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  • junipermoon
    17.04.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    sukuna: i invited you to my innate domain because i crave the deadliest game...

    itadori: (nodding) knife monopoly

    sukuna: i was actually going to hunt you for sport, but now i'm really interested in whatever knife monopoly is

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  • jo-litemup
    17.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    A side by side comparison expanded:

    Spoilers for Demon Slayer!


    I’m onto you Gege.....

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  • kiwichronicles
    17.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    anime main characters are really out there not being interested in whom their parents are. they almost be getting information about their parents and they are like "nahh, I do not care" . WE CARE

    #anime #hunter x hunter #jjk#jujutsu kaisen#hxh #yes gon freecs #im looking at you #and you too itadori #what s the deal with that #gon#itadori yuji
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  • ningenshikakkubsd
    17.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    That's it! I fucking love Choso🥺😤❤️

    #jujutsu kaisen choso #jujutsu kaisen anime #jujutsu kaisen manga #jjk#jujutsu kaisen#itadori yuji#choso
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  • nicobellart
    17.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    i just wanna keep drawing them being happy together so i can ignore what’s happening in the manga

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  • iloe
    17.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    hear that? thats the sound of yujis little pea brain rattling around

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  • minruko
    17.04.2021 - 5 hours ago

    team Tokyo crack hcs

    ft- y.itadori, s.gojo, m.fushiguro, k.nobara

    a/n- if you follow my fire force blog you know what’s coming, if not I’m sorry 💀


    nobara and yuji have a whole entire sent of coupons for places to visit in tokyo

    before they head out in a group Yuji and nobara grab the coupons

    Yuji and Gojo have most definitely asked to ride the demon dogs at least once, gojo had asked way for times than Yuji for obvious reasons

    Megumi is a heavy sleeper so sometimes when the group is all hanging out and Megumi falls asleep or sumn Yuji and gojo would draw on his face

    while nobara makes it her contact photo for him

    megumi has caught yuji playing with his demon dogs like actual dogs, I mean baby talk tickles n everything

    i like the idea of all of them having a gc

    nobara’s contact names for them would be tweedledee (megumi), tweedledum (yuji) tweedledumbass (gojo)

    gojo’s and yuji’s icon in her phone would be thing one and thing two💀

    TRICYCLE RACE TOURNAMENTS‼️ they force nanami to referee

    gojo would take them to places to eat but forgets his wallet and they all agree to put it on nanami’s tab

    cue a very confused nanami when he gets charged this big ass bill

    movie nights in a pillow fort but gojo gets kicked out when he accidentally spoils a part of the movie

    gojo stealing their food and they try and throw his pillows at him and they bounce of cause of his infinity and he’s just sitting there laughing like a mad man

    cursed group photos

    i dont think curses could show up in phones if you can’t see them or maybe it’s a special lens either way

    they would take the weirdest photos of with the megumi’s demon dogs in what not and since you can’t see them it’s the most trippy shit ever💀


    despite being sorcerers they get scared as hell

    gojo would be laughing and say “come guys it’s just fake-“ just as a jump scare comes out and mans screams with his whole heart

    megumi tho is sick n tired until one point they got him good and they all ran out screaming

    yuji and todo having those weird best friend poses, when yuji just accepted the situation with todo they made this dumb ass handshake

    they do it all the damn time and once todo accidentally teleported yuji

    #jujutsu kaisen#jjk #jujutsu kaisen crack #megumi fushiguro#yuji itadori#nobara kugisaki#satoru gojo#fushiguro megumi#itadori yuji#gojo satoru #yuji x reader #fushiguro x reader #nobara x reader #gojo x reader #yuji crack#Megumi crack#nobara crack#gojo crack #mini.writes #jujutsu kaisen headcanons #jjk headcanons
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  • medi858
    17.04.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Part 2 later ✨

    Should I keep this filter or yall prefer the raw gif for part 2?

    please reply👇

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  • emofushi
    17.04.2021 - 6 hours ago

    gumi wanted to test something

    #jjk#jujutsu kaisen#itafushi fanart#itafushi#megumi fushiguro#itadori yuji#itadori yuuji#jjk fanart #incorrect jujutsu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen fanart #this is canon because i said so #jujutsu kaisen comfort #fushiita
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  • jjscanlates
    17.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Wrap Around

    Jujutsu Kaisen doujinshi Mihoshy Fushiguro Megumi x Itadori Yuji Fushiguro Megumi x Fushiguro Tsumiki
    What lies beyond the vines of Fushiguro and Itadori’s newly entangled lives.
    Visit the masterlist to read this doujinshi. Please consider picking up the original to support the artist!
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  • x-avaarts-x
    17.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Yuuji: why you try to take care of a cursed spirit?? He never like this foods!! He eats humans!!

    Megumi: she lost her mind!! Do you want to die?? He will kill you idiot!!

    Akaru: yeah I want! But never talk about someone you don't know him!!

    Yuuji: why I think you like him??

    Akaru: you can think as you like!! I don't care. But I say it again, when you didn't see something.. Never trust the people's words.

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  • lishumood
    17.04.2021 - 8 hours ago

    nobara told yuuji to buy her hair dye. he gets the color wrong and her hair ends up as orange as orange peels.

    nobara:.......... i will exorcise......... the curse known as.... ITADORI YUUJI


    #THEY ARE THE BESTEST OF FRIENDS #AND FUCKING DUMB #jujutsu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen quotes #incorrect quotes#kugisaki nobara#itadori yuji
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  • bestiesenpai
    17.04.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Timorous - Itadori Yuji

    I love hybrid au’s for the fact that I can google deep dive animal research for hours lol and speaking of research I went with a bunny, breed being a French lop with speckles. also this is a college au my guys, gender neutral reader! 6k words

    A bit of a size difference thing here? Itadori is a tiger and tigers are bigger than rabbits...so I made him bigger and by that logic he’s bigger than you...tiger big rabbit small...I hope that makes sense lol and both reader and itadori are adorably skittish in this :) at least I think it’s adorable

    To say Itadori had a problem would be both an understatement and an over exaggeration, depending on who you asked. Megumi said he was blowing things out of proportion while Nobara agreed that this dilemma he had was probably the biggest problem of their generation.

    He had a crush on you, a rabbit hybrid. A soft, wonderful little thing with long ears and cute speckles all around your body. And it wouldn’t be such a problem if not for the painful fact of who Itadori was: a tiger hybrid. A predator nearly directly above you, much larger and stronger than you could ever hope to be.

    He laid eyes on you during your first year of university, back in a prerequisite class for the major both of you had chosen. Seeing you walk in surrounded by other rabbits and sitting at the front of the class, he could barely take his eyes off you and when you said your name, he committed it to memory.

    Everything about you was perfect, everything Itadori could ask for in a partner and more, but he knew there wasn’t any hope out there that he could approach you, at least not alone and especially not in your first year. So he waited patiently, almost too patiently, for the right opportunity to talk to you.

    He waited so long it was now almost the end of your second year.

    “Alright everyone, I’d like you to think about who you want to pair up with for this project and report back to me by the end of the week. Anyone that doesn’t have a partner by then will be paired up.” The professor announced at the end of class, closing up the textbook you’d been pouring over for an hour. This was the perfect opportunity for Itadori to get close to you.

    Lingering in the classroom, Itadori packed up his things slowly and watched as the usual people you were with left class while you hung around to ask the professor a question. Holding his breath, Itadori walked out of the classroom at the same time as you.

    You didn’t look in his direction at all, keeping your head down and ears framing your face. Itadori could smell the subtle unease rolling off you in waves and it disheartened him enough that he watched you walk away.

    “H-hey (Y/N)!” Mustering up the courage to say your name, Itadori rushed over to your disappearing form. Looking over your shoulder, your eyes went wide seeing Itadori running toward you.

    “What uh, what can I help you with?” This was the first time you were speaking to him and your voice was trembling. Your fingers were pulsing from how hard you were holding onto the strap of your bag, and you only briefly made eye contact with him.

    “I was wondering…” Itadori’s tail twitched nervously and a lump began to form in his throat the longer he looked at you. You were just so cute it physically hurt him and all Itadori wanted to do was bundle you in his arms and nuzzle your fuzzy ears.

    “I was wondering if you want to be partners for that project in class?” Seeing you flinch when he raised his hand up to scratch at the back of his neck, Itadori winced and tucked both hands behind his back.

    “Uhm…” Worrying your lip, you took a look up and down the halls. There was a decent amount of people milling about, giving you a little more peace of mind. Even though Itadori was an arms length away he still took up a large portion in your field of vision.

    “Y-you don’t have to give me an answer right now!” Putting both hands up in surrender, Itadori gasped as you stumbled back, clearly frightened by the sudden movement and his long claws. “Sorry! Sorry, I’m so sorry!”

    Now he really felt bad. He scared you bad enough that you were pressed against the wall behind you, slightly crouched like you were ready to run away. Taking a generous step back, Itadori once again tucked his hands behind his back, idly grabbing onto the base of his tail as well.

    “Can I give you an answer later?” You whispered, slowly coming to a full stand again.

    “Of course! We actually have a few classes together later, so you can tell me then if you want.”


    “Itadori! M-my name is Itadori!” Blushing lightly as he told you his name, he watched you think it over.

    “Okay Itadori.” Nodding curtly, you pressed your lips into a thin line and started to shuffle down the hall. “I’ll tell you later.”

    “Bye!” Waving at your retreating form, Itadori felt a trickle of hope. Even if you didn’t say yes to being his partner, at least now you knew his name.

    “Excuse me, Itadori?” Two classes later and you approached his desk, keeping a fair distance away.

    “Yes?” Looking at you with hearts in his eyes, Itadori sent you a beaming smile with all his sharp teeth on display.

    “Why do you want to be my partner?” The question was unexpected, at least for him, and his smile fell.

    “Well I- I just thought it’d be nice?” Panicking as he saw confusion flash across your face, Itadori sat up a little straighter in his chair. “N-nice to get to know my fellow classmates! We’re in the same major, so why not get more acquainted?” Stretching his mouth into a tense smile, Itadori let out a breath the same time you did.

    “That’s actually a relief. I thought you wanted to be my partner to make me do all the work.” He visibly watched your shoulders relax, the unease in your stance somewhat gone.

    “No, never! I would never do that to you! In fact, I’ll do all the work if you want me to! Just say the word, (Y/N)!” Bolting up from his chair, Itadori slammed his hands on his desk. It was probably a good thing you weren’t close to him, you didn’t flinch as hard at his sudden movements.

    “We can work on it together.” Laughing under your breath, Itadori’s chest tightened up at seeing a soft smile grace your face.

    “So you’ll be my partner? For the project?” Nearly running around the room when you nodded, Itadori forced himself to take a deep breath instead. “That’s great!” His tail swayed happily from side to side, and Itadori had a silly smile on his face as he looked at you.

    “So uh, I’m going to take my seat now.” You said slowly, unnerved by his unmoving smile. “But we should meet up later? To discuss what we’ll do for the project.”

    “Good idea!” Ripping a piece of paper out of the corner of his notebook, Itadori scribbled his phone number down and held it out to you. “Text me anytime, I’ll answer!”

    “Good to know.” Chuckling softly, you took the paper and Itadori swore he would never forget the way your fingers brushed against his. With one last final goodbye muttered under your breath you went to your seat.

    Itadori watched you for the rest of class, just waiting to see you take out your phone and text him. He hadn’t seen you do anything with the paper he gave you except tuck it away into your pocket.

    Keeping his phone clutched in his hand for the rest of the day, Itadori experienced the highest of highs whenever he got a notification, and then the lowest of lows when it turned out not to be you.

    At seven pm, just after eating dinner, Itadori finally received the message he’d been waiting for all along.

    (Unknown number): Hello, Itadori? It’s (Y/N) :)

    (Itadori): HI HELLO HOW ARE YOU

    He immediately cringed after sending the message. What kind of person replied like that to someone they’d just met?

    (Y/N): I’m good lol I was wondering when you were free to meet up? I don’t have any classes tomorrow if you’re free

    (Itadori): yes yes I’m free whenever tomorrow!

    (Y/N): that’s great, how about we meet at the north library at 1?

    (Itadori): I’ll be there!!

    Itadori could hardly close his eyes let alone calm down enough to go to sleep that night. Much to the chagrin of his roommate Megumi, Itadori got up several times during the night to pace around the room and rummage through his closet to choose the perfect outfit.

    He was nearly late meeting up with you, having properly gone to sleep just before 4am and sleeping through his alarm. Stumbling through his room, Itadori just barely remembered to grab his bag before he sprinted out of the room and to the library.

    “(Y/N)!” Screaming your name as he got closer, he caught a lot of stares from people and from you.

    “Did you run all the way here?” You asked, looking over his breathless, sweaty body nearly collapsing.

    “Were you waiting long? I’m sorry I was late!” Fumbling to grab his phone, the time read 1:10pm.

    “No, it’s okay, don’t worry about it!” Your cheeks were flushed with embarrassment. Not only had he ran all the way here just to meet you, but he had made quite a scene while doing it. You were eager to get inside and away from all the people passing you by and looking curiously between the two of you.

    “Let's...let’s go inside…” Itadori panted, light headed from the run but still making his way to open the door for you. Slumping into the first available seat at the first table he saw, Itadori let his dry, narrowed eyes look over you.

    It was a warm spring day and you’d chosen the cutest outfit, one that showed off the speckles on your ears and skin. Itadori always liked them, likening them to his own tiger stripes on his ears and tail. He wanted to compare markings with you, trace a line with the dots on your body and learn more about them.

    “Have you had a chance to go over the list of topics our professor gave? A few others have already chosen their topics, so we have to cross some out.” Pulling out the assignment, you showed Itadori the ones you’d crossed off and the ones you marked having interest in. Even your handwriting had Itadori wanting to coo at you.

    “Whatever you pick is fine.” He replied dumbly, staring at the way you’d written your name on the top of your paper.

    “You should have some say in what we choose!” You pushed back, slightly shaking your head.

    “No, whatever you want is fine, I swear.” Looking up at you with rosy cheeks and a dry mouth, Itadori watched the gears turn in your head before you looked away and back to the paper.

    “If you say so.” Shrugging your shoulders, you looked over the list more seriously before circling a topic and showing it back to him. “Is this one fine?”

    “It’s perfect.” Just like you, Itadori almost said. Pulling out his laptop, Itadori put it between the two of you. “We can start researching and making a rough draft, I was actually looking some stuff up last night about the different topics.”

    Not using a private browser last night was Itadori’s first mistake. His second mistake was opening Google with you right next to him, where you saw exactly what he’d been looking up during his sleepless night.

    French lops, French lops with speckles, French lop ears, how do bunnies get speckles, what do rabbit hybrids like to do for fun, rabbit hybrid favorite food, favorite things to give rabbit hybrids, how to befriend rabbit hybrids, can prey and predator hybrids be friends, what to do if you’re a predator that has a crush on a rabbit hybrid-

    Letting out an indistinguishable noise from the back of his throat, Itadori slammed his laptop closed. His face was bright red, not that you could see much of it because he had slammed his face into the table in shame.

    Your soft giggle was immediately picked up by him, and Itadori nearly melted from the chair and onto the floor, dissolving into a puddle of nothing but embarrassment and regret. He thought about switching classes or switching majors entirely, anything to save him from having to face you again after this.

    “All of my spots grew in by the time I was five, in case you were still curious, Itadori.” He actually was, almost more than he was last night. The internet had given him answers, but just as many questions he still wanted to ask you.

    “Really?” Smooshing his cheek against the table, Itadori turned to look at you. You didn’t seem phased at all from what you’d seen, not if the small smile on your face was anything to go by.

    “Mhmm.” Opening up his computer again, you took a brief glance at some of the questions he’d looked up. “And I’m assuming from your research you learned I’m a strict herbivore? My favorite type of food is fruit, mangoes and melons especially.”

    “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” Still hanging his head low, Itadori pulled himself up from the table. He had wanted to get to know you more naturally, not have you find his obsessive search history.

    “I want to! And It seems like you want to know, too!” Gesturing to the screen, you giggled when he hit his forehead against the table again. Patting him on the back for a few seconds revitalised him, the fact that you initiated physical contact enough to have him sitting straight in his chair again.

    “I do, a lot! I’m really curious about-” Meeting your eyes for a second, Itadori screwed his eyes shut and forced the next words out of his mouth. “I’m really curious about you, (Y/N). I really want to get to know you more.” Nobara and Megumi were going to be so proud of him for finally saying those words to you. He’d been lamenting about wanting to befriend you for nearly two years, it was time to act on that desire.

    “You can ask me any question, Itadori.” A soft warmth settled over your face and you tilted your head forward, blocking out your view of the world with your ears. Truth be told, you’d never had a predator show such genuine interest in you before, and it had your heart bumping hard against your ribs.

    “My first question is: can we be friends, (Y/N)?” There wasn’t a doubt in Itadori’s mind that you hadn’t seen the last question he looked up, about having a crush on you. He almost wanted to address it, wanted to get his confession out of the way. But it wasn’t the right time or place, and there wasn’t a doubt in Itadori’s mind that if he confessed to you right now you wouldn’t reject him.

    “What did your search say about that one? Is it possible for us to be friends?”

    “100% possible.” Itadori said with no hesitation.

    “Then yes, we can totally be friends.” There was a brief pause between the two of you, one filled by your nervous laughter and Itadori’s relieved sigh.

    “Alright then friend, let’s get started on this project.”

    Itadori tried his best to focus on the project, he really did. He typed up everything you said, bookmarked everything you wanted and even went back and forth between the stacks to get the books you needed for the project. But his mind was wrapped up in the new title of your relationship, and the greed he felt deep inside himself to make it something more romantic.

    By the time you left the library it was well past five pm and the sun was already beginning to dip behind the campus buildings and to the horizon. Helping you clean and pack up, Itadori was astounded at the amount of time that passed; it barely felt like an hour had gone by.

    “Man, I’m starving!” Itadori exclaimed as you left the library, throwing his head back and inhaling the fresh air.

    “Me too.” You agreed, fatigued from all the work you’d just done and still needed to do.

    “You wanna head to the dining hall together?”

    “Sure.” Following his lead, you walked through campus. You still kept your distance from Itadori, not quite able to shed how nervous being around him made you, but with time he hoped it would come to pass. Someday, Itadori hoped to hold your hand in his.

    Sitting down at a quiet table together, Itadori wasn’t sure how to make conversation with you now. At the library it was easy, there was the project he could talk about and keep a conversation going with that. But here, he was drawing blanks.

    “So Itadori, what-”

    “Yuji!” Just as you’d started to speak, the familiar voice of Nobara cut in all the way from across the dining hall. Both of you turned to see Nobara waltzing in with a big grin on her face and Megumi trailing after her.

    “Oh god.” This was the one time he didn’t want his friends to come and sit with him. But there they were, already collecting food and coming to sit down at the table.

    “Found you!” Nobara giggled behind her hand, her own tiger ears relaxing flat against her head.

    “Yup, you did.” Speaking behind tight lips, Itadori took a glance at you. Megumi had taken the seat next to you and he easily dwarfed your smaller body. All of them did, it almost looked like you were a child among adults.

    “Nice to see you again, (Y/N).” Making sure his large fluffy wolf tail wasn’t brushing against you, Megumi gave you a polite nod and you returned it.

    “W-what?! You two know each other?” In all the time Itadori has been crying over you, he never knew of Megumi's connection to you.

    “Yeah, Tsumiki and (Y/N) are roommates.”

    “Really?” Itadori gasped loudly, exaggeratedly turning his back to you.

    “Mhmm!” Picking up your utensils, you began to eat. “Having a wolf as a roommate was kind of scary at the beginning, but we get along great now!”

    Itadori was floored. Positively flabbergasted. He could have gotten to know you this whole time by using the excuse of being Megumi’s roommate and best friend as a reason to drop by and ‘check in’ on Tsumiki and see you by extension.

    Sending a sharp, pointed look to Megumi, Itadori began to eat in a huff. He would have to grill his friend later on why the connection was never brought up.

    “Have you two been here long?” Nobara asked, tapping her long claws against the table.

    “No, we just got here.” Your voice only sounded a little meek when you replied, only able to meet Nobara’s intense gaze for a moment before looking down at your plate again.

    “Yeah, we just came from the library. We’re partners on a class project.” Mumbling childishly, Itadori snorted at the surprised looks on his friends faces.

    “You are?” Nobara almost gasped. “Who asked who?”

    “I asked.” Itadori raised his hand.

    “And you agreed, (Y/N)? Just like that?”

    “Well, not really.” Giggling softly behind your hand, you took a glance at Itadori. “I told him I’d think about it first. I know we’re all in university now and should be adults, but I still get so scared around predators, I needed to weigh my options.”

    “Did Yuji say he’d do all the work?” Megumi chimed in.

    “He did! It was pretty funny, I thought the desk was going to fall over.”

    “Sounds like Yuji.” Snorting, Megumi gave Itadori a look before eating his food.

    “Hold on, I still got a couple questions.” Rapidly tapping the table, Nobara flicked her fingers between you and Itadori.

    “Can’t they wait until we’re done?” Itadori already had food stuffed in his mouth, his cheeks were bulging out quite a bit. You had also started to eat the mountain of vegetables on your plate.

    “Alright, fine.” Heaving a sigh, Nobara grabbed the juice she’d gotten. “But don’t think I’ll forget!”

    It was a blessing that Nobara ended up forgetting that she wanted to grill you and Itadori because there would have been no avoiding all the awkward questions she was sure to ask. As your meal progressed, she got onto the topic of beauty products for tiger hybrids and that was all that occupied her mind for a good while.

    “(Y/N).” Catching you by the elbow as you walked out of the dining hall almost an hour and a half later, Itadori looked up at the dark sky. “Let me walk you to your dorm.”

    “You don’t have to, I wouldn’t want you to go out of your way! Nobara and I can walk back together, we live in the same dorm.”

    “Ha well, uh actually…” Scratching the back of her head, Nobara grabbed onto Megumi's sleeve. “Actually, Megumi and I are going to go to a…” Swatting him on the back, Nobara fell silent.

    “My father sent Tsumiki and I some more things and I promised to give Nobara some old books.”

    “Yup, books! Exactly! So you two walk together and we’ll see you later!” Grabbing onto the back of Megumi’s shirt, Nobara sprinted away, her orange and black tail the last thing you saw before she turned the corner.

    “Let’s go, (Y/N).” Itadori tugged on your sleeve gently, bringing your focus back to him. Walking side by side, the night time didn’t seem as scary compared to if you had been alone. You generally tried to avoid being out alone at night, but with Itadori it felt like the sun was still high in the sky.

    “Are you cold?” Itadori broke the silence that had settled over you.


    “You just shivered.” Right as he said that, another gust of wind went through the air and blew your ears back, making a strong shiver go up your spine. “Here.” Itadori was already taking off his thick hoodie and pushing it into your arms.

    “But you’ll be cold!” Looking at the long sleeve he had on underneath, surely it couldn’t be enough to keep him warm.

    “Nonsense, I’ll be fine. Put it on.” It was a miracle that Itadori hadn’t fallen onto the ground from how lightheaded he was. He had given you his hoodie in the spur of the moment and now his actions were catching up to him.

    “Okay.” Giving him one last look, you put it on. Swimming in fabric and with the scent of Itadori all around you, it was truly a sight to behold. “How do I look?” You chuckled, trying to adjust the giant hoodie onto your body.

    “You look good.” There was a high lilt to the end of his sentence, and Itadori slapped a hand over his face and turned his back to you. If he looked any longer, he would pass out from how cute you looked.

    “Thanks Itadori, it’s really warm!”

    “N-no problem.” He seriously couldn’t look at you, and seeing your sweater paws out of the corner of his eye had him tripping over his own feet. Thankfully and tragically, the walk to your dorm wasn’t too long, so Itadori didn’t have to deal with it for too long.

    “Thanks for walking me back.” Giving him a smile, you began to take off the hoodie.

    “K-keep it, keep it on.” Planting his hands on your shoulders, Itadori looked down at you. “I have a million, so just keep that one.” The mixture of your scent and his that was wafting up to his nose was going to be ingrained into his mind forever.

    “Wow Itadori, you’re so nice! We should have become friends way sooner!” Patting him on the arm, you shuffled closer to the front door. “Text me when you get back to your dorm, okay?”

    “I will!” Waving at you until you went inside, Itadori let out a breath he’d been holding in. The feel good chemicals in his brain were all flooding in at once; the day had gone from good, to great to perfect. Seeing you in his hoodie was one of the things Itadori had wanted for so long it hurt, and now that goal was finally reached.

    His happiness turned to adrenaline, making his hands shake and body tremble from how excited he was to see you tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. He was so excited for the future that he ran all the way back to his dorm, letting out cheers and excited screams as he went.

    (Itadori): made it to my dorm :)

    (Y/N): have a good night!

    (Itadori): you too! See you tomorrow!

    Clutching his phone to his chest, Itadori threw open the door to his room and immediately made eye contact with Megumi.


    “Now let me explain-”

    “Save it, wolfy! Tell me all about your relationship with (Y/N)!”

    As days turned into weeks, Itadori noticed a subtle change in your demeanor around him. You slowly started to walk closer to him, sometimes close enough to occasionally brush shoulders. The fear that was so pungent before was now gone, only replaced with some unease whenever Itadori threw his hands around too much or chewed with his mouth open. All in all, Itadori felt like you could call him a true friend.

    And what did friends do? Invite each other to parties of course! Being so personable and easy to get along with, it was only natural that Itadori got invited to a lot of events around campus, and he wanted you to join him.

    Which is how you found yourself at probably the biggest party of the season, people pouring out of the doors and spilling into the yard around the university house chosen for this night.

    “I’ve never been here before.” You mumbled to Itadori as you approached the house, flanked by Nobara and Megumi. Sure you’d been to parties before, but none this size.

    “That’s okay, just stick by me!” Over the past few weeks the level of physical contact in your relationship with Itadori had risen high enough that he was able to put an arm around your shoulder and pull you a bit closer to him.

    “Yeah (Y/N) we’ll make sure you have a good time!” Nobara chimed in, her words just a bit slurred. She had pregamed on the way to the party, the flask she kept offering you tucked snugly against her hip.

    “Let’s find Maki and the others.” Fushiguro was the first to step into the house and take the lead on where to go. Pushing through the crowds of people for you, Itadori made sure you stayed close by his side.

    Meeting up with Maki and a few other upperclassmen, you felt safe among the group. There was a plastic cup in your hand mixed with god knows what, the music was loud and overbearing, but you had been welcomed into the fray with open arms. No one looked twice at your floppy ears and tense body, they just launched into conversation like you’d always been there.

    “G-gotta go bathroom.” Your words were slurring more than you expected after finishing your second cup of horribly mixed liquor. Standing away from the wall you’d been leaning against, the world was spinning.

    “Need help?” Itadori held onto your elbow tightly, helping keep you stable.

    “No.” Shaking your head slowly, you pushed him away. “I got this.”

    “(Y/N), lemme show you where the bathroom is! I’ve been here like a million times!” Swooping in between you two, Nobara took confidently drunk steps with you under her arm.

    “M’kay!” Giggling, you gave Itadori a wave and stumbled away with her.

    “I’ll stay out here and keep guard!” She announced to not only you but to the people around you as well. Throwing open the door, you gave her a big thumbs up before slamming it closed and locking it.

    Doing your business as quickly as possible, when you opened the door, Nobara was gone. You could hear her voice echoing throughout the house and when you turned a corner she was at the dining table playing beer pong and losing horribly.

    Looking up and down the hall, you were at a loss at what to do. You didn’t remember the right way back to the group and Nobara was too ensconced in the drinking game she was a part of to be of any help.

    Dragging your feet down the hall, you ended up at the front of the house, a far cry from where you wanted to be. There were so many people pushing past you to go deeper into the house, or yelling for others to come to them, some of them didn’t seem to care when they bumped you against the wall or nudged you a little too hard.

    “Hey little bunny, you look a little lost.” You could smell the fox hybrid before you could see him appear before your eyes, cornering you against the wall as another wave of people walked by.

    “I- no, I’m fine.” The lie was evident in your voice and he caught it right away.

    “You sure? A little thing like you shouldn’t be all alone.” His voice was condescending, mocking you in plain sight. His soft red fur gleamed under the light of the house and while you would probably admire it from afar, now wasn’t the time.

    Nodding instead of speaking, you looked down the hallway again. Surely someone would come looking for you and Nobara.

    “Who’re you looking for, bunny? I could help you find them.” Leaning more into your space, the unnamed fox gave you a once over, flashing his teeth once he met your eyes. “Or maybe you were looking for me?”

    “No.” The alcohol in your body was making it difficult to string together more than a few words or thoughts in your head, but you knew one thing for sure: you didn’t want to be around this guy anymore. The party was overwhelming enough as it was and adding him into the mix, a predator directly above you, was only making it worse.

    “Aw, no need to be shy! All your dreams have come true!” Chuckling to himself, he grabbed onto your wrist. “Let’s go get you a drink, I’ll introduce you to some friends.”

    “No.” You said a little louder, but he just ignored you. Trying to get your wrist free wasn’t working either and you quickly found yourself being dragged away from the wall. Digging your heels into the ground, you kept looking for a familiar flash of pink hair. “Itadori!” You shouted, voice mixing with the others in the air and hopefully travelling to the person it was intended for.

    “You’re lookin’ for Itadori? Why, I know him! He’s my best friend, I’ll take you to him!” The fox hybrid sent you a sleazy grin, running his free hand through his hair.

    “(Y/N).” A familiar heavy hand landed on your shoulder, preventing you from going anywhere.

    “Who the hell are you?” The two men shared a sneer, sizing each other up. Finally getting your wrist free, you attached yourself to Itadori’s side.

    “I’m their boyfriend. Now get lost.” Wrapping an arm around you, Itadori gave one last glare to the other man before turning and walking away. Getting you to the kitchen, he quickly got you a glass of water. “Drink this.”

    “Thanks.” Downing it immediately, the growing tension in your body subsided just from having Itadori next to you.

    “If anyone else gives you trouble, tell them I’m your boyfriend. I’m in sports clubs with a lot of the people here, they’ll know who I am.”

    “Thanks.” Repeating yourself like a fool, you were overcome with sudden emotion and hugged Itadori. Burrowing your face into his chest, you muttered thanks over and over.

    “S’no problem.” He grunted. Itadori was glad you couldn’t see the bright blush on his face right now; he’d only dreamed about hugging you almost every second of the day. Hugging you back, he let his hand come up and stroke your ears and your fur was just as soft as he imagined it to be.

    For the rest of the night, Itadori was like your second shadow. He made sure you didn’t drink anymore alcohol, filling you up with water and snacks until you were as sober as he was. He also introduced himself as your boyfriend whenever the need arose, like constantly shouting ‘boyfriend coming through’ as he pushed through crowds for you.

    “I hope you had fun, (Y/N).” Itadori said at the end of the night with Nobara passed out drunk being carried on his back.

    “I did!” It was nice to meet some upperclassmen, a couple you learned were in your major as well. Fushiguro was walking with them a few feet in front of you, talking animatedly to them.

    “That’s good. I was worried that the whole ‘boyfriend’ thing was making you uncomfortable.” A bashful blush coated Itadori’s face as he gave you a sideways glance. Your own cheeks got warmer as well.

    “I uh, I kind of liked it.” You said quietly, hoping that he wouldn’t catch it.

    “You did?” Of course he heard it. Stopping in his tracks, Itadori’s mouth hung open slightly. Biting his lip, Itadori checked to make sure Nobara was truly out before speaking again. “Well then, can we maybe make it official?”

    Maybe it was the lingering energy from the party that was giving him the confidence to ask or maybe Itadori had finally lost it, either way there was no backtracking from what he had just said. Taking your lack of immediate answer as skepticism, Itadori quickly spoke up again.

    “If you want, I can take you out on a proper date first! Truthfully I already have everything planned in my head, I’ve wanted to take you out on a date for a while now. B-but you don’t have to if you don’t want to! I just- I want you to give us a chance, but don’t feel pressured to say yes!”

    His face was completely flushed, adrenaline pumping through his body. Whether you said yes or no, Itadori was just glad to have finally gotten it off his chest.

    “I want to go on a date with you too.” You smiled gently at Itadori, playing with your fingers nervously. “I just have one question.”


    “Did you also Google best first dates to take a rabbit hybrid on?”

    “(Y/N)!” Laughing breathlessly, Itadori felt the tension in his body release.

    “It’s a fair question!” Laughing along with him, you started to walk down the street again.

    “For your information, no I didn’t look that up.” A comfortable silence settled over you as the laughter died down. As soon as Itadori could get a second alone with you, he would. There was actually a lot to discuss for the date that he’d been planning since the first year of university.

    “Mmmm…” Nobara groaned and both of you looked at her curiously.

    “Nobara? Are you awake?” You asked, brushing the hair from her forehead.

    “Kiss...kiss each other.” Her words just barely made sense and Itadori nearly dropped her once he made sense of what she’d said.

    “Go back to sleep!” He shouted, nudging her with his shoulder. The blush that had managed to subdue itself was now back tenfold.

    “We’ll kiss each other later, Nobara.” You added, fixing her hair and letting her relax onto Itadori again.

    “Promise?” She sighed.

    “Promise?” Itadori echoed.

    “Yeah, I promise.”

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    some first years fast sketches while im one the bus cause i love’em<3

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    the first years - handclap

    youtube link is here

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    Jujutsu Incorrect quotes 3 !

    Itadori: Why are you smiling?

    Y/n: What ? Can't i just be happy ?

    Megumi: Gojou-sensei tripped and fell in the parking lot.


    Gojou: Oh my god.

    Y/n: What it is?

    Gojou: We're doing that thing couples do and wearing matching clothes.

    Y/n: For the third time this week, IT'S OUR WORK UNIFORM and we're ALL matching.


    Nanami: When I said you should try being friendlier this isn't what I meant.

    Y/n, stirring a cup of tea passive aggressively: Oh so now I'm TOO friendly? There's no pleasing you!

    Burglar who broke into their house an hour ago: Two sugars please.

    Y/n: Coming right up!


    Getou: How dumb do y/n and Shoko think we are ?

    Gojou: Sometimes they leave me pictures of food instead of shopping list.


    Nobara: Words ending in 'ie' are so cute! Like cutie , sweetie, Cookie..

    Y/n: Die..

    Itadori: No!


    Gojou: I really don't think you two should drink any more coffee today...

    Y/n: Coffee cures depression.

    Gojou: I don't think it work like th-

    Shoko: More Espresso less depresso


    Itadori: You're a monster. You'll never know what true fear feels like.

    Sukuna: Okay, first at all, have you ever heard y/n yell your full name?


    Miwa: What do you think butterflies taste like?

    Y/n: They taste bad


    Miwa: How-?



    Y/n: Me and Kento are having baby!

    Itadori: That's gre-

    Y/n, slamming adoption papers onto the table: It's you, sign here


    Somebody, getting up to leave: I gotta go I'll be right back.

    Y/n to Toji: What's the name of that guy that just left?

    Toji, not paying attention: Hmm?

    Y/n: The guy that just left us..

    Toji: God?

    Y/n: No


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