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  • boytouya
    06.05.2021 - 40 minutes ago
    #IMAGINE BEING SHORTER THAN YOUR LITTLE BROTHER EHEHWARFJDE #i’m just kiddinggg it’s cute #you have 6’6 energy so it’s okay #☁️.rambling #💕.dabi anon
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  • 22-going-nowhere
    06.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    My 1yr old step brother is way smart, especially for his age. He can follow directions, knows colors, easily picks up on every baby sign I've taught him. I'm impressed by his manners! He knows please and thank you, bonus points he can use them properly

    #It's like training a puppy #Just wanna see what kind of tricks I can teach him #such a cute kid
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  • orion-flux
    06.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I know it's mean but sometimes I have to block those headcanon blogs, just for safety since I have a lot of salt and I don't want to be too sarcastic when it comes to people's fun... but sometimes, it's better for those blogs not to exist.

    #don't mind me #I'm tired and old and have seen orbs too much for eyes and giggle used excessively #it's okay to use laugh or just eyes especially cause it is not actually cute to use giggle for adults #fucking orbs will haunt me from my ff.net days #KILL IT WITH FIRE
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  • shiny-armin
    06.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    and there they fought upon the Guili Plains, where black dust choked the heavens and a thousand rocks splintered...

    the theory of guizhong dying during the archon war due to a corrupting power has grown on me... maybe one day I’ll write a 25k word essay on why that is very plausible!!

    #all the guili i've drawn was cute and wholesome #well it's time for a change #genshin impact#zhongli#guizhong#guili#rex lapis #PONYTAIL ZHONGLI *slams table* #WAR ARMOR GUIZHONG *headbutts wall* #fawn draws
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  • voerman
    06.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    nosferatu vtuber send tweet

    #kit speaks #i was thinking about how cute it would be for nossies to stream games #and then i thought about how they couldn't have facecams :( #but THEN i was gifted with this concept #anyways it's 1am and this is stupid but also i have a new oc #vtm
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  • startanewdream
    06.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    House rules

    Summary: "This is unbelievable. You just picked out the only three things in here that are my roommate's" (How I Met Your Mother)

    Or Lily is supposed to be on a date with Sirius Black, but his roommate is much more interesting.

    Fem!Jily, Muggle AU, University AU


    It's only because she is trying to prove to Marlene that she can have fun that Lily offers the man at the counter a drink.

    It should not be such a nuisance. Lily has seen him before — they share the class of Criminology — and he is easily one of the best looking guys at the University, with that haughty air, grey eyes and that smile that shows he knows the effect he causes upon people.

    And he seems much more at ease than her with his whole picking people in bars.

    'I am Sirius Black', he says, winking at her. 'But for you, I could smile'.

    It's cheesy and it's so silly that Lily already regrets coming here. But Marlene is still looking at her, challengingly and daring her to give up, so she tries to pretend to be amused with the joke.

    ‘I know who you are, I’ve seen you in class before. Criminology, with Professor McGonagall’, she adds, when he looks confused. Then he smiles wickedly.

    ‘And how come I have not seen you before?’, Sirius asks, taking an almost nonchalant step closer to her.

    ‘Maybe you weren’t looking’, Lily replies easily, resisting the urge to roll her eyes. ‘I am Lily Evans, by the way’.

    ‘Beautiful as the flower’, he declares, and Lily thinks he must really rely on his looks, because so far she is not impressed by his talking. Still, he seems to be reasonable into her and it’s a New Year’s party. It’s not like she has anything to lose and it’s not like she hopes anything will come out of this.

    The idea of meeting the love of her life on a New Year’s party is too silly and Lily is more practical than that.

    Of course, not practical enough to ignore Marlene’s challenge that she couldn’t get a one-night stand, but Lily can deal with this.

    ‘I’ve never seen you at parties before’, Sirius is saying, and she forces herself to pay attention.

    ‘Like I said, you weren’t looking. I’ve seen you around though, always the soul of parties. How come you are alone tonight?’

    ‘My best friend is running late’, he replies, shrugging, then he winks at her once more, taking another step closer. ‘Lucky me’.

    Lily blinks. Sirius is really close now, and she thinks that if she wants to give up on this, this is the moment. Well, it’s New Year Eve and she has nothing better to do, so she just takes her drink and finishes in a long sip, letting the alcohol work its magic of infusing courage.

    ‘So -’, she begins, tossing her hair out of her face, but before she can suggest anything — whatever that would be -, there is suddenly a brunette attaching herself to Sirius.

    ‘There you, Pads’, the woman says, beaming at him, before looking at Lily, too close to Sirius to seem like they were having a normal conversation. Her eyes — beautiful hazel eyes, Lily notes — seem to open as she takes in Lily’s figure and her smile flickers. ‘Oh’.

    Lily feels suddenly out of place, especially because the woman is gorgeous, with her model figure, shining hazel eyes behind cat eyeglasses, smooth wheat skin and a dark curly hair that falls delicately over her back. She is wearing white, like everyone at the party, but the colour looks more perfect for her tan skin than for anyone else Lily has seen that night. She is really beautiful, and Lily feels suddenly silly for not thinking that of course such two perfect people would find each other, even if she thinks that Sirius’ classic beauty pales a little in comparison with his girlfriend.

    Looking at them together, the woman’s hand embracing Sirius almost amicable, she feels a sudden weight on her stomach, a pinch of jealousy running through her body. Maybe she shouldn’t have drunk anything at all.

    Read more at AO3.

    #t: fanfiction #fem!jily #jily fanfiction#muggle au #i'm late on this #also i am lazy to fix every italic so please read on ao3 #it's rather cute #they are so oblivious
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  • logixlight
    06.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    the fact that han is almost always eating is endearing

    #ik it’s bc he quit smoking #but.... I find it cute ok #delight.txt #r: han#smoking tw#smoking mention
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  • b99peraltiago
    06.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    home economics coming through with all the domestic dad scenes in a montage... i need that with jake and mac ashsksks

    #i'm sorry my brain is wired on peraltiago it's mandatory that i think of them whenever i see a scene with babies lmao #that being said home economics is such a cute show!!!
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  • tired-fandom-ndn
    06.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I'll read ASOIAF fics and ship things from it, but I'm never going to read the books or watch the show because the fandom is a fucking mess. Just an absolute disaster. Holy shit.

    #me: this seems like a cute poly couple #the tag: actually it's NOT and you should DIE they're all TERRIBLE except for the character that i like
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  • mobiused
    06.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    chuu tries her hand at voice acting for this very homosexual short story for chuu can do it

    #loona#chuu#chuu loona#loona chuu#kim jiwoo #like i thought we were just joking about being gay 😥 #it's so cute tho please watch the full animation #they made it just for chuu #chuu coming out video #the way that its blatant romantic love and not subtle is so
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  • leelreallylikespersona
    06.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Hahaha what if my posted my stupid family AU

    #It started as a joke but oh man it's so fucking cute #I use it to cope it's so nice #Thoughts with Leel #Wait maybe I already did?????????????? #If I did it's probably outdated
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  • doehoney
    06.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    dream a little dream of me 🌫🌙

    #the boy i want to give me attention isn’t so it’s tumblrs turn thank u #me#selfie#girl#self#brunette#brunette girl#my face#cute#aesthetic#feminine#body positive#tattoo
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  • honey-bear-ren
    06.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    quackity x birthday!gn!reader


    a/n : the only reason i made this is bc quackity is my comfort streamer and it's my bday :] (may 6th) i did not spell check 🧍

    tw & cw : caps, cursing

    🍡 , 🧋

    the day before your birthday

    i feel like quackity would not know what to do with himself ✋😭

    like, he'd be wondering what to get you, if he should buy take-out or if you should make something together

    he'd be so all over the place wondering what decorations he should cover the house with for you

    you obviously notice his awkward and odd behavior and call him out for it

    "i'm just stressed :/"


    "ur bday is tomorrow and idk what to do for it,"

    you just pull him into a hug and he melts into a cuddle

    he loves, absolutely loves the way you smell

    everything about you reminds him of strawberry and mint

    but not too minty, it's more of a fresh smell rather than a hardcore mint

    he relaxes into you immediately and you both just cuddle your worries away

    he just loves how kind you are, and how you can make him calm, he especially loves it when you play with his hair

    you both fell asleep lol

    he woke up in a PANIC


    "babe? BABE, IT'S FINE-"

    "NO, IT'S NOT-"

    kisses him to shut him tf up

    he thinks your lips are like really soft clouds, a little chapped bc you lick and bite them a lot lol

    ^ but he doesn't care, he actually likes it

    he just loves to kiss you

    on your birthday


    it's honestly scary how he's more hyped for your bday than you are lol

    he goes out and buys all of the ingredients to make your favorite dinner <3

    breakfast in bed 😩

    he's making waffles and pancakes, i'm talking eggs, biscuits, bacon, sausage, just a shit ton of breakfast

    ^ dw he helps you eat it

    ^ more like he steals your food and you hit him on the shoulder for it

    honestly he's really really clingy

    like, wherever you go he'll be beside you

    waiting outside the bathroom door (lil awk)

    hugging you from behind whenever you're standing

    holding hands with you whenever you're walking

    just being there beside you

    you do not get sick of it, who would?

    quackity would force all of this friends to say happy birthday to you

    even if they don't know you 💀

    the awkward interactions pay off bc you really appreciate it

    he loves seeing you smile, esp when it's bc of him

    the way your mouth curves up into a crescent moon and the way you squint your eyes

    it's all so attractive to him

    he cuddles you to sleep lol

    the entire night you're just subconsciously switch cuddle positions

    ^ he wakes up as little spoon

    ^ it was very cute

    the day after your birthday


    i'm talking an entire hype celebration

    you're playing ylyl, roblox, minecraft, watching cringy tiktok doctor shows, and my all time favorite...



    you get a lot of pity votes tbh

    who cares? it's your bday

    you also pander a lot

    but no one cares all too much

    but holy shit you came for their throats when rapping

    career? gone

    dignity? gone

    you rocked their shit so hard that karl fell off if his chair 🤠

    you even got technoblade to wish you a happy bday on twt

    ^ forever the highlight of your life

    anyway, after jackbox, quackity decided to end stream

    you guys just had a really good time together, honestly

    you don't get to spend big amounts of genuine time together, at least not all in a few days

    bonus !!

    the day after the birthday stream, quackity decides to do another ✋😭

    "ru using my bday for clout?"

    "yeah, but also just using it as an excuse to spend time w/ u," wink wonk

    so he goes out and buys the ingredients for a cake n stuff

    he starts making the cake with you on stream, it's pretty chill

    he tries to do some goofy stuff to get some laughs outta chat, but he's also genuinely trying to make this cake look good

    chat knows he's trying lol

    you do too

    so, once the cake it put into the oven, you and him kinda just chill, make jokes, do a q&a

    he loves the way you talk like there's not a camera there, he loves your confidence so much he thinks it's the most attractive thing in the world

    "why ru looking at my like that?"

    "oh- uh.... nothing, nothing at all," dorky smile

    you just laugh it off

    quackity almost dies, he ascends everytime he heard your laugh

    he can tell when one is fake, when it's to fill the awkward vibes, when it's full and hearty, and when it's just there because it can be

    he just really loves you

    ding !!

    you guys take the cake out of the oven and out it in the fridge to let it cool

    you both just kinda chill from there and just relax together +chat

    when you think it's time to frost, you just go ham

    all of the frost is immediately on the cake, you didn't even level it

    "wHAT RU DOING?!?!!?? 1?1!1!? 1"


    it's your favorite part of making cake, and you're actually quite good at it

    he just lets you take it from there

    he's like, whispering compliments to himself, he just doesn't want you to hear how infatuated he is with you, at least on stream

    you just smirk

    and he meltssss oh my god

    puddy in your hands

    once stream ends, you and quackity literally just eat cake and dance to music

    the song changes from slow dancing to super hype dancing lol

    you both get tired quick so you just stop and eat cake instead 😭

    after you finish the entire cake (as you should), you just cuddle

    and he just whispers how much he loves you in your ear

    "you're the best thing that's ever happened to me,"

    "i love you so much,"

    "i love everything about you, the way you smell, the way you talk, everything,"

    "i hope we can spend the rest of our lives together,"

    he just keeps talking

    even when you pass out

    he loves you, a lot :]

    #honey's writing #quackity x reader #quackity#quack#birthday reader #it's my bday lol #my heart #i think its really cute :] #mcyt x reader #mcyt #give me my clout #tysm for the support #!!! <3 #woop woop #i love this so much omg #happy birthday to me !! #im a year older now thats cool
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  • vengeful-sock
    06.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Back on my high ponytail bullshit. 😊😊💛

    #linkeduniverse#linked universe#lu legend#linkeduniverse legend #linked universe legend #sock's art #don't skip leg day #I'm gonna do all the boys with high ponytails because i love them #it's important to me #cute boys #legend i love you #time got a nice background #legend gets ??? pink?? cloud???
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  • bokutosworld
    06.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    i cannot stop thinking about this tiktok 😹

    #i realized how single i am when i watched it ahahahaha #ok dont attack me cos this is probably scripted but it’s TOO CUTE #😹😹😹 #me and bokuto 😹😹 #rambles
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  • hjarta
    06.05.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #also this is unrelated but i love your url!! i read check please recently and it's so cute
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  • we-should-be-legendary
    06.05.2021 - 3 hours ago


    ”That teddy bear face 😭 saved from the dairy industry, you’ll never need to worry about being hurt here 🤍”
    @thesurgesanctuary on Instagram
    #how cute is paul omg #not to be extra but #i’d die for him #vegan#earthling ed #yes it’s ed’s sanctuary #sanctuary#animal#cow#calf #his tags are still on bc in the uk they can be culled if removed
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  • cuddlysue
    06.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    The. Best. Fucking. Video (crack)

    #i haven't stopped laughing and mom thinks i have gone crazy #the untamed#mdzs #mo dao zu shi #lan wangji#wei wuxian#wei ying#lan zhan#jiang cheng #okay look at #wangxian #in this IT'S HILARIOUS AND ALSO SO CUTE #also jc part is MINDFUCKING HILARIOUS #also when jiejie supports wwx part #also when lwj says you aren't qualified enough to talk to me like that #gsjsvsjsvshs #i love this video #video#Youtube
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  • ubassembly
    06.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    so many cool birds and yet i still can’t figure out what I want to do for my regional bird

    #pokémon heart & soul #I have so many bird pokémon planned but like regional bird is not even slightly a concept currently #it’ll arrive when it arrives #but it’s still funny #I had a cute idea for a seagull #but I realised it’d be potentially too close in vague theme to the frigate bird I’m doing #so I think it’ll just be it’s preevolution #I do still want to do a pelican but I don’t have enough of a concept for 3 stages #I don’t even really have enough for one I just like pelicans #3 stages is just like #a lot
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  • ihatebnha
    06.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    thoughts i think when i see Bakugo:

    1. you... are sweaty

    2. get me pregnant

    #every time I think about him there’s this specific emotion I feel that can’t be named #it’s all orange and sweaty and weird #he’s a greaseball I just know it #but yea does he give me baby fever? #infinitely #someone sent me a cute baby ask I wanna answer but it’s almost too sweet I can’t #I need to recover before I do #shii posts#not writing
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