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    Aaron, Jack and Haley Hotchner in “100” [05x09]

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    I Want You Back

    Prompt: Pt2 to "It's too late"

    Pairings: Aaron Hotchner x Reader

    Warnings: Criminal minds type violence, Rape, disassociation

    Word count: 3737



    It was a couple of weeks later, part of it you spent hurled up in your room. Others you trotted on like nothing happened.

    Your best friend/ colleague Hannah understood when you came into work looking like you hadn’t slept in 36 hours. Having an unspoken secret code help.

    “I’m tired/ Just my period” = “I’m not having a good day and leave me alone please.”

    “I’m fine.” = “Please kill me”

    At the moment, you switch between the two depending on how you felt, but right now it meant more as in, “Leave me alone, I’ve just broken up with my secret boyfriend”

    It was a sharp Wednesday morning; files have already piled high that you couldn’t see around you. It was a nice escape. Until, you have an urgent email pop up from your boss:

    “Y/N, I need you to join up with the BAU team they on the 6th floor, you’ll be heading to Florida with the team. I believe that you have already been acquainted with them. So happy sailing.”

    “Fuck” You spoke rather bluntly.

    Gathering your things, placing a couple of files into your bag that you could do on the jet to pass the time, as well as your phone and the other things that you’d left lying around.

    Going on trips to other cities wasn’t something you did often, focusing on crimes committed more around the Virginia area.

    Back into the BAU bullpen felt so different from the Sex Crimes bullpen, a lot more people rushing around holding a number of files. Through the glass doors, the first person to greet you was Derek Morgan.

    “Well, well. Look what just brighten my day.” He smiled.

    “Hello Derek.” You smiled walking up to hug him, “It’s been too long.”

    “Y/n, we are only a couple floors away. You could visit.” Morgan beamed his pearly white teeth and wrapping you in his muscular arms.

    “So could you.” You argued.

    “As much as I love you. Why are you here?” He pulled away.

    “I’ve been told that you need my assistance.”

    “We do?” He asked, turning his head to his boss his office.

    His boss. Aaron Hotchner.


    “Y/N!” A familiar voice of Penelope caused you to spin on you heel to see, the bright blonde running as fast as she could in her extremely high heels.

    “Penny!” You smiled with bright eyes, wrapping her into a hug, “I need to borrow those heels.” You laughed admiring her beautiful orange heels.

    “Oh- oh- yes you can. We need a girl’s night.” She gasped.

    “That we do.”

    You had gotten oddly close to the team. “Consulting” with them, when they needed advice on some work-related stuff they’d asked you, apparently brought some extra flare, and Hotch never was in a bad mood around you. So, it worked out in everyone’s favour. You normally found yourself hiding in Penelope’s Bat-cave when they were across states.

    The door of the office must have opened and closed in the time that you were talking to Penelope, that Hotch was looming over the team.

    “Agent” He said his frown line grew, “We have a case in Florida, I assume your joining.” Hotch spoke quickly leaving to go into roundtable.

    The two members of the BAU looked at each other suspiciously, “He normally lights up when your around. What’s happened?” Morgan asks turning his head to you.

    “How am I meant to know; you know him better.” You spoke defensively, ignoring the looks that the two flirts gave each other and heading to the roundtable.

    When you got in, JJ was there already smiling, “I heard a rumour you were joining us.” She hugged you tight.

    A pair of hazels eyes didn’t leave you, as you took your seat on the opposite side from Aaron. Emily shortly arrived smiling at your presence, quickly sitting next to you. Morgan and Garcia, talking amongst themselves, making small eye-contact with you and their boss, before parting ways to go to their perspective seats.

    Last but not least, Spencer fumble in with coffee, “Sorry.” He spoke placing the coffee and assortments of files and books on the table, “Y/n?” he gasped once he finally saw you, “It’s been- been so long.” He smiled.

    “Anytime Reid.” Hotch spoke coldly.

    Morgan and Garcia gave each other another look, where they subconsciously figured something out.

    “We are heading to Florida.” JJ spoke, clicking the remote to pull up the case details.

    “Goodie.” Emily groaned opening the file that JJ had prepped for everyone, you chuckled because Florida is known in all departments for having the weird cases.

    “Women have been turning up either dead or in a state of dissociation. The women that have been found dead have had clear signs of rape, which is why our lovely y/n is here. Unfortunately, the other women can’t give consent to run a rape kit.”

    “Which is likely how the perpetrator planned it.” You explained, “Who are the women?” You asked JJ, turning a couple pages in your file.

    “The women that are currently in hospital with a constant security, are Kacey Ling, Lori Mates and Rachel Mathers. The women had been found dead are Lauren Tori, Kiley Johnson and Ruth Sikes.”

    “everyone’s seeing the pattern, right?” You asked noticing the names of the dead match the initial of the women left alive.

    “Yep.” Derek said.

    “Wheels up in 30, Y/L/N, can I see you for a moment.” Hotch spoke, but before hearing an answer left to go to his office.

    “Hey, what’s going on with him?” Emily asked.

    “I don’t know, you’re the ones on his team!” You continue to get defensive when questions about Aaron. You threw your bag over you shoulder and walked along the board to Hotch’s office.

    You closed your eyes and took a deep breath before knocking on his door, with an immediate “Come in” from through the door.

    Shyly opening the dooring. Aaron himself was shoving files into his own bag, “Sit” He spoke, stopping what he was doing and sitting in his own leather-bound chair.

    “How can I help you Hotch?” You asked refusing to take a seat.

    Don’t let yourself be comfortable.

    That’s when you’re at your weakest.

    “I need to know that you’ll be okay with me here.” He spoke bluntly.

    “I’ll be fine. Are you?” You shot back.

    In all honestly, you weren’t going to be okay with him around. Especially with this case.

    His teammates are already thinking thoughts, that haven’t been thought before.

    “I will be.” He nodded, “See you on the tarmac.” He spoke as your cue to leave.

    You nodded and walked out of his office, down the ramp, straight to the elevator, to go to your car and then to the jet.

    If you didn’t do it in one swift motion, you would have not gone. You would accept being fired and living on the streets. But… you didn’t you got steps of the jet. Being the first one on felt wrong. This wasn’t even your jet. You’ve don’t regularly travel, so when you do you take the commercial. A private jet was so different.

    You didn’t feel like you had to hide your work from other passengers. You pulled out the files which you placed in your bag earlier and placed them on the table of the booth which you decided to sit at.

    Scribbling along the boring white paper, half-filled page of your previous case. Absorbed into it you didn’t hear the familiar steps of the BAU unit chief sitting down opposite you.

    “You work too much.” He spoke. You dropped you pen and placed your hand over your chest.

    “Fuck!” You gasped, “Little bit of warning next time.” You chuckled.

    “Sorry.” He smirked.

    For a moment it felt like how it was. Happy. But it quickly changed after the moment of silence was up. Shifting your legs around to try and get yourself more comfortable but ultimately not working.

    “I miss you.” He filled the silence.

    “I miss you too, but I don’t trust myself.”

    “Learn to.” He spoke writing into his file.

    You watched him for a couple moments, watching as he scrawled along his file. Ignoring everything around him. His hair was slowly falling down in front of his face, you indistinctively went to push it back as you know how much he finds it distracting, but you stopped your hand midway and found itself resting on the table.

    The rest of the team slowly filtered in, Morgan sat next to you, Emily next to Hotch. While the other three spread out over the plane. Swapping the old files with the new file which JJ handed you this morning.

    After the extra briefing coming up with any ideas, Hotch split up everyone, “Prentiss and Reid, I want you two to go to where the dead women were found. Morgan, Rossi you guys go to the victims’ houses. The rest of us will go to the police station. JJ are you okay talking to the families.” Of fucking course.

    “Yeah sure of course.” JJ nodded.

    The team nodded and retreated to calm themselves before landing in Florida. Derek squeezed your thigh slightly before getting his headphones on and drifting to sleep, while Prentiss digged her head into a book.

    “Are you okay, to talk to the victims?” Hotch asked looking straight at you.

    “Yeah.” You sighed, “But if there in a dissociative state I don’t know how far I can go with it.”

    “Just try your best, I’ll be outside.” Hotch spoke, acknowledging that maybe a man being the room could trigger something.

    You landed in Florida and got into the SUV, you got in the back so that Hotch could drive, and JJ could sit in the passenger seat. Hotch glared at you through the rear-view mirror.

    God, you still loved him. You loved him so much. Are you allowed to love him?

    After you had to physically pry yourself off him. After you had cried over him for weeks. How you longed for him to hold you as you slept. How he brought you coffee in bed, so you didn’t have to get up. How you missed him when he was away on a case. How much you understood that you loved his job. How much him coming home meant to you. He always came home.

    Loving him had become a part of you.

    You wanted him more than you did before.

    Maybe you should just go for it, Aaron won’t hurt you. Will he?

    “Y/n.” Aaron spoke you pulled your head up out of your thoughts and looked at him through the mirror, “We’re here.”

    You nodded and unbuckled yourself and tumbled out of the car, as well as getting your things sorted out, “You sure you okay for this?” He asked quietly.

    “I’m fine Aaron. I’m just learning.” You nodded, walking a couple steps ahead, but noticing the small smile on Aaron’s face.

    It was a quick introduction to the local Clearwater police officers. Aaron briefed JJ on things she probably already knows.

    And it was back to the SUV to the hospital, “This is going to be a hard one, isn’t it?” You spoke looking down revisiting the files of, Kacey Ling, Lori Mates and Rachel Mathers.

    “You can’t tell? You work in sex crimes.” He spoke.

    “I trust your judgement, and they are never this bad. They choose who lives and who dies, they’re playing-“

    “God” Aaron finished, “Also they?” he questioned.

    “Something I was thinking on the flight, these women are young, active, smart. They weren’t working the streets they either trusted the unsubs enough to go with them or they were coerced into joining them” You explained, “And the amount of torture placed onto the dead women, either suggested that some of them don’t know what the leader is doing.”

    “So, you believe there’s a hierarchy.” Aaron quickly glanced over to you with a familiar glance.

    “Yeah.” You nodded.

    “You should join us and become a profiler you pretty natural at it.” He smiled, showing his dimples.

    “Maybe I should.” You smiled, being the most relaxed you’d been in a while. Just talking to him made you feel at home. Home is what you’ve longed for. For so long. Craving him. And now he’s here and you can’t hug him, can’t shove your tongue down his throat.

    “I’ll talk to Strauss, if you’re serious.” He parked up the car.

    “Thank you. I’ll get back to you at the end of the case.” You smiled, grabbing you stuff one more time and entering the hospital.

    The sheriff had given us where they are located in the hospital, so we didn’t have to bother too many people in asking where they are. You wandered around the maze of the hospital floor that they were on. Starting with Kacey Ling.

    You flashed your badge to the officer on duty to watching Kacey. The door opened up, you looked towards Hotch who nodded. Walking slowly into the room.

    She had long blonde hair, and brown eyes that have seen all too much. Her eyes drifted from the ceiling to you, looking straight through you.

    “Hello Kacey, I’m y/n. Can I talk to you?” You asked.

    “Yeah…” Her voice trembled.

    “I really want to find who did this to you. A team of people are working to stop them.” You explained, she nodded, “Is it okay if I sit down?” You asked permission every step of the way, not wanting to break any trust, or scare her.

    “Of course.” You sat down in the chair that had been put there for you.

    “Do you know who did this to you?” You asked, but she ignored you, “It’s okay if you don’t.” but more silence followed. “Your probably fed up with people talking to you about this aren’t you, so, lets talk about something else.”

    Her head dropped to look at you, “Do you have a notebook?” She asked.

    “Yeah, let me go get it.” You smiled, leaving the seat and to your bag which you left at the door. You pulled out the notebook and flipped it to a couple of pages where they weren’t graphic details of other sex crimes.

    You placed it in front of her with a pencil to write with, “Can we play hangman?” She asked, you nodded. Your brain wracking if she’s telling you something.

    She thought of a word and drew some dashes on the page, “So it’s 7 letters.” She nodded, “A?”

    “No.” She drew the first line of the hangman’s base.

    “D?” another line.


    She smiled and filled in 3 e’s on the dashes, “Got a lot of E’s huh?” you smiled.

    “O?” Another line.

    “K?” Another

    “R?” She smiled and drew in a R. You could vaguely see what she was writing.

    “N?” she smiled again

    “L?” the head of the hangman appeared

    “V?” she smiled.

    You knew exactly what she was writing.

    “Revenge?” You spoke. She frantically nodded her head, “Who do you want to get revenge on?”

    She went silent. She looked around, brushing her hair out of her face. “Another?” She asked.

    “Yeah. Go ahead” This time she drew 5 letters, “E?” the base appeared.

    “A?” she smiled and placed and A on the dash.

    “K?” A line.

    “D?” she smiled, “D... A…D?”

    “W? a line.

    “I?” She smiled. A vague mention of a name was better than nothing.

    “Is it David?” You asked, “Who’s David?”

    “He’s, my boyfriend.”

    “He is, what does he look like?”

    “I-i-“She stopped, her eyes moved around frantically thinking of what he looked like. Her breathe and heart rate picking up.

    “It’s okay. Kacey. It’s okay.” You spoke getting up from the seat, but she wasn’t slowly down. You grabbed the remote by her bed and pressed the red one.

    Nurses and doctors piled into the room, you filtered around them to leave to give them space. Returning back to Hotch.

    You handed him the note, “I think Kacey wants ‘revenge’ on a ‘David’.” You spoke looking her room.

    “I’ll call Garcia on it, while you go talk to, Lori Mates and Rachel Mathers.” He spoke, looking at the note, you started to walk away, “Y/n?” You turned on your heel, “Good work.” He smiled.

    You nodded and turned back to go to their rooms, allowing a blush to form. You went over the same questions with the other two, but they were less catatonic than Kacey. Rachel didn’t seem to blink the entire time, she didn’t acknowledge you, or anything.

    Lori, asked to play hangman, came up with the words “Revenge” and “John” but she didn’t express anything.

    You returned back to Aaron to give him another note, before you could say anything, “Kacey’s dead.”

    “What?” You stopped looking up to him, but quickly diverting back down to the ground. The heel of you palm rubbed into your eyebrow, “What happened?” You asked.

    “Y/n…” his voice was soft, his hands were at either of your sides squeezing them, “Her heart couldn’t handle it.”

    “Are you saying that my questioning killed her?” You looked up to him, water almost breaking.

    “No… You know that’s not what I’m saying. We are going to find this ‘David’ or ‘John’. They are the people who did this to her.” He explained not once his brown eyes leaving yours. “Come on. Lets go back to the station and update the team and the profile and we can come back.”

    You nodded, and you both did just that. Hotch entered the police station first the look on his face warned the team that it’s not good, you followed behind going to straight to the board swapping Kacey’s image to the deceased side.

    You sighed and collapsed onto the shoddy police chair. The rest of the team explained what they found and placed it into the working profile.

    The women apartment looked as if no had been in them for a couple weeks, they hadn’t been to work in a couple of weeks according to their parents.

    “Were they tortured in their own homes?” you suggested.

    “Saves taking them to a secondary location.” Rossi spoke, “But we found no evidence of that.”

    “But Kacey was found wondering the streets at 3am 3 weeks ago. They didn’t know who she was until 2 weeks later when the family finally put out a missing flier and reported her missing.” You explained.

    “They had two weeks to clean up.” Emily spoke.

    “Go back to the houses in the morning, Rossi, Morgan and Prentiss. JJ, Reid, y/l/n, and I will go to the hospital one more time before we give the profile in the afternoon. But for now, let’s go to the hotel and get some well-deserved sleep.”

    The team didn’t argue, they picked up their belongings and filtered into the SUV and drive to where the Bureau booked them in for.

    Hotch went to the front desk and collect the keys, looking worried on the way back. “That’s not a good look.” Rossi spoke.

    Hotch looked over to his friend, “No they have 4 rooms.”

    “Well. I’ll take this.” Rossi spoke, pulling one of the keys off Aaron’s hand and leaving.

    “JJ and I’ll pair up.” Prentiss smiled, taking another key and both of the women left.

    “Reid?” Morgan asked

    “Sure.” Reid nodded and Hotch gave them a key and they left.

    “And then there were two.” You weakly smiled.


    “Aaron don’t be all chivalrous, just come on.” You smiled taking the final key out of his hand and going to the elevator to get to the room.

    You entered the hotel room to no one surprise there was only one bed.

    Once the door was closed, you dropped your bags and hid you face in your hands.

    “Can I hold you?” Aaron asks.

    “Please” You whimper. Aaron immediately wraps his arms around your body. You head resting on his shirt and tie, his hand gently stroking your hair, “I’ve learnt Aaron, please. I’m sorry.”

    “It’s okay.” He hummed. The moment was all you needed. A moment to breath with him. And that moment was perfect, “Shall we get ready to go to bed?” Aaron’s voice was soft and caring.

    You sheepishly nodded. Aaron placed a kiss on your head, and took you hand to get your bag, not wanting to leave you. He pulled out a couple of clothes, one which he recognised to be his top.

    “It’s good to know you’ve kept my clothes.” He smiled, picking a pair of comfortable bottoms, “Come on.” Aaron spoke walking you to the bed.

    You were so distraught. You couldn’t stop how Kacey looked at you and her smile, and now she was dead? What?

    Aaron collected your top, “Arms up.” You followed his direction, and Aaron pulled the top over you arms. Replacing it with a new tee, “Stand up.” He spoke, pulling your work trousers off and replacing them with the comfy sweats.

    “It’s going to be okay.” Aaron hummed pulling you into a hug.

    “I love you.” You mindlessly hummed into his chest.

    “I love you too y/n.” He kissed the top of your head.

    You both went to sleep wrapped around each other. It was the best night sleep – despite the circumstances – that you’ve both gotten.

    And by the next morning, Hotch’s familiar smile reappeared when he woke up, when you both walked into the police station that team mad very loud conversation that something happened last night. You yourself was a lot more happier and feeling more like yourself.

    “Why is he all happy and weird.” Morgan asked you, smirking slightly.

    You shrugged and smirked, not wanting to tell them that you’ve gotten back together as you haven’t had the full conversation with him.

    “Oh, she knows something!” Emily gasped.

    You shrugged it off and followed Hotch to the car, to finish off the case.

    The rest of the case went past, it wasn’t easy by any means. The unsubs were caught with enough evidence to put them on death row for probably the rest of their lives.

    Back on the jet. In the same seat you sat in on the way to Florida. Hotch sat next you this time though. Your eyes drifted slowly, and your head dropped onto his shoulder.

    “I love you.” He whispered.

    “I love you too.” You spoke groggily, whilst being half-asleep.

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  • incorrectstation19quotes
    22.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Dean: You lied to me.

    Jack: I lie to everybody. What makes you so special?

    Dean: I’m your best friend.

    Jack: Yeah, well, that just makes you more gullible.

    #dean miller#jack gibson#station 19 #incorrect s19 quotes #source: the mummy
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    Aaron and Jack Hotchner in "The Slave of Duty" [05x10]

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  • herrera-n-hayes
    19.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    Dynamics I wanna see more of on Station 19

    Travis & Sullivan: I want this very badly. I do not know why, I just feel there is potential for them to be sad together in a way that would sooth my need for angst. Also Travis's awkwardness paired with Sullivan’s seriousness? Chaos waiting to happen. Sully and Monty should be a thing

    Vic & Carina, Travis & Carina, Andy & Carina: Let Carina DeLuca have friends!!!! All these people are excellent candidates!!! She and Andy lived together so they're basically besties who gang up on Maya in my mind. She and Travis love gossiping and Vic is basically like her little sister, would 100% bribe the writers to make these consistent facts within canon

    Jack & Travis and Jack & Emmett: The friendship Jack and Travjs had in season one was amazing and I miss it. Literally like they were best buddies and now I can't even tell you the last one on one scene they had? Unacceptable. Also Jack and Emmett are best friends, the writers just forget to show it on screen...I like the idea of Jack just being a third wheel for Tremmett every now and then.

    Dean & Maya: I need them to have more scenes together, truly a superior duo. Love all the limited one-on-one scenes they have. They are both very smart and pretty and if Maya was to help Dean become a Lieutenant, well then I'd be more then happy.

    Maya, Vic & Andy: Best trio going and truly it's shite that we've not seen them in a while, I miss them terribly and the writers need to fix that for me. Carina can also join girls nights and drinking on porches. I will not be mad about it.

    Ben & Travis: They are work wives and I need them to not forget it. Give me more light Travis and Ben scenes but also give me Bailey knowing Travis is her husband's work wife (oh I could make that a fic)

    Andy & Vic: love them, they are smart and beautiful and I want them to hang out more one on one. Let them hang out and talk and just be badass firefighter ladies together, remember back in season 2 when the hung out with Kat? I loved that energy and their dynamic

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  • commonorgardenthot
    16.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Station 19 is just a group of highly skilled and intelligent people with only one (1) actual brain cell between them, and god I am so gay for every one of them

    #station 19 #hot fictional firefighters make brain go brrr #911 show #911 on fox #character driven stories are my shit #maya bishop#andy herrea#jack gibson#dean miller#vic hughes#travis montgomery#ben warren#greys anatomy#shonda rimes #miss rimes I would sell my soul to you for the amount of *chefs kiss* #perfection #you have provided
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  • incorrectstation19quotes
    16.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Jack: Don't correct me.

    Andy: Don't be wrong.

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    Aaron and Jack Hotchner in "The Slave of Duty" [05x10]

    #criminal minds#aaron hotchner#jack hotchner#thomas gibson#criminalmindsedit#aaronhotchneredit#my gifs #this has to be one of my favorite scenes ever #I wish we could've seen more of them through the seasons
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  • artreider
    16.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    This case of the week wasnt really that intersting to me, i was much more interested in the teams personal lives.

    The chief and fd cowing down to pd and dixon when their own firefighters were almost shot to death saving two kidnapped girls is complete bull. In my opinion if you stand with them (you being the fd) against your own people when pd was in the wrong then you wre no better and the apple bunch is already spoiled.

    Sidenote this is becomming very frustrating. Keep having to restart my firestick to get the episode to play.

    I love travis and carina's interaction when he asks gor a test especially when she tells him to call her carina but tells jack later to call her dr deluca. Lmao.

    Carina snapping at jack and questioning his use of her office makes me smile because its partially everything hitting at once, her not liking him in maya's office/being protective of maya's domain. And then when he says he likes crying women the look in her eye like did maya come to crying before you slept together, or at least thats the vibes i get.

    I love carina educating jack on parenting.

    The chief is such as ass and i would love to know his take post George floyds death. Also he supported sullivan becoming lt wonder how he'd feel about him jumping up and throwing his team and captain under the bus. The world doesnt need more leaders like that.

    Also his reaction to pd ticketing the fire truck is complete bullshit, he shouldve been more pissed.

    Hughes is so right, who are you here for chief your fire crew or pd. I love maya's support of her team. She has always wanted what's best for them even when they didnt have her back. She is a wonderful leader. I cant wait to see them give her their full support in season 5.

    This jack and marcus scene is so wonderful, jack will be a great dad one day if given the chance. Im on board for a potential jo/jack pairing.

    Travis i love you and i love how he is dealing with his dad. He had so many great speeches this season. Station 19 shouldve been nominated as a show and each actor for this season. It was the best for everyone.

    Travis's dad really failed him.

    I love andy supporting maya in going to italy for as long as she needs to and being there for her in general. Oh my heart when maya walks in and does the cute walk saying honey im home, cant get enough of that. I need that in season 5 when she returns home to carina after a shift.

    Marina's little talk about carina having to go back, makes so much sense even if its hard.

    Haha i love her saying jack needs them and maya questioning it, so cute.

    Andy this conversation should've been a red flag to the lengths robert will go to to get his job back.

    Yall really need therapy, yall have so many issues you havent handled. Se

    I want to know what maya, carina and vic were laughing about. Also love this little interaction between them and travis. I need these four hanging out more.

    How much carina gets excited about getting an idiom right is so cute.

    Travis is so cute with his is my hair okay, before seeing emmett.

    Jacks laugh unnerving people is too funny. Also the story is cute and i love carina playing with maya's hair.

    The sweetness when marsha woke up is so great. I loved that maya decided to go with carina even if i know she doesnt. It shows such growth. Its kind of funny that the group inside the room was just jack, maya and their significant other and marcus and everyone else was outside the room. Lol.

    Good episode.

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  • mastersoftheair
    13.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    jake wardle as staff sergeant james d. gibson (bc he's part of van noy's crew, and so many other guys in van boy's crew have been cast already)

    daniel fearn as scoleman (as there was no "scoleman" in the 100th, or enlisted during ww2 at all, i think it's safe to say that it's a misspelling (there has been evidence of this before). and if this Isn't the case, maybe he's just some random civilian (even though i wasn't even able to fine a "scoleman" in findagrave.com!))

    jack allsobrook as an RAF officer (which makes him our second after patrick warner)

    (as an aside, i don't think i've used this many question mark pics in one post before)

    #masters of the air #hbo war#cast#james gibson #scoleman no first name #jake wardle#daniel fearn#jack allsobrook
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  • wolviesbabes
    13.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Okay but HOTCH and GIBBS at the same picture… I died 😭😭😭❤️

    #aaron hotchner#ssa hotchner#hotch #hotch criminal minds #thomas gibson#criminal minds #leroy jethro gibbs #agent gibbs#ncis#ncis gibbs#mark harmon #ncis x criminal minds #unit chief aaron hotchner #chicago hope#danny nyland#jack mcneil
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  • herrera-n-hayes
    12.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Wait I think I love Jack Gibson....

    #how did i just realize this #station 19#jack gibson
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  • incorrectstation19quotes
    11.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Jack, giving Maya a cup of tea:

    Maya: Now I really am worried.

    Jack: I have made you a cup of tea before.



    Maya: Yes, November 2018. I think it was a Tuesday.

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  • herrera-n-hayes
    11.07.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • incorrectstation19quotes
    10.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Jack: Do I look like a babysitter to you?

    Dean: No, you look like the one who sleeps with the babysitter.

    #jack gibson#dean miller#station 19 #incorrect s19 quotes #source: holby city
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