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         “ And yet mercy is sometimes what one 
           must show. Your greatest enemy can one day
           be your greatest ally. And if there is no mercy,
           then what? One day, you may be on your own.” 

       While the investigator had a point, the ghoul
       gave a shrug. He wasn’t sure if the investigator 
       knew what he was ( he was almost certain that he did ), 
       and yet Tatsuya was so at ease. Perhaps it was the situation - 
       at the present moment, there was no need for them to fight, 
       perhaps it was simply that he was calm. The half kakuja had 
       moments where he could be civilized, after all. He knew, though, 
       that the conversation could become violent at any moment.

             “ Look at us. You’ve yet to attack me. I dare say 
               this conversation is pleasant. Perhaps a new leaf
               is being turned over?” 

        He chuckles.

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