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    23.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago
    #seishu inui x reader #seishu inui #inui seishu x reader #inui seishu #tokyo revengers inupi #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers #wendy's 2k event #monster mash
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  • queenfe
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Mikey, Inui, Baji, Shinchiro and Kakucho having a size kink. They think it’s so adorable how you are twitching just by the tip touching outside your cunt. Your small heights the perfect advantage for them, your toes moved higher just to give them a peck and whining when they move further away to where you can’t reach them. Their sweater practically a whole dress for you as it reaches below your knees. They go FERREL for that view.

    Your attempt to bounce on his lap to easily get you your legs weak is what got him chuckling, causing you to whine when he stopped to dig his hands beneath your skin of your waist, setting up the rhythm. They aren’t necessarily into pet names during sex but Bunny is his favourite to call you. “Need help?” But your oh so tight cunt he can’t ever wait to rail up is what his adrenaline going. It’s so adorable he even has to set up a pillow underneath your waist so the angle fits right for the friction. Your high pitched whining also got him lowly groaning when he feels himself pushing into you further and further. “You can take it can’t you?~” they LOVEEEE how whiny and desperate you get. “You’re so big.” Are words that will have them lost sense in their brain within seconds and pushing through their high. small and bouncing on their dick like a bunny and they love it. And even with your small size you can take them in through your mouth so well, deep throwing until you gag.

    Gosh can we talk about Kakucho. That man is packing and we know it. A whole 8 inches and could be larger if he literally is about to burst. The man is a whole virgin himself but that doesn’t stop him from going wild and continuing the deep and fast thrusts to give to you. Your breasts bouncing right in front of him to have him suck one of them with care and groaping the other not even realising you are on the urge of squirting at this point. The man is so big but it feels so good, hitting spots you didn’t even know he could reach. Hand fisting his shoulder, a high pitched whine let out and his fingers holding you right where he wants you for the spot. His face is blushing red, not even realising how fucked out your cunt is at this point.

    #queenfethirsts💌 #inui seishu smut #kakucho hitto#kakucho smut#mikey smut #manjiro sano smut
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  • tigerjawed
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    some more round tokyo revengers boys (see the first batch here: x)

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  • bontencity
    23.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    ✞ — don’t look away

    ✞ — pairings . ryuguji ken (draken) x tattooist fem! reader. (she/they pronouns)

    ✞ — summary . draken promised to offer a little more than help after you find yourself tied in an issue.

    ✞ — warnings . public sex??? mirror sex, finger sucking, praise if you squint, pussy slapping. let me know if i miss anything!

    ✞ — notes . lowkey thought of elle when i wrote this since they’ve been having a draken brainrot. i kinda wanna write for mikey next. also, thanks for 300 followers don’t be afraid to send in requests!!!

    draken was a guy who had no issue exploiting that he was in a relationship, however, he did prefer to keep the contents of who he was with or what circulated in his relationship private.

    this was a normal thought that occurred through anyone’s mind. on the other hand, there was the occasional fling which he indulged himself in which he never spoke about.

    you’d have never guessed he would whether you were a friend or foe. draken’s love and sexual life was mysterious and attracted more women than expected.

    then he met you, the hammer tearing down his walls of exclusive privacy. each consecutive day he saw you, he could feel the cracks deepening within the building of his mind and could envision it tumble.

    you were his tattoo artist— well, the daughter of the man who did his dragon tattoo. you willingly followed in the footsteps of your father, his parlor booming as you took it over.

    draken didn’t interpret for his feelings to exceed as far as they were now.

    anytime his friends at the shop would talk about a new girl they were into he consistently had to fight the urge of mentioning your name in the slightest.

    although he wanted to talk about you, he still kept your existence private.

    so imagine the surprise on his face when inui told him someone by the name of y/n was crying and calling for him.

    draken sighed, motioning for you to be sent in. of course, his conclusions were correct seeing as you walked in the shop, still crying.

    “ken!” you sniffled, eyes dilating upon seeing the only man that could fix your problem. draken was quick to drag you by your arm into a far corner.

    “i thought i told you not to come here.”

    you frowned. being someone’s little secret wasn’t that much of a big deal to you, but you were facing a dilemma and here he was scared that he might be found out.

    “never mind.” you rolled your eyes. “i crashed my dad’s car, hoping you could help, but you don’t care. i’ll call you another time.”

    as you turned to leave, draken huffed grabbing your arm once again. “that’s not what i’m saying, just… give me a heads up next time, alright?”

    hesitantly, you nodded your head looking off to the side. “look at me.” he sighed, gently holding your face in his hands. his thumbs instinctively wipe away the tears under your eyes. “what’s the matter, hm?”

    “the car!” you whined. “he’s gonna fucking kill me.”

    draken laughed. “this is a motor shop, i don’t work on cars, you know that.”

    “but…” he continued seeing as you were ready to ask him to at least try and fix it. “i’ll try, but no promises, okay?”

    you smiled clapping your hands in victory.

    “thank you.”

    “it’s no problem.” he grinned. “now, come clean yourself up.” he guided you to the bathroom, wetting a cloth and using it to wipe your face. you giggled knowing fully well you could have done this yourself, but he was always persistent.

    “all clean.” he turned you around, allowing you to see how you looked in the mirror. “your eyes are all stuffy, but you still look pretty.” he laughed, rubbing his hands up and down your arms. “very pretty.”

    you leaned into his touch, looking at him through the mirror. he kissed your shoulder blade, moving along the side of your neck. you hummed, tilting your head to give him more access.

    “the car, ken.” you sighed, a sound of pleasure falling from your lips. “we can’t do this right now.”

    draken shushed you, pressing a kiss to your cheek. “i’ll work on it later. i’ll even work on it for free and have it ready by tomorrow.”

    you laughed, pushing your ass up against him. “i thought this was a motor shop and you don’t work on cars?”

    “anything for you, baby.” he grinned, pushing up your skirt and completely closing the door. he groaned, the pressure of you grinding against him. “here.” he unbuckled his pants, pulling his dick out his briefs and fisting the base. “since you want it so bad.”

    you could almost laugh seeing as how it was really him that started this. “what’s so funny, hm?” he asked, and you smiled as he roughly pulled down your panties.

    “nothing. anyways, what about your friend? what if he hears us?”

    “inui?” he raised a brow. “he’ll be here for a while so you just gotta be quiet…” his eyes met yours through the mirror. his dick prepared and lined up to push into you. your approval being the only thing he needed. “you ready?”

    “yeah.” you hissed, his tip already pushing past your hole. you gripped the counter, throwing your head back and shuddering as a shaky breath left draken’s lips once he completely eased in.

    “fuck.” one hand wrapped around your throat while the other gripped your waist. “gonna fill you up real fucking good.”

    a soft moan reached his ears and his lips traveled up to yours. “you’d like that, yeah?”

    breathless yes’s that fell from your lips were sent his way. a cocky grin shaping his features as he had barely gotten started with you. “so pretty… why don’t you take a look at yourself?”

    draken tapped your cheek, forcing you to open your eyes. as you had just opened them, he pulled out only to push himself back in. your mouth dropped open and your eyes were ready to close again until he hit your cheek again, “keep looking.” he panted. “stay just like this.”

    “ken.” you whimpered, legs shaking upon his every thrust, the quiet grunts and airy moans he purposely wanted you to hear. “faster, please.”

    “really?” he cooed. “but you were so worried about inui hearing you, baby. remember to stay quiet.” his last words more of a warning, the hand around your throat going to your waist. “keep looking, don’t look away.”

    he finally gave you what you wanted, thrusting in and out at a much faster pace. he didn’t want to go too fast as the sounds of his hips hitting against your ass were already echoing the small space.

    “i know.” draken panted, squeezing your waist as reassurance. “feels good, huh?” he could feel the way you clenched around him and how you desperately tried to keep quiet, putting a hand over your mouth as an involuntary moan slipped.

    “yo, draken!” a voice called out, one that you could recognize to be inui. draken moved your hand and replaced it with his, the previous thrusts now slowed down. the stretch being worse as he continued to slowly move in and out of you. draken watched as your eyes were still trained to the mirror.

    “in here!” he yelled out. “i’m tryin’ to calm down their crying.”

    “you guys alright in there?”

    you wanted to scream. pound the counter as you physically couldn’t handle the way he fucked you despite his friend directly next to the door.

    “yeah! you’re okay, right?”

    your eyes widened, his hand lifting from your mouth as he wanted to challenge you. test if a single word could coherently leave your mouth.

    you swallowed, another thrust being forced into you.

    “uhm—” you let out a long, deep breath through your nose. “…yes, i’m fine. thanks for asking.” you rush them out, scared that they sounded too jumbled. you rolled your eyes at the man who smiled at the way you struggled and placed a hand over your mouth again.

    “give me a few minutes, alright?” he said, kissing under your ear once hearing retrieving footsteps.

    you moaned against his hand, grinding your hips back. “fuckin’ look at you.” he was in awe, pushing the skin of your ass to get a good look at his pretty pussy.

    “creaming all over me, jesus.”

    as your orgasm was fast approaching, you took his fingers and put them in your mouth, tongue swirling to distract you from the pleasure ripping through your veins.

    “c’mon, you’re almost there.” he encouraged you, picking up the pace of his thrusts, not caring that the sound of skin slapping was beginning to echo. “cum with me, baby.”

    “ken.” you whimper, tracing his soaked fingers to your clit and his cock twitched right then and there. “i’m so close.”

    “fuck, i don’t care anymore.” his thrusts were harsh and sloppy as he wanted to chase his orgasm. “hurry up and cum… look in the mirror when you do, alright?”

    you nodded, panting loudly as your mouth opened wide, guiding his fingers to circle your clit. “oh my— fuck.” your eyes threatened to close, the clenching of your pussy more prominent than before. draken used his other hand to hold your face still, watching the way you crumbled underneath his touch.

    “there we go.” he grinned, slapping your worn-out pussy, your body jolting with each tap to your clit as you rode out your orgasm. “that’s my good girl.”

    draken, sure enough, wasn’t done with you yet, still needing to cum himself. he shuddered as he knew he wasn’t that far from yours. he pulled out, turning you around.

    your mind was connected with his, being quick to fist him and pump his throbbing dick. as a reflex, ken coddled his face in the crook of your neck, muffling his moans that surged throughout your body.

    your other hand tangled through his curls as you kissed his shoulder blade. “fuck— go a little bit faster.” he groaned bucking into your hands. it was no more than a few seconds that broken moans enveloped him, his hips coming to an abrupt stop.

    your loud breathing filled the space, you held each other, taking turns to kiss your cheeks.

    the comfortable silence reformed upon a sudden knock, both of you lifting your heads. “hey, are you done fucking each other yet? cause we’ve got another customer.”

    your mouth opened in shock, wanting to just laugh at the fact your mission to be quiet ultimately failed.

    draken smiled, pressing a quick kiss to your lips.

    “yeah! we’ll be right out.”

    © This work belongs to bontencity . Do not claim my work to be yours on any other platform including tumblr. Please give credit if you decide to post my work on tiktok.

    #anime#japan#tokyo revengers#tr#draken #ken ryuuguji x reader #draken crack #ryuguji ken smut #ryuguji ken fluff #ryuguji ken crack #draken x reader #draken x you #brahman draken #brahman ryuguji ken #brahman#inui#inui seishu #inui seishu crack #inui fluff#inui crack#brahman smut#tokyorev smut#draken timeskip#d&d motors
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  • localmitsuya
    23.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    b4 i do anythihng with this

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  • queenfe
    23.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    manifesting Inui and Koko performing this choreography !!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!!! and then Inui with a sleeve shirt too !!!

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  • armycandy10
    23.10.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #baji keisuke#baji#inui seishu#inui#tokyo revengers#tokyorev#tokrev #baji keisuke x reader #baji x reader #inui seishu x reader #inui x reader #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyorev x reader #tokrev x reader #baji keisuke fluff #inui seishu fluff #baji keisuke imagines #inui seishu imagines #tokyo revengers fluff #tokyo revengers imagines
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  • kakuchew
    23.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Good night headcanon!

    Fairy Inui being carried around in Koko’s pocket and flying out to zip into people’s faces when he hears them be rude to Kōko; Koko ends up gently grabbing him and shoving him back into his pocket hissing, “Inupi, no!”

    This happens to Takemichi almost all the time when inui mistakes his joking with koko as insults and the poor guy has a tiny fairy tinkling angrily in his face

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  • spicysoftsweet
    23.10.2021 - 21 hours ago
    #inui x reader #inui x you #inui seishu x reader #tokyo revengers x reader #zai <3 #mae.replies
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  • skidr0w
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I’m thinking so hard about taking care of Inui and Draken, they’re such good boys I just wanna make them feel good :(

    cw: poly relationship, cum eating, pegging, anal fingering, praise, mutual masturbation, slight overstimulation, dacryphilia *dreamy sigh*

    Fucking into Draken while fingering Inui, the both of them making out below you and stroking each other's cock. Inui's hand would look so pretty around Draken's length, long delicate fingers stroking up and down in fluid motions- barely able to fully close around it and smearing the leaks of precum around the red tip with his thumb. On the other hand Draken's hand looked even bigger than it already was, veins apparent through his pale skin as he pumped his boyfriend's cock with quick and urgent movements- drunk on the desperate whines leaving the blonde's mouth and your own praises seeping through his brain and making him feel more and more dizzy "That's it angel touch him just like that yeah - there's my good boy" By now the whole neighborhood was probably able to hear the squelching sounds of your fingers pumping in and out of Inui's tight hole as well as the loud clapping of you hips rocking forcefully against Draken's.

    The sight of your boyfriends like this was truly priceless, everything was so so messy- from the sloppy buck of their hips trying to fuck back against you and the other's hand to the drool smearing on their chin and down their neck as they moaned and sobbed into the kiss. You were so mesmerized by the roll of their sweaty bodies that you didn’t even notice Draken's trembling hand gripping your arm- trying to bring you back with them "Please t-too ngh!- too much too much" He was breathless, panting pathetically and It's only when you looked down that you noticed the sticky streaks of cum slipping down Inui's finger and tainting the brunette's shaking abs. His whole body was spasming uncontrollably with overstimulation- strong thighs tensing and closing abruptly as your deep thrusts had never flattered. The sensation was duplicated as Inui's right hand was squeezing him almost painfully hard trough his orgasm while the left was pinching and twisting one of his erect nipple "C'mon Ken f-fuck- come for us pretty".

    After the first tears had started running down his cheeks you finally pulled out, bending down to lick the salty pearls off his skin and humming at the taste "Did so well love 'm so proud of you" you adverted your attention beside you "want a taste Sei?". An almost too enthusiastic nod from the green eyed man and a pained whine from the other is all you got in answer as you lowered down even more to scoop some of the remaining cum on Draken's chest with your index finger. The two boys could only watch with half lidded eyes and ragged breaths as you slowly put your lips around the digit, sucking lightly with closed eyes until you pulled it out with a slight 'pop'. You then left Draken's warmth to climb on Inui's smaller waist, the later instantly understanding the hungry look in your eyes and parting his pink lips to allow the glob of mixed cum and saliva to fall on his tongue. The shivers raking through his body at the taste was so obvious that you could almost laugh but instead decided to shove your tongue in his mouth- interrupting the delighted moan previously bubbling in his throat by a yelp of surprise. Draken could already feel his cock harden again at the sight of the two wet muscles messily dancing with each other- trickles of drools connecting your plump lips and dripping on the mattress , at the way one of your hand was softly gripping Inui's cock to tease your dripping entrance or at the content mewl that escaped said man's lips. When his gaze finally found yours his fist had unconsciously gripped the sheets in apprehension at the smug smirk stretching your lips "Hope you're not spent already doll- need someone to fuck that pretty throat full while i ride him dumb". Swallowing nervously the tall man directed his eyes toward the figure below you- meeting glassy and pleading cerulean eyes filled with neediness "Please Ken want your cock s'bad- wanna taste you more"

    At these words paired with your light chuckle, Draken knew that he was in for a long night.

    #i think my hand kink is showing #HELP #i mention hands and im a goner #sub tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers smut #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers x y/n #tokyorev smut#draken smut #draken ryuguji x reader #draken ryuguji smut #ken ryuguji smut #inui smut #inui seishu smut #tokyo revengers x you smut #inui x reader #inui seishu x reader #inui seishu x you
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  • evil-flakes
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    your fav loves getting pegged, and dominated. they love taking big straps, crying and begging for it. they also moan mommy in their sleep. daddy who? not them.

    #inui seishu x reader #manjiro sano x reader #nahoya kawata x reader #souya kawata x reader #mitsuya takashi x reader #hakkai shiba x reader #kakucho hitto x reader #izana kurokawa x reader #shinichiro sano x reader #kokonoi hajime x reader #sanzu haruchiyo x reader #kazutora hanemiya x reader #hanma shuji x reader #ran haitani x reader #rindou haitani x reader #wakasa imaushi x reader #chifuyu matsuno x reader
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    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    anyway, Inui I love you my boo thang 🤍

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    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #Tokyo revengers#Tokyo rev#anime #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo rev x reader #inui#inui headcanons#tokyo rev#tokyo revengers#inui seishu#seishu inui #inui x reader #inui seishu x reader #chifuyu #chifuyu x reader #matsuno chifuyu #Chifuyu matsuno x reader #chifuyu matsuno
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  • queenfe
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    yoooo Inui didn’t have to get Pah-chin like that

    #queenferants💌 #he is too bold help that man #but timeskip inui has my heart all day everyday #🧸— 9:00 am thoughts #seishu inui #tokyo revengers spoilers
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  • queenfe
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    mikey and Inui timeskip….. *sighs*🥴🥴🥴

    #queenferants💌 #they some fine ass men #tokyo revengers#seishu inui #tokyo revengers inui #inui seishu#sano manjiro #tokyo revengers mikey #mikey sano#manjiro sano
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    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers headcanons #tokyo revengers fluff #Inui Seishu#Kokonoi Hajime
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  • sotephie
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    need more appearance of inui with his cool bike.

    #tokyo revengers#tokrev#inui seishu #tokyo revengers inui seishu #tokrev inui#inupi #he looks expensive for some reason #wakui you better draw seishu with his bike more😩😩😩😩 #ken wakui
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  • kakuchew
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Good night headcanon!!

    Koko likes to let fairy Inui sleep in the pocket of his shirt because it makes him feel like he’s keeping Inui safe and him feel safe and warm

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