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    03.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    You Gripped My Hips So Mean

    by Daiako (Achrya)

    While dealing with a curse Yuuji and Megumi end up branded with sigils on their stomachs. By the time they notice them the curse' final backlash has already taken hold, leaving then under the effects of a curse that can become fatal if it's not satisfied as quickly as possible.

    Thankfully Gojo and Sukuna know just what to do and are there to help. Out of the goodness of their hearts, of course.

    Words: 1931, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

    Fandoms: 呪術廻戦 | Jujutsu Kaisen (Anime)

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: Underage

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Gojo Satoru, Itadori Yuuji, Fushiguro Megumi, Sukuna | Ryoumen Sukuna

    Relationships: Gojo Satoru/Itadori Yuuji, Fushiguro Megumi/Gojo Satoru, Fushiguro Megumi/Itadori Yuuji, Fushiguro Megumi/Sukuna | Ryoumen Sukuna, Itadori Yuuji/Sukuna | Ryoumen Sukuna

    Additional Tags: Sex Pollen, Womb Tattoos, Literal Cursed Wombs, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Non-Consensual Body Modification, Breeding, Mildly Dubious Consent, Four-Armed Sukuna | Ryoumen Sukuna, Marathon Sex, Come Marking, Come play

    source https://archiveofourown.org/works/35479108

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    03.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    can gege stop moving yuuji’s scar

    #like girl we can’t keep up #jjk 166 #jujutsu kaisen 166 #itadori yuuji
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    03.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    i have tried to ignore it— TRIED to work over it by myself— but yuuji as a drummer. every time i hear a smiths song it’s just—fucking- it’s yuuji. his personality fits it so well, and DRUMS?? perfect for him, he gets to hit stuff And it sounds cool. and if you need a visual, just—here— https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPd2KxK2U/

    but when he gets into playing though, it’s mesmerizing. he slips into this trance, forgetting everyone else who’s there. moving his limbs along to whatever the rhythm is, his shoulders will relax and his eyes might flutter closed every now and then while he’s nodding to the beat and—god he’s fucking pretty

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  • getougender
    03.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    “maybe getou will come back because of the way gege’s been drawing the stitches!” bestie i would love that but i hate to break it to you that it’s probably continuity because have you seen yuuji’s scar

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    03.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I don't care if I'm on your naughty list or your nice list. I just want to be on your to-do list.

    Yuuji wants to bring a little Christmas spirit to the Malevolent Shrine, but that leads to Sukuna having to teach Yuuji how to get on his nice list instead of his naughty list. Pairing: Sukuna x Yuuji Word Count: 2.9 k Genre: smut, fluff Warnings: 18+, smut, dirty talk, degradation, spanking, rimming, scratching/biting because Sukuna likes to mark his property, anal, creampie, Sukuna uses his hand-mouth on Yuuji. All characters are of age. This is 18+ content. Minors don't interact. This is part of my Naughty Season collection. If you don't like character ships this is probably not for you. But I hope some will give it a try anyways!

    Yuuji is standing in the middle of his room, only clad in a pair of red boxers, getting a bit impatient while clutching the soft fabric of the Santa hat he's holding in his hands. Then finally, he feels the familiar tug in his stomach that means he's about to be pulled down into Sukuna's innate domain. A wide smile spreads over his face as he closes his eyes and lets himself fall.

    When he opens them again, he's sitting on Sukuna's lap, where he gets greeted by amused red eyes and a lazy smirk.

    "Hey, brat."

    Sukuna's hands settle on Yuuji's hips, black nails digging slightly into his skin, already making sure to mark Sukuna's property once again.

    Yuuji beams at him excitedly.

    "Look what I got you!"

    Before the curse can say anything, Yuuji reaches out, puts the Santa hat on Sukuna's head, and then leans back on his lap to admire his handiwork. A chuckle escapes him. Sukuna looks so taken aback. It's hilarious. But the Santa hat looks good on him. It takes the edge off, making him look softer somehow.

    Sukuna's eyes narrow, and he glares at Yuuji.

    "What do you think you're doing?"

    "Now, you are my very own Santa! I always wanted to sit on Santa's lap."

    Yuuji doesn't even try to hold back his laughter. Teasing The King of Curses is one of his favorite things to do. It's just so easy to rile him up. And sure enough, Sukuna huffs in annoyance and rolls his eyes.

    "I hate you so much."

    "I know. But you look adorable!"

    He really does. Yuuji smiles cheekily as he cups Sukuna's chin to inspect him even more closely.

    "The red brings out your eyes. So cute!"

    He knows he's being a little shit, practically begging for Sukuna to put him in his place. It's part of their game. And it works anytime.

    "I'm not cute. And you are a very naughty boy right now."

    The grin on Yuuji's face becomes even more insufferable, and he cocks his head to the side before winking at Sukuna and then leaning closer to whisper in his ear:

    "Then make sure you punish me, Santa."

    "Stop calling me that. I'll make sure you remember my name again, you little brat."

    Yuuji yelps when the hands on his hips tighten and yank him down. For a split second, he experiences the sickening feeling of falling. But then strong arms catch him, making him bend over Sukuna's lap. He doesn't even have time for a cheeky retort because Sukuna is already ripping Yuuji's boxers apart, exposing his firm, round ass and giving it a hard slap.

    A loud gasp escapes Yuuji's lips. Fuck, he needs this so bad! He lifts his ass eagerly, wiggling it, showing Sukuna that he wants more. He knows that this is probably all kinds of wrong. Secretly meeting Sukuna almost every night here in his domain, kissing him, touching him, letting the King of Curses fuck him until Yuuji is only a sobbing desperate mess. But he doesn't want to stop. He keeps coming back, keeps begging for it. Always so horny for his secret lover. Because who could ever know him better than Sukuna? Who else could ever fulfill all his dark desires? So even if it's wrong to everyone else, it feels very right to Yuuji.

    And the hand on his ass feels right too. Another hard slap lands on Yuuji's left ass cheek. It stings but in the perfect way. His pain tolerance is high anyways, and this here is the most delicious pain he ever felt.

    He can't help but lift his ass impatiently, begging for more and moaning loudly when Sukuna's hand connects with his naked skin once again.

    The curse laughs softly, fingers digging into Yuuji's ass cheeks and kneading them firmly, pointy nails scratching over soft skin, leaving his mark on Yuuji's body.

    "My needy little pet. That Santa guy can't have you! Don't you dare ever sit on another man's lap. You are mine. Don't forget it, brat."

    Yuuji's cock twitches at the words. That's another thing he loves about his curse. His fierce possessiveness. Yuuji belongs to him, and Sukuna makes sure to let him know it every single day.

    Yuuji's panting by now, rubbing his growing erection against Sukuna's thigh, groaning softly when Sukuna's kimono slips to the side, and Yuuji's cock slides over warm skin.

    Sukuna laughs, it's condescending and smug, but Yuuji can hear the thrill of anticipation in it.

    "Look at that. You're such a little slut for me, huh? Your Santa would be so disappointed in you if he could see you like that, bent over my knees, pushing your little ass at me so needily."

    Another loud slap makes Yuuji's ass cheeks jiggle, tearing another whiny moan out of him. Sukuna's laughter becomes a low chuckle, almost a growl, and his hand squeezes Yuuji's juicy ass firmly.

    "Nice boys don't get off on getting their ass spanked until it's red. But you're not a nice boy, are you? You're a naughty brat. Drooling over my kimono because you're so horny. Already making a sticky mess on my thigh because you can't even hold back a little bit." He pushes his thigh against Yuuji's hard length, and it feels so fucking good! Yuuji can't shut up. He just can't when every touch makes his head spin with desire. And so another breathy moan finds its way out of his mouth. He grinds against the taut muscles beneath him, his cock gliding over them easily because of the wet blotches of pre-cum pooling on his overly eager tip. "God, you're already leaking so much for me. So pathetic. You really have no control at all. It's because I spoil you too much. I'm too soft on you. You would deserve a much harder punishment." His hand is pushing between Yuuji's thighs, spreading them open. Yuuji knows what's coming next, and the anticipation is making him squirm excitedly, rutting his boner against Sukuna's toned thigh. And then he gets the first taste of what his curse has in store for him:

    A mouth opens on Sukuna's palm, hot wet tongue licking over Yuuji's heavy balls, making his whole body jerk as a loud moan rips through the Malevolent Shrine.

    The hand-mouth moves further up, tongue lapping at Yuuji's entrance, circling it teasingly, as Yuuji's hips tremble with need. He always goes fucking crazy for Sukuna's hand-mouth. He mewls loudly and grinds back against it, trying to get more of the sweet sensation.

    "Ah! Ah! Fuck!"

    Sukuna chuckles, sounding so pleased.

    "You're so cute like that. My needy little pet."

    The silky tongue on his palm is done teasing Yuuji and instead is finally pushing past Yuuji's tight ring of muscles, stretching him open so perfectly.

    The sharp fingernails are digging into the skin on Yuuji's lower back as the velvety tongue fucks into him, deeper and deeper with every new push. And then it taps against that sweet spot deep inside Yuuji that always makes him see stars, and he cries out loudly, pushing back onto the sweet, sweet tongue needily.

    "Fuck! Please, right there!"

    "I know, baby."

    Sukuna sounds amused but also pleased, and Yuuji can feel a familiar hardness prodding against his hip, which spurs him on even more.

    He's a whimpering mess by now, head spinning from being bent over Sukuna's lap, cock leaking pre-cum all over Sukuna's thighs, ass in the air, and begging for his curse to tongue-fuck him to completion.

    It only takes a few more flicks of Sukuna's tongue massaging Yuuji's prostate to make him shudder in ecstasy. Thick, milky cum shooting out of his swollen cock-head and running down Sukuna's muscular legs.

    He barely has time to come back to his senses before strong arms pull him up, making him straddle Sukuna's lap again.

    "Come on, brat, I'm not done with you yet. Not before I fucked all the naughtiness out of you."

    Yuuji groans softly, mind still fuzzy from cumming so hard and being yanked up so fast after being bent over Sukuna's knees. He wraps his arms around the curse's neck to steady himself, moaning when the shift of position makes Sukuna's hard cock rub against his ass, thick wet tip kissing Yuuji's rim, teasing him with the promise of what he'll get any second now. He loves how perfect Sukuna's cock is for him, how it seems to gravitate towards Yuuji's hole as if it belongs there. As if this was always meant to be.

    Yuuji doesn't even have time to come down from his high but instead already feels new desire pooling in his belly. He always gets a bit stupid when he knows Sukuna is about to fuck him. But he can't help it. He just loves it so much, the feeling of getting stretched open by Sukuna's cock, getting claimed and marked and filled up until he knows exactly who he belongs to.

    Sukuna growls against the side of his neck, teeth closing around Yuuji's skin, biting him hard enough to leave a deep red mark. It makes Yuuji's cock stir, already filling again, his stamina even surprising himself sometimes. Sukuna grabs Yuuji's hips tightly, guiding him onto his cock, lining himself up against Yuuji's tight hole. A soft mewl falls from Yuuji's parted lips. "Ah, Sukuna! Please, push it in! Fuck me!" He feels Sukuna's smirk against his neck. "No. Down, little puppy. Show me first how good you can be. Whether you deserve my dick or not." And then his thick swollen tip pushes into Yuuji's quivering hole. Yuuji's already fucked open thanks to getting rimmed so thoroughly by Sukuna's hand-mouth, and so the cock-head can slip into him sweetly. Yuuji moans loudly. He's so close to getting what he needs! But Sukuna is strong enough to fix him in place, preventing him from pushing down on his hard length. "No, sweetheart. You only get the tip now. You have to earn the rest first. Be a good boy for me, and you'll get it. Don't you wanna be on my nice list?" Yuuji hates him and loves him at the same time. Only Sukuna can do this to him. On the one hand, Yuuji feels the urge to be a brat anytime he's with Sukuna because this was their thing from the start. But on the other hand, there is Yuuji's need to receive praise from his curse. And he really wants that dick! Needy sobs are falling from Yuuji's lips as he tries his best to stay still while Sukuna fucks him with just his tip. Pushing in just enough to make Yuuji's hole clench around the thick mushroom head but then pulling out again and repeating it over and over. "Please push it in, Sukuna...please! I'll be such a good boy! Please!" "Good boys don't complain that much." Yuuji doesn't care about his pride anymore. He grabs one of Sukuna's hands and presses it tightly over his own mouth, effectively shutting himself up. The muscles in his thighs are taut from trying so hard to stay still, and his honey eyes big and shining with tears as he looks pleadingly at Sukuna while the curse keeps on stretching him open with just his tip. Yuuji knows he has won when he feels a mouth manifesting where Sukuna's palm is pressed against his lips. First, warm lips move against Yuuji's mouth. Then, Sukuna's velvety tongue traces his lips before parting them. He's slowly making out with Sukuna's hand-mouth when he finally receives his reward, and Sukuna snaps his hips, shoving his full hard length into him, making Yuuji gasp loudly. Yuuji needs this. He needs his curse. Not just in his mind and soul but also inside his body. And so he pushes down eagerly, moaning loudly as he sinks down on Sukuna's cock, getting stretched open and filled up completely. "Ah fuck, yes! Feels so good!" Yuuji's mouth is hanging open, panting and moaning as his heavy-lidded gaze meets Sukuna's. "You're so sweet like this. When you're losing every last bit of your cute little mind. So stupid for me, so needy and sweet. My perfect little pet. How sweet you take everything I give to you. My tongue, my cock. You can be so good, my sweet pet." Yuuji is basking in the praise, head lolling back as loud moans fall from his lips the moment Sukuna starts to move, fucking into him with powerful deep thrusts. Sukuna's tip is hammering against Yuuji's sweet spot, sending fireworks exploding behind his closed eyelids.

    He clenches his ass around the thick cock, making himself even tighter, milking Sukuna eagerly. A feeling of elation washes over him when he hears a hoarse moan coming from his curse.

    Sukuna's hands tighten on Yuuji's ass cheeks, pressing Yuuji down onto his dick and holding him in place as he fucks into him unrelentingly.

    Yuuji lets himself fall against his lover, burying his face in the crook of his neck as he lets Sukuna fuck him any way he needs. It's perfect, it's right in every way, and Yuuji will never give this up, ever.

    He's crying into Sukuna's neck, sobbing and moaning as the pleasure builds up with every tap against his bundle of nerves. And then the tension that's been pooling in his stomach breaks, and Yuuji falls apart on his curse's cock, trembling fiercely, as his orgasm rips through him.

    His cock is twitching where it's trapped between their bodies. Rubbing against Sukuna's abs, pulsing white thick ropes of cum over his lover's skin, and smearing it over him as Yuuji rides his orgasm out on Sukuna's cock, moaning his name loudly.

    Sukuna follows him seconds later, groaning loudly as he cums deep inside Yuuji. He doesn't pull out afterward. He never does. Instead, he keeps on holding Yuuji in place, rolling his hips upwards, fucking his seed deeply into Yuuji's ass, making sure to fill him up completely.

    Making sure, Yuuji knows who he belongs to.

    As if he wouldn't know it. The thought makes Yuuji smile. He loosens the tight grip on Sukuna's back and instead cups his cheek with one hand, caressing it gently.

    "I'm yours, Sukuna, always yours."

    He feels Sukuna's hands trailing up his back, caressing him gently. It's the first time tonight that Sukuna touches him with tenderness. Most of the time, he is rough, even brutal sometimes, but Yuuji always knows that the affection is there too underneath the surface. It comes out in those moments when Sukuna holds him like he does now. When he looks at Yuuji with that unguarded soft look in his eyes, when instead of a smirk, there's a smile on his face.

    "Yuuji. Come here."

    Ah yes, and when he says Yuuji's name like that, without any mocking undertones in his voice.

    Yuuji knows that he belongs to Sukuna. But he also knows another thing: That Sukuna belongs to him too.

    Yuuji knows it because no matter how hard his curse handles him sometimes, he always makes sure not to hurt Yuuji for real. He knows because of the many times Sukuna asks him to spend the whole night with him and lets Yuuji sleep in his arms. He knows because nowadays, Sukuna always heals Yuuji's friends when Yuuji asks him to.

    And he knows because Sukuna is still wearing that stupid Santa hat, even though he complained so much about it.

    Yuuji smiles and leans closer until their foreheads are touching. He feels Sukuna's fingernails gracing lightly over the short hair of his undercut before cupping the back of Yuuji's head and bringing their lips together in a slow deep kiss.

    "Are you my good pet now? Can I switch you from the naughty list to the nice list?"

    "You know, I really don't care if I'm on your naughty list or your nice list. I just want to be on your to-do list."

    Sukuna's smirk gives way to loud amused laughter. He runs a hand through Yuuji's hair, ruffling it slightly and petting him like the cute pet that he is.

    "You'll always be a brat, right?"

    Sukuna says it with an affectionate undertone in his deep voice, amusement still sparking up his eyes. Yuuji laughs and winks at him.

    "Probably. But it's the way you like it."

    He untangles himself from his lover and gets up from his lap, bending down to pick up his boxers only to let them drop onto the piles of skulls again when he sees that they are shredded. He sighs and gestures at their surroundings.

    "You know, you could really put up some Christmas decorations in here!"

    "Stop complaining, you ungrateful little wretch!"

    But only a second later, Sukuna adds softly:

    "Stay here tonight, brat."

    He gets up from his throne, adjusting his kimono while Yuuji watches him with a fond smile on his face. He always gets this warm feeling in his chest when Sukuna wants him to spend the whole night with him.

    Instead of answering him, Yuuji just wraps his arms around Sukuna, hugging him tightly from behind and snuggling against him. And Sukuna doesn't brush him off but leans back into his embrace, his hands settling on Yuuji's tan forearms, caressing them gently, before flicking the fingers of his left hand to change the appearance of his domain.

    "Maybe this is more to your liking."

    Yuuji watches with big eyes as the usually gloomy Malevolent Shrine transforms into a cozy living area with a lit fireplace and a large black and red bed. To his amusement, the bedding has lots of tiny Santa hats on it.

    Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! I'm so happy to finally post a character ship again. I know those kinds of fics aren't popular here on Tumblr, but hopefully, some of you gave it a chance. Thank you very much if you did! Please let me know how you liked it!

    This was part 1 of my Naughty Season series. The next part will be Megumi and Yuuji!

    #sukuita #sukuna x yuuji #sukuna x itadori #jjk smut #jujutsu kaisen smut #sukuna smut#sukuna fluff#yuuji smut#jjk fanfic #jujutsu kaisen fanfic #itadori smut
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    03.12.2021 - 7 hours ago


    characters: itadori yuuji, fushiguro megumi, inumaki toge, gojo satoru, nanami kento, yoshino junpei x gn!reader
    words: 1.6K
    cw: unedited. throwing up, jjk-esque violence, general death (not spoilers), gojo past arc spoilers (gojo part), bullying motion (junpei part), non canon events (megumi)
    an: I have to inform you guys I've been playing obey me non stop for the past week im sorry for the lack of updates but I've got seven demon boyfriends now its a big responsibility 

    itadori yuuji…

    …couldn’t remember his dreams most of the time. he just assumed there wasn’t much to them and went on with his day. however even since sukuna possessed his body his dreams became too vivid, too drastic, to ignore. he no longer dreams of forgettable things like daily routines or movie plots, now, now his dreams are filled with pain and suffering. all because of him. he hurts people and can’t stop. he keeps killing and hurting people. he tolerates those dream, no point trying to stop them anyways. sukuna wouldn't let them stop anyways. then one night its not just blurry-faced strangers, its his friends, his teachers, its you.

    he wakes up disgusted with himself. the line between dream and reality still somewhat blurred, cold sweat covering his body, he lurches for the bathroom and bends over the toilet bowl. the contents of his dinner falling down the drain.

    “yuuji? are you sick?” you find him on the bathroom floor, face still in the bowl. you rub the sleep from your eyes, and crouch down to rub his back. when he raises his read you realise he’s been crying, “what's wrong, did something happen?”

    “bad dream.” he says casually and gives you a tired smile. must have been one hell of a dream to leave him this wrecked, you think. before you have the time to say anything, he's already brushing his teeth, tears wiped off of his face. he almost looks like nothing happened. almost.

    when you've made your way back to bed, he tried to roll of to his side but you didn't let him, instead pulling him into your chest and petting his hair. 

    “don't you wanna talk about it?”

    “i... it’s too much.”

    “not for me. i’ll listen so tell me, okay?”


    fushiguro megumi...

    …had bad dreams on a regular basis. so much so, that he probably doesn’t think much about them. that just the way dreams are too him. he’s probably way more surprised to have a nice dream, then he is to have a nightmare.

    when he wakes up one night, covered in cold sweat, he doesn’t think much of it. other than feel a little guilty for waking you up.

    “everything okay, gumi?” you ask.

    “sure, i guess i had a bad dream.”

    “awe no, what happened?”

    “i was hunting down a curse but a failed, and it turned out it was the same curse that got tsumuki, and it turned out to be my fault. it’s stupid, i wasn’t even a sorcerer back then… it’s not that bad though, i just have that dream often.”

    “gumi…” you threw your arms around him, “that’s so awful. non of what happened was your fault, i hope you know that.”

    “i-“ he started, but realized he was a loss for words. he never put much thought into it but when you put it that way, maybe he was blaming himself for what happened. subconsciously at least. “sorry.”

    “don’t apologize, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

    “…yeah.” he whispers into your hair and he squeezes you a little tighter.

    inumaki toge...

    ...doesn’t have nightmares often. his dreams are usually more on the abstract sort, where nothing makes sense (but make for a funny tweet the next day). however some days when his anxieties get the better of him, they transfer to his few hours of rest. 

    one scenario that keeps coming back to him in his nightmares in one of your breakup. in that dream you tell him its over, accuse him of things he doesn't have a recollection of doing, and the worst part is he can't defend himself. he wants to tell you to listen, he wants to apologise, he writes down explanations but you won't read them. instead tell him how annoying it is to always have to read anything he has to say. he's crying and trying to get you to stay, and in his desperation he accidentally uses his cursed speech on you (something he swore he would never do). that only makes things worse, and you tell him you hate him for it.

    when he wakes up, his face is covered in tears and he's panting as though he's run a marathon. he reaches for your sleeping form without thinking, and shakes you awake. 

    “toge, what's wrong?” you ask groggily, rubbing your eyes. he opens his mouth and suddenly all of his safe words escape his head. he can't explain it to you, he doesn't know how to. he just shakes you arm once more and his mouth opens and closes as if the words will come floating back any second. “did you have a bad dream?” you ask and he nods immediately.

    “its okay baby, i’m here. nothing bad is gonna happen.” you comfort as you rub his back, dropping your head on his shoulder. 

    “t-tuna mayo.” 

    he doesn't need to say more. he knows you understand. it was nothing more than a bad dream after all.

    for gojo satoru...

    ..its the same as it always is. its a supercut of those same scenes, replying in his brain like a broken record. the trip to okinawa (his last good memory of him), suguru leaving, yaga telling him what suguru did, their fight, when he... it all replays and replays until he can't take it anymore. he's alone, he's all alone, his one and only, the only one he has.

    when he wakes up the guilt consumes him. he's shaken and needs comfort but even he doesn't have enough audacity to ask it from you. he wonders why you're still with him, how can you still what how when he dares to have dreams like these. when he still has thoughts like these.

    you're not geto suguru. you'll never be geto suguru.

    gojo just isn't sure if that's good or bad anymore.

    “sato...?” you question sleepily, feeling him sitting up in bed.

    “sorry, didn't mean to wake you.” he quickly excuses, “just can't sleep.”

    “c’mere.” you lift the covers and open your arms to him. a soft smile comes over his face as he nestles his face into your neck and your arms wrap around his body, pulling him close. the proximity, the warmth of the bed, your presence, it immediately pours relief into his body. he's calmer now.

    as he's falling asleep in your arms he realises suguru doesn't matter anymore. he never cared for him like this, and he never would again. now there is only you.

    nanami kento...

    …doesn’t get bothered by nightmares. his own biggest nightmare was being stuck working a 9 to 5 job, good luck brain trying to make him go through something worse. if he does have a terrible dream, it’s most likely related to you and to his work as a jujutsu sorcerer. it would probably be a scene in which you get hurt and he can’t stop it from happening.

    he isn’t one to wake up screaming or crying, he just opens his eyes and takes a moment to think about the fact that it was indeed just a dream and you’re sleeping right next to him. he knows it’s stupid, but he feels relief at that. so he carefully wraps his arms around you and pulls you into his chest, savoring the way you cuddle in closer to him.

    yoshino junpei...

    ...used to get nightmares often. it was an almost nightly occurrence for him, so much so that after you slept over for the first time and he woke up in the morning, no lingering tiredness or negative emotion, he was genuinely surprised. he knows its clique to say that he only ever sleeps well with you, but its true.

    however seldom, his nightmares do return to him. those are the nights he can't wake up, his body trashing on the bed trying to get away from the bullies occupying his dreams. he's crying though-out the dream, pain moans and pleas leaving his mouth. when you finally shake him away, he's scared- flinching at the contact. he looks up at you in shock and before you can even ask what was wrong he starts crying again, and throws his arms around you.

    you don't need to ask what he dreamt about, you have a pretty good idea. so instead you rub his back comfortingly, whispering little words of comfort into his ear, planting the occational kiss wherever you could reach. 

    ijichi kiyotaka...

    ...has nightmares about gojo. you literally can't convince me otherwise. I don't think kiyotaka doesn't have really terrible nightmares, they're mostly just extremely tiring dreams. the kind where he is at work and he doesn't know what he should be doing and every task seems to go wrong and no one wants to listen to him. he lives his work, so those dreams are especially tough.

    you recogniser he's having a nightmare when he starts moving around on the bed and muttering some incoherent things to himself (somewhere along the lines of “i’m sorry” “no, not like that” “its wrong, ill fix it.”) 

    whenever that happens you just gently nudge him awake, shaking his shoulder and whispering to him “kiyo... you're having a nightmare.”

    “what? oh...” he whispers back when he wakes up, “sorry for waking you.”

    “no worries. here,” you extend your arms out and he immediately takes the opportunity to burrow his face into your neck. you kiss his forehead before letting sleep take over you again and ijichi smiles to himself yet again reliving how lucky he is to have you by his side.

    thank you for reading <3

    #i took away nobara for this one forgive me #i just didn’t have any good ideas for her #headcannons#x reader#jjk#jujutsu kaisen #itadori x reader #itadori yuuji #yuuji x reader #megumi x reader #fushiguro megumi #toge x reader #inumaki toge#gojo satoru #gojo x reader #nanami kento #nanami x reader #yoshino junpei #junpei x reader #I HOPE U GUYS ENJOY! #THANKS FOR READING!! #ijichi x reader #ijichi kiyotaka #kiyotaka x reader
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  • flipppyflopp
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I could see people asking Megumi to bring his dogs out 24/7 because they are best doggos and they deserve all the pets 🐶🐶✨

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  • fischltao
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago


    Odd things that remind me of JJK characters


    Characters: Gojou Satoru, Nanami Kento, Higuruma Hiromi, Itadori Yuuji, Megumi Fushiguro, Kugisaki Nobara, Maki Zenin, Shoko Ieiri

    Warnings: none

    notes: work is pretty tiring but im glad that im back. hope you guys are doing well ♡

    Gojou Satoru:

    winter, popular but nice kids, mint gum, those aesthetic white tiled bathrooms, neon blue signs, 2017 when i was at my happiest, a road in thessaloni that has built in led lights in the pavement, my little cousin who's a menace just like him, high enough by k flay.

    Nanami Kento:

    the smell of coffee that lingers in the air after using my espresso machine, freshly washed button up shirts, sandalwood, nights out in Ioannina (my city), red wine, knowing that my parents would love him, beautifully decorated bistros' during christmas, art deco from lana del rey, the castle of my town and its beauty, true love.

    Higuruma Hiromi:

    long dark hallways that echo as you walk in them with heels, the smell of the drinks pantry, greek/turkish coffee, whiskey on a summer night, the photos my best friend sends me from law school, autumn, aftershave, men's perfume, beautiful vintage glamour aesthetic, born to die by lana del rey.

    Itadori Yuuji:

    beige labrador puppies thus my labrador frieda who passed away last may, soft sweaters and warmth, listening to troye sivan and conan gray, warm smiles, the kindness of a stranger that brightens up your day, buttercream frosting, hanging out with friends at the beach on a summer night, bite by troye sivan.

    Megumi Fushiguro:

    rainy days with music playing, cuddling with the windows open, chilly days, childhood nostalgia, developing a crush, black umbrellas fit for two, my quiet friend, watching constellations from your balcony with your loved ones, cry baby by the neighborhood.

    Kugisaki Nobara:

    my outgoing friend who always shows her affection and love to me, fashion magazines and magazines that have little "rub here" on products for scent samples, the smell of magazines, vanilla milkshakes, going shopping and coming back home happy with my purchases, singing doja cat songs with your girlies, primadona girl by marina and the diamonds.

    Maki Zenin:

    square glasses, good grades, the friend that is usually quiet but always stands up for me, not being scared, feeling powerful at the gym, feeling independent, this girl from my grandma's neighborhood that never had a crush on anyone, spray deodorant, women wearing "men's" perfumes, old yeller by joji.

    Shoko Ieiri:

    night shifts at the hospital, the cleaniness of a doctor's office, the light smell of cigarettes after smoking with an open window, waking up with smudged mascara, black opium by ysl, sleepy days in, studying for a chemistry exam, nostalgia for something that never happened, cudno by molchat doma.

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  • weamalagente
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    what if itadori's destiny of "dying surrounded by friends" is "dying surrounded by friends (who are also dying)"

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  • tomonari-nue
    02.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    the love and care i hold for Yuuji is literally so unhinged like. this kid is a drawing, a concept, a bunch of moving pixels and yet. i genuinely love his character so much, he’s the most enjoyable shonen mc by far. he’s so driven by care and compassion for the people around him, like it doesn’t even matter what ties they have to him, he values their life regardless and finds it unethical to take their life unless its the very last resort – and even then, when he had to defend his life, he’ll feel so guilty for taking something that wasn’t his to take. and he believes in this! he believes in it so much! so much so that he, the kindest character in the entire series, upon witnessing genuine cruelty, felt so much disgust and hatred to such an intense degree it overrode his morals and manifested as a genuine desire to kill! like! wtf am i supposed to say to this! he is so good! he is so kind and caring and the world punishes him for it continuously! but he persists! he tries so damn hard i am literally going to perish from dehydration bc he genuinely just makes me want to cry bc its so painful and unfair what he’s going through!

    #jjk#jujutsu kaisen#itadori yuuji #cursed technique: meta #idc if its not meta #everybody fucking listen to me cry over yuuji #he gets me so goddamn emotional #he is 15!! he is a child!! HELP HIM!! #gege's writing is insane and amazing but god i will die at some point #fuck every other shonen mc itadori yuuji is the only one
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  • sakuraryomen01
    02.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    "Netflix 'n Chill!" || Yuji Itadori x Reader x Sukuna Ryomen||


    Warnings: Soft kisses, praising, couch creaking, slightly rough sex, touch starved Itadori, bouncing titties, slut calling, (Sukuna is his own warning), throat fucking, drooling over King 'o Curses d!ck, Netflix and Chill~ 😏
    Reader: Female Reader
    Plot: College AU!! You and Itadori start watching a movie and Itadori starts to put the moves on you, Sukuna soon joining in afterwards~
    Words: 3239

    ┏━━━━°⌜ ☁️🌙 ⌟°━━━━┓

    Thank you for reading this bit, enjoy the story!! <3


    You sat on the heels of your feet, scanning through the movies and trying to find a good horror movie for you and Itadori.

    It had been a while since the two of you were together, and alone. School had caught up to the both of you the last few days, and it rarely let you have time off to just be together and cuddle.

    "Did you find one, love?" Itadori asked, walking out of the bathroom and drying his hair.

    "No, not yet, Yuji." You mumbled, biting your lip and not looking up at him.

    You had just finished getting dressed in Yuji's hoodie and boxers and was getting annoyed that you couldn't find the movie after a while.

    "Damn. Oh, maybe this one?" He asked, coming up behind you in nothing much but a towel.

    He lifted up a favorite action movie of yours, to which you shook your head. You wanted a horror movie, not gunshots and helicopters.

    "Nah, I've been in a horror movie binge recently, if that's okay?"

    Yuji nods and heads to his room, saying he'll get dressed and get some snacks for the movie after. Giving a nod, you continued your search for the fabled horror movie. Once you found it, you gave a tiny cheer and stood up, pulling it out from it's case and popping the disc into the DVD player.

    "Yuji! I found it!!" You cheered, giving a mini dance at your victory over the movies.

    "Which one did you put in?" Yuji walked into the room in an unzipped jacket and some black sweats, placing the popcorn and soda onto the coffee table.

    "I decided to put in [favorite horror movie] since it's been a while!" You responded, jumping onto the couch.

    Itadori giggled, sat next to you, and pulled a blanket up and over the both of you. After pressing play on the remote and the movie started, you and Itadori were in a comfortable cuddle.

    Itadori's arm wrapped around your waist underneath the fuzzy white blanket and nuzzled into your neck, a smile forming on your face.

    "I wish we could do this more often, love." Itadori mumbled, pressing a loving kiss to your skin and going back to the movie.

    You hummed in response, nuzzling your face into his yellow shirt and scooting further into Yuji's warmth and giving a light peck on his other hand. The occasional crunch of popcorn and gulp of soda with an echo of screaming actors filled the room.

    The night felt so perfect, you didn't even know what could top it. You and Itadori were in a warm embrace, watching an old movie you both missed and comforting each other during the scary scenes.

    It feels like paradise again...

    "Mmm." Itadori mumbled, a light blush tinting his cheeks when your bottom pressed against his crotch a little roughly.

    "Oh, I'm sorry, Yuji." You apologized, looking back up at him.

    A cute smile plastered on his face and he giggled. "No no, it's okay, Y/n."

    Soon, the quiet murmur of the movie began again. Nothing much was said about what happened until Itadori pressed against you suddenly, making your body jolt against him.

    "H-Hey, Yuji-?"


    Your body was still, Yuji's sudden moan making your face flush a bright pink. He hid his face in your neck, giving light kisses and rubbing his hand against your thigh.

    "I can't stop thinking about you, Y/n.." He trailed, his thumb rubbing circles on your inner thigh.

    He kept grinding his lower half against yours, groaning while his hand moved north. Once his fingers found your clit, it was all over.

    You were drenched, and Itadori now knew it too.

    All day, you were thinking about him and being in his arms. Resting your head against his chest while you both cuddled. When your mind shifted the to dirty thoughts that clouded your brain, you didn't blame yourself.

    You'd been touch starved, and busy as fuck. It was only natural that it would happen.

    "I guess you couldn't stop thinking about me too, hmm?" Itadori asked, rubbing his middle finger against your covered hole and palming your sex.

    "N-Ngh~" Whimpering quietly, you clenched your legs around Yuji's hand. Grinding into his palm and fingers, you closed your eyes and gave a breathy moan, making Itadori smile.

    "So cute.."

    Kisses trailed up and down your neck and jaw, covering the skin in ticklish pecks and smooches as Itadori's hand pushed your undies to the side and rubbed a finger against your dripping folds.

    "M-Mm~" You whined, feeling Itadori's length growing against your ass.

    Pressing himself harder against you, you managed to stop him and slide your hand into his sweats. A soft gasp left his lips as you gently felt out his length.

    "Fuckk- mmmph." Itadori grunted, slipping a finger past your lower lips and spreading your hole with another.

    Your fingers encircled around his shaft, slowly started to stroke him as his fingers curled inside of your pussy. Sharing small moans and whimpers, the both of you pleased the other until your highs were getting closer.

    "Faster.." Itadori whimpered, biting on your neck gently and earning a whine from you.

    Doing as his asked, you started to move your hand faster. Letting out a gasp when Itadori did the same, his fingers reaching your pleasure button and teasing it.

    "M-More, Itadori~" You begged, grinding your ass into him again and starting to stroke his dick faster.

    "Oh shit- Y/n~" He moaned, his fingers starting to get sore, as well as your hand.

    Soon, Itadori stopped his movements and pulled his hand out of your pants. His hand and fingers coated in your liquids. A dark blush filled his cheeks when you did the same and it was covered in his own.

    "I guess I'm changing my boxers after this, huh?" Itadori joked, going silent when you pulled him into a deep and needy kiss.

    A chuckle filled your mouth when his tongue pushed inside and wormed around. The wetness in your undies getting worse when Itadori spread your legs and wrapped them around his waist.

    Yuji tugged your lower garments off and tossed them onto the floor, his hand finding your cunt again and rubbing circles around the sensitive bit of your nethers.

    "Shit~" You whimpered, looking down as Itadori began pulling his boxers and sweats down.

    The pink, pre covered tip, sprouted out of his pants and slapped your inner thigh. Itadori giggled and blushed, kissing your cheek and jaw once again.

    "It's been way too long, hasn't it?" He giggled, kissing you again and swallowing the moan from your lips.

    After kissing for a few seconds, Itadori positioned himself and pressed his cherry colored tip against your entrance.

    Collecting arousal for a moment before pushing it inside your nethers and into your gummy walls. Letting your stretched walls envelop him as a groan left his throat.

    "F-Fuck.." Yuji grinded his hips into yours and started to moan more.

    The sounds of skin slapping on skin mingled with the sounds of moans and the movie filled the room. No doubt the neighbors of your apartment being able to hear the creaking couch as Itadori thrusted faster and faster, missing the feeling of your pussy clenching around his cock.

    "God d-damn... You feel so fucking good, baby~" Yuji moaned, lifting your hips up and getting his cock deeper now that it was at a better angle.

    "Itadori-i-i~!" You whined, your hands falling limply above your head.

    Eyes shut tight and face flushed red, you panted and cried out. Your pussy lips practically choking Itadori's pulsing rod as it pushed into you and kissed your cervix every time.

    "You're t-taking me so well, b-baby.. Mm~ I wish it was like this e-every day~" Itadori groaned, throwing his head back and letting his dick pierce your insides repeatedly.

    He didn't let up when you started to cum, choking his dick and spraying your juices all over his lower tummy. The slickness of your cum coating Itadori and making his movements quicker.

    His hips snapped into yours relentlessly, making your walls throb and clench around him as you came a second time.

    "It-tadori! I'm t-too sensitive!" You pleaded, hearing Itadori's moans grow louder.

    You could feel his balls slapping your ass as the couch rocked more then you thought it could. Hair stuck to your face, sweat running down your face and under your hoodie.

    "F-Fuck, I'm gonna-" Itadori warned, lifting your legs up over his shoulders and going faster.

    The new position made you cry out, probably alerting the neighbors of the horny couple next door. The thought embarrassed you, but you couldn't hold them in.

    When you tired, Itadori slowed his pace and pleaded for you to let the noises slip from your lips. The begging look in his eyes making you cave and letting the lewd moans leave you.

    Itadori's body towered over yours, pressing your body into the couch cushions. The moans that left him where getting more and more high pitched as he began nearing his climax.

    The thrusts getting sloppy as he started to leak from inside and a lewd expression forming on his face.

    "I'm gonna cum so f-fucking hard~! A-Aah!!" Itadori cried, releasing and slowing his movements.

    You squeal and whine as Itadori's seed filled your trembling insides, coating them in his color and dripping out the sides. Once your panting had calmed, Itadori grinded into you. A smirk written on his face telling you he wasn't done yet.

    "W-Wait, let me- Aaah!!" You begged but gave up as Itadori started to move again.

    "I want you full of my cum since it's been so long, baby~" He teased, moving one of his hands' position from your hips to under your hoodie.

    He lifted your hoodie and groaned at your tits, watching them jiggle to your movements. You bit down on the bottom of the fabric and held it away from your chest, letting Itadori palm at your tits and play with the nipples before letting them go.

    "God I've missed this. I've missed you- nngh~" Itadori moaned, picking up speed and making your body bounce underneath his.

    Your quiet moans and whimpers being answers enough for him as he spread your legs apart as much he could. Watching his cock disappear inside and kiss your hilt before resurfacing again.

    "Look at you, getting so slutty for me~" A deep growl chuckled, grabbing your attention and making you peek up at Itadori.

    You spotted the tattoos that were spreading across Itadori's smirking face and arms. The red glow in his eyes made you clench, an evil chuckle rumbling from the cursed man inside of you.

    "S-Sukuna-" You meekly mumbled, crying out when he slapped your ass.

    "Getting all choked up over the brat's cock, hmm? Cumming on his dick while I had to watch and listen to your slutty moans from inside his head?"

    Another slap made your insides clench around the man's shaft, a groan leaving his lips and another laugh leaving him soon after.

    "God damn! You're just a little cum dump for him, aren't you~?" He teased, starting to move once again.

    His thrusts starting fast and rough, his cock twitching inside as Sukuna brought you closer to your climax. Sukuna leaned over your shoulder, your legs folding underneath him as he pressed his chest down onto them, and kissed your neck.

    "How about I abuse the shit out of this pretty cunt of yours?" He asked, biting down on your neck and creating a hickey for all to see.

    "I-Itado- Aaah~!!"

    "It's Sukuna, remember?" He teased, chuckling at the tongue limply hanging from your mouth.

    "Jesus, you must be drunk on cock, huh? Can't even understand what I'm saying you're so addicted."

    The red mark stung on your skin, Sukuna's large hand palming the bruising cheek and pulling it apart from it's twin. Sukuna smirked and shoved his cock deeper, letting your aching cervix tingle at the knocking it was receiving.

    "Such a plump ass you got, girly." Sukuna smirked, pulling out of your cunt once you finished twitching.

    "It'd be such a waste to not see it in action, yeah?"

    Without another word, he flipped you onto your stomach and pressed your chest against the arm rest. Your sight blurring slightly at the pleasure you were getting from the cursed spirit.

    "Oh fuck yeah! That Itadori brat hit the fucking jackpot!" Sukuna praised, slapping his hand against your ass again and chuckled at the whimpers leaving you.

    "I've seen plenty before, but fuck, if you're not the best thing I've ever seen!"

    Sukuna trailed his thumb against your cunt, collected arousal and then used it to lube up your ass. The hole twitching and trembling when he pushed his digit inside. The new feeling making you squirm and whine, Sukuna's finger slowly preparing your aching hole for his dick.

    "Your mewling is making my cock leak like a fucking faucet, slut." Sukuna mentioned, daring to pull out his thumb and replace it with his pointer and middle fingers.

    "I can't wait to see that cute ass bounce on me while I'm railing you into a fucking oblivion."

    "-K-Kuna~ please-" You whimpered, clenching around his fingers. Making the sadistic male smile and force you to beg for his member.

    "Do it. Beg for it to be inside and destroy you, slut!" Sukuna growled, leaning over your trembling body and whispering in your ear.

    The deep rumble of his voice making your cunt shiver and drip.

    "Please, fuck me. M-Make me cum on your cock, please~" You begged. Your pussy grabbing at nothing but the angry red tip that was teasing your folds.

    "Begging so politely, hmm?" He teased, pulling his fingers out of your ass and drooling onto his hand.

    "Fine. If you want my cock so bad, I'll give it to you. But just a warning..~"

    He coated his dick in his saliva, fisting it for a moment and lubing it up for your hole before pressing the tip against it and slowly pushing in. A whimper left you as your asshole clenched around him, the new feeling making you shake.

    "I'll leave your body destroyed beyond repair for Itadori. You'll be begging for it again- and again- and again-"

    Thrust after thrust, Sukuna got deeper and deeper inside of your ass. Making your body jolt and quiver while his hips snapped into yours.

    His balls collided with your trembling clit, cum coating them as he started picking up speed and using your abused body for himself.

    "-til he lets me out to fuck your brains out once again.." Sukuna trailed, spreading your ass cheeks and watching his cock abuse your hole with a smile.

    A chuckle left him again as he picked up speed, watching your small body bonce off of him and moan for more. Your cheeks a deep red as sweat beads dripped down your forehead. The embarrassment that was leaving you made Sukuna go harder, a rare grunt of moan leaving the cursed being making your cunt drip.

    Itadori!! You whimpered, biting down on the hoodie's fabric still in your mouth. Sukuna's voice growled for a moment, his cock twitching inside of your ass.

    "Fuck- I'm gonna cum soon, slut~" Sukuna muttered, an obvious smirk plastered on his face as his hands cupped your hips and pulled back.

    Slowing his movements, he giggled at the whine you mustered out. Drool starting to spill from your mouth and covering your chin and hoodie in wetness. Suddenly, Sukuna pulled out of your ass, a string of his pre leaking from your hole and connecting you both.

    "Turn around, darling." Sukuna ordered, resting against the arm rest behind him.

    A gleam in his eye as he watched your shivering figure turn to face him, letting the hoodie drop from your mouth. A laugh erupted from the male when he saw how pathetic you looked.

    "Get over here. Now."

    Sukuna gently pulled you over by your cheek, the smile on his face growing as you crawled over. His thumb pressed against your lips, he bit his own, pulling you into a deep kiss before pulling away and sneering.

    "Suck." Without a second thought, Sukuna pushed your head down onto your boyfriend's formerly used cock and pressed your lips against the tip.

    A deep blush coated your face when you glanced back up at Sukuna, a snide smile on his face when the tip slipped into your mouth. Halfway down, Sukuna decided that you were taking too long and shoved the rest inside of your wet cavern with a groan leaving him.

    "Much better.." His hand still resting on your head, he guided you up and down his shaft. Giving very little praise and a whole lot of degradation about your position.

    "Look at you. A little cock slave for me!" Sukuna teased, watching your lips wrap around his length with a smile.

    Grunts and moans leaving Sukuna as you worked your tongue and hand around his shaft. The veins under his skin pulsing against your tongue, making you blush more. Drool starting to coat him and making it easier on your jaw a little.

    The male soon got bored of this and stopped you, pulling you up into his lap and palming your ass again. The drool from earlier making him laugh, a sadistic smirk on his face once again as he looked you over.

    "It's going to take a while for you to make me cum. And when you do, there's going to be buckets full inside you, my little whore~" Sukuna mocked, aligning your entrance again and pressing the tip against it.

    Without warning, he shoved it in and started to lift and lower your body. A fast pace being set for you, your nails clawing at his shoulders as whines and pleads left you.

    "S-Sukuna~ Please, c-cum!" You begged, wanting to climax with the curse, surprisingly.

    Sukuna raised a brow and started kissing your neck and chest, letting you fuck yourself to your high as he played with your covered tits. A tongue lapped up your nipple and rolled around the sensitive bud, sucking on it and making a cry leave you.

    "That's it, keep screaming for me." Sukuna muttered, his own hips joining yours.

    The friction from below making you see stars, your pussy clenching around Sukuna's dick. The man grunted and pushed you over to your original position, thrusting faster and making a low growl echo throughout the dorm.

    "F-Fuck- Baby girl~ mmm~" Sukuna moaned, slamming into your abused cunt and finally letting the load release on your insides.

    The echos of your screams and cries mixing with Sukuna's made a light blush cover his cheeks. Panting and relaxing, Sukuna let out a shaky chuckle and kissed you deeply, working his tongue round yours.

    "See you later, slut~"

    With a cough, Itadori pulled you into a hug and caressed the marks Sukuna had left. His apologizing not even being registered as you numbly rested your head against his chest, soon falling asleep with a cunt full of cum.

    "Such a slutty human, hmm?"

    "Shut up, Sukuna." Itadori retorted, pulling out with a pop and cuddling you on the couch. A deep pink covering his cheeks as he continued to watch the movie.

    Maybe I'll make her something to eat after she wakes up as an apology?

    ┏━━━━°⌜ ☁️🌙 ⌟°━━━━┓

    Thank you for reading this! I hope you enjoyed this smut-with-no-context!

    I don't know when I'm going to start posting fluffy stuff for jjk, but I wanted to get some smut stuff out for Gojo, Toji, and Megumi before then. 😏

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  • akaashism
    02.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Do you guys ever think about the fact that Yuuji himself is part curse, he's also housing the king of curses inside his body and yet he's loved by the boy whose name means blessing?

    #itafushi#fushiita#itadori yuuji#fushiguro megumi #jujutsu kaisen spoilers #jjk manga spoilers #jujutsu kaisen
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  • sxtooru
    02.12.2021 - 21 hours ago

    no, because imagine dancing with him to "can't help falling in love with you" by elvis presley,,,,,,, his arms around you tightly as he rests his cheek on your head, a peaceful expression on both of your faces. occasional kisses he'd lay on your face, them growing into slow and deeper kisses that last long and taste sweet. i love you's shared between you two and ugh, it's just such a dream...

    #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu!! #jujutsu kaisen#haikyuu fluff#jjk#haikyuu #kuroo tetsurou x reader #hq fluff #jujutsu kaisen x reader #miya atsumu x reader #bokuto koutarou x reader #hinata shoyo x reader #sakusa kiyoomi x reader #ushijima wakatoshi x reader #gojou satoru #gojou satoru x you #gojou satoru x reader #nanami kento x reader #itadori yuuji x reader #megumi fushiguro x reader #izuku midoriya x reader #bakugou katuski x reader #katsuki bakugo x reader #shoto todoroki x reader #hawks x reader #keigo takami x reader #daichi sawamura x reader #zhongli x reader #kaeya x reader #tsukishima kei x reader
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  • willowfolksong
    02.12.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Happy birthday to you

    - Gojo Satoru x Reader

    - SFW; Angst.

    🎂 It's a special birthday for you, and he knows it. Of course he does. You've told him multiple times— with him always nodding along, making a comment or two about how he loved the way your eyes would light up when talking about presents.

    🎂 You tell Gojo it's not only presents. It's your family getting together for the first time in a long time, it's turning 25, it's just enjoying the fact that you have a boyfriend now, that you love and care for and want to introduce to your parents.

    🎂 He stops stirring his coffee then, for only just a fraction of a second, before resuming the movement as normal. And you should have known then. But love is blind.

    🎂When the day finally comes, you make sure that everything's ready since the early morning. One of your friends comes to help around 10 a.m, and between the two of you the decorations are up and the cake is in the oven in no time.

    🎂 You haven't told him, but you're baking his favorite cake. It's your birthday, yes. But it's also the first one you spend together, and you somehow want it to be special for him too.

    🎂You check your phone to see if your parents are on the way, and end up entering his chat just to say good morning and share your excitement once more. You stop typing when you realize that the bubble with the three dots keeps appearing, but he never sends anything. You finally send him a smiley face, and a text about how much you want to see him already. The three dots appear one more time, but he doesn't answers back.

    🎂 The day goes on, and although you start getting a bit nervous about not hearing anything from him, meeting your guests and paying attention to every final detail keeps you busy enough as to not crumble down completely. It's a small party, but there's more people than you're used to have in your appartment, and most of them start arriving early.

    🎂By 8 p.m., the party is in full swing and you still don't know anything about him. Nobara tries to call him too— he has around 20 missed calls from you already— but to not avail. Itadori seems genuinely distressed. Megumi hasn't showed up either, and you have a feeling he knew. And didn't want to be there to see it.

    🎂 You're wearing the dress he bought for you one day while you window shopped around the mall, hands on the glass and sparkly eyes trained on the red dress the mannequin was wearing.

    "Look, babe! Wouldn't that look just perfect in you?"

    🎂 Your parents soon start asking questions, and an hour later everyone seems to know that the most important guest hasn't showed up— and doesn't seems like it plans to do it.

    🎂 It's soon impossible to avoid the cake and the candles and the singing— and you soon find yourself surrounded by people that love you, and definitely pity you, trying to sing along while your eyes keep straying towards the door, somehow still waiting.

    🎂 You imagine him bursting through the door— joining the song and singing louder than the rest, probably also trying to blow up the candles with you. You imagine him chatting animatedly with your parents, and trading jokes with his students. You imagine his gift— you thought he would give you that scarf you've been in love with since you saw it. But he never even showed up.

    🎂 You end up crying in the bathroom— Nobara knocking on the door, her worried tone the one thing that makes you compose yourself a bit.

    🎂 You send him a last pleading text. The three dots appear immediately, and you almost foolishly believe that he's had your chat open all the time. But he doesn't says a thing, so you exit the bathroom and let Nobara help you with your makeup before going back to the party. And like slow motion, you know.

    His eyes read your text once more. Megumi knocks on his door and says something— probably about what he's doing, about how that's definitely not the way. Gojo deletes the text he was going to send you and leaves the phone on the bed, a photo he sneakily took of you his background.

    He doesn't intend to change it.

    He pushes the gift bag with the scarf he bought you to the side, and stands up to look out the window. The few stars he can see in the city sky reminds him to your eyes.

    Gojo Satoru wouldn't be able to stand to have you taken away form him, so he'll endure this, if it means you'll be able to have a peaceful life.

    🧣 RED Love Story Collection

    Part XIV - Next is The very first night

    #gojo satoru #gojo satoru x female reader #gojo satoru x you #gojo satoru x reader #gojo satoru x y/n #jjk gojo#gojo angst#gojo fluff#jujutsu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen fanfic #jujutsu kaisen imagines #jjk #jjk self insert #jjk x reader #jjk fluff#jjk angst#jjk imagines#nobara kugisaki#fushiguro megumi#itadori yuuji #based on a taylor swift song #Spotify
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  • getougender
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    neither megumi nor yuuji was a leash kid growing up but i 100% believe that yuuji would wander into weird places—he’d find his way out just fine, but you’d look up and he’d be Gone—and megumi bit people

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  • lokescurse
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Oh, boy, can't wait to trap Satoru Gojo in the Egg Realm.

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  • angwritez
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    ☆Yuuji I. Masterlist☆

    #yuuji itadori #yuuji itadori masterlist #yuji itadori
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    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    hello yuuji simps. I love yuuji. if you love yuuji lets be friends.

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  • venussins
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    ❅ prompt: There's nothing sweeter than baking Christmas cookies with your boyfriend. Yūji disagrees with this sentiment of yours and shows you his favorite sweet treat.

    ❅ rating: 18+, MINORS DO NOT INTERACT

    ❅ word count: 1,9k

    ❅ cw/tw: all characters are aged-up!, fem!reader, fluff, praise, oral sex (female receiving), vaginal fingering, come eating, lack of skills when it comes to baking

    ❅ Event Masterlist

    “Did you actually measure the amount of flour you’re about to put in there?”

    With that, Yūji’s hands stop mid-air, a bit of the flour raining down into the mixing bowl. He looks like a deer caught in the headlights, as he realizes that he did not measure the amount. Slowly, he puts down the little bowl of flour on the kitchen counter and turns to you again, pouting.

    “I thought we were supposed to pour it in slowly and just mix until the consistency is right. Sorry,” he explains, rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment at his lack of knowledge. A soft smile replaces the stressed one on your face and you pat his chest comfortingly.

    “Don’t worry about it. It might be like that when we cook together, but when it comes to baking we better stick to the recipe. I don’t have too much experience with it myself,” you rationalize, before moving to get the kitchen scale, so you can properly measure the correct amount.

    Just like that, the both of you work together in unison to finish the dough. You busy yourself with getting all the ingredients and measuring them, while Yūji kneads the dough.

    Initially, it was supposed to be the other way around, but after your boyfriend admitted that he didn’t even know you had to measure the ingredients and after your first attempt at kneading the stubborn dough resulting in a cramp in your hand, this division of labor seemed the most logical – and the safest way to actually produce edible cookies by the end of this ordeal.

    At last, you finally get to roll out the dough. You touch your cheek with the back of your hand and your breath leaves you in an exhausted huff as you feel how much your face has warmed up. Baking Christmas cookies didn’t seem like a strenuous activity, but it seems you were wrong about that.

    Yūji notices your exasperation and the unmotivated glance you take at the rolling pin, which causes him to break out in hearty laughter. He gently gathers you in his arms and presses you close, not mindful at all about his hands that still had some dough and flour stuck to them.

    It’s not like you care either. You slump against him, ignoring how your furnace of a boyfriend isn’t really helping you with your problem at all. A gentle kiss is pressed against your temple and he hums contently, before bargaining with you,

    “How about this: I roll out the dough for you and then you can cut out the cookies. Would that be okay, baby?”

    It’s a good suggestion and you nod, burying your face against his comfortable hoodie. The both of you stay like that for a little while, before Yūji moves to roll out the dough.

    You help him by spreading some flour on top of the counter and as he starts up, you notice he’s being very careful about it, his teeth nibbling on his lower lip in concentration. So focused on such a silly task – it’s adorable.

    “Feel free to use more strength, Yu. Like that you’re not going to be ready before Christmas,” you tease, a giggle leaving your lips.

    Lips pulled into a pout he looks at you in mock offense, before he bears down on the rolling pin, planning on properly rolling out the cookie dough.

    With a crack, both wooden handles split from the rolling pin, and your boyfriend is left standing there, both handles in his hand and the wooden roll laying on top of the dough, which is far from being flat enough to cut into.

    There’s a dumbfounded expression on his face that causes you to erupt into laughter and you have to steady yourself against the counter, lest you completely break down and land on the floor.

    “H-how would you – Why would you..? Why would you – haha – put that much strength into it?” Your tummy hurts and there are tears in your eyes, the words barely manage to leave your lips coherently.

    Yūji’s ears burn with embarrassment and he starts rolling out the dough with just the big wooden roll. “You told me to put more strength into it,” he mutters.

    As your laughter dies down, you smile at him fondly. Fingers moving to stroke over the shell of his ear, you delight in the way he shivers at your touch. He turns his head to look at you in anticipation, his eyes being entranced by the way your lips move as you speak,

    “Didn’t know Rudolph had a cousin whose ears are bright red instead of his nose.”

    Tick, tock, tick, tock.

    The clock is deafening in the quiet kitchen and as your lame jest registers in his mind, Yūji’s expression changes into one that just seems to scream “Really?”.

    Another burst of laughter threatens to leave you, but you stay strong and keep it down, moving to get the cookie cutters instead.

    In no time the dough is rolled out perfectly – you make sure to praise Yūji for this – and you quickly move to cut it into many different shapes. Hearts, Christmas trees, stars, little reindeer, whatever you could find inside your shared home.

    A bit of egg yolk is spread on top of every cookie and the both of you work on decorating them with sprinkles, chocolate chips, and icing. When all of them are ready, you finally stand up straight and arch your back to properly stretch, groaning at the way you can feel your back crack.

    “You okay there, grandma?” Yūji asks, wrapping his arms around you from behind and putting his hands into the front pocket of your hoodie – his hoodie, which you took from him.

    You decided to put it on in order to be able to forego the need of wearing any pants. Panties and his oversized hoodie were the most comfortable attire anyway and your shared home was warm enough for it.

    Gently you nudge him at his comment, before settling in his arms. Playfully you ask, “Are you into older women then, young man?”

    A gentle bite on the neck is the answer you receive and you squeal, fighting him off of you. Easily relenting, he lets go and shoots you a cheeky grin. You touch the place where he bit you, ready to reprimand him, but you feel a sticky sensation.

    Realizing you still have some icing left on your hands, you move to wipe them on your naked legs to get it off for now, before you can clean your hands properly. You still got some cleaning to do and utensils to put away, so you don’t bother with that just yet.

    Before you can get to cleaning up though, your boyfriend grabs a hold of your wrist, stopping in your tracks. Confused, you look up at him, before quizzically raising a brow and speaking up, “What is it? Don’t want to clean up?”

    Seemingly in a daze, the man shakes his head, leaning down to latch on to the spot he bit earlier. You feel his tongue darting out to lick up the icing you accidentally smeared on your skin and you can feel heat shoot up your spine.

    “That’s not it,” he argues, “I’ll do all the cleaning. Don’t you worry your pretty little head about that.” His breath is heavy and hot against the wetted skin of your neck

    With that, he goes down on his knees, grabs a hold of your thighs, and gets to lapping up all of the icing that’s sticking to the skin of your thighs.

    You steady yourself against the counter behind you with one hand, while the other moves to grab on to his pink tufts of hair. The sudden change in mood makes your mind hazy, your thoughts running a mile a second trying to keep up.

    Yūji’s fingers hook into the sides of your panties, pulling them down your legs completely and putting them in the pocket of the sweater he’s wearing, shooting you a wink as he does this. Heat rises up high on your cheeks and you whimper, pulling his head closer to where you need him.

    Immediately complying, in a rush as if he was a starved man, he surges forward, burying his face between your thighs. While his hands grab onto your ass, pulling you impossibly close, his tongue delves between your folds.

    He’s loud with it too, making sure you get to hear just how wet you get for him and how much he enjoys doing this. One of his hands moves to dip a finger between your folds and enters your hole. A moan falls from your lips as you clench around the intruding digit.

    “Yes, yes, yes – Just like that Yūji, feels so good,” you encourage him, grinding your hips against his face and delighting at the way he moans against your wet folds.

    While he busies himself with inserting another finger, Yūji’s lips move to wrap around your little bundle of nerves, sucking on it and swirling his tongue around it, while he pushes his fingers in and out of you.

    Your hand moves away from his hair, choosing to pull the hoodie up, so you can get a better view of his face between your legs. Deep, brown eyes lock onto your own and you shudder at their intensity.

    Continuing to slowly finger you, he curls his fingers with every push and you gasp. His lips leave you in favor of opening his mouth and sticking out his tongue right above your puffy clit. His spit and your essence drip down onto it and he watches – fascinated and mesmerized.

    “Look at that – fuck. Such a pretty pussy. All mine to ravage, all mine to play with. Tastes so sweet too, can’t get enough, princess.”

    With that, he moves back to sensually lapping at the sensitive pearl, now even more eager than before.

    The erotic visual and the combined sensations he’s giving you finally send you over the edge and you come undone for him. The muscles in your legs are struggling to keep you upright and you almost collapse, but your boyfriend moves to stand and catches you just in time.

    You hold on to him, still shaking and breathing hard as you try to gather your bearings.

    It’s quiet for a while, until Yūji speaks up again, “You okay, baby?”

    With a breathless giggle, you nod and he presses his lips against your forehead over and over again, mumbling against it in between every kiss,

    “You’re the sweetest thing ever, baby. Not even the sweetest icing could ever compare. I love your taste.”

    You dreamily look up at your handsome boyfriend, moving to gather up the wetness on the corner of his cheek with your thumb and slipping it into your own mouth. There’s a pregnant pause as his gaze is focused on you and you feel his confined cock twitch against your body.

    Yet, before you can offer to help him out, Yūji speaks up,

    “We forgot to put the cookies in the oven.”

    Now you’re the dumbfounded one and you’re quick to inquire, “That’s everything you have to say right now?”

    With a shake of his head, he denies the hidden accusation in your question, before further explaining his current dilemma,

    “Instead of cleaning up, it seems I made even more of a mess.”

    #❅Advent Calendar 2021❅ #itadori yuuji x reader #itadori yuuji smut #itadori yuuji x reader smut #itadori yuji x reader #jujutsu kaisen smut #not safe for minors #jjk smut #jujutsu kaisen x reader #jjk fanfic #jjk x reader #jujutsu kaisen fanfic #jjk#jujutsu kaisen #itadori x y/n #itadori imagine #itadori x you #yuuji x reader #yuji x y/n #yuji x reader #itadori yuji imagines #itadori yuji smut #itadori yuji imagine #jujutsu kaisen imagine #jujutsu kaisen imagines #jujutsu kaisen scenarios #jjk fanfiction #jjk x you #yuuji smut #itadori x reader
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    Fushiguro: hello, assholes who don't live here

    Itadori: hey

    Kugisaki: yo

    Gojo, mouth full: you're out of snacks

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