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  • “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”
    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

    Honestly? After a long restful sleep, taking my anger out on Sunrise and Rumiko … and crying a lake over the massacre they did to my favorite character on Saturday, I can see things more clearly than ever.

    I am not going to apologize to Sunrise for his actions, I will say it over and over again if necessary. They lengthened the “mystery” of who f*cked Sesshoumaru too long. Using his relationship with his adopted daughter (Yeah, his daughter. Take it or get out, buddy) as a cannonball to feed (and wake up) the audience was morbid.

    Bright, but morbid.

    However, I know why they did it… and I admire the Machiavellian psychology they used behind it all.

    I just hope they have good damage control after such a fan service for certain shippers, because they are going to have a lot of angry people demanding an explanation soon at their doorstep. In fact, sane people are already very disgusted and angry.


    I don’t blame you if you’ve completely lost hope, these people put me in a pit of dark misery one full day too. I completely fell and you have every right to throw the series into the depths of the abyss and not want to know anything more about it if you wish. A hug and all my support wherever you are. Chapter 15 affected us all.

    People who CAN participate:

    1. People with critical thinking, who investigate and question everything they hear, read and see in the program. People like me.
    2. People who like theories in general. Have a cup of coffee and make yourself comfortable.
    3. People who have nothing to lose by reading theories out of my not-so-simple mind. If Rin is indeed the mother. does matters? We already won and I’ll tell you why.
    4. People who don’t care who the mother is. Honestly, we all know who Sesshoumaru’s wife is, we’ve just forgotten a bit about the facts behind us around here.

    People who CANNOT participate:

    1. Sessriners. The headline of my blog is clear. Don’t interact with me. I don’t want them lurking on my beautiful blog.
    2. Simple minded people. Seriously, I don’t want your supposedly neutral negativity around here either. Enough had the Inufandom of that yesterday too.
    3. People who haven’t seen the show or episode 15 at least once.
    4. People who are completely convinced that Rin is the mother and do not question what they hear, read and see. In fairness, I don’t blame you dude, but I’m about to refute that too.

    Yes, as I mentioned earlier… Rin is not Towa and Setsuna’s mother (or Sesshoumaru’s wife) and the anti timeline is correct and I’ll tell you why.

    Right now I feel like Inspector Uhl in that final scene of “The Illusionist” when Eisenheim (Edward Norton) reveals to him (very subtly) the truth behind all of his plans and conspiracy. Inspector Uhl is completely fascinated and incredulous. Let’s imagine Riku as Eisenheim for a minute, okay? You already have it.

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  • I have a question:

    Is it okay to like Inuyasha and not Yashahime? I don’t support Sessrin of course and I definitely won’t watch Yashahime because of it, but Inuyasha is my favorite Anime. Is it kind of like the whole Naruto/Boruto thing where a lot of people like the original, but nobody really likes the sequel? I guess I’m just feeling kind of bummed and disappointed right now and need some validation that I’m not the only one who adores the original series. Thank you in advance.

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    • Sesshomaru: I tend to find emotions are for ugly people
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  • Think rationally. He didn’t say love. He never used that word. He just said that his demon accepted me. Those are instincts he can’t control. Centuries of youkai heritage lining up is some kismet no one can predict. He doesn’t love me.

    ao3 & ff.net

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  • “I just don’t wanna see your face right now, okay?” 

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  • image

    Inu No Taishou!

    Papa Inu! 🤍🤍✨✨ I love this guys….

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  • Is there any good Kagura and Kikyo fanfic? (I like fluff style writing but am open to really dramatic/dark/serious writing as well)

    Inquiring minds want to know. It would be an interesting pairing since they’re both strong women and both desire the same thing which is basically freedom to do as they please. For Kikyou that was to be a “normal human woman”, for Kagura, it was to be free of Naraku’s control. 


    Originally posted by viluys

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  • Wait a minute, I get the impression that things are not like that, something does not fit

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  • Outfit for Izayoi

    Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2020

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  • Inuyasha could’ve had a sequel about the next gen kids Shippou, Kohaku, Rin, and Sota but they had to create entirely new characters and shaft the originals instead.

    #inuyasha #where even is shippou? #where is he???? #they needed to push the focus on the new characters so bad that they forgot one #they yeeted one into a tree #and the other two had like 2 min of screen time
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    ah yes the difference of 6 years: you grow a second eyelash and your hair gets lighter

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    • Sesshomaru: *exists*
    • Kagome: I'd slap you but that'd be animal abuse
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  • Watch “Inuyasha OST - Affections Touching Across Time┃Cover by Raon Lee” on YouTube

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  • Okay why not? I think the Rin and Sesshomaru thing is gross. I didn’t watch Inuyasha in real time, so while watching the whole series last year I was a little surprised when my friend told me that people shipped it. I’d been kinda interpreting that dynamic as siblingly/mentorly/familial (not that Sesshomaru’s a cuddly guy admittedly). When the plot descriptions came out I decided not to watch because the idea of Inuyasha and Kagome not getting to raise their daughter sounded hella depressing. So, I’m not gonna get super pressed over a show I already planned never to watch. 

    Just gonna say that in high school I was a counselor/teacher’s assistant at an afterschool program/day camp. I was 15 when I started. The youngest kids I worked with were five and the oldest were eleven. Because it’s been a decade pre-pandemic I would occasionally run into the munchkins I used to work with. Meeting the third-grader you once knew who is now 18 is strange, but I when I run into these kids I think “wow you got so big” and never “I could bang you now.” Because I’ve helped you with your homework and held your hand crossing the street. They are a babies to me forever. 

    So yeah, I doubt I’m ever talking about this again. Godspeed everyone. Try to be nice to eachtother. Death threats are never a valid option either way. I’m just gonna go back to imagining Kagome and Inuyasha together, raising their kid in peace, and able to make trips through the bone eater’s well to visit Kagome’s family. 

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