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    Jaehyun wonders if he’s the same person from just a month ago.

    Finding a companion to share the night with has never been anything less that simple for him. The most it’s ever taken has been a couple of text, but even then, it’s not like he ever had to contribute any genuine thought or effort. It’s all just a game, one that he never thought he could lose, since there’s never been anything to lose from the start. 

    No feelings, no attachment, no heartbreak. That’s the way things have been for the last 5 years. 

    Yet, as he’s walking down the side of the street with your fingers entangled with his, he realizes that he hasn’t stopped smiling since the moment you two left the bar together. He’s stunned, not only by the excitement tingling in his limbs, but also by the fact that he can’t stop thinking about what it would be like if he spent every night strolling through the town with you, just like this. 

    There’s a certain fondness that overwhelms him whenever he thinks of you, and it terrifies him. The look on your face never helps, either; ever since the night you met, you’ve looked at him like he’s the only person in the world that matters to you, and every time, it’s taken all of the strength in his body to keep himself from letting you dig deeper into his heart.

    He’s scared. Scared of showing you the true colors of his personality, of letting you down, of being a person that you aren’t expecting him to be.

    Suddenly, you stop, and you turn to face him directly. You’re looking at him curiously, and it’s then that he realizes that you’ve led him to a quieter, more secluded block of the town. It’s a decently lit open space, with empty tables and a fountain that’s clearly been out of commission for a while.

    “So, what did you want to tell me?” you ask, as you settle down on the ledge of the fountain.

    The question takes him by surprise. “Hmm?”

    “You said you had a lot to tell me.”


    Jaehyun nods, then offers a slight smile. “How mad would you be if I told you I forgot?”

    “Did you?” you ask, half-suspicious.

    “No,” he admits, sitting down next to you. 

    He doesn’t say anything else after that, but the silence in the air is so thick, you start to wonder what kind of bomb he’s about to drop on you. 

    “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to,” you end up telling him, partly because he’s clearly hesitant to open up to you but also because you’re too afraid of what’s going to come out of his mouth.

    It’s frustrating, to say the least. You have no idea what this man is thinking, and while half of you wants to leave it at that, the other half of you yearns to know more. Does he do this with anyone else? Does he enjoy the time that he spends with you? Does he see you more than just someone to pass the time with?

    Jaehyun finally breaks the silence with a sigh. “The last relationship I had was 5 years ago,” he reveals, quietly. “She was the manager of the basketball team, and somehow, she agreed to go out with me when I confessed to her.” He pauses, almost as if the memories are replaying in his head. He lets out another sigh, then an empty chuckle. “I really did everything I could for her ㅡ which obviously wasn’t a lot, since I was 15 years old.”

    “I’m sure she appreciated you,” you add, though you aren’t sure if it’s helpful or not.

    “I’m not so sure.” The smile on his face is incredibly bitter, and you wonder if you’ve said too much. “I found out that she was cheating on me all along, and when I confronted her about it, she told me she only liked me for my face, and that I grossed her out with how much I liked her.” 

    “What an awful thing to say,” you mumble, agitation prickling the back of your throat. 

    He huffs another chuckle, one that feels even emptier than the first. “Right? She was my first girlfriend, too.” 

    “And...you haven’t been in a relationship since then?” you ask, cautiously.

    “Not in a serious one.” Jaehyun cards his fingers through his hair before leaning back and shifting his weight to his hands, which are flat against the surface. “Starting flings is always fun, but everything’s always just felt so...short. And shallow. Getting serious seems like a hassle if all they’re going to do is, you know...”



    Any confidence you had before is now much too brittle to maintain your self-esteem. “Is this...” you start, shakily.

    Jaehyun turns his head to look at you. “Hmm?”

    You swallow thickly. “Is this your way of telling me to fuck off?”

    The laugh that he lets out is loud and genuine and enough to quell the temble in your hands. “No,” he promises, sliding his hand to touch the tips of your fingers with his. “I don’t want you to fuck off.”

    You breathe a quiet sigh of relief. “Just wanted to get it off your chest?” 

    “Kind of. I don’t know,” he admits. He re-adjusts his posture before leaning into you, his head falling onto your shoulder. “I just...for some reason, I felt like telling you.”

    “Thanks,” you say, quietly.

    He lifts his head to look at you. “For what?”

    “For being vulnerable with me.”

    Jaehyun stares at you silently for a couple of seconds before returning to his previous position on your shoulder. “It doesn’t creep you out?”

    You chuckle. “Well, to be honest, your whole thing about not wanting to be in a serious relationship made me feel kind of shitty,” you tell him. “But you don’t creep me out, Jaehyun.”

    “I’m glad,” he says, softly. He raises his head and places a delicate kiss against your cheek. “Sorry about making you feel shitty, though.” 

    You shrug, and you capture his lips in a kiss that almost steals the oxygen from his lungs. Jaehyun presses into you, your lips memorizing the curve of his mouth. You both jerk away from each other at the sound of high heels clacking against the cement, and the looks on your faces are so bewildered, the two of you can’t help but laugh. 

    Jaehyun presses another kiss to your forehead. “Are you still able to trust people after what...happened?” 

    “Not sure,” you admit. “I kind of just want to move on from all of that. I’ve been doing whatever feels good, I guess.”

    “Does being with me feel good?” he asks, not bothering to mask the smirk in his tone.

    You sigh, dramatically, before playfully nudging him. “Do you always have to ask questions that you already know the answer to?”

    “I want to hear you say it,” he laughs, quickly kissing your neck.

    You smile. “It’s a secret.” 

    “Fair enough.” 

    The night deepens, with both of you sharing stories and thoughts and feelings that neither of you ever imagined would find their way to a person other than yourselves. It feels relieving and exciting and scary all at the same time, but more than anything, it feels like a new beginning ㅡ for both of you.

    Eventually, you find yourselves sitting in complete darkness, as all of the surrounding shops and buildings had closed for the night. Jaehyun suggests heading back, since there’s no way any of your friends were sober enough to head home by themselves. You check your phone for the first time since your escape, and you realize that 2 hours had already passed. 

    “About what you were talking about earlier,” you start, as you push yourself to standing. “I don’t think you need to rush with re-learning how to trust people. It’s hard, you know?” You offer a soft smile, though you aren’t sure if he’s able to recognize your expression through the darkness. “Just...take your time to heal and move forward when you’re ready. I’m sure your person will be there, waiting for you.”

    Jaehyun envelopes you in a warm embrace no sooner than you’re cringing over your words of encouragement. He brushes his lips over your throat, then your cheek, then against the soft of your lips. “Y/N,” he whispers, pressing another kiss to the shell of your ear. “It'd be nice if that person was you.”

    tongue tied :: twenty-eight

    summary: a promiscuous basketball star finds his carefree world turned upside down when he crashes the winning team’s afterparty. a series about unexpected relationships, broken bonds, and the quintessential struggles of college life.

    tags: @keytomythoughts @yo-dreamrush @chakrasanddrugs @the-universe-in-you-jjh @galaxyjisung @marklexleaf @sideeffectssss @afterourspring @justineasian @huangberryyy @theloouiisee @tamakikaname @whywontyousetfree @littleteafawn @rageofcaliban @itskkung @minkyungstudies @babyd0nt @quintessentialing @chnhua @painted-hills @httpjeongjaes @thejungjaehyun @yoonohing @linibambinii @doderyscoffee @fakektexts @atinytree @oc-helps @cookydream @lynniac @yizzhuos @dxftprettyboys @awfullytiredbuthealing @injunsdimple @jaeficrecs @kimjngws @mybbtaeyong4thewin @hiraarri @jiye0n0 @atynsuh @je0ngjaehyun @markistheloveofmylife @cryingforjae @daegalfangirl @minavenue @ilovjaehyun @wonwoosimp @atinyfeels @fr0gluvr (taglist form is in m.list!)

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    Does anybody else’s Spotify have Favorite on there as “Favorite (Vampire)”? I keep seeing other peoples and theirs just says Favorite

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    {TEASER} [click on the picture for better quality]

    ❥PAIRING : CEO!Na Jaemin X Desi Fem!Reader ft. Rest of NCT dream,Lee Taeyong,Jung Jaehyun,Nakamoto Yuta, Karina,Park Jihyo.

    ❥THEME|GENRE : Enemies to Lovers,Semi Desi Au, Angst (slight),Fluff and Slice of life.

    ❥WARNING :Suggestive,cursing,mentions of some toxic desi cultures,mentions of alcohol and cheating.

    ❥WORD COUNT : Estimated 5k.

    ❥RELEASE DATE : Mid-november.

    ❥SUMMARY : People often say,“There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be...” but that's surely not what Jaemin believed when his father forcefully transferred him and his business to a whole new state to expand it. Neither did Y/n when she was thrown into a marriage settlement with someone she didn't even know. According to them,they were both in wrong places but maybe at the end,what people say is true.

    "No way! I'm going to that country,father",Jaemin raised his voice slamming the contract papers on the desk of his father's office. There was just no way for him to settle down in a country that's so far and so distinct from where he was born n raised.His father's fierce gaze was constant on his face. "You're my only heir. I need you to expand it. The workers we had in there have done so much damage to our company,they stole money and what not? I am here in Korea to handle things but I need someone faithful to be in there. Who can be more faithful than my own son,Jaemin?", Mr.Na explained calmly. Although he understood why Jaemin was acting up like this. Jaemin stood there being all worried about what he should do. Jaemin thought of everything for a while and came up with an agreement to the contract papers that were offered by his father,"I will go,Dad."

    Only he knows what made his mind change so fast.

    "No way! I'm not marrying him", you threw the picture you had in your hand. The picture was of the person you were getting married to. With no one being around you,you yelled out all of your anger. All the things you wanted to spit on your parents' faces when they handed you this photo with their cold command,"You're getting married to him". That too,in a year? Why couldn't you talk back to them? What was stopping you? It was that one lesson that you had been taught since childhood,

    "Good daughters never say NO to their parents".

    Two completely different people living in two different countries,living completely different lives were living the same exact moment of settling down with something they both didn't want. They were going places where they believed that they didn't belong to,they weren't meant to be in. Hoping that they'd at least succeed in what they were trying to be. One was trying to be a good Son while the other one was trying to be a good Daughter.

    Let's see what fate has in store for them.

    ❥AUTHOR'S NOTE : Heyo peeps ! I mean who isn't a hoe for desi AUs? So this is my first semi desi writing.I hope y'all will like it. It is a little different plot but I'm sure it's interesting.Have a nice day or night or whichever time you're seeing it!♡

    ❥Network (s) : @ficscafe @pretty-neos @neoturtles @neowritingsnet

    ❥TAGLIST : OPEN -Send an ask or DM to be added.

    @wonjaems @yurelic @ahsshilee-me @azure-arcanum

    © Dimplehyunn's. All Rights Reserved.

    #ficscafe#ficscafe ape#pretty neos#neowritingsnet #nct dream imagines #jaemin imagines #na jaemin fluff #na jaemin fanfic #jaemin oneshot#jaemin fluff#jaemin scenarios #jaemin x reader #jaemin smut #nct dream smut #jeong jaehyun fluff #lee taeyong#kpop fanfic#kpop drabbles#nct imagines#nct scenarios#nct smut#kpop au#jaemin timestamps #na jaemin drabbles #haechan imagines #mark lee fanfic #jisung park fluff
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    Boy Next Door

    Hot Neighbor!Jaehyun x Reader

    Warnings ⚠️: Shower Sex, Heavy Makeout, Dirty Talk, Fingering, Hair Pulling, Big Dick Jaehyun, Slight Size Kink

    His lips peppered light kisses around your neck as he held your body with his large hands, you whined as he grinder himself into you, your warm bodies were in contrast to cool air of your bedroom. “Do you want this baby?” He asked pulling out his length. “Stuff me full.” You whimpered…

    The sound of an alarm clock awoke you with force, the loud tone ringing through your ears. You shut off the alarm before staring at the time of 10:00 a.m. What a great way to wake up yet another dream of your hot neighbor who lived right next door to you. That neighbor was none other than, Jung Jaehyun. A twenty-four year old man who you were literally infatuated by. He would always keep you dreaming at night about how he would be as a boyfriend, whether it was kissing, chilling, dream dates, or sex. It was no secret that he was a rather sexy human being, and you were not afraid to admit that you think about how he would be in bed every night, to hear his deep voice, feel his hands and kisses, or how well he fucks.

    You went downstairs to go make some breakfast. Grabbing two slices of toast, a skillet and some eggs and the rest of the ingredients to make French toast. You blended the ingredients and made the French toast in a few minutes flat before grabbing some orange juice and some berries along with whipped cream and a little cinnamon sugar for your tasty breakfast. French toast with cinnamon sugar and fruit was your favorite thing to have on your good days.

    You sat down and ate your breakfast quietly while turning on the TV to hear about the weather for today. “So today’s forecast calls for sunny skies along with the continued heat wave we are experiencing this Summer, expect temperatures to be up in the 100s today, the highest calls for 104 degrees.” The weatherman issued. You sighed to yourself, you knew that when temperatures get that high, the AC sometimes cuts out, luckily you have a backup generator.

    You had just finished your breakfast, and washed your plate and cleaned up the kitchen before heading outside of your house in your oversized tee to get the mail. As soon as you opened the door, you were greeted with a sight that pleased your eyes, Jaehyun in a white muscle tee with a hose and a bucket of soap and a rag washing his car. The white tee was soaked showing the outline of his pecks and abs and strong build. His biceps flexed as he moved the hose up and down across the car as he went around it. His hair wet against his forehead from the water making you completely hot and bothered. You were so focused on his entire frame you didn’t realize that he was waving at you for the past fifteen seconds.

    You gave him a small subtle wave before scurrying back into your house. You were also so focused that you didn’t even realize how hot it had gotten in the moment due to the hot weather, sighing, you head upstairs to take a shower and throw on some chill clothes.

    After the shower, you decided to throw on tank top and short shorts matching set, since it was so hot. You brushed your teeth fixed your hair, and went downstairs to relax.

    As time passed, it was getting tremendously hot, your AC was on full blast, but that didn’t stop the heat from flowing into your house, as you watched the TV while fanning yourself, you heard a loud bang from the neighborhood, realizing the AC had cut out around the entire block. You huffed, and finally got the generator for your AC out of your storage room. You set it up, and finally had your AC back on. You were going to sit back down, but you heard the doorbell ring. Groaning, you got up to answer the door, it was probably one of the silent neighbors who never talks to you, but is always over here to use your AC. You got to the door and opened it, but was shocked to find Jaehyun standing there. He looked like he was exhausted from the heatwave. He was still in the same outfit you saw him in earlier.

    “Hey (Y/n), is it okay if I chill here for a bit, I just got done fixing up my car, and I was going inside to chill, but then the AC cut out, if you say no it’s fine, I understand.” “No, it’s okay, you’re not a freeloader, you can stay as long as you need to, come in.” Jaehyun smiled at you showing his deep dimples making you melt.

    He walked inside and was greeted by the cool air that went through your house, he instantly got comfortable as he finally began to cool down. He took a quick glance at your home realizing how nice it looked inside, smiling due to the comfort.

    “Your house is nice.” He commented while turning around.” “Thank you.” You smile. You both don’t say anything making it awkward as you two just stand there. “Do you want to take a shower?” You ask. “Do I smell?” He jokes. “No! No! It’s just t-that I figured y-you were h-hot and sw-sweaty so I assumed y-you wanted a shower.” You stammer. “(Y/n), I’m only joking, I would love a shower.” Jaehyun replied. “Oh.” You sigh with fake laughing. “I’ll show you up, follow me.” As you both walked up the stairs you couldn’t help but think about him joking to you like that. Obviously your crush was more than just a casual one. You definitely needed to tighten up, and not act so scared to be near him.

    “Here we are.” You say opening the bathroom door up. He looked at the guest bathroom and smiled. “This will do perfectly, thank you (Y/n), you’re a great neighbor.” He smiles. Yeah, it seems all I’ll ever be is a neighbor to him. “I’ll leave you to shower, towels are in the closet across the hall.” You say. “Or you could stay?” He said in more of a question. “You’re joking right?” “Y-yeah, only a joke.” He says rubbing the back of his head, and looking down. You smile before walking out and closing the door.

    As you walked away, you heard the sound of the water finally start in the bathroom. Sighing to yourself, you walked into your bedroom, jumping on the bed, you laid there, contemplating your thoughts. Soon enough, you decided to call your best friend, she could probably help with all the questionable thoughts you were having.

    “Hey, (Y/n)! What’s up?” Your best friend asked. “I’m having a huge dilemma.” You told her. “Why what’s wrong?” She asked. “Jaehyun is here and I don’t know what to do.” She squealed. “You mean the hot, tall, deep dimpled guy that lives next door!?” “Yes!” “Ahh!” She screamed. “Ow!” You exclaimed when her yell rung in your ear. “Sorry, I’m just excited for you.” “How so?” “Well, this is one of the only guys that can get miss (Y/n) (L/n) to look their way when you’re in the area, and plus, did I even mention that he was hot!?” She said. “Yes, multiple times actually.” “Sorry.” She giggled. “No problem, it’s just that I don’t know what to do, he’s in here taking a shower and I-” “Hold up, he’s in your shower?” “Yes!” You exclaimed. “Oh, this is serious, okay, okay, once he’s done, don’t let him leave, try to chill with him, but don’t make it seem to obvious that you are interested in him, don’t be clingy, and start with small talk. You’ll be fine.” She reassured. “Thank you.” You said. “No problem bestie.”

    All of a sudden, you heard a thump against the wall, and you were curious as to what it was. “I’ll call you back.” You said before hanging up the phone. As soon as you opened the door, you witnessed a damp Jaehyun standing there with nothing but a towel on, making you shield your eyes.

    “Sorry, I didn’t mean to see you like this!” You yelled. “You’re apologizing in your own house, and I also have a towel on (Y/n).” He chuckled. “Oh yeah, I forgot.” You giggled. “I just needed to find a towel, and I guess you couldn’t here me call your name to bring me some, so I just walked out here and found the towel closet.” He explained. The fact that he walked out naked, and the thought of him naked in your closet made your ovaries explode with need.

    “Anyways, I found the towels, and I will be in the bathroom if you need me.” He smirks before walking away. You were about to walk back to your room until you realized that Jaehyun’s phone laid on the floor next to the towel closet, you picked up his phone and went to the bathroom door. You knocked on the door before Jaehyun opened the door, and not only pulled you in, but kissed you on the lips passionately as your body was dragged into the bathroom.

    “Jaehyun, what the hell!?” You questioned. “I knew you were into me, the moment you first met me!” He pointed out. “Psh, who told you that?” You asked, your eyes slightly shifting. “I just knew, the way you would look at me, how you would get flustered anytime I was shirtless, and besides, you really shouldn’t talk about people when you’re on speaker when the person is in the same house as you.” Your eyes went wide, it all made sense as to the noise outside, Jaehyun wasn’t getting a towel, he was eavesdropping to see what you and your best friend were saying.

    “Hey, that was an invasion of privacy!” You exclaim. “Yeah, but if I didn’t invade, I wouldn’t have known that you were that into me.” He said as he moved closer to you. He lifted your head up, your chin between his fingers. “God, you don’t even know what I want to do to you.” He groaned. Jaehyun picked up your hand, and placed it against the bulge in his towel causing you to gasp. “You feel that gorgeous? That’s what you do to me.” He removed his hand from yours that was still placed on his towel covered bulge. “Don’t be shy baby, I won’t bite.” He smirks. You squeeze his bulge slightly before moving your hand up and down causing Jaehyun to groan. He removed your hand before picking you up and setting you down next to the bathroom sink before making out with you again. The scenario made you think of a super hot sex scene, Jaehyun in nothing but a towel, you in a hot short set while you two made out in a steamy bathroom, it would be a lie if someone wasn’t turned on at how you two were so intimate.

    “I wanna fuck you.” He moaned against your lips. “I want you fuck me too.” His lips trailed down to your neck peppering wet kisses on it making you whimper. His hands moved up to your breasts fondling with them through your top, his hands felt nice, but you were looking for some more skin to skin contact. He moved his hands down to the hem of your top before looking you in the eyes as a way of consent. With the nod of your head, Jaehyun removed your top, your chest now exposed.

    “You look gorgeous.” He said. “Thank you.” You replied shyly. He began to pull down your matching shorts making you shy, hiding your smile as his fingertips tickled your hips. You lifted yourself from the counter as he attempted to move the shorts down your legs along with your underwear, you were now completely naked in front of him, his eyes staring your body down as he licked his lips.

    “I knew I had a hot neighbor, but you’re body is amazing.” Jaehyun complimented. You smiled before pulling him down and kissing his lips. Your hands moved to his waist feeling the damp skin above his towel, you attempted to unravel his towel when his hands stopped you from doing so. “I can’t keep my towel on in peace?” He joked. “Not when I’m naked.” You giggle. “Please, you don’t want to see my dick just yet…I don’t want to scare you off.” He implied making you shudder.

    “Spread your legs.” He commanded. You opened your legs showing him your glistening core, Jaehyun’s eyes automatically wandering to your core. With his hand on your thigh, he slowly moved it down towards your core, fingers dancing around your entrance, before he finally pushed one finger in, trying to stretch you out.

    You whimpered at his touch, as his middle finger went in and out of you slowly. “You’re so wet.” He stated. Too focused on how his finger moved in and out of you, you gave him a small nod as a gesture. He understood what you meant as pleasure began to take over your body. He then inserted a second finger, this time picking up the pace as well, his fingers began to thrust into you, stretching you out getting you ready for his cock, he also took the opportunity to move his thumb up to your sensitive nub, making you cry out in pleasure.

    “Oh, Jaehyun!” You moaned. “You take my fingers so well (Y/n).” He replied. Your name rolled off of his tongue like honey, his deep voice gave you an eargasm for sure. He inserted his third and final finger, and your body jolted on the bathroom sink. Automatically reaching for his damp hair, trying to hold on to something as he fucked you hard with his fingers. His thumb never stopped either, the harsh rubs on your clit was enough to throw you over the edge. Your body shook as you released on his fingers you felt like you were in heaven. You pulled on his hair as his fingers never stopped until you calmed down from your release, once he did, he pulled them out of you and immediately put them in his mouth humming at the satisfying taste.

    Your eyes had immediately closed as you were trying to regain yourself back to reality, your hot neighbor had just fingered you. All of a sudden, you felt something hit your clit making you jolt, you looked down and you were awestruck at what you saw. Jaehyun’s cock.

    “It’s so big.” You stated. This man was definitely packing, not only did it have length, it had girth, a few veins on the shaft and it throbbed with need to be stuffed inside you. “Will it fit?” You asked. “Well with the way you took my fingers, I’m sure this won’t be an issue.” Jaehyun reassured. He lined it up with your entrance, ready to insert himself, you gulped as you looked down, not fully ready for the pain, and finally he eased in, and it stung like a bitch.

    “Fuck!” You winced in pain. Jaehyun moved towards you, holding your hand and kissing it as the tip of his cock pushed into you. “Are you okay baby? Do you want me to stop?” He asked calmly, breath shaking at your tightness. “N-no, just keep pushing in, I’ll be fine.” You replied. Jaehyun kissed your cheek before moving his dick in some more, with the small cries and Jaehyun pants, it was very obvious that you needed a little time to adjust. Even your pussy gripped Jaehyun like a vice while he waited.

    “Even though this is not the best time to say it, you’re really tight (Y/n).” He panted. “No, you’re just big.” You giggled. Finally after moments of waiting, the pain subsided, turning into small amounts of pleasure. “Jaehyun…move.” Jaehyun nodded his head as he began to thrust in slowly, his lips coming down to kiss yours. His hands gripped your waist feeling the wet steam coming from the mirror you had your back on for the time being. His thrusts were slow and deep, taking his time with you, he felt really good.

    He began to pick up his pace, as you wrapped your legs around his waist shamelessly, drawing him in closer as he pounded into you. “Jaehyun you feel so good!” You moaned. “You too, I told you it would fit.” He panted. His hands now came down to your thighs, fingertips grazing the connection between where your thighs met with the damp counter. Jaehyun moved his hands underneath your thighs before picking you up, your arms wrapping around his waist immediately.

    He began to fuck you as you held onto him like a monkey, trying to showcase his strength, this position making you feel every inch of him as he fucked you dumb, but not dumb enough because an idea had quickly popped up into your head.

    “Wait Jaehyun, I’ve got an idea.” You said. He slowed down his thrusts, making you whine at the loss of speed. “Take me to the shower door.” You commanded. He nodded his head as he walked towards the shower, you moved one hand from his neck and closed your thighs tighter not wanting to fall. You opened the glass door, and turned on the shower, warm water beginning to cascade down your arm. “Fuck me in the shower, please.” You whined. “I thought you’d never ask.” Jaehyun smirked as he stepped in while you closed the door behind him, still attached to his waist. He moved your bodies close enough to where your bodies connected with the water. He started to thrust into you again, the water seemingly made the entire situation more appealing.

    “Ahh, this feels so good.” You moaned clenching down on his cock. “I’m glad I’m making you feel good, does it feel nice to be stuffed full (Y/n), making your little pussy take all of my cock?” He said, thrusts getting faster. You nodded your head, the pleasure taking away your ability to speak. “Use your words.” “Yes! Yes, I love being stuffed full.” You moaned. You body began to convulse on Jaehyun, you were close to your release. Jaehyun felt how hard you clenched on him and he knew so too.

    “Are you gonna cum (Y/n)?” “Yes, I’m gonna cum, please let me cum.” You whimpered. “Go ahead and come on my cock (Y/n), let go.” He replied. Finally, you came, body shaking in Jaehyun’s arms as you came around his dick, you let out a small squeal as you did so, your moans echoing off the bathroom and shower walls, you arms never leaving Jaehyun’s as you pulled him in tighter. Jaehyun felt the way your pussy clenched on him, and because of that, Jaehyun short pants turned into louder moans as he came into you, you milked him for every last drop he had, his face looked so beautiful as he came, water cascading down to his body as he rode out his high, it was definitely a great scene to see right now.

    After you both calmed down, Jaehyun slowly put you down, legs wobbling as you tried to regain your balance. He noticed this and picked you back up in his arms again before turning off the water, he walked out of the shower, still carrying you, picked up his towel and walked out of the bathroom taking you to the towel closet. He opened the door and grabbed another towel for you before taking you to your bedroom and placed you down on your bed.

    “Thank you, I may have to take a day off to rest while regain strength in my legs.” You giggled. “I know, I’m sorry if I was too rough on you.” He replied. “Nope, you were perfect.” You said kissing his cheek. “Where’s your closet?” He asked. “Right there, there should be a few oversized shirts in there to the right.” You pointed out. He walked over and opened the closet grabbing a purple oversized shirt. “Is this okay?” He asked. “Perfect.” He gave you your oversized shirt and you put it on, then you reached over to your underwear drawer and grabbed a pair of undies to put on.

    “If you want, you can stay here for awhile until the guy comes and fixes everyone’s AC.” You suggested as Jaehyun put on his clothes, once he finished, Jaehyun bent down and kissed your lips, as you sat on your bed. “Yeah, I’d like that a lot.”

    #kpop#kpop smut#neosmutcollective#jung jaehyun#nct smut #nct 127 smut #jaehyun smut #jung jaehyun smut #nct masterlist#masterlist#nct#kpop masterlist#nct imagines#nct scenarios #nct 127 masterlist #nct 127 imagines #nct 127 x reader #nct 127#kpop fluff#kpop angst#kpop scenarios#kpop imagines#nct oneshot #nct 127 oneshots #nct 127 x y/n #nct x reader #nct x y/n #jaehyun x y/n #jung jaehyun x reader
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    25.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    EVER AFTER masterlist

    Twist within twist,

    Welcome to Ever After

    where growing up doesn't mean losing the magic of fairy tales!

    The long awaited collab is here!

    I have the honor to work on this fairy tale twist collab with @yutahoes . We planned this since last Spring, but we only got the chance to finish our first ever story in Yuta's birthday!

    Check out the adventure Yuta have in this story


    Character : Yuta

    inspired by : Howl Moving Castle

    TW : none, its safe for everyone to read


    Take a glimpse of Mark's story in Yuta's Magic story and try to wonder what will happen to him!

    Upcoming members







    we will edit and work on the masterlist pictures soon.


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  • ddonghyuckss
    25.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    [ 04:38 PM ]

    - The sweet pumpkin latte in your hands, the Wendy weather outside of this local cafe.

    “Y/n” you hear jaehyun greet you from the door. His black sweater and jeans, his adorable cheeks that had his dimples craved in. His woody smell is impossible to forget.

    “Baby I missed you” he mumbles while sitting next to you, kissing your cheek. He got a bit shy about it which makes him even more adorable. “I missed you too” you said while looking at your laptop screen. “You didn’t finish your project?” He asks. “The professor turned it again saying it needs more work” you said while sighing and sipping on that latte.

    “Do you need help?” Jaehyun asks. His eyes are sparkly and glittery. Something you cannot see every day!, as if the whole universe decided to put little galaxies inside of Jaehyun’s eyes. He scrunched his nose cutely and said “I mean I am not that smart but I can definitely help you if you want to” . Little embarrassed because you kept looking into his eyes.

    “I don’t know if i need help” you giggle while looking away.

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  • jaehyuns-peaches
    24.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    dear j. chapter 4


    chapter 1 | chapter 2 | chapter 3 | chapter 4

    Jaehyun's POV

    For the past week, I've been returning home completely disappointed because the letters seemed to have stopped. I have resorted to moping around the house, sulking while panicking internally as to why. Was it because they thought I didn't like it? Was it because they gave up? Were they expecting a reply?

    "Earth to Jaehyun!" I snapped out of my thoughts and turned to see Taeil, one of my friends who shared the same dorm. I asked "Oh, Hyung, sorry I didn't hear you. What is it?" Taeil sighed and said "I asked. If you want to grab dinner with the boys." I nodded and said "Okay, sure." I changed into a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans before heading out to join Yuta, Taeil, Mark and Jungwoo in the living room.

    We headed out of the campus to a nearby restaurant to have dinner. The other boys were already there, and we were separated into 3 different groups as we were too big of a group. I sat with the younger boys, mainly the 00' liners and Mark. "Hyung." I looked up and saw Mark looking at me worriedly. He said "What's up? You've been stirring the cola for the past 10 minutes." I shook my head and said "It's nothing really..."

    Should I tell them? Maybe I should, they might know them...

    I said "I received letters in my locker." They looked at me with anticipation and I continued "It's always in an ivory white envelope, with an embossed "dear j." on the front. I received the first one about 2 weeks ago, and the second one was there last week on my birthday. It's been a week and there hasn't been any letters..."

    Donghyuck looked absolutely excited, and said in English "Oh my god, tea!" I looked at him, absolutely confused as I had no idea what he meant by 'tea'. I asked "Tea? Like green tea?" He shook his head and repeated himself in English "Tea! Like spill tea!" I looked at Mark for help and Jeno said "Now where did you learn these weird things from again?" Donghyuck let out an annoyed sigh and said "Oh my god. Hyung, I thought you lived in America for 4 years? You don't keep up with the American internet?"

    I shook my head and he said "It's gossip. Drama you know, Hyung? Interesting things." I shook my head and said "God, you learn some weird things sometimes, Hyuck."

    Jaemin said "Can we see the letters, Hyung?" I nodded and said "Come over later." After dinner, all of us headed back to my dorm and I decided that I should tell everyone so they could keep a lookout for me.

    Everyone was gathered in the living room, and I brought out the first letter that I ever received from Y. I said "So...I've been receiving letters in my locker, can you guys see if you recognise it?" The letter was passed around from the oldest members to the youngest, and when it reached Jaemin, I realised that he had his eyebrows raised.

    I asked "Jaemin, do you recognise the writing?" He was taken aback by my question and answered "Huh? No, Hyung, sorry I don't." I sighed and said "I wonder if I'll ever find her...She stopped putting the letters in my locker since my birthday."

    Jaemin's POV

    Jeno and I were walking back to our own dorm when he nudged me and said "You've been ridiculously quiet ever since you saw Jaehyun Hyung's letter. Are you alright?"

    I said "I might have an inkling." He immediately raised his eyebrows and said "Really? Do I know them?" I nodded and said "We know her. A little too well, Jeno." His brows furrowed and I know he was thinking hard. I sighed and said "Think harder, Jeno."

    We walked in silence, and suddenly "Oh my god." Jeno stopped in his tracks and I said "Got it now?" He nodded and said "It's her...? She never seemed to be someone who would send such letters, Jaemin." I shook my head and said "Sometimes, we never know someone deep enough, Jeno. I've never seen her in love, Jaehyun Hyung might be her first.”

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  • 127cloud
    24.10.2021 - 1 day ago


    pairing: jaehyun x reader

    word count: 2.3k

    genre: smut, angst, fluff (if you squint)

    “Where the fuck where you?!” Was the angry question you were bombarded with the moment you stepped foot into the house.

    The first thing you wanted to know was how the hell he found out so fast, before you assumed that someone must have told him or maybe he saw you, who knows. Either way, this was exactly what you wanted. You wanted him upset. You wanted him hurt, no, crushed, just the way you felt the moment you saw him out and about with slutty his ex-girlfriend who he swore he had no more feelings for. It didn’t bother you the last time you saw them together, only because you knew your jealously was getting the better of you. It was making you see things that weren’t even really there, but this time it was undeniably real. You knew what you had seen, there was no way you could misinterpret it.

    You didn’t say anything back to him though, only glaring at him, but you didn’t respond, knowing he’d hate it. After slamming the front door shut as hard as humanly possible, you stormed past him, taking your jacket off in the process and throwing it some where. “Wait a second, don’t you fucking dare walk away from me Y/N.” Jaehyun warned, his tone lowering a bit, but still sounding as alarming and dangerous.

    Ignoring him again, you walked straight past him, giving him the silent treatment as you walked up the stairs that led to your shared bedroom, shaking your head slightly as you listened to him continue to call for you… well, your bedroom now. You had a feeling he’d most definitely be spending the next few dozen nights on the couch. That is, if he was smart not to leave, knowing better than anyone that you would change the locks so fast his head would spin. Especially with you being this mad at him. He swore this would never happen. He promised.  “Y/N,” He groaned as you listened to his feet stomp up the stairs right after yours, “Y/N!“

    You were drastically close to locking the bedroom door, but Jaehyun got to it first, throwing it aside, staring at you with angry eyes. You could literally see pain, fury and jealousy seething from him and it was then that you absolutely knew… He saw you. “What the fuck did you think you were doing tonight?” He growled through gritted teeth and an equally tight jaw.

    “I could ask you the same fucking question.” You snapped back, rolling your eyes at him. You hadn’t done anything wrong. All you did was have dinner with Seokmin, what he did was so much worse. He was way too touchy with his ex-girlfriend and you could still see the pictures in your mind.

    “Don’t you dare give me attitude, Y/N.” He hissed, closing in on you as you stood your ground but you didn’t flinch at all. You weren’t afraid of him, knowing he wouldn’t dare lay a finger on you.

    “Why? What the fuck are you gonna do if I don’t stop? Huh?” You asked loudly, your voice raising with your temper, but before you could even get so much as another word out, he shoved you against the nearest wall with so much force that you nearly stumbled and trapped you there with his hands on either side of your body. But he still didn’t scare you — heck, he couldn’t even if he tried.

    “I said shut the fuck up!” He yelled, his face flushing slightly as his anger began rising along with yours, “Shut up for one minute so I can explain my side of the fucking story!“ Fuming just like he was, you shoved away from you just as forcefully. You weren’t alright with him talking to you that way, especially after what he did.

    ”Your side of the story is bullshit!” You shouted at him, “Do you think I’m an fucking idiot, Jae? I saw the way you two were acting around each other, they way you were all over each other, they way you would fucking look at her.” He didn’t react, he merely kept his mouth shut, although his expression never changed. ”HOW DO YOU THINK THAT MAKES ME FEEL?!” you screamed at the top of your lungs, the tears rimming your eyes finally slipping out of the corners as you shoved him, ”HUH?”

    “Oh, yeah, and seeing you out with my fucking best friend makes me feel amazing,” he hissed, his voice loud, but not as loud as yours had been. There was a brief minute in between all of the chaos, where all that was heard was your rapid and heavy breaths, and all you did was stare at each other angrily. That was before he spoke again, a lot more softer than before, “Baby, do you actually think I look at her the way I look at you? Or that she can even compare?” he questioned, his voice trying to soften up along with his features, but you weren’t going to let it.

    “Cut the romantic shit, Jaehyun. I know what you were doing, I caught you fucking red-handed.” You snarled, burning holes into his skull with your angry glare.

    Noticing his jaw flex and loosen a few times through his annoyance, he finally lunged at you, pinning you up against the wall again as you groaned in displeasure, trying to twist your wrist out of his grasp that was slowly getting tighter and tighter. “No, seriously. Do you really think I would do that to you?” he inquired, his tone still cold and demanding as his hands started to shake slightly with the force of his grip.

    “Jaehyun,” you groaned, still trying to pull away from him. “Quit. I’m not in the fucking mood.”

    ”I’m not playing with you, I’m serious. You mean everything to me, Y/N,” he stated softly, before pressing his entire body flush against yours. You didn’t mean to, but in that instant, you let a little, ’yeah, right,’ slip from your mouth and that did it.

    He instantly smashed his mouth against yours with a bruising force, his hands still lingering at your bound wrists that he had moved above your head. Groaning into the kiss, you tried turning your head, but just as you pulled away and got some air, his hands let go of your wrists and trapped your face between them instead before bringing your lips against his again, somehow trying to make you feel what he felt.  You tried to push him away from you by his shoulders as soon as you felt his tongue desperately prying at your lips, but he just wrapped one arm around your head and wrapped the other arm around your waist to keep you there, pressing you firmly against his strong frame, making you sigh into the kiss. No matter how furious and angry you were, you just gave in anyway, like you always do, it was almost like he had some kind of power over you. You let his tongue tangle with yours as his still forceful mouth caused yours to feel slightly swollen.

    When he felt satisfied that he had finally gotten what he wanted, he pulled away with a loud smack before turning you around to throw you down on the bed roughly. You tried sitting up, but he came back down you hard before you even had the chance, and you just hated the fact that he always knew what to do to make you forget you were angry. “I hate you,” you moaned as his lips began leaving butterfly kisses all over your body and his hands began tearing at your clothing, ridding you of your dress rather quickly as you just laid there.

    “Stop fucking lying Y/N, you know that’s not true.” He snapped harshly, and you knew you’d hit a nerve with him, but you honestly didn’t care. You did hate him… right now, anyway as you’d probably soften up after some time to think. You watched him hold the short, slightly revealing dress up in front of him as he scoffed loudly, “Why would you wear this?” He questioned, the tone in his voice making him sound more angry than before.

    “Because you always said it was your favourite,” you whispered from underneath him with a smirk, not caring that you were being a little insensitive. He shouldn’t have done what he did. Whatever the motives behind your words were, that did it. He groaned, quickly throwing the dress aside before continuing to pull your bra and underwear off. You slightly frowned as he took the last of it off and you were finally naked before him again, his eyes ranking over your exposed body shamelessly. “I hate you.” You mumbled again as you bit your lip, trying anything to get him to have a fit and storm off, but of course, that wasn’t it — that just got him angrier.

    “Shut up!” He barked again and you listened, but not because he told you to, only because you couldn’t think of anything to shoot back. “I’m gonna get you to take that back,” he said in a low tone, pulling his t-shirt over his head before unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans quickly. He didn’t even bother taking the rest of his clothes off, he just pulled his dick out of his boxers and jeans, letting you see that he was already hard and ready. Stroking himself a few times, his rough fingers pulled at his shaft until you watched precum collect on his slit and he stopped himself with a pleasured sigh just before lining himself up and shoving his entire cock inside of you.

    You both whimpered and groaned loudly in unison before he started pumping, quickly finding a fast pace. You moaned hesitantly, trying to keep each and every one of them in to show him how mad you were, but that didn’t really work. Every moan just kept topping the last and soon you were withering beneath him as he drilled you into the bed.

    You kept your hands attached to the bed, afraid to let go seeing as they’d probably just drift towards his hips as they worked against yours and you didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. But soon, you felt your anger fading away and you could only feel pure pleasure as each of his thrusts made you feel better. “Take. It. B..back.” Jaehyun begged as he let out a moan, enunciating each of his words with a bed shaking thrust. You shook your head and proceeded in keeping your mouth shut as he just moved faster, knowing you were almost there.

    Feeling his mouth dip down to your chest, you let out a whimper as he began devouring all of the skin there was to reach before licking a trail up to your neck where he began to bite and suck roughly. “Ah…fuck,” you moaned as he found your sweet spot, but quickly closed your mouth before a loud sigh in the form of his name could escape. You began grinding your hips opposite of his and he moaned louder as he sat up and held your hips in place to quicken his pace even more.

    Finally, you felt your anger reside permanently as your legs wrapped themselves around his waist and you watched him crack a small smile for a split second, knowing he had finally won, before your orgasm started. He hissed in pleasure as he felt you tightening around him, bringing his lips down to your ear and lightly biting your earlobe. “Take it-oh, fuuuuck…baby, take it back,” he moaned loudly, causing chills to run up and down your spine.

    “I…I love you,” you gasped, feeling his sly fingers starting to rub circles at your clit to help you along, “God, I love you, Jaehyun.”

    He let out a long moan and it wasn’t long before his rubbing and thrusting had gotten sloppy, then at the very last second, he released and pulsed inside of you while groaning. After his muscles spasmed violently, he buried his face in your neck as he breathed deep, relishing in the feeling of his post orgasmic high. You laid in silence for a few minutes while your arms lazily draped themselves around his neck, ”I’m sorry.” You whispered, burying your face in his sweaty hair.

    Placing a few soft pecks against the heated skin of your neck and collarbone, he pulled away to look at you. “Y/N, you know you mean everything to me…” He repeated himself, only this time it was in a much softer tone, almost as if he was whispering along with you, “Why would you even say something like that to me?” He questioned, mentioning your little ’I-hate-you’s.

    Seeing the hurt in his eyes, you immediately felt bad for those already. “I didn’t mean it, I just…seeing you with her,” you started with a sigh, running your fingers along his forehead, “It hurt just as bad as when you saw me with Seokm-”

    ”It didn’t bother you before though.” He interjected quickly, nearly cutting you off before you even had a chance to get his friend’s whole first name out.

    You sighed again. “True, but last time you two weren’t all over each other.” You muttered, your eyes averting from his.

    You could just feel his expression soften under your fingertips, “Baby, her boyfriend broke up with her, she needed me… and she is still my friend. I’m so sorry, I guess I didn’t realize it would be so hard on you.”

    You nodded in understanding as you turned your attention back to his gaze, ”Seokmin and I are just friends.” You muttered, telling him what he should have already known. “You should know that. Like I’d even be able to cheat on you.”

    He cracked yet another smile before nodding in understanding, pushing his face back into your neck and tightening his grip around your waist before placing more kisses against your skin. ”I love you, baby.” He whispered.

    You smiled and placed a kiss into his hair before running your fingers through it, “I love you too, Jae.”

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    Work of Art [J.JH] - sixty-seven | swell

    previous | main cast | masterlist | next

    Tag list: @tansyfleurwhisper​ • @sista7-7​​ • @hey-thatslove • @kimjngws​ • @leagreenly • @daegalfangirl •

    [If you’d like to be added to the taglist, just ask :D 🍑]

    #jaehyun#jeong jaehyun#jung jaehyun#nct 127 #nct 127 smau #nct 127 fic #nct 127 au #nct smau#nct fic#nct au#college au #nct fake texts #nct fake chats #nct writing#jaehyun imagines#jaehyun scenarios#boyfriend jaehyun#college jaehyun#part 67 #note the different smilies Jaehyun uses as he responds lol #that's some Jane Austen-level subtlety right there lool #I'm kidding #but it's a small look into his feelings of the people around him #the first one is more for Luna than anyone else; to be clear
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  • markresonates
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    summary: you get off on the wrong foot with Jaehyun when you first start living together, all the while unaware he’s seen something he shouldn’t have

    pairing: roommate au!Jaehyun x fem!reader

    genre: porn w/ plot, lil angst, tiny fluff

    tropes: halloween-ish, roommates, one sided enemies

    word count: +6.2k

    a/n: took me 8 months to complete but I’m now finally done with my roommate song reqs! HALLELUJAH! this last anon req is w/ wayv’s Love Talk!

    warnings: rough unprotected sex, throat f&cking, manhandling, masturbation, choking, degradation, hard dom!Jaehyun, sub!reader, and yet another scenario of sexy stuff on camera bc i’m a total slut for that sort of thing

    cold, disappointed and jet lagged - the only three words that describe how you’re feeling tonight and your new roommate is to blame for all of them.

    “Jaehyun, are you on your way? My flight got in nearly 45 minutes ago and the b-baggage claim area is so crowded that security basically pushed me outside,” you relay bitterly after the unnecessarily sharp beep to his voice mailbox rang in your ear. You called expecting to hear his charming voice (and by chance an apology) but all you got was the generic, off putting robotic instruction ordering you to leave a message for the tardy receiver.

    Frigid air prickles your skin as you lean against a concrete pillar painted in yellow. Your teeth chatter uncontrollably thanks to the chilly weather of the changing seasons and you’re mildly concerned he won’t make out your urgent pleas over the phone.

    “I w-would’ve gotten an uber earlier but I kept thinking you’d be here any second.” You check your battery level for the umpteenth time knowing that the clock is ticking on your communication privileges. “Ugh, my phone is going to die soon. I’m sending you a picture of where I’m standing right now, okay? I’m c-counting on you.”

    You hang up quickly and capture a brief, three second video for better reference of your exact location outside the airport’s sliding glass doors. In the rush to share the short video with Jaehyun, your thumb accidentally flicks up through the collection of other videos in your camera roll, mistakenly selecting a different recording without your knowledge. You don’t catch the slip up before hitting send just within the nick of time. The dim screen fades into complete darkness not a millisecond later.

    “Great,” you mutter sarcastically. “Well, I hope he actually gets it.”

    Phone dead and patience wearing thin, you’re basically stranded with no means of getting back to the amatuer chauffeur’s small house you’re moving into tonight. The original plan was to take care of at least half of your unpacked boxes as soon as you arrived. In your imagination, you picture stacks of your belongings piled one on top of the other, occupying every corner of your room. Worst case scenario, they’re blocking the pathway to your bed too. It’s no question that your extreme jet lag is going to make it extremely difficult to remove even one single strip of tape; still, you know sleeping under your own covers is a must to endure the cold that you’re unfortunately dealing with at this very moment.

    Some may claim it serves you right for assuming you could depend on a person that you have A) never met in person, face-to-face; and B) only conferred with twice over the phone before signing a long-term, lawfully-binding lease with them. It wasn’t Jaehyun’s phone either, it was your other new roommate, Jungwoo’s phone. You doubt Jaehyun even has your number saved despite Jungwoo creating a group chat for you guys days ago.

    Jaehyun didn’t seem all that bad on those calls. Of course you’re biased though, opinion having been swayed by his good looks. You took one look at those pictures that were posted to the housing search profile website and made up your mind that living with someone that looked like that sounded like a good idea. What’s more is that rent came at a decent price.

    You know that the “roommates to lovers” trope doesn’t happen too often in real life but it's nice to dream, right?

    Whereas Jungwoo is preoccupied with something else tonight, your prince charming was free to taxi you home. In fact, he was the one who offered to pick you up.

    What a gentleman, you thought.

    You wish you would've turned him down now. Even a pumpkin would have sufficed in this situation since a fairytale fruit could have carried you halfway home before falling apart.

    Jaehyun didn’t forecast traffic to be so brutal tonight. He regrets not looking up the traffic report from the news earlier in the afternoon and poorly timing when he was able to pick you up. If he had done so prior to leaving, he would’ve seen the pile up of a car crash in the middle of the freeway just before the correct airport exit.

    The state of the weather outside only deepens how bad he feels. He predicts you’re likely a victim of the cold conditions with no clue as to when you’ll be relieved from the threat of frostbite; but he’s sure you’ll gladly appreciate the heated passenger seat and the warmth circulating inside the vehicle the moment you climb in his car.

    He twiddles his thumbs against the steering wheel to the beat of his favorite Kevin Abstract song until the music dies down. When the first verse of the following song plays over the speakers, Jaehyun fishes his phone out of his pocket to pick out a different tune. The brightness of the screen illuminates the front seat and temporarily blinds him. As he lowers the brightness, his vision slowly comes into focus. He’s met with a host of blurry notifications and deduces that you’re likely the culprit since no one else has the right to blow up his phone like this. And rightfully so; he is late after all.

    The entire lock screen is blocked by charcoal, rectangular shapes he faintly identifies as missed calls, a voicemail, a few text messages and two videos. Within the past 10 minutes, he hasn’t moved an inch, the traffic in complete and total gridlock. His mind assesses the situation in a split second and deems it safe enough to go with the videos before the other things you’d sent him. Eyes still a tad fuzzy, he clicks on Attachment: 2 videos.

    And for no particular reason, Jaehyun selects the second to play first.

    Immediately stunned by what plays out on the screen, he almost fumbles the device to his feet before getting a grip of himself. He cranks down the volume on his phone to keep the moaning vibrating through his car speakers at a minimum. His eyes bulge out of his head as he takes in the dirty scene that’s shown in startlingly high definition. The clear, pixelated sex act you sent him depicts an unidentified girl wearing only a pair of heather grey panties. She was facing away from the camera, bent over on her knees in a rather spacious shower. Whatever it is that she was using to film the self-made porn of hers is waterproof as it is perfectly set up on the tan, square tile floor.

    She looped a hand underneath herself and in between her legs. Her middle and ring fingers connected with the last article of clothing on her body. She began to rub over the middle of the visibly soaked underwear.

    “Fuck, that feels good,” she moaned.

    His eyes are locked on the naughty girl. Based on how enraptured he is with her, it feels like the video creeps by at a slow pace. He doesn’t dare check to see how long the video is, preferring to pretend it goes on longer than reality. To know that every second is counting down to the end would only bring him disappointment. What doesn’t disappoint is her voice.

    “Do you see how wet I am? All I had to do was think about you fucking me and I could feel my panties getting sticky.”

    She circled her fingers around her clit through the damp underwear. Her soft moaning progressed into little whimpers every so often, twitching slightly as she alternates between various sex noises.

    “You know, since the moment I saw you, I wanted you. Actually, more than that. I wanted you inside me,” she purred. “There was just something about your lips that made me want them all over me, or maybe it was your hands because I pictured them choking me.”

    Thirty seconds into the video and the wet patch was already larger than before. In Jaheyun’s expert opinion, that's not the most salivating part though. He’s always been a sucker for dirty talk. Simply hearing the seductive words that slipped from her mouth would have his erection pitching a tall tent in his sweatpants.

    “I really wish you were here. When I sleep, I always dream about you helping me out exactly like this and I’ll wake up so wet that I need to change my panties.”

    She hooked her finger underneath the cotton material that was basically see-through by that point. He licks his lips as she shifts them to the side, out of the way for the main course, and GOD, is Jaehyun starving for it.

    “Do you like what you see?”

    He marvels at the sight of her arching her back further, setting her forearm down on the ground. The position made her arousal glisten in the low lighting now shining on her most private parts. Her fingers rimmed around her entrance before pushing inside. A whine fell from her hidden lips that he wants to see so badly. If only she would turn around for him.

    “How hard are you right now? I hope I make you really, really hard,” she said in an innocent tone, pulling her fingers out to trace through her folds momentarily.

    “So fucking hard,” he’s compelled to whisper out loud for some reason. He spends a handful of seconds wondering who she is; she as in whomever it is filming the video and whether she’s a legit porn star or not because the video is so hot he wouldn’t mind seeing more of her work; and more significantly, she as in you.

    Who are you exactly?

    Jaehyun’s done his fair share of sexting, each girl on the other side of the screen desperate for him to take them to bed (or his car, an empty room at a house party, or the nearest bathroom - public decency be damned) and fuck them mercilessly. It’s been a while since he’s received or sent any texts, pictures or videos but by no means is this even the 50th naked girl he’s seen in a video sent to him through some messaging app or another. This is a bit different though. You’re basically strangers. You barely learned each other's names last week. Not that he knew every girl he’s ever sexted with personally, but they’d at least had each other's contact information in some form. He can’t recall any reason he should’ve had your number. The blessed video he so oddly received from you summons his attention back when the girl’s fingers dipped inside again.

    “I want you to imagine my hand jerking you off instead of your own, okay?” Her breathing was uneven, muffling the seductive words that he’s become so infatuated with. “Or pretend it’s my mouth and you’re fucking my throat until I gag. How does that sound?”

    All this time Jaehyun has held out from reaching inside his sweatpants but as soon as he hears those words, he's a goner. He hurriedly pulls on the string to untie the bow of his sweatpants and slides his hand under the waistband. His hand wraps around his cock right away because he never wears boxers with sweatpants for the sake of comfort. He’s never needed to really.

    “Better yet, think about how it’s going to feel when you actually fuck me.”

    Within five seconds from when he starts jerking off, he hears a car horn honk impatiently from behind him. He’s surprised to see the traffic picking up out of nowhere. He looks down at his phone one last time at the exact beat the girl looked back at the camera.

    When YOU look back at the camera.

    “I want you to remember I’m yours to use up whenever and however you want to. I’ll see you soon”

    Here you are, you and all your glory, fingering yourself on camera. All along it wasn’t some random girl he was watching, it was his brand new roommate. And above everything, your sex talk is like nothing he’s ever heard before. Amazingly enough, he gets even harder coming to the realization all of that was for him. What he just watched was personalized to him.

    He doesn't know your thumb was an accomplice to his erection. An accident that was the byproduct of your race against the clock. A fluke in which you have no idea in the slightest at the moment.

    Jaehyun drops his phone for real this time. It’s probably for the better though. He doesn’t want his phone within reach. It’s ridiculous for him to pretend that the further away his phone is, the further away this whole situation gets. You just had to go and make this new roommate dynamic complicated. It was already weird enough that you sent that pornographic video in the first place but now he’s seen you fucking yourself. What’s more is that he jerked off to you.

    The car lurches forward as he hurdles towards a situation that he didn’t anticipate he’d be facing tonight. He doesn’t want to give you the cold shoulder but because it’s your first time meeting, would it be easier to pretend like he didn’t see it?

    As he suspected, you are a shivering mess when Jaehyun pulls up to the terminal. Even from a ways away, he sees you searching through the glossy windshields of every car that passed through. You balance on your tiptoes for a greater advantage point, weeding through the vehicles, praying Jaehyun would be on the other slide of the tinted glass. Coming into sight, your face turns stony rather than relieved to see his untimely presence. You yank open the door to his black Mercedes.

    “Finally,” you huff. Instead of going for the trunk or the back seat, you pack your roller suitcase into the small space at your feet and climb into the car. You prefer to squish yourself into the passenger and hold your relatively small carry-on bag in your lap than take up any additional time in the cold.

    Jaehyun immediately clicks the seat warmer on for you without question. “I’m really sorry, y/n. There was an unbelievable amount of traffic and-”

    “I agree. There was an unbelievable amount of traffic. Just so unbelievable, that it’s crazy you’d be this late to pick me up,” you rebuke his honest reasoning. “Can we just go, Jaehyun? I’m really tired and I wanna sleep as soon as we get to your place.”

    The driver half chuckles. “I'm not lying but believe whatever you want, y/n.” He starts up the car, accepting the mission of maneuvering his way through the herd of vehicles that were also picking up new aviation arrivals. “And It’s your place too now.”

    “I mean, I guess,” you grumble stubbornly. You don’t appreciate how he brushes off what you consider to be legit accusation. He gives off this easy-going, unbothered vibe. On any other day you would find it comforting; nevertheless, you interpret his attitude to be inconsiderate and dismissive in this case. As if nothing matters unless it impacts him directly.

    The drive to the house is 98% quiet. You don’t speak a word to each other up until the point where Jaehyun impulsively breaks the uneasy silence, mustering up the nerve to ask the pressing question on his mind. He had assumed you would bring it up yourself and was leaving it up to you to decide on the right time, yet he could feel that his skin was itching for the truth and the tickle couldn’t be ignored the entire ride home. “So… are we not going to talk about what you sent me?”

    Tearing your gaze away from the shadowy abyss outside the window, you redirect disinterested, weak attention to the inquirer. He didn’t expect himself to find it so cute when you quirk your head to the side. “What do you mean? Like the voice message or the video thing?”

    He carefully turns the corner onto your street. “The video.”

    “Uh, what about the video? Didn’t you find me easier because I sent it?”

    “No, y/n, the thing where you-” He clears his throat, acting as if pulling into the driveway requires every ounce of concentration. “-well, you know what I mean.”

    The rumbling vehicle at last dies with the twist of his car key. You get out of the car, heaving your carry-on bag over your shoulder and yanking your stuffed suitcase to the ground. He’s more confused than you are to receive a lost look from you. You break eye contact when the passenger car door accidentally slams shut harder than you expected it to. His dimples appear faintly, mouth perking upwards as he notices your subtle, frightened jump.

    You sigh. “Jaehyun, I really have no idea what you’re talking about.”

    Jaehyun doesn’t push further with the topic. He forfeits the question for another, less tense moment, whenever that may be. It’s not like you’ll be very far. You’re living right next door, sharing a wall, practically available to him everyday. He’ll play along with this naive little game of yours for a while if that’s what you desire.

    The low sound of wheels rolling away from the vehicle echo through your new neighborhood. Crossing his arms, he leans against the car with no regard to the condensation coating the slick metal of his door. He watches your backside as you lug the roller suitcase up the half dozen, concrete stairs to the porch. There’s never been a time when he wished he could see through clothing more than this very moment. He’s seen you exposed on camera and he’ll never look at you without being reminded of your see through panties. Certainly, that was your goal when you filmed yourself like that exclusively for him.

    You enter the passcode to the wide front door. Peering over your shoulder one last time, you’re greeted with what could be interpreted as a lustful gaze with a cheeky, lopsided smirk to match. But then again, maybe you’re looking into it too much. Seeing things that aren’t there isn’t very uncommon for someone with exhaustion. “Thanks for finally picking me up. Night.”

    “Sweet dreams, y/n,” Jaehyun remarks after you turn away.

    You might’ve second guessed the intent behind the look he gave you but you couldn’t mistake the teasing quality that his words carried. Like he knew something you didn’t and it was both annoying as hell and arousing. You stop in place for a second and sigh loudly.

    Living under the same roof as Jaehyun is going to be nothing like you expected it to be and you have yet to find out in which way that is.

    Jaehyun’s felt dehydrated all week and it’s all because of you. No matter how much water he drank, he knew he wanted something else on his tongue. His vivid imagination has been flooded with pornographic thoughts of your body ever since watching what you sent him. Picturing his fingertips brushing lightly over your hot skin, pressing his mouth against both pairs of your wet lips, tracing his eyes over your naked figure and much, much more.

    In contrast, you’ve only been here a little over a week and there’s nothing you’d like more than to see less of Jaehyun’s stupidly handsome face.

    “Morning, beautiful,” he smiles as you enter the kitchen, cocky dimples on display per usual.

    “Yeah, it sure is a beautiful morning,” you retort. You head straight for the fridge to remove the coffee creamer, not sparing a single glance to the individual sitting at the counter.

    Your comment wasn’t meant to be amusing but he gifts you with hearty laughter anyways. You’ve heard a lot of his laugh this week, nearly twice the amount you would if you were living with Jaehyun alone and not sharing a house with part time parrot Jungwoo. “Why are you always doing that?”

    “Doing what?”

    The tall stool he’s seated on squeaks across the laminate flooring as he scoots back. “Twisting my words around like you don’t know what I’m talking about.”

    “Well maybe if you said less words to me you wouldn’t be so let down.” You set the creamer down and reach up to retrieve a mug from the cabinet above. He clasps his hand over yours on the wooden handle, thrusting the marginally-parted door shut. The gesture is so sudden that it causes you to flinch back, hitting his solid frame directly behind you. Your muscles tense up, core tightening as his budge prods your backside.

    “Baby, ignoring me is what’s letting me down,” Jaehyun says in a smooth, pleading voice.

    With every passing day, his forwardness has steadily increased. If he wouldn’t have come on so strong all of this would’ve been different. What was irritating was that he thought if he kept trying hard, eventually you would break. He’s made flirty comment after flirty comment but he’s never been this close nor have you wanted him this close before. Your body betrays your better judgement, grinding up against him to feel the hot ache swell inside you.

    “Just admit it already, no need to be shy anymore. There’s no taking it back, y/n.” He lets go of the cabinet handle to grip your hips instead and that molecule of recovered freedom from his hand is enough to knock some strangled sense into you. He doesn't fight when you push back with intentional force.

    “It? What the fuck is it?”

    Blinking a half dozen times in confusion snuffs out the aroused spark in his eyes. “You’re- how long are we going to play this game, y/n? Because it’s getting exhausting.”

    You scoff. “Jaehyun, there is no fucking game!”

    He watches you storm out of the kitchen, too worked up to any conjure patience for coffee. Your acting is commendable, that’s for sure. You could make a career out of it if you wanted to. He’s given you every opportunity to come clean and address the elephant in the room but you’ve played it off like nothing. Your body language, expressions and tone were ultra convincing. You were so good at pretending you don’t know exactly what he’s referencing in that incredibly believable voice of yours, spinning lies left and right from the very start.

    Either you regret having sent that naked video or

    Jaehyun clicks his tongue as the shot pans out to the full picture.

    … there’s an extremely real possibility you truly don’t know it was sent and he’s seen something that was never meant to reach his eyes and a simple solution is nowhere in sight.

    Jaehyun’s always maintained this smooth, cool guy reputation, unbothered by nearly everything and just going with the flow of things, but if you studied his behavior now, you’d clearly see he’s basically a different breed. Guilt can do that to a person.

    He feels ashamed to be imagining inappropriate scenarios about you since he was the accidental recipient of that video almost two weeks ago. Especially because at the moment, he is sitting across from you on the living room couch. Perverted thoughts infect his mind throughout the day and he’s been too weak to make any effort to find the cure. Shame doesn’t stop his mind from wandering into a daydream of slurping up your cum, every drip that dribbles from the corner of the seam of his lips being your juices, not water. Or the drool that dribbled down his chin from time to time since you arrived, deep in the thought of being in your folds. The only thing that will get Jaehyun through the vampire flick you picked out was the reassurance that the second he was free from Jungwoo’s mandatory roommate bonding night, he would race to his room and rewatch your pornographic video for what may or may not be the millionth time.

    “I can't believe you’ve been hiding it from us!” Jungwoo gasps.

    “Wha- me? Hiding something?” Jaehyun’s nervous eyes bounce back and forth between his roommates faces’. He had been zoning out and wasn’t watching the movie like you and his accessor. His ears burn, swallowing a guilty lump in his throat.

    “You have fangs and perfect skin… why didn’t I put it together sooner that I live with a vampire?” Jungwoo says, his skilled comedic delivery making you laugh. Jaehyun's slightly jealous he hasn't made you laugh like that but there's still a sliver of hope he can in the distant future.

    Jaehyun looks at the screen for the first time in 10 minutes, noticing the character’s vaguely similar traits he was being likened to. “Oh, yeah! Sorry for not saying anything.”

    He sneaks a few longing glances at you every so often until you finally catch him for the first time towards the end of the movie. Or so he thinks it is the first time you catch him; you’ve noticed several of them without his knowledge ever since the morning you grinded against each other. His fight or flight mode is a mere millimeter away from taking over his senses. He takes a deep breath to calm himself down and will away the erection in his plaid pajama bottoms. Lucky for him, it doesn’t kick in before the credits to the horror film roll down the flat screen tv.

    “Wow, great movie choice, y/n,” Jaehyun compliments halfheartedly, springing up from the couch. He scrunches his nose quickly to hike his glasses up to where they belonged, a habit of his that you hate to find adorable. “So…. see you guys tomorrow.”

    After bidding you and Jungwoo goodnight as soon as he can, he returns to his room to attend to his daily masturbation routine. He hears you start the water and get in the shower (which conveniently resided on the other side of the wall in his room), leading him to queue up his favorite pornography again. By the time you leave the steamy room, he has already passed out in bed. You are equally as tired as he is, one of those reasons being due to the fact that you did the same exact thing he did in his room to you in the confines of the semi transparent sliding shower doors.

    Every glance you catch of Jaehyun's makes your imagination run wild. His lingering, lustful stares remind you of how hard he felt against your ass. Thinking of that dimpled dork nowadays makes you sexually frustrated which is something your previous self would’ve cursed you for.

    Unforeseen consequences await you in the dark for being too worn out to pay attention to your surroundings and too lazy to turn on the lights: mistakenly stumbling into one of your roommates bedrooms in the complete dark with the misconception you are entering yours… followed by basically sleepwalking to bed and slipping under the warm covers. You fail to notice that the heavy blankets aren’t yours.

    You regularly sleep in one of those oversized t-shirts that you were gifted as a kid (but never grew into). For the most part, you stick to the same habit on freezing nights like this one. Despite the mini heater set up in the corner of the room, the temperature prompts you to snuggle back into what you imagine is your firm, overstuffed body pillow, not a naked body.

    You’re too sleepy, nearly reaching dreamland when his fingers connect with the thin material of your panties covering your swollen slit, the temporary side effect of making yourself come just minutes ago. You twitch out of the lasting oversensitivity.

    “How does that feel, baby?” Jaehyun asks in a gruff voice.

    You don’t hesitate to answer, “S-so good, ugh.”

    “God, so it was all just a fucking game. I should’ve known.” He rubs the spot with increased pressure. “What a fucking whore, so desperate that you got in bed with me when I was sleeping.”

    “What are y-? This is my bed,” you assert weakly.

    “Aw, baby. Do your blankets feel like this? I don’t think so,” he replies, thumbing your panties to the side and diving into your folds in no time. “Does the little slut like it when I touch her like this?” Jaehyun taunts you.

    “Fuck, yes. I love it, Jaehyun,” you moan.

    He shoves his fingers inside you suddenly, causing you to whimper at the unexpectedness. “Hey, why are you so sensitive, baby?” Playing with yourself made it so that if someone were to even lightly touch your clit, your body would jerk. Jaehyun snorts and chuckles mockingly, connecting the dots and answering his own question. And for that very reason, he pulls his fingers from your wet hole to rub fierce circular shapes over your already throbbing clit. You thrash in his arms and whine loudly. “Be honest with me you dirty whore, what were you doing in that bathroom?”

    You take shallow breaths while you twitch from the shock waves of bliss from his fingers. “I w-was playing with my s-self in the shower.”

    “Mmmh, what a good girl you are. I love that you make yourself come in the shower,” he praises you in your ear. He kisses your jaw, pressing his hard cock up against your ass just like you missed. “And what were you thinking about, hm?”

    “Jaehyun, you know who I was t-thinking about,” you manage to spit out.

    “Well, maybe I just wanna hear it from the naughty mouth of yours that I love so much.” He bites down hard on your shoulder and works his mouth back up to your neck. Jaehyun continues to nibble at your skin, imagining he’ll leave marks on your body like that movie you watched earlier to show that you’re his. He’ll welcome the same love bites on his white skin from you later.

    “I think about you… fucking me… really hard every time I make myself c-come,” you choke between worn, strained breaths.

    “And how long have you been doing that?” he wonders sincerely.

    “I… maybe like-”

    “Honesty only, baby, I’m warning you.”

    His chilling words struck a chord inside you. “I think it was the day b-before we met.”

    “That’s what I like to hear, slut.”

    Within a blink of an eye, he’s thrown back the covers and at the edge of the bed. Jaehyun yanks you down the bed by your ankles until your ass is nearly hanging off the sheets. It takes only a split second for him to haul your shirt over your head and flings it somewhere in the shadows. Spreading your legs further than you’ve spread them before, he cracks a greedy smile. His dark eyes look you up and down. He hasn’t even started filling you up and yet, you can already imagine how he’ll wear your body out and preemptively feel the soreness awaiting you tomorrow.

    “Gonna fuck you so hard just how you like it. That’s all I could think of since you sent me that video before I picked you up from the airport two weeks ago.” He bows down to capture your lips in a searing, sloppy kiss for a dozen seconds then pulls away.

    “What does that video have to-” your words dissolve into a half pained and half pleasured sob as he sinks his hard cock inside you all at once.

    Your throbbing walls hug his length so perfectly that his moan echoes around his room. He feels snug inside you, like you’re nice and full having your stretched heat plugged full of him. “Fuck, nothing has ever felt so good. A naughty slut like you should be proud, you’re way better than I imagined when you sent me that video of you fucking yourself in the shower.”

    “fuck...oh my god. I didn’t mean to send that to you, Jaehyun,” you squeak. If only you had had a reason to text him these past few weeks, you would've seen the damned self-made pornographic text in your messages but instead, you had religiously avoided him. "I had no idea that-" you try to explain the misunderstanding before his hand closes over your throat. He squeezes the sides of your neck, providing you with enough oxygen so you won’t pass out.

    “Whack me anywhere if I press too hard, baby,” he tells you, voice laced with compassion he hasn’t shown you once tonight.

    You do your best attempt at nodding your head before closing your eyes and enjoying every rough thrust he has to offer. Squelching, lewd noises that come from pumping in and out of you rapidly fill the air. Beads of exhaustion halo around his hairline, putting in maximum effort to fuck you harder than he has ever before and every inch where your skin meets the others sticks together from sweat coating it. He hoists your body up differently, your lower back now levitating above the mattress a few inches for him to stuff a big pillow underneath you. Then he presses your knees to your chest and hits your favorite spot deep inside you repeatedly at an unbelievable rate. He assigns the hand that’s not choking you to abusing your clit with an aggressive speed, leaving your body with no choice but to jerk back and forth by reflex and distorting your vision with the oversensitivity’s influence.

    Time passes by in a haze and you have no idea how long it takes you to feel the knots tying in your abdomen again. You whimper as loud as you can manage and he searches your face for any panicked signs of stopping. He watches in wonder as your lips part, eyelids flutter, brow furrows and twitches and takes this as a cue to rub your swollen clit harder and rock inside you at the most ferocious pace he can muster. Releasing the strict hold on your throat, he delivers a few strong spanks to the upper backside of your thighs, snickering when you yelp. He then anchors that hand to the side of your waist and tightly clamps down on your skin to hold you in place and fuck you just the right way you deserve.

    You feel a throbbing ache in your core, indicating another overwhelming wave of bliss is knocking at your door, about ready to burst. You can’t manage to keep your fucked out noises from escaping your hoarse throat. It takes all of the last remaining battery life to softly cry out, “I’m yours to use up whenever you want, Jaehyun,” exactly like you remember from that older video he must've been referring to.

    As you peak, squeezing your eyes shut and spasming erratically, you hear him groan, “I’m yours too, y/n.” You hold onto the tight, heated sensation for as long as possible with aid from Jaehyun’s persistent thrusts and sensitive stimulation. The moment you feel like you’ve mostly recovered he orders, “get on your fucking knees, whore.”

    Quickly doing as you’re told, you drop to the ground, sitting up straight, and rocking back on your heels. You hold your mouth wide open for him to do as he pleases with it. Jaehyun grabs the back of your head with both hands and thrusts himself inside your mouth. Going down your throat in one swift motion, you gag on his cock, choking momentarily before bobbing your head as best you can manage. You look up at him with watery eyes as your jaw painfully extends for his pleasure.

    "God, I love your mouth, baby."

    You lethargically hum at Jaehyun's praise and wind your arms around his thighs. He shoots his cum mostly down your throat not 10 seconds later while an unrestrained croak rumbles up his own throat. Once he's emptied into your mouth completely, he gingerly pulls you off of him. His thumbs stroke your tear stained cheeks affectionately. A salty, bitter taste coats your mouth as some remaining cum sits in the middle of your tongue. He grins, marveling at how you open your mouth to show him what’s left of himself then swallow gladly because who in their right mind would spit Jaehyun's cum out. Helping you up from the floor, you lick the corners of your lips.

    Jaehyun lays back against a few pillows he squishes between himself and the wall at the head of his bed. He waits until both of your lungs have caught a majority of the oxygen generally required for human survival before speaking. “So, y/n... do you really expect me to believe you sent that video by accident?”

    You roll your eyes at his insinuation, giggling softly as you crawl up the bed. His charming dimples make an appearance alongside a fond, lopsided smirk. He finally made you laugh- a feat he severely doubted to accomplish so soon. He lifts the blankets up for you to wiggle your way underneath them and into his lap. You're embraced by his muscular arms, the flowery fragrance of fabric softener and his clean-scented cologne that sticks to the navy sheets.

    “Well, it’s more believable than traffic that makes you an hour late," you tease, craning your neck around to plant one last kiss on Jaehyun's lips.

    !!! I'm soooo fucking siked about Favorite !! i wanted to write a Jaehyun vampire au but couldn't fit it in quick enough for this comeback:/ i'll settle with this tho♡

    idk how much of my writing you've read but my masterlist is drowning in the roommate trope from of these reqs... henceforth, roommates to whatever has been suspended indefinitely, like no one can live together bc i'm just so tired of writing it !!

    stream Favorite!

    ➾my masterlist

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    You can literally suck me dry. I won't mind.

    Please 🥺

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    Subscribe! - Give Me Attention

    Pairing: Taeyong x Reader (fem)

    Genre: AU, romance, comedy, fluff

    Word count: 2728

    Summary: A YouTube inspired drabble series where you and your boyfriend upload videos catering to the couple tag.

    For other members, see masterlist.

    In the opening shot of the video, Taeyong was seen in deep concentration as he sat hunched over his keyboard with his back to the camera.

    “Hey, babe,” you called to your boyfriend. But he didn’t hear you due to the large set of headphones hugging his ears. “BABE!”

    “Yeah?” Taeyong finally answered you, briefly looking away from his computer screen to acknowledge your presence. If he had turned his head all the way, he would have noticed the camera in your hands.

    “Take a break or your eyes will fall out,” you chastised him. 

    Taeyong had woken up that day with an overabundance of creativity and needed to let the ideas flow out of him while the inspiration lasted. So he immediately went to his computer desk in the living room to start on his new music piece, determined not to move until he was all done with the basic foundation. But now it was well into the afternoon and you could visibly tell he was stuck behind a creative block. You wanted him to stop for his own good, but also mostly for yourself. He had given you zero attention since that morning. That was fine at first since he was in the zone while working on his song, but now it was raining outside and you were bored out of your mind from sitting inside and being ignored by the only other person in the house. So you had to resort to entertaining yourself.

    “It’s okay, I have these,” he answered you, tapping a finger on his glasses with blue light filters in the lenses.

    A meme of someone rolling their eyes played in the corner of the screen to represent the face you made at your boyfriend behind the camera. “Well, I can’t cuddle with you if your ass is fused to the chair. Come on, it’s dark and gloomy outside and I miss you.”

    “I’m almost done. Let me finish this one thing and then we can cuddle in a few minutes.”

    “You promise?”


    The video fades to black, then the words ‘ALL MEN DO IS LIE’ appeared one by one on the screen with daunting sound effects.

    You appear on the screen a second later, smiling sweetly at the camera, and Taeyong can be seen at the desk behind you. “It’s been almost an hour,” you said to your viewers as you exaggeratedly fluttered your eyelashes. “He’s been sitting like this since this morning. And look--” You put your hand near the back of his head and began snapping your fingers. “He can’t even hear me with those headphones on. I could be running through the apartment naked right now and he wouldn’t even notice...But I can’t do that because this video will get taken down.”

    The video jumped to the next clip where you were now much farther away from your boyfriend and a lot more of your living room can be seen on the screen as your camera was now set up on a tripod. “What’s up, everybody! I’m back with another random video for you today. I know it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded something, and a lot of you keep asking me to prank Taeyong, so I thought ‘why not today?’ Well, it’s not really a prank. It’s mostly me being annoying, but I’ll call it a prank for you all.”

    You took a deep breath and clapped your hands together loudly, then turned slightly to see if Taeyong reacted to the sound at all. He didn’t. He also didn't react when you placed the mic pack on top of the desk next to him, making this prank almost too easy.

    “You see, my dear sweet boyfriend has been so engrossed in his music making today that he’s forgotten I exist. I’ve tried talking to him,” you held up your hand and put a different finger down as you went down your list. ''I tried feeding him his favorite snack. That just made him ignore me more because he was chewing too loudly to hear me. I even had to remind him to use the bathroom!” You threw your arms in the air in exasperation. “This song is more important than eating and using the bathroom?! More than paying attention to me?! I should be the only thing he should devote that much attention to!” You let out a chuckle as you put your arms back down to your sides. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding...or am I?” You make a surprised face as if you don’t know it was you who said those last words. The clip jumped to the next part of your explanation of your so-called prank. “So what I’m going to do is take matters into my own hands and force him to pay attention to me. By being annoying of course,” you said with a wink at the end.

    In the next scene, you were standing closer to Taeyong with your cell phone in your hand and your wireless earbuds in your ears. At the bottom of the screen large text read: ROUND ONE - DANCING, and it was accompanied by the sound of an announcer from a video game introducing the round. You threw a few punches in the air and threw one kick as you pretended to warm up for a fight, almost dropping your phone as you goofed around. When the announcer said “FIGHT,” you set your phone down onto the couch and began dancing wildly and purposefully badly.

    You had listened to half the song by the time your boyfriend noticed you flailing next to him out of the corner of his eye. He stared at you for a moment with an amused smile on his face you pretended not to see. And when you bent over to purposefully shake your booty in his direction, he smacked it lovingly with his palm.

    "Oh!" You shouted loudly before turning to face him. "That's the first time you touched me all day!"

    Taeyong rolled his eyes but his smile remained. "What are you doing?"

    "I'm dancing," you said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. 

    "We'll, it's kind of distracting. Don't you want me to finish this quickly so we can do whatever it is you wanna do together?"

    "Distracting?! You've been moving the same green squiggle around for the past 30 minutes!"

    He chuckled at the way you referred to the sound clip he had been editing. "I almost got it, I swear. Give me a few more minutes and then you can dance for me all you want."

    "Fine, whatever. I'll just take my awesome moves somewhere else," you declared with a huff and began walking towards the camera, making an X with your arms at the lens to signal the viewers of your failed mission. 

    With a static transition, the video jumped to you walking into the living room in workout clothing and carrying a yoga mat. You placed the mat onto the floor slightly out of your boyfriend's eyesight before turning towards the camera and smiling mischievously. When the text introducing the second round came on the screen with the announcer voice, you dramatically bent down into a downward dog. 

    "Oh gosh! It's so hot in here," you announced loudly. "I think I'm going to have to remove some of these layers."

    "Uh huh," Taeyong answered you absentmindedly. You were surprised he was even able to hear you through those thick headphones. 

    Pursing your lips, you pulled your loose tank top over your head and tossed it in his direction, leaving your sports bra to cover your chest. The garment flitted in Taeyong's peripheral, causing him to briefly glance in its direction as it landed on the floor next to the desk.

    You transitioned into a standing backbend, poking your chest out as far as you could go. You groaned loudly in satisfaction as you stretched, "Oh yes! This feels so good!"

    Taeyong's lip twitched as he forced down a smile. He knew you were up to something again trying to get his attention. At this point he had finally acknowledged that he was stuck and needed to rest his brain. But he wanted to see where you were going with your current actions. He could see you in the reflection of his computer screen and there wasn't anything playing in his headphones. He was only pretending to ignore you now.

    You stopped stretching when you didn't get a reaction out of him. "It's still so hot in here!" you practically yelled at the back of his head.

    "Change the thermostat," he replied, still facing his computer.

    "I'll just have to take off more." You began undoing the zippers going down each outer side of your leggings, revealing a pair of very short workout shorts underneath. You tossed both halves of your leggings in Taeyong's direction with a little bit too much force, and the wind the pieces created when they whizzed by Taeyong's head made some of his hair flutter around his face.

    "Y/N," he said your name calmly, feigning as if he was moving some sound clips around.


    "Why are you throwing things at me?"

    "I'm sorry, babe. I’m trying to do stretches but I’m so hot and took off some of my workout clothes." You sat down onto the mat and began to fan yourself with your hand. "I'm barely wearing anything now and I'm sweating bullets."

    “I told you to change the thermostat.” He still hadn’t turned around and that annoyed you.

    “I did.” You didn’t. “And I’m still hot. I should just take off everything.” You took off your sports bra, revealing a second one underneath. Smiling at the camera, you tossed the sports bra at Taeyong and it hit him on the back of his head before landing on his shoulder.

    A little skeptical but mostly curious, your boyfriend slowly took the article of clothing off his shoulder and examined it in his hand. When his brain finally registered what exactly he was looking at, he excitedly whipped himself around in his chair to look at you. But his face immediately fell when he saw you still wearing a sports bra and smiling back at him.

    “Five more minutes,” he said flatly.


    He rolled his eyes and turned back around to face his computer. “By the time you finish stretching I’ll be done.”

    You looked into the camera lens and shook your head in disapproval. 

    Since you were already dressed for it and the stretches you did earlier actually felt good, you continued your session. The video sped through your various yoga poses in five times the normal speed. When you were done, the video paused and the words ‘ROUND 3 - MASSAGE’ appeared on the screen with the announcer voice.

    You shook your arms out in front of you and then curled and uncurled your fingers theatrically. After winking at the camera, you turned around and walked over to your boyfriend. You placed your hands on his shoulders and began to massage them. He was actually tense as fuck! He really needed to get out of that chair. You should have made him do those stretches with you.

    “I'm done. Now come play with me before you get stiff neck."

    "I almost got it. Give me five--"

    "Don't you dare tell me to give you five more minutes." You squeezed his shoulders tightly, making him scrunch in on himself in his seat.

    "Ow, too hard. But let me just--"

    "No, let me get these kinks out of your shoulders and you take a break. You can come back to it later this evening."

    "Fine," he finally conceded. 

    You walked around to his front and began massaging his shoulders and neck from that direction. He closed his eyes for a couple of seconds as he enjoyed his massage, tilting his head to the side so you could work that part of his neck a little more. After opening his eyes slightly, he sneakily tried to reach around you to grab his computer mouse to click something on his screen, but you caught him as soon as his hand connected with the electronic device.

    "Seriously?!" you exclaimed and let go of him.

    Taeyong began to laugh as he grabbed you by your waist and pulled you to stand between his legs. "Do you need me to be with you that badly?" He brushed his thumbs against your bare sides

    You placed your hands along his arms and pouted. "Yes! I always need you that badly."

    "So much that you couldn't wait a few minutes for me?"

    "Taeyong, it's been hours! You need to stop!"

    "So I can pay attention to you instead?"

    "Yes! Geez!"

    He laughed again. "I've actually been done for a while. But then I realized you were being extra annoying, so I played along."

    The video zoomed in on your face as your mouth fell open and a clown horn played in the background. "What?"

    "I was pretending."

    You blinked. Did you just get pranked whilst trying to prank your boyfriend? "For how long?!"

    "Since before you threw your bra at me."

    "You know what," you began, dropping your arms back to your sides. "I don't even want to hang out with you anymore."

    "Oh, no you don't." When you tried to walk away, Taeyong pulled you by your waist to sit down on his lap. "You did a lot to get my attention and now you've got it," he said, then took off his glasses and placed them on the desk. I'm not letting you out of my sight."

    He placed his hand on the side of your head and guided you towards his lips for a kiss. Having been deprived of your boyfriend's sweet smooches all day, you immediately pressed your lips back into him when he tried to pull away and end the kiss. You were starving, damn it, and you weren't about to waste the opportunity to have a taste of what you'd been missing out on since that morning.

    You were aware that the camera was still recording, but that didn't stop you from parting his lips with your tongue and diving right in. However, you did need to stop when the kiss became more heated and you absolutely needed to stop the camera before the two of you lost control.

    You broke the kiss and stood up from his lap to walk over to the camera, but he stood up from the desk chair right after you and began pushing you towards the couch.

    "Babe, wait. I have to--" You couldn't finish your warning because his lips were already pressed back onto yours and your back was already being pushed down onto the couch cushions.

    'K.O.' flashed on the screen as the announcer voice declared your defeat and player two's victory. After that, you quickly forgot about the camera.

    Another static transition graced the screen as the video cut to you standing close to the camera and adjusting it to face more towards you and change it’s focus. You were now wearing Taeyong’s t-shirt and leisure shorts and your hair was a disheveled mess on top of your head. The small amount of makeup you had put on for the video was almost completely wiped away. 

    Although it was now out of focus, some things could still be made out from the background behind you. Your sports bra and workout shorts were laying on the floor with another item the viewers could assume were Taeyong’s boxers. On the couch was Taeyong himself, stretched out shirtless and on his back with a throw blanket draped over his bottom half.

    It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened in the large chunk of film you absolutely had to cut out of the video.

    You blew out a large breath between your lips after dragging your hands down your face. "Um, thanks for watching," you said with a lopsided smile.


    The video ended right as your boyfriend's blurry figure snapped upright in alarm from the couch in the background.

    On second thought, maybe you would just keep this video for yourself and not upload it. It sure wouldn’t be the first time you kept your subscribers waiting for content.

    - D

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  • ne0ct-7
    23.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    𝐽𝑒𝑎𝑙𝑜𝑢𝑠𝑦 𝑙𝑜𝑜𝑘𝑠 𝑏𝑎𝑑 𝑜𝑛 𝑦𝑜𝑢.

    𝙎𝙮𝙣𝙤𝙥𝙨𝙞𝙨: You and Mark are a fairly new couple with a lot of experience to gain along the way, but life’s not a bed of roses and schedules can’t always be met and in the process, you begin to feel like Mark and you are growing distant. Distant now that all he does is hang out with his female best friend who’s known around town as a beauty Queen.
    𝙂𝙚𝙣𝙧𝙚 : smut , slight angst , soft ending
    𝙋𝙖𝙞𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜 : Mark lee x reader
    𝙏𝙮𝙥𝙚 : Requested

    𝙒𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨: 𝙨𝙢𝙪𝙩 , 𝙤𝙧𝙖𝙡 (𝙛𝙚𝙢𝙖𝙡𝙚 𝙧𝙚𝙘𝙞𝙚𝙫𝙞𝙣𝙜), 𝙙𝙤𝙢 !𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙠, 𝙙𝙚𝙜𝙧𝙖𝙙𝙞𝙣𝙜 , 𝙨𝙥𝙖𝙣𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙨𝙪𝙜𝙜𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙫𝙚 𝙢𝙖𝙡𝙚 𝙤𝙧𝙖𝙡

    It’s been a week, no actually it’s been a week and 3 days since you last talked to your boyfriend Mark.

    ‘Why ?’, you may be wondering. What could your loving boyfriend of 2 months possibly do that could warrant him a week and almost a half of no contact... To simply put it

    You were jealous.

    So fucking jealous it hurt like a bitch.

    It had started when you had asked Mark to come over since you were over for the weekend, you missed him a lot and had a lot of stories to tell him, mostly new jokes y’all could recall in dire times.

    But no, he kindly told you he couldn’t make it cause he was busy, College had him in a tight spot and being the engineering major he was, couldn’t spend some time with you.

    And honestly that hurt …

    But you know what hurts you more? The fact that he had been spending most of his time with 𝙝𝙚𝙧


    The cherry girl that had slowly become the heartthrob of the institution, everyone liked her, everywhere she went seemed to garner attention from almost everyone … it’s like she was this magnetic force that demanded you look at her wherever she was or went…

    She was perfect and everyone recognized that …

    Haechan spoke up gaining your interest prompting you to roll your eyes.

    “I know... it’s not like I care either if he’s hanging out with her all the time. It’s his life let him do as he pleases”

    “I know... it’s not like I care either if he’s hanging out with her all the time. It’s his life let him do as he pleases”

    You spat out, feeling the little pool of anger gather in your belly. Sucking your straw harshly as your gaze seemed to focus on some random object, letting him know you had probably zoned out again.

    “Sure, well he’s been looking all sulky since and .. he keeps looking over here, sure you don’t want to talk to him ?”

    You slowly turned to face Mark who sat far away from you guys but close enough to still catch sight of you, he glared at you with an unreadable expression, sad, angry, confused?

    These were all emotions that came to mind when you faced him, you felt terrible. This wasn’t right

    You two were old enough to talk about the dilemmas that occurred in your relationship.. so why were you ignoring him instead of fixing things... you felt low key dumb and stupid for being so harsh.

    Suddenly she came into view as you watched your boyfriend’s face light up, his eyes glistened as you watched her pull him away from your sight.

    Your heart sank, a slight twinge of pain coursed through you, you weren’t one to be that shallow but right now at this moment.

    You despised F/N L/N

    “Hey Y/N ?”

    Haechan called out drawing your attention from the duo.

    “Go talk to him”


    You blurted out. Attempting to hide the fact that you were kinda hurt and jealous, avoiding his gaze as you quickly packed your things.

    “I just want to leave, I’ve got strenuous classes you know and those books aren’t going to read themselves”

    You hurriedly blurt out, eyes scouring for an exit that won’t make you meet face to face or see them.

    “Hey wait !”

    Haechan quickly stands up as he reaches for your shoulders, trying to slow you down from your abrupt escape.

    Leading to you both awkwardly staring at each other as all attention fell on you both.

    “Y/n just put your ego aside and talk to him. He looks kinda mad right now .. but given the situation we’re in right now we kinda look like some dramatic couple right now ”

    He said in a hushed tone as you two awkwardly sat back down.

    Before you could emit another word a familiar scent that had been clouding your college covered you as you turned to face the person.

    It was her, F/N, standing right in front of you with a cheery smile on her face.

    “Hi Y/N!”


    You awkwardly reply as she takes a seat next to you both.

    Her presence seemed kinda intimidating.. or maybe that was your ego talking cause all you did was just stare at her, wondering what made her so special to everyone here.

    “Could you come with me ?”

    She said whilst looking at you sweetly as if she was pleading with you almost, which left you feeling awkward, the situation seemed weird .. she seemed weird ..everything right now felt weird.. what if she wanted to tell you to back of your boyfriend or something?


    “I kinda want to tell you something but I’m too shy to say it in the open you know ?”

    She awkwardly laughed as you stared at her unimpressed. Was she doing this right now? Shy? Or was she too much of a coward to tell you she wanted your boyfriend for herself?

    You looked back at Haechan who seemed interested in what she had to say, and when Haechan wanted something he had to have it. Which led to him accepting the offer before you could reject it

    “Sure Y/N don’t worry I’d be waiting here”

    You sighed as she happily guided you out of the cafe.

    “What is it ?”

    You questioned nonchalantly as she sighed.

    “It’s about Mark”

    You furrowed your brow in annoyance, waiting for her to say something triggering so you could lash out at her.

    “ What about him ?”


    You watched her gaze slowly face the door heading towards the exit of the basketball court, Your annoyance intensified when you saw your boyfriend emerge. Eyes looking at everything except you causing you to scoff.

    “What the fuck is this ?”

    You asked sternly causing her to nervously look at you.

    “I figured out you two needed to talk since he was so moody about you … I just thought it’ll be a good idea to clear the air… bye now”

    She awkwardly babbled her words as she scurried out of there nudging Mark before she left

    You were a bit stunned. Shocked at the fact that this wasn’t some breakup confrontation but instead a makeup one.. leaving you feeling kinda dumb again...

    Even she saw that this had to be resolved somehow .. and right now you weren’t sure what you were going to say to him. He deserved an answer but so did you.


    He softly called out, breaking the silence as he looked at the floor, he seemed a bit nervous and honestly so were you.


    You awkwardly replied, meeting his gaze as you softly bit on your cheek.

    “I’m sorry”

    You both blurt out, a smile forming on both your cheeks.

    “No, but why did you ignore me for a whole week ?! It was so random and honestly Y/N that sucks !”

    He confessed, honestly you weren’t sure how you could tell him you were just jealous and ignored him cause you weren’t sure how you’d react .. heck you couldn’t even utter a word at the moment. All you did was just hang your head low.

    “No reply ?”

    He sounded a bit dissatisfied. Causing you to fumble some words out

    “I was kinda ….”

    “Kinda what ?”

    He curiously asked whilst holding unto your arms. Face close to yours as he tried to get something out of you.

    You gazed into his eyes for a bit, admiring his features and that darn cute mole that sat perfectly on his cheek.


    “Sad ?”

    You tried pulling away but he held you back in place .

    “You were ignoring me and spending all your time with her! Even when you were free! It made me feel like you didn’t care so much anymore and I got jealous okay! Happy ?” You blab, feeling kinda embarrassed as you awaited a reply.

    softly he released your arms and pulled you in for a hug.

    “Babe... I’m so sorry... I just got caught up in school work and she had a project and needed my help with it since her team bailed out. I didn’t even realize you felt that way”

    “You dumbfuck..”

    You mumbled out as you hugged him tighter, taking in his scent as you broke the hug.

    “Don’t ever make me feel that way again…”

    You spoke up as he nodded patting your (hair type) locks, before softly kissing your forehead.

    “And I’m sorry I ignored you for a while that was dumb of me ..”

    “Sure was .. but it’s okay now.. I just want to be next to you now”

    He replied softly, before holding you tighter. Having missed your embrace.

    “ we’re watching that movie I told you about or I’m not forgiving you”

    You spoke up sheepishly as you broke the hug, earning a giggle from him as he stared at you in disbelief.

    “ alright ma’am anything for you”

    He said with his hands up in surrender, smile so bright you remembered why you were so whipped for this man.

    “Hey Haechan I guess I won’t be back sorry .”


    “Don’t tell me you’re sleeping?”

    You questioned Mark as you two laid in your bed watching a movie, his arm wrapped around you tightly as you used his other hand as a pillow.

    “No.. why am I too quiet?”

    His voice sounded raspy and kinda deep, unlike his normal pitch, you wondered if he actually wanted to sleep and was just laying here with you cause you asked him to.

    “You can be if you want to..”

    You said as you planned to kiss him goodnight before proceeding to turn the tv off.

    you cupped his face softly , earning a surprised look from him before softly kissing him. your cheeks burned a bit as you felt your heart race on. You could tell he seemed to enjoy it too cause now you were straddling him as you guys were making out.

    He tasted warm and needy as your lips moved in synch, tongues softly touching once in a while as he sucked your bottom lip.

    feeling his dick harden under you, whilst you softly ground on it to trying to release the tingling sensation you felt down there.

    Your eyes rolled back a bit when he began leaving soft wet kisses on your neck as he adjusted you so you could grind yourself on his thigh. He’d been practising basketball for some time now and you could tell, as he flexed his thigh, sending shivers down your clit.

    “Good girl being so needy huh.. I bet you’re going to use my thigh all for your pleasure like the little slut you are”

    He spoke up in that husky tone that made you almost go feral, grinding yourself so harshly against him as he squeezed your ass harshly, feeling drips of your wetness soak through his jeans.

    He quickly stopped you as he reached for his belt, harshly tying your wrists together before flipping you around. Face down on your pillow as you whined from your lost high.

    Swiftly he pulled your skirt down, exposing your soaked underwear and your ass that laid before him almost like some trophy, all for his pleasure.

    shivers ran you when his hot breath came into contact with your clothed pussy, a stray finger slowly caressed it earning a muffled moan from you.

    “So wet and all we did was grind and kiss.. just how needy have you been ..”

    He said whilst applying some pressure to his touches

    “How long have you been waiting to have me fill you up and remind you just how much of a hungry slut you are”

    He spat out whilst sounding so sweet and raspy like he wasn’t just degrading the fuck out of you.

    “My needy whore”

    His voice trailed off as he lightly licked a straight line along your entrance, softly sucking your clothed clit as you cried in pleasure, trying to grind yourself along his lips, chasing an undeniable high that you so desperately needed.

    “Not now babe..I’m not giving that to you now”

    He said whilst pulling back and harshly spanking your ass, watching as it jiggled before returning to spanking it and grabbing it.

    Your moans intensified as you felt yourself becoming more moist, burning with pleasure as Mark went back to your clit only this time he was rubbing firm circles around your clit as you moaned louder, feeling your nipples harden as they begged to be touched too.

    “Mark ~ t-touch me more pleas-”

    A loud spank was heard as his fingerprints appeared on your S/C coloured skin.

    “Who permitted you to talk? Hmmm or should I tie that pretty little mouth of yours ?”

    He cooed in your ear as his fingers slid past your underwear and began pleasuring your pussy.

    The sound of his fingers thrusting into your slick entrance filled the room, breathy pants and moans thrown into the mix as your boyfriend flicked your bud in his free hand.

    You moaned carelessly as your eyes rolled, pussy clenching so tightly unto his fingers as he curled them, softly touching your sweet spot causing you to drool slightly. He increased his pace as your cries became more desperate.

    “I bet my pretty baby wants to have her release huh? “

    He cooed next to your ear as his hot air fanned your earlobe.

    “Would be a shame if her pretty pussy didn’t get it”

    He whispered before completely stopping, earning a displeased cry from you, resulting in needy thrusts from you, trying to finish yourself off on him.

    Attaining a harsh smack on the ass from him instead.

    “What did I say about being patient?”

    “I-I’m sorry sir ..”


    Your pussy burned in lust as you felt him kiss your back, leaving you unattended and needy before flipping you around.

    Leaving a trail of hot wet kisses on your thighs and around your very wet heat that dripped with cum.

    Knowing you were So hyper-aware of him being there, feeling him leave kisses so close to your entrance but not doing anything to it.

    “Please Mark! Please touch me! Please !!”

    You shamelessly cried out despite being told not to as he smirked,

    “Y/N, Y/N, Y/N … what am I going to do with you huh ?”

    A quick smack to your pussy as he watched you cry in need. Sweat trailed down your body as your chest heaved.

    “So desperate for daddies touch now huh? Did 2 weeks of no contact make you this needy ?”

    He sounded serious as he grabbed your chin and made you look him in the eye, he looked so stern unlike regular cute mark, this was the No-nonsense Mark .. the one who made walking a chore the next day.

    “If you ever do that to me again I swear I’d fucking kill you”

    He growled before raising your legs and latching his lips unto your pussy, sucking and twirling his tongue around your clit and entrance, fucking you with his tongue as he harshly ground himself on the bed.

    Your screams increased as you ignored your neighbours, tears rolled out of your eyes whilst your boyfriend remained sucking the life out of you like you were created for him to devour the fuck out of you.

    Your restrained hands ached to grab your boyfriends hair and ride his face like the piece of shit he was at least in this moment.

    “Fuck it”

    He breathlessly moaned as he turned you to the side and filled you to the brim with his cock swiftly, so fast you didn’t even notice the transition. The new waves of pleasure had Your eyes rolling back in utmost satisfaction whilst feeling his thick length fill you up.

    Leaving you shamelessly crying out. bed creaking at the weight and intensity of you and Mark’s fucking.

    Quick and deep strokes into your needy pussy as you cried out some more, mouth wide ajar as you furrowed your eyebrows. It felt so wet and raw, so slick too as he pumped into you freely, reaping low groans from him as he swore out loud.

    Worshipping your pussy as he choked you, whilst feeling his balls harshly slap against your heat.

    His free hand held your leg over his shoulders before ordering you to hold both your legs up as he fucked into you deeply.

    Tightly clenching unto him as he held unto the headboard, looking deeply into your eyes as you both moaned freely, sharing a kiss before coming harshly all over his dick.

    He still pounded into you as he fully focused on chasing his own high now, All that was heard were your frail cries as he overstimulated you.

    Holding you down in place before shooting his hot and thick load into you before pulling out and spraying some of his cum on your belly and tits.

    “ fuck Mark that was amazing” you puffed out as you watched your boyfriend collapse next to you.

    You managed to word out as your body trembled a bit, turning to face him as he tried to recoup himself.

    “I’m sorry if I sounded too harsh … I didn’t mean-”

    “It’s okay..”

    Normal Mark was back as he looked at you with his big doe eyes.

    “ I really should get you cleaned up... I came a lot..”

    He awkwardly spoke up as he looked at you, caressing your lips as he sighed.

    “ but before that. Suck me off first”

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  • peanutpinet
    23.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Comfort - Jung Jaehyun x fem reader

    [3.33 am] it was one of those nights. Where you just have the tendency to wake up in the middle of the night. No, you didn't have a nightmare. No urge to go to the bathroom. No sudden hunger, no anything. You just simply woke up. The difference? You woke up with Jaehyun, your boyfriend of 1 year, right next to you.

    Because you were still within Jaehyun's embrace, you tried your best to not wake him up. You turned around, now actually facing your boyfriend's sleeping face. You gently put one of your hands to cup his cheek, using your thumb to caress it when you felt his head lean into your touch. Realising that you might've accidentally woke him up, you quickly retracted your hand but instead, it was held in place by Jaehyun's hand.

    "What's wrong? Couldn't sleep?" Jaehyun whispered, in his hoarse voice

    "No. I'm sorry I woke you. Go back to sleep Jae" you whispered back, stroking his hair in hopes that he'll fall back asleep

    "I'm alright. You should sleep too. Did you have a nightmare?" Jaehyun asked, his voice still rough

    "No. It's just a tendency I have. Just woke up for no reason. I'll fall asleep eventually. You just go ahead and sleep" you reassure him

    "Now how can I go back to sleep knowing that my girl isn't? Hmm?" Jaehyun questioned, pulling your smaller body closer to his, your face now placed right below his chin

    "I, I'll be fine, Jae" you muttered, just inhaling Jaehyun's scent as he peppered your forehead with kisses

    Because neither of you are able to fall back asleep, you just stayed in that position as Jaehyun just peppered you with kisses. You were never one to be into anything intimate. Heck, you never really experienced this amount of physical contact until you dated Jaehyun, who was also your first boyfriend in your whole life up till now.

    Even so, Jaehyun wasn't one to push you or even pressure you to do anything too intimate that would push your boundaries. Instead, he opted for the slow route which he didn't mind at all and when you actually showed little intimacy back, it just made Jaehyun's heart melt because he knows that you're also trying your best which is all Jaehyun could ever ask for.

    But for some reason, instead of feeling sleepy or drowsy from waking up so sudden, you were feeling a bit daring. As Jaehyun was leaning down, you decided to look back up to him and pulled him into a warm kiss. Though shocked at first, inside, Jaehyun can feel his heart racing and happiness slowly building up.

    Before you could pull away from the kiss, Jaehyun snuck his arm to the back of your neck, pulling you back into the kiss, this time, Jaehyun took control. At first, it was slow and soft since Jaehyun was still testing, unsure if you're okay with it. But when you started replying to his kiss, he felt like he just won the lottery. Jaehyun slowly put his other hand behind your back and lifted you off your sleeping position as he himself sat up straight, leaning back to the headboard.

    Placing you right on his lap, Jaehyun took your legs and wrapped them around his waist, still not breaking off from the kiss. But his action caught you off guard that you jumped a little, placing both your hands on his board shoulder, finally pulling away from the kiss. Both because you were slightly embarrassed that that just happened but also to catch some breath. Noticing your sudden action, Jaehyun let you relax for a bit, putting his hands on your waist to steady you while checking if you were alright.

    "Hey, hey, are you okay? Was I going too far?" Jaehyun asked, one of his hands made its way to your head, pushing some hair strands out of your face

    "No, no, it wasn't your fault. I'm okay. It, it's just, I, I n-never really done this" you managed to speak up, avoiding Jaehyun's gaze

    "You're cute when you're embarrassed. Hey, hey, look at me" Jaehyun plead, his fingers suddenly under your chin, turning you so you would look at him

    "Let me take care of you, baby girl, hmm? Just let yourself go. Let me show you how much I care and love you. I won't touch you like you would think; even if you gave me your consent" Jaehyun sweetly whispered, kissing your forehead, down to your nose, to your cheek, right behind your ear and down to your jaw and finally to your neck as you just slowly buried yourself into the crook of Jaehyun's neck, enjoying each other's comfort and getting lost in each other's touch

    People might think that you're crazy for saying how this is one of the reasons why you fell in love with Jaehyun. Sure, he had the looks, he knows how to make a girl's heart flutter. But looks and flirting aside, Jaehyun appreciates you to the point where he'd always put you before himself. He would make sure that you were always alright, that he wasn't taking the relationship too fast and to always remind you that you are enough.

    A/N: can't you tell that Jaehyun has officially bias wrecked me? ahaha, but tbh, I don't remember if this was a dream or I was just too hallucinated by Jaehyun since sticker era began :"

    #nct#nct scenarios#nct imagines#nct blurbs#nct 127 #nct 127 scenarios #nct 127 imagines #nct 127 blurbs #jung jaehyun #jung jaehyun scenarios #jung jaehyun imagines #jung jaehyun blurbs #jaehyun#jaehyun scenarios#jaehyun imagines#jaehyun blurbs#nct jaehyun #nct jaehyun scenarios #nct jaehyun imagines #nct jaehyun blurbs #nct jung jaehyun #nct jung yoonoh #nct u #nct u scenarios #nct u imagines #nct u blurbs
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  • junjungsunwoo
    23.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Dear, My Boyz | Dear, Younghoon

    What happens when letters you wrote in the past about your old feelings were sent out?

    What’s going to happen when old feelings resurface?

    Word count;; 1.1k

    Genre;; fluff, angst.

    Warnings;; some *semi* deep talk about loving yourself and being yourself.

    Taglist;; @deobis-moon @geminirules @yuta-senpai @mingyuwus @jaxminskale @yourjaylaks @xxluckydreamsxx @taemin-jaemin @stealanity @zvae @chaoticdreaminisode @haruphoria @sunfics @m1ng-how @studioreader @lilyujin

    Ask to be on the tag list here!

    Networks;; @k-dinernet @k-library @ficscafe @deobiwritersnet @tbznetwork @ultkpopnetwork @kpclub

    A/N;; hi thereeeee

    So I did some plot defining and made everything into a solid plan and found out I need at least 48 chapters to get to where I want the series to ends I was like “well I better start writing them soon” so here I am :))

    back. <- | m.list | -> next.

    -> main masterlist. | the boyz masterlist.

    Dear Kim Younghoon, The most popular student in Deodi High,


    I honestly have no clue how to start off this letter since there are just so many emotions that are brewing in me right now that I just don’t know what to write down.

    I feel like I could write for hours about everything I’m feeling right now, but at the same time- I can’t. I feel like I can’t find the perfect words to describe my feelings right now, and I feel like even if I did, I won’t know how to write a perfect letter anyways.

    I know that I won’t ever send this out anyways (because this is embarrassing), but I still want this letter to feel…right? Is that even the right word? I don’t even know. I want this letter too feel like it’s real, like it’s one that I’m going to have in my hand, and I’m going to hand it to you in person, that’s what I want this letter to be like.

    I guess I better stop rambling and start talking about what I’m really writing this letter for.

    I like you, Kim Younghoon. I like you maybe a lot, maybe just a bit, but it doesn’t matter, because in the end I still like you either way.

    You know, I feel like at this point, I really should start to feel more natural(?) at writing these letters (yes, letters there were more before you, sorry.) but I’m not. This still feels so fresh to me, so new and so..unfamiliar.

    Anyways, back to what I was talking about earlier,

    I like you, Younghoon, like now, but it’s going to turn into a liked later- well I hope it will.

    I’m not sure if you even remember who I am considering you’ve got basically the entire population of girls in our school begging for your attention, but, I’m y/n. Heo Y/n.

    I dunno if that name rings a bell in your head or not, so I guess it’s probably better if I just moved on huh?

    I always kinda knew who you were even before we met, I mean, who wouldn’t at our school? You were literally the most popular person in school. But I think I really got to know that one day in October of 2014, where you had to model for our school’s magazine(again) and I was there as a replacement photographer since the one they had called in sick that day. My brother (Hyunjoon, er- Hwall if that’s what you remember him by) was the one who recommended me to help out there.

    It was that day that I really got to know you under the calm, cold face you always had on whenever I saw you in the hallway. It was funny really, how I was so scared of you when you walked into the club room with your face cold and emotionless.

    But then it all changes when you started to talk. Your voice was so soft spoken, and so polite, as if you were talking to the teachers or something. It was then that I thought ‘oh what a nice person, he’s such a nice cute guy’ but then it changed again when you started to pose in front of the camera. It was as if you had a switch on you, and it felt like you changed into a completely new person again.

    You were so charismatic, so cool, and so handsome with your confidence overflowing all over your body. You were a natural under the camera and lightning, as if you have been doing this ever since you were born, and honestly, I won’t even be surprised if you told me you have been doing this since birth, that’s how good you were.

    I could still remember the small, yet deep conversation we had when we took a small break. Like how when you told me that the ‘you’ under the camera wasn’t really the ‘you’ that you are. You told me that the person under the camera was only someone that you wished to be, that he was a shadow, a font you put on in front of others so that you can ‘fit in’.

    I could still remember how deep your words hit me then. It was- it is something that I know that I’ll never forget. You made me open my eyes as to how hard I have been trying to satisfy the people around me, and how much I was losing myself while doing so. You made me realize that the person I ‘was’ was someone that was made up by lies that people around me- and that included myself too.

    You told me about your dreams for the future and you were so kind to me, giving me advice I never knew I needed all the while you encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to. You didn’t try to word your words so that you can hint at what I should do, you were transparent, completely truthful to your words.

    And maybe that’s when I started to have this thing called feelings bloom in my heart. Maybe it was the way you smiled at me when our break was over, or maybe it was the way you stood up first and offered your hand to help me up.

    Maybe it was even the way you changed so quickly when the camera was pointed at you. Or maybe it was when you said you wanted to walk me home, even though I lived in the opposite way you did because you were worried that I, a teenage girl, would walk home alone in the dark night of Seoul by herself. Or maybe it was a mixture of everything I mentioned just now and more.

    I really can’t tell you exactly when I started to like you, and I don’t think I can do that for anyone at all. Feelings are something that changes over time- like how I started to like [redacted] really fast out of nowhere and then it slowly died down when I started to like [redacted n.2] and how that died down when I started to like you.

    I’d be lying to myself if I said that I wasn’t scared of my feelings, because I am. I’m scared of liking you and [redacted] and anyone at all, because I never know when my feelings would die out. I’m scared, but it was you who taught me to just be myself so that’s why I’m here again, on this same desk, using the same pen, writing another letter, this time to you.

    So thank you Younghoon.

    For teaching me to love and be myself, and for letting me like you, even if it’s going to be for a short time only.

    Signed, Heo Y/N.

    @ junjungsunwoo, all rights reserved.

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  • nithicym
    23.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    [12:22 am]

    You knew he wasn’t faithful to you, you knew that the second Jaehyun left your house he would call up another girl and the cycle would continue. 

    You knew he didn’t love you, you knew it was a fancy word he’d throw in while you hooked up to satisfy what you wanted to hear.

    You knew it all, yet here he was laid in your bed for the nth night in a row and you would never tell him to leave. 

    “Can I ask you something?” You spoke lowly as your finger tips danced circles across his shirtless torso. Letting out an annoyed sigh Jaehyun replied with a short ‘what’. His disinterest was enough to have you choking on your words and regretting speaking at all.

    “Never mind” you would rather live in ignorant bliss than without Jaehyun at all. A single tear escaped your eye, immediately catching it before it fell on his chest below you.

    “I have to go” Jaehyun replied gruffly, sliding you off his chest and pulling his clothes on. He was going to see her no doubt. You bit your tongue as he slipped his shirt over his head and reached for his phone on your nightstand. Why had you not been enough for him? 

    “Please stay” it came out as a stuttered whisper, barely heard but heard by Jaehyun. Letting out a chuckle, Jaehyun gave you a half hearted smile as he kissed your forehead and made his way out of your apartment. 

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  • hyuckhoon
    23.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    tava pensando aqui como é a experiência de ser sugar baby dos johnjae

    eles seriam tão gentis com você, mas na cama iriam te destruir

    o famoso “quem vê cara, não vê fogo no rabo”

    eles comprariam tudo o que você pedisse e o que você não pedisse também, usando a desculpa de “combina com você”, “quando eu vi na vitrine eu só consegui lembrei de você, princesa”, “você estava olhando esses sapatos na internet, não é? então eu comprei eles” e várias outras desculpas.

    o johnny te levaria em viagens caríssimas e te foderia no hotel, fazendo o maior barulho possível para todos saberem a putinha que você é, e ele estaria pouco se fodendo para as diversas reclamações.

    jaehyun faria a mesma coisa, mas ele teria um carro separado exclusivamente para foder você, e bom quando ele te oferecesse uma carona naquele carro, é melhor que você não tenha nenhum compromisso importante.

    ah, e quando eles se juntos é melhor você torcer pra que eles estejam de bom humor, caso contrário boa sorte (press f no chat)

    mas isso não significa que quando eles estão de bom eles não pegam pesado… e eles estão quase sempre estressados com alguma coisa, então você tá fodida (literalmente) 💀

    espero que você seja uma pessoa que não estuda ou trabalha, caso contrário, você vai sair andando toda torta por aí…

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  • n1k1tty
    23.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    worth it — jake

    you distinctly remember when you received a phone call from your mother bringing in the news that your grandpa fell ill and had to get hospitalized.

    and just like telepathy, jake felt the need to call you.

    even with the quietest sniffle and the broken voice that could have easily been mistaken as a voice crack; jake still knew that something was wrong and never hesitated to skip his physics class to run to you.

    after he took you to the school garden and technically hugged you for a long while until you were okay, you knew that he was the one.

    you knew that he was going to be worth it.

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