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    La realidad de hoy en Ikebukuro.

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  • I got them to split the fee.

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  • Let’s not speak of this again || Awful || Bad || Okay || Entertaining || Good || Better than Expected || Really Good || Amazeballs || What is this vision of glory I’ve witnessed?!

    Next on our journey of anime that aired in the Fall of 2020 is Ikebukuro West Gate Park.  If the title makes you think of Durarara!! then you’re pretty much on the mark with what IWGP is about (though the IWGP mystery novels predate Durarara!!).  While it definitely doesn’t have the same level of supernatural influence nor the detail spent in interweaving different characters with their completely different narratives together, it has a similar feeling.


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    Originally posted by my-own-anime-blog

    Ikebukuro West Gate Park

    This is an anime that I haven’t really seen talked about, I’d just like to give my opinion of it :P


    Originally posted by ydotome

    Main character Majima Makoto was great. He fights to keep the peace in town and has a level head and moral compass that aren’t too common anymore. He was very likable!


    Originally posted by ydotome


    Originally posted by technolyzed

    Takashi Ando was really cool, his fight scenes were so hyped!! I liked how intense he could get, which was interesting given his calm and almost robotic demeanor.


    Originally posted by my-own-anime-blog

    Kyouichi Ozaki and his gang the Red Angels, I felt like they could have been fleshed out a bit more, but it was only 12 episodes so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    I liked the story, it was unique despite appearing ordinary. This is because it’s hard to come across anime that are exciting in their realistic depictions of life. All the problems that the characters faced were relatable, and that somehow made them special.

    The animation was pretty good, idk what studio did it but it was nice to look at. Especially liked the camera angles in some of the more intense scenes.


    Isogai 😭 He was my favorite so the ending had me shook but hey, I actually liked that twist so it was alright.

    The music! Loved the soundtrack, it wasn’t obnoxious but it wasn’t forgettable either. The OP was so good, it’s been stuck in my head for a while. I especially love that Makoto listens to classical, and quite a few scenes had classical playing in the back. The ED actually has the melody from Ravel’s Pavane if you listen closely! Enjoyed that classical influence, it paired well with the urban aesthetic.

    I’ll admit I only watched it because it took place in Ikebukuro like Durarara, but I actually liked it a lot. I’ll be honest and say that the novels were probably better, but it was a pretty solid anime.

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  • “But there’s still no reason to indiscriminately shout threats at women and children just to dispel humiliation.”

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  • kyouichi’s back got rid of my art block but i messed up his tattoo in return :’) anyway i love kyouichi

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  • Cast of Strong Style: Wrestle Kingdom 15 Review

    Cast of Strong Style: Wrestle Kingdom 15 Review

    Presented by The CSPN & The WrassleCast…

    Welcome back to an all-new episode of Cast Of Strong Style!

    We cover the landscape of New Japan Pro Wrestling. #CastofStrongStyle is a pro wrestling podcast brought to you by the makers of The WrassleCast.

    @DonDelarente @AnwarStarwind and @TerrysBoy share their commentary with color on both nights of Wrestle Kingdom 15

    Check out Cast Of Strong…


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  • “I’ll take two, but you can have three. Show me what you can do.”

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  • HE’S BACK🤟🏾!
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  • Yeah so obviously I ditched the old format for these posts but I still wrote a fair bit so I’m just gonna post it. The rest of this post is literally exactly as it’s written in my little Word document, so whatever formatting and genuinely unfinished paragraphs exist are still gonna be present. I always add pictures last so I felt I shouldn’t have them in this unfinished post. Enjoy!

    Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle – Rhyme Anima

    Unfortunately, we have to start this post off with something I dropped. Yep, it’s been a while since I did that. Hypnosis Mic managed to get me to watch 3 episodes though, and I think that’s a pretty fair shot, but yeah it just wasn’t really for me.

    I should start by saying I honestly do think this is a decent show. I went in with my expectations at basically rock bottom, just because this sort of bishie boy idol-adjacent genre isn’t really for me, but the first episode was a pleasant surprise in a lot of ways. Most notably, the presentation. Truthfully I kinda hate the character designs, but the actual aesthetics and music of the world are super good, everything’s quite grimy and edgy to really good effect, and it also manages to not go so far with that edge as to cause whiplash, given the inherent silliness of the premise. The musical performances were also way better than I was expecting, like a lot of these anime boys can actually rap, the main man in Buster Bros!!! especially, and the music videos look really damn good. Setting aside the meh CG, they were such an exciting overflow of these crazy colourful visual effects, all sorts of lights and fireworks and sparks and spray paint or music notes or just, whatever can be stylised to match each group’s aesthetics, all the while the lyrics make really dynamic entrances and shit, like it was actually just fun to watch the boys go off.

    And it felt like that kinda stopped after the first episode, and was basically gone entirely after the second. Performances were just a lot less visually interesting, it’s clear they blew their load on the first episode and everything afterwards is just, meh. First episode also spent like 5 minutes on each group of boys but the other 2 episodes I watched were basically solely dedicated to single groups which made it clear how uninteresting every character is.

    And more than anything, I watched this show for the novelty of anime boys rapping. By episode 3, the novelty wore off. I was done.

    So yeah. Started off better than I expected, bored me for 2 more episodes, and then I just decided to cave and quit – the show was never for me anyway. I probably might’ve actually watched it had this season been less stacked but like, well, the season is stacked, so I just didn’t want 24 minutes of my time a week spent on this.

    Tonikaku Kawaii

    That’s not the only show I dropped after 3 episodes pog! Yeah so this is a show that I mainly just watched because it sounded like, not horrible, and I was already watching so many shows this season that what harm is there in adding one more to the list? And more than that, it has Akari Kito in it, and she’s delightful.

    Anyway, I quite quickly found myself bored by this show. Nasa’s really annoying and unlikeable as a main character, what little personality Tsukasa does have is quickly drained away just so she can be a blushing dere waifu for the whole show, and nothing about the fact that they’re married actually changes any of the same cliched rom-com jokes we’ve all seen before.

    And that’s really all there is to it. Not terribly bad or anything, just not engaging to watch, not quite as cute as the characters are constantly telling you it is, and just another show I didn’t want to lose 24 minutes of my time a week to.

    Also, the OP is actually terribly bad. Specifically come the chorus. Because it’s literally a fucking shitty beat drop dubstep techno thing and when it happens the actually sorta cool visuals the OP had are genuinely replaced with just the show’s title bouncing and vibrating around on a blank background. It’s literally like those shitty fucking YouTube intros but they’re part of a TV anime in 2020. Laughable.

    Ikebukuro West Gate Park

    And hey, another show I dropped after 3 episodes! I don’t usually drop shows in general, let alone this many in a season, but like, I also don’t usually watch this many shows a season in general, so maybe give me a fucking break, yeah?

    Anyway, IWGP is something I was interested in watching because Joey Anime Man made it sound pretty interesting, and also, I’m super about Doga Kobo adapting more than just cute girls, and them adapting a fucking gang war drama mystery show? Sounds worth checking out.

    Unfortunately, the actual show turned out to be super boring. I didn’t really feel the drama or mystery whatsoever in the first 3 episodes, and they’re instead just really dull and forgettable episodic plots that don’t amount to anything or have cool climaxes or even interesting moment to moment storytelling. A lot of what goes on in this show is just characters talking about how cool and competent and connected they all are. And only when it would help the plot advance do we learn such things. MC’s the most cool and trusted and beloved individual in all of ‘Bukuro – the chief of police and the leader of main gang the G-Boys (I can’t take the name seriously) and then the leader of Red Angels too (another gang that befriend G-Boys basically instantly, and then the show tells us tension still exists between the groups but nothing’s done to show that), they all just constantly suck off how cool and amazing they all are, and how they can do anything and they’re so badass and competent. The experience of watching this show is dull as hell since it’s just a bunch of people standing around talking about how cool they are but then never doing anything actually cool. It’s dull as fuck.

    So yeah, I just didn’t want to keep watching this. Would not recommend.

    Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou

    So this and the next 2 shows are shows I’m gonna finish, but they’ve still got a good amount of episodes before they’re done, and since none of them are Anime of the Season, let’s just get them over with before the stuff I actually completed.

    And to start with, we have the new Higurashi remake sequel. Immediately it’s worth clarifying for people who don’t know – this is my first venture into Higurashi. Never played any of the games, read any of the visual novels, never read any of the manga adaptations, and I’ve never seen the Studio Deen anime. I knew going into it that despite the character designs and aesthetics, lots of characters would be dying and quite brutally at that, but otherwise, I had no idea what I was getting into or what to expect.

    Now we’re 13 episodes in as of writing, 11 to go, and I’d say my impression of the show so far is that it’s good and a really enjoyable ride, but it has yet to make me understand why Higurashi is so critically acclaimed. We’ve had 3 full arcs of the show, for which the structure is often just lots of setup for things that could appear innocent but get increasingly creepy the more we learn about them, maybe a good chunk of exposition for a while, and then a big and bloody conclusion where everyone dies and it’s never really clear how or why we got there. Now I wanna clarify that I have been having fun with this. The show generally nails its horror atmosphere (even if some of the horror faces look a little silly) and there’s no mystery we’ve had that I’ve not found compelling or engaging. And the show’s time-looping structure means we can introduce and flesh out certain mechanics or characters in one timeline and then casually introduce them in another – Shion for example has basically a full arc dedicated to her and then since that’s over she just gets to be a normal part of the next arc. It’s a cool structure. But it’s not necessarily satisfying, since all those “everyone dies” endings don’t have any payoff before we just move onto the next thing.

    Again, I’ve been having fun watching it, but Higurashi is so respected and adored that I’ve spent much of the show feeling like I’m waiting for the big moment where it all clicks for me. And since this is a new sequel thing or whatever, I can’t actually say with any certainty if I should expect such a thing. Am I gonna learn who Hanyuu is by continuing to watch this or will I really have to watch the old anime to appreciate her? For the record I am gonna watch the old anime, but it’d just be nice if this anime could stand on its own since I believe either the writer or director said that newcomers can still get into this even though it’s a sequel. Obviously Higurashi fans are gonna have a better idea of where this is going than me but once again, we’re all in the same boat to a degree.

    Though having said that, apparently the structure of this show has been basically adapting old arcs and changing the endings. And also I guess introducing pieces of info at different times that apparently lots of fans have called into question. I’ve seen a couple of fans be like, “oh why did they do this, newcomers are just gonna be confused and spoiled and hate the show for it”. But I don’t really feel that way. For a start, we are a mystery show, I’m fine with a certain level of confusion. And then being spoiled on some old things only makes me want to watch those old things even more so I can see how events play out differently. That make sense?

    Sorry that most of what I have to say about the show is just meta stuff at the moment, but in my defence the show’s still not given me loads to work with, and it’s not like I should expect to be able to write a full review of a show that’s still got another full cour to air it. I like it, I think it’s fun, and lots of really cool and awesome things will happen in the individual arcs. Really I’d just recommend checking out my tag for the show if you want to read more.

    To clear up some misc stuff, I like the visuals a lot. Akio Watanabe’s style is a favourite of mine and I like these real smooth and polished and colourful designs we’ve got going on here. As I said, certain expressions can look a little dumb – when Shion and an entire village growl at some delinquents to save Keiichi they all look really stupid – but they’re really cute when they’re going for cute and when they do do horror, it’s a nice contrast seeing these adorable character designs being absolutely fucking drenched in blood and whatnot. I like all the music a whole ton, and I think the voice acting’s been really great so far, especially Keiichi. I do think Yukari Tamura’s Rika sounds really cute normally but her horror voice is too much of a departure for this apparently 10 or 11 year old character to sound like, but fuckin, I’ll suspend my disbelief, it’s no biggie.

    Ultimately there’s no value in predicting a score for this show since like, it’s yet to finish, but I’d say my enjoyment of everything so far is maybe, a 6? And if it keeps doing exactly what it’s been doing, it might end on a 6. But if we do evolve into something more, contextualise these timelines some more and clear up certain mysteries, just turn into something where I can understand why this series is so beloved and respected, then I might be able to give it an 8 or something, maybe even higher. Again, we’ll just have to wait and see.

    Jujutsu Kaisen

    Another show that’s yet to finish, we’re on episode 13 of 24 at the time of writing. And fuckin honestly, I have no idea where to even begin with this show.

    Jujutsu Kaisen is a show that started off with a really cool first episode, it had a certain shounen edginess to it, like these sharp and mature character designs and pretty tangible sense of danger made it feel almost like Bleach, but just cooler to me today than Bleach was when I read that at 13 or whatever. We quickly establish a rough idea of where the narrative will go too – for Yuuji Itadora eats the finger of a cursed spirit called Sukuna and now has to eat all of his other fingers. Doing so will make him stronger but increase Sukuna’s grip on him, and oh boy isn’t that scary?

    And then we have some cool moments pretty early on too. Near instantly they actually subvert the expectation that Yuuji would be completely okay with Sukuna inside of him by having him get utterly fucked up by some cursed spirit, and then when he like, lets Sukuna take control, he’s unable to take control back, so Sukuna just ups and kills the dude’s body. It’s one of the most based and unexpected scenes from anything this year, and the idea that this show would kill off its shounen MC who’s entire mantra has been about ensuring people can have proper deaths, god the irony is so good!

    But this is also the point where things start to go downhill. Well, not really – this is like episode 4 or 5 where this happens when episodes 2 and 3 were pretty slow and boring – but this is definitely the start of the show being boring consistently. In so far as, Yuuki dies, but he’s actually brought back because this show big manly cool shounen doesn’t have the balls to kill the MC (tbf the scene that justifies his revival is actually sick as fuck) and then he just doesn’t meet up with his old friends because of some dumb shounen “I can’t show myself until I’m strong enough!” thing that doesn’t really matter. And when he’s next supposed to meet them is in some tournament arc they set up in like episode 6 and that’s still not showed up for whatever reason. And it doesn’t feel like the characters are prepping for it or anything either – Yuuji’s off doing his own shit fighting final bosses while his friends just stand around and be boring and meet a bunch of extremely insufferable side characters.

    See there’s not a single character in this show who’s really all that complex or interesting. Basically everyone lays out their entire personality and motives upon introduction, and like the most immediately interesting and likeable character is Gojou since he’s funny and has good chemistry with everyone and his motives are just reform the shitty Jujutsu Tech since it’s run by crusty boomers. Alright, fair enough. But then we’ll just meet like, Panda that talks, wow! Or dude that only speaks in food names, crazy! Or guy that asks what your fetishes are and beats you up if he thinks they’re boring, insane! We spend like half an episode on that dude for some fucking reason. Or how about girl? She’s a girl! Now that’s boundary breaking!

    Honestly so much of this show is just watching characters I don’t care about just getting themselves involved in seemingly unrelated situations I don’t care about and 13 episodes into the show I still don’t actually know where it’s going, nor would I be able to tell you what it’s done so far. There’s just no sense of progression anywhere. It feels like a shounen anthology series where 80% of the episodes have nothing to say and are completely forgettable the moment they finish. Fuckin shounen Instagram pages call this show goated as fuck, anime of the decade, spent the entire buildup to its release being like “y’all ain’t ready for JJK bro” and just saying “cap” and I’ve still not figured out what that means. Is there gonna be a moment where the series clicks for me, where I can say Jujutsu Kaisen is good? I liked Demon Slayer more by this point.

    Tbh I think this show’s just carried by the production – MAPPA are going hard as fuck again and this show has some of the best action sakuga from anything this year, and the artwork is consistently cool as all fucking hell, really enhances these already stellar character designs and again that animation is so fucking good, there’s no fight this show that isn’t stupid fun to watch. Everything is shot in such a way that you can fully understand what’s happening and why in terms of fight mechanics so it’s always easy to know who’s winning and what moves were good strikes and whatnot, show’s just so fucking emphatic and it’s great. Definitely the best quality of the show. Also like, I’m usually the guy that thinks whatever OPs or EDs are popular in a season are overrated – Tonikawa’s OP is really beloved for some fucking reason and I don’t get how that shitty bass drop and circa 2016 Geometry Dash YouTuber channel intro title card flying about is something anyone thinks is cool. But with Jujutsu Kaisen, OP and ED both slap. Kaikai Kitan is easily Eve’s best song, shit goes hard as fuck and is usually my favourite thing about watching an episode of the show. And then LOST IN PARADISE is just a super catchy and memorable banger that never stops being fun to listen to, I always loved when an episode would finish since I’d get to listen to the song. For once I’m on the same page as the shounen Instagram pages lol.

    Yeah, I don’t fuckin know man. Show’s just boring and wastes a lot of time, I find maybe 3 characters endearing in a cast of like 15 or something, my actual favourite ended up being this one milf lady because like, well, milf, but she died in the same episode she was introduced so like, whatever. Second cour of this show better pick up on the slack or I’ll once again be mad that at a Shounen Jump thing for having a cool first episode that hooked me and then just turning out to be shit for nearly the entire rest of its runtime.

    Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

    Right, now to cover shows I did actually finish. And fair warning, there’s a lot to cover. I’m actually going to start us off with a section I like to call “shows that have everything going for them and should be delightful but are actually total shit”. Or STHEGFTSBDBAATS for short. Bit of a shit name? Well, these shows don’t deserve a good name.

    So actually, the first STHEGFTSBDBAATS we’re covering is certainly the lowest level offender of the bunch. In so far as it’s actually not that shit. What seems so good about Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear (if you know your Japanese, this title just means Bear Bear Bear Bear) is that it’s one of those overpowered MC isekai game anime things, but starring a cute girl! Now that’s already become a common thing, so what makes this so different? Well see, the visuals are the absolute cutest ever, and the main girl – Yuna - wears an absolutely adorable bear costume! Ahhh! That’s so cute! And she has a weirdly mature voice? I like that though, it’s quite soothing! And she actually just spends much of the show basically amassing like, a harem of lolis that love her. Sounds utterly dreamy, right? Literally just watching an adorable girl in a bear costume hang out with a bunch of similarly adorable lolis that all love her? Should be anime of the year at that rate.

    But honestly, what ends up being this show’s problem is that it’s just extremely boring for much of its runtime. I couldn’t even nail down a specific reason it’s boring either, it just sorta never really amounts to anything, and much of the content that’ll fill up an episode doesn’t end up being that cute. It’s occasionally satisfying seeing Yuna like, be a based capitalist and just improve the state of affairs of her world in quite tangible ways, but they’ll drag such easy things out for extremely long times. The show’s just a lot slower than it needs to be. I think around halfway through the show I started watching it at 1.5x speed, just because it was the only way to make the show bearable. And when I started doing that, the show became decently okay! It’s not quite funny enough to be a comedy, nor relaxing enough to be iyashikei, but at 1.5x speed it’s close enough to a decent slice of life to where it is sort of fun. It’s just not quite as fun as “adorable girl in an adorable bear costume hangs out with adorable lolis” should be.

    Still, 5/10. Also the ED is honestly really nice.

    Rail Romanesque

    Next for STHEGFTSBDBAATS shows is Rail Romanesque – an anime spinoff of the visual novel Maitetsu, which meant I just called this show Maitetsu for its entire runtime.

    What should be good about Maitetsu is that it’s a 3 minute show, so episodes shouldn’t drag, and it’s literally just about a bunch of very adorable and very well dressed lolis just like, being trains and talking about train shit I guess. The character designs are really nice and for some reason the cast is stacked with a lot of really great seiyuu. Sounds like a charming little time, right?

    Unfortunately not. What sucks about the show in brief is that actually, it’s just really fucking boring, and it’s for train otakus which isn’t me, and also the artwork is very ugly, and the formula gets tired near instantly. The 3 minute episodes ended up dragging is really the takeaway here.

    3/10 for the whole thing. We already have confirmation that it’s getting a season 2 and y’all already know I’m gonna be on that shit lol.

    Iwa Kakeru!: Sport Climbing Girls

    For our next STHEGFTSBDBAATS we have Iwa Kakeru.

    There’s a very simple reason this show should be good. Muscle girls. Literally all this show needs to have to be good is to have a lot of girls that are at least somewhat well built, and have artwork that is good enough for said girls to actually look hot.

    Now since this is an STHEGFTSBDBAATS show, you already know where they went wrong. Most of the girls just actually aren’t very muscular, and more pressingly, the artwork is shit. Like fucking, ow my god my eyes kinda hurt looking at this levels of bad. That alone is enough to ruin what interest I had in the show.

    However, the show’s also pretty bad in a lot of other ways, primarily just related to the writing and presentation of it all. Sports climbing isn’t exactly a super interesting viewer sport, but a good show should be able to make it compelling anyway, right? But a good show this is not. The vast majority of the girls have nothing endearing about them nor do they have any chemistry as a team, so the show really struggles to get you invested in its narrative, cause like this is a sports show first and a cute girls show second. And then every rival girl from some other school is just whatever cringe fucking gimmick the writer wanted to have that day. Oh this one says nya. This one says cool Kurusu. This one’s a creepy weirdo. This one has muscles. They’re all flat and forgettable and annoying. And the decision to like, convey their skills via drawing parallels between them and animals is always fucking cringe. Seeing MC like walk through a corridor to see a tarantula the size of her but then oops it’s just spider lady, it’s always laughable. And then fucking main girl being a former gamer so she does her climbing by like, visualising this shit puzzle game and wearing some 80s looking sci-fi outfit while code fills the screen or something, it just kills my ability to take this very serious sports narrative seriously.

    I wanted this show to be good because muscle girls, so it really is a shame that not only does it not have those, but everything else about it sucks too. It’s alright for a laugh, cause it’s more often funny bad than outright boring, but still, eh. The actual best thing about it beyond haha funny bad show is that there’s this one song in the soundtrack, fuck knows what it’s called, but it’s just this honestly pretty fuckin vibing lo-fi track that I really liked. It goes pretty hard and every time it came on I wanted all of the dialogue to stop so I could just listen. But anyway yeah 3/10 for the show.

    Assault Lily: Bouquet

    We’re nearly finished with the STHEGFTSBDBAATS, so let’s get the 2nd biggest offender out of the way. Assault Lily: Bouquet, hence just Assault Lily.

    There are quite a lot of reasons that this show should be great. For one, it’s a Studio SHAFT original. That’s immediately something that makes it worth checking out, and it certainly has some of your usual cute SHAFTisms we all know and love. Head tilts, unusual colour palettes, brilliant fanservice, and that’s about it. But still, that’s not bad. And then the show honestly has really great visuals, artwork is pretty consistently solid, animation is actually really great and they splurge on some really nice sakuga moments a couple times in the show, and all of the character designs are super appealing – particularly because every single girl in the show has these fuckin thick as hell thighs and the show really wants you to know, they’ve all got thigh highs or tights and shit on at all times, it’s great. Even the fairly frequent CG usage is pretty well animated and makes for exciting fight scenes. Moving beyond the visuals, this show’s also another magical girl show with mecha elements, specifically in the weapon designs. Cool as fuck, I’m a big fan of that. And then the ultimate reason I was looking forward to this so is because it’s like, the gayest fucking thing ever. Lilies, if you didn’t know, are known as “yuri no hana” in Japanese, that’s literally yuri flower. And all the girls are called Lilies. Okay, so we’re a yuri show. All the girls say “gokigenyou”, that classic all girls school greeting, ergo lesbians. The main characters are called Yuyu and Riri. Their in-universe ship name is thus obviously Yuri. They actually adopt a girl who they call Yuri. Everyone is the most physically affectionate they could possibly be without kissing and everyone makes their attractions quite apparent. Overall we’re a gay magical girl show by SHAFT with visuals to really sell how exciting that all sounds.

    As for where it’s bad, we’ve actually got a lot of ground to cover, so I’m just gonna start with the easiest thing yet oddly the most frustrating. And that’s that aforementioned gayness. History lesson for those not in the know – class S is something of an old term used to describe what is effectively just yuri or shoujo ai, except without any real romance, instead opting to let the girls have very close friendships that like, read as being yuri, but there’s still plausible deniability. And Assault Lily is the most class S thing I’ve ever seen. All those aforementioned things making it a “yuri” are literally as far as it ever goes – but nobody ever like, confesses their explicitly romantic love for anyone, we don’t get any girls kissing girls or anything like that. By the way, the S in class S stands for a lot of things, but one of them is “sister”, and Riri does call Yuyu “onee-sama”, just to really let you know. The show goes further than any class S show I’ve ever seen to really make it feel class S, like literally the character names and all the fuckin puns and onee-sama and shit, they’re pushing everything to the point of parody. But doing so doesn’t really say anything – it doesn’t actually have any grand commentary to make on girls’ love or class S or yuri or anything like that, it’s just being the inherently frustrating class S genre and that’s it. I really wanted to see these lovely hot SHAFT girls kiss each other on the lips and it just never happened. God damn it.

    Now the other big ways in which it’s bad are arguably bigger problems, I’m just a yuri cuck so the class S frustrated me. But nah fuckin, this show’s structure and writing is among the messiest I’ve ever seen. This show is constantly flipping between pure slice of life that borders on filler, and these big emotional arcs where the stakes get drastically high and characters actually fucking die and the trauma of losing loved ones comes back to haunt people, and it’ll just switch between these two at complete fucking random. It never feels like there’s a transition between the characters just vibing versus the characters needing to have big moments of development against dangerous threats that push them to their limits and beyond. Actual plot moments feel so incidental as to where you’re never ready for them. And that could be a good thing on paper – much of the plot happens because of surprise attacks from the big magical enemies – the Huge – and yeah fair enough that they’d interrupt slice of life to cause mischief and mayhem, I’ll take that. Surprise attacks after all. But they do such a horrible job at relating the surprise the characters feel to what we feel. So we end up feeling like, “Oh I guess plot is happening now, alright” instead of being excited and going all “Oh shit! Plot is happening now pog!”. The show never puts you in a mindset where you be invested in the plot because it happens so randomly and with such graceless transitions, so I just didn’t care.

    And then beyond the poor structure, these plots are a fuckin doozy dude. They’re weirdly prone to repeating themselves, with episodes I believe 3 and 6 literally repeating the exact same story of having Yuyu go on some PTSD induced rage mode rampage thing and then Riri has to go hug her and say she loves her to save the day. Obviously in real life, people can’t develop so easily with just one big emotional moment, it takes more than that – but none of these characters are written like real people ever anyway so this ended up feeling like wasted time more than anything. This show also can’t help but always be introducing new words to us that are never actually felt in the narrative in any way – like episode 7 just has some bigwigs in the school start telling us about how they’re under pressure from some faceless government we never see and also the research organisation G.E.H.E.N.A which we similarly never actually see, they’re just an important part of the plot, apparently. Even more random shit is just whatever mobage mechanics they want to introduce to us in anime form before the game comes out - Magie, Charms, Rare Skills, Boosted Lilies, Schutzengels, Neunwelt tactics – just a fuckin bunch of named shit that doesn’t really matter in any way. Skills kinda do actually because Riri has a Skill called Charisma that makes people like her basically (I do think making the inherent quality of most main characters an actual named thing in this universe is funny) but in Riri’s case the implications of that skill are never really explored in a big way because fuck having to think about what we’re writing lol.

    And then probably the most fuckin wild thing that happens in this show is that in like, episode 7 I think, Yuyu and Riri adopt that Yuri kid I mentioned earlier, and she’s just fucking hatched from like a Huge egg or something but appears fully human. And she’s just best friends with Riri for an episode and a half, gets to have the best sakuga in the show spent on her, and meanwhile people she literally doesn’t even know talk about her apparent humanity or lack thereof. And then that actually leads to Riri and Yuri having to ditch their school so some government chucklefucks don’t kill Yuri for being an artificial human or whatever, and Yuri like, barely knows any of this, but she has some character arc about being insecure about who she is or whatever, even though she’s literally only ever surrounded by positive reinforcement and literally nothing about who she is should lead us to believe she has any insecurities at all? Like there’s literally no reason for her to have an arc like this of any sorts but she just does and I didn’t care. Anyway then Inori Minase’s character tells some old chucklefucks that Yuri is human actually and just destroys them with facts and logic in what’s close to the funniest scene in the show, and then we get back to Riri and Yuri, another fuckin Huge appears, and Yuri sacrifices herself to kill it! Like what! This girl has been here for 3 episodes, had a forced arc with no buildup and an emotional conclusion I didn’t care about at all, and then, arc complete I guess, she just gets to go fucking die! It’s actually the funniest scene in the entire show! Then Riri “grieves” for like an episode but 90% of said episode is a bunch of other lesbians looking for a hair tie on the beach and it’s like, what even the fuck was that arc? It was just Shit Happening: The Anime! Everything about it was complete nonsense that’s introduced and resolved with the grace and style of a car crash! And it’s the funniest thing about the entire show!

    Of course, in being so random about whether it wants to do plot or slice of life, and then the quality of said moments being inconsistent as all hell too, probably the actual biggest problem with this show is that it’s only ever unironically good like, 1% of the time. There’s an episode of the show where Yuyu goes to Riri’s mostly evacuated hometown to buy her some ramune for her birthday. For a variety of reasons, it’s actually a really charming and endearing episode that I sincerely loved. It’s the only episode of this show that’s like this. Every other episode is mostly just noise, filtered out by moments that are either so bad they’re ironically good, or just outright fucking boring. Last few episodes of the show specifically fit that latter description all too well. Even when there’s cool setpieces it’s still impossible to care.

    In the end, Assault Lily was a show that disappointed me. Everything about what it looked like it would be was appealing to me, so I had high hopes. But the failure to commit to its yuri as well as the absolute fucking mess that was virtually every single element of the writing made it a show that was honestly super frustrating to think about. Sure, in the process of watching an episode, it could still be a lot of fun just seeing these great character designs move around and do cool shit, I definitely enjoyed the experience of watching the show, but I certainly came out of it wishing it was something entirely different. 5/10. I know that’s a higher score than the previous STHEGFTSBDBAATS things but I had higher hopes for this one so even if it’s a bit more enjoyable, it still offends me more than they did.

    Wandering Witch

    Decided to post this review separately since it’s honestly long and detailed enough to be standalone and like, yeah. Just read it here. TL;DR if you really don’t want to read it though (please do) is that it’s the most offensive of the STHEGFTSBDBAATS, is the most disappointing anime I’ve ever seen, and is an absolute 1/10 show.


    Taiso Samurai

    I am gonna stop being gimmicky with this post after this show, but if STHEGFTSBDBAATS means “shows that have everything going for them and should be delightful but are actually total shit”, then might I propose a second term? STIWREFAAAHSSBBEUBSA - or “shows that I wasn’t really excited for at all and honestly sounded super boring but ended up being shockingly amazing”. Taiso Samurai is the only show in this section lol.

    So I had like, no expectations for Taiso Samurai. The fact that it’s an original anime had me a little interested, cause those are sort of inherently interesting to begin with, there’s no source material to draw from and on the viewer’s end that means everyone watching is on the same page at all times, you can’t just go read ahead. And from MAPPA too, whose shows always end up being worth talking about to some degree. And because I was too stupid to look at the staff and realise that this show’s from the ZLS dudes which actually would’ve made me super excited for it, my expectations stopped after “original MAPPA show”. Past that it sounded boring though, fuckin, what makes you think me, the cute girl guy, would care about an adult sports drama revolving specifically around gymnastics of all things, that’s not even a hype sport to watch! Fuckin rock climbing sounds more fun because I at least get to look at that and be like “Oh I wanna try that”, I don’t get that feeling with gymnastics. No disrespect to the gymnasts of course, and I also wanna clarify that when I say it’s not hype to watch I just mean that in terms of what I expect from an anime – actual human being gymnastics is pretty exciting since some of the shit these people can do with their bodies is exciting, but like, I mean you get the point, right? I didn’t expect the anime adaptation of gymnastics to be exciting.

    Now to a certain degree, I was actually right about that part. A fair few of the gymnastics performances we see throughout the show are by characters we don’t really care about and sorta just serve as context for what MC Jotaro’s doing in relation to them, but those scenes can sorta drag and like, nameless faceless athlete doing some moves which I don’t understand and literally need to be told about why it’s cool, yeah I didn’t care. And it doesn’t help that the CG for many pf these gymnastics scenes is, well, similar in quality to the aforementioned Zombieland Saga lol. Which isn’t a good thing.

    And then while I’m going through my criticisms anyway, they set up Tetsuo Minamino as something of an important rival character for Jotaro, but he just never really matters or develops. Jotaro as a character is such that I can understand him not giving Tetsuo loads of attention, but like the OP features Tetsuo so prominently and he’s even one of the 3 characters singing in it, like he feels like he should be important. But then he just never really is, doesn’t develop or grow or change in any real way, the one thing we learn about his character beyond him being edgy is that he actually admired Jotaro the entire time, wow! It’s actually quite a sweet reveal but it’s ultimately not as in service of his character as I’d like it to be.

    Anime of the Season – Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? Bloom

    So here’s the thing. I was more excited for Niji than any other show this season, and while it’s definitely Anime of the Season material for me in like any other season, I still had problems with it. I did not have problems with the 3rd season of Gochiusa.

    Fuck dude, I first watched Gochiusa in 2016 – that’s actually before I watched Love Live. I’ve been a fan of this show for 4 fucking years. In that entire time, I’ve loved it a bunch, and considered it among the very top of the cute girl genre. Hell, my appreciation for it has only grown recently, with a rewatch I did this year making me change my scores for season 1 and 2 to 9/10. That’s how fucking good I think this show is, how fucking comfy and happy it makes me.

    Now there definitely could have been reasons to worry about how Bloom would turn out – notably the change to a new studio could have spelled danger. Encourage Films aren’t exactly a household name, and most of what they’ve made doesn’t look all that great. If these bastards ruin my Gochiusa, I’m gonna cry.

    They didn’t lol. Bloom looks amazing from start to finish. I think there are people that know Gochiusa better than me and can point out the style changes, but to my more untrained eye, this just looks like more Gochiusa, which already looked good. And the already amazingly adorable character designs end up becoming cuter with a much larger and more prominent supporting cast that also have adorable designs.

    And uh, visuals were really the only reason to be worried. That’s the part that’s most up to the studio’s discretion, but otherwise all they really need to do is keep adapting the very consistently delightful manga. And they did. Bloom really is just more Gochiusa, it doesn’t even feel like it’s been 4 years. I mean I guess it hasn’t – Dear My Sister and Sing For You came out more recently than 2016 – but still.

    From here, I’m not even really sure what to say. All I’ve ever really said about Gochiusa is just that I love and adore it, and that’s because it’s kind of all I’ve got to say. Gochiusa is just the most sugary sweet cute girl anime, it’s got the most consistent quality of its girls across the board and is really good for constantly portraying lots of character dynamics, rather than just having the same set of characters always interacting with one another. It’s cute and adorable and sugary sweet and it’s the only anime to ever make me smile so much that my face muscles start hurting, it’s just that charming.

    I know this score might even come across as a bit extreme based on how little of value I’ve actually said – “cute girls cute” isn’t exactly a compelling review – but honestly dude, 10/10. It’s just, no other show this season made me this happy this consistently.  I can’t even explain myself why Gochiusa is that much better than most cute girl anime, it’s just sorta something you feel from watching the show. And I adore it very much.

    Girl of the Season – Setsuna Yuki

    Lmao my description is “Simp for Setsuna”, my Discord username is “Setsuna Simp”, my profile picture on both Tumblr and Discord is the same picture of Setsuna,

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  • “But when you’re that fixated on revenge, you don’t give up easily.”

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  • image

    Kyouichi icons *hands u them*

    #kyouichi ozaki#iwgp#iwgp icons#icons #ikebukuro west gate park #ikebukuro west gate park icons #mine. #these have been in the drafts for so long. wh
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  • Before the season began, I thought Ikebukuro West Gate Park could have been the best anime of the season. Now that it’s finished, I can safely say that it’s far from being that good.

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  • Welp, year is wrapping up. Given that today is pretty uneventful, I’m going to try something a little new this year. I have lots of opinions on anime, but I usually try to just talk about them in DMs or Discord with friends. My blog I atleast try to have somewhat of dedicated discussion topics.

    So as today is the day of giving, I decided I want to give my thoughts on my favorite stuff in anime this year.  It’s been kinda crazy with the whole pandemic. Shows had to be pushed back, productions hauled, and dubs from home.

    Yeah this year has been a bit hectic. But there were still a lot of gems. Akudama Drive rode its hype wave, Fire Force Season 2 I think was a vast improvement from season 1, the surprisingly enjoyable IWGP, Higurashi came back, Jujutsu Kaisen made it’s anime debut, it was quite a year.

    Favorite show of the year was not a contest. It was Golden Kamuy season 3. The arc of Sugimoto and Asirpa being separated is one I’ve been waiting on since season 2 ended. And even while I knew what would happen, the anime really lived up to it. The Ogata flashback in particular. Now I’m just waiting for the dub to catch up. The sub is good, but GK’s dub is genuinely my favorite dub Funimation is currently doing.

    But due to the dub being behind, I’d say this year my favorite dub was… Fire Force season 2. As I said, I think this season has been a vast improvement from last year, and while I already liked the dub, I really appreciate additions of Zeno Robinson as Ogun, Rob McCollum as Pan, Madeleine Morris as Inca, Brittany Lauda as Ritsu, Ray Hurd as Charon, and Chermi Leigh as The First Pillar. And Im real excited for season 3.

    Im going to give special shout out to IWGP’s OP “Needle Knot” by The Pinballs. I have my criticisms of the series. Mostly its episodic nature. That OP still slaps.

    And wrapping it up with my favorite fight of the year. God damn, Jujutsu Kaisen basically makes this hard to call. So many fights were stylish and heart-pounding. But if I had to pick one, its definitely the Gojo vs Sakuna fight. I love the rotating camera work and the OST. Its just such a unique feeling fight.

    But yeah, despite everything this year, anime was pretty damn strong all things considered. Old-comers and new-comers alike. Well, I hope you all enjoyed this little experiment. And I wish all of you a Happy Holidays and a bright New Year.

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  • I almost sat through all of IWGP without bothering to visit the titular west gate park even though it’s, like, right over there.


    I mean, it is a pain to get over there because I live solidly in Red Angel territory, but…

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  • image

    Atleast he’s still coming back :’>


    What a beautiful family <3

    Such a nice ending for IWGP. Glad to see them all doing better :) even the characters from the past episodes are living the best of their lives now. kinda sad I didn’t get to see a glimpse of Shadow

    Life goes on in Ikebukuro!

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  • I swear if we don’t get a season 2 I’ll consider this scene to explain “that” statement. Although it’s a good thing he didn’t really lose him totally whew.


    *wish that went closer lol


    He places his full trust in Makoto. Though I understand he chose him, still no one can replace the one and only KING


    You got us for a second there Takashi ><

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  • image

    I mean a little girl with a knife is going to stab him


    And if you look at his hand, his first instinct was to probably defend himself by disarming her, and yet he relaxed and decided to embrace her instead.

    In that short time, he may have realized that this girl has been affected by the war between the two gangs, enough to give her a reason to show her anger and make her do such a thing.


    He just openly received the hit like that. :< lucky girl tho, if only there wasn’t a knife between them unf  

    It’s kind of like he’s saying that “It’s okay. I am responsible for whatever happened. If this is enough for you then I will take it.” T_T  He probably felt responsible to the damages that his members have caused. To bear the responsibility even though he wasn’t on the scene because he was hospitalized, he is just that great of a leader. Or he could also be thinking “Nah. This ain’t gonna kill me anyway.” LOL And look how you made makoto worry!! ><

    If only I could change this into a meme and replace the knife with LOVE and that girl is me LOL Takashi Ando you gentle manly man ❤️


    He doesn’t even want them to go rough on her too. :’<

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  • image

    HE MAD





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