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  • Everybody going to vidcon London I hope you have an amazing time!

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    Bringing back the four pillars for 2020. I’m gonna make this year better than last year!

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  • Hi everybody! I’m opening up emergency commissions!

    I’m hoping you’ll give me just a minute, as I am in need of some help. Long story short: last month I severely cracked my phone screen by accident, leaving part of the LCD exposed with dead pixels. It worked just fine until yesterday when the screen began to flicker. By this morning, my phone has been rendered basically useless, as the screen is dim on the top half and the bottom half is flickering between full brightness and just white. The touch sensitivity is also spotty at best. (If you want proof, DM me and I’ll find a way to get you video of what’s going on, I have nothing to hide.)

    My phone is incredibly important, as it is my means of communication with everybody I know. It’s how I connect with my parents so I can get rides to school and work since they’re so far from where I live, it’s how I communicate with my managers at work, and it’s how I connect with all of you.

    Without my phone I have no way to contact anybody, and that’s essential with my job. My managers need to be able to contact me for project questions and scheduling, and if I can’t read who is calling me, I can’t know to answer them. If I don’t answer them, I could get reprimanded for it, and I really can’t afford to lose my job on top of this.

    The big thing is, I have like, no money to my name. I think my savings account has like… $100 sitting in it right now and I don’t get paid for another two weeks. Being a full time student who can’t get hardly any hours at work, I really can’t afford this hit right now. But I have to.

    So! I’m opening up some emergency commissions! My goal is $400 to pay for a new phone, a case, and a screen protector.

    Below are some of the things I am willing and able to do, discounted for your convenience, and some examples of my work. I hope you’ll consider commissioning me and helping me out!

    You can contact me at @pixiis-blog here on Tumblr, @pixii_stick on Instagram, and pixiis.commissions@gmail.com for questions and commissions!

    Also, please do reblog this so it can spread around!! I really need to replace my phone asap! Thank you :)


    In case the photos won’t load, here’s a breakdown of what I’ll do.

    PixiiStick’s Emergency Commissions:

    Sketches and Line Art

    • $5.00 US each
    • No color fill, ma request a solid background for no additional cost

    Flat Color

    • $10.00 US each
    • Simple and flat colors
    • May be open to gradients and textures

    Full Color and Cell Shading

    • $15.00 US each
    • Complex colors and cell shading

    Full Color and Shading

    • $20.00 US each
    • Complex colors and realistic shading
    • Embellishing details

    Adding a Background

    • Shape/Solid background: + $1.00
    • Simple Backgrounds: + $3.00
    • Complex Backgrounds: + $5.00

    Will Draw:

    • Real People
    • Celebrities
    • Couples (any orientation)
    • Original Characters
    • Blood/mild gore

    Won’t Draw

    • Hardcore NSFW/X Rated content
    • Clowns
    • Mechs
    • Illegal activities (subject to discussion)
    • Hate imagery/hate speech
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    I miss his mermaid hair 🥺

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  • Schneep: You can’t just flatter people and get them to do whatever you want.

    Marvin: Oh, no, you can. It’s easy for someone as bright and charming and articulate as you.

    Schneep: Well…perhaps you’re right.

    Marvin: [sideways glance into the camera]

    #jacksepticeye #marvin the magnificent #dr schneeplestein#quotes #you want to get on henrik's good side? #praise him #marvin knows this
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  • Ze good doctah! Screenshot by @bupine

    #jacksepticeye #dr. schneeplestein #my art#d-structive #late night doodles
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  • I realized that I have not drawn the hero boi nearly enough

    so here, have a happy Jackie 

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    Day 20: Public Whump

    [Day 19]

    The asphalt was gritty and ruthless, shredding off layers of Chase’s skin and down. Scrabbling for purchase only gashed open his hands and cut his nails to the quick. Kicking did nothing to loosen the ropes connecting him to the vehicle’s back bumper. As the car careened sideways, he rolled in its wake, feathers ripped from his back to scatter on the wind. Wings heaving wildly against their bonds, he arched but couldn’t recover. The car spun again, dragging him over a grate.

    “Come on, little birdie! Break free! You can do it!” the barebacked onlookers jeered, delighted to see one of the high and mighty wingers brought down to their level. They were all too familiar with mockery and prejudice; it was time to repay the favor. “Just open your wings and fly!”

    Tears, grime and blood streaking across his face, Chase wailed until the exhaust clouded everything in gray.

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    Did you guess it? Marvin is indeed my favorite JSE ego, though I honestly really love all his egos and Chase is a very close 2nd ♥️ Congrats to the 3 winners who guessed it first

    Art_nerd212 and this.username.still.sucks from Instagram and @pleasedontfollowmeimtrash from tumblr ♥️♥️

    I’ll be messaging the winners soon! Thank you all for participating 💜🖤💜

    #chibi#fanart#challenge#game#chibi art#art #marvin the magnificent fanart #marvin the magician #marvin the magnificent #jacksepticeye#jacksepticeye fanart
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  • has anyone else received their pins from jack??? i ordered all 13 and the pin case but only got the first 11 pins and the pin case. are the koala and thankmas pins still being shipped?

    #jacksepticeye#jacksepticeye merch#jacksepticeye pins#please help #im v confused #i love that i got so many at once at all but in the end im still missing 2
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  • BB and Cat Dad

    #bb is baby sorry I don’t make the rules #Sean is such a cat dad now I love it #septicart#jacksepticeye#bb
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  • Day 520: Beggs Bunny.

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    I made the boys in picrew!!! I couldn’t decide what background to give chase so I just did both and I wish they had more hat options but hey this was the best one I could find! (also marvin looks like a girl oops)

    in order: jack, anti, jameson, chase, chase, henrik, jackie, marvin

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    You little shit lol

    (I was talking about the fact that Sean is getting a YouTooz done at this moment in time, and this was his reply 😤😂)

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  • Curiosity Killed the Cat: Chapter 8

    Challenging the Dark

    Chapter 7: [x] Read from the beginning here: [x]

    The lights of the hospital room burst as purple magic crackled through them. The air was burning and tasted acidic.Yet, Marvin appeared, grinning triumphantly as he stood over the patient’s bed. The bed of the great, yet comatose, Jacksepticeye…

    The YouTuber was hooked up to several machines now. A cannula was in his nose, hooked up to a ventilator next to him. An IV was stuck onto his hand. Other wires were stuck under his clothes and attached to various screens surrounding his bed. What looked like scientific/medical gibberish flashed by on the screens… probably Schneep’s own experimental equipment that he was testing… Marvin scoffed at the sight. Schneep tended to get in way over his head… overthink things- make them too complicated. Maybe that’s why he hadn’t…

    Marvin shook his head and looked down again at his target. Jack was breathing peacefully. Without all the equipment… he could easily just be asleep. But Marvin knew the truth… he could feel the hot weight of Jack’s doll in his pocket. Feel the heaviness of his sin. Part of him… deep down- felt terrible.

    But, that wasn’t why he was here.

    The screens surrounding them made a horrible screeching sound and the images glitched. Marvin spun around at the sight and growled darkly, purple power flickering off him in dangerous waves.

    “You…” He hissed, staring the glitches down. He swore he heard the demon’s haunting laughter echoing in his head- taunting him. More black magic burst into the air as Marvin felt his anger grow. He turned and thrust out a hand at his creator, dark purple and black magic bubbling up and sparking. Slowly, a cruel grin grew on the magician’s face.

    “Sorry Jack,” Marvin practically sang. “But, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind sacrificing yourself to get rid of that demon glitch! So- this is for the greater good…”

    The purple veins burning on Marvin’s skin flashed brighter as Jack’s body started to glow with lavender light. The magic started to sink into the comatose youtuber… then his eyes sprung open- filled with the dark power and he began to scream.

    As the other egos ran as fast as they could down the busy hospital halls-suddenly they all felt a horrible pang in their chests. It sent them all falling to their knees, some finding a chair or the wall to brace themselves on. It was hard to breathe- their bodies felt like they were filling with hot fire. Jackie heaved and looked down the hall with terrified eyes. “No- Marvin…!”

    Schneep pushed himself up with difficulty before starting to run again, desperation giving him more speed. “J-Jack!”

    The doctor bursts into the room first and wheezes as he tries to shout out, “Marvin! Please stop!!”

    The others nearly crash into Schneep as they all clamor into the room. They all shout to the magician, or cry for Jack. The youtuber is screaming bloody murder- his pure purple eyes now glitching with green light.

    “Marvin, please!” Jackie nearly sobs, “You’re going to kill him!”

    Marvin laughs sinisterly, turning terrifying power filled eyes on the other septics. “That’s the point!” He clenches his fist, causing Jack to scream even louder, his voice cracking from the pure strain on his vocal chords. “Why would I stop? I’m finally going to get rid of that glitch once and for all!”

    “Y-You can’t do that, Marvin,” Henrik yells shrilly, “If you do that then-!”

    He gets cut off by all the electronics in the room making a horrific glitching shriek- almost sounding like a pained wail. The monitors all fill with green and red glitches and pixels as the noise crescendos to an almost ear-splitting degree. Finally- everything seems to shut off as Jack begins to glitch and spasm wildly. Then, the glitches all combine and start to form a body— and Anti crashes to the hospital tile. The demon pants heavily, his entire body twitching with purple power and veins. But, it looks like his body is trying to dispel the toxic magic as the purple dims and fades before coming back brighter. It almost looks like he’s smoking and that his body is burned, bits of pixels flying off him and into the air. Anti turns up pitch black eyes on the magician in front of him and growls ferally.

    “Y̡o͢u̵̢ ̶f̷̧ų͟c͟͠k̶̴i͟͞n͟g͟ ̧ìḑ̢i̷͜o͠t̵͜-̴͘!͏̨!̵͝ ̛͘A̴̡r̷̷è͟ ̸͟y̢҉o̵ư ̧i͜͠n̨̧s̶a̶n͡ȩ͘?” The croaks then coughs, sending more glitches and pixels fizzling off him. “Don’t you realize that if you kill me and Jack- you kill all of us??”

    “… Is that true?” Jamie signs fearfully to Henrik, who nods grimly.

    “Yes, we are all connected. If one goes down… we all go down.”

    The demon glitch laughs madly, “That’s right- you useless puppets are all connected to his life source. Why do you think I haven’t killed him yet?”

    Marvin regards Anti with an unreadable expression. Then, he powers up another charge and fires it at the prone glitch.

    Anti yelps and quickly glitches out of the way. He clumsily hits one of the hospital walls, his eyes showing just a hint of fear.

    “Y-You’re i̴̕n̵͜s̡͡a͏͢n̸͘e͜͡! Didn’t you hear me?!” Anti laughs unstability, body threatening to glitch apart. “You can’t kill me, kitten whiskers! If you do, you’ll kill your whole pitiful family! I-̡Į͢’̨͜m͘ ̨͜u̷͠n̶͢t̡ǫ̶ų̵c̶͘h̷a͝b͜l̨e͞!”

    The magician doesn’t really seem to hear him, or acknowledge his warnings. His hands spark up with almost pitch black magic, sparks of purple peeking through the dark mass. He bares his canines at the glitch, and from his mouth, black smoke seeps out. Every step he takes darkens his surroundings, spreading deep dark corruption around the room- like everything is being coated in shadows.

    “I’m going to destroy you-“ Marvin whispers darkly. Anti, for the first time in his life, looks terrified as he tries to glitch back- tries to scoot away. His limbs keep glitching and becoming unstable, making him flail pitifully. “I’m going to wipe your existence off of this earth for EVERYTHING YOU’VE DONE!

    Marvin raises his hands, ready to blast Anti into oblivion.

    But in an instant, his vision is filled with the sight of his brothers all rushing to stand in front of the glitch, protecting him.

    “W-What..?” Anti blinks in confusion, his voice hardly above a whisper.

    Marvin shakes, his hands trembling from keeping his toxic power back. “What are you doing?” He snarls, “Get out of my way!”

    “We can’t let you do this Marvin!” Chase shouts, tears threatening to leak out of his eyes.

    Jackie swallows before glaring at his best friend, “You’re not thinking rationally! You’re letting your rage blind you- and whatever that freaky magic is… it’s corrupting you!”

    “We will not let you destroy us all!” Schneep whimpers, stepping more in front of the glitch, and closer to Jack.

    The magician blinks in confusion, blue flickering in his eyes. Then, they flare even brighter purple, his sclera starting to branch out with black.

    “You’re defending a monster! Don’t you get that? I’m trying to save us!”

    No you’re not!” Jameson’s speech slide flares bright, shoving itself in Marvin’s face and making his back up. Jameson stalks forward, looking enraged. “You’re only thinking of yourself! Your want for revenge isn’t going to save anyone! Right now, we’re the ones saving our family!

    Marvin backs up even more, looking conflicted. He looks back and forth between all his brothers’ faces. He stares down at the burning magic eating at his hands, blue flickering more wildly in his eyes. For a second, he looks close to breaking down. But then, his eyes shift to pure black and he howls in rage. He throws down his hands and the room explodes into darkness.

    All the others cough, feeling around blindly. It’s completely pitch black, though they can hear the sparking of broken equipment further into the room. Schneep whines in worry, trying to feel his way towards Jack’s bed, muttering over and over, “No… no Jack! Jack, my friend, I’m coming…!”

    Then, the emergency lights of the hospital finally flicker back on…

    And in the shrill harsh white light, the others all feel their stomach drop at the sight.

    Where Marvin just was is only a blackened explosion mark, smoking with black corrupted smoke. Purple sparks zip in the air, making the atmosphere taste like burnt metal.

    Looking over to the hospital bed- it’s not there. All the fancy equipment and monitors are gone… the bed is gone.

    And, so is Jack.

    #readcktc#cktc#hufflewriting #marvin the magnificent #antisepticeye#jacksepticeye#black magic#torture#whump#corruption #sorry this one is kinda short but! #i wanted to get it done while i had inspiration! #and i cant not leave it on that cliffhanger ;3c #enjoyyy
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