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    23.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    We Groove and We Dance

    part two | part four

    Yuji Itadori x f!reader x bully!Megumi Fushiguro

    Genre: Smut & Angst

    Notes: University AU, all characters aged up. I’m so invested in this series, like, officially obsessed it is sooo much fun to write!! Also thank u to everyone who has been sweet to me and left nice comments or joined my tag list it’s so amazing and humbling to see so many people enjoying this 💖

    Synopsis: You’ve been dating Yuji Itadori for nine months. He’s the best boyfriend you’ve ever had, he cares for you deeply and he’s amazing in the sack. When new boy Megumi moves to town and joins your art course, you are shocked to discover he isn’t the quiet introvert you suspected him to be.

    Warnings:  18+, dubcon/noncon, consensual dry humping, bullying, fingering, drugging, choking, degradation, bladder failure (NOT piss kink), vomiting, marking??? clubbing.

    Words: 5.7k

    You didn’t dare utter a word when you got into Yuji’s car. It was just as well, really, because he kept blathering on about his class. Apparently one of his classmates took a huge fall while jumping hurdles. It was embarrassing for the boy, but hilarious for all of those who witnessed. Normally you’d be laughing with Yuji. His laugh is so contagious, and his smile was the type that could make you smile too, no matter how upset or angry you were. But not today. Today your heart was thumping, if not for the music Yuji was blaring in the car, you’re certain he would have heard the sound of your vital organ pounding against your ribcage. Your eyes were hollow. All you could do was face forward out of the front window and hope to get home as soon as possible. You kept replaying the moment that made you temporarily mute over and over in your mind. That wasn’t you. You’ve never felt that way before. Pure, unadulterated hatred. The way you destroyed Megumi’s sketchbook wasn’t normal. The insane laughter that followed wasn’t normal either. It’s like he broke you. Is that his plan?

    Is Megumi Fushiguro trying to break you?

    The first word you spoke to Yuji since you stepped into his car was a sharp ‘no!’ after he asked if you wanted to get a McDonald’s before you headed home. All you wanted was the comfort and safety of your house. You wanted to lock yourself away and forget every single thing that happened today.

    As soon as you stepped foot inside, you slammed the door behind you and locked it instantly. Your boyfriend turned to face you with a raised brow, he knew something was going on and he wasn’t the type to ignore his intuition. But instead of questioning you, he pulled you closer to him by your wrist and gently kissed at your neck. His sweet lips were tickling you and even in your terrified state you couldn’t help but giggle.

    “Do you wanna talk about it baby?” he asked you.

    “I don’t think I should…” you whimpered, nuzzling yourself into his chest.

    He squeezed you tighter, closer to his body. Repeatedly smothering the crown of your head in quick, loving kisses.

    “Do you wanna sit on my face while you talk about it?” he teased, kissing you again as he waited for your answer. You’re pretty sure it was a joke, but you know how much Yuji loves eating you out, so if you actually wanted to do that, he’d be more than happy to oblige. You softly pushed him away and fake-punched his arm.

    “Not today.” you spoke, turning away from him to go into your bedroom.

    What you did want, was a nap.

    You didn’t even have the energy to put any pyjamas on. After getting yourself down to your panties and bare chest, you collapsed on top of your mattress and curled into a ball. Yuji followed you into the bedroom, he didn’t pressure you to talk, but he rested his hand on your shoulder as your body rose and fell while you sobbed silently.

    “I hate seeing you like this, try and get some sleep. Okay?” he told you, you couldn’t answer with words. But you nodded in agreement. “Do you want me to get you anything?” he questioned. You shook your head in response. He leaned over to kiss your cheek. He stayed with you for a while, until he was sure you’d drifted off. It didn’t take too long for the pressure of the day and your crying to knock you out into a heavy nap.

    You needed this.

    You really need this.

    Three hours. You napped for three hours. You woke up at 8pm, confused and agitated. You were slightly irritated that Yuji didn’t wake you, because you knew you wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight now that you’ve slept to such a ridiculous time. When you got out of bed, you pulled on one of Yuji’s old t-shirts and left your room to find him.

    But you couldn’t be mad.

    You couldn’t be mad at him after you told him you didn’t need anything, but he went to the store anyway. He was sitting comfortably on the sofa, eyes drooped, clearly bored of whatever he was watching on the TV. In front of him was a spread-out selection of chocolate, crisps, biscuits and gummy sweets. His eyes widened when he noticed you, and that trademark smile of his sprawled across his face.

    “I didn’t know what to get, so I got all of your favourites.” he told you as he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. Tears began to prick at your eyes. It had been a hard, draining day. And yet, even without telling him a single thing he managed to brighten your mood. “I rented The Shining too, it’s your favourite right?”

    “Right.” you earnestly smiled, completely touched that he went to so much effort for you.

    “Even though you get scared every single time we’ve watched it together.” he taunts playfully, he begins to pat the space beside him on the sofa inviting you to sit down.

    “Don’t poke fun, it’s not my fault Jack Nicholson is such a convincing actor! He’s amazing and—”

    “Yeah yeah, save it for the movie princess. You can do your own commentary you’ve seen it so many times.” he interrupted before you could finish your sentence. He was right though. You could talk about the film the entire time about what you like about it and little titbits you knew. And he’d let you. He’d let you and he’d smile while you did it.

    The amount of snack food you consumed was criminal. You actually thought you might die or explode at any minute. Yuji ate even more than you did, and you couldn’t believe he was fine. You don’t know where he puts it, you’d be impressed if you didn’t feel so violently sick from over consumption. The movie ended, but you couldn’t be bothered to move from your cosy spot. You’d gotten yourself comfortable, nestled into Yuji’s chest while he held an arm around you.

    A squeal ripped from your chest as Yuji picked you up in his arms bridal style. You forget how strong he is. The way he held you made you feel like you weighed nothing at all. It was disappointing that he didn’t carry you all of the way to bed. Instead, he dropped you off in the bathroom. He wetted your toothbrush for you and put on some toothpaste before he did the same for himself. You were grateful, because of the lack of energy you had you knew you wouldn’t have done it otherwise. You’re looking at each other as you brush in the mirror above the sink. Foam forming in both of your mouths. After you both spit, he pokes harshly at your chest. You pull the fabric assuming he means you dribbled a bit. But when you’re at your most vulnerable he takes the opportunity to lift his finger and flick your nose. You try to begin playfighting with him; but he instantly grabs your wrists and throws you over his shoulder.

    “Nice try.” he laughs.

    Yuji opens the bedroom window as far as it’ll go before turning on the fan he bought for the room. The heat was unbearable, and the fact you were both full of food wasn’t helping matters either. He lay on his back while you turned away from him facing the window. He slipped a hand up the back of your shirt and began to delicately trace with his fingers, knowing the tickling sensation helps you sleep.

    You pluck up the courage to tell Yuji an idea you’ve had before you drift off to sleep for the night.

    “I’m not going to uni tomorrow.” you tell him bluntly.

    There’s an uncomfortable silence. It’s a beat of silence that’s somehow filled with a boisterous amount of noise that makes your stomach churn. There’s not a word spoken. But you can hear the irritation in your boyfriend’s throat as he coughs to clear it. You can feel the way his relaxed face tenses and contracts as a scowl forms. It’s impossible to miss the furrowing of his brows, the squinting of his eyes or the clenching of his teeth.

    “Fushiguro said something to you, didn’t he?” he almost grunted.

    It was so easy to love Yuji. It was so easy to be hopelessly in love with him, because he just knows you. It’s not even been a year since you began dating but he can read you like a book. You should have known, really, because he’s always like this. He knows how to read between the lines and know exactly what you mean. Anyone else would assume you were skiving, taking some personal time off to be lazy and lounge around. But not Yuji. Because he really knows you. He knows that you don’t take time off unless you absolutely have to. He had to battle with you to stay home around Christmas time when you caught a winter cold.

    So what other reason would you want to stay home other than Megumi Fushiguro?

    “Tell me what he said.” he demanded. You could feel him burning holes into the back of your head as he awaited his answer.

    “He didn’t—”

    “Don’t lie to me. Don’t cover for him. You need to tell me, now.” he said as his volume increased. It scared you a little. He’s never been angry with you before, so he’s never had any reason to raise his voice or yell. But you know he isn’t angry with you, he’s angry at him.

    “Please. Yuji please I don’t want to talk about it. I promise he didn’t do anything I just,” you paused, feeling the tears well in your eyes again while you thought about it. You couldn’t stand Megumi. You couldn’t stand that he was making you lie to your boyfriend for the first time ever. It wasn’t like you were planning on keeping it to yourself forever. You just needed a plan. You needed time to think. “It wasn’t his fault, really, it was mine. He was showing me some ink and I spilled it all over my sketchbook and ruined everything. I’m just a little stressed since I’m gonna have to start all over. I just… I need tomorrow to myself to try and make a new body of work.”

    He was silent again. You could hear him breathing heavily, he’d wound himself up thinking about Megumi upsetting you. He was trying to steel himself so he wouldn’t snap. His resolve and agitation crumbled when you rolled over to face him. Your big teary doe eyes staring up at him so innocently, he couldn’t stay mad when you were like this.

    “I know you’re lying to me.” he spoke.

    “’m not!”

    “Stop it,” he snapped a little, shutting his eyes to compose himself again. “I’m not gonna pressure you to talk to me. If you’re hellbent on covering for him that’s on you. Take the day off, I’ll keep out of his way. But please, please baby, talk to me and tell the truth when you’re ready.” he told you.

    It broke your heart a little when he rolled away from you. In the nine months you’ve been together, he’s never forgotten to kiss you goodnight. He wasn’t forgetting to do it now. He wasn’t kissing you on purpose.

    He really was mad at you.

    “… Yuji, I love you.”

    “I love you.”

    It still stung how your night ended with Yuji. It was killing you knowing that you really had upset him and made him so cross with you. You woke up at 6am, your jagged sleep from your ill-timed nap made you groggy and exhausted. When your eyes opened, you turned to see Yuji with his arm wrapped around your waist. Like he couldn’t resist you.

    You freed yourself from his hold, leaving the bedroom and heading for the kitchen to get yourself some breakfast. You didn’t have the energy to find something to watch while you scarfed at your cereal, so you turned on the first morning breakfast show you could. You didn’t care about a single thing they spoke about; it was like white noise while you crunched away.

    You washed your bowl when you finished, instantly finding a new sketchbook in the cupboard you bought for your next project. You’d have to remember to buy another new one for next semester. You were exhausted, completely drained and miserable. Anything you produce would probably pale in comparison to your original book, but there was no time to waste and you needed a head start on your absent day.

    Yuji got up two hours later. Lazily wandering the apartment as he dressed himself and gathered everything he needed for his class. He said a quick goodbye before grabbing onto the door handle to leave.

    “Don’t I get a kiss?” you asked. You felt absolutely pathetic. You never thought you’d be the type of girl to be so needy and crave validation from your partner. But he’d never been like this with you before. He’s always been so affectionate and loving with you, so this new side of him made you insecure and uncomfortable.

    But ever the perfect boyfriend, he approached you to give you the kiss you so desperately desired. It was quick with not much passion behind it. He gave you a half-hearted smile before getting up to leave again.

    “I love you.” you spoke.

    He halted his actions when he heard your voice break. Tears threatening to break free from your eyes yet again. He came back closer to you, giving you a romantic, passionate kiss against your yearning lips. Yuji pulled away to kiss your forehead, before looking intently into your sodden eyes.

    “Baby. I love you. So. Much.” he insists, it was all he needed to say to reassure you. Your heart pounded and the tears broke free from your eyes. It was relief. He waved goodbye before he finally left.

    You had the whole entire day to yourself. And you were spending every single hour from now until bedtime painting and getting your sketchbook up to scratch. And now that Yuji wasn’t mad (or at least as mad) with you anymore, you felt confident you could do this.

    When 2pm came around, you were ravenous. The hunger pangs you’d been furiously trying to ignore were becoming unbearable. You ordered takeout so that you wouldn’t have to waste time cooking that you could be spending painting. You were working up to the very last minute until the doorbell rang. You held your paintbrush between your teeth as you answered, warranting a very awkward look from the delivery boy. You kicked the door closed with the back of your foot, instantly diving into the pizza box to satiate your starvation.

    You moaned loudly as soon as the dough and cheese combination hit your tongue, the taste made you consider whether you preferred the flavour of the food or sex with your boyfriend. It was a consideration you’d be keeping to yourself.

    – ping –

    You just about died when the notification came through on your phone. It was only a text from Yuji. You opened it quickly, it was a link to a Facebook event. It was bright and colourful, quite contrasting to the club it was associated with.


    ­You scrolled down to see that Yuji had added both of your names to the guest list.

    Yuji: I know ur busy with ur coursework, but maybe? It’s tonight only. x

    You didn’t reply instantly. It’s been a while since you’ve been to Independent, or Indie as it’s more commonly known amongst students. It’s your favourite club. It’s a little dingy but it’s huge and the drinks are cheap. It’s favoured amongst students since the first and second floors have different vibes. The main room downstairs plays old school r&b and hip-hop, whereas upstairs has a smaller room that plays indie music. They have a special blue and pink drink you can’t get anywhere else. You know a girl who has the signature drink tattooed on her body, so she gets free entry for life. Your phone pings again when you take a little while to reply.

    Yuji: We don’t have to go. But it’s been a while since we went, and we always have fun! x

    You: No ur right. Lets go!! xx🥰

    It’s embarrassing to be honest, how quickly your determined resolve crumbled. You internally mock yourself as you get ready for the paint party. I’m gonna work all day until bedtime. Pfft. You decide to slick your hair back, it’s glamourous and easy which is best since it’ll likely be covered in paint before the nights out.

    You hear the door slam and Yuji instantly rush towards the bathroom. He slams the door after himself, but rushes instantly back out to come and greet you.

    “Hi,” he kisses your cheek, panting from being so energetic around the house. “this came for you, looks like it’s from your parents.” he tells you, dropping a letter in front of you before rushing back to the bathroom.

    Your vision drops to the letter in front of you. It’s got your mother’s dainty elegant handwriting on the front and your stomach churns as you flip to see a gorgeous pink wax seal with your family crest on the front.

    Not today. This is a problem for tomorrow me.

    Once you’ve finished with your hair, you apply a quick helping of gloss and other finishing touches to your makeup. You opt to don a pair of old jeans and a plain white t-shirt. You’re not willing to sacrifice your gorgeous wardrobe for the sake of a paint party. Part of you worries that you’ll look out of place and like you haven’t made an effort, but you’re sure everyone else attending will likely have had the same idea.

    Yuji steps out of the shower, a towel wrapped around his waist and abs glistening from the water trickling down his body. Your heart is pounding. He looks good enough to eat and he smirks when he clocks that you’re ogling him. You get out of your dressing table seat and approach him. He’s wise to you though, because as soon as you reach to unravel his towel, he grabs your wrist and tuts.

    “I just showered princess.”


    “You’re so cute when you’re needy. Are you wet? Look at ya, squirming around like that f’me.” he continues to tease, pushing you backwards so you fall backwards onto the bed with him on top of you. Both of your hands are pinned above your head with one of his. Your chest is heaving. You need him. And you need him now.

    You start to grind on his thigh slowly, trying to ease the tension building between your thighs. A cheeky grin finds it’s way on his face as he’s amused by how desperate you’re acting. Cunt longing to feel him inside of you. He starts to move his thigh to help you, but stops as soon as he starts, knowing that you shouldn’t

    “Please, Yuji please. Just a quickie, I’ll do the work.” you beg pitifully, bucking your hips quicker so you gain some more friction against your core.

    “No baby. Maybe when we get home,” he said with a wicked smile on his face, “we always have great drunk sex, don’t we?”

    There’s a line outside of the club as you step out of the cab. But that is the line for people who came to the club without putting their names on the Facebook guest list. Yuji takes your hand as he guides you up to the stamp lady sitting in the booth, telling her both of your names. He’s such a gentleman, he even pays the fee for the pair of you to get in. She instantly finds you both and stamps your hands so you can go inside. Your eyes glimmer as both yours and Yuji’s white t-shirts illuminate under the UV lights once you get inside. He noticed you were feeling a little insecure over your outfit choice, so he copied you. White t-shirt and jeans. You needn’t have worried though, your suspicions were correct. Everyone else in the club seemed to have a similar idea to dress simpler rather than going all out. Some people were dressed more scantily than others, but it was all in good fun.

    There were members of staff on the balconies above your head. They had enormous plastic guns in their hands that they were shooting down into the crowd. The bright colours made instant contact with you and your boyfriend, and he turned to face you when he heard you squeal and laugh over the pounding bass.

    “Let’s get a drink.” he shouted in your ear so that you could hear him. You nodded as you let him lead you through the crowd and to the bar.

    The bar area was a lot more deserted. There were a few groups sitting in booths and others on bar stools waiting for their drinks. You ordered the pink and blue special, while Yuji opted to get himself a bottle of beer. You’re sure he’ll be switching to pints later as the night goes on.

    You notice an odd-looking boy with black hair approach your partner. He taps him on the shoulder, but Yuji doesn’t notice. You tap him instead, and when he faces you, you nod in the direction of the boy.

    “Junpei!” your boyfriend exclaims as he engulfs his friend in a hug. They exchange pleasantries and Yuji introduces you to his friend. “I didn’t think this was your thing Junpei, nice to see ya.” he smiles happily.

    “I got invited and saw your name on the guest list and thought why not! It’s been a while.” he explains.

    You’re told that they were friends in high school, but Junpei went to a different university to study psychology. You stand up to leave, telling Yuji you need the bathroom.

    “I’ll come with you.” he says as he stands up to follow you, but you stop him.

    “I’ll be fine Yuji, Junpei keep him out of trouble while I’m gone.” you joke, making everyone smile hard enough to form apples in their cheeks.

    You wade through the crowds again, getting doused in paint as you do. All of the colours and mess are so pretty, the people in the crowd look amazing and it’s making you so giddy to be part of such an electric atmosphere.

    When you reach the top of the stairs, your heart stops as you see a familiar head of uncontrollable black hair outside of the toilets. You’re instantly regretting not telling Yuji to accompany you.

    It’s Fushiguro.

    He’s got a girl pinned against the wall, his face is covering hers, but you can hear her moaning. You realise outside of his pretty exterior he has no class or manners, which you probably should have known sooner. But seeing him publicly finger a girl outside of some club toilets is the icing on the cake. She’s insatiable, her fingers don’t know where to settle. You see them travel through his hair, on his arm, his waist. She’s got to be faking it. She’s being impossibly loud and irritating. You attempt to back away slowly, before he can notice you. But the fraction of a second he decides to observe his surroundings, he sees you. He whispers something in the girls ear before she rushes away down the other side of the corridor. He sticks his two fingers in his mouth and sensually sucks the strangers juices as he approaches you. You try to turn and run but he’s faster than you. Grabbing your wrist with his free hand and slamming you against the wall.

    He hikes up your leg to rest on his hip, and he’s grinding into you with his face burrowed into your neck. Your voice has been stolen from you and you’re frozen once again. You know he’s not trying to seduce you or fuck you. He’s putting on a show for everyone standing close by. Because while people will think you’re a ravenous young couple dry humping in public, while people will think he’s kissing your neck, he’s whispering obscenities in your ear.

    “I missed you in class today.” he begins, his left hand travelling to settle on your raised hip. “That was a clever fucking present you left in my sketchbook sweetheart.” he grimaces, clearly losing his cool as he relives the discovery of his ruined art.

    “I’m sorr—”

    “Shut. Up.” he spits, silencing you completely. “I had you down for a pussy. I didn’t think you’d fight back, and it was only fair after all. An eye for an eye.” he tells you a little more calmly. You’re still terrified. He smiles menacingly when he can feel you trembling under his grip.

    “Please let go.” you whimper.

    He rests his forehead against yours, his eyes are filled with malice. They’re bloodshot and furious. His smile bares almost every single tooth in his mouth as each corner stretches as close to his ears as possible. He moves both of his hands, wrapping each of them around your neck. And squeezes tight.

    “I don’t like playing fair. You cunt. Did you really think I was going to let you get away with that?” he snapped. You were clawing at his hands, but it did no good. Tears began to stream down your face from the lack of oxygen, desperately trying to take some in.

    “I can’t- breathe, Meg- umi- can’t,” you struggled, hoping he’d take pity on you. His jaw bubbled slightly as he held eye contact with you, and let you go with a flourish.

    You fell to the ground, taking in screeching inhales as you held your tremoring fingers around your swollen throat. Without looking you could already feel the black and blue blemishes discolouring your sensitive neck. He loomed over your defenceless frame as you tried to recover. He wasn’t smiling. He wasn’t angry. If not for what he just did, he’d just be Megumi the moody new boy. It was alarming to you how quickly he could turn it on and off. He turned his back to you and headed down the opposite end of the corridor. You took your opportunity to scurry to your feet and rush back to your boyfriend.

    The time was creeping up to 2:30am. You managed to calm down before you joined with Yuji and Junpei so he didn’t suspect a thing. It was calmer with him, you knew you were safe with his arm wrapped around your shoulder as he conversed with Junpei and his friends. Your group alternated between going to the dancefloor and getting covered in paint and hanging out in the bar area and enjoying your drinks. Whenever you needed the bathroom after your encounter with Megumi you asked Yuji to escort you. He was a little drunk, but not too out of it to look after you.

    Your sides were splitting from laughter from hanging out with Yuji and his friends all evening. Their humour and the combination of flowing alcohol was almost enough to take your mind off being attacked. It felt good to forget. So, you kept drinking more… and more… and more…

    “I never thought we’d see the day miss perfect gets drunk.” a friendly feminine voice speaks from the bar stool behind you.

    When you turn to face the source, it’s two of your classmates. In particular, the Megumi fan club. You’ve never seen them in a club setting before, it was understandable that they didn’t think you had this side to you. It was almost embarrassing trying to formulate a response for them, you were hiccupping and slurring your words like a fool. But they were bubbly and joyous and made you feel good, you felt welcomed into their little group. You were surprised however since they seemed furious that you dared to befriend their dear Megumi.

    “My friend just text me from the dancefloor, did you know Gojo is here?” you heard Junpei speak from the other side of you. Itadori exclaimed loudly in excitement as you turned to face them. “Shall we go see him?” Junpei followed up.

    “Nah,” he told the group as he squeezed you tighter. “I’ll see him if he comes to get a drink.”

    “Y-Yuji,” you hiccuped, “don’t stay because of me, go and see your friend!” you commanded, not wanting to spoil his evening.

    “I’m not leaving you.” he spoke plainly.

    “We’ll look after her.” your classmates spoke.

    You both turned your attention to the girls who were grinning from ear to ear. You smiled back at the offer, their smiles felt sincere and you felt safe to stick with them all night while your boyfriend reunited with his friend. But you turned your body back to look at him to gauge his reaction. He’s so loving and protective, you weren’t sure he’d be willing to risk leaving you while you were drunk with two people he didn’t know.

    “Are they friends of yours?” Yuji asked. You nodded quickly.

    “They’re in my class.” you almost bark at him in your intoxicated state. He gives them a look. He’s assessing them carefully; you can see the cogs whirring in his mind as he’s debating whether he trusts them enough to leave you in their care.

    “Okay,” he speaks before kissing you on the forehead. He looks deeply into his eyes, almost begging you to pay attention and pleading that you’ll process what he’s telling you. “I’ll only be in the room next door. Come and find me if you need me.” he said, a serious look etched on his features.

    “I- duh, I will.” You respond almost mockingly. He knows you don’t mean it, you’ve had one too many pink and blue pints.

    “Please take care of her. I won’t be long.” he tells them.

    You wave him goodbye, but you don’t even get the chance to watch him leave as your friends spin your stool around to face the bar. ‘Shots!’ They both scream, ordering a round. They also order you another pink and blue pint to accompany the one you hadn’t finished. You were all laughing and joking. It was nice to bond with more people on your art course, you usually just kept to yourself and did your work, but you were always friendly and approachable whenever anyone spoke to you.

    The girls were asking you so many questions, taking a genuine interest in you. It was hard to answer in your drunken state of mind, but you did your best. You all connected over stories of your lives. Things like ex-boyfriends and vacation stories, all of which made you laugh and smile. The drinks kept flowing and there was no sign of your boyfriend returning. You were worried he’d panic if you left your spot, but when you all agreed that you needed a bathroom trip you couldn’t resist. When you all stood from the stools, the girls stood on either side of you and took one of your hands. It was so sweet, so you wouldn’t lose each other in the crowd as you tried to find your way.

    You felt so dizzy, so sick and uncomfortable, you weren’t even sure how you were standing up.

    Thankfully your new friends managed to pull you up the stairs and to the girls bathroom. When you entered, the three of you made a beeline for the famed ‘twin toilets’ the girls toilets were known for. It was a cubicle that was double the size of the others, so there was room for a plus one or a plus two for a toilet trip. The blonde girl sat down first, but she was just sitting on the lid. She didn’t pull her panties down to pee, it was like she was just taking a load off her feet.

    “How long does it take to work?” the redhead asked her friend while she lorded above her.

    You lost your balance and fell on your backside. Both of your legs were stretched out in front of you while your back rested on the cubicle wall. Your head was slouched forward and you couldn’t keep your eyes open while you tried to focus on not puking.

    “Please… please guys I need to—”

    You were interrupted with the feeling of warmth travelling through your jeans. You were able to feel embarrassed as you knew what was happening. But your mind was so completely and utterly fucked you couldn’t bring yourself to care enough.

    “Oh my god, it’s working. Did you just piss yourself? Ew…” the blonde spoke and giggled, her friend joining in.

    You were about to speak, to defend yourself. It was their fault for not letting you go first. But while you tried to find the words, vomit escaped you instead. It covered your chin and white t-shirt. You were a pathetic drunken mess covered in paint, pee and sick. The girls were in hysterics at your misfortune.

    “Fucking gross. That’s so nasty,” the redhead exclaimed, still cackling. “That pill Megumi told us to slip in her drink was really strong, huh.” she mused to her partner in crime as they looked down at you.

    You lost all ability to be coherent or focused. So, with the final blow of that earth shattering sentence, your eyes closed and you fell backwards onto the sticky club toilet floor.

    You don’t remember anything after that. You don’t remember the girls cutting open your t-shirt and writing bitch on your chest in blood-red lipstick. You don’t remember them leaving you and shutting the door carefully behind them so no one would notice you. You don’t remember the kind woman who did notice you helping you up. You don’t remember that same woman and her other friend carrying you through the club while you repeatedly babbled musings of

    Yuji… Yuji… Yuji…

    You don’t remember finally finding him, and him crying out in heartbreak as he saw your miserable beaten frame in the arms of those women. You don’t remember him taking you home in Gojo’s car, the designated driver of his own group he was out partying with.

    You don’t remember sleeping for 45 hours straight.

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  • ao3feed-itafushi
    23.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    i collect popsicles

    by hexmenicely

    It's summer and the heat is rampaging in Tokyo.

    What do you do in this intense heat? Eat a popsicle, of course! And Yuuji does just that.

    Words: 1831, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: 呪術廻戦 | Jujutsu Kaisen (Manga), 呪術廻戦 | Jujutsu Kaisen (Anime)

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Itadori Yuuji, Sukuna | Ryoumen Sukuna, Fushiguro Megumi, Gojo Satoru, Nanami Kento, Getou Suguru

    Relationships: Itadori Yuuji/Sukuna | Ryoumen Sukuna, Fushiguro Megumi/Itadori Yuuji, Gojo Satoru/Itadori Yuuji, Itadori Yuuji/Nanami Kento, Getou Suguru/Itadori Yuuji

    Additional Tags: Summer, Popsicles, Itadori Yuuji's Harem, Teasing, Blow Jobs, Non-Explicit, Not Beta Read

    source https://archiveofourown.org/works/32776435

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  • ao3feed-itafushi
    23.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    taylor swift's songs

    by princerumati

    historias basadas en todos los álbumes de taylor swift.

    Words: 39, Chapters: 1/?, Language: Español

    Fandoms: 呪術廻戦 | Jujutsu Kaisen (Manga), 呪術廻戦 | Jujutsu Kaisen (Anime), Haikyuu!!, ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 | JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken | JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Hunter X Hunter, 終わりのセラフ | Owari no Seraph | Seraph of the End, Kuroshitsuji | Black Butler, Kuroshitsuji (2014), 鬼滅の刃 | Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Anime), 鬼滅の刃 | Kimetsu no Yaiba (Manga)

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply, Underage

    Categories: F/M, Gen, M/M, Multi

    Characters: Itadori Yuuji, Fushiguro Megumi, Gojo Satoru, Sukuna | Ryoumen Sukuna

    Relationships: Gojo Satoru/Itadori Yuuji, Fushiguro Megumi/Itadori Yuuji, Itadori Yuuji/Sukuna | Ryoumen Sukuna, Hinata Shouyou/Kageyama Tobio, Itadori Yuuji/Everyone, Kamado Tanjirou/Tomioka Giyuu

    Additional Tags: Other Additional Tags to Be Added

    source https://archiveofourown.org/works/32776240

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    JJK | falling asleep on them;

    ✧˚ · . GOJO is the type to get really invested in movies if interested enough so he propably wouldn't notice you getting comfortable to fall asleep on his chest during a movie night. he turns his head to look at you and share a comment about something happening on the screen (why is he so dumb he could've-oh-) and immediately shuts up at the sight of your face squished against his chest because you look so cute. satoru definetly takes tons of pictures of you, the sweetest and largest smile on his lips, and prepares to tease you when you wake up in the morning as much as he can. and if he's tired enough he will snuggle your closer and fall asleep with you, but if he is not then he'll just settle you more comfortably and plant a soft kiss on you head, letting you sleep and finishing the movie.

    ✧˚ · . NANAMI is very fond of how you act around him, when he is not paying attention to you. when he happens to be finishing his paperwork at home you try not to distract him and mainly hang out somewhere else, but knowing that he is home and not being able to be close to him eats you from inside. so inevitably, you silently sit by his side on the table and lean your head against his shoulder with a small sigh, and kento has to supress his smile and withstand the urge to pet your head. eventually, he notices how your breathing slows down a little bit and turns his head to finally look at you. sweet, nanami thinks as he watches you for a few seconds before carefully picking you up and carrying you to your shared bedroom(and maybe join you a minute later because he can't resist you for too long).

    ✧˚ · . MEGUMI hates the missions gojo-sensei often sends him to complete, but they are better whenever you are around to participate. most of the time, he needs some cleaning after because of the cuts and bruises, this mission isn't an exception, so that's how he finds himself in the shoko-san's office with you, sitting by his side. he leans his back againt the wall, subtly focusing on your slightly rapid breathing, and then he feels weight on his lap. he manages to give a questioning look while silently observing your figure, trying to get comfortable on hard stools, and when he recieves a tired smile and a 'please?'' as if in permission to lay your head on his thighs, fushiguro can only nod. it's not long before your breathing steadies; megumi can't help the dust that spreads all over his cheeks as his fingers move your hair away from your face, gently stroking the skin, which visibly makes you relax, and he is glad.

    ✧˚ · . ITADORI loves, loves, loves to share his everything with you so it's common for him to talk a lot about his adventures. he gets so invested, like he is living through those moments again, and it gets you excited and interested too. when he is tired(and i'm sure this pretty boy can get really tired) yuuji often tends to zone out for a brief second and then come back to telling his story, but eventually exhaustion will take over him and i believe he is the first one to fall asleep most of the time. you are not mad, of course; he looks adorable while mumbling something in his sleep and drooling a little bit so you just join him, letting him wrap his arms around your figure to bring you closer with a content sigh.

    #jujutsu kaisen#jjk #jujutsu kaisen fluff #jujutsu kaisen x reader #jjk x reader #gojo satoru x you #gojou satoru#gojo satoru #gojo satoru x reader #gojou satoru x reader #nanami kento x you #nanami kento x reader #nanami kento#nanami fluff#fushiguro megumi #fushiguro megumi x reader #megumi x reader #megumi fluff#itadori yuuji #itadori yuuji x reader #itadori fluff #jujutsu kaisen gojo #jujutsu kaisen megumi #jujutsu sorcerer #gojo satoru fluff #comfort#fluff
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    ItaFushi soft content for the soul

    #jjk#jujutsu#jujutsu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen itadori #jujutsu kaisen itadori yuuji #Itadori#Itadori yuuji#jujutsu sorcerer #Jujutsu kaisen megumi #Jujutsu kaisen fushiguro #Megumi#Megumi fushiguro#itafushi #itadori x fushiguro #yuuji x megumi
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    #jjk#jjk spoilers #jujutsu kaisen spoilers #itadori yuuji #jjk manga spoilers #jujutsu kaisen manga spoilers #idk what else to tag this mute shit yourselves #blah
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  • rowdyredriot
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    Evil uncle wants you to commit crimes for him.

    Some more merfolk AU drawings I forgot to post. 

    Twitter/Insta: FaindriArt
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    #tw// mpreg#jjk imagines#jujustu kaisen #jjk x reader #jujitsu kaisen #🤍.drabbles #itadori yuuji x reader #itadori yuuji x you #yuuji x y/n #yuuji x reader
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  • goodboy-yuuji
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    #tw// mpreg#jjk imagines#jujustu kaisen #jjk x reader #jujitsu kaisen #🤍.drabbles #itadori yuuji x reader #itadori yuuji x you #yuuji x y/n #yuuji x reader #itadori yuuji smut
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  • goodboy-yuuji
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    #tw// mpreg#jjk imagines#jujustu kaisen #jjk x reader #jujitsu kaisen #🤍.drabbles #itadori yuuji x reader #itadori yuuji x you #yuuji x y/n #yuuji x reader #itadori yuuji smut
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  • skunaryomen
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    𝐈𝐈 ← ★ →𝐈𝐕 (coming soon)

    Pairing : Mafia!Toji x reader x Sukuna
    Contains : drug usage, mentions of blood, physical harm, a lot of swearing, 18+ content, NSFW
    Word Count : 2.5k
    WANDERER'S TAGLIST (specify if you wish to be added in the C&B Taglist)

    Toji has just hated treating you like this for days now. Earlier you both used to bicker around, now that doesn’t happen anymore. Both of you just don’t want to face each other now. All your meals were served by one of the female workers hired specially for you, her name was Jade.

    He wants to genuinely apologise and let you go and let you be free, but right now.. Sukuna was in town and in no way was he in the mood to let him take you away.

    All these days when you sat alone in the room, all you thought about was Toji. Why was he acting like this with you? Why is the deal so important that he needs you to marry him?

    You kept overthinking the situation that you didn’t hear the consistent knocks on your door, eventually making Jade enter your room.

    "Ms. L/n.. are you alright?" she inquired, worried about you. "I-I'm fine" you tell her, flashing her a small smile. "I might be crossing the limits by asking you this but.. i know things are bothering you, miss.. would you like to talk about it?" she asked and you chuckled.

    "You aren’t crossing any limits Jade.." you smiled "It's just.. i feel like i am.. trapped as always, like i never had any freedom since birth. I haven’t been able to trust anyone my whole life, i don’t know what being in love feels like, i don’t know what pure happiness is like" you let out your feelings to her.

    "I'm sorry you're going through so much, but hey.. there will be light one day.. i promise" she cups your cheek. "You promise?" you chuckled. "Yes, i promise" she smiled.

    "And as for Mr. Fushiguro, he cares about you. And it might not seem like it, but he does" she tells you and you sighed "This is the second time i'm hearing this, Jade. And when i think of it.. nothing makes sense.." "You'll understand one day" she said and left me alone in my room once again.

    It was almost afternoon and you definitely did not have anything to do like always, so you decided to take a small nap.

    "Ah, there you are, Ray L/N” the man cheered. “How is your daughter?” the man questioned him. “She’s better than what you are” i spat.

    “Are you sure? Because i don"t think so” he said “Didn’t you sell her off to the Fushiguros?” he added and i went pale. “You can really do anything for money can’t you?” The man now looked like he was amused by this.

    “I won’t ever let you go near her” i seethed. “Oh? And giving- sorry.. selling her off to the Fushiguros was a wise decision? I’m sure she is being tortured there.. at least i would take care of her” he said. “Tell me where she is” he demanded.

    “In your dreams” i laughed “Ray.. don’t make me take the hard way” he said “Do whatever you want.. i’ll never tell you about her” i said and the man let out a deep sigh. He indicated something to the workers and suddenly the hold of the men that had surrounded me, became strong as they dragged me to one of the secluded rooms.

    They threw me down on the floor which was stained with blood and started to beat me up. I screamed in pain, it hurt everywhere. I started to feel like i am losing consciousness.

    “I will come and take you away soon, princess” the man chuckled.

    You woke up screaming a "No!" and gasping for air, your eyes had widened, sweat trickling down your back and your chest heaving, your breathing was erratic and heavy. With shaky hands you wiped your cheek to see you had tears streaming down.

    "Y/n!" You heard the door bang open and you saw Toji rush inside. "What happened? Are you okay? I heard you scream" he asked as he held your hands. You opened your mouth to say something but nothing came out, instead you started to cry.

    Toji held you in his embrace as he caressed your head and kept repeating "Its okay, i've got you" in your ear. For the first time ever, you felt safe, you felt comfortable. Or was it because of the nightmare you just had and him taking care of you seems more calming? You didn’t know. All you wanted was, to be in his embrace and not leave.

    When you calmed down a bit he pulled away and realised how close you both had been. He nervously cleared his throat "Feeling better?" he asked and you nodded.

    "Do you want to talk about what happened?" he asked and you shrugged "I don’t know what happened.. i just went to sleep.. and it was such a horrendous nightmare.." you broke down once again. "Hey.. take a deep breath" he said "with me.. come on" he took in a deep breath and let it out and you followed his actions. He did that a few times till you felt better.

    "Thanks.." you mumbled "You don’t have to talk about it.." he said and you shook your head, you wanted to let this out to someone or else you'd feel burdened with it "I saw father.. more like.. i was him" you said and he furrowed his brows "What do you mean?" he asked.

    "It was like.. a dungeon.. i was in a dungeon and there was this man, he was tall.. had this messy hairdo, ugh i don’t remember" you tell him.

    "I think.. father is in danger Toji.." you tell him. "Do you want me to send someone to check up on him?" he asked and you nodded. "Okay, i'll do that.. you should rest" he said as he was about to get up but you held his arm.

    "Can you.. uh.. stay here tonight?" you asked, not facing him. "Okay.." he said and you slowly let go of his arm and scooted back. He hesitantly came and sat down next to you on the bed and you slowly lied down.

    He ran his fingers through your hair, which relaxed you slightly. You couldn’t sleep as of now but you weren’t really thinking of anything either. You were just blank. Shaken up from the previous nightmare that sleeping haunted you.

    You stayed up the whole night, while toji fell asleep next to you. His fingers entangled in your hair. He was soundly asleep. You looked at his features and he looked so peaceful and calm. Something you’ve never seen in him before.

    You then saw the scar on his lip. You ran your thumb across it, seeing how deep it was. He’s gone through rough times too. At that time you realised that it’s not just you who craves freedom. Toji is in it too. Being the son of the biggest mafia isn’t the most ideal type of life either.

    Listening to his light snores made you smile slightly. He sleeps like a baby. And then it hit you, you’re caring for the man who’s been torturing you. You retracted your hand from his face and lowered your eyes.

    You got up and walked towards the balcony. Standing in the balcony, you took a deep breath, enjoying the cool breeze.

    Your mind trailed off to your father once again. Is he okay? Toji said he’d send people to check on him. You hoped he’s okay. And the man in your dreams, who was he? It seemed like dad knew him. That’s when you remembered the words “I won’t ever let you go near her” father seethed. “Oh? And giving- sorry.. selling her off to the Fushiguros was a wise decision? the man spoke.

    “How does the man know about me?” you thought. How does all of this even connect. “Y/n?” You got startled as soon as you heard Toji’s voice from behind you, bringing you back to reality. “What happened?” he asked. “N-nothing i needed some fresh air..” you said.

    “Well it’s 6 am already.. did you sleep last night?” he questioned and you shook his head. “Hm.. do you want to-“ “I’ll go and take a shower” you cut him off and went inside the room, leaving him outside, and he thought if he had done or said something wrong to you.

    You removed your clothes from your body and studied your naked self in the mirror. You saw the slight bruises that were still there from the other night. They were healing now.

    You turned on the shower and let the warm droplets of water fall on your skin. You ran your fingers across your body, caressing it. You put on the sweet smelling shower gel and it's smell calmed you down. After taking a shower you put on your clothes and went outside.

    You saw there was your breakfast kept on your bed with a note that said -

    "Let me know if you need me, and please eat well

    - Toji"

    You smiled after reading the small message and you saw that he had drawn a silly smile with ketchup on your plate. A chuckle elicited from your lips, and you heard soft knocks on the door. "Yes?" you called out and Jade came inside.

    "Oh, you've been served breakfast already.. but who?" she furrowed her brows.

    "Toji gave me breakfast" you giggled.

    "How sweet.. did you sleep well last night?" she asked and you shrugged "I had a bad nightmare so i couldn’t sleep".

    "Oh i'm so sorry.. how are you feeling now?" she asked, holding one of your hands. "I'm better" you tell her and she gave you a small smile.

    "Well i'm glad.. because i have something planned for you" she tells you and you squint your eyes at her.

    "What do you mean?" you asked and she seemed excited to tell you the plan "Well... i have the permission to take you for lunch" she tells you and your eyes widened.

    "How did you do that?" you gasped "Technically we can’t go outside.. but we've planned something for you here" she tells you.

    "I think anything is better than staying in this room all day" you say and she chuckles "Now go get ready after breakfast, i want to start this date as soon as possible!".

    "You’re right.. but... i don’t have anything to wear" you said. "We got that covered too" she said and walked towards the door and got you two big bags. "You're gonna wear this.. with these shoes.. and there you have a matching necklace" she says as she showed you the beautiful floral dress, cute sneakers, and the silver necklace.

    "Jade, you didn’t have to" you looked at the items in awe. "Oh come on.. you deserve it" she cups your cheek "Thank you, Jade.. it means a lot to me" you smiled. "Your welcome".

    She then gave you your privacy and left the room. You felt so happy for once. Even if it was just in the lawns of this huge mansion, you were still excited.. as long as you don’t have to spend another day in this prisoner cell of a room.

    You ate the breakfast quickly and went inside to change into the beautiful outfit you just recieved.

    You put on the dress and left your hair open, wore the comfortable sneakers, and lastly wore the beautiful silver necklace which complimented you so well. You gave myself one last glance in the mirror then went to open your room door and saw Jade walking towards you.

    She had a white blouse on matched with a pair of black jeans. She looked stunning. "You look breathtaking, Y/n" she complimented you, making you blush "You look pretty charming too, Jade" you replied and she did one of those formal bows "Thank you Miss" she smiled making you chuckle. "Lets go, your date awaits you" she said and linked arms with you.

    You felt special, something you haven’t felt.. probably ever.

    You both reached the marvellous lawn, and saw there was a checkered sheet spread across with two bottles of wine, two glasses, a basket of sandwiches, two pizza boxes. It was exactly like how a person's dream picnic date would be like.

    And at a distance you saw Toji waiting for someone. You thought to yourself "What is he doing?".

    Once you both reached the picnic site you heard Jade tell you "Have fun on your date" and then it hit you, he had planned all this for you.

    "Okay.. what is this?" You raised your eyebrow at him "A picnic date?" he replied.

    "Oh how innocent" you teased "Come on.. i'm trying to make it up to you” he said and you sighed “Fine.. only if you don’t drug me and kidnap me and then torture me again”.

    “Sure.. deal” he stretched his hand out which you shook. You both then sat down and started to talk about random things in life. This time it wasn’t like before.. you actually enjoyed his company. You felt happy talking to him. He poured in the wine in the two glasses, one for you and one for him. You gave him a dirty look to which he asked you a "what?" "I hope you haven’t put anything in this this time".

    "Y/n" he deadpanned.

    "I'm just trying to be safe here" you shrugged and he let out a soft chuckle "I promise there is nothing of that sort". He drank some of the wine before you so that you'd be convinced that he is innocent.

    The rest of the time you both enjoyed the lovely food and you both enjoyed the beautiful sunset together. The summery breeze made it even better.

    Once the sun had set and the sky was a bit dark now, you both decided to go inside.

    "Thanks for today, Toji" you smiled as you reached your room "I'm glad you liked it" he returned the same smile. "So, do you forgive me?" he asked and your face turned expressionless "I dont know toji i mean.." you said and when you saw his face turn pale you couldn’t hold in your laugh any longer.

    You started to laugh so loudly while he got pissed off "Ha ha y/n very funny, you should be a comedian" he said sarcastically. "Come on.. loosen up Mr. Fushiguro" you giggled "I forgive you.. i think.. if you continue to be this sweet" you said and he nodded "Yeah i think i can do that" he said and you smiled "bye bye".

    He then left to go to his room and you entered your room and you heard someone forcefully bang the room and you felt a piece of cloth cover your mouth. It had chloroform on it, it had such a strong smell, it started to make you dizzy. You tried to fight and free yourself from the person's grip but they were too strong.

    "Stop making this hard, bitch" the person said and you immediately recognised the voice, it was jade.

    Soon enough everything became black and you lost consciousness. She let your body fall to the floor, and quickly dialled in her boss's number.

    "She's out.. send your men in.. now".

    © all content and rights belongs to @skunaryomen do not modify or post without consent

    tagging - @wuyaiscrow @taeishka @sugas-daddy7 @theaesthete @itsthecoffeehouse @ariesfic @sakichansworld @nkogneatho @laudthingcat @moomflower-s @petraaaoi

    #toji x reader #toji imagine#toji fushiguro #toji x you #jjk toji#toji smut#toji fluff #sukuna ryomen smut #sukuna x you #sukuna ryomen#jjk sukuna #sukuna ryoumen x reader #jjk x reader #megumi x reader #gojo x reader #itadori x reader #jjk megumi#jujutsu kaisen#itadori yuuji#jjk fandom
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  • shibbaton
    23.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    slight blood and gore warning

    live a long life

    Itadori & Fushiguro (Jujutsu Kaisen) - digital on FireAlpaca

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  • constantbrainr0t
    23.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    jjk x naruto (pt. 2/?) kakashi and gojo

    idrk how to characterize kakashi and sry for the bad anatomy lol

    bonus #1:

    bonus #2:

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  • kyriyuin
    23.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Baking With The Main 4 (JJK)

    I’m trying to get better at writing for other characters slowly but surely which is why I haven’t done anything past headcanons yet lol. I do want to write something for them all soon though....

    Warnings: Crack


    He can cook actually, and well, and one point he just got used to caring for himself since he only had his grandpa. But he’s messy. He cleans after cooking, and he’s clumsy, def drops the flour. (”I’m sorry, my hands are slippery!” “And mine aren’t??’) It’s fun though, you’ll get into food fights while it’s cooking and sulk together while cleaning your warzone :D


    Knows the basics and knows her tools but doesn’t measure, she thinks she’s one of the chefs that goes “Measure by taste” (”Macarons don’t work like that No-chan.” “Pssh, I’m a chef Y/N!”) Will sometimes leave things in the oven because her nails or hair or face routine isn’t done and the food’s less important. Will blast music with you the whole time


    Doesn’t know since Tsumiki cooked most of the time or Gojo got them take-out but learns quickly. Prefers scales over measuring cups so everything is exact and is super meticulous. Cleans while you’re cooking, you’ve had to lift your bowl while mixng bc he just had to wipe the counter.


    Knows what measuring cups are, be proud of him. He tries to help, he truly does, but he’s no help with measuring (He never runs the knife across), mixing (He spills the dough everywhere) or even baking (He’ll get impatient and turn the temperature up) Is great at decorating though, and has fun with it. Will steal your dough and frosting whenever you look away, begs to lick the spoon too.


    Imma make rAmEn for lunch (That was random XD) anyways, I hope you guys liked this. Have a wonderful day and keep on staying safe and healthy!!

    -Kyri <3

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    bur srsly tho set the sluttiness aside i just want yuuji to be my boyfrien

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  • caturnsrings
    23.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    i’ve come to the realization that yuji and nobara have the same friendship dynamic as jake and gina from b99

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  • everyemoboi
    23.07.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #megumi fushiguro#jujutsu kaisen #ch. 1 - ryomen sukuna #ft. nobara kugisaki #ft. satoru gojou #ft. the well's unknown abyss #ft. yuuji itadori #colour spread#pouty panel
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  • acciomeriin
    23.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Megumi: You can't execute Itadori

    Gojo: He just swallowed Sukuna’s finger and will become his vessel

    Megumi: Yes but you don't have all the facts

    Gojo: Which are?

    Megumi: I love him

    #has this been done before #well idk but here it is again #megumi saw strong boy beat his coach at shot put and said alright i want that one #itafushi#fushiita#itadori yuuji#fushiguro megumi #itadori x fushiguro #gojo satoru#jjk#jujut #incorrect jjk quotes
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