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  • officialinuyasha
    06.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Taishou’s Speech

    It's time for an Inulysis!

    InuYasha - Yashahime Analysis

    In Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 22 "The Stolen Seal" We see a flashback of the Inu no Taishou and Kirinmaru destroying a shard of the Grim Comet that took place 500 years ago. After destroying the shard, Zero gives thanks to Taishou. Taishou says he will return to the Western domain and says Farewell, Zero begins to talk.

    "Taishou. Sometimes, I ask myself how long we must continue this."

    Taishou says:

    “I wonder. We are fated to journey an endless path. Who knows where it will take us?"

    Zero responds: "Do you think we will have to welcome the end of day?"

    Taishou Answers with: "No matter where this leads us, or what sort of end greets us… You are who you are, Lady Zero. I would like for you to remain that way.”

    Taishou leaps into the sky as he leaves. Zero says to herself: "I am who I am, you say... I will honor your advice."

    This speech parallels what Towa tells Riku in  Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Episode 21 – "Secret of the Rainbow Pearls" Riku responds to Towa the same way that Zero does to Taishou.

    Here, Taishou addresses Zero with the -dono honorific. It is even more respectful than -san; the effect in modern-day Japanese conversation would be along the lines of “Milord So-and-So.” Originally, tono 殿, with a to と, was used to refer to the "mansion" where a lord lived, then later, it started being used to refer to the feudal "lord" himself. In the Heian period (794–1185), the “dono” honorific was attached to names to people of importance, public officials, but during the Kamakura period (1185–1333), the honorific had lost its original value, and the “sama” honorific, considered more respectful, used instead.

    Since dono 殿 no longer had the value to refer to people of importance, it started being used toward less important people. Such as, soldiers in the military, samurai, and so on. We usually see the dono honorific being used in manga and anime series that are mostly revolved around a historical time period, with samurai or ninjas or if the character is speaking as though they are from a different time period themselves, and so on.

    This matches up nicely, as according to the timeline, this takes place in the Heian Period. Making Taishou's "dono" honorific usage, accurate to the time period.

    Sources: - Official Manga Honorific Guide - https://www.japanesewithanime.com/2016/07/dono-honorific.html

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  • officialinuyasha
    27.02.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Sesshoumaru's Mother's Name

    Sesshoumaru’s Mother has no official name.

    She has gone by “Gobodou-sama” Which is A formal way to address one’s mother or in the English Dub as "My Lady". It can also translate to something such as "Lady Mother"

    I have seen fans call her "Irasue", which is a made up fan name. We already have a character named "Urasue".

    The most popular fan made name is "InuKimi"

    We know that "Inu" means "Dog"

    For "Kimi" there are different meanings: A sensation; You, buddy, pal; Egg yolk; Millet, Monarch, Mister, Ruler, or the kanji can be used also as a Male Name Suffix "-kun"

    Though we wouldn't know until we found the actual characters used for this fan made name.

    My friend Kari, who lives in Japan, and speaks Japanese said that

    "君 is also used relating to monarchs as well. Japan's national anthem is called "Kimi ga Yo"

    She was able to tell me the actual origins of the fan name "InuKimi":

    She said “I had heard the name was 犬君 but overseas fans misread the characters and pronounced it "Inukimi” but actually the pronunciation is “Inuki”

    “Inuki" is a young girl, who serves Murasaki, one of the female leading characters in The Tale of Genji (in the Heian Period) (794-1192). In the Tale the girl is so full of curiosity that she sets free a caged bird and makes Murasaki feel so sad.

    This is the character that Sesshoumaru's Mother's Fan Name is inspired by.”

    I asked Ayuuria why it is pronounced as InuKi, and she told me the reading is in the parenthesis 犬君(いぬき)

    So when you seperate the Kanji it will read as 犬 君 Inu kimi

    Dog Monarch

    Together it will read as 犬君 Inu-kun

    With a masculine honorific

    But the origins of the fan name is inspired by the Tale of Genji by Muraski Shikibu which is pronounced Inuki 犬君(いぬき)

    This character Inuki appears in The Tale of Genji

    The Tale of Genji: Volume 2 p.70

    The Tale of Genji: Volume 3 p.216-217

    The Tale of Genji: Volume 4 p.178, 194

    The Tale of Genji: Volume 5 p.21

    The Tale of Genji: Volume 6 p.137

    The Tale of Genji: Volume 7 p.95



    There you have it. That is the origins of the fan name. Although, Sesshoumaru's Mother has no Official Name as of now.

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  • officialinuyasha
    04.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    The Man Who Loved Midoriko

    It's time for an Inulysis! Let's talk about the man who was in love with Midoriko In InuYasha Manga Chapter 94, we get to learn about Midoriko, the creation of the Sacred Shikon Jewel, as well as the man who loved Midoriko. Sango tells the story: "They say there was a man who secretly yearned after Midoriko. The demons snuck into a crevice in that man's heart... and possessed him. It seems easier for demons to meld together... If they can use the twisted soul of a mortal as a crucible."

    Sound familiar? Of course this is similiar to Onigumo, who yearned for Kikyou - who then became Naraku.

    "They say the battle went on for seven days, and seven nights. Then finally Midoriko's strength was spent and her body was devoured by the great demon... When her soul was about to be sucked out of her... In that momen, Midoriko used the last of her energy to steal the demon's soul... To take it into her own soul... and expel it out of her body. With that, both the demon and Midoriko died... Leaving behind a crystallized soul... that we call the Shikon jewel. But even though their physical bodies have perished... Inside the Shikon Jewel, they say, the souls of Midoriko and the demon of demons are still battling each other... and so the Shikon jewel can become as good or as evil as the soul of whoever possesses it. In the hands of a demon the stain of corruption will grow within it... But in the hands of a pure-souled being, it will become purified."

    What do you guys think about "The Man who loved Midoriko"? I think it was one of the most interesting parts of the InuYasha Manga and it's one of my favorite Manga original settings. It really expanded on the events of "History repeating itself" like it did with Onigumo who yearned for Kikyou and once merged with demons, became Naraku. Let me know in the comments below.

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  • officialinuyasha
    09.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Let's talk about Kouga's Sword It's time for an Inulysis

    Kouga, the Leader of the Wolf Demon Tribe has incredible speed and physical strength. Besides acquiring Goraishi, why didn't Kouga use his Katana?

    In the InuYasha Profiles Book Page 154 it states that "Kouga has a long sword at his hip, but he has never used it. Even when he was injured and surrounded by swords in a serious crisis, he managed to fight without using his sword. This is because his Wolf-Demon clan instincts do not rely on weapons." Of course this explains why Kouga didn't use the sword. Keep in mind the profiles book was released before Volume 35, as in Volume 35 Kouga does use it once in chapter 340 - on page 31 and 32 against Moryomaru On page 38 he explains that he stole it from a human once for decoration, and that he never thought he would have to use it.

    I hope you enjoyed this InuYasha Anaylsis, if you want more Inulysis let me know in the comments below. As any answer I give you is straight from the official sources.

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  • fenharael
    13.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Yashahime informational post

    By request from some server folks here’s some info on RT’s involvement with HNY and what we know about it. I’ve tried to just summarize the translations and not directly quote any of them, all sources are marked and available at the bottom.  Note: These are all third hand sources from a personal translator’s blog here on tumblr,  there are no links cited to the original articles in Japanese and I have not been able to find digital copies myself- except for source 4 - this isn’t to cast doubt on the translations at all- just to be up front that  there are no links to first hand information or validation of the source material. If anyone has any OG links to these interviews or could verify the translations, it would help. 

    - This first article describes how Towa and Setsuna’s designs were based off of Sesshomaru’s light and dark sides, and that RT informed the animation team not to consider their mother when designing them. [1] - During early production RT said could not draw a character if she did not understand them, but that after much discussion the designs were approved. [1] - Moroha was designed quickly and easily, the twins were more difficult. [3] - RT  [and the team?] had more difficulty designing Towa’s personality, as Moroha and Setsuna are essentially mini versions of their parents. This may be what the above quote was referencing in terms of not being able to design a character that was not understood. [2]
    - RT was told to design the twins based as a “black and white Sesshomaru” [4]
    - There are some sources who say she was instructed not to consider the mother in their designs, but I can’t find any direct quotes regarding this. This also may specifically be referring to their mannerism and personality again though, not their looks.  - The article discusses how coming up with conflict or plot of HNY was difficult as the original, Inuyasha, was wrapped up so neatly and there were no real loose ends RT left unanswered. The solution to this was centering the story on Sesshomaru’s daughters, as to not repeat plot points. [2,3] - RT was hesitant at first to continue Inuyasha into a sequel but was convinced by Sumisawa who she put her trust in. [1] - The staff and RT are very close and vacation together. [3]

    1.  Ayuuria. “Yashahime Translation: Animage Magazine September 2020 Issue.” Muses of a Dog, 9 Feb. 2021, htpps://www.ayuuria.tumblr.com/post/642643193485312000/yashahime-translation-animage-magazine-september.  2. Ayuuria. Yashahime Translation: Livedoor News Interview. Muses of a Dog. Retrieved February 13, 2021, from https://ayuuria.tumblr.com/post/641058612208369664/yashahime-translation-livedoor-news-interview 3. Officialinuyasha. (2020, September 15). Yashahime Animage Magazine 2 TRANSLATED. It’s Time for an Inulysis! https://officialinuyasha.tumblr.com/post/629334377576464384/yashahime-animage-magazine-2-translated 4. Lilginnyblackv2. (2020a, October 24). About Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha’s Character Designs: Ramen Noodles 2.0. https://lilyginnyblackv2.tumblr.com/post/632824416544423936/about-towa-setsuna-and-morohas-character

    #antisessrin#anti sessrin#yashahime #hanyo no yashahime #hny #hanyou no yashahime
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  • officialinuyasha
    25.01.2021 - 2 monts ago

    It's time for an Inulysis! Moroha's debt explained In Yashahime, InuYasha and Kagome's quarter demon daughter Moroha has been seen scavenging for bounties, demon corpses in order to be paid. Towa even asked her why she was saving up money and not even spending it - Moroha avoids the question and at some point blurts out she has debt because of "That Master".

    In Yashahime Episode 16 "Double-Edged Moroha"

    We learn that Moroha's Master, Yawaragi needed a new key to remove her Armor of the Iron-Rat as over the years the armor begins to shrink and eventually killing the wearer. As Yawaragi was tricked into wearing the armor in the middle of trying to save Moroha from the Birds of Paradise. During a game of Sugoroku with Yawaragi, Jyubei says he wants to pay for the child. For pulling out of the gambling house, for the Armor of the Iron-rat key, and for what Yawaragi lost in their sugoroku round. Fifteen ryou for all of it, to which Yawaragi agrees, handing over Kurikaramaru for beating the Crucible and runs off. Jyuubei hires Moroha for fifteen Ryou to work as a Bounty Hunter - So that she would return that debt through bounty hunting.

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