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  • brightest-ideas
    21.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #asks #mike.txt #six.txt #angel.txt #???.txt #ooc: mikells judging young mikell like a fine wine
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  • kindahoping4forever
    21.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    More footage of Ash in the studio with Barns Courtney the other day via IG

    #in case you were needing more polka dot shirt content in your life 😛 #5sos #5 seconds of summer #ashton#ashton irwin#other ig#video#Instagram#my post #polka dot shirt featuring electric guitar 👁️👄👁️ #I'm fine #it's been a nice and chill day #no rising blood pressure whatsoever
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  • probablygraves27
    21.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Tomorrow I have class from 11-1:30 and then I have practice from 3:30-5:30

    Thursday I have class from 9:30-11 and then 2-3:20 and then I have practice from 3:45-4:45 and then I have the first round of rush at 5 but it’s a 25 minute drive from the rink back to school

    And then on Friday I have to live tweet the game that starts at 6 but philanthropy round also starts at 6 so I have to email my recruitment counselors and be like….listeennnn stick and pawk wit the boys…

    And then Saturday is sisterhood round in the morning and then pref night is later. We get a few hours off in the middle to like…fucking chill

    And then bid day is Sunday

    #emma goes to college #Emma went from having nothing to do to having borderline too much to do #but it’s okay because I’m making friends #and it’s the fucking Islanders rink so I think I’ll be just fine
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  • littleoptimist
    21.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Something is so so very wrong about the Cruella movie

    #cruella #there’s the obvious cheesy things #but there’s something I can’t put my finger on #they tried to do a negative character arc #but it just doesn’t work #you aren’t satisfied #the story feels cheap #unrealistic #and deeply unfair #what were they trying to say?? #it’s actually quite disturbing to see a company put out a movie like that #“I was just born evil like that because Genetics #and that’s fine and I don’t have any consequences and I get everything I want and no one is even that mad at me
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  • thatawkwardbookthing
    21.09.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    *Listens to "Madness" on repeat and cries while writing fan fiction*

    I'm completely fine


    #kit can talk i guess #I love resisting a relapse #definitely the highlight of me week and it's only tuesday #I should be fine #I think #idfk but at least I know I'm not going to seriously hurt myself if it gets that bad
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  • daughterofsarenrae
    21.09.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Sometimes i wish i had more concrete feelings about gender

    #most of the time tho i just truly do not think about it #like i know i don't need a label and i fully support just vibing but i also like to have concrete knowledge about things lmao #in this current second im like. i don't give a shit about pronouns i just dont want people to think im a woman lmao #but that's such a tricky needle to thread irl where i am now #being like 'yeah she is fine ig but i also am not rlly a gender' #s/o to dee visiting me and using they/ them for me in person #first time anyone has ever done that #:) #anyways tldr i enjoy labels but my gender situation TM is being rather resistant against labels and its making me ://// #i think what i need is a short haircut. that will fix me
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  • betrayher
    21.09.2021 - 12 minutes ago
    me out loud to myself: MAMA IT WAS A JOKE RELAX
    me internally: im not funny nobody likes me theres a clock on every friendship i have i should just stop trying 
    #*    JO  HAS  NO  CHILL   (   . ooc   ) #neg tw #invasive thoughts go brr this fine evening! #(it is 3:30.)
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  • void-kissed
    21.09.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Flowers Hiding Thorns

    Telanthera’s involvement in a plot to overthrow a cruel nobleman and distribute his wealth among the rest of the court is accidentally revealed to none other than the head of the nobleman’s household servants, Camellia. Luckily, the situation finds itself working out much more smoothly than either woman first expected. (1256 words)

    tag list: @thatslikesometaldude | @garchompp | @beeon | @tex-treasures | @catake | @tartaglialovemail | @kalliopi-ships | @lilacslovers | @blackbirdcrime | @dragonsmooch | @vilehusband | @kissofthemoonrabbit | @childrenofmeyneth | @strawberryshipz)to be tagged in what I make, please click here!)

    Made it just in time for this to be my piece for the twenty-first day of sapphic September!! This is also the first piece of content I’ve created for my selfship with Camellia, who is an OC created by @vampking! Technically, this takes place before our relationship actually starts, but.. it still counts, right

    Reblogs of my work are always okay, and appreciated, but by no means required! Comments should be enabled on the document (which is how I recommend reading it) if anyone wishes to leave any comments, but a transcript is also available below the readmore.

    The estate’s regal presence was clear even in the depths of night-time, as the shadows of imposing buildings loomed ominously over their painstakingly-managed grounds. Only a few lonely figures could be seen moving through the mansion, as all those who were awake would have been lowly servants restoring the halls to their peak condition for the apparent benefit of the noble’s guests. Such effort on their part was only a small piece of a grand social affair, designed solely to impress to excess - and the woman holding the wax-sealed letter was sick of it.

    “You know I can’t abide by his needless extravagance,” she was muttering in a low voice to a tall man standing in the corner of the room. “All this has to end, for the benefit of all of us.”

    “And it very well will, with your assistance in this affair.” replied the man, similarly quietly.  “The weightier the fool’s throne, the harder it inevitably crashes down when he sits upon it, no?”

    “Yes, quite true,” the lady nodded, before stepping closer to hand over the letter she was holding. It contained a long list of the observations she had made of the estate the two were currently staying in, little insights and quirks of the buildings or the servants’ paths from her perspective. Although they were not perfect, given the lady’s position as a noblewoman, they were nevertheless more useful than anything her peers could have picked up on if asked to, since her early years were spent in a position much closer to a servant than their master, and even despite rising into the higher ranks of the social circles, she always maintained a courtesy and gratitude towards those who assisted her in some way.

    “You’ve made the right choice here, Telanthera.”

    This remark earned the man a glare that was only half-obscured by the low light, and the lady’s response came in a much less smirk-filled tone. “I suggest you don’t use any names here unless you want a listening ear throwing a spanner in all your well-planned works.”

    “Oh, but of course, my dear. Now then, on the note of such, we’d best leave it here, don’t you think?” he asked, stepping back off of the curtain he had been leaning on with the merest sound. “It’s in all our best interests to have you here to assist.”

    The man left the room with the smug confidence of one who has always known power and fortune, closing the door behind him silently. Telanthera felt she had done what she needed to, and after taking a moment to compose herself, she also opened the door and stepped out into the corridor. It was long and sprawling, still somehow retaining an air of pompous grandeur in the relative darkness, but the darkness gave it an ominous nature, as well.

    As the noblewoman carefully tried to keep her movements quiet yet without provoking suspicion, her mind decided to worry about the consequences of her actions. What would she do if someone caught her out of her bedroom this late at night? One of the most low-ranking servants might be tirelessly cleaning or adjusting the curtains; she supposed she would have to try and emulate enough menace to convince them not to talk about seeing her, though she doubted whether such a tactic would work. It probably would, given that those kinds of people were thought of as expendable and nameless by the tyrant - which is what she tended to call the man whose estate she and other nobles were currently staying in, the man a small selection of those other nobles (which now, as of this night, included herself) were planning to topple and seize the numerous assets of. He was not their direct ruler, so she hesitated to think of these acts as revolution - but he definitely acted like he owned everyone and everything, and at the end of the day, seeing him crumble was all that was important.

    That plan should work, she thought to herself, nervously. As long as I don’t run into someone more loyal to the tyrant, someone higher up in the hierarchy, I’ll be alright.

    At that moment, the exact sort of person Telanthera hoped not to meet appeared in front of her.

    The woman’s bright green eyes seemed heartless and icy in the low light, and her expression belied no hint of surprise or of being caught off-guard. Despite the late hour, her dark brown hair was still tied tightly in a long ponytail, as if she was always on-duty and ready to act. Her dark suit was impeccably neat and proper as well, matching the unmistakeable air of authority she was exuding.

    “Camellia Smith, head of the household, in charge of managing household affairs and new servants.” Telanthera had written this down a short time ago in the letter of information she had just handed over, and the fact she was extremely unsure of what to do caused her to absent-mindedly state these facts aloud.

    “..That’s correct. I doubt most of my liege’s guests would take the time to recall that as well as you apparently have.” replied Camellia, now also somewhat unsure of how to respond. But such feelings never lasted in someone as well-trained as she was, and she quickly regained control of the situation, standing steadfastly before the nervous noblewoman.

    “Might I ask what has caused you to be awake so late at night, my lady?”

    “It’s- I-” Such a loss for words was something no person of noble birth should experience, having painstakingly practiced the finer details of etiquette and proper composure from a young age. However, Telanthera was not well-accustomed to the position the Amaranth family had recently reached, and some would argue this meant she was not well-fitting for it, either.

    Camellia pressed on, and in the process, confirmed Tel’s worst fear. “If I may, it would not be wise to leave the door of your room ajar with writing implements visible on the table.”

    She knew about their plans! Surely someone so important within the tyrant’s servants would expose them!

    “Every step should be taken to keep confidential matters and business out of the knowledge of those they do not concern. Surely you understand why this is important now?”

    Again, Telanthera was lost for words, though this time because the servant had said something she was not expecting. Was this some elaborate method to try and get more information out of her?

    Then something even more unexpected happened.

    “I trust you can make your own way back to your room, my lady?”

    “I- That is true, yes. There’s no need for you to accompany me, Miss Camellia.” Telanthera asserted, still rather nervous.

    Something about this brought the tiniest hint of a smile to Camellia’s face. “Very well then. I wish you a good night’s rest, my lady.” With this said, she began to walk away, in the direction Telanthera had come from.

    “A-And the same to yourself, Camellia. However, regarding what you may have seen-”

    “Don’t worry.”


    She turned to face the lady with the confidence of any noblewoman. “You may already have noticed this, but my brother is also a servant here. Whatever loyalties you believe lie with my liege, are reserved only for him.”

    And with that, she turned the corner, seeming to disappear in an instant.

    Telanthera hurried back to her own room, still confused, but now wearing a smile of relief.

    Perhaps her plans were not ruined at the first hurdle after all.

    #a call from the void #creations from the void #cloverse selfshipping #that's definitely not been a tag before now but I know multiple people including myself have F/Os from it so now it's a thing /lh #this post is okay to reblog! #sapphicseptember2021#selfship#selfshipping #love: tea for the liege (camellia) #selfship: a dance of endeavours (camellia/telanthera) #self‑insert: scourge of royalty (telanthera) #this is technically pre-relationship but it's fine right #have some worldbuilding #it's nearly midnight #selwyn i really hope this is okay
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  • sugarvamgar
    21.09.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    image of me handing wip music

    #my art#YES #mmmmmm it is clear that i havent made music before i think. but im still proud of the it #i need to add more variation + work on the volume levels a bit + work on vocaloid but #i do think that once its finished it should be fine as my First Song tm #context though it IS straight up unfinished though theres like. an entire section without percussion #might delete this later idk <3 #i personally find it a bit Too loopy right now but it might improve with vocals on top of it to take the focus away + adding the variation #that i'm thinkingg of
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  • tarredion
    21.09.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    hii friendly question in the tags about fic

    #does anyone here have any contact with ao3 author danandphilfanfictionwriter? #orrr a downloaded copy of any of their works? #specifically the guess who’s having a baby one #s fine if they don’t want to be contacted or anything but #I just thought I’d ask for both :3 #phandom#dnp#phanfiction #might delete later
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  • hagane-hub
    21.09.2021 - 15 minutes ago


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  • brightokyolights
    21.09.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Me usually when I key smash: agsjsgdd 😂😂😂

    Me when I am getting tired of bs and key smashing so I dont say something mean: dhshs 😐😐😐

    #le text post #i am actually kinda being very overdramatic rn #i just dk how to be like you are kinda overeacting and its fine pls stop
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  • local-lesbian-knight
    21.09.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    One day I will fly too close to the sun and draw something too spicy of my for honor ocs and on that day i will be remembered as the bitch who did what no one else could. Draw fem black prior x warmonger

    #for honor #i mean ive already written fem warden x nobushi #but it's fine nobody reads my posts let alone the tags
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  • uprising-trolls
    21.09.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    there is an old fantroll of mine way way back when Sevenn was named what he used to be named and im trying to remember what her name was but i (smartly) repressed those memories For Good Reason

    im gonna dig them up anyway

    #ooc maddspurr #(ill be fine it was literally just me being a stupid kid) #this was b4 tumblr time and way before this blog #back in my pesterchum exclusive days
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  • fi-nn
    21.09.2021 - 22 minutes ago
    #why am i even explaining myself #anyway #i know i post a lot of bullshit? #it's absolutely fine if you unfollow me or whatever #sometimes you just stop being interested in a blog and it's normal #just don't come at me #or anyone else actually #saying what we should or shouldn't post #finn.txt/ask
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  • lannisterdaddyissues
    21.09.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    i kind of want to just chop my hair off again and wear a pixie cut bc idk i really want to grow it out and i like my bangs but i have so many split ends that just make it look so ugly and i just hate looking in the mirror sometimes and seeing my flat choppy locks of hair and wishing it looked like other girls’ and regretting that i ever cut my hair short in middle school, even though i loved my short hair

    #mar speaks#vent #to delete later #i just… i hate my hair like 75% of the time. it just looks so ugly #i give myself a headache every day tying it into a tight ponytail and hiding it under a baseball cap so people don’t see how ugly it is #i want to have long hair again but my split ends just make it look so bad on me #multiple times i’ve had my friends ask me why i never take off my hat and i just have to be like ‘it’s cause i’m ugly.’ #and like yeah i know i’m in that awkward phase between short hair and long hair #and i also had a layered cut so obviously the strands won’t all be the same length #but it just sticks out. in all directions. like a fucking mermaid tail. and it’s so ugly i hate it i hate looking at myself sometimes #on the rare days when i blow it dry and it looks good i could literally cry because hey people might not pity me for being ugly today #must be nice to have a haircut that isn’t so shitty you’re literally ashamed of it :) #sorry. like. i know im just calling myself ugly and shit and like that’s not cool but my hair is so fucking ugly #AND FOR WHAT? BECAUSE NOBODY ELSE FUCKING LOOKS LIKE THIS #my stats are too high in every other category so god nerfed me by making me ugly and that’s fine i’m fine
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  • harry-adores-you
    21.09.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    The little sunflower 🌻

    #Detroit#harry styles#harry#styles #harry edward styles #harry styles solo #fine line #love on tour
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  • starrybouquet
    21.09.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    I’m PMSing today and so, in classic fangirl fashion, I am getting unusually pissed about the decisions of random people twenty years ago.

    Yes, you guessed correctly, it is Stargate SG-1 rant time! Weirdly, I am not currently yelling about the myriad of stupid decisions/Hollywood industry scheme/etc that led to Those Seasons I Shall Not Acknowledge. Or at least, the yelling is only tangentially related.

    Because today, it’s the group of people (yes, Michael Shanks counts. Also Mallozzi--apologies to anyone who enjoys his strange food Twitter posts. And a horde of other men) who RUINED my baby Daniel.

    Somehow, they managed to turn my thoughtful, passionate, idealistic, grief-stricken archaeologist into a whiny, self-centered, bitchy diva.

    Yes, my headcanon Daniel is a mite bit different than the canon Daniel we get after--oh, say, season 1. Ahem. Which brings me to my second point...

    which is this: It’s tough for me to pinpoint exactly when it all went wrong. I didn’t mind that Daniel learned how to shoot (really, he doesn’t need to die more often) and I didn’t mind that he was confident enough to throw sarcasm at the bad guys and politicians. I liked seeing him grow in those ways.

    What bothered me more was the spotty characterization. We talk about this a lot with Sam (her wardrobe, that shitshow of a scene where she implies she watches, like, daytime TV in Affinity, the whole science vs. military thing which should be more of a thing than it is, etc). It’s true with Daniel too. Like, how in character is Need, really? What, did they just forget about Sha’re after a season? How come one minute he’s shooting up Jaffa and the next it’s “we can’t kill any Jaffa, Jack!”

    But even that, I can deal with. I can accept that there are just some episodes that I’m never going to be able to explain to my satisfaction, other than saying “the writers have different ideas of who Daniel is”. Which is probably true.

    Really, for me, I think it’s probably buff!descended!Daniel that ruined him. And especially without Jack to rein him in....well, I often say that I won’t watch season 9-10 because Jack’s storyline hurts too much. This is undeniably true. I hate seeing that. It is also, not-so-coincidentally, a much nicer reason than the one I sometimes think to myself in my head, which is that I don’t think I can stand another minute of mean!Daniel.

    Honestly? I haven’t seen much of s9-10. But I can understand why Vala would choose to bother him constantly. (I can understand less why she actually likes him, but ANYWAY....) He’s so damn annoying and mean and aaaaaaaa. Damn you, diva!Shanks. 

    And that’s it. I’m done for today. Please don’t kill me, Daniel stans. Thanks.

    #daniel jackson #sorry for the rant #if anyone asks #this is @fine-with-my-spite's fault #my blogstuffs #overdramatic fandom essays #this doesn't even count as an essay why is that the tag #ANYWAY LENA YOU CAN STOP NOW #sg1#stargate#stargate sg1
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