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  • Nicknames: Iza-nii (his sisters), Izzy (Erika), The Cat (Shinra and Celty), Flea (Shizuo), Mr. Orihara (Walker)

    Age: Twenty six

    Personality Type: INTJ-T

    Moral Alignment: Chaotic evil

    Sexuality/orientation: Asexual Demiromantic

    Favorite color: Black

    Favorite kind of color: Dull

    Favorite music genre: Classical

    Favorite movie genre: Documentaries 

    Favorite book genre: Psychology

    Favorite food: Fatty tuna

    Favorite dessert: N/A

    Favorite type of food: Bitter/healthy foods

    Abilities: Knife skills, parkour skills, great at reading people, can cook some things, plays the guitar, has a good singing voice, great aim, fluent in English and Russian.

    Physical strengths: Flexible, pain tolerance, high jump, precise.

    Physical weaknesses: Ticklish, skinny. 

    Mental strengths: Usually works well under pressure, knowledgeable, good memory, extremely observant.

    Mental weaknesses: Insecure, too focused on others, apathetic, self-serving, PTSD.

    Fears: Vulnerability, love, ending up all alone, losing to Shizuo, lack of control, emotional investment. 

    Likes: Messing with people, chaos, unpredictable people, eating out at fancy restaurants, being a troll online, Mikado, Masaomi.

    Dislikes: Shizuo, dogs, the eyes of dead fish, romance, his sisters, being the center of attention, being yelled at, people asking about his game.

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  • I spent 5+ hours making these templates for a sh*tpost, so expect more in other fandoms. >.>

    If there’s a specific idea you’d like me to do, hit me up in my asks.

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  • Being an Izaya Simp really does have its perks

    #;Ooc#Durarara#Izaya#IM  GHHGSKGSHG #I can not overstate how much I love him
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  • Construction Update

    “Alright flea, got the tools ready. I’ll help but this is the LAST house I’m building for your ass.” Shizuo took a drag of his cigarette.


    Izaya stood by starring. “Don’t get me wrong, I find you very attractive in that stance but why are you doing it?”


    Shizuo jolted slightly knocking out a wrench. “Don’t say shit like that! ….I thought I was being cool….”

    Izaya sat on the floor typing away on his phone. “Watching your boyfriend do work is a great time.” He spoke out loud. Shizuo was hammering a piece of the bottom boarding into place.


    “When your boyfriend is struggling to use the glue but his ass looks phenomenal.” Izaya spoke while snapping a picture.


    “Izaya!” Shizuo finally snapped at him. “Would you shut up and help!?”

    Izaya moved his phone. “Help? But you do all the heavy stuff.”

    Shizuo got down and handed him the tape. “Help me by holding this tape. I need it to hold the bay base together while the glue dries. You can do that much.”

    Izaya smirked. “Ok. Easy enough.”


    Once Shizuo had all the pieces glued, taped and drying he sat on the edge. Izaya hopped up behind him. He wrapped his arm around Shizuo.

    “I know why your really angry!” Izaya spoke.

    “Do tell.” Shizuo grunted.

    “You just want a picture with me!” He pulled his phone back out.

    “Hah?” Shizuo tried to turn but Izaya had the camera ready.

    “Say I’m a monster!” Izaya chirped as he snapped the photo.

    “Dammit Izaya!” Shizuo yelled and swung his hammer.


    A small chase took place but at least they got the bottom part finished!

    #drrr#durarara#shizaya#shizuo heiwajima#izaya orihara#figmas#izaya#shizuo#doll house#icestar74 #new house is really coming along but here is a late update! #they work hard I swear #eight rooms! #still not over this thing #id watch his ass too Izaya #felt
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  • image

    It’s New Year’s Eve and Masaomi finally gets to see Anri and Mikado in person again, well, with Izaya close behind. They have no idea about his feelings and he fears their reaction to it. Will he be able to keep his secret, or will he succumb to the pressure? 

    It was so loud, louder than it ever had been before. Laughter and chatter filled my ears no matter which way I turned. The square was a sea of lights and people, the waves constantly moving and engulfing the empty space. I had never experienced social anxiety in my life, ever. I always loved crowds and adored the energy of festivals, so I hadn’t really worried about it bothering me. But that was when I was young and springy, easily cutting through the people and keeping up with the set pace. Now, with my leg the way it was, it’d be extremely easy for me to get swallowed up. What if I went too slow to the point that even Izaya lost sight of me? The thought made me shiver and, waiting for them to arrive, all I could do was think. I sat on a bench looking into the main plaza area. Anri and Mikado had assured me they’d find me this way, wanting to make sure I rested my leg. Izaya stood next to me, observing the crowd with a wide smile and bright eyes. Yeah, this was definitely his scene. He must live for events like this were so many people gather and chaos ensues. Though he probably prefers going to them by himself. I just imagine he walks through and listens to all the voices, all the stories, getting a kick out of each and every one. In one corner, there’s a mother searching for a bathroom to change her baby, in another there’s a group of teens doing something stupid, and somewhere in the middle an argument between strangers or acquaintances has probably broken out. He’d hear them all and just laugh to himself, but the only way he’d participate in the festival is by buying a drink or something.

    Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/28155183/chapters/70218264

    Tag list: @silverliningsheep​ 

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  • I think about it right, what exactly is Izaya’s motive in durarara? I know sometimes he’s just there but like. Izaya why you there tho

    #me thinking about my other post #cause he doesnt really have a CLEAR motive does he? #The izaya simp needs answers #Durarara#Izaya
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    • Izaya: I have a confession to make.
    • Shinra: Does it implicate Celty? Or me?
    • Izaya: No.
    • Shinra, dialing the phone: Here, I've called the police for you!
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  • Shizuo: F*CK YOU!

    Izaya: F*CK YOU TOO!

    Shinra: why don’t you two go find a room and F*CK EACHOTHER. SOME PEOPLE HAVE WORK TO DO!

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  • I was rewatching episode 20 of durarara…and what…the hell…is this😂


    I mean…if we just change the color


    Maybe everyone noticed this a long time ago, but I just spotted it😅

    #shizaya #I don’t ship them but it’s funny #izaya#shizuo
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  • image

    New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and, as he recovers from his sugar coma, Masaomi receives an invitation to the celebrations by his friends. Unsure if he can handle it but wanting to make things up to them, he asks the only person there for advice: Izaya. He’ll happily answer his questions…so long as Masaomi answers his. 

    I took another bath yesterday night since I’d been out and about, then played a couple rounds of chess and passed out. I lost all of them.
    “Checkmate~!” Izaya had said, knocking over my king piece for the sixth time. 
    “Ugh, I can’t wrap my head around this game,” I complained, ruffling my hair in frustration. 
    “The problem is you’re too expressive! I can predict all your moves and your confidence in them just by looking at your face,” he said and it was around that time I felt my eyes begin to droop. I yawned, putting my arms on the table and resting my head on them.
    “If you say so…” I had officially crashed. I woke up in the guest bed. It seems Izaya got tired of my insistence to sleep on the couch, I imagine he was distracting me with the chess games for that reason. I looked around in confusion at first, having no idea where I ended up, then sat up and rubbed at my eyes. Parts of yesterday left like a weird dream thanks to my sugar high.

    Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/28155183/chapters/70109451

    Tag list: @silverliningsheep

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  • Some might know I’m making sticky notes about all the interactions Izaya has and the first novel alone counting only the pages and not the page number. There’s 63~ish pages Izaya isn’t mentioned on. Like, wow he’s literally everywhere.

    #Durarara#Izaya #like dang Izaya chill #;Ooc
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  • image

    Masaomi is slowly coming to terms with his feelings, which Izaya is completely unaware of. Instead of giving him a chance to rest, Izaya insists on testing his leg further and going for a walk. Despite his protests, Masaomi might not have much choice. 

    I cried that morning, I just couldn’t keep my pent up frustration in. I couldn’t make sense of my head, let alone the situation around me. Izaya had done something to make me feel this way, but I couldn’t tell what. It felt like even in my dreams he was messing with me. Yet, no matter what I did I couldn’t stop the change, my mind just wanted to bend and break without my consent. So I had sat there, face hidden in my pillow, which was propped up by my knees, crying. It was fortunate Izaya slept in today so he didn’t walk down and see me. By the time he did come down, eleven in the morning I think, I had calmed down and was sitting quietly watching TV. He yawned and stretched as he walked down the stairs, not looking very pleased about waking up.

    Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/28155183/chapters/69992703

    Tag list: @silverliningsheep​ 

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  • Izaya: if i bring you breakfast in bed it’s because I love you and I would accept a simple thank you and not to be yelled how the hell did I get in your house


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  • Secret Santa for Autumn!
    some fluffy Shizaya for you <3

    (as Izaya wasn’t invited to that nabemono evening, I thought having such just with Shizuo would be nice)

    (nope, Izaya, Shizuo isn’t a fan of Ishikari Nabe)


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    With Izaya out of the house, Masaomi attempts to relax and take a breather, having a long-overdue conversation with his closest friends; Anri and Mikado. Yet his heart may have other plans.

    When I woke up it was the first thing I thought about. The feeling tickled my neck and I felt a little breathless. I rubbed it then looked around, expecting Izaya to be hiding somewhere, waiting to jump out and scare the life out of me. Instead, what I saw was a note in the chair where he usually sat…

    …It was probably for the best. I needed some space to breathe and think. My phone buzzed and I checked to see who it was. Mikado was calling me? I thought I had done a good job at acting chill. After collecting myself, I picked up.  

    Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/28155183/chapters/69890949

    Tag list: @silverliningsheep​ 

    Extra: https://archiveofourown.org/works/28520586/chapters/69887343

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  • Uh-oh. Here we go again.

    “Oí flea, you can’t be serious right?” Shizuo asked as he stood over Izaya.

    Izaya was bobbing his feet happily. “Why not? Ours is so small! I’m just looking anyway.”


    Shizuo huffed. “The last house took forever to build…. and I did most of the work!”

    Izaya laughed. “That’s why it was so crooked huh? Be a good monster and turn the page for me?”

    “What ever. You’re such a diva.” Shizuo grumbled as he went to turn the page. “All I know is I don’t want to do it again.”


    “Oh. My. Me.” Izaya exclaimed. That’s it! That’s the one!“ He flipped out his phone. "Yes hello, real good toys? Ah good!”

    “Wait! What are you doing Izaya!?” Shizuo shouted in panic.

    “Yes, I’d like to order the Victoria’s Farmhouse.” Izaya spoke into the phone.

    “NOOOOOO!” Shizuo tackled Izaya down.


    “Shizu-chan get ready! They said it will be here any second! Speedy delivery!” Izaya laughed maniacally.

    “You bastard!” Shizuo cried out.

    At that moment a loud thud sounded behind them.

    “It’s here!” Izaya shot up.

    Shizuo followed behind slowly. Once close to the drop he himself dropped to his knees.

    “This is going to be great. Now hurry up and grab the tools Shizu-chan.” Izaya looked down at Shizuo who was now practically pulling out his hair. “Oh don’t be so dramatic.”

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