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  • irken-imp
    27.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Zim on his way home after stealing some kid’s heart (literally)

    Feel free to use for personal purposes (like Pfps, banners, ect.) as long as you credit me !

    Any kind of interaction with this post would be very much appreciated !

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  • irken-imp
    26.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Cuz he already promised the moon to Gir [canon] sorry abt how sketchy / messy this is, I made it in a car and I can’t make a smooth line for the life of me

    Feel free to use for personal purposes (like Pfps, banners, ect.) as long as you credit me ! 

    Any kind of interaction with this post would be very much appreciated !

    #invader zim#iz #invader zim au #illustration#Procreate #I made this in a car and I’m very carsick #irken#zim #zim? #ZIM!!! #BABY MAN!!! #SMDHDHDBHDJDHDJD #invader zim fanart
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  • gomarnicinvaderzimversion
    26.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Chapter 3

    Here’s Chapter 3 of DTIAIS AU-


    #zadr#dib #invader zim dib #iz#tallest red#zim#my au#DTIAIS AU #dib turns into an irken spy
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  • harveyb-wabbit92
    25.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    [Elite academy days: Red is watching Zim and Purple Try to crack the password on Purple's computer]

    Red: Mind if I try?

    Zim: You? *laughs* Look, if I can't figure it...

    Red: *Types for a few seconds* And I'm in.

    Zim: What? What is it?

    Red: Your pet's name.

    Purple: Wiggles? We tried that.

    Red: No, literally the words 'your pets name'.

    Zim: I have to admit, I was not prepared for that level of stupidity. How did you crack it?

    Red: I just had to think like a Purple who was trying to outsmart a Zim. [Zim and Purple look at him nodding slowly] Plus, I was standing beside Purple when he typed it in.

    #S: corner gas #Invader Zim #Invader zim incorrect quote #tallest purple#tallest red#IZ Zim#irken elite #the almighty tallest
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  • spaceboycalloutpost
    25.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Irken society and biology just fascinate the fuck out of me!!!

    What are the control brains??? Where did they come from!!! Are they a robotic species of parasite like a cordycep that's evolved alongside irkens to the point where they both need eachother to survive? Was there ever an irken species before the control brains? (and if so, what was it like?) Who came first, the irkens or the control brains? Are the control brains an alien species? Did irkens create the control brains, or was it the other way around? What other life exists/has existed on irk? These are things I'm dying to know!!!

    #things i am dying to know but i know i will never get answers for 😭 #irk#irken#iz#invader zim#zim#the tallests#control brains
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  • spanglespants
    24.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    New Irken OC drop! Meet Rigg. The combo of two smeet brothers into one body (will explain more) basically Rezz was a smeet on track to take the soldier tract while Iggy was more suited for the information gathering communications tract. But because the two worked so well together they were partnered up with Iggy feeding Rezz relivant info during battles and strats to keep Rezz alive. Unfortunately, he failed to do this and the result was Rezz's biological shell perishing. His Pak however was still alive and had already backed his whole self up. When Iggy found out they went searching for their brother only to find a shell and a barely still functioning Pak. Despite knowing how utterly stupid the decision was Iggy removed his Pak and let Rezz's take over his biological shell. This is considered an action that would mark and Irken as Rogue and immediately reasult in termination. The lava lamp like coloring of the Pak is a dead give away. The yellow globs are Iggy's still present mind the blue is Rezz's sometimes when thinking similarly or working together they will both blend into a green in spots. Purple was Iggy's favorite color as impractical as that was. And it is rare to find purple fabric or materials in space however they have found a couple of shirts and Rigg will wear these a ton and patch them up as long as possible.

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  • noirandchocolate
    23.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    Man with everything I hear these days about the 1nv4d3r Z1m fandom being unwelcoming, toxic, aggressive, etc. it makes me glad I’m as ancient as I am and made my corny self-indulgent content 15-20 years ago and never ever talk about it now and barely participate in the fandom at all anymore.

    Some of y’all really need to learn some maturity, is all I’ll say.

    #kidk says stuff #like i have VERY strong opinions about some of the things fans believe/latch onto/make #i absolutely refuse to follow anyone who holds certain headcanons or makes certain content that upsets me #because some of it does! it really genuinely upsets me! #but do you see me harassing anyone?  FUCK no! #so it's possible kids!  it really is possible to see stuff you disagree with or even hate and NOT TREAT PEOPLE LIKE SHIT OVER IT! #why on earth are you wasting your time doing that? there are only so many minutes in a day and this is how you choose to spend them? #((anyway having been on the receiving end of fandom harassment (and even online stalking!) i now hate bullies)) #((even more than i hate the content i do very much super duper hate)) #((disclaimer: i used to get hate for self-insert stuff i made--it wasn't even hashtagproblematic--just in case you're wondering)) #((iz fandom's early days: *everyone including each other in Doom Nickelodeon SI fics bc they kept moving the show's timeslot*)) #((iz fandom's middle days: *popular artists drawing tons of really tall buff irkens and getting mad at each other*)) #((iz fandom now: *what is even happening and WHERE is it happening? idk but all the nice people i follow seem or ARE scared of it))
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  • harveyb-wabbit92
    22.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    [Y/n is doing a comedy routine with Zim acting as a ventriloquist dummy]

    Y/n: Welcome to Rusty Neil’s comedy night I'm Y/n, and this is Little Knothead.

    Zim: This is so demeaning. I was scientist for tar sake!

    Y/n: Okay, Prof. Knothead, why don't you sing "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" while I drink a glass of water.

    Zim: [singing] John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt his name is my name-..I spit in the water.

    Y/n:*spits out water*  ZI...Knothead!

    [the Tallest are watching]

    Purple: Say...Didn't we used to have a Knothead doll?

    Red: That was Zim!

    #S: the critic #invader zim #Invader zim incorrect quote #invader zim x reader #the almighty tallest #iz zim#tallest purple#tallest red #zim x reader #alternate timeline: Earth and the Irken Empire enter an alliance
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  • lizard-daddy-toff
    22.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Teehee Booty~♡

    Redraw of something I drew in. Idk I think like 2016? around then. It was just a pencil sketch before, avd there are more encounters with these two i didn't redraw. If you'd like me to, just drop a comment 💗
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  • irken-imp
    22.09.2021 - 6 days ago

    - Sum Zims for today Along with alts !! Feel free to use these for Pfps / other personal uses, just remember to credit me :3

    Reshares, notes, n replies r very much appreciated !

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  • harveyb-wabbit92
    22.09.2021 - 6 days ago

    [A few weeks after Y/n introduced earth television to the tallest, Zim calls to see how it’s going.]

    Zim: (watch the Tallest yell and cheer at at a monitor behind Y/n) Wow, Have the tallest grown that passionate about football?

    Y/n: What football? They're watching last night's Bake Off.

    Red: Look at that sponge! That's garbage!

    Purple: Temper your chocolate, you twat!

    #S: Ted lasso #Invader zim incorrect quote #Invader Zim #invader zim x reader #iz zim #invader zim tallest #human liaison reader #the tallest x reader #tallest red#tallest purple #alternate timeline: Earth and the Irken Empire enter an alliance #Zim is the Irken ambassador
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  • reds-right-antenna
    21.09.2021 - 6 days ago

    Irk’s Code of Conduct and System of Honor/Virtues

    Every culture has a sort of ‘Code of Conduct’ and a System of Virtues that they follow. Certain groups follow their own specific moral code, an amalgamation of everything they value and expect from their citizens. Some cultures value one’s honor and loyalty to one’s country, others value development and strength.

    Irk is no different from this.

    When I say Irk has a system of ‘honor’, I mean that they carry with them their loyalty to their Empire and expectations to serve the Empire no mater what.

    They honor themselves and their Empire by performing their assigned roles thoroughly  and without questioning it.

    To question the Empire is to dishonor themselves- to be a defective.

    Defectives are those that do not fit into the expectations laid out for them by the Empire. A defective Irken needs to be dealt with through either whipping them into shape, punishing them, or ridding them of the Empire for good.

    Torture is a punishment for those who harm the empire in some form, like Zim being forced to work as a food service drone. Unlike with his other employees, Sizz-Lor torments Zim due to him almost annihilating all of Irken civilization.

    That is a huge offense, especially given that the most important thing to Irk besides snacks and comfort is definitely Irkens themselves.

    Irkens value loyalty, not toward others (As they’ve already betrayed allies for their own benefit) but loyalty to themselves.

    If an Irken betrays their own kind in any form, whether they are defecting or even at the risk of getting discovered and captured on an alien planet- death is a valid solution to this.

    Zim’s quick and instinctive action of considering self-destructing himself the moment Dib tried putting him as an alien is something I’m sure every Invader, hell, every Irken has probably been instructed to do.

    The honorable thing for an Irken to do is kill themselves before they place their Empire in danger. If you are too cowardly to do it yourself, get captured, and out Irken secrets, you’d be dead to the Empire regardless.

    An Irken code of conduct encompasses promoting the importance of loyalty to Irk, the importance of performing your role well, helping the Empire instead of harming it, and doing whatever it takes to properly serve the Empire even if it results in your own death.

    This loyalty seems extreme to us, but to Irk, it’s simply how they honor their Empire and keep it alive and well.

    #IZ meta #tldr Irken culture values loyalty and their Empire #and they NEED to serve their Empire in some form #Irkens value themselves but the Empire as a whole is more important than the individual #they're also taught death is the most honorable way out if they're unable to serve the empire or possibly jeopardizing it #Also torture for harming the Empire
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  • lintertime
    21.09.2021 - 6 days ago
    #invader zim#invasor zim #irken elite zim #iz zim #this was pretty fun to draw
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  • harveyb-wabbit92
    21.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    [Elite academy, Zim and the other short guards are having a party that gets crashed by Red and Purple.]

    [a pic of empty pop cans and platters strewn about, and Purple passed out in a food coma.]

    Zim:[caption]  Purple just came to this party I'm at and ate all of our snacks!

    [a pic of Skoodge crying and Zim glaring at Red in the background.]

    Zim:[caption] Red just crushed our BBQ chips and told us to quiet down.

    #s: texts from last night #Invader Zim #Invader zim incorrect quote #iz skoodge#iz zim#irken elite#tallest purple#tallest red
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  • harveyb-wabbit92
    20.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    [On Y/n’s ship the Cardinal, Red wakes up from his PAK’s diagnostic hibernation routine to finds Zim’s hammock empty! he panics and rushes to Purple’s room his partner was also going through a PAK diagnostic.}  

    Red: *grabs Purple by the collar* Where’s Zim?!

    Purple: *wakes up* Who? (realizes) You lost the smeet?!

    {Red realizes if Purple doesn’t have the smeet then... A voice suddenly answers.}


    {The Irken guards tense up, Red lets go of Purple and the two stand on defensive.]

    Red: *looking around nervously* Who said that? Where are you?!


    Purple: Y/n didn’t mention an A.I. on board.


    Red: We can make friends later P, where did you say Zim was?


    [Red looks out of Purple’s doorway and sees a light on at the end of the hall, He hears giggling and frowns, he cautiously approaches the kitchen to find Y/n feeding Zim.]

    Red: *Defensively* what are you doing?! *glares at the brown goo you were feeding to Zim* What are you feeding him?!

    Y/n: Well good morning to you too! 

    Red: *uses his PAK legs and glowers at you* Answer me human!

    Y/n: Easy there Chief! It’s just chocolate pudding, The little guy started crying a while ago cos’ he was hungry, so I had SID look up what do Irken’s eat? gotta say I’m kinda jealous... Eating nothing but snacks all the time is bad for me.

    [Red hums and  sits down across from you he is soon joined by a very groggy Purple, both watch you feed Zim and you notice them glaring at the large pudding bowl in the center of the table, you heard their stomachs gurgle.]

    Y/n: *cocks a brow* Do you guys want some?

    Red: N- Purple: DO I EVER?! 

    [Red’s eye twitches as he watches Purple help himself to some pudding gobbling it down like it was his last meal, Red tried to ignore his hunger until he heard *thunk* saw bowl of pupping place in front of him, he looked at you then at Zim and then at Purple who was already on his second helping.]

    Purple: If you don’t want I’ll take it! 

    [He reaches for the bowl Red swats his hand away, and starts eating you watch his eyes widened before he started wolfing down like his Purple clad counterpart.]

    Y/n: I can make some donuts too if you want some?

    {Red and Purple stopped eating and gawked at you in awe.]

    Purple: *drooling* You can make snacks?

    Y/n: Yep before I was abducted from Earth, I helped my family run a bakery, Knew my way around a kitchen since before I could talk, the original captain of this ship made me the cook.

    Red: But if you were the cook how did take command of this ship? and where the rest of the crew?

    Y/n: *smirk* Simple, they underestimated just how much bigger and stronger humans could get with age. And didn’t think leaving me alone in a room full of sharp objects was issue! The little bastich had comin for while, especially when they tried force me into bed with them... and as for the rest of the crew? Well, they took off the second their boss was a bloody husk laying at my feet, real loyal gents they were.

    {You chuckled and the memory went back to feeding Zim, Red and Purple have a new respect for their host..... and took the hint to never piss you off.}

    #invader zim #elite guardians au #irken elite #invader zim au #the almighty tallest #the tallest x reader #invader zim x reader #tallest purple#tallest red#smeet zim#iz zim#human reader
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  • reptile-ruler
    19.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    I like Irken biology headcanons as much as any other person but I feel that... Irken culture and should be explored just as much if not more.

    idk sometimes I just tire of interpretations of Irkens that are almost only animal-like behaviors + the goal to conquer. And it lacks some nuance or feeling that, like, they've lived in an advanced society for longer than humans have been writing history and have had the time to develop norms and values that aren't necessarily reflective of how they used to live and behave before they built a civilization.

    #they have other values #they value snacks #they value comfort #(a planet with a remarkably comfy couch = the couch is now the main attraction) #and theres poverty withint the empire (bob only makes five monies every two years or whatever it was i cant remember numbers very well) #and probably slacking off/taking vacation is seen as a display of your privilege or power kind of like grass lawns in the 17th century #and they like puppets! like reds right antenna wrote about a while ago #i mean think about how many movements and countermovements have happened in recorded human history. and thats only like 3000 years of stuff #we dont know how long irken recorder history stretches but i feel like its much much longer than that. #iz
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  • lizard-daddy-toff
    18.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Aliens ~♡

    Finally did another stream, and this is the result. I asked one of my best friends for RedxMay content he like to see redrawn and broomski, he gave a good few suggestions. Here's the one I chose.
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  • mimosarosethorn
    17.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Incorrect IZ-quotes 15:

    Zim: "We're going!"

    GIR: "But the Tallests said..."

    Zim: "GIR, I know my glorious leaders, and it's not about what they said, it's about what they mean."

    GIR: "Oooh... And what they mean?"

    Zim: "Eh? Beats me, I never pay attention."

    #invader zim#iz#incorrect quote #iz incorrect quotes #source: darkwing duck season 1 episode 14 trading faces #zim#GIR#alien#robot#irken #darkwing duck gosalyn #cartoons
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