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  • aggilbewara
    20.06.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Tragedi Kemanusiaan Palestina Bikin Oded Terpukul

    Tragedi Kemanusiaan Palestina Bikin Oded Terpukul

    Bandung, Bewarajabar — Sedih dan geram. Itu yang dirasakan Wali Kota Bandung, Oded M. Danial jika mengingat penderitaan rakyat Palestina. Rasa geram muncul ketika ia mendengar dan melihat perlakuan Israel terhadap rakyat Palestina. Hal itu juga yang membuatnya merasa sedih. Tak hanya itu, Oded pun mengaku terpukul melihat kekerasan Israel terhadap bayi, anak-anak, ibu hamil. “Saya melihat di…

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    #Baznas Kota Bandung #kekerasan Israel #Oded M. Danial #Palestina #Tragedi Kemanusiaan Palestina #warga Palestina
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  • dunapressjornal
    20.06.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    Israel abrirá suas portas aos turistas no próximo mês

    Israel abrirá suas portas aos turistas no próximo mês

    Todos os turistas vacinados terão permissão para entrar em Israel a partir do mês que vem, enquanto a maioria das restrições de viagens aéreas aos israelenses serão retiradas. Israel deve retirar uma série de restrições às viagens aéreas a partir do próximo mês, incluindo a proibição de entrada de muitos turistas individuais. O Ministério do Interior de Israel anunciou na tarde de domingo que,…

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  • s8edgy
    20.06.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    My dad just called me Sara, and if that feeling is what the word Euphoria means, I can understand why it almost caused Israel to lose the October war

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  • thecoxtimes
    20.06.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    Apartheid by stealth

    Meet the new occupier, same as the old occupier. Palestinians understand that the swap of one evangelical extremist as Israeli prime minister for another evangelical extremist will not change by an iota how Israel methodically goes about, day after grinding day, committing apartheid in occupied Palestine. If there was any doubt on this predictable score, the renewed bombardment of Gaza this past…

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  • whatisarchaeology
    20.06.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    "“Even today, eggs rarely survive for long in supermarket cartons,” added IAA archaeologist Dr. Alla Nagorsky.

    “It’s amazing to think this is a 1,000-year-old find!”"

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  • politicoscope
    20.06.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    Naftali Bennett: US-Allies 'Wake Up' to Iran Nuke Deal

    Naftali Bennett: US-Allies ‘Wake Up’ to Iran Nuke Deal

    Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Sunday opened his first Cabinet meeting since swearing in his new coalition government last week with a condemnation of the new Iranian president. He said Iran’s presidential election was a sign for US-Allies and world powers to “wake up” before returning to a nuclear agreement with Tehran. Iran’s hard-line judiciary chief, Ebrahim Raisi, was elected…

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  • sleepysera
    20.06.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    Jun 20 Headlines


    Iran: Israel PM warns world of Ebrahim Raisi (BBC)

    "Iran and Israel have been in a long-running "shadow war", which has resulted in both countries taking part in tit-for-tat actions, but so far avoiding all-out conflict. Recently, however, the hostilities between the two have escalated again. Iran blames Israel for the murder of its top nuclear scientist last year and an attack on one of its uranium enrichment plants in April. Israel does not believe that Iran's nuclear programme is purely peaceful, and is convinced it is working towards building a nuclear weapon."

    Brazil: Tops 500k deaths, protests against president (AP)

    "Anti-government protesters took to the streets in more than a score of cities across Brazil on Saturday as the nation’s confirmed death toll from COVID-19 soared past half a million — a tragedy many critics blame on President Jair Bolsonaro’s attempt to minimize the disease."

    Portugal: Delta variant behind spike of cases (AP)

    "Portuguese authorities have confirmed suspicions that the new delta variant of the coronavirus is driving a spike in new cases in the Lisbon region. Portugal’s National Health Institute said Sunday that the highly infectious variant that was first found in India has a prevalence of 60% of new cases in the nation’s capital."


    Tropical Depression Claudette: Crash in Alabama 'likely' due to storm kills 10 (AP)

    "Tropical Depression Claudette claimed 12 lives in Alabama as the storm swept across the southeastern U.S., causing flash flooding and spurring tornadoes that destroyed dozens of homes. Ten people, including nine children, were killed Saturday in a two-vehicle crash, according to Butler County Coroner Wayne Garlock, who said the vehicles likely hydroplaned on wet roads."

    Arizona: Police shoot driver who crashed into charity bike ride (BBC)

    "A man in a pick-up truck drove into cyclists taking part in a charity bike ride in Arizona, leaving six of them in a critical condition. Police said the suspect, described as a 35-year-old white male, fled the scene and was pursued by officers. Police then shot him behind a hardware store over a mile away, leaving him in a critical but stable condition."

    Transgender Rights: Trans US veterans to be offered gender surgery for first time (BBC)

    "Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) secretary Denis McDonough announced the change at a Pride event in Florida. He said it would allow veterans to go through the full process 'with VA at their side'. Previously hormone therapy and mental health services were covered but not surgery."
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  • 24x7-breakingnews
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #Israel attacks Gaza again as Hamas prepares to retaliate
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  • jewinme
    20.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Where is Israel?

    Where is Israel? The journey through the desert to that perfect place. #israel #god #love #unity #prophecy #philosophy #religions #christianity #judaism #islam #awareness #mindfulness #creativewriting #inspirational #thoughtprovoking #faith

    I am not saying religion is bad. Religion is a path. In our brain, we make paths in order to understand what is good to the self. This is how we can feel confident and safe. But at some point, we are meant to grow up. As we mature, we venture out of the self, feeling what is right based on what we already know to be good and true. When we are confident in ourselves and what we believe in, we…

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  • handsomesportsmen
    20.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Stav Mizrahi

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  • native-american-shamus
    20.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    If you told an Israeli that Hamas was airborne they’d start shooting into the sky.

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  • orjinalkabze
    20.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

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  • oodlenoodleroodle
    20.06.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • dushman-e-jaan
    20.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    No matter where you look, all Fandoms are cut from the same cloth ...

    The manner in which people reacted when the game abruptly switched to Abby from Ellie was absolutely irritating to watch. (People recommended me these videos, and I don’t know why I even bothered to watch them, knowing their predictability.) Now, these are people in their late twenties and over, not children. Imagine throwing a juvenile fit over a fictional character simply because you projected your “daddy issues” onto Joel. 

    This is precisely why I despise mainstream narratives: they’re so palatable in every manner that people, now, can’t seem to handle even a little confrontation anymore; their copying skills when it comes to any sort of emotions, even the ones induced by the most benign fictional content, are at rock-bottom. (A lot of this can be easily blamed on the mobile usage, as well, so do look into that.) They throw these long temper tantrums over the most mundane nonsense, yet they sleep over real-world systematic issues their countries create. (A fact that shows their desires to exist in their bubbles, created for vicarious living through unending consumption that’s a scourge on the world.) It’s the sort of social paradox that flies over my head as to how incredibly dull-witted an average consumer truly is, utterly entitled. (Look no further than how many western fans reacted to Sasuke’s very natural reactions to immense trauma that occurred because of a fucking genocide and brutal torture that nearly took his life; I see a lot of similarities here, albeit Sasuke’s a far more complex character than Ellie and Abby.) 

    I also also find it side-splittingly hilarious how these are the very same people that “demand”, from their high-horses, emotional intelligence from characters (and others) that face horrifying circumstances that these people would never experience and possess no imaginations for, yet they’re incapable of reeling in their anger ... over a videogame of all the things. The schism between the reality of their emotional immaturity that’s developed from a safe environment and their demand for emotional maturity from the characters that experienced terrifying events feels fantastically ironic, a parody that writes itself! When the truth is that their poor regulation of emotions is precisely the reason why they can’t cope with displays of aggressive trauma rather than passive one. (The many people who demonized gamers in the nineties were right in that they’re a juvenile and aggressive lot.) 

    And in the midst of this uproar, it’s fascinating that how not a single criticism was raised by this Fandom against Neil Druckmann’s poor allegorical exploitation of the Palestine and Israel issue (source) through Abby and Ellie’s violent aggressions against each other; his treatment of that as a “conflict” was a mockery of the Palestinians; but, I suppose, you’d have to be intelligent enough to parse the content you consume and know the parameters of allegorical narratology in that how it’s molded to skew various unsavory political aspects and show them in a favorable light; but, you know, “death of the author” is a super-rad post-modern perspective to churn out third-grade Fan-Fictions (because that’s a Fandom’s mortal and moral right, apparently), so not enough thought (if there is any) is spared for the simple fact that Druckmann’s from Israel, and he very much considers the issue to be a conflict. Had any “consumer” taken that into consideration, he’d (I use “he” as a formal gender-neutral term, and I don’t care for trendy pronoun usage) have easily grasped the very blatant political-agenda that runs as an undercurrent through the game’s narrative; however, that’d require some observation on the player’s part, and that’d be a miracle in itself.

    That’s another vital reason in understanding the Fandoms’ mindset in general; you’d, too often, see a “morality competition” in the content’s deconstruction: “X character is morally more sound than Y character, because X had greater reasons to commit so and so acts”; “and as X had greater reasons, that makes X’s narrative more ‘logical’ than Y’s”; “and as X’s narrative is more logical, it’s ‘better’ than Y’s”; etc; and the “reasons” are constructed purely from a position of privilege that’s formed through a hegemonic socio-economic exploitation of the world at the west’s hands, so you can see how pointless all of this is. You can’t create a moral-standing while existing in a system that’s thriving on a lack of its presence. When you take this standing, you leave the entire underlying rationale for the narrative’s creation behind; and the whole thing turns into this tug-of-war between a gang of fools on the internet who keep slinging dirt at each other over which side had the “right” to do so and so, though intense projection (mind you), as it was “morally right”. The systematic apparatus? That’s never even thought of, so no wonder the poverty of Fandom’s discourse that’s fucking infantile is so palpable as that’s all the Fandom knows! The Fandoms’ playground is always ... smaller, not larger, than life.

    (That’s why the “Sasuke was a ‘good person’ or ‘not a good person’ ” posts always grate on my nerves; maybe that’s not the fucking point of his narrative? Maybe the state-sanctioned violence and its repercussions that consume Sasuke as a mere child is the “point”? Maybe the organic reactionary rage is the point? Maybe the political fracture between flowery law and othering implementation is the point? You know, any fucking point other than so and so, especially Sakura, had it so fucking bad, because Sasuke crushed the character’s white middle-class dreams to dust? The fact that the Fandoms, from privileged countries no less, bog themselves down with self-aggrandizing “niceties” would always amuse me; because if they don’t prove X, Y, or Z character to be nice, their “I’m nice, too!” projection, which has became a de factor state of neoliberal remote-morality, isn’t complete; and that’s the primary reason why the Fandom discourse utterly deafens all critiques with substance and stick to their “my entire bleeding heart” based opinions, because, in capitalistic philosophy, “feelings of goodness” for feel-good sensibilities should supersede the “unpleasantries of truths” that create expected confusion and self-reflection after the mental “hit”; you people are so deeply buried in capitalism’s every nook and cranny that it’s impressive!)

    The issue with the game isn’t that deal ol’ Joel, your better father replacement, was killed off without a grander send off, but Druckmann’s own apathetic views towards the soul-renting situation in Palestine through which Israel sustains its very sovereignty. It isn’t that Druckmann has no right to pen down an allegory; it’s that he’s shaped his humanity through the eyes of a subjugator, and you don’t see any censure in the narrative itself: it’s all pinned down on “instinctual” behavior while the authority still lies with a writer who views Israel’s “survival” in a fair light and a matter of reactionary inevitability. Where’s the criticism in the fandom for that? Nowhere! You can’t expect me to take any The Last of Us 2′s “hater” seriously after that; since, the “hatred” has nothing to do with the disreputable stance of the creator, but of the lost “father-daughter” dynamic that many felt tragically robbed of. This is so parodical that I’m laughing while typing this; and this circus-how is repeated akin to a humorous motif across all Fandoms (in regard to canon content that concerns politics), Naruto included!

    Furthermore, all I’ve seen from the Fandom is this: “They’re trying to make me feel bad for her! I won’t!” Is this the point of narratives? This is straight-up High-School moralizing. The purpose of good narratives is to bring out cognitive empathy in you, so that you can look at the world through another’s eyes and see the difference as, many times, these differences are what create different socio-cultural and economic disjunctions. That’s all. They aren’t there for you to mend your broken relationships through “pixelated” fathers. I find this stance pitiful, and I’d always mock it, without failure. Learn to live in the real world and strive to change that, not struggle to keep the fictional realities as they are for your own appeasement. (You can dislike anything all you want, but your dislike should be within reason and rooted in logic, none of which should be about how you wish to see things in the world; a world that’d only reflect your desires is a very stale world.) And it’s that cognitive empathy for the othered Palestinians that the game intentionally mishandles quite spectacularly; however, the Fandom’s silence remains louder than ever. To call it a political propaganda wouldn’t be far-fetched at all. 

    I don’t even consider The Last of Us to be well-written (though a bold and ambitious endeavor, it’s serviceable at best), but the over-reaction of the Fandom over such a banal narrative juncture was a sight to behold. The question in the game’s (or Naruto’s or any other narrative’s) canon shouldn’t have been “is vengeance worth it?” but “why should a system encourage vengeance as the only alternative?” However, that’d require for the creators and consumers, especially the latter, to experience the “character development” that they perpetually demand from others and their characters. A static mindset isn’t a ripe ground for perspectival shift, after all. Last but not least, people clamor for what they engage in and with to be taken seriously, hence, the assertions to take video-games seriously as an art-form; but their criticisms are so pedestrian that reflect that they just want to be endlessly placated, reaffirmed, validated; beyond that, the notions behind the creation (I don’t consider video-games to be art) are not only beyond their grasp but they also don’t want to reach them. A self-defeating and cyclic approach that remains stuck in the bog of hyper-consumerism forever: give me that because I want that to be happy! All this reaffirmed my views that an average consumer truly is an entitled lunatic who shouldn’t ever be listened to, let alone taken seriously; and this is exactly why any creator should never lend ears to the Fandoms’ tantrums; as beyond whiny demands, they’re ill-equipped to understand the narrative’s purpose; because if narratives don’t rip your emotions apart and confront your perceptions, then they’re toys in writing that only jingle whenever you prod them

    #sasuke#naruto#naruto manga#kishimoto #anti naruto fandom #criticism #the last of us 2 #abby#ellie #anti tlou fandom #naughty dog#neil druckmann#tlou2 #anti fandom culture #Fandoms continue to stink to high-heavens #where are the women who attack characters like sasuke but would viciously attack abby and ellie too #for realistic reactions to trauma? #this is sexism that you people sleep on #it literally doesn't bother you #israel#palestine#allegory#narratology #death of the author #it'd forever be a fucking terrible way to approach fiction #anti sakura #anti sakura fandom #a gaggle of lunatics that refuse to address the actual issues with the manga #they've ruined canon discourse beyond repair #move a fandom rock and a sakura fan pops out screaming
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  • yrrj777
    20.06.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • chaeyoo
    20.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    pdf below

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