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    Icons by Oscar

    The works of photographer Oscar Abolafia

    Terra Lannoo, Amsterdam 2018, 294 pages, 26,5x19,5 cm, ISBN  978-9089897794

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    Very few celebrities are so iconic that their first name is all that's needed in order to immediately recognise them. One photographer has captured each and every one of these icons - and more besides - on film. He goes by the name of Oscar Abolafia. You can call him Oscar.

    Including portraits of Frank Sinatra, Sammie Davies Jr., Twiggy, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley, Priscilla Presley, Marlene Dietrich, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Ginger Rogers, Janis Joplin, Mick Jagger, Jack Nicholson, Fred Astaire, Salvador Dalì, Cher, Audrey Hepburn, Dolly Parton, Elton John, Marlon Brando...


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    President Kennedy and his wife Jackie overlook the Inaugural Ball - January 1961
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    15.05.2021 - 1 day ago
    The President and First Lady leave St. Mary’s Church after they attend mass
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    President and Mrs. Kennedy
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    14.05.2021 - 2 days ago
    Jackie Kennedy with her daughter Caroline
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    14.05.2021 - 2 days ago
    Jackie Kennedy converses with her sister Lee on Jackie’s wedding day to JFK - September 12, 1953
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    14.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    the man who accompanied jacqueline kennedy to paris and enjoyed it

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    14.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Jackie having the same rendition of Ave Maria played at Jack’s funeral that was played as she walked down the aisle will forever and always be the most touching and devastating thing and how she started sobbing at the funeral as it played

    #jacqueline kennedy#jackie kennedy #john f kennedy #jfk #I know she felt like she had to be strong for Caroline and John
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    13.05.2021 - 3 days ago


    November 22, 2017

    Y/N Faithlynn Kennedy is an American. She is the oldest daughter of the 40th President John F.Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy .

    Born: May 29, 1983 ( age 34 years ), Brookline Massachusetts

    Height: 5’9”

    Partner: Bill Skarsgård

    Children: M’Alee Kennedy

    Siblings: Caroline Kennedy, John Kennedy Jr

    Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy

    1954 - 1989

    I can't believe that you have been gone for 28 years today mom and I miss you so much and dad isn't the same since your death mom , ”You said .

    Your father Jack wasn't the same after Jackie's death but his kids need him after the death of their mother and he was just daddy to them more than the president.

    You were only 6 when your mother Jackie had passed away and she was buried on John -John third birthday .

    Are you ready my love , ”Bill said .

    Yeah I am , ”You said with a sad smile .

    Are you going to be ok , ”Bill asked?

    Yeah I am. It hurts me bc Ik that my mother would have love M’Alee and she would have been a fantastic grandmother to her, ”You said.

    Yeah. Your mother would have been a fantastic grandmother to our child and it's sad bc M’Alee will never met her grandmother , ”Bill said .

    If my mother did meet M’Alee. Our daughter is already spoiled by my father but if my mother was here today and Ik that she would spoiled M’Alee more then my father , ”You said.

    Yeah. The stories that you told me about your parents and your mother Jackie sounds awesome and I wish that I could have met her myself, “Bill said .

    My mother would have love you Bill , ”You said with a sad smile .

    I can't believe that my parents would have been married for 39 years in September bc they had got married in 1978,”You said.

    How old were your parents when they got married in 78 , ”Bill asked?

    My father was 36 and my mother was 24. There is a 12 years age difference between them, ”You said.

    Bill looked at you with a smile .

    I can't believe that I will be 35 next year and my father will be 76 on his next birthday. Wow I am getting old , ”You mumbled .

    I still can't believe that you are born on your father birthday, ”Bill said .

    My Father was 41 when I was born and now he is 75, “You said.

    I'm still shocked that your father Jack is 75 now and I had caught him dying his hair back to brown one time in the bathroom, “Bill said .

    I'm not surprised at all. Uncle Bobby is the same and he is 66 now and I lost count of how many times that I had caught him dying his hair back to brown , ”You said.

    Ps. In this story John F. Kennedy was born on May 29, 1942 ( age now 75)

    Jackie Kennedy was born on July 28, 1954 ( age now 63)

    They were married on September 12, 1978

    #what if jackie had died instead of jfk #the kennedys#bobby kennedy#jack kennedy #bill skarsgard imagine
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  • jacquelinesfilms
    13.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    jackie watches jfk paint, circa 1953

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  • jackandjackiekennedylover
    12.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    11/22/63 pt2

    [Age almost 3 ]


    A month later.

    What am I going to tell Jack, Jackie said as she looks at the pregnancy test.

    The pregnancy test was positive.

    The baby monitor went off.

    Mommy is coming, Jackie said as she hides the pregnancy test in her dress.

    What wrong, Jackie said as she picks you up from your baby bed.

    You had stopped crying when Jackie pick you up.

    Mommy has something that she needs to tell you but we can't tell daddy just yet, Jackie says.

    You look at her with your greenish-grey eyes.

    You are going to have a brother or sister soon, Jackie said.

    You giggle .

    Let's get you dress for the day, Jackie said as she lays you on the changing table.

    She takes off your clothes from last night and puts them in the dirty clothes.

    Jackie dresses you in a white dress and she brushes your brown hair before she put a white bow on your head.

    She puts little white shoes on you.

    Now. Let's go find Daddy, Jackie said as she puts you on her hip.

    Jackie walks into her husband's office with you on her hip.

    Jack was so focused on the paperwork that was on his desk, he didn't notice Jackie and You coming into his office.

    Hey Bunny. There is someone here to see you, Jackie said.

    Hey Kid, What is it, Jack said.

    You reach your hand out towards him.

    I think that y/n wants you, Jackie said.

    Give me her, Jack says.

    Jackie hands you over her husband.

    Hi baby girl, you look adorable, Jack said.

    You hid your face in his chest.

    I have something that I need to tell you, Jackie said.

    What is it kid, Jack asked?

    I'm pregnant. Jack.

    I'm going to be a father again, Jack said with a smile.

    Yeah. You are, I was so scared after losing Patrick, Jackie said.

    Three months later.

    I can't wait to see if it's blue or pink that comes out of that balloon, Jackie said.

    I have a feeling that blue is going to come out, Jack said

    I hope that it another girl, Jackie said.

    Are you ready, Bobby asked?

    Yeah, Both Jack and Jackie said ( Ik that they didn't have gender reveals back in the 1960s and just pretend that they did ).




    Jack and Jackie look at each other before they pop the balloon.

    Blue confetti came out.

    Yes. I'm getting another son, I love you so much, Jack said as he wrapped his arms around Jackie.

    I love you too, Jackie said.

    Ik that you want another girl, Jack says.

    I did but I'm happy that we are having a boy, I'm giving you another son after Patrick passing and nobody will ever take his place, Jackie said.

    May 29, 1964.

    Happy Birthday to  Y/n and Jack, Jackie said.

    Thank you, Kid, Jack said.

    Your face was cover in cake.

    Someone loves their cake, Jack said as he wipes your face.

    You smile at him.

    Come here birthday girl, Jack said as he picks you up and put you in his lap.

    Do you want to help daddy with his gifts, Jack asked?

    You clapped.

    I'm going to take that as a yes then, Jack said.

    Here you go, Jack said as he helps you with the gift.

    You were more focused on the wrapping paper than the gift.

    October 1, 1964

    Keith Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on October 1 at 2:30 pm.

    Keith Fitzgerald

    8lbs and 110z and 21 inches long.


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    12.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    Our President in 2017

    [ Age 27 ]

    [Y/N =YourName]

    ( All the Kennedys are alive in this chapter )

    Hello, I'm Y/n Kellie Kennedy. Yes, I'm the daughter of the 45th president John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

    You were the oldest of the Kennedy kids.

    You were dressed in a pink suit and had white gloves on.

    You have been dating Swedish Actor Bill Skarsgård for almost two years.

    When are we going to meet your boyfriend, Your mother Jackie asked?

    Tomorrow, You said.

    Finally. I get to meet my daughter's boyfriend of two years, the boy who makes her happy, Jack said.

    Don't embarrassed me tomorrow in front of his family dad please, You said.

    Why I would embarrassed you, It would be your mother doing that, Jack says.

    Hey! Jackie said as she slapped him on the shoulder.

    Ow, why did you do that, Jack said as he rubs his shoulder where Jackie had slapped him at.

    What you had said. I would never embarrassed our daughter, Jackie said.

    So are you nervous to meet y/n parents, Alexander asked?

    A little bit, I hope that they will like me, Bill said.

    What would you do if her parents were the president and the First Lady, Alexander said.

    I would be more scared bc it's the president of the United States and The First Lady, Bill said.

    What time is she coming, Alexander asked?

    2 pm, Bill said.

    She will be here in one hour, Alexander said.

    They heard something outside.

    She is here, Alexander said.

    They walk outside and see a helicopter.

    Why is a helicopter out here, Bill asked?

    Hey Bill, You said as you climb out of the helicopter.

    I'm so happy to see you, Bill said as he wrapped his arms around you.

    I had missed you so much, You said.

    He was about to pull you into a kiss. When a voice interrupted him.

    That is enough making out with my daughter, Jack said.

    Bill looks up and sees. President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy walking towards them.

    Bill. I want you to meet my father Jack and my mother Jackie Kennedy, You said.

    Nice to meet you, Mr.and Mrs. Kennedy, Bill said.

    Mr. Kennedy makes me feel old, called me Jack, He said.

    Um. Y/n, Can I talk to you for a second, Bill said.

    Sure You said.

    Jack and Jackie watch you two walk away.

    Why the hell didn't you tell me that your parents were the president and the First Lady, Bill said.

    I want to but I was scared of how you would react to it. How you are doing now, You said.

    How can I be with someone that lies, Bill said.

    I didn't fucking lie to you. I was scared to tell you ok, You said.

    Just go, I just don't want to see your face, Bill said.

    Fine. Fuck you and I hope that you burn in hell, also I hope that you know that I'm pregnant and I will going to tell you tonight but that isn't going to happen, You said.

    Wait. You are pregnant, Bill said.

    Yes. Jackass, You said.

    Y/n, Bill said.

    Just stop. Don't touch me, This goodbye, You said as you walk away.

    My child is going to have Kennedy as their last name instead, You yelled.

    Y/n. What happen, Jack asked?

    I will tell you when get back to the White House, You said as you climb into the helicopter.

    Jack looks at his wife with a sad look before he climbs into the helicopter.

    I hate him so much, You said as you hide your face in Jack's chest as you cried.

    It's going to be ok, Jack said as he rubs your back In comfort.

    ( The White House )

    Soon as the helicopter landed. You climb out and walk inside the White House.

    I better go check up on her, Jackie said.

    No. I will go see if she is ok, Jack said.

    You were in your room. You were reading a book.


    Come in, You said.

    Hey. Are you ok, Jack asked?

    No. I'm not dad, You said.

    Is this about Bill or you being pregnant and not telling us, Jack said?

    Both, You said.

    I'm a little disappointed in you for not telling us sooner about you being pregnant. The deal with Bill is something else, Ik that it going to hurt since you two have been together for two years now and what just happened, Jack said.

    I will be hurting but I'm going to have a child soon and I have to focus on him/her now, You said.

    A month later.

    You were about to find out what you were having.

    Since it was cold outside. You were dressed in a red dress and white gloves and had a black coat on.

    Are you ready, Jackie said.

    Yeah, I am, You said.

    There was a balloon fill with Pink or Blue.

    You guys ready, You said

    Yep. Yeah.




    Here we go, You said before you pop the balloon.

    Pink confetti comes out.

    Yes. It's a girl, You said.

    October 1, 2018

    Jamie Felicia Kennedy was born on October 1 at 11:30 am.

    Jamie Felicia

    9lbs and 8oz 22 inches long.

    This was posted on my Wattpad on November 22, 2020.

    This is a special chapter since today is the 57th anniversary of JFK Assassination. He is miss by many people and never forgotten and always in our hearts. May he rest in peace May 29, 1917 -November 22, 1963 💔

    #president kennedy#pregnancy #first lady jackie kennedy #what if jfk had lived instead #kennedy assassination #the anniversary of Kennedy assassination 2020 #jack kennedy#jackie kennedy#jbk#jfk #daddy daughter moments
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    12.05.2021 - 4 days ago


    [Age 2]


    Warning Blood.

    You were the youngest of the Kennedy kids.

    When your parents had to go to Dallas Texas for the last thing for the campaign before 64.

    You had thrown a crying fit that you didn't want them to go. It was so bad that Mrs.Shaw couldn't calm you down.

    Fine. We will take you with us, Your Mother Jackie said.

    You stop crying after that.

    You are my daughter alright, Jackie mumble.

    Jackie had you on her hip as she walks onto the plane.

    What took you so long, Why is y/n here, Jack asked?

    Y/n was crying and Mrs.Shaw couldn't calm her down and I'm surprised that she hasn't got sick yet from all the crying, Jackie said.

    Mr.President and Mrs. Kennedy. We are leaving now and we will be in Dallas Texas soon, The pilot says.

    Mrs.Shaw had dress you in a pink dress and a big pink bow on your head.

    You were on Jackie's lap as She was reading a book to you.

    They live happily ever after. The end, Jackie said as she closes the book.

    You let out a yawn as you close your greenish-grey eyes like Jack's.

    Sweet dreams, Jackie said as she lays you down on the bed and puts pillows by you, so you won't fall off the bed.

    She lay Jack's suit jacket on you.

    You grab hold of his jacket in your sleep.

    Y/n has your attitude alright. You told me that if you didn't get what you want or the Kennedy charm didn't work, You get red in the face. She gets red in the face alright, Jackie said with a smirk.

    She is only two and y/n is using the Kennedy charm on you, you fall for it all the time, It's funny to me, how much our daughter is acting like me and look more like me each day, Jack said with a smirk.

    The baby monitor went off.

    You had woken up from your nap and you weren't happy.

    Your turn, Jackie said as she gets back to her magazine.

    Fine. You owe me big time Jacqueline, Jack said.

    I love you bunny.

    Hey. What wrong princess, Jack said as he picks you up from the bed.

    You continue to cry.

    Shh. Daddy is here, It's ok, Jack said as he rubs your back in comfort.

    You lay your head on his shoulder as he rubs up and down your back.

    Mr.President and Mrs.Kennedy. We just landed in Dallas Texas, The pilot says.

    Do you want me to hold her, or what, Jackie asked?

    Nah. I got her, Jack said as he put you on his hip.

    Jackie looked at her daughter and her husband before she walked off the plane, Jack and their daughter was behind her.

    There were signs that said. JFK FOR 64.

    Here you go, A lady said as she hands Jackie red roses.

    Thank you.

    Weird. I had got yellow roses from the other stops, Jackie thought.

    This way Mrs.Kennedy, Agent Jim said.

    Jackie gets into the car first, then Jack and their daughter.

    She lays the roses on her lap.

    Jackie had moved a piece of her hair out of her face.

    Jack had grabbed her hand into his and smile at her.

    She looks at Jack with a smile before she waved at the crowd.

    They are now entering Dealey Plaza.

    Mr.President. You don't say that Dallas doesn't love you, governor colley said.


    Get down, Jack said as he grabs Jackie and their daughter moves down to the floor.



    The crowd was running away screaming and worrying if their First Lady and The President was ok or not.

    They were out of Dealey Plaza.

    Jack raised from the floor and help Jackie and grab their daughter.

    They were cover in blood from the bang.

    Lyndon B.Johnson Blood.

    Lady Bird was covering her husband's blood and had a piece of his brain in her hand and her white gloves were now red.

    Hospital now, Clint yelled.

    Parkland Hospital.

    We need to take the vice president now, The nurse said.

    Mr.President and Mrs.Kennedy. Are you guys alright, Clint asked?

    Yeah. We are fine, just a little scared that all, Jackie said.

    Jack looks at her before he grabs her hand as they walk into the hospital.

    It's was Jackie, Jack, Lady Bird sitting in the chairs as they wait on the news.

    Mrs.Johnson, The Doctor said.

    Yes, Lady Bird said as she got up from the chair.

    We did all we could ma, but we lost him, I am so sorry for your loss.

    Lady Bird covers her mouth as the tears started.

    In the room. Lays Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson, absolutely lifeless, stripped of all clothing except his boxes, ghastly pale eyes closed cover in blood.

    This could have been Jack, Jackie thought.

    Vice President Lyndon Johnson is dead, I repeat Vice President Lyndon Johnson is dead, He is dead at 1 pm.

    November 25

    Today was Lyndon Funeral.

    Jackie was dress in a black dress and Jack had on a black suit. You were dressed in a black dress.

    Jack had you on his hip as he grabs Jackie's hand into his as they walk behind the casket.

    There were 3,000 people here for Lyndon Funeral.

    Jackie watched as Ladybird and her two daughters Lynda and Luci walk up to Lyndon Casket.

    That could have been Jack instead, Jackie thought.

    Jack looks at Jackie with a sad smile before he grabs her hand.

    Jackie looks at her husband before she grips his hand, scared to let go.

    The paparazzi were taking pictures of Jack and Jackie and You as they walk down the stairs.

    Jackie and Jack watch them as they put the dirt on Lyndon's grave.

    Lady Bird was on the ground sobbing.

    The paparazzi was taking pictures again as Jack who had you on his hip again and Jackie leave the graveyard.

    December 25th.

    Crying had woken Jack up from his sleep.

    He looks over at Jackie. She was still sleeping.

    He glanced at the clock. 10 am.

    Daddy is coming, Jack said as he climbs out of bed and walks into your nursery.

    You were standing up in your crib. Your face was red from crying.

    Shh. It's ok, daddy is here, Jack said as he picks you up.

    You had stopped crying when you noticed that you were in your daddy's arms.

    You just wanted to be held didn't you, Jack said as he looks at you.

    You smile at him. More like the Kennedy smile.

    You are my daughter alright, Jack mumble.

    You move your hand up to his cheek as You look into his eyes, same as yours, and smile at him.

    I love you so much, Jack said as he kisses your forehead.

    Good morning to my two favorite people, Jackie said as she leans against the door

    How long as you been standing there, Jack said.

    The whole time, Jackie said.

    Jack look away as his face turned red.

    Aw. You look cute when you blushed, Jackie said.

    I will get you back for this Jaqueline, Just wait until we are alone, Jack said.

    The kids were asleep for the night.

    Jackie was looking around for her husband. But she couldn't find him, she was starting to get a little scared since Jack said that he will get her back.

    Jackie was so focused on looking for her husband, She didn't notice behind her was Jack walking toward her with a smirk on his face.

    I got you, Jack said as he wrapped his arms around Jackie.

    Holy crap. You scared the crap out of me, Jackie said.

    I told you that I would get you back for what you pulled earlier, Jack said.

    What are you going to do about it, Jackie teased.

    Jack look at her before he picks her up and puts her over his shoulder ( Ik that JFK had a lot of back problems but just pretend it not so bad in the chapter )

    Jack, Put me down now, Jackie said.

    Nope, Jack said as he throws her on the bed.

    Jack. What has gotten into you, Jackie said as she looks into her husband's eyes.

    I want to try another baby, Jack says as he climbs on top of her.

    Really. I have always wanted to have another child, I was scared after Patrick's death, Jackie said.

    I was to Jackie. But now I'm ready, Jack said.

    I love you so much, Jackie said as she pulled him into a kiss.

    I love you too, Jack said as they both get under the covers.

    They made love.

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    11.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    Baby Food

    [Age 2 months ]


    I think that you had enough bananas, We are switching to sweetpeas, Jackie said.

    You are going to love them. See mommy love them, Jackie said as she takes a bite and spits them out.

    Ew, that is nasty, Jackie said as she wiped her mouth.

    You giggle as you slap your hands down on your high chair.

    Y/n. I'm going to get your juice in a minute, Jackie said.

    You end up throwing your sippy cup and it laying in the sink.

    What happen to you, Jack asked?

    I'm covered with spit-up and baby food, half of my hair isn't even brush, Jackie said.

    #president kennedy#the kennedys #first lady jackie kennedy #jbk #john f kennedy #jfk#jack kennedy #daddy daughter moments #jackie kennedy
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    11.05.2021 - 5 days ago


    [Age 8 months ]

    [Y/N =YourName]

    Come to mommy, I know that you can do it, Your Mother Jackie said.

    Jackie was trying to get you to walk to her.

    You try to stand up as you hold on the couch.

    Soon as you stand up. You fall on your butt.

    It's ok baby girl. You can try again, Jackie said.

    You get back up.

    Hey Kid, You heard your daddy say.

    Come to mommy, Jackie said.

    Your eye was focused on Jack.

    You started to stand up again and begin to take your first step.

    My baby girl is walking, Jack said.

    Instead of walking to Jackie. You started to walk to Jack.

    No. Come to mommy, I will give a cookie if you do, Jackie said.

    Jacqueline, Jack said.

    John, Jackie said.

    You continue to walk to Jack.

    Yes. You can do it, Jack said

    Daddy is proud of you. My daughter can walk, Jack said.

    You giggle.

    You put your little hand on his cheek.

    Daddy loves you so much, Jack said as he kissed you on the forehead.

    #daughter reader #daddy daughter moments #jackie kennedy#jack kennedy #john f kennedy #jfk#the kennedys#president kennedy #first lady jackie kennedy #jbk#from wattpad
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