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  • gaysolavellan
    27.01.2022 - 4 hours ago
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  • themockturtle-soundfrench
    27.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Is that someone who had never met a Qunari would find it hard to describe without comparing it to something or someone he knows. Of course I do. Like his old anthropological books on animals from faraway lands; yet once one finds oneself in front of them it is nothing like what one had imagined.

    For the chief of the Charges you take two of the muscular men you could find, strap them together, shave them, paint them in gray; just gray not dust, or gray dead skin, just a natural; and put horns like twisted paddle on the head.

    But he was attractive if you like giant muscle cuddly bear; the horns can still be frightening but it goes with the personage. Lopsided smile with a patch eye, which could be in a smooth novel with a pirate on the cover, the shirt was already gone anyway. You could use is legs as a comfy chair or a nice pillow for your nap. They're still no shirt he is not supplied with shirt. He may pout if you try, but tried with a jack if they're too much wind or snow outside.

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  • hehearse
    27.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    i like them your honor

    i also love listening to sera and bull. also sorry for bringing both of you to a magical temple with three magical assholes

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  • always-lavellan
    27.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    My very legit ranking of every Dragon Age Romance

    17. Solas -romanced him once and I couldn’t even finish it

    16. Iron Bull -crucify me, I don’t like him

    15. Isabella -controversial I know, I like her as a character but her romance feels lacking

    14. Sebastian -he would be at the bottom if I didn’t find him so damn attractive

    13. Sera -conflicted because I do enjoy it but her attitude towards elves puts me off

    12. Morrigan -I have romanced her twice and one time I ended it bc I thought she ended it 🤷🏻‍♂️

    11.Blackwall -I wish he was a male romance option also

    10.Cullen -only dated him once, loved it, never did it again because I wanted to date him as a man

    9.Alistair -I wish I didn’t make him king because he made my dwarf lady sad

    8.Merrill -I love her, but the blood mage thing is a no for me

    7.Cassandra -she is my dads favorite so she can be here

    6.Leliana -such a sweetheart in origins, too much effort to make her not hardened

    5.Anders -didn’t like him very much until recently, now I adore him

    4.Josephine -LOVE HER AHH, she’s just adorable

    3.Zevran -I romance him almost every time I play, I love him and I would do anything for him

    2.Fenris -gosh I love him, I would die for him and his romance is just amazing

    And finally, we all saw this coming

    1.Dorian -I actually never stop talking about how amazing he is, I just think he is amazing and perfect.

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  • crossdressingdeath
    27.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    More Fun DAI Opinions: I always find it really weird when people act like Bull's super controlling because the romance has to be done "his way", because it always seems to come up in terms of "He makes you do BDSM and it's bad". But... that's the setup for the whole relationship. He's offering a casual, no-strings BDSM relationship as an opportunity for you to put down the burden of leadership. He's not saying "I'll only date you if you're my sub"; he's saying "you can be my sub if that's something that you want", and falls in love from there. If you've got issues with a BDSM dynamic in your romance... fair enough, romance someone else. But Bull's no more forcing you to act a certain way if you want to date him than any of the previous companions who have a friends-with-benefits-to-lovers romance arc are forcing you to have sex with them if you want them to love you; love isn't on the table when the dynamic starts. I think people get mixed up because we know it's a romance and not just a casual relationship, but in-game Bull and Quiz don't know they're going to fall in love when the relationship starts. You can say your Quiz goes along with it because they're in love with him and think it's the best they're going to get, but that's not on Bull. I don't know, the argument that Bull's romance is bad and he's somehow forcing Quiz into BDSM because the relationship starts with the offer of a casual BDSM relationship and escalates from that point—meaning you have to go through the casual BDSM to get to the romantic part of it—rubs me up the wrong way. If you the player hate the BDSM aspects and force yourself through them because you think the non-BDSM stuff is cute, I don't know what to tell you! Your personal issues with BDSM, whatever they may be, have nothing to do with the narrative in the game! If it bothers you that much just romance someone else! I recommend Dorian or Josie, their romances are very sweet. But acting like Bull's forcing Quiz into BDSM when he lays things out very explicitly (he is offering a casual relationship with you as the submissive, he makes it clear what that would entail, if I'm remembering right romance is never even brought up as a possibility, and if you say that's not what you want he backs off and never brings it up again; you get multiple opportunities to back out in that first romance cutscene if what he's offering doesn't appeal, right up to—again if memory serves—the very last dialogue option) just... really bothers me.

    #dragon age inquisition #iron bull #part of the reason i like his romance so much is that he IS so clear about it #like the game doesn't dance around it or anything #this is what he's offering. if you don't like it say no more. if you do then here's what's expected #but like. it's literally just friends-with-benefits to lovers
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  • dalishkadan
    27.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    ahhhh i've had this prompt sitting in my files practically FOREVER and i FINALLY tackled it and finished it!

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  • lille-scribbles
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    They invented love

    #lego monkie kid #lmk #princess iron fan #lmk pif #demon bull king #dmk lmk #i have no idea what's their ship name but they're so married #art#my art
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  • mass-effect-galaxy
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago
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  • notebooks-and-laptops
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I am convinced people who don't like Viv haven't actually taken her out much/spoken to her at Skyhold and instead are running on 'grrr mage who likes circles bad bad'.

    Vivienne was not born in Orlais. She was born in Wycome to merchant parents who were constantly on the move, though she was taken to the circle relatively early. I feel like one thing Viv gets shit for is her place in the Grand Game (despite Leliana and Josephine also being adept players). But it's important to note that Viv is well aware her position in Orlais is not one born of friendship and that she is indeed widely hated (TW for in-game racist comment about Viv below):

    "Oh but Viv desires power! That's bad" yes well 'power' allows her freedom and a life beyond the circle walls. She has dialouge where she specifically talks about how you must learn to live with restrictions but adapt to give them the best life they can give you. And that's what she's doing! Constantly! Besides, her desire for power is one of the fun things about her character and something she has in common with plenty of other dragon age characters (Leliana, Josephine, Solas, the Inquisitor etc.) She's just more open about the fact that that's what she wants.

    She also enjoys the game (as do Leliana and Josephine) but she's right in the Winter Palace when she tells you if she wasn't good at it she'd be dead. World of Thedas Vol. 2 mentions how after she began her affair with Bastien multiple bards and assassins were sent after Viv ('half of them were returned to their employers frozen solid. The rest were persuaded to work for her instead' shdkdkdlf I LOVE her).

    Anyway, as for her views on the Circle, I also don't agree with them. But it's worth noting where they come from:

    So, here we learn that Viv is scared of the templars in some capacity, but still believes they are necessary. Perhaps that belief is because of what happened during the rebellion and the trauma she suffered from seeing various mages and tranquil killed needlessly. I truly believe that when she calls the templars a useful 'tool' but accepts that there are rotten eggs among them, she means to enact reforms from the inside that would stop the sort of behaviour we see. I'm not sure this would work, but it's worth seeing it from her side. She sees the templars as what they were founded to be: to protect magic and mages, both from those who would seek to destroy it from the outside and demons who would prey on mages. Do I agree with her? No! But! Plenty of fandom favourites hold basically the same philosophy about the mage/templar conflict: Cullen and Fenris in particular.

    And Viv? Viv has so many more qualities than just the above parts of her characterisation. She Cares. I find the people she will shout about if they fall particularly telling:

    The two 'youngest' members who she has contentious relationships with, she is genuinely worried about in battle.

    And then we have:

    (This post is getting v long but also please see: every single Bull/Viv interaction because she basically adopts him, and every single Sera/Viv interaction because they wind each other up but Viv also does play her own 'pranks' right back at Sera which is delightful)

    She cares. She even cares about Cole. And she cares about the first victims of war, the serving staff, in the Winter Palace. She cares about the tranquil when you enter the hut and find out the truth about the shard skulls. She cares. But she also knows caring is a weakness that could lose her her power and position so she's careful with it, guarded. Which in itself is such a wonderful lovely characteristic.

    She's funny, sassy, clever. She is considered an 'exceptional scholar' (World of Thedas Vol. 2). Just like Solas, she is actually envious if you go to adamant without her because she finds the idea of being in the fade physically to be fascinating! And just like Dorian she's underestimated when it comes to her intelligence because of everything else about her.

    (Side note: she's was also friends with Bastians wife and there's no jealousy between them which i love, and Bastian sent her enough flowers to fill an entire floor of the circle tower when they first met which is just. V sweet)

    She's just an amazing character. I love her deeply. I wish more people loved her and saw the complexities of her. Because she is so interesting, her interactions with the other characters are interesting. And, like I said before, she's no better or worse in her views than Cullen or Fenris when it comes to mages and yet the fandom makes 12 page long think pieces about those characters and why it's okay for them, but will vilify Viv and pretend that's not a double standard.

    Anyway. I love her. And just felt like expressing that this fine morning.

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  • vivispec
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    no........it can't be.....

    #dai#iron bull #to be fair this is in character for the most part #good for him?
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  • vaguely-concerned
    25.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    my tv is busted so I'm streaming right from the xbox to my laptop screen when I'm playing games. I am using the opportunity to be cringe on main like it's 2014 again and force you to look at my very tall very handsome son

    #it's so hard to find a armour that gives him the right silhouette because I imagine him as tall as iron bull but kind of lanky #and you can kind of have armors that give a slimmer body shape but sometimes that goes vERY WRONG with the qunari model fhkdsja #the avvar armour gives the best effect honestly... but it's not the kind of thing he would wear as the head of the inquisition is it lol #josephine would have a very gentle fit about it and he's v e r y image conscious b/c he's used to people being afraid of him #dragon age #the only inquisitior I ever made who's meant to be unambiguously hot in-universe haha he's the vashoth equivalent of a twunk #his hair is very long and glorious when he lets it down #(cadash is kind of attractive in a middle aged butch kind of way if you squint and add some goodwill #myra lavellan looks like an eternally anxious squirrel and has no chin)
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  • stasammen
    25.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    bull thinking that krem died hating him and thinking that was justified.. because he didn’t fight for the chargers, he sacrificed them for the qun, under the inquisitors orders.. and cole telling him that he was wrong.. that krem died fighting to the end, all the chargers did.. but they never died hating him. they stuck together as a team, fighting to the bitter end, using what he had taught them over the years.. even if they understood the implication of the horn never being blown.. they did their duty to the end.... 

    horns up.. 

    and the fact that cole realized that this didn’t help bull to know.. instead of only made him feel worse, because they were HIS men. they were good people.. and they were gone because they trusted him, and they shouldn’t have done that.

    i’m in agony actually 

    thinking about bull having to shut himself down emotionally because there’s only so many times he can look at the corner of the herald’s rest and expect to see the chargers there only to see nothing because they’re gone, and it’s your fault, hissrad. it’s fine. it was for the qun, it was the way it was supposed to be. but... he cant stop thinking about it. he can’t stop himself from missing the chargers.. he finds a stuffed nug that krem made for him and he just stares at it for a long time.. thinks about how he lost an eye to defend him, thinks about how on any other day he would sacrifice life and limb for the chargers... except that day. that day he didn’t. 

    and the guilt is too heavy so.. eventually.. he turns himself into the re-educators, because if he was only doing his duty, then it shouldn’t hurt so much... so.. he makes them take the pain away. 

    so when he betrays you at the end of trespasser, he doesn’t feel anything. no more guilt at a betrayal he caused, no pain as he dies... he’s simply a weapon at that point. pointed at the player and broken. 

    #003 :   (  the iron bull headcanons  ) #i'll shut up now i'm just thinking about the hell timeline #MAN!!! FUCKFKBFV FUCK!!!!
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  • the-overanalyzer
    25.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    I feel like I kind of wish HotU had been released today because you know you would be able to sleep with a pit fiend.

    #neverwinter nights #hordes of the underdark #baatezu #2003 bioware weren't brave enough #but the bioware of today? #iron bull AND khem val are romanceable #today's bioware would absolutely let you fuck a devil
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  • nathaliejunehawthorne
    25.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Why the FUCK did just get an ad for one of those story sharing apps that featured Iron Bull tastefully fucking who I can only assume is the artist's Inquisitor on a kitchen counter

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  • creativegoblin
    25.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Beres and Hissera were begging me to draw them in this meme format

    #da#creative blurb #my bad art #i keep making more and more qunari #purely because i wanted to romance iron bull and sera #and i like the qunari and tal vashoth dynamic #and the qunari and sera dynamic :D
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  • thelittlestboi
    24.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Its Sad boi hours

    Going through some of my old save files (I tend to make a new save just after every major event so I can use the old file to replay the fun bits) and I came across one that was seemingly a dud, (me bull dorian and Cassandra in the hinterlands collecting shards) but I triggered (either by accident or maybe this is why the file existed who knows) the flirty dialog between bull and dorian the whole "conquer you" bit and I have .... thoughts. This gonna be long so scroll on or buckle up

    Imagine if you will, pinning after these two, two of the most handsome men who also happen to be into men, who Also happen to represent two of the biggest parts of yourself. (A mage and a qunari) You adore them, you recognize yourself in them and you unsurprisingly develop huge fat crushes on the both of them.

    But its just not quite clicking. You can flirt with Bull all day, he'll let you but its kinda like talking to a wall. He either ignores the more cringe attempts you have flirting (trying to bring up lovemaking after 2 whole conversations), or just kinda skirts the whole conversation.

    While flirting with Dorian is like trying to impress the man who is better at everything. Can't complement his face, he knows he's pretty, can't complement his magic, he made time magic, we get it he's great. Can't even give him his amulet back without him yelling at you. (Which is a whole thing. I get it and its heart breaking how love starved Dorian is that he can't even accept a simple gift but thats a different rant) But Mahanon is trying so fucking hard to get these people to like him, he comes back every day and considers himself so lucky to have these men in his live as he tries to figure out who, ultimately, hes gonna really give it his all too.

    So he brings them both on missions, he values thier skills and thier input and they get along well enough.... really well... and now Bulls flirting with Dorian.

    And thats gotta hurt so bad. Like you've been vying for these men to notice you and instead you've ended up setting them up to each other. And yea bull says "I've got the hints" later and I feel like that makes these moments even worse?

    Bull knows the inquistor has the hots for him and he blatantly and I have to belive purposely flirts with others in front of him just to see his reaction. Cassandra and Blackwall no big deal nothing is gonna come of that. But Dorian??? Oh the stab of rejection. The anger and betrayal he feels, mixed with the guilt of being upset.

    He should be happy for his friends, excited for this (possibly) happy union of these two amazing men that he respects and looks up too. But he's not, he's angry and hes hurt.

    He hears all the things he wished Bull would say to HIM but instead he has to listen to Dorian reject it. Turning down the very thing mahanons craves so deeply(like really that could not be more dead set on mahanon kinks if bioware tried). He wants to scream, he wants to cry, he wants to fire Bull right then and there cause its hard to not take it personal. He wants to shake Dorian till his arms break, wants to scream in his all too pretty face the hes an idiot, throwing away what could have been a perfect moment.

    But he can't. Hes the inquistor and frankly there are more important things that need to be taken care of. (Ah to sprinkle in the weight of the world and the crushing need to be everyones savior all while dealing with the growing feeling of imposter syndrome) So he has to swallow all of that up, gotta push it down into a little ball of knots to deal with later. Im both happy and sad there's no dialog options for the inquistor after that scene. I dont think bioware would give me the option to cry silently, but I would and Mahanon does.

    He tightens his hold on his staff as his heart tightens in his chest. His lips would tremble as he'd bite his tongue, not a sound would be heard, and from his back you'd think he hadn't even heard them. But the tears that stream down his face, that turn to ice and dissipate into nothingness before ever reaching his chin. They hold all the words he wish he could say.

    #the iron bull #dorian pavus #mahanon adaar everybody #im sensitive #like diagnosed bipolar depression kinda sensitive #so that means Mahanon gets to inherite my rejection sensitivity! #and you just know evwn after mahanon ends up with one (or both of then in some cases) #this moment lives like a tumor in thw back of his head #that lite nagging thought of #qould they be happier with someone else? #someone better than you
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  • starsfic
    24.01.2022 - 3 days ago
    #3 Sentence Fic #LMK #Lego Monkie Kid #Monkie Kid #Princess Iron Fan #Demon Bull King #Ironbull#Ironbullshipping#Chimera#Chimerashipping #my writing. #prompt fic#prompt fill#fic#fanfiction#fanfic
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  • anam-writes
    24.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    The Qunari concept of gender really isn’t all that confusing. It seems to me to be a pretty obvious case of “we assign a societal role, and that role comes with a bonus assigned gender.”

    It’s how the Qunari can be so accepting of trans folks like Krem (a man and a fighter), how it is that they could have such rigid gender roles despite that, and how it is that Sten could express such misogynistic views of women fighting.

    Because, if you’ll recall, it was not only that the f!warden was fighting while being a woman that confused him. It was also the fact that when he saw her fighting and concluded that she must be a man that she told him he was wrong that confused him.

    The Iron Bull’s acceptance of Krem from a traditional cultural standpoint is not a retcon. It’s in keeping with the lore.

    The Qunari have a different but strict gender binary, and Krem just so happens to fit neatly into it. And honestly, the Qunari gender binary as we’ve seen it doesn’t seem all that better, just different.

    There’s a similar social role/gender correlation in my culture as well, though maybe not as “if x then y” as this theoretical binary. But, I can confirm, you can have a non-western colonial model of gender and still have it be stifling when enforced rigidly upon those who do not conform.

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  • hello-copter
    24.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    The Iron Bull

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    23.01.2022 - 4 days ago
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