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  • the-lazy-tallest
    24.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    It's kinda sad, looking back on this.. I had big plans, high hopes... still wanna continue this for her, and.. Kinda did. I wrote it all out, just hadn't drawn it yet.

    I figured I'd wait until folks showed some interest again, one last ask, something to push at that piece I spent hours on for the lore, of her staring up at the big testing facility related building on Planet Devastus, hinting at something that hurt, some trigger that happened at that very moment, and just.. Hoping someone would ask. Take a guess, or push me to answer, or.. I dunno, something..

    Maybe I shouldn't have been waiting on someone else to push me.. like I kind of have been, with my waiting irl. Waiting for therapy, waiting for the meds to work, waiting for life to stabilize, waiting..

    I don't even remember why I decided to wait.

    Anxiety? Depression? ..Rejection? Probably some mix of that, I suppose.

    But Tai's story still waits to be told, and I should get around to that sometime, I hope. She's one of my dearest ocs, so she'd never disappear.

    It's just me that did, heh. ..Sorry.

    I hope anyone who was watching for more stuff from me is well, and knows I'll be okay.

    I still know the plans for this blog, and could continue at some point.

    Tai hints at a sore past, then is pushed by someone to continue, so she does. I even had an animation in mind for that, but I might just share the wip, which is also on my YouTube channel, been there for a while, but... Never shared it here for fear of spoiling too early. But I just might post it on it's own to share here, if I don't feel like finishing it, hah.

    She escapes to Urth, gets a job, makes this blog, meets someone (also had a wip animatic relating to that meeting), who y'all would actually get to see being met, and see their relationship develop, even letting y'all push them together or give Tai doubts, talk to Tōhi to see what all he knew (though he only speaks irken, and it's a much more bird-ish sounding version, but still understandable, bit like an accent of Irken rather than a sub-language.)

    You'd see more hints of her being watched by those blue eyes, might even have someone point them out to her and have her look back confused, and play that out interestingly

    And eventually reveal who that was and what role they played, and then that reveal would play out eventually in a scene, based on how y'all played with that one relationship, where that dream I'd mentioned would come into play some too

    And it'd be baaaad news. Very bad. Tai would need a lot of comfort and help thinking and all, and I thought that'd be the best time for interactions to get more influential on her, in her moment of weakness, within reason of course, with you folks acting a bit like voices in her head in that moment, and see how that played out

    Eventually she'd cool back down, and any recovery from bad choices could be done, and all that, and..

    There was a lot more I had planned, beyond that, but..

    That's just a taste, of course. To prove I really do remember, and still am sitting on those plans.

    I'm somewhat willing to try and get back to it, if you're all still interested of course. Just a bit in need of motivation, y'know?

    I'm tossing this extra, 3rd rough sketch animation thing, since I doubt it'll get more done on it, and therefore it's not spoiler related.

    Apologies, as usual, just.. Someone liked somethin out of the blue, and it reminded me of what could've been, had I just pushed myself more rather than waiting. Felt like venting a little, but then kinda realized I might try again if it was wanted, and if not, I'm willing to let go, and keep all of Tai's story stuff between friends and all.

    Sidenote, the silhouette is someone you haven't met, and the gal in the yellow dress is someone new, but that I've shown here before, even named off, if you recall, hehehe.

    #invader zim#irken oc#irken#iz #tai the human #ask away#zeph rambles #it's really up to y'all if you think this is worth continuing #i just cant help wondering if its worth it so #thats the only reason i ask #your input matters
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  • wannabecrypt-id
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hey guys wouldn’t it be so funny if one of the tallest were secretly a short Irken in a suit— [starts frantically beatboxing]

    #idk what I’m doing but look!! NOW look away!!! look back! #please idk if this is funny I just couldn’t get it out of my head— #invader zim #the almighty tallest #tallest purple#tallest red #like I know it was planned for both of them to be short irkens in suits but I think it’s funnier if only one is
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  • depressedartbean
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Tiny round SizzLorr!

    Working on a comic about SizzLorr past with one of my ocs

    Enjoy previews for now

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  • fluffatron9001
    23.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    day 22

    bugs in space

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  • aziraphalethewitch
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    I Am Mother Chaos and You Cannot Stop The AU

    This may be absolutely stupid but it would give me an excuse to make invader Zim animatics with songs from the Diana musical. Let me explain.

    An AU in which Irkens have marriage-like relationships and I guess generally romantic relationships with each other. However, instead of short Irkens being treated as just generally lesser or defective there are more viewed as submissive (but not technically breedable) and seen as good spouse material for Irken elites (because sexism but make it aliens).

    So, from here we get to the fun part. Zim, being so goddamn short, gets himself married off to some big shot Irken elite (Maybe one of the Tallest it doesn’t really matter who this man is just that they’re well known). But as we all know Zim is a little chaos man so this does not go well. This makes it so the other elites hate him but his general sassiness, panache, chaotic nature, and also the fact that he is indisputably adorable makes the people of the Empire love him. What I’m trying to say is that Zim becomes the Princess Diana of the Irken Empire.

    From here we jump over to earth where Prof. Membrane is a pretty good dad (what a twist). Dib with his radio set up picks up a few Irken radio waves, transmissions, and recordings and shows them to his dad who is a little bit suspicious but will still look into it to put his son at ease. He finds that aliens do in fact exist, and with his satellite system, they are in communication range. So being the competent public figure and adult he is, Prof. Membrane reaches out with kindness to start diplomatic talks to pretty much ensure that they’re not going to murder each other. So, they end up in this kind of cold war situation because with the Membrane tech and defenses if they attack earth, earth will attack back and they’ll just wipe out each other but the Tallest really don’t want to cooperate with them and would rather just destroy the whole planet. The reason why they can’t destroy the earth is it would look really shitty to the few allies they do have if they destroy this planet that has great resources, tech, and weapons equal to theirs, and is in a position to get a good foothold in intergalactic trade. Pretty much they can’t destroy the earth it would look less like invading and more like they were scared of them, thus showing weakness.

    Now we get to a little bit in the future where some Irkens are visiting earth and there’s a Membrane Labs event coming up, a convention, opening, or fundraising/charity gala (this will be important in a minute). Back to Irken affairs, Zim's shitty spouse (who is against humans having anything to do with the empire and specifically does not like the Membranes) had an affair, and articles in and outside of the Empire start getting published and they do interviews. Some of these interviews are very much slandering Zim so the spouse gets very unpopular very quickly. Zim is having none of this gets a divorce and makes plans to go to the Membrane Labs Event in a human designer outfit (this is my excuse to draw Zim in the little black dress). Zim to the event meets Dib and they become friends (this is ZaDf and/or ZaDr it just depends how you want to spin it). With the divorce starting to tidy up and being near its end Zim finds evidence for plans that the Irken elites are going to attempt to assassinate Prof. Membrane or otherwise find a way to start a war with/weaken earth. Dib and Gaz believe him but they can’t convince Prof. Membrane and so they either have to thwart the Empire's plans somehow by either exposing them to the human and Irken people or taking the empire down from the inside out.

    #chaos#AU#invader zim #invader zim dib #invader zim gaz #gaz membrane#dib membrane#prof membrane#membrane labs#zadf#zagf #get in losers were saving the world #little black dress #this is 660 words please kill me #irken invader #invader zim au
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  • mimosarosethorn
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Based on this:

    I have issues with the episode, but this scene still makes makes me laugh.

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  • larrimeme
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    It is very interesting how Irkens have this big long history (a society doesn't just get to be Like That overnight) and yet a complete and utter disregard for their history and past at the same time. Irken historical figures and events are only mentioned or appear a few times (Planet Jacker Treaty, Hox). I think this is due to Jhonen's general outlook on the world-he doesn't think very highly of society, for good reason.

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  • gomarnicinvaderzimversion
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Wanted to do a collab of my AUs' Dib.

    Yeah, their Zim sucks, but maybe things will turn up for the better. (Maybe...)

    #invader zim #invader zim dib #zim#iz#dib#zadr#zadr art#dib membrane#my art#my au #dib turns into an irken spy #dt dib au #dtiais au #dimension traveler dib au #angst zadr
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  • thepigpatch
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago


    Available on Etsy: Invader Zim Irken Insignia Holographic Iron-on Patch

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  • drkharvest
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    rave :]

    #invader zim #invader zim enter the florpus #enter the florpus #invader zim fanart #irken invader#rave party#zimtober2021
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  • askyspeckledwithart
    21.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    7/10/20: art fight attack for @vomltbreath

    [ img id: colored pencil meme redraw of a person with long orange-blonde hair and a toothy tail shamelessly pouring a drink onto the foot of an irritated irken, entirely missing his glass. /end id. ]

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  • emositecc
    21.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Eee this part is great!!

    #invader zim#iz #the last irken #Youtube
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  • autistic-dib
    21.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    I don't really plan out my stories, I just have thoughts sometimes. This will not be a very coherent post


    So there's this part of The Expanse (in the novel Persepolis Rising) that (condensed) goes:

    ““Fair enough, Camina. Fair enough. Here then. See if you can follow me. Last long enough, and you’ll see that they’re all our people.” … ““I told you that you wouldn’t understand,” Avasarala said, her voice cold and cutting. “The fuckers on the Tempest? I’m telling you they’re us too.””

    And that has always really struck me. it's one of my favorite parts of the whole series (which is really really good and everyone should read.) and so of course I've thought about that in regards to Invader Zim.

    and just. ugh brain can't communicate. like Zim and Dib. like the Irken Armada and The Resisty. all of the characters of IZ down to those guards over the screwhead people. Even though they're not all humans they're people. THEY'RE PEOPLE arggghhh that's why I'm not down to like... obliterate the Irken Empire.

    the Empire isn't a big bad in my verse, even though the characters may feel differently than I do about that. Do I want to change them based on my own morals? like. yeah a little bit haha.

    but I can't want to completely destroy the Irken Empire because that means destroying Irkens, and not just the "evil" ones. I just want to cause a little chaos there and upend their society into functioning without so much oppression and fascism IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK

    what will this look like when I get to it? I dunno man I can't even write a multi-chapter fic without drowning in lack-of-follow-through

    #invader zim#me#irken empire #this probably doesn't make sense sorry #Persepolis Rising quote
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  • larrimeme
    20.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    TFW when you‘re a high-ranking Irken, accidentally pick up a symbiote, get executed due to Defective behavior because of said symbiote, only to survive because the symbiote loves you enough to keep you alive by functioning as your life support device. Oh, and you have storm powers now.

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  • giant-radioactive-rubber-pants
    20.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    i just realized some people put irken text in their art/etc, and that some other people cannot read said irken text. I can, so if you have any you want translated feel free to send me an ask!

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  • contagiondog
    19.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    10 minutes to Doom but I made it dramatic.                        

    #invader zim#invader#zim#fanart#pak#irken#fan art #yes dib took it #bc he's a bastard #dib #Zim's already depresso bc the tallest dont answer him #this is the icing on the cake #10 minutes to doom #ten minutes to doom
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  • patchworkpoltergeist
    18.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Like a whole year ago, my friend told me that Zim trying to hang out with Red during their Elite training days had Incrediboy vibes and I never stopped thinking about it.

    Red: "Go back to base, Zim. I work alone."

    Zim: "Well, what about him?" *points to Purple trying to eat a pinecone*

    Purple, spitting pinecone chunks all over the place: He sphaid he workfsf alone, ZIM.

    #Invader Zim #irken elite shenanigans #Purple randomly eating pinecones is funny to my dumb brain and i can't explain why
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  • twistedgravity925
    17.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Days 15 and 16: AU and Forest

    The human!Zim and irken!Dib AU is my favorite, so I finally drew my version of it! And Dib is ghost hunting or searching for Bigfeets. He hasn’t been very successful.

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  • rainethelazyass
    17.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Iwken lowews UwU

    #irken oc #invader zim oc #iz oc#my art
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