t present much tension within the Wright household to the outside world, but their adoptive father was a bit of a “hard ass” (as Evan would put it). It was worse than Evan would admit. The culture of the town kept problems like theirs behind closed doors and authorities were too overwhelmed to help kids that weren’t in immediate, life-threatening danger. In response, Evan bottled it up until     someone pushed them too far – There were a couple times where this happened at school, and a couple times where it happened with their father. As she got older, she stood up for herself more and didn’t take what Nathanael Wright dished out. Overall, Evan states that this made them stronger, more determined, and to become the person they are today, despite knowing it was a significant trauma in their past and even dismissing it entirely.

    At the ripe age of 17, Evan was kicked out on the Carolina shore with nothing more than what fit in their backpack, fresh from graduating high school. Contrary to their father’s beliefs, Evan was smart as hell and talked their way into a waitressing job at a local seafood restaurant in a nearby town, moving into the cook’s basement in exchange for cheap rent. Evan took this as an opportunity to begin taking overnight classes at the local community college through a mixture of financial aide and grants, where they excelled and moved onto the local university to finish out their four year degree in psychology on academic scholarship. Eventually, Evan found her way to the masters program in library and information science, where she determined her long-term goal was archiving in a large library, surrounded by the smell of old books. In the time between high school and their career, Evan did also develop half of a drinking problem and a worsening attitude problem, but it only ever interfered with relationships and not work or school.

    By the time they were 23, Evan had found their first position in a major library in the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina fresh out of college. However, on a whim, Evan began researching positions in other states before eventually landing on a city in Maine with housing in the nearby town of Port Briar. It was either this, accepting her fate of being stuck in a state she hated, or ending it all. So, at 24 years old, she moved.

    Evan is (mostly) dependable, loyal, quick-witted, and extremely intelligent, although some of these skills are usually impaired by their own wants and needs. Everyone is a little selfish, but Evan admittedly takes it to another level when it comes to “making friends.” She can win others over with her words but is usually seen as standoffish at first glance, especially if she is not interested in conversation or connection, but is very known for “playing nice” when necessary. To any stranger unaware of Evan’s complex childhood (like most people are) and their slight drinking problem, they can seem very hot/cold and day/night depending on when you run into them. Despite it seeming very out-of-character, Evan is also very loud and proud about equality, equity, animal rights, and other issues, especially if a debate escalates into an argument. Unfortunately, if you combine all of these troubles, passions, tendencies, and feelings into one person, then you get someone who is a little aggressive and argumentative unless there is something in it for them. In their free time, Evan enjoys painting, roller skating, listening to pop punk/metal/rock music, researching new information and data, and reading books. She is also a coffee and beer snob.

    Evan hasn’t spoken with their family since they left, meaning they are out the connection of a father and two adopted  brothers. For all they know, Evan hasn’t spoken to anyone since she left, but she has sent her mother emails every few months in secret, so they do have a loose connection. She is sure her mother shared updates with at least her youngest brother but doesn’t know why they haven’t contacted each other, and Evan isn’t strong enough to make the first move. Evan doesn’t let people get close to them anyway, but they do prefer to keep their “circle” wide open. She is a floater – personable and charming when she needs to be – so she may be seen with different types of people (especially for her own benefit). Their adopted family was wealthy, but being disowned meant they struggled through poverty in adulthood. All in all, Evan is a salesman of herself, meaning she can win you over and help you out or she can scam you for what she wants (the more likely scenario). Evan isn’t inherently harmful because now they mostly have what they need, but they are someone you may be warned about by specific people for a multitude of reasons that may only be applicable to them. They wont admit it, but deep down, their trauma has induced an inescapable feeling of doom and fear of abandonment, which only worsens their inability to allow themselves to have true relationships because it fuels their aggressive yet dismissive attitude.

    #[ introduction. ]
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  • paulinainwriterland
    05.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Character Intro: Cocytus

    Empire of Olympius

    Nicknames- The Wailing God by the people of Olympius

    Man of Tears by Dione

    Coco by Styx

    Age- 50 (immortal)

    Location- The Underworld

    Personality- Cocytus is very introverted, who's dealing with social anxiety, which is why he keeps his social circle small. He's soft spoken, eloquent, and his sensitive to other people's emotions- especially sadness, depression, and misery.

    His namesake river is the coldest of the Underworld. It's waters are a grayish blue and it's also the one with the calmest currents. It's also known as the River of Woe and it smells of sulfur.

    As the Titan god of wailing and lamentation, his abilities include summoning and controlling Cocytean tin and controlling the waters of his namesake river. He can instinctively tell when a person is sad and he can create an invisible force field which can bring misery & images of one's deepest regrets to anyone that enters it and he has the ability of a powerful sonic scream.

    He lives in a simple log house that's painted grayish blue just off the shores of his river.

    Cocytus is a licensed therapist, mainly dealing with grief counseling. While his main office is in the Underworld, he mostly does video sessions with his patients, to put them at ease.

    His go-to drink is an earl grey tea.

    Aside from surveying the perimeters of his river, Cocytus has a lot of free time to explore other pursuits. He's an avid fan of yoga. He's also gotten into art- painting and doing portraits specifically. His paintings often deals with dark themes and imagery like pain, anguish, identity, and woe, to name a few. His self portrait titled "The Many Faces of Misery" was so profound that Apollo personally asked if he could showcase it in one of his art galleries in New Olympus. Cocytus has also gotten into music- transcribing, writing original pieces. He plays a variety of instruments, mainly the piano, cello, and the organ. He even wrote a piece of music for Hades inspired by Rhea, to help him deal with the conflicted feelings he has for his mother.

    He appreciates the friendships he has individually with the other river gods. He's definitely closer to Acheron. The two of them once got drunk and high on a single bottle of black brandy and a joint of highly potent black opium.

    Cocytus is currently not looking for a romantic relationship, stating that "misery takes up most of my time." At one point he was made aware of Lethe's feelings for him, but things didn't go further, mostly due to her odd reaction towards him teeling her about his asexuality.

    His favorite meal is a mixed greens salad (made with lettuce, cabbage, kale, broccoli, chopped carrots, and red onions, added with fresh oranges and topped off sesame ginger salad dressing.

    "Misery doesn't prefer company. It prefers to fester alone."

    #my oc#my character #my oc character #oc character#oc intro#character intro#oc introduction#character introduction #modern greek gods #modern greek mythology #greek myth retellings
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  • devilbcy
    05.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    ── ❛❛  // BASICS

    stage name. shiro

    full name. nam miran

    nicknames. mimi, rannie, shishi, crazy miran

    birthday. december 30, 1994

    zodiac signs. capricorn, dog

    birthplace. incheon, south korea

    hometown. seoul, south korea

    languages. korean, japanese, english

    ── ❛❛  // FAMILY

    mother. jung eunkyung

    father. nam jae in

    little brother. nam minho (b. 1999)

    ── ❛❛  // PHYSICAL

    height. 160 cm (5’3″)

    weight. 47 kg (104 lbs)

    blood type. ab

    body modifications. eight tattoos, ears pierced

    face claim. wendy son

    ── ❛❛  // CAREER

    occupation. singer, songwriter, producer

    years trained. 2010 - 2016

    years active. 2016 - present

    ── ❛❛  // PERSONALITY

    positive. organized, sincere, affectionate

    negative. secretive, argumentative, paranoid

    ── ❛❛  // TRIVIA

    she wanted to be an author before she got into music

    she was convinced her debut would flop but she did fairly well

    her mom is a math teacher, her dad works in finance and her brother is a art teacher

    she loves to read manga; her favorite manga is dissolving classroom

    she’s not active on sns

    #cherubrecs#deluxeocnet #⠀* ⠀devil boy ⠀ ▬▬ ⠀ introduction. #⠀* ⠀devil boy ⠀ ▬▬ ⠀ shiro. #fictional idol community #fictional idol soloist #fictional kpop idol #idol au#idol oc#kpop au#kpop oc#oc idol
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  • paulinainwriterland
    05.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Character Intro: Phlegethon

    Empire of Olympius

    Nicknames- Phlege by his friends

    Beau by Styx

    Flame-o by Bia

    Age- 47 (immortal)

    Location- The Underworld

    Personality- Phlege is a fiery, explosive (mostly in a good way) guy. He's larger than life, putting 1,000% into everything he does.

    His namesake river is made entirely out of red hot flames. The river flows down into Tartarus, keeping the wicked alive so they can endure the torments of the Fields of Punishment.

    As the Titan god of fire, his abilities include pyrokinesis, calokinesis (generating and manipulating heat), fire healing, summoning and controlling Phlegethonian rubies & copper, and controlling the waters of his namesake river.

    Phlege lives in an obsidian stone house, a few miles down from his river and just ten minutes away from Styx, his girlfriend. He has a pet Phoenix, the other "girl" in his life named Ember. He falls in love every time she "reborns" from the ashes. He also has his own personal hot tub, filled with lava that he enjoys soaking in after a long day's work.

    Aside from running the affairs of his namesake river, Phlege is also an accomplished blacksmith. He mainly mines (and supplies) Olympius with Phlegethonian rubies and copper.

    He nicknames himself and the rest of the Underworld river gods as the "OG Darkside Crew." Of course his favorite person there is Styx and he also enjoys pushing Acheron's buttons and also tries to get Cocytus to loosen up a bit more.

    In Olympius, he admires the work of the three blacksmithing cyclopes (Brontes, Sterope, and Arges). They all get together, hanging out sometimes when they come to the Underworld to visit. Phlege is also cool with Perses and Menoetius.

    In his free time, Phlege LOVES lava surfing. He's also a "DJ in training," experimenting with Afro-futurism and Reggaeton music. He also loves spending time with Styx, feeling like his heart "burst into flames" every time he's around her. He also considers the sex they have, to be the best he's ever experienced. They both know what they want in a relationship- to just be together. They don't have a desire to get married or have children of their own.

    He personally thinks that Styx's ex-husband Pallas is the "dumbest asshole he's ever known." The two met very briefly once during a signing of a new Olympian law- approving out of realm tourism in the Underworld.

    His go-to drink is a cucumber jalapeno margarita.

    Phlege has a very particular palete- for spicy food. The hotter, the spicer, the better! Most of the things he eats, he douses in sriracha, chile, or chipotle sauce. Some of his favorite food include hot and sour vinegar chili (with extra peppercorns), fried platains (covered in chile tamblado sauce), and inferno ghost chile wings- the hottest chicken wings.... EVER. He made them once for a Winter Solstice Festival and everyone aside from Nyx threw up in fiery agony.

    He does want to know Styx's children a lot better. Phlege has only met Bia a few times and they both get along. He's definitely not interested in groveling or kissing ass since Zelus told him off.

    "Fuck ice. Things would be better if the universe was ingulfed in flames."

    #my oc #my oc character #oc character#oc intro#character intro#my character#oc introduction#character introduction #modern greek gods #modern greek mythology #greek myth retellings
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  • paulinainwriterland
    05.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Character Intro: Acheron

    Empire of Olympius

    Nicknames- Father of Pain by the people of Olympius and subkects of the Underworld

    My King by his wife

    Baba by his son

    Brother by Cocytus

    Age- 49 (immortal)

    Location- The Underworld

    Personality- Acheron is a stoic man with a mostly morbid sensibility. He's definitely the least approachable of the Underworld river gods. He revels in those who are doomed to be forevermore punished by his namesake river. He's bisexual.

    His namesake river serves as the ultimate punishment for souls of the damned, especially murderers. The currents are always rough and rushing. The newly dead is ferried across the river by Charon. The color of the river's waters are a sickly green.

    As the Titan god of pain he has many abilties like manipulating the sensation of pain for various effects, being acutely sensitive to the mental and physical pain in others, summoning & controlling Acheronian Titanium, and hydrokinesis (as it pertains to his river). He can also make a temporary illusion of extreme torture.

    Acheron lives in a Victorian style mansion a few miles away from his namesake river with his wife Orphne (an Underworld river nymph) and their young adult son Ascalaphus. To say he's an overprotective father is an understatement. He adores his son and is always wanting to protect him. Ascalaphus interns for Hades and Acheron went to him to ask if he could give his son the most unassuming job. He adores his wife Orphne, but they often get into arguments with each other, namely about her insecurity and feelings of inadequacy of being a nymph surrounded by gods. Her family did not support the marriage and in effect practically disowned her. He reassures her constantly, often inviting her to go out with some of his female friends like Styx, Lethe, Nyx, and Asteria.

    His go-to drink is a black coffee, flavored with rose water and cardamom.

    Acheron's best friend is Cocytus. The two have a very deep friendship and bond. He made Cocytus his son's godfather. Even though he doesn't dislike him, he considers Phlegethon to be "too octane" for his taste. In the pantheon, he's also friends with Perses and Pallas.

    His main operation of business is his company which develops and manufactures a variety of painkillers and other pain remedies. Acheron has recieved some controversy, with one of his painkillers being highly addictive, especially towards mortals.

    In his free time, Acheron enjoys lava surfing, hockey, chess, billiards, poker, and reading, as well as spending time with his family.

    A great fear he has is that his son will abondon him and Orphne, for the "glittering lies" of Olympius.

    Acheron knows that one of the ways he got his wife to go out with him was due to his talent in the kitchen. Some of his mouth watering dishes include khoresh e alu (stewed prunes with various meats), shirin polow (rice with sweet carrots, raisins, and almonds), & joshpara- meat filled dumplings. For a desert, he (along with his son) makes fereni, a sweet rice pudding with added rose water syrup.

    "Nothing in this world is absolved from pain."

    #my oc#oc character #my oc character #my character#oc intro#character intro#oc introduction#character introduction #modern greek gods #modern greek mythology #greek myth retellings
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  • aesusen
    05.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    “Tell me Frisk, What’s it like to still be in love with the same man you met thousands of years ago?”

    Hello Everyone my name is AesuSen, a young artist from the Philippines. Nice to meet you ^^ i have a passion for art and *cough* Frans. I joined the fandom not too long ago, hoping to meet new people who share the same interests as i do. I am also a multishipper but most of my content will be Frans (and undertale related).

    Requests: Closed! (4/4)

    Asks: Open! (All the time)

    Comissions: (Won’t be open for awhile)

    My Au’s





    Undertale Shenanigans 

    Tomato Confession

    My Other Socials!



    Support Me!


    (not yet unfortunately but your love and comments help for now ^^)

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  • auroralarson
    05.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    So you’ve just met Aurora Larson…

    It can be hard to know what to notice about a character. You know the face claim, but other than that there isn’t much to go on. Well, here is some things that many people notice about Aurora:


    Aurora only has one scar, but it’s major and usually noticeable. When she’s wearing a skirt or a dress, one can see a long white scar that cross diagonally down the back of Aurora’s right thigh to lower down her left thigh.


    Fresh green scents are Aurora’s favorites to use. She likes how down to earth and humble they are. They don’t bring a lot of attention to them, but are subtly quite pleasant. She tends to lean towards scents like cucumber, green tea, honeydew, bamboo, verbena, and lemon. Her favorite perfume is Green Tea Cucumber perfume for Women by Elizabeth Arden.


    When she has a choice over her clothing, Aurora tends to wear quite plain clothing. She will wear slacks, plain blouses, no jewelry, and minimum makeup. She prefers that her attire not bring any attention to her especially after what happened with Dion. When Chester is far away, Aurora wears short skirts and dresses to show off her legs, feminine blouses, high heels, and small jewelry that doesn’t take the focus away from the main attire. Chester often makes Aurora wear expensive and gaudy clothing to show off her form.

    Other Things:

    Aurora has a rather soft thin form as working out can be painful.

    She is a very tall woman at 5′10″

    When she has control over her hair, it is curly as she is very proud of her hair. However, Chester likes her hair straight, and he often demands that of her.

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