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  • thewittyphantom
    05.08.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    And here’s part 2 of Supreme King highlights! :)

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  • thewittyphantom
    05.08.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Here’s part one of Supreme King dialogue highlights. Chazz’s is the best XDD

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  • thewittyphantom
    05.08.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Finally, here’s the Supreme King’s dialogue with Jaden/Yubel, Blair, and Axel. Thanks again, @nightfurylover31; without your posts I’d have missed all these!

    Jaden/Yubel: We finally meet, Supreme King. Supreme King Jaden: ......... Jaden/Yubel: Actually, you’re not the Supreme King. Supreme King Jaden: Yes, I am. I am the Supreme King - the one who will conquer this world. Jaden/Yubel: You say that, but I don’t believe that. The power of both the Supreme King and Yubel are inside me. So who are you? Supreme King Jaden: I am the shadows that lurk in your heart. Jaden/Yubel: ............Actually...I get it. You’re a version of me that this world magically made. So when you say you’re the Supreme King, you’re not wrong. But...when my soul created you, that was a mistake. And it’s only right that I fix my mistakes! Ruling with an iron fist doesn’t fly with me, Supreme King! Supreme King Jaden: It doesn’t matter what you think. This Duel will determine if I’m right or wrong. The shadows in my heart will guide me to victory, Jaden!

    Blair: Hey, Supreme King! I’m taking you on - and you can’t say no! Supreme King Jaden: ......... Blair: W-what? Jaden? So...is that your army fighting outside? Why are you doing this? Supreme King Jaden: If you’re only here to ask me meaningless questions, you can leave. Blair: You’re not Jaden! The real Jaden wouldn’t do this! So take off your mask, you phony! Supreme King Jaden: Since you haven’t left yet, I assume you’re ready to Duel. And I can assure you - this battle will not be painless. Blair: Yup, you’re totally not Jaden. Because Jaden’s a gentleman - unlike you!

    Axel: Supreme King... Supreme King Jaden: Show me how strong you are. Axel: Supreme King - or should I say Jaden! You’re really gonna let the darkness take over this world? Supreme King Jaden: I go where my power leads me. And my power has led me here. Axel: But living in the shadows is a lonely place to be. Believe me, I know. Supreme King Jaden: I’m not afraid of isolation. I don’t need anyone. Axel: The real Jaden wouldn’t think that! Supreme King Jaden: You’re wrong. i’ve changed. Axel: Yeah! By letting your fears take control of you! Supreme King Jaden: Say whatever you want. Because when you lose, everything you stand for will be meaningless. Axel: I feel I’ve had this conversation before...

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  • thewittyphantom
    05.08.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    Here’s the Supreme King’s dialogue with Tyranno and Sartorius.

    Tyranno: Are you the Supreme King? Cuz I’m the one who’s assigned to take him down! Supreme King Jaden: .........Yes, I am the Supreme King. And I accept your challenge. Tyranno: You’re...That you, Sarge? Supreme King Jaden: ......... Tyranno: No, you’re not. My dino senses can smell a phony miles away! Take off that costume and show me who you really are! Supreme King Jaden: I said I am the Supreme King. It’s not my fault that you don’t know how to listen. Tyranno: Yup, you’re definitely not Jaden. He doesn’t use big words like “fault.” I’ll take you down!

    Supreme King Jaden: ......... Sartorius: You’re...Jaden? Supreme King Jaden: ......... Sartorius: Heh heh heh...How interesting. It seems you’ve succumbed to forces greater than you! You should’ve made it easy on yourself and let the Light of Destruction end you instead! Supreme King Jaden: To defeat the darkness, I must become the darkness. And this darkness will erase your light. Sartorius: That’s now how it works. My light will shatter the shadows! The Light of Destruction will annihilate you and your darkness forever!

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  • thewittyphantom
    05.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Here’s Bastion and Syrus’s dialogue with the Supreme King. Just five more characters to go!

    Bastion: You’re the Supreme King. Supreme King Jaden: ............ Bastion: Jaden! Did Jaden’s dark side resurrect? No...That doesn’t compute... Supreme King Jaden: If you have the courage to battle, let’s begin! Bastion: (I’ve never seen the Supreme King Duel before, but I’m sure he’s powerful! He’s not an opponent that can be easily defeated...Stop it, Bastion! Don’t be so negative! Just focus on winning the Duel!)

    Syrus: The Supreme King...Jay... Supreme King Jaden: ............ Syrus: The Supreme King is supposed to be gone...So why are you here? Supreme King Jaden: If you don’t want to Duel, then I have no time for you. Are you a warrior or not? Syrus: I’m... Supreme King Jaden: Answer me! Syrus: I am a warrior! I don’t know what’s going on in this world, but I won’t sit back and let you destroy it! I’m a fighter, not a cheerleader! Here I go, Supreme King!

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  • thewittyphantom
    05.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Here’s the Supreme King’s dialogue with Dr. Crowler and Yubel. Yubel’s use of Super Polymerization made me imagine them fused with the Supreme King...

    Dr. Crowler: You’re the Supreme King? Supreme King Jaden: ......... Dr. Crowler: No you’re not. You’re Jaden! Unless the tales are true...That the Supreme King and Jaden are one and the same... Supreme King Jaden: Since you’re dressed like a prince, you must be skilled in battle. Let’s Duel. Dr. Crowler: But Axel said that Jaden returned to normal after their Duel... Supreme King Jaden: Didn’t you hear me? It’s time to Duel! Dr. Crowler: ......Very well! It is the job of a teacher to lead his students on the right path! And you’re clearly on the wrong one, Jaden!

    Yubel: Supreme King...Jaden... Supreme King Jaden: You... Yubel: You and I are quite similar. Supreme King Jaden: How so? Yubel: My Duel Spirit should no longer exist. But here I stand before you. Furthermore, I simultaneously live within Jaden. Supreme King Jaden: ............ Yubel: I find it interesting, but it’s clear you do not care. Supreme King Jaden: That’s right. I don’t. I only care about eliminating Duel Spirits like you! Yubel: I’d like to see you try. Since I have the perfect card to win - Super Polymerization! Supreme King Jaden: ............ Yubel: You may not want to talk, but I know you want to Duel. And I am more than happy to face you!

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  • thewittyphantom
    05.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ...The Supreme King’s dialogue with Chazz is one of the funniest conversations in Duel Links history XD Here’s his Alexis dialogue too!

    Chazz: So you’re the Supreme King! Supreme King Jaden: ............ Chazz: Wait - you’re Jaden! So the Supreme King is Jaden, and Jaden is the Supreme King? Supreme King Jaden: Let’s Duel. I’m going to savor your suffering. Chazz: Uh...Since when do you talk like that? Getting sent to another dimension must’ve scrambled your brain. I can forgive you for that. However...What’s with the clothes? Black shirt, black pants, black everything? That’s MY style! You’re supposed to be wearing red with the rest of the Slifer slackers! I get it - you know I’m cool, so you wanna copy me. But I’ll never be down with that! Neeeeeever! *pant pant pant* Got it, slacker? Supreme King Jaden: If you’re done, let’s Duel so I can be done with you forever.

    Supreme King Jaden: ............ Alexis: You’re the Supreme King... Supreme King Jaden: ............ Alexis: !? No way...You’re...Jaden! Supreme King Jaden: ............ Alexis: I heard what happened in that other dimension, but...But I can’t believe Jaden transformed into the Supreme King...Wait...Even if he did, Jaden returned to our world...That means you’re not the real Jaden! And even if you were, I’d do everything I could to snap you back to your senses! Supreme King Jaden: Then let’s Duel. I’ll show no mercy. Alexis: I won’t show any mercy either! If you were the real Jaden, you’d know this one fact: You don’t want to mess with me!

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  • thewittyphantom
    05.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Here’s Supreme King Jaden’s dialogue with Aster and Jesse! Jesse doesn’t know he’s not the real deal...Poor guy XD

    Aster: I never thought I’d run into you again. Supreme King Jaden: ............ Aster: Should I call you Jaden or the Supreme King? I’ll call you Supreme King. More regal. Axel told me that the Supreme King vanished from Jaden’s soul. But since I’m looking at you with my own two eyes, it means you weren’t completely gone. Or does it mean... Supreme King Jaden: You talk a lot. Why don’t you let your cards do the talking instead? Aster: Heh. Seems you really want to Duel. That’s fine with me! I always wanted to Duel against your Evil HEROES! I’ll be the one to shine the light into the shadows of your heart!

    Jesse: You’re... Supreme King Jaden: .......... Jesse: The Supreme King! Supreme King Jaden: I’ll savor this Duel by taking my time defeating you. Jesse: I heard stories about you - about how you’re kinda intimidating. Seems those stories were true! Supreme King Jaden: .......... Jesse: Listen up, Supreme King! Or should I say - Jaden! All your friends are here! Here to save you, Jaden! So you don’t need to look into the sadness in your heart! You can look outward towards us! Supreme King Jaden: In a world where the strong devour the weak, why would I turn to the weak to help me? The only way i can conquer this world is to have my shadows fuel my strength! Jesse: I’ll show you how wrong you are, Jaden! My Crystal Beasts can outshine the shadows any day!

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  • thewittyphantom
    05.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Thanks to @nightfurylover31, I discovered the Supreme King has dialogue with a ton of GX characters, including normal Jaden and Jaden/Yubel. Here’s his dialogue with Jaden and Zane!

    Jaden: You’re... Supreme King Jaden: ............ Jaden: ...me? Supreme King Jaden: Jaden Yuki...To defeat the darkness, I must become the darkness. The strong must devour the weak. Jaden: Uh...right... Supreme King Jaden: The rage of the fallen is the source of my power. I will use the souls I stole to fuel my strength! Jaden: That’s not cool! Supreme King Jaden: Power is everything. I am the Supreme King. And I will rule this world. The shadows in my heart will guide me to victory. Jaden: I’ve heard enough! I’m not you, and you’re not me! I’ll never do what you’re doing! Never! Supreme King Jaden: Then you are a fool. Allow me to show you power that can only come from embracing your darkness!

    Supreme King Jaden: ............ Zane: Jaden...The Supreme King... Supreme King Jaden: Ready to duel? Zane: Of course! I don’t care who you really are. All I care about is achieving the greatest victory of my lifetime! I let Axel battle you last time, but this time, I’m getting all the glory! Your so-called power is nothing compared to mine!

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  • dreary-doll-writing
    05.08.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Day 5: Second Date


    Their first date was extravagant and Jaden was sure expensive, though Aster refused to let him even see the bill for anything.

    Jaden enjoyed it and all...but it didn't feel special...

    "Jaden, where are we going?" Aster asks loudly as Jaden drags him by his hand away from the the school.

    "I asked you out this time, I get to pick what we do."

    "...Fair enough...I guess..."

    Jaden flashes a smile and squeezes Aster's hand tight, "It's gonna be fun, swear."

    "...I believe you."

    It took a good while to get where Jaden wanted go, and a good bit of hiking in the dwindling light, which was met with plenty of whining from his partner, but that didn't discourage him.

    "And here we are!"

    "Jaden...this is nowhere."

    "It's not nowhere!" Jaden protests, dragging Aster just a bit further, and motions to a blanket and cooler sitting in some tall grass that has been flattened out.

    "What's all this?"

    "Something special, just you and me," Jaden smiles.

    Aster's face turns bright red, "Oh."

    Jaden gets comfortable on the blanket before motioning Aster to get closer.

    Before Aster can sit down properly Jaden moves and pulls Aster to sit in his lap.

    "You're bold tonight-"

    "It's a little damp for some reason, I didn't want you to mess up your nice suit."

    "Oh, my hero," Aster teases and moves to get comfortable.

    "I mean, I guess you can sit on my jacket, but that doesn't give me a chance to be this close," Jaden wraps his arms around Aster's waist and puts his head on Aster's shoulder.

    "Enjoying yourself, Yuki?"

    "'Course I am...I'm with you."

    That makes Aster turn red yet again, and for once there's no smart comment waiting for Jaden.

    They sit quietly, just taking in the sounds and feel of nature for a while, as well as the sounds of each other breathing, until Aster says something too quiet for Jaden to make out.

    "What was that, babe?"

    "I uh-"

    Jaden's stomach rumbling cuts Aster off.

    "I...asked if you were getting hungry too but I guess I have my answer."

    "Right!" Jaden moves, pulling the cooler closer to show Aster some handmade sandwiches and some cans of soda inside.

    "I'm not really a cook but I did what I could."

    Aster moves to kiss Jaden's cheek, "It's perfect."

    Jaden chuckles, until Aster starts talking more, "It's...all perfect...you're...perfect..."

    Well now it's Jaden's turn to blush, all the way to the tips of his ears, which makes Aster laugh softly, and move to give Jaden a proper kiss.

    "This is the best second date ever," Aster whispers, lips still close to Jaden's.

    "You're telling me-"

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  • iced-coffeebean
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Unlike this expensive ass motherfucker in Duel Links and everyone like "Bro not this bullshit again-" lmfao

    It's really weird because in Duel Links everyone knows Judai becoming the Supreme King happened already and all that HELL THERE IS A SEASON FOUR VERSION OF JUDAI THATS FUSED WITH YUBEL AND LIKE "??????"

    Haou: I've come to rule the world-

    Literally everyone: Is this like a yearly thing now or...??? You literally already tried to do that-


    Anyways I got him to see if he says anything to Shou but unfortunately he doesnt besides the when you challenge him all he says is "Its you... The Supreme King!" And then when you challenge him via event rather than having him and fighting other people.

    Kinda sad but eh. I get possessed kuriboh to reek havoc when I want.

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  • yugirl
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    August OTP

    ship: connectionshipping

    Day 4: a handmade gift

    Inspired by Chazz’s birthday and a few RP threads. Have Chazz Dad getting emotional



    Chazz couldn’t remember the last time he cried this hard.

    He held the 3 pieces of paper to his chest and tried to steady his breathing. But no matter how hard he tried he just couldn’t.


    “What’s the matter darling?”

    Chazz turned to see Jaden, Jesse and Bastion standing on the deck, eyes filled with worry.

    “I-I’m fine I just…” he looked at the hand made birthday cards his children had given him, each of them clearly made with care and love.

    He sniffles as his husbands sit either side of him but say nothing. They know better than that.

    Sure they may have been married for 8 years and together for 12 but they were still learning about each other. One of the things they learned was not to push Chazz, he would open up when he’s ready.

    “I just… didn’t think it was p-possible to…” Chazz sobbed. “To be loved this much… to love this much…”

    Jaden held his hand in sympathy. He knew the feeling well. It took a long time for him to feel it but when he did it was overwhelming. Having a heart so full it hurt, having so much love and no way to accept it…

    “I’m sorry Chazz…” he said gently “I should’ve toned down the birthday party a bit…”

    “NO!” Chazz gasped “th-that’s not it!! I loved it”

    “But you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed right?” Bastion asked, concerned and confused

    “Yes but I…” he sighed “I don’t hate the feeling… if anything I like it…”

    Now both Jaden and Jesse were confused too.

    “Whatcha mean Chazzy?”

    “I mean… today reminded me that… I have a family that loves me… my family loves me”

    He looked to the hand drawn cards again. “And I love them. I love my son, and I love the girls, and I love that our love made them… and most of all I…”

    He swallowed

    “I… love all of you too…”

    Jaden, Bastion and Jesse all leaned in for a hug and a kiss, simultaneity saying “I love you too Chazz…”

    Chazz gripped the handmade cards some more… grateful that this was his family now…

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  • yugirl
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    August OTP

    ship: connectionshipping

    Day 3: Fire Pit

    Finally got to writing some connectionshipping have just four guys being dudes in love.



    Jaden yawned as he stared into the dancing flames. It was a long journey to get to the cabin and he was tired from the trip.

    Chazz had by some miracle managed to get access to the Princeton family ski lodge for winter break which meant that Jaden, Chazz, Bastion and Jesse could spend more time together.

    That wasn’t the original plan. Chazz had invited the entire friend group but for some reason everyone else bailed, leaving the four of them and some unresolved feelings between them.

    While none of them were in a committed relationship with anyone, things had been happening amongst the group.

    Chazz and Jaden kissed at the beach

    Bastion and Jaden got very intimate at the infirmary

    And Jesse and Jaden pashed on the roof.

    This was getting problematic.

    Jaden knew he had to make a choice: Jesse, Bastion or Chazz. He couldn’t have them all right?

    He shook his head and went back to staring at the fire… it was no good his heart was crying out. He wanted all of them…

    But how does he even go about this…

    Jaden knew he was going to have to do something but for now the fire made him sleep on it.

    Tomorrow was another day…

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  • spiritsncrystals
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    How to deal with the you that's trying to temp you to go to and go back to the darkness for power when you and yourself are like no:

    #yugioh gx#ygo gx#gx#judai yuki#jaden yuki#yuki judai#haou judai #supreme king jaden #yugioh duel links #Ygo duel links #Duel links #I can really imagine that he'd look out for his younger self #So they gonna stick together
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  • garuye
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    @pridewhatpride @chippadore @jaspersoda @lemmint @princeoftheroses Hello everybody!! No you may not have context

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  • panpuk
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    For the Supreme King's event in Duel Links !

    (in french is ''L'ultime Souverain'')

    (His theme in game is so Epic !)

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  • jaspersoda
    03.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Yknow what, im just gonna come out and say it. Judai peobably smells fucking horrible. Really think about it for a sec. Motherfucker thought the red dorms were AMAZING -the red dorms of all places-, i seriously doubt they even have decent showers there, he wakes up late a lot so he's gonna be running to class, theres so many examples i could think of. There is no way this kid doesnt smell like the entire woods + an unidentifiable mammal

    Im convinced that when he duels he's not actually inspiring his opponents they're just hallucinating from the fumes that come off him constantly, like someone would come up to him and get blasted back by the fucking forcefield of Boy Musk™ radiating from him at all times

    #fic writers take note #this is canon i was there i smelt him #judai yuki#yugioh gx#ygo#jaden yuki#ygo gx
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  • yusei-clownington
    03.08.2021 - 2 days ago
    #Yugioh GX#Ygo drabble #THANK YOU FOR THE PROMPT ANON THIS WAS FUN! #I ACTUALLY used dub names #wouldya look at that #Jaden yuki#syrus truesdale#Chazz princeton#alexis rhodes#bastion misawa #So Uh yeah still open! Feel free to send in more #clownington's writing stuff
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