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    can we talk about tae’s eye makeup??

    #it’s subtle#but beautiful #it makes his big pretty eyes stand out #phew
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  • my new favourite emoticon is :p

    #it’s subtle #a bit cheeky #but friendly #i trust him
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  • I updated my profile pic for pride

    #it’s subtle #but if you know you know #so it’s perfect #my face
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  • #it’s subtle#look closely #read it slowly #lmao #idk if anyone will pick it up #it’s from a few seasons back now #georgia answers asks #boss bean #cause it’s what I do #answering things #my lil beans
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  • my boss is homophobic but the kind I can deal with?

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  • menma’s deep voice? canon. he doesn’t sound like his brother

    #⍆ ekenenene .. ooc #even tho that was a masking thing it’s CANON #⍆ subtle creep .. headcanon
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  • Kageyama Tobio is gay and I love him

    #shut up liz #just thinking of the subtle things one looks back on in their life #and it’s like ooooo that was a gay thing
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  • i personally love it when i start gaming with new people, work up the courage to tell them my pronouns, and have them Immediately misgender me two seconds later, i love that

    #alex rambles #it’s just not worth it tbh #i try to be as subtle as i can at first w new ppl cause ill be like yeah i’m a bloodhound main lmao #but i was like oh it’s they btw #and then just immediately whacking out the she #like damn #i feel like you meet nice ppl and you just forget that not everyone is gonna yknow respect u #and then u get whiplash like oh right
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  • So I’m watching Mark Reads The Blue Sword and I am reminded how thoroughly I enjoy the foreshadowing in that one too

    #(looking for something to tide you over until rott comes out? #try an anti-imperialist (for it’s day) swashbuckling desert adventure #with an heroic female lead who is not allergic to feelings #(she’s just...kind of oblivious to them) #anger fueled subtle superpowers #and dumbasses in love #) #’your eyes are overbright’ #’you have a gleam in your eye’ I BET #the blue sword #damar#damar verse#harry crewe#corlath#corlath gulkonoth#king corlath#harimad-sol
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  • #ask#anonymous #also it’s like.... the subtle nod to Scott being autistic or having ADHD is... everything #like not to keep talking about it but oh my god it’s so nice
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  • finally FINALLY sat down to play p4g again and got though the Naoto dungeon and my conclusion is Naoto trans.

    #not that my opinion matters but #it’s just??? so obvious?? it’s nowhere near subtle or anything. #I’m not getting into discourse on this alright. he just is. #clowns will be blocked :)
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  • #I’m adding it in my Halloween drawing hehehehhahahahehehhaa #it’s subtle but it’s there
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    #JULIANNNNNNNN #it’s his subtle digs that get me #like okay i see you #edelmania
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  • i think one of the WEIRDEST and STRANGEST things that ever came from Elounor was the fact that Eleanor was the maid of honor for Jay/Dan’s wedding ! To me ….. that is just so 🙈

    #my text#hl text #elounor is so fake #SO FAKE #larry is real #anytime eleanor does anything #i just laugh #nothing against her tho #it’s just like she try’s to prove their together while also trying to be subtle #nothing is genuine in that relationship #idk how people worship her #or ship them #but whatever#respect
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  • the way i can hear emil’s accent in my head but have 0 idea how to describe it and can never find examples of it 

    #〖 OOC: IT’S JUST TUMBLR RP,CAROL 〗 #like in his main verse it's def more subtle like joel's is #but in his vigilante one it's pretty strong #basically like if joel's accent was as thick as kelly gale's #i can never find swedish male celebs with as thick of accents and it anNOYS ME
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  • say what you want abt 1-800 by logic but alessia cara’s verse SLAPS

    #like .... it’s just the subtle things abt it #i like her voice :/ sue me #connor talks
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  • i’m honestly okay with not getting a beau and yasha kiss immediately. i’m more interested in them getting a quiet moment to themselves to talk and let a moment breathe where they don’t feel rushed. that hasn’t happened in like 40 episodes lmao.

    #text #if it happens it happens #but a subtle hand hold? a hug? i’d go feral #but there’s so much tension and i think it’s also because they haven’t spoken alone for a long time #the rest of the m9 are always hovering over their shoulder #and they need time to be apart from that #it’s not really a ‘just kiss already!!!’ situation - at least not for me
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  • I painted my nails with an iridescent sorta blue/green/pink varnish called Mermaid Fin.

    And I’m genuinely just sitting here admiring how shiny my nails are.

    #it’s subtle but when it catches light it’s like ooooohhh
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  • I wonder if that’s what first planted the idea in my head

    That I could take away the pain, like she did

    I remember hearing the news and being spooked

    Years later, I still think about it


    Would I have thought of it on my own?

    Is that the path I was headed down?

    Or was that the first seed?

    Maybe the timing was just a coincidence

    Maybe it wasn’t

    I don’t like to think that I would’ve been a statistical cluster

    I do things on my own, I’m not a copycat

    But maybe it didn’t occur to me until her

    Maybe that’s when things changed


    Did I recognize myself in her?

    Did I finally see the battle I was facing?

    Is that what prompted me to realize I needed help?

    Except school was more important

    School was always more important

    Help could wait


    Would I have done it?

    Sometimes I think no

    Which feels almost shameful to say

    Cowardly, like I couldn’t keep my word

    But I know I was desperate

    There was so much pain

    I wanted the voices to stop


    But I didn’t have time to plan

    I was too busy

    I had priorities

    It was finals and school was more important

    Couldn’t let people think I was a slacker

    But was that a lack of commitment?

    Did I not really want to? Was I avoiding it?

    Or was that just my programming

    School first, school always first


    I wonder

    I wonder

    I will always wonder


    And I’m sorry

    #tw suicide #never actually mentioned #but like #it’s not like i was being subtle #so definitely still a trigger #personal stuff
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  • #obey me #obey me mammon #but it’s not subtle #still it’s sweet
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