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    Just the two of us~

    I went crazy with the sparkles✨

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    KakaIru hinted in Canon? Theory


    ૮₍ ˶˃ ⤙ ˂˶ ₎ა *it's me kkirsstuff xd just wanna say this is not my theory and I am putting the link*

    I don't know why the author didn't write about chapter 34 where they're were blushed but their theory it's so good to not be share it (๐॔˃̶ᗜ˂̶๐॓)゜

    - - - - - - - - - ꒰ ʚ♡ɞ ꒱ - - - - - - - - -


    So…I’ve noticed something peculiar towards the Wedding-arc of Naruto Shippuuden and the Genin-Examination-arc of Boruto. Is the long beloved couple canon? Theory and material for shippers.

    - - - - - - - - - ꒰ ʚ♡ɞ ꒱ - - - - - - - - -

    Most of the ‘reading’ comes from the differences in Kakashi and Iruka’s relationship between the end of Naruto Shippuden (post-Shippuden) and Boruto: The Next Generation (Boruto); with a slight changes between Naruto Shippuden (Shippuden) and post-Shippuuden. I’ll explore this chronologically rather than in terms of how strong the evidence is.

    ✁- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    In Shippuden, Kakashi and Iruka’s interactions are pretty formal and professional. Notably seen in #177 and #178 (flashback episode), which also references a time before Iruka had become an academy teacher where they were on a mission together. You can choose to read into the bench scene in #177, however at point it seems that the two are just starting to become acquaintances.

    Kakashi also saves Iruka's life from three female enemy ninja in #178. Perhaps a nod to #159 (which happens chronologically after #178) where Kakashi saves Iruka's life from Pain, though this time this battle eventually costs him his life.

    ✁- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    In post-Shippuden, their interactions and tones while speaking suggest they’ve slightly become more comfortable with each other after the Fourth Shinobi War, with Kakashi adopting a teasing tone with Iruka such as during #494 when he has Iruka open a forbidden scroll, only to end up reading the first couple of lines from Icha-Icha Paradise.

    The scenes in post-Shippuden seem much more overt than during Shippuden and they suggest a change in their relationship from Kakashi's end, so let's examine two scenes.

    In #494, Kakashi gives Iruka an un-characteristic wink and hard slap on the back while explaining how the village would choose who attends Naruto's wedding.

    In #499, Kakashi leaps over the desk to un-characteristicly clasp Iruka’s hands and thank him for helping to solve wedding fiasco that has riddled him for the past few episodes.

    The latter’s reaction to both scenarios suggests that he is a little taken aback by the action, or at the very least Iruka is not familiar with the Hokage being so familiar with him. So while the pair are more casual when in comparison to episode #177, whether they are friends yet at this point is debatable.

    At the very least, it seems that Kakashi is making an attempt at being friendly with Iruka while the latter acts as though he's not familiar with these type of interactions.

    ✁- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    This changes in Boruto. Let's start by comparing the way that Iruka addresses Kakashi throughout the timeline.

    In Shippuuden, Iruka refers to Kakashi as “Kakashi-san”, whilst in post-Shippuden he refers to him as “Kakashi-sama” (Kakashi responds by telling him, and everyone else, to drop the “-sama”). However in Boruto in the two scenes we get of the pair talking to one another in #35 (after Kakashi’s investigation of the graduating Genin class) and #37 (after the Genin examination) Iruka clearly addresses Kakashi as “anata” both times. This is in stark comparison to how the other teachers and characters refer to him as “Rokudaime”. Kakashi even berates Boruto several times and tells him use his proper title.

    As a side note, this is actually a cute moment of characterisation and reference to post-Shippuuden where he kept reminding others to call him “Kakashi-san” instead of “-sama” letting the audience know how much Kakashi has settled into his role as the sixth Hokage.

    (kkirsstuff note: just want to put, that not only iruka was the one who calls Kakashi by anata* Kakashi calls iruka anata" too)

    Those who know some Japanese will know that "anata" is a peculiar way of saying "you" as there are specific cases where you can use it to refer to a spouse. There are other readings that can be interpreted from its use as well, but when considering Iruka's more casual, almost teasing tone when speaking to Kakashi, I believe we are supposed to interpret it as a sign of their closeness. Whether Iruka is using the noun in a way that implies a romantic relationship is debatable, and I believe purposefully so.

    What is sure is its overt difference to way the he spoke to Kakashi interacted in the previously addressed examples. While I’m not suggesting that a noun change suggests the two are involved in some way, at the very least it feels like an cue from the writers to the fact that their relationship in Boruto is substantially different, most defiantly on the closer side, in comparison to the their relationship in Shippuuden and post-Shippuden.

    ✁- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    I'd like to compound my observation with further points/scenes which I feel are intentional choices made by the writers:

    Neither Iruka or Kakashi are confirmed married/living with a significant other in post-Shippuuden or Boruto. Both their apartments are shown in post-Shippuuden, and both appearances suggest the two living in respective bachelor pads. The lack of any relationship for these two primary parental/familial figures of Naruto's personal life stands out like a sore thumb when surrounded by the fact that most other, younger characters, have started settling down. With both being such popular characters, its suspicious that the writers chose not to reveal information about their personal lives.

    Kakashi reveals his full face to Iruka in Boruto rather comfortably in #37 after removing his disguise. The audience know this to be Kakashi’s real face as confirmed in both Manga and Anime. The scene clearly shows that Iruka is not at all surprised by what he sees behind the disguise or mask. This is a pretty heavy handed indicator that Iruka has seen it before already, despite Kakashi being so secretive about his face. At the very least its evidence that the two are much closer than they were post-Shippuden, and possibly more so than any other character we've seen. This also means that Iruka is the only living character we know who has seen Kakashi’s face (and implied more than once). Apart from Teuchi and Ayame, who briefly catch a glimpse of it as part of a gag episode.

    The way Iruka and Kakashi banter the end of the Genin Examination episode seems weirdly like that of a married couple. At least, it feels that that’s what the intention was. The fact that Kohonamaru and Anko look at the pair with an amused expression only makes this scene more suspicious. Their interactions throughout the mini-arc suggests a familiarity between them. This is especially noticeable from Iruka's side, who used to be very formal towards Kakashi especially after he becomes the Hokage.

    So the question is:

    What exactly happened between Kakashi and Iruka in the 15 years between post-Shippuuden and Boruto?

    It doesn’t seem like the perogative of the series to answer this, so I assumed it was meant to be an Easter egg for those who were looking for it. Namely, fans of the pairing.

    ✁- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    If I were to overspeculate in head-canon it would be as follows:

    Kakashi and Iruka have never been attracted or involved with one another until post-Shippuden and have been, at best, acquaintances albeit with mounting amounts of respect vice-versa.

    However after the mission they have together, Kakashi becomes interested in Iruka a person because of his impassioned speech to the third Hokage about deciding to become an academy teacher. Kakashi reveals his personal investment (while keeping a distance) towards Iruka when the latter begins having doubts about being an academy teacher because of how he feels about Naruto. He does this by approaching and acting as Iruka's confidant when the Sandaime chooses not to. Though, this distanced approach is challenged when Kakashi has to go out of his way save Iruka (who is saving Naruto) from enemy ninja.

    Iruka understandably begins to respect Kakashi.

    Then, Kakashi saves his life again. Though this time from a more serious opponent - Paine. This battle costs Kakashi his life. Luckily, he is revived like everybody else in the village after the battle. Perhaps the fact that Kakashi came the rescue is because he's been keeping an eye out for Iruka for so long?

    Regardless, it's not hard to imagine that at this point Iruka feels a like he owes Kakashi immeasurable debt and respect for saving his life. It seems in line with his character to do so.

    Kakashi's decision to remain as a distant guardian begins to change during after the war. Perhaps with the war over and everybody settling, Kakashi consciously began to act on his interest in Iruka to establish a close friendship (likely the only close-friendship, unless you count Gai).

    Mildly annoyed with people treating him with too much reverence goes out of his way to flirt/tease Iruka, who has only ever treated Kakashi with even more reverence and respect because he feels like he owes his life to Kakashi. Kakashi decides to remedy this despite the fact that at this point in the story Iruka is still bit uncomfortable with interacting with Kakashi at a more personal level and is held back by his admiration of the latter. Basically, during post-Shippuden Kakashi goes on the offensive.

    The likely start of their interactions would begin at point in the timeline: post-war, post-Naruto-wedding. It's possible that their interactions during the wedding-arc is the catalyst for change, and I can imagine the two beginning hanging out. In Kakashi's case, with added flirting/teasing as a way of getting Iruka to loosen up around him.

    Anyway, this continues for the next 15 year gap between post-Shippuden and Boruto, and at some point between them the become close friends and perhaps even lovers. These include the following events:

    Kakashi remains secretive about his mask, and at some point Iruka becomes the only living character to have seen his face (because they become close friends or lovers).

    Iruka becomes comfortable around Kakashi, meaning the latter's flirting/teasing finally won out against Iruka's crippling admiration and perceived debt.

    Bonus: At a certain point between the 15 years after Iruka's promotion to the head of the academy, there is a moment of parallel to how the two evolve from primary parental figures in Naruto's life, to the pair becoming parental figures for the whole of Konoha - Kakashi as Hokage and Iruka as the director of the academy.

    By the time of Boruto: The Last Generation they, like everyone else, exist in post-marital and post-war bliss state. They have likely been a couple for a long time prior to Boruto's Genin examinations and the relationship seems to be publicly knowledge (at the very least amongst the higher-ranking Shinobi or school teachers).

    ✁- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    From my perspective in piecing together this 'canonical' relationship, the major hurdles for this pair that would have been addressed during the 15 year time-skip are:

    Overcoming Iruka's perceived debt and respect for Kakashi, which prevents the pair from forming a close friendship or romance.

    Kakashi's emotional baggage. His aloof, Icha-Icha-reading, teasing character that he shows most other character including Iruka is his 'public' face. Its likely a front, or only part of his personality. The Kakashi we know behind the mask probably still suffers from guilt and insecurities caused by the deaths of his team, family and comrades. Iruka being allowed to literally sees beyond the mask can probably be packaged together with this plot point as a metaphor.

    ✁- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    So, while I don't think this makes the pair necessarily canon I do think its an obvious nod to the KakaIru fandom and an attempt to make sure the plot does not step on its toes. This is likely due to the ship’s popularity and marketing power during the height of Naruto, especially in Japan. It feels like something that was put there for us, so I wanted to make sure that the community received the message loudly and clearly.

    Thus ends my observation and head-canon theory. I merely wanted to discuss and call to attention that obvious material has been put out for the fans of this pairing which has not at all been utilised in the fan-generated material I have been reading. Now that the obvious is obvious, I hope that it becomes new material for the fandom as I expect it was intended.

    Please, post and comment and discuss. KakaIru is not the force it was at the height of Naruto fandom, and the English forums are no longer active. Since I can't speak or type Japanese to participate in the Japanese KakaIru forums (which from what I understand is still active) this is the one place I felt could reach the people I wanted it to reach.

    - - - - - - - - - - - -

    ੦ ੦ ੦ ੦ ੦ ੦ ੦ ੦ ੦


    There seems to be a noticeable decision to canonically increase the amount of Kakashi and Iruka’s scenes and interactions. This post is primary observation with some theories and my own head-canon at the end. Though the most important thing is that I want to point out scenes and developments which are prevalent to the fan-fiction community surrounding this pairing.

    I was surprised that nobody had brought this up, or that it wasn’t adopted as part of the collective fan-canon yet but it felt like a very obvious nod being thrown by the writers to the supporters of this pairing.

    I suspect that this has to do with the fact that most shippers have not watched Boruto. It kind of shows, judging by the fact that most of the popular fanfics draw from scenes and conversations from Naruto Shippuden. This is a pity, as in Boruto I speculate the two are much closer in a way that was never even hinted at in the original series.

    Thus I present my observations for the community so that writers better than myself can spin these fragments into a story that slips neatly into the canon.

    Link text and where you can read its beautiful comments jsjsjs

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    18.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Another fic idea that I might never write.

    What if Naruto didn't trust Kakashi at all at first? This is a child who has seen the worst of the village people. He's seen the ones who have no reservations showing their hate for him. Those that hurt him out of an anger he doesn't understand. Those that ignore him, like he doesn't even exist. Ignore his suffering and attention seeking. And those that plaster fake smiles, that pretend that they don't hate him. Those who keep a distance, pretend kindness in order to get him to leave faster. He hates that last one the most. He had learned to recognize those fake smiles better after Mizuki conned him into stealing the Forbidden scroll. Fake smile that didn't reach his cold eyes. Honeyed words encouraging him. When Naruto should have known, that this man with such a care free attitude, who never gave a damn about him passing, suddenly wanted to help. He nearly lost Iruka to him. Iruka who had just started to care about him. Giving him the attention he craved. Scolding him like a parent. Taking him out to ramen. Iruka who took a shuriken to the back and told him to run and not listen to the hateful words Mizuki was spouting about Naruto having a demon in him.

    So he's rightfully suspicious, in his mind, of another pale haired man with fake smiles, cold and calculating eyes... eye? Who's too nonchalant to be truthful. Who is always late. Lies about everything. Doesn't show much concern as of yet to their safety. Can be too harsh with his words at times while others are sickeningly sweet at times. Manipulating is what Iruka would say. That's what Mizuki had done to him. Said things that made Naruto feel on top of the world, just to get him to do what he wanted.

    So he keeps his distance. Doesn't try to show off to get the man's attention. Let him praise Sasuke all he wants. Doesn't take his bait when he tries to rile Naruto up. Keeps away from any hair ruffles. Doesn't accept the invitation to have ramen along with his other teammates. He's not hungry, Iruka is expecting him, he wants to grab something else to eat but will be right back when Kakashi and the other two are done.

    He complains to Iruka constantly. Tells him he doesn't like the man. Who reads porn in public and around children? That had gotten a rant out of Iruka. He doesn't try to get to know the man, and Iruka had said that while he trusts Kakashi, he also knew nothing about the strange man; no one really does other than probably Guy. He won't force Naruto to trust the man, but tells him to be sure to follow orders. Iruka had tried to convince him to trust the jonin sensei, but after Naruto pointed out that he doesn't have the best track record when it comes to trusting people, it was dropped. Grudgingly.

    Naruto thinks the man was forced to be his sensei because of the demon. And isn't sure if the man would let him die to rid the village of the creature and Naruto. Iruka can't reassure him either, it's a possibility. One neither of them like. Iruka doesn't ask the Hokage for advice, both he and Naruto know that their concerns would be brushed off. Kakashi is a very loyal ninja. And the Hokage is a bit of a tattle-tale. He would tell Kakashi.

    Kakashi is obviously confused. Naruto is nothing like he's seen and heard of. Bribing him with ramen doesn't work in opening him up. Neither does teasing him. He's never home when he checks, apparently he stays with Iruka. Naruto violently chases him off when he tries to drop in on the both of them eating at the ramen shop, or drags Iruka away.

    It's obvious Naruto doesn't like him. But Kakashi doesn't know why. Iruka, when cornered, refuses to betray Naruto's trust. All attempts at getting close fail. He tries to ask Naruto about it when he's alone. But that just gets him a sexy jutsu and a Naruto who hides better than some ANBU. Calling him out about his dislike in front of Sasuke and Sakura has an embarrassed Naruto closing up tighter than a clam and refusing to so much as look at Kakashi. It also makes Sakura fuss at the boy and makes Sasuke draw away from him too. Casting suspicious eyes on Kakashi. After all, Naruto likes everyone, mostly, so if he doesn't like Kakashi, then clearly Sasuke missed something. Sakura, the goody-two-shoes, trust the adult in charge and looks at the two boys like they've lost their minds. Kakashi just doesn't know what to do.

    The mission to Mist, goes horribly. But it does seem to shine a favorable light on Kakashi. Sasuke is back to treating him just like before. Naruto only warms up a little. The chunin recommendations ruin that. Naruto picks up on Iruka's anger and who it's directed to. The trust is out the window in the blink of an eye. They pass the preliminary test, and Iruka's side ring up to him again breaks the cool glares from Naruto. Brushing off training Naruto and choosing Sasuke seems to sting like a rejection to the child. Who according to Iruka, sees at as Kakashi not wanting to bother with him anymore. But there's nothing for it, Sasuke can learn more from him than Naruto could. And there is not enough time to spare. Naruto would probably only learn one thing where Sasuke could probably learn four. Sending him to Ebisu might have been a royal fuck up. So he's surprised to learn that Juraiya trained him.

    They are all a bit distant with each other after all the funerals have ended. Naruto and Sasuke are at each other's throats more often than not. Kakashi rarely has time for them. Itatchi's return sends the one he was worried about the most but though would listen to him more, right out the village and chasing Orochimaru. It also leaves Naruto feeling betrayed. Kakashi spends every day in the hospital with Naruto and Iruka. Naruto slowly opens up around him. But then Naruto is leaving and Kakashi thinks all chances of having the boy trust him are gone. Until he gets a letter.

    He really cherishes that letter.

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    "Go to your room, young man!" Dadruka is not impressed with your shenanigans, Naruto!

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    hes so handsome y'all why didn't anyone tell me how handsome he is 😳😳😳

    #naruto#iruka sensei#iruka umino #aka my husband #i dont know when ill get around to finishing this one #hopefully soon tho #its kinda weird tho cuz i didnt think he was that hot when i started watching naruto? #and then i saw a cute pic of him the other day and was like DANG hes a fine looking man!!! #my art#digital art#fanart #clip studio paint
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    Sometimes all you need is a beautiful Iruka smile to make a bad day better. ♡

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    SD Iruka is too damn cute for his own good!

    #iruka umino#iruka-sensei#SD Iruka #Look at that lil cutie #i wanna pinch his cheeks #dailyirukapics
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    Happy Birthday Kakashi-sensei!!! 🥰

    I also made an alternate version where Iruka is asking him out for ramen maybe…? 🌝

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    you wanted to hangout?

    sorry, my dads said no.

    #building off of my need to project onto parental figures #I give you #my favorite animated dads #I’d legally adopt myself into their lives if I could #kakashi hatake#hatake kakashi#kakashi sensei#copy ninja#umino iruka#iruka sensei#iruka umino#aizawa shouta#shouta aizawa#eraser head#eraserhead#present mic#yamada hizashi#hizashi yamada#presentation michael#king micah #george and lance #spop #she ra netflix #dads#anime dads#my post#bubblegum talks#bubblegum blogs#bubblegumblogs #someone please adopt me
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    Look at that adorable blush. Proud Daddy right there.

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    "In the Ninja World, those who break the rules are scum, that's true. But those who abandon their friends are worse than scum..."

    Happy Birthday Kakashi sensei!!


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    He is poise, he is grace, he will scream right in your face ♡

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    Forgot to put this here.

    Naruto: What??? You left Iruka sensei alone with Kakashi sesei??!!

    Sasuke: My bad.. I took my eyes off Kakashi…

    ※Kids are very worried because they believe Kakashi is a pervert.

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    it's 'ruka with the long hair!!! 🍁🍂🍃💞

    #naruto#naruto fanart#iruka#iruka fanart#iruka sensei#umino iruka#iruka umino #u can always tell when i use a reference photo cuz the proportions are always slightly more realistic 😂😂😂 #this is based off of one (1) photo of dodie clark but then i was like 'i should give him more hairstyles' #and then i did :') #i realized i never draw midshot/close-up portraits of people even tho those are my bread and butter in videography #and i like the fashion close-ups people do so i thought id try #it's not quiiiiiite what i want but it's a start 😅 #this is also bc i love iruka a lot but i always end up drawing kashi more. so here's a ruka. even tho it's kakashi week lol rip #god now i want a sweet drink #anyways this is also me manifesting those autumn vibes. sweater weather here we comeeeeeee
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    Our first look at Iruka without his hitai-ate in the story. You know you're a true Iruka Simp when you think, "Dayum, look at that sexy hairline~", which may or may not be what my brain did. >>;

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    Iruka's turn to be all emo and broody. He looks better doing it than Sasuke ever did (IMHO).

    #Iruka Umino#Emo Iruka#Iruka-sensei #Struggling to come to terms with Naruto #I am so glad we got to see this #DailyIrukaPics
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