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  • Richie: Hey, Big Bill, this isn’t gay right?

    Bill: Richie I-

    Bill: Richie my dick is in your ass

    Bill: We are participating in homo-erotic intercourse

    Richie: But I’m wearing socks

    Bill: Well why didn’t you say so, then of course it isn’t gay you idiot

    #it #it chapter 2 #richie tozier#bill denbrough#bill#richie#bichie #bill x richie #incorrect it quotes #wow richies a bottom tho #i speak the truth #its not gay though bc richies wearing socks #theyre minecraft socks for anyone wondering #that just felt important #but he is a bottom #theyre both chaotic idiots #thats just the bichie aesthetic
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  • we all romanticize richie tozier, but have you ever liked someone who actually acts like him? it’s hell, actual hell. he leaves you on delivered for 3 hours and then the first thing he says to you is ‘i have big ol’ biddies ‘ and you’re like thanks why am i in love with you

    #richie tozier#it#paytons rambles #no i am not in love w my crush but still #falling for the classclown makes you a clown
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  • #genuinely they'd be That Duo™ and I love that for them sksjskdj 😌 #answered asks #it x hp #it#hp
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  • Richie Tozier is a


    #Richie Tozier#Richie#It #It Chapter 2 #they hated jesus because he told them the truth #sorry if u disagree but then ur wrong #because he is a bottom #and thats the truth
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  • Me, reading another smut where Richie cries while he’s getting fucked:

    #it#richie tozier#richie #im sorry i just find crying attractive #that sounds bad out of context #but so yeah #i just love richie tbh #hes baby #what else can i say #it chapter 2
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  • image

    go crazy go stupid go soft go tender go carve your lovers name into a bridge & then cuddle about it 😳

    #reddie#reddie fanart#reddie art #reddie fan art #it chapter 2 #it#richie tozier#eddie kaspbrak #no i dont have a good style! thanks for asking! #i hate this but have it anyways.
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  • Richie’s first crush was 100% Bill, and I’ll take that headcannon to the grave. There’s no way there wasn’t at least one time where Richie was like “Hahaha Bill’s so cool. He’s our leader, and he’s really cool, and he’s got such nice hair, and such pretty eyes, and sometimes when he- WAIT NO IM GAY SHIT-“

    #richie tozier#richie#it#it 2017#bill denbrough#bill#bichie #bill x richie #bill was probably richies gay awakening tbh #or maybe stan #but probably bill #one day richie just realized he wanted to kiss bill #and he was like #shit im gay #and then he looked at his friends and was like #yeah im totally gay #100%
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  • What if instead of that little dance pennywise did he shook his ass, like down in the sewer, legs on the wall, just going ham.

    #pennywise#bob gray#it #it chapter 2
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  • Headcanons for Stan as a husband

    Stanley Uris x reader



    prompt: anonymous: “hcs of stan uris as a husband :3


    Originally posted by anthonycarrigan

    • this was a tender kind of love
    • wholesome, even
    • stan was so kind and understanding
    • he had a lot of inner demons, but tried to see the best for you
    • stan is so supportive
    • and he knows how to make any little activity so meaningful
    • he was also a very humble person
    • sore loser? oh no. he may be a loser, but he was a good one.
    • he made sure to pick out puzzles of your interests
    • you like star wars? 5,000 piece puzzle of a star wars poster
    • oh, you like cats? cat puzzle. no questions asked
    • master of compromise
    • it was so peaceful with him
    • you felt so safe
    • yes, he was a soft person
    • no doubt about it
    • but if anyone ever disrespects his spouse
    • he would not even hesitate to put them back in line.
    • he has so many pictures from his childhood
    • it’s kind of odd that he can’t remember a lot of what’s going on in the
    • i guess that’s what happens when you get old, though
    • teenage and kid him were adorable
    • you’ve heard the stories and they’re true
    • he likes to birdwatch
    • he WILL take you to the park and he WILL get you your own pair of binoculars that he personalized for you
    • he can definitely cook and he definitely makes a point of it
    • “here, try this”
    • *the cliché spoon full of random mystery food that he has his hand under as not to drip on your nice floors*
    • he wears matching pajama sets and you cant convince me otherwise
    • he’s a bedtime reader
    • he will keep the goddamn lamp on and get his nose stuck in a boom while you’re just trying to go to sleep
    • secretly still listening to 80’s pop because it comforts him
    • will dance with you no questions asked
    • he sings too
    • makes you feel so happy
    • bowling dates
    • he takes you out to a fancy restaurant at least once a month so you get to dress up nice
    • office parties that you and him have to show up to
    • doubt he wants pets tbh
    • if he did it would be a parakeet
    #stanley uris x reader #stanley uris imagine #stan uris#stanley uris#it #it chapter 1 imagine #it chapter 1 x reader #it chapter 1 #it chapter 2 x reader #it chapter 2 #it chapter 2 imagine #it x reader #it imagine
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  • Vampire

    WARNING: there’s blood and the harming of a animal in this, so if that makes you squimish or anything I’d keep scrolling.

    Eddie couldn’t stand blood, more specifically the sickness you could get from having contact with other people’s blood. Anyone who was in his presence for more than five minutes knew that. That’s one of the many reasons this was so terrible. He remembered the night it happened not only because it felt like it happened yesterday, but because it DID happen a week ago. He’d been bitten by a vampire, to put it simply. He’d been dead for a few minutes, probably from blood loss if he had to guess, but the vampire had either decided he hated him or liked him enough to bring him back after draining him like a go-gert pouch. Maybe it was even guilt that pushed it to save him. Eddie would never know. All he knew was when he woke up he felt like he was starving, that the sun rays that snuck through the cracks in the blinds were to bright, that his head felt both to light and to heavy all at the same time. When Eddie finally stumbled his way home from wherever he’d been before he raided the fridge. He ate until he couldn’t anymore, but the hunger was still there. The thought maybe he was sick, but medicine did nothing for him. Each day that passed he felt more and more hungry, it was painful, and it was all he thought about. Eating was all he thought about, but he wasn’t sure what to do. For awhile he was in denial about what he’d become. He ignored the way that night time looked almost like day time to him. He ignored how his canines had gotten sharper over night. Most importantly, he ignored how the wounded bunny that had just ran past with blood soaked into its fur looked, and smelled, like a home cooked meal. He was trying to ignore it at least. He was at the quarry with Richie, only vaguely aware of whatever Richie was going on about, Eddie’s eyes fixed on the rabbit as it limped and hoped along the forest line. “I’ll be right back.” He muttered, cutting Richie off, but to focused to care. He started slowly walking towards the rabbit, his canine teeth almost itching with anticipation, it hoped off into the woods. Eddie followed. In the back of his mind his brain recognized Richie’s voice asking what the hell he was doing, but now Eddie wasn’t thinking like he should. All that he cared about was him, his hunger, and this rabbit. They came to a small clearing by a stream where the rabbit stopped to drink. Eddie approached it, pupils dialed. It was probably in pain, his brain reasoned, Eddie would be doing it a favor. ‘What am I going to do?’ Eddie asked himself mentally, but his body and some primal part of his brain already knew. He dropped to his knees behind the rabbit and grabbed it. The rabbit was surprisingly calm, and upon closer inspection his pelt was brown under the blood. The human in Eddie thought maybe he could help the rabbit, he had bandages in his backpack, and it wasn’t hurt all that bad- but before Eddie could even start to get up whatever animal that had been put into him raised the rabbis throat to his mouth and made him bite in. His teeth sunk in, and with a mix of horror and a sick kind of relief he began to drink. Before being bitten blood tasted like a dirty penny, metallic, and unpleasant. Now it was like taking a drink from a fresh water spring after wandering in the desert for days. Before he knew it he’d practically drained the Rabbit’s veins of all its blood, and it laid limp in his hands. It’s blood stained his teeth and trickled down his chin, he knew if anyone saw him he’d look like a monster. God, he felt like a monster. Maybe, he thought, maybe he was a monster now. He laid the rabbit gently down, tears falling in trails down his cheeks, guilt and regret high in his chest both from what he’d done and how satisfied he felt because of it. His hunger was subsided, at least for now, and he felt so much better physically. He started rinsing his hands off in the cold stream water. Eddie was much to lost in his own mind to feel Richie’s wide, horrified, and confused eyes on his back.

    “Eddie?” Richie muttered, his voice wavered at first, but he cleared his throat and tried again. “Eddie, What the hell did you do that for?” He said more firmly this time. Eddie was frozen, his whole body stiff.

    “How.. how much did you see Richie?” Eddie asked nervously, refusing to turn around and look at him with the rabbit’s blood still on his face. Richie was quiet for a long minute, which scared Eddie more than anything he could have said, because Richie was never quiet.

    “…I’ve been following you this whole time. I was- I was talking to you while we walked.” Richie said, stepping towards Eddie.

    “Oh.” Eddie said simply, that realization sitting heavily on his shoulders. “So you.. you saw..?” Eddie started, his voice small. He looked over his shoulder up at Richie, his brown eyes so doe-ish and innocent it was hard to believe if you looked just a few inches down to his mouth there’d be a trail of crimson blood trailed down his chin, and four sharp blood stained fangs where his canines should be. “I-I was just so hungry Rich. I was going to help it- I was- I just.. I don’t know- one moment I was just watching and I- I blinked and I was.. god Rich, what’s wrong with me?”


    So this isn’t finished and it may never be, I originally was trying to make a starter with it but now it’s sort of a?? Drabble??? Idk but I doubt I’ll ever finish writing it 😔 sorry about that.

    #IT #it stephen king #it movie#richie tozier#eddie kaspbrak#vampire #vamipire eddie kaspbrak #reddie #if you squint #really hard
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  • When you’re playing ff14 and you’re like ‘wow there are a lot of death flags huh’ and then you’re like ‘wait all the death flags are pointing at my character’

    but if all the death flags are pointing at ME then who’s gonna take the hit for me?!

    #narratively speaking#it #wouldn't be inappropriate for it all #to end with sacrifice #lol
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  • Richie to his and Eddie’s child after their first breakup: You will love again, because time will heal a broken heart.

    Richie, grabbing a brick: BUT NOT THAT BITCH’S WINDOW!!!

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  • image

    The taller person energy vs the shortest one

    #sillymermaidart #silly.mermaid #at silly.mermaid #it chapter two #it#it characters#fanart#it fanart #the losers club #it chapter 2 #eddie kaspbrak#mike hanlon
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  • Daniele Delli Gatti

    #Daniele Delli Gatti #woman#portal#traditional#it
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  • lets just appreciate Eddie kaspbrak’s ass real quick, cuz that man, that man got some

    C A K E

    #adult eddie kaspbrak #reddie #it chapter 2 #it 2019#it#eddie kaspbrak
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  • the losers cannot stay sad for long because at some point during their sadness they will remember that mike loves them and everything is instantly 10 times better

    #:( -remembers mike loves them with his whole big ass heart- :) #the losers#mike hanlon#it
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  • an art collab for Valentine’s Day with @nayanami, who did these glorious colors with my lineart!! i still love this so much ahhhh

    #reddie#my art #it: chapter two #it: chapter 2 #IT#richie tozier#eddie kaspbrak
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