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    The Other Half

    Ch 4

    Links to previous chapters at the end :)

    Summary: It is a Mikasa-Eren like situation. Y/n was taken in by the Itadori family and raised with Yuji. Once Yuji goes to Jujutsu Tech, y/n begs to come along. It turns out y/n is part of one of the most powerful ancient clans. yada yada

    "The last thing you remembered was a blinding light before your own lights went out."

    Sunlight streamed into the room. You snuggled deeper under the blankets and nestled into the pillows. You had a horrible dream but it was over now. Everything was a-okay. Your eyes blinked open lazily to take in your room. There were flowers beside your bed. Aww. Yuji must have picked them for me while I was asleep. And there was your...breathing monitor? Hm that's new. Probably Itadori-san's. And there was the boy looking sitting in the chair next to-


    Your heart stopped and you sat up straight in bed. You looked frantically around the room, head spinning. You weren't in your room. You were in... a hospital? And the boy was that one with the spikey hair. What was his name? Fushiguro.

    Your heart dropped to your stomach. So it wasn't a dream after all. Itadori-san. The curses. Your senpais...

    "YUJI!" You cried, trying to jump out of the bed. But Fushiguro held out an arm to stop you. "WHERE IS HE??"

    "Lay back do-"

    "IS HE OKAY??"

    "You need to-"


    "If you don't-"

    "WHY AREN'T YOU ANSWERING ME?!" At this point, you were in hysterics. Who was he to tell you what to do? And why wasn't he answering you??? What happened? You had no memory and it only made you more frantic. You pushed past his arm and leaped for the door.

    But you didn't make it far. A sharp stabbing pain in your legs brought you to the ground. In an instant, Fushiguro was at your side.

    "You need to rest," he said, no emotion in his voice. He picked you up (with surprising ease. maybe he wasn't as scrawny as he looked) and laid you back in the hospital bed. You sat up, staring at him intensely.


    "I'll explain once you lay down." You leaned back a little, maintaining eye contact. "All the way." You huffed and laid down in the bed. What a rotten person. Using information for leverage? Despicable.

    "Happy now?" You asked, crossing your arms. "Now please be so kind and tell me WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON?"

    "Alright. Alright. No need to yell. Yuji is safe. Well sorta. He's going to get executed. Let me finish!" He put up a hand to interrupt the fit you were about the throw. "BUT it is delayed..."


    "So as long as you guys never find all of the fingers, Yuji won't die?" You asked, trying to wrap your brain around it all.


    "Hm. And right now I'm in Jujutsu Technical Institute?"

    "Yes. And Yuji is on his way here right now," he confirmed. I mean it all sorta made sense if you didn't really think about it.

    "So. What, you know, happened?" You asked finally. This question had been itching in the back of your mind, but you had to make sure Yuji was alright before you could ask it.

    "That's a long story..."


    "Why did they come in here! I told them to stay outside. Neither of them seems capable of tying their own shoes, let alone taking down a curse. Why do I always have to do everything? Where is Gojo sensei?" Megumi thought to himself.

    He ran down the halls, divine dogs at his side. Turning the corner, Megumi stopped in surprise. There was Yuji with his two classmates, both unconscious. He... saved them? On his own? He must be insane.

    "Fushiguro. Take them to safety." Yuji commanded. Megumi was baffled. Was Yuji now suddenly brave? Even so, he can't take a curse down on his own without cursed energy!

    "Only I can exorcise the curse. You take them to safety," Megumi instructed, preparing to take off again. But Yuji stepped in his way.

    "I have to go find Y/n." Megumi sighed, seeing the desperation in Yuji's face.

    "Fine. I'll leave a dog here. He will keep them safe." Yuji nodded gratefully and set his senpai on the ground gently. Then the two boys took off down the hall.


    "Y/N!" Yuji cried at the sight waiting for him around the corner. Megumi grabbed him by the shirt.

    "If you try and go after her now, she won't make it. The curse will crush her and then you." He instructed gruffly, grasping Yuji tighter to keep his knees from buckling. Time to assess the situation. There was the girl, legs crushed in the curse's hand. Despite that, she was focused and didn't seem to notice you and Yuji. Her hand pushed against the curse, and she twisted her body to loosen its grip on her. Could she actually get free? It didn't matter. Megumi would save her before she would need to. Megumi stood poised to summon a shikigami. But a rogue arm came and slammed him into the wall, and his dog disappeared. Oh no. This was no good. Yuji ran to Megumi's side and helped him up.

    "Are you okay? You have to do something! Get her down!" Megumi looked into his scared and desperate eyes. They were filled with tears. What was he going to-


    That was no good. The sound of too many bones breaking at once. Megumi and Yuji's eyes snapped to the curse. The girl was gasping for air, blood seeping from her mouth. This had taken a turn for the worse. She won't make it. Yet, Megumi knew he had to try and save her. He couldn't just watch her die. Sure, she was annoying but she had a good heart. She deserves-

    A bright gold light blinded Megumi's vision and he braced for impact. But no impact came. He peered through his lashes and nearly shouted in surprise. The curse was... destroyed. Ribboned up, in fact. As if it was peeled like the skin of an apple. There was the girl, unconscious on the ground but in no worse condition than before. Was she responsible for this? Surely not. After all, it was an extraordinary amount of cursed energy. But who else could've done it? Did this mean what he thought it did? Was she-

    Present Day

    "Hold up. Now, wait a second. If I killed the curse, then why did Yuji eat the nasty, crusty, old finger?" You asked, skeptical of the whole story. Megumi blinked a few times as if transporting back to reality before answering.

    "The longer the finger, or any cursed object, is exposed, the more it attracts curses. And powerful ones too. Another came along and, well, Yuji felt the need to take it head-on."

    "Oooh gotcha. This all makes soo much sense," you snorted. "I've got 'magical powers' and can make pretty lights. Yay!"

    "Don't say it like that."

    "So you expect me to believe all of this?" You shot back, starting to lose your temper. This whole game had been going on for a little too long. You were tired of playing along.

    "Yes. And if you don't believe me, Yuji will be here soon to verify it all." Fushiguro huffed, folding his arms. You were going to shoot something less than kind back at him, but the door creaked open and a familiar voice called out.


    a/n: Sorry this one was REALLY long. As always feedback and ideas are welcome!!!

    Ch1 Ch2 Ch3

    Taglist: (I LOVE YOU ALL)

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    What amazing cover but this detail scared me

    #jjk#jujutu kaisen#itadori yuji #jujutsu kaisen manga #jujutsu kaisen volume 0 #yuta okkotsu
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    07.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Now it is perfect, I had to remove the dead toxic girl (as I hate her, it was the worst thing that could happen to Yuta)

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    Weekly Shonen JUMP Issue #2 2022 featuring Jujutsu Kaisen. Will be released on December 13th, 2021

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    “y/n...” yuji whispers, eyes roaming over the moon and stars on your ceiling.


    “will- nevermind.” he sighs upon hearing your sleepy voice. “it’s late, go to sleep.”

    “didn’t you wanna say something?”

    he pauses for a while, glancing at you before turning back to the sparkly lights above. “nope, it can wait.”

    “alright.” he hears the slight rustle noises coming from your pillow, and off you were to sleep, head close to his arm while facing him.

    “itadori, what’s up?”

    “nothing. just thinking of something.”

    he can remember — no, hear nobara’s voice echoing in his head. even the raven decided to check what was going on with him. it was odd for the two of them, the usual yuji now so quiet and stoic.

    your stolen glances weren’t the only thing that’s been keeping him up at night, it was the intimacy, it was the ‘good morning’s and ‘good night’s, it was the occasional hand holding.

    for fun, you said.

    yuji wasn’t a fool (surprisingly, even sukuna ‘praised’ him for it). friends do do this, but do friends give each other hugs akin to long lost lovers every single time a mission’s over? his hand cradling the back of your head while you wrapped your arms around his neck.

    quietly does he pick up the way your eyes turn into crescent moons and lips mellowing into cotton candy when he talks. hell — no one gives someone a cold can of juice on a rainy day, only you did. and what for?

    well, he can say that he wasn’t a fool (only does he realize after the two pointed that out for him).

    “eh... tch. why are you so easily swayed by them, brat?”

    despite having to deal with the king of curses from time to time, especially whenever his heart skips and pounds at you yelling out his name from afar, he would — in a heartbeat — slap his own face just to shut the other up.

    even now when the two of you have graduated, he still can’t seem to find a way — to find the words to tell you how he feels. oh god how he wished you would stop beating around the bush.

    such a hypocrite, he’s the one beating it around too.

    your shallow breath fans against his neck, and he silently curses at how close you two were.

    not like he was expecting the two of you to sleep on a bed this small, you always have two extra mattresses prepared so you could lay on the floor with him, fair and square.

    but no, you moved in to a new apartment and the delivery of your new queen-sized bed had to be delayed at the very last minute.

    what could he do?

    a single bed, a movie ‘date’ (what the two of you always called it), a chatty night, along with a close mishap.

    he wasn’t ready, and he wished you two could be more straightforward with each other. angling his body to the side, he reaches a hand out, only to pull back in.

    “i know.”

    he yelps, earning a yelp from you too before you gently landed a poke on his side.

    “i could feel it, y’know?” you scoffed at him. “i hope you don’t pull some prank on me while i’m trying to sleep.”

    “sorry,” yuji mutters, a smile forming on his lips. you notice a hint of pink across his cheeks before scooting inside into the corner.

    “come closer.”


    “you’ll fall.”

    “i’d rather.” he scoots closer to you.

    perhaps too close, your faces were merely inches apart.

    the twinkle in your eyes were hypnotizing that he finds himself bringing his hand back up, cupping the side of your face before caressing it with his thumb.

    you gulped, mind going blank as you didn’t know what to do but to feel your cheeks heating up. finally, you decided to rest an arm on his torso before chuckling.

    “stop!” he purses his lips before grinning. “it’s so awkward now that you’re laughing.”

    “alright, alright, i’ll stop.” you gently heave out a breath.

    “y/n?” you hummed again for the second time tonight.

    “can we be more honest with each other?”

    yuji endures the silence that you gave, though his hopes were slowly crashing down when you decided to close your eyes. the silence beginning to devour him alive.

    “alright — starting tomorrow.”

    to him, it wasn’t a ‘maybe’ anymore, it’s now something worth hoping for.

    《 want more? check out my master list! 》

    ©  2021 rindough, do not repost or plagiarize.

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    i just realised today is gojo’s bday and now i’m crying

    its been two years since we last saw him in the manga, i wonder what he’s doing

    maybe he’s asking himself if his students are okay, if nanami’s okay, if shoko’s okay. if they miss him. if they remembered its his birthday.

    and i bet he’s probably crying thinking abt how he used to celebrate his bday with shoko and suguru before the accident, since he never experienced the joy of a birthday due to his strict parents.

    never thought i would’ve cried for him but guess what

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    07.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    gintama ed 19 x jujutsu kaisen

    first years
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    best i've ever had (nsfw!)

    pairing: satoru gojo x female reader

    summary: it's gojo's birthday, and all he wants to do is spend time with you.

    characters: mostly satoru gojo, with a little bit of megumi fushiguro, yuji itadori, with mentions of nanami kento and nobara kugisaki

    content warnings (minors DNI!): oral (male receiving), unprotected sex, riding (female), creampie, cockwarming (if you squint), slight overstimulation (male and female receiving)

    word count: 2.140 (2,140)

    author's note: i just had to write something for this man's birthday 🤪 feedback and reblogs are appreciated!

    “good, megumi, now straighten out your back…”

    the dark haired boy obeyed your command, adjusting his form.  you heard some stifles of laughter from around the corner, and you could only imagine who they were.

    megumi grumbles curse words, his face reddening.

    “i wonder if nobara and yuji are done with their warm-ups…” you say loudly, satisfied when you hear their gasps and the sound of feet running away.

    your second-year students were a handful, but in the best way.  they were fairly skilled and well developed in their cursed techniques, but you believed that there was always room for improvement.

    “you’ve got it now.  go join nobara and yuji for our combined lesson, i’ll be there in a second.”  you state, looking on the ground and seeing the damaged practice puppets.

    “thank you, sensei.” megumi bows slightly, before walking away.

    you smile, beginning to clean up the mess megumi’s individual lesson created.

    things are going along just fine, with the energy of the environment slightly changing. you are suddenly picked up from behind.  you squeal, holding onto the arms that held you up.  you already knew who it was, but the action caught you off guard.

    you’re brought down and spun around, smiling like a fool upon facing gojo.

    “you always teach the kids about keeping their guard up, but you don’t follow through with that.  what if i was an intruder?”  the man says jokingly, planting a kiss on your forehead.

    you softly hum at the action.  “i knew it was you, satoru.”

    that part was true.  at this point, you had memorized satoru’s energy.  this was easy, because your technique allowed you to mimic other jujutsu sorcerer’s abilities.

    it was fairly handy in battle.  typically in jujutsu battles, you’re fighting against someone with a different set of skills, so of course it’ll be hard.  but what if you fought with someone who knew your techniques and how you performed them? it’d be much more difficult, and tougher to surprise them.  that was the beauty of your technique.

    energy, like people’s feelings, were easy to interpret for you.  you could tell the amount of rage or distress of someone as they walked into the room.  gojo was different.  his energy was always very strong and powerful, but eerily calm and collected.

    but when gojo saw you, his energy changed.  it became so tender, full of devotion and care.  that’s how you knew his intentions were true.

    gojo blushes at your words, looking up at the sky to keep you from seeing it.  “whatever,” he grumbles, looking down on you with one eye to see if you were still looking up at him.

    you were, but looked down.  your gaze naturally landed on his chest.  “don’t you have first years to teach, sensei?” you mock lightheartedly, softly punching his chest.

    the man groans in an exaggerated tone, holding his chest with his two hands.  you playfully roll your eyes, stepping away and continuing to pick the puppets.

    “i’ll have you know that nanami offered to take them on a field trip...”

    “nanami offered?”

    “well, i suggested the idea because it would be good for them...” gojo admits, nervously chuckling.  you gaze at your partner and see him holding his head with one of his hands, slightly embarrassed.

    “so i thought i’d spend some time with you, on this very lovely and special day.”  he proposes, innocently walking over towards you.

    you continue to clean.  “i see.  since you’re here, do you want to teach for me? that way, i can go home early.” you say.  you were joking, but was curious to your partner’s reaction.

    gojo groans, crossing his arms over his chest.  “not you trying to make me work on my birthday.  i’d rather not.  we’re supposed to be going home together, anyway.”

    you blush, turning away from your partner so he doesn’t see.  “well then you’ll have to wait until later.  it’s almost the end of the day.”  you say, setting the damaged puppets in the basket of other damaged practice targets.

    gojo frowns.  “but gojo wants y/n all to himself now.  that’s the only present he asks for...” he whines, pulling you in for a hug.

    the act was sweet, and you hug your partner back.  “y/n is in the middle of a lesson.”  you remind him.

    you pull away, kissing his hand.  gojo huffs, looking away briefly before returning his gaze towards your eyes.

    “do that again.” gojo says.  you take his other hand and pepper it with kisses.

    “ew!” you suddenly hear.  gojo and you turn towards the sound and see yuji standing with an unpleasant face.

    gojo’s energy changes, and the man tries to assert dominance of the situation.  “oh, hey yuji!  your sensei was simply praising me for my talent, that’s all.”

    you smile and shake your head at gojo’s words, approaching your second year.  “what’s up, yuji? i told megumi i’d be there shortly.”

    “utahime sensei from kyoto wanted to talk to gojo sensei.  megumi saw him coming this way...” the boy trails off, pointing towards gojo.

    you raise your eyebrows.  “duty calls,” you say, turning towards your partner.

    it wasn’t like you to get jealous, but when it came to gojo, it happened a lot.  in this instance, you tried not to be, because you knew utahime couldn’t stand your partner anyway.  but it was the fact that someone else needed or wanted him, and even though until now you acted like you were fine without the man, the truth is that you needed gojo like you needed oxygen.

    gojo nods.  “right.  well, y/n sensei.  i’ll see you later for our meeting.” gojo states, winking awfully with the eye that faced yuji.

    gojo, thinking that he was able to fool yuji, begins to walk away with an independent stance.  you and yuji follow gojo until his figure disappears.

    “he might be the strongest, but i think his head is empty sometimes.” yuji states bluntly, and you snort.  yuji always said something that made you forget what you were feeling in the first place, something that you admired about him, even if he didn’t know that he did such things.

    “if you say that about gojo sensei, i wonder what you say about me when i’m not around.” you state.

    “all good things, all good things!” yuji exclaims, and the two of you walk to meet up with megumi and nobara for their daily lesson.


    “just like that, angel...holy shit.”

    the end of the day had come soon enough.  gojo wasted no time in seeing you and walking you home.  once you got to his apartment, you released your feelings of jealously and despair the only way you knew how.

    gojo sat naked on the couch, with legs spread.  your naked body housed between them,  your lips wrapped around his thick cock.  you bobbed your head in a steady rhythm, massaging whatever you couldn’t reach.

    gojo was a sight like this.  his toned abbs and chest were all in your view.  sweat glistened on the curves of his muscles, something that made you horny when you didn’t expect it to.  because of the pleasure, gojo had his head thrown back.

    you begin to deepthroat your partner, with one of his free hands massaging his balls.  “oh fuck, oh fuck…” he panted, bringing his hand to his face as if to cope with euphoria.  you gag here and there, but the motivation to continue was gojo’s moans.  not only were they hot, but they were important to you, because that meant that you were doing good.

    you pull off for just a moment, spitting on his cock.  gojo looks down at you, groaning at the absence of your mouth, and your hand lazily jerks him off.

    “you like it when i choke on you, yeah?” you say seductively, using your tongue to lick the vein along gojo’s cock.

    gojo’s hips jerk at the action, a soft mewl coming from his lips.  your tongue licks lightly around the tip.

    “use your words, satoru.”  you instruct, continuing to tease his cock.

    “i-i can’t, damn…” he stutters, covering his eyes with his hands.

    you let go of his cock completely.  gojo gasps, the absence of warmth from your hand disappearing, and the cool air hitting his nervous cock.

    this was the third time you had edged him tonight.  part of it was because you were slightly upset from earlier events, but also because you loved to see him because a moaning mess for you.  the strongest man became the weakest under your touch.

    “no, baby, please…” gojo proclaims, his cock twitching.

    you coo, standing.  “i’m not going anywhere.  but tell me what you want.”  you demand, massaging your breasts in front of your partner.

    gojo watches, mesmerized.  this sight of you was beautiful.  with the light of sunset shining behind you, it enhanced your form–gojo could have easily mistaken you for like an angel.

    “you,” he croaks, reaching out.  “i want you.”

    you were satisfied with that response.  you act instinctively, sitting on gojo’s cock like it was your throne.

    “mmph,” gojo moans, watching as you impale yourself on his cock.  at first, you moved your hips slowly, letting your walls get used to him.  didn’t take much, considering you were soaked and ready before this ordeal even began.

    you begin to bounce.  you sigh in pleasure, his cock fitting into your cunt just right, hitting all the right spots.

    “yeah, baby, fuck me, fuck me…” gojo pants, looking down at the masterpiece.  his hands find  themselves at your waist, using his strong arms to help you bounce, as he noticed that your legs were already somewhat shaky.

    you couldn’t help that.  not when gojo’s cock pleasured you like no else.

    “satoru…” you whine, wrapping your arms around his neck.  “i want you to cum with me.  can you do that for me?”

    gojo can only nod, watching your perfect body take his cock like a champion.  gojo’s hips finally make their move, ramming your cunt with a passionate force.

    “oh, oh, oh,” you hiccup, the pleasure too good to keep quiet for.  you lean down towards gojo and kiss him eagerly, and the man returns the kiss.  deprived tongues find each other, as bodies intimately work towards their high.

    “you gonna cum inside me?  gonna claim my walls with your cum?”  you mutter against his lips, causing your partner to growl against you.  gojo continues to ram your cunt, eager to cum.

    a strong sensation pools in the pit of your stomach, your cunt clenching at the approach of your climax.

    gojo’s thrusts become sloppy but remain powerful.  “shit, shit, shit, angel, i’m finally cumming, i’m gonna cum–”  gojo stumbles on his words as he cums hard into your pussy.  you came shortly afterward, your body twitching as hot strands of cum fill you up.

    the both of you pant, staying in this position for a few moments.  suddenly, gojo reaches down and begins to rub your clit.  as sensitive as you were, the action aroused you again, your body responding by straddling on gojo’s cock.

    his cock was already sensitive from cumming so fucking hard, but he wanted to make you into a mess.  it was only fair, since you did the same to him just a few moments earlier.

    “take it, baby, take all of this…”  he cooes.

    your body was nearly convulsing, because it was too much.  you still had gojo’s cock inside you, and it twitched as you straddled him.  then, he harshly rubbed circles on your bruised clit, not caring how sensitive you were.  gojo added another stimulant by using his free hand to massage one of your breasts, playing with your nipple.

    you could only last so long this way, creaming again on gojo’s cock.  gojo reaches his second orgasm only a few moments later, the constant clench of your cum-filled pussy being too much for him to bear.

    gojo’s body twitches as he recovers, with you climbing off to help.  the two of you clean up once fully recovering, and cuddle on the couch.

    it was silent for a while.  but gojo eventually speaks.  “that was the best birthday present ever,” gojo breathes, planting a kiss on your forehead.  your head cuddles more into his neck.

    “then i don’t have to show you your actual present, right?”  you say.

    “woah, woah, woah, i didn’t say that…” the man claims.

    “follow me,” you say, standing up from the couch.  your hand holds out for his, which he instantly accepts.

    as you lead gojo to his present, the man begins to think.  he would surely love whatever you got him.  but that gift wouldn’t be nearly as important as you.

    you were the best gift satoru could have ever gotten.  and nothing could change that.

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    birthday boy

    #Jujutsu Kaisen#gojo satoru#doods #oh my god im about to tag everyone.. #shoko ieri#geto suguru#itadori yuji#megumi fushiguro#nobara kugisaki #okay im done #i hate all sagittarius men and gojo isnt an exception ./lh #jjk
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    07.12.2021 - 17 hours ago
    "𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭'𝐫𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐬𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭?"
    ʜᴀᴘᴘʏ ʙɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ ɢᴏᴊᴏ-ꜱᴇɴꜱᴇɪ!
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  • itadoraable
    07.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Itadori : Fushiguro! Can I play with your shikigamis? They're so cute!

    Fushiguro : (I don't want to hear that from the cutest)

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  • zakkura
    07.12.2021 - 19 hours ago


    Gojo (a somewhat God) meets Haruhi Suzumiya (a God).

    I would do anything to see these guys interact.

    I mean ffs, Kyon and Megumi! What a fricking team. 

    Toge and Yuki?! YES! She would also enjoy Panda :3

    Mikuru would be wanting to run away but I get the impression Nobara would enjoy teasing her.

    Also, holy crap.

    Yuji interacting with Itsuki would just...Oh I want to see that so badly; Itsuki would be so confused by this bubbly bubblegum adorable goose of a boy.

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    07.12.2021 - 20 hours ago
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  • nico-lodeon
    07.12.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Itadori Yuuji as your childhood best friend headcanons

    Author's note: full disclaimer I'm trying this out for the first time so feedback is much appreciated (人*´∀`)。*゚+ NOW ON WITH THE HEADCANONS-

    You two would have met at the playground during recess when he saw you swinging on the swing set

    And him being the little ray of sunshine he is, waddled over to keep you company :))

    Would push you on the swings at a steady pace

    And bada bing bada boom you two became inseparable

    Always partnered up with you during class outings and held your hand to make sure you wouldn't wander off on your own

    Would share his lunch with you if you forgot to bring yours from home

    On that note, he'd always keep track of your favourite snacks and remember to stock up on them later-

    Would totally square up against anyone he thought was being mean to you ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

    (and he'd win-)

    One time you guys had a sleepover at his place while it was storming outside

    He held your hand throughout the night to help you sleep and keep you safe

    Even let you sleep on his bed while he took the sleeping bag on the floor


    When your parents came to pick you up, you being the little chatterbox you are told them all about what happened and they still tease you about it to this day

    And yes even tho the two of you don't go to the same school anymore (him being enrolled in Jujutsu Tech) you guys are still super close and always make plans to meet up on the weekends (≧▽≦)

    "Nothing could ever tear us apart"

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    My queen, my king and my babies. I miss them so much

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    Q posket Jujutsu Kaisen Yuji Itadori Unbox + Toreba Tips👁

    Click picture for video👇🏻 https://youtu.be/bPPKVGR9DWI

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