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  • pjo12fan
    15.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Headcanon #7

    Percy discovers Brooklyn 99

    And proceeds to annoy Annabeth at any given moment

    • Fighting monsters

    Annabeth: Percy, listen up

    Percy: Okay.

    Annabeth: So you go from the front, then I’ll come up from behind and we’ll double team it. Got it?

    Percy: Noice. “I’ll come up from behind and we’ll double team it” title of your sex tape


    Annabeth: This was a mistake

    Percy: “this was a mistake” title of your sex tape

    Annabeth: oh WHAT THE-

    • Those intimate, vulnerable moments when they kiss

    Annabeth: I love you seaweed brain

    Percy: *smirks* Noice. Smort.


    Percy: Toit?

    Annabeth: I’m going to slap you

    Percy: chills, literal chills

    • Annabeth designing a new temple for Olympus

    Percy: *peering over her shoulder* Wise Girl you’re so talented, I love the design

    Annabeth: *gushing* Aww thanks Percy

    Percy: Also, I love your butt

    Annabeth: Percy Jackson do you have a death wish?

    • Annabeth going to buy groceries

    Annabeth: *browsing the dairy section* Percy do you want anything

    Percy: Terry loves yoghurt

    Annabeth: what the actual-

    • In college

    Annabeth: I got an A on my test!

    Percy: Annabeth Chase, you are an amazing human/genius

    Annabeth: what?

    Percy: what?

    Annabeth: why would you say it like that

    Annabeth: *glaring* is that another Brooklyn 99 quote?!

    Percy: no?

    • Annabeth brushing her teeth in the bathroom

    Percy: Annabeth?

    Annabeth: *muffled* mhmmm?

    Percy: there’s a bomb in the bathroom

    Annabeth: *spits her toothbrush out* what?!

    Percy: your butt, your butt is da bomb


    Percy: cool cool cool cool cool, no doubt no doubt no doubt

    #percy jackon and the olympians #percy jackson#annabeth chase#percabeth #incorrect heroes of olympus #incorrect brooklyn 99 #jake peralta #brooklyn nine nine #pjo #heroes of olympus #pjo headcanon
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  • bvvllg
    15.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    enhypen reaction on u getting chased by their dog (maknae line)



    he prob enjoying himself watching u getting chased by his pet

    u screamed so loud tht ur making he rolled his eyes so deep until it hit his brain or wtb

    "ur so dramatic y/n😒" "I WAS GETTING CHASED BY A D-"

    he didnt let u finished

    instead he clipped ur lips by his fingers like this🤏🏻

    "i won't let u talk bad about my dog 🙄"

    he loves his dog more than u LMAO


    he tried his best to help maeumi to chased u

    "why tf ur helping her out😟?"

    man he laughed so crazily

    everytime ur trying to hide he'll gonna busted u and make maeumi chased u again

    he loves the beef tht u and his dog had😍😍

    he rlly enjoying himself by watching u getting chased on the living room sofa

    but he got bored so he facetiming with ni-ki


    he wouldnt help u

    like wht u expect

    he's ni-ki🙄

    he'll tried his best to ignore everything bc he wanted to focus on his online games

    "istg ni-ki if u didnt help me i make u lose ur rank"

    he literally dgaf😟

    "wtv y/n i hope u have a good day with my dog😍😍"

    yes he closed his bedroom door and left u alone at the living room with his crazy pet

    but ofc he gonna come to the rescue aft he finished his online gaming which is prob 100000hrs later

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  • zuzanzblog
    15.06.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Spontaneous Ice Cream Date

    Jake Peralta x Amy (B99)

    Amy P. O. V.

    I strongly ship these two and so I'm so happy to see that they become cannon in a future episode 💖🥺💖

    This takes place around the middle of the first season by the way.

    After finding out that Jake had made more arrests than me I felt disappointed in myself because I was getting really completive again and really wanted to mess something up about his car. I sighed, "well, what's this horrible date plan you have?" I said between gritted teeth, annunciating ever word.

    Jake smiled, failing to hide his smirk. I "hate" him, I hate his goofy, childish demeanor. "Just a date at Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, and they're local so I though we'd eat every horrible possible combination of ice cream until we get sick." I rolled his eyes, it's nice that he doesn't see through my negative feelings about him and find out that I actually like him. I heard his devilish voice again, "Oh yeah also you have to wear what I picked for you, it's in your apartment." Then he walked to Holt's office, assumedly to annoy him.

    ~ Small Time Skip ~

    After finishing some minor details I got up and started to leave before I heard Parvaleta call me and say, "I'm picking you up in about two hours by the way".

    I smiled softly, "that's perfect." Before leaving to go home and change into what ever he picked out for me.

    As I opened the door to my apartment, I saw a dress that subtly had sketches that looked like asses on it. I chuckled softly and put it on. I went to a mirror and saw that I actually looked good in it. I started looking for my other makeup to see if I wanted to make myself look nicer for Jake.

    Two hours were about to pass and I put a small amount of mascara and blush on. I heard a familiar knock at the door and went to open it. "Haiii Jake" i said as I opened the door. "Hey Ames, are you ready to go?" I saw his small, cheeky smile before nodding, trying to ignore the dumb, subliminal message on my dress. I calmly smiled, "Yup, as ready as I'll ever be.." God people won't stop looking at the butts on my dress.

    We got into Jake's car and started driving to the local ice cream place. As we were driving there,

    Was playing in the background

    #Jake Peralta#Amy Santiago#Susan Writes #Susan Writes B99 #Susan Writes Brooklyn Nine Nine #B99 #Brooklyn Nine Nine #OTP#Ship #Wholesome I Guess
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  • ddeonuism
    15.06.2021 - 12 minutes ago
    #(banging pots and pans) JAKE Y/N IS IN LOVE WITH YOU #do u even call urself her best friend when you can’t even pick up the fact that she has the hots for u??
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  • kimmy1701
    15.06.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Jake Weber in 100 Miles Rule (2002)

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  • browney3dgirl6
    15.06.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    All the new AK posters 🔥🔥

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  • ddeonuism
    15.06.2021 - 27 minutes ago
    #Sunoo has the right to get on Jake’s nerves when he wants to sorry I dont make the rules L #Y/N is just trying to vibe without simping for her best friend Jake too much HEKRKERKE
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  • highkeygolden
    15.06.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    He looks so much like Louis Partridge. Genuinely.

    Like omg

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  • beingallelite
    15.06.2021 - 32 minutes ago
    #chris jericho#inner circle#sammy guevara#santana#ortiz#jake hager #youtube: chris jericho #talk is jericho #aew #all elite wrestling #posted on: 6.11.21
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  • ddeonuism
    15.06.2021 - 40 minutes ago
    #actually no i was lazy to think of a name or look for an idol to play as his gf… but oh well #we’re focusing on Jake and Y/N anyway LOL
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  • ddeonuism
    15.06.2021 - 43 minutes ago
    #Jake deserves to suffer since Y/N has suffered for YEARS #jk jk Jake i love u 🥰
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  • spicyjaem
    15.06.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    ENHYPEN Reaction to Their S/O Being a Yoga Instructor (and doing yoga themselves)!

    pairing: boyfriend! enha x reader

    genre: fluff, crack

    requested?: yep!

    warnings: i only know basic yoga so sorry if things are inaccurate. also, i bring up the crow pose too much, oops

    a/n: i think all of them would respect whatever your occupation is <33 and i hope you enjoy this! pictures of the different poses here

    ✰ heeseung

    when you first started dating, you told him you were a yoga instructor

    honestly, he didn’t really mind it

    one day, he surprised you by coming to one of your classes

    boi said he never really did yoga before

    but why he is he so good then ⁉️

    he isn’t called the ace for no reason yk

    bruh, he probably can do that crow pose on the first or second try 😎

    every single time you were guiding people through the different poses, he couldn’t help but smile

    he admired the way you seemed so graceful and collected

    he would tease you all day afterwards, but you know he's truly in awe

    ✰ jay

    i don’t think jay is the type to be into yoga

    but he’s not one to judge either

    he respects you and what you do

    but when you ask him to try yoga with you?

    he's like the one meme that goes "hold up" 🤚

    "i know you are a yoga instructor, but this is not what i signed up for when i started dating you..." *nervous chuckle* 😅

    whatever, you make him try anyways

    he's a simp for you, he can't say "no" 😌

    "out of everything we've done, i think i like the corpse pose the best." 💀

    and you guys decided to not bring up the fact that he fell trying to attempt the crow pose 😃

    ✰ jake

    he loves watching you do yoga and teaching during class

    feels awkward doing it himself tho

    he's just not the most flexible like me

    but he tries anyways because you asked

    he looks so cute doing the tree pose 🥺

    when you tell people to close their eyes and relax, he literally takes a peak at you every five seconds 😔🤚🥺

    probably pretends to need help so you can talk to him or touch him💀

    "miss l/n, can you please tell me how to do a downward dog again?"

    people are sick of your flirting, please stop you two 😒😔

    ✰ sunghoon

    i mean he's not really against you being a yoga instructor bc he's a respectful boi

    he did plenty of warm ups when he was ice skating

    yoga is basically another warm up, right? spoiler: no (only bc you would never make it that easy for him 😂)

    "psh, this is a piece of cake. extended triangle? at least it's easier than calculating angles of a triangle."

    ayo it's our famous crow pose

    omg he keeps falling on his butt

    "y/n, stop laughing at me!"

    *cue stressed hoon from iland when he had to sing chamber 5*

    clearly he got too cocky, but at least he's cute <3

    ✰ sunoo

    i think he would love the fact you're a yoga instructor <3

    he might even like doing yoga in his free time

    like we all know he's flexible, so he'll probably be really good

    and maybe y'all can be yoga buddies ?!! 🥺

    "y/n! look at me! i'm doing the eagle pose!"

    would l o v e to try two person poses like the boat pose for two

    aww and you know how sunoo has an adorable eye smile? 😄

    yeah, you'd be seeing that the whole time

    he would laugh so much 😂🥺

    "let's have weekly yoga sessions together, y/n!"

    ✰ jungwon

    not really into yoga that much, but still is fascinated whenever he sees you teaching your class

    he actually follows really well even tho he hasn't done it much before

    i bet he'd be good at flow yoga for whatever reason lol

    "y/n? am i doing this right?"

    he still wants to get everything perfect even tho it's just for fun

    lol i bet he's highkey lowkey taking advantage of this to get on your good side 😭😂

    not so subtly looks at you to get your attention so you can compliment him 💀

    he's like a little puppy following your every move 🥺😭

    after the class is over, "y/n, you saw me right? wasn't i good?"

    boi just wants you to pat his head and say how good he was 😭

    ✰ ni-ki

    he probably doesn't do yoga a lot

    but he's like a pro? kinda like heeseung! idk how, ask riki himself

    he be showing off in your class by doing the crow pose 💀

    and he'd be doing some other advanced moves and honestly you shouldn't even be surprised at this point

    "y/n, y/n, y/n, are you seeing this?"

    uM how and why is he walking on his hands doing the crow pose 😭?

    "ni-ki you are disrupting my class!!" you whisper shout, "sorry class, i don't know him."

    *ni-ki pretends to act offended*

    all the funny business aside, he's really good and smooth with all the poses (maybe cuz he danced ever since he was little?)

    really admires your calmness and professionalism when teaching

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  • bisexualpositivity
    15.06.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    Pride 2021 Anthems 🌈

    Both the mods pooled our collective knowledge of LGBTQ+ musical artists to create 4 pride month themed playlists on spotify. 

    P R I D E 🏳️‍🌈 

    Upbeat queer songs to raise your spirits--perfect for celebrating pride! (61) Lady Gaga, Janelle Monae, Lily Brown, P!ATD, and more!

    W L W 👭

    Songs for all your sapphic needs! (33) Mary Lambert, Hayley Kiyoko, Girl in Red, Dodie Clark, Halsey, and more!

    M L M 👬

    Songs for boys who like boys. (32) Matt Fishel, Adam Lambert, Troye Sivan, Thomas Sanders, Conan Grey, and more!

    Trans Rights 🏳️‍⚧️

    Transgender, nonbinary, and genderqueer songs for when the gender binary gets you down. (46) Ryan Cassata, She/Her/hers, Jake Edwards, Dani Shay, Qfolk, and more!

    We hope you enjoy listening to our playlists as much as we enjoyed putting them together! 💜

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  • adamichaelite
    15.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i was very inactive the last week but did you ever think about adam and michael riding a rollercoaster? and about the fact that adam is familiar w it bcoz of the flights w michael? they said it's like being chained at a meteorite and jimmy novak didn't like it but adam. JUST DON'T THINK ABOUT A BIG ARCHANGEL NAMED MICHAEL WHO CARRIES HIS CUTE LITTLE HUMAN NAMED ADAM IN HIS ARMS WHILE FLYING W THE SPEED OF LIGHT AROUND THE EARTH. JUST DON'T.

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  • heephoria
    15.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #you have: mail! #from dost—¡! #rain—¡! #ct: sim jake the cutest scorpio king—¡! #ct: sim jake lovers' guild!
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  • toastraccoon
    15.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Happy Pride Month! Made a quick edit with these since they’re basically all recolors :o)

    #will I do frank’s? maybe not- #subway surfers #subway surfers the animated series #subway surfers animated series #fresh harper#jake bressler#yutani rodman#tricky fairchild#sybo#sybo tv#edit#screenshot edit #yutani’s metal detector be like 🧍‍♂️ #how do you art
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  • scottishoctopus
    15.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #pirates of the caribbean #davy jones#bill nighy#davy answers #uh by any chance did you name him jake? #im just curious xD
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  • lunaaevans
    15.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Listen, it was a mustache or a jet-black wig...

    #grown up jake wylder who #chris evans #the gray man #the gray man spoilers #i guess they want him to look completely different from anything he has ever played before?
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