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  • plcklesontheseafloor
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #theory i bet hes doing decked out 2 so etho HAS to play s8 not skip a season to play it /j #no does he acc realise how long itll take him? i mean he'll get it done.. bc tango. but man 3 layers #3 layers with different foes in each like #i cannot wait to see how he pulls this off #ty for the ask anon ive never related with an ask more #decked out my beloved #i need to stop saying my beloved #<-you can tell its an issue bc ive used that tag before
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  • commiecricket
    08.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    it’s 3 am. i have been scrolling through shane’s tag for over an hour. i have to get up in 6 hours. kill me.

    #nightcricket #the return of the [dramatic music] nighttime tag #lmao-#stardew valley#sdv shane#shitpost #I HAVE. A DATE TOMORROW /j (im hanging out with my QPP and it’s not a date but SHHSHSHHH)
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  • jilltehnerd
    08.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    kpop idols that give me gender envy, an ongoing list in no particular order

    yubin from dreamcatcher with her short hair

    every member of stray kids at once

    hongjoong from ateez whenever he has a mullet

    jeongyeon from twice

    the chae sisters

    the rest of itzy and izone tbh

    every member of shinee (mostly taemin & kibum)

    every member of clc

    junji from onlyoneof

    long blonde johnny from nct

    riki from enhypen

    wonpil from day6

    shotaro from nct

    yoongi from bts with his mint hair

    every member of txt

    more coming soon because god why are they all so pretty 

    #kpop antics #ask to tag #idols that give j gender envy #shut up jill
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  • berniecranes
    08.05.2021 - 10 hours ago

    The symbolism of Bernie being a wrestler when he was younger and how it sadly basically mirrors his relationship with men in present times is so important and in this essay I will—

    #is symbolism the right word? I don't know.... #but I wrote this in my notes to remind myself for when j can type to elaborate on this #BUT since I haven't even begun to share this thought on Tumblr I figured I will post this here too lol #bernie — 👑💝 #(fun fact; I spelt his name SO wrong in the tag all tumblr could recommend me was a VERY long Italian first and last name lmaooooo)
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  • bearpause
    08.05.2021 - 10 hours ago
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  • gongthehawkeye
    08.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    I’m a DOKAPON

    #patapon#my art #okay to rb #i yearn for him like a lover would /j #eye contact / #ask to tag
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  • romeohomeo
    08.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    here’s ur reminder that ItsJustCurious on twitch.tv is so cool and you’ll never live up to him

    anyways follow and sub


    #unrealistic standards /j #curio tag
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  • skullzy20
    08.05.2021 - 14 hours ago
    #just this once /lh /j #answered#exo tag
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  • trannibal
    08.05.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #/j /lh! #he’s so pretty 😐😐😐 #mutual tag: 🎸 richie 🎸 #i love that sm tho; so FUCKING WEIRD and OUT OF NOWHERE?? #bo speaks
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  • tornsuits
    08.05.2021 - 15 hours ago

    galahad owns a 'women want me fish fear me' hat. fish are extinct and he's gay he's just wearing it for the vibes tm yknow

    #me?? having thoughts about albums that aren't u.dad??? something is terribly wrong /j #gwenivere also owns a hat like that but for her its actually true #she's the reason fish are extinct actually #wait. whats the correct spelling of guinevere my phone is giving me two options #i think it's the second but im not going back to edit the tag #jay says words #hnoc
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  • literary-ly
    08.05.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #some people are so caught up in their victor hate they'll nitpick everything #once I asked my mom for help up the stairs bc my bad knees. parasite ly real /j /s #literary-ly an ask #murder m#violence m #ask to tag #some people genuinely like lack critical thinking bc they hate victor so much. i'm not even saying this in a victor apologist way.
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  • that-other-dead-person
    08.05.2021 - 15 hours ago

    When you- you you- when you- when when when when when- you-

    #hell on earth how do i tag this #madness combat grunt #??????? #hello madness combat fandom I am on thin ice /j #blood cw #i think? #madness combat
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  • relicseeker
    07.05.2021 - 17 hours ago

    The Abug Us cast takes a break from killing each other to play Skribbl, and here are some drawings from the Broken Vessel! (@thethunderthedragonfruit )

    For context, BV does NOT like Lemm and Quirrel.

    #i love how how thunder decided to do their drawing style gjsjfjs #it’s not letting me tag them for some reason though #hk posting#hollow knight #and yes that is neon j djss and audrey redheart #abug us
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  • gottawriteanegoortwo
    07.05.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Mermay - Dilliam - Getting To Know You

    William and Damien want to get to know each other, but these things take time. There are more important matters that need to be addressed first.

    Read the first part here!

    Word Count: 2,159


    Sure enough, early the next day William hobbled down the steps to the shore. He kept his balance with one hand, and gripped a flask with the other. Unlike the previous day, he wore more layers to keep warm. It made the chilly morning more bearable as the pair sat on the picnic bench. Even so, Damien's high energy and energetic gesturing as he told William the story of when he first met his extended merfamily was infectious. William kept the hot flask in both hands as he sat forward to take in everything and encourage Damien with more questions.

    At one point, Damien seemed to snap out of the moment and throw William a concerned look.

    "I'm sorry… this, this isn't too much, is it? I don't get to talk about my experiences too much -" He was cut off when he felt a warm hand on his.

    "Keep talking. I want to hear everything." William's smile was so wide, it could be seen either side of his bushy moustache. He gave Damien's another reassuring squeeze before lifting his hand away; and Damien had to rapidly suppress the instinct to snatch the hand back. It was such a simple thing, yet Damien felt comfortable enough to keep going.

    As it turned out, it was very easy to talk to William. He knew nothing about the world of the ocean, except a small selection of fish names… and even that wasn't right:

    ("Oh yeah! An orca! That's the one with a horn, right?"

    "No. It's the large whale that is black with white markings."

    "... Then what am I thinking of?"

    "Either a unicornfish or a narwhal, I'd imagine.")

    However, as William would later argue, it was because he was normally assigned to tasks on land and was better acquainted with recognising animals, something that Damien was not too confident on:

    ("But what about that big cat with the hair? You know, the one that has the hair all around its head like this!"

    "... Damien, that's what I've been telling you about. Male lions have manes, see?"

    "... I knew that.")

    Back and forth the conversation went, and Damien could feel a pang of disappointment when Mark came down to accompany them when he returned from rehearsals. Then, to make matters worse, William got a call from Celine regarding something that needed to be reassembled ASAP, so he had to scramble back up.

    "Hey… Damien?" Mark broke the silence that had descended on the rocky coast. "I know you were told William was staying for a day or two, but if he gets the all-clear to take off the boot at his appointment tomorrow he has offered to stay longer to help us with odd jobs around the house. Would you be okay with that?"

    "Why are you asking me? I don't live here." Damien made quite a considerable effort to give a calm response, and he could only hope that Mark couldn't see through the flimsy act. "It doesn't really affect me what happens up there."

    "Well… I wasn’t sure if you were going to continue on your travels soon. If you need to keep on track of your itinerary, don't let our possible change of plan mess with that." Mark's response had Damien cursing his sister. Did both Celine and her partner know about his plight? But Damien knew Mark. If that was the case, there would be obvious teasing. Maybe it was genuine concern on the actor's part. 

    "It's alright. I'm not under any time restriction, remember?" One key difference between humans and merfolk was how humans were obsessed with time and schedules, whereas merfolk were more flexible and carefree. "I don't mind staying a little longer. It's nice to be with family again. I'd be a fool to hurry off too fast and miss out on this." Mark's face lit up as he turned to pick up a bag Damien hadn't noticed originally. It was passed to him without any hesitation.

    "Speaking of being with family - here. I had this commissioned for you. Consider it a 'new home' gift from both myself and Celine." The merman gingerly opened the present, surprised when he pulled out a small stacked stone ornament on a waterproof pedestal, complete with aqua blue natural sea glass for decoration. "I know you enjoy travelling the seas. Just know that we want this to be your home as much as it is ours when you are in the area. I might only be your brother-in-law to be, but you are still family, and this can be your home if you want it to be. There’s nothing too hard for us to do to make this your home. Just say the word - I have a credit card." Mark reached forward to ruffle Damien's hair, earning himself a dramatically offended hiss in response.

    When Mark left, Damien took the decoration in his hands. It was beautiful, and he was enamoured by it… But it made something in his stomach twist. A home… such a concept was different between a merfolk and a human. If they wanted this to be his 'home', were they going to make some sort of enclosure and expect him to ‘settle down’? Celine wouldn't, he knew she never would. Even so, there was the worry if she felt sorry that he would never have a 'home' in the way a human can.

    He put the gift into the chest to keep it safe and slipped into the water. He needed time to think about this.


    "You sure you want to help out? I was kidding about working you to the bone." Celine accompanied William back to the car after his appointment the next day. The crutch and boot were gleefully returned as he was given the all-clear. Now all that was needed was to simply not break it again any time soon.

    "Of course! You expect Mark to move things around for you? Or are you planning on killing your fiancé by letting him try his hand at wiring a new light in one of the empty rooms?" He threw Celine an accusatory glare when she laughed at the suggestion. Thankfully, the conversation returned to the matter at hand as they spent the drive to the hardware store deciding what needed to be done in the seafront cottage. 

    "Can I ask you a favour?" Celine had stopped in the middle of the 'outdoor' section during their shopping expedition. William screeched the shopping cart to a halt so he could reverse and see what caught her attention. "I want to make the rock pool a place Damien feels comfortable to call home. The positioning of the rocks means it's sheltered from the tides, but I don't know how safe it will be from winter storms. I don't suppose there's anything you can do about that?" William's eyes went from Celine to see what inspired her to request such a job. It was a rock waterfall, an ornament for a garden. The colour of the rocks matched the ones by the sea.

    "I'm not sure, only because I've not seen much of it. It'd depend on if the 'pool' is shallow or not. I could try and add some extra support to those rocks that frame the water, maybe check what supports are normally put along beaches to protect coastal towns?" Celine nodded as William spoke, fetching several LED lamps and dropping them into the cart.

    "We should ask Damien when we return. I didn't want to bring it up too soon after we moved in because I know he's not one for staying in one place for too long. I suppose it's the mer instincts at play." When she noticed William's confusion, Celine continued, "When we grow up, we normally want to settle down in a house of our own, right? Merfolk might have nesting grounds or communities of their own, but they tend to travel since they can cover large distances in a short amount of time. It's why Damien would often disappear for months at a time." She sighed as she shoved her hands into her pockets. "I wanted a house by the sea so Damien would have a place he could call home too and feel he can stay longer. I can't protect him if he's forever travelling."

    "Protect him?"

    "You've heard the stories, right? Where people have exotic 'pets' that are categorised as 'mythical'? Having a merman as beautiful as Damien is one thing, but one with fluency in English and an awareness of human behaviours would be a valuable asset to American collectors… Or worse." Even if her hands were hidden, William knew her fists were tightly clenched in anger at the thought of something bad happening. "I don't want anyone to hurt him. Even if he travels the seas and has plenty of connections, he's still my little brother."

    "Hey," William braved putting a hand on Celine's shoulder, "It's okay. He'll be okay. We can go back and see how he feels about rubber duck decorations." He pulled back to lift the item in question. They were tiny LED lights on a string, but each light was encased in a small model that resembled a toy rubber duck. "If we got a few of these and draped them around the rocks, it'd really look like home. And look! They're half-price. It's meant to be, Celine." Though still worried for her brother, the distraction worked as Celine finally cracked a smile and lightly shoved William. "What? Oh! You're right. That's far too ambitious. Just the one will do." That was that as it was innocently dropped in, followed by an actual rubber duck toy.

    "Trust me. I might not be an outside landscaper-person, but I know we'll be able to make the rock pool the most spiffing place this side of the seven seas!"


    To William's credit, he had only gathered a handful of impulse purchases that he paid for himself, including a pair of small hanging mirror shaped like a crescent moon and a star as a belated housewarming present ("Mark is the star 'cause he an actor, and you're the moon 'cause of your magic stuff."). Everything else was relevant to the required home improvement jobs that William would be working on over the next few weeks. Once they had brought everything inside, it was then the turn of Mark to bring William out of the house and make the drive to William's family home. William could grab his tools and show his elderly parents that his leg had fully healed. His mother insisted they take a loaf of homemade bread and some cupcakes with them once she had smothered William in hugs and kisses and made him promise to come by while he was in the area.

    Meanwhile, the twins sat on one of the large rocks, gazing out over the sea. Damien rested his head on Celine's shoulder as she told him about how her job was going and some of the ideas for the home renovation now that William was staying and ready to work. Damien held her phone, idly scrolling through the photos as she explained what was going on, until he realised the next few photos were of the area they were in.

    "- some sort of way to make this place a little safer in the storms. Do you think you could have a think and see what can be done?"

    "I'll think about it." Damien returned the phone to Celine as he sat up straight. "Whatever happens will happen, I suppose."

    "But this is your home. Whatever happens here is your choice first and foremost."

    "Yeah, sure."

    "Damien. I'm serious." She reached out to put a hand on his shoulder, only for him to pull away. The fins on his collarbones flared briefly in agitation.

    "This is your home, Celine. You don't need to pretend that I have a say in any of this, or that you'd even listen to what I'd want anyway. I don't need your pity because I can't go buy a house like you can."

    "That's not what this about-"

    "Isn't it? Don't think I never heard those conversations you had with Mom and Dad about wishing I could 'settle down'. I'd bet you even want to build me some sort of little enclosure to make up for that fact."

    "Damien, stop that!" But it was too late. He had slipped into the water. Confused and frustrated, but wanting to avoid further argument, Celine stormed back up to the house.

    Mark and William had decided to cut into the bread when the back door opened. Their argument on what would best accompany their snacks was abruptly cut off as Celine marched past them and down the corridor, before a door slammed shut. A silent nod was swapped between the men. Something happened between the twins. Food could wait. They needed to get to the bottom of this. ---

    (I normally don’t stick these notes on the bottom, but I’m planning on spreading out this story over the month. It’s currently 20 pages on g.oogle docs total, so there definitely will be more. However, I will be putting the next part up tomorrow since 1. I’m not mean to leave it on a cliffhanger for several days and 2. It was waaay too long to put everything as one chapter)

    #mermay#dilliam#writersofmark#mayor damien #william j barnum #(I never wanna tag Mark and Celine since they play a minor role) #Blue Soul (Damien) #Eccentric Goof (Colonel) #Shattered Heart (Mark Doom) #Red Soul (Celine) #(read-more is for tidiness! :D )
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  • michellejones-stacy
    07.05.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #/j #THIS IS A TRAVESTY #fuckin MUTINY #DO NONE OF MY MUTUALS ON THIS GODFORSAKEN SITE THING IM EVIL WHAT THE FUCK #dude if u follow me and have an opinion on this tell me bc my mutuals are LETTING ME DOWN rn /lh #jay tag#ask
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  • decimateddreams
    07.05.2021 - 18 hours ago
    #do you. do you get the shrimp colours? /j #they decided there are no shrimp colours anyway :(( #ask#beleth tag
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  • hahanoiwont
    07.05.2021 - 18 hours ago

    hey so does anyone on here use a screen reader when they read fanfiction...? I've been looking up screen reader accessibility tips to figure out how to make my own fics accessible, like reducing/providing transcripts for any garbled text, taking out some stylistic details so that a screen reader will be able to parse my sentences, etc., but I'm afraid I just don't have the experience with screen readers to know if I'm missing something. Would it be fair to tag Whither Then as screen reader friendly?

    #j no#writing tag #whither then fic #if anyone wants to give me a top 5 pet peeves or anything that would help too #i have no idea what annoys screen readers #and i really don't want to tag it as screen reader friendly if it isn't #but also i would like it to be screen reader friendly #so you can see my problem here #google is helpful but mostly gives me info for coding entire websites #instead of blocks of text #i've done my best so far but please if you have any tips i would appreciate them
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  • sapropel
    07.05.2021 - 19 hours ago

    I can choose two Hebrew names.... One that's been stuck in my head from the beginning and one that I think sounds nice.... No one is stopping me

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  • jthmstims
    07.05.2021 - 20 hours ago

    💥 🔪 💥 ❤️ 🖤 ❤️ 💥 🔪 💥

    hank j wimbleton stimboard <3


    #madness combat #hank j. wimbleton #mc hank#madcom#stim#anti stim#joke stim#food #im not tagging colors on this #because its a disaster #eye strain#death m #ask to tag #character board#my boards#joke board
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  • rywritesthings
    07.05.2021 - 21 hours ago

    guess i'll never get back into tss fics if i don't try!i apologize if this is ooc i haven't written a real tss fic in forever,much less did i ever really write Roman as much as i love him

    TW's//blood,hanahaki, Roman X Virgil,Roman angst

    Roman lightly closed his door.looking around his room.he pressed his back to the door.sliding down,pulling his knees to his chest and scrunching his eyes shut.alone at last.that was good.he sighed.it felt nice to have his eyes closed,with everything that was happening it felt good.this was so weird.to prefer being alone.unlike him.

    he could feel it coming up his throat

    he settled his legs onto the floor,away from his face.

    the petals and blood felt abhorrent coming out of his throat.the warm pink petals covered his lap and shirt.droplets and splatters of blood along with them.

    it was over.he could-clean up.he got up.walking to his dresser.

    by clean up he meant throwing on the Christmas sweater (maybe not a good idea,it was May)

    he looked like a mess.this felt so wrong.hiding the fact he loved someone-and being a mess while doing it?horrific

    maybe he should tell Virgil.maybe that would fix it.that would fix it.he couldn't hide it.he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.


    Roman knocked on Virgil's door.his room was silent,at least from what Roman could hear.he really didn't want to look around for him-he was tired.


    thank god.he was there.

    "hey-Virgil-may i come in"

    "uh-sure?it's unlocked.

    he turned the door handle.why was his hand shaking.he was prince Roman.he was fearless.but he was scared.

    he stepped in his room.it was nice.it was Virgil's room.

    "Hey Ro-"

    Virgil was laying on a beanbag with his earbuds sitting on his chest,plugged into his jacket's pocket.

    Roman sat down on the floor in front of Virgil.

    "Virgil..there's something I need to tell you-uhm-"

    "spit it out,Princey,"

    he could feel the flowers coming up his throat.he swallowed.

    "Virgil I,,Virgil I'm in love with you." he finally spat it out.no warning.just a quick confession


    "i know.i know.i'm sorry.i just.i needed to tell you."


    Virgil sighed

    Roman knew he looked like a mess.he knew.

    his throat,he could feel it again.

    he coughed.taking his elbow away from his mouth,wait.oh.oh crap.

    "Roman?you just coughed up blood-wait-"

    Roman could see Virgil put two and two together.


    Virgil sat up,extending his arms,pulling them back,then finally putting Roman into a hug.

    "Roman.I love-you too.i guess.god you're such an idiot."


    Virgil laughed.

    "i'm right."

    "i guess."

    #ask to tag #hanahaki#fanfic#slight ooc#blood tw#w #yeah yeah another hanahaki fic #hurt comfort#ts roman#prinxiety #again its all i'm good for/j #virgil sanders#sander sides#roman angst#oneshot#bad grammar #but when do my fics have good grammar
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