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    26.11.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Nothing like doing nothing with you

    pairing: jay x (f)reader, enhypen x (f)reader platonic

    genre: fluff :)

    wc: 1.6k

    warnings: none dudes, besides the fact that it is not edited lol

    a/n: i literally just had the song ‘Nothing’ by Bruno Major on repeat while writing this. the song was playing while i was in the kitchen with my parents, just talking and teasing each other, and then i was just filled with so much happiness so i wanted to write this :] 

    summary: jay thinks over all the moments he fell deeper in love with you

    Jay swore there was no one specific moment where he immediately fell in love with you. It was a gradual fall. He slowly slipped at the top of the cliff and fell into the abyss. 

    He remembers the first time you met his mother. And how enamoured she was with you. Jay had invited you both out for brunch at a small, indie café. Paintings and random doodles decorated the walls. The scent of coffee beans danced throughout the petite building. Filling the guests nostrils and wrapping them in warmth. Plants and succulents lay on the windowsills. Waving at those who pass by.

    His mother had initially been apprehensive to meet you, obviously protective over her son. But it didn’t take long for her to warm up to you. Ten minutes in and she was whipping out her phone to show you old baby photos of the boy. You would giggle and look up at him, offering a teasing comment. He would pretend to be annoyed, rolling his eyes and sighing aloud. But his heart swelled upon seeing the two of you interact. Whispering in each other’s ears like little school girls.

    Jay spent the rest of the day observing you with a peaceful smile on his face.

    “What are you looking at?” You finally ask him as you sit on your couch together. 

    Your eyes had been on the screen the whole time, whereas his were on you. Warmth and pride swirling in his dark orbs.

    “Nothing,” He would shrug, turning away from you for the first time that evening. You mocked offense, tackling him and beginning to tickle his stomach.

    “Hey!” He would yell, as laughter burst from his lips. From there, a tickle fight would ensue, until you both had no energy left. You lay next to each other on the floor, gazing at the old crusty ceiling. Hearts beating fast. Listening to the sound of heavy rain on the roof and racing cars roaring past.

    Jay remembers the first time you tried to cook him dinner. Whenever you had dinner at home, he would always be the one to cook. However, he was awfully tired that day and you had insisted on doing it for him. The boy sat at the counter as you buried yourself in the kitchen. Dancing around as music played through the speakers. You would twirl and twist. Skirt flowing around your legs and hair bouncing around your shoulders.

    He would laugh as you made funny faces at him. Heart filled with warmth as you concentrated hard on specific things. Occasionally he would attempt to help, but you’d always push him back, telling him to stay seated with a stern expression. His hands would rise in mock surrender, as he mumbled a “Yes chief. Sorry chief.”. 

    You would roll your eyes at his antics, but laugh nonetheless. 

    Eventually, a slow song would begin to play. The boy would get up from his chair, and walk towards you. He would offer his hand, letting you take it with a blush. The pair of you would waltz around the kitchen. Dinner long forgotten as your laughter bounces from the walls. He would spin you around, eyes overflowing with bliss. This was the moment people dreamed of. 

    You two would only stop dancing upon smelling the burnt food on the stove. A small scream leaving your lips as you rush from his embrace.

    Jay tried to convince you to order takeaways, but you insisted on cooking for him. Even if it was just some ramyeon and eggs. The boy swore it was the best ramyeon he had ever had. Sorry Heeseung.

    He remembers the day when he had gotten particularly scolded at work. It was an awful day for all of the boys. They were all mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted. He just wanted to climb into his bed and never leave.

    Jay didn’t know how you knew. Maybe Jungwon had texted you, or you just had a feeling. But a knock on the front door alerted all the boys and interrupted their pity party. Jay was in his room, sulking and trying not to let tears escape his eyes. Gleeful cheers from the lounge startled him. He slowly got up, creeping to the door and peeking his head around.

    You stood at the entrance, taking off your shoes. Holding bags of food which Ni-ki and Jake went over to take from you. The youngest member of Enhypen yelled loudly upon seeing some of his favourite snacks. Smiles now bloomed on the boys faces, and Jay felt pride well up in his chest. 

    His members all made their way to the kitchen, beginning to prepare the food you had brought for them. But you stayed behind, turning to see your boyfriend standing in the doorway.

    Jay smiled at you, your presence making his day a million times better. You opened your arms, and he ran into them, feeling warmth and comfort fill his body as you wrapped your arms around him. He felt safe.

    And then he began to cry, letting the tears stain your jersey as his body shook. Your hand rubbed circles on his back, lips occasionally kissing the top of his head while you whispered comforting words in his ear.

    Besides with his members and his mother, he never really felt comfortable with other people. He often had his guard up, attempting to be strong and brave all the time. But with you, he knew he could be vulnerable, and you wouldn’t judge him. Even when he was at his worst you still welcomed him with open arms.  He didn’t think anyone could be better than you.

    Once he had calmed down, you both made your way to join the rest of his members, who were all trying, but failing at cooking the dinner. 

    Heeseung had his tongue out as he focused on sorting through the hundreds of packets of ramyeon you had brought. You didn’t know his favourite so had just decided to buy as many as you could. Hoping he would like at least one of them.

    Ni-ki, Jake and Jungwon had opened a bag of cheese balls, and were taking turns throwing them in each other’s mouths. The youngest jumped for joy, almost hitting his head on the ceiling, every time he caught one.

    And Sunoo and Sunghoon were attempting to read the box recipes for the mini donuts you had brought, although the English instructions were putting them off, and they had ended up just throwing flour at each other. Resulting in a food fight between the six of them. Flour, cheese balls, and other food littering the room.

    Jay stood in the doorway, with you leaning on him. Watching the chaotic group of boys with fond smiles on your faces. The pair of you were content waiting out the madness, but when Ni-ki picked up an egg, you were quick to intervene. Rushing over to attempt to stop him, but you were too late. He had thrown it. At you. 

    Silence flooded in the room. Everyone holding their breath.

    “NISHIMURA RIKI!” You screamed, grabbing an egg and throwing it at his head in an act of revenge. The boy laughed loudly, and the mayhem ensued once more. 

    Jay let a giggle leave his lips, as he watched his best friends run around the kitchen. Enamoured with the thought of you. He was smitten. Completely and utterly whipped.

    Then he saw your joyful smile turn into a smirk. You pulled Ni-ki down to your height, to whisper in his ear. His face also morphing into a smirk after hearing your idea. Jay already had a feeling he knew what the pair of you were planning and he shook his head. 

    “Charge!” Ni-ki suddenly screamed as you both ran for Jay who was giving a stern glare to the pair of you. But it was too late, you both threw a handful of flour at him. He tried to be mad, he really did. But he just laughed. Running after you and picking you up from behind, twirling you around the kitchen.

    The eight of you played around for a little longer, till Jay told the rest of them to get changed while you two prepared dinner.

    By the time each of them had a shower and were changed into clean clothes, you had finished dinner, all the items placed neatly on the now clean table. The sweet and spicy aroma calling out to the boys. After placing the last dish down, Jay looked up to the doorway, spotting his members eyeing the table full of plates. 

    “Come on then boys, it’s all ready,” You didn’t have to tell them twice as they ran to take a seat. 

    As you all chatted merrily, the boys shoveling food into their mouths, Jay watched. He watched as you asked Jungwon to place some noodles in your bowl, and how the younger boy teased you as you kept telling him to add more. He watched as you listened intently to Sunoo as he rambled on and on. Knowing that you wanted to validate his rants and feelings instead of dismissing them. He watched as you sneakily ate the cucumbers off of Ni-ki’s plate, while he ate the carrots off of yours. Jay watched it all, eyes shaped like love hearts.

    He felt Heeseung kick him under the table, and the boy looked up at him. The eldest member of Enhypen had a smirk on his face as he tilted his head to the girl at the table.

    Jay blushed after being caught staring at her, but that didn’t stop him from continuing. 

    The boy realized there was no one moment where he fell in love with you. No one reason either. It just happened. It felt natural. Like no matter what he did, he was destined to fall in love with you. You could be sitting still and he would still gaze at you in adoration. 

    He truly loved you. And to him, there was nothing, like doing nothing with you.

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    26.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    their last words before the break up

    — enhypen 02' line x fem!reader

    warning(s): angst, no happy ending, mean enha :/ (all content below is fiction and is not based on enhypen's real personalities irl, ty!)

    coco's ♡ note: lolz uh suffer with me <3


    "I've suffered enough y/n. We both have."

    Park Jongseong isn't ready to let go of your relationship, no matter how many times his friends and family tell him it's not going to work out. He still holds out despite what everyone says. He holds out until he physically can't anymore. The sight of you makes his blood boil and his stomach curl in hatred. Jay never imagined your relationship would end this way but alas, the future holds the unthinkable and he just can't go on anymore. He leaves you on a Sunday morning when the sky is grey and it seems like any minute now mother nature will let her tears rain down. The sight makes Jay chuckle, the atmosphere describes you two perfectly, and just as Jay thinks, you don't weep or sob or even shed a tear. He watches as you simply nod and whisper a small "If that's what you want." It's not, but if you're not going to fight for him then why should he fight for you. Park Jongseong leaves your home and never once does he look back.


    "y/n she's everything I've ever wanted."

    Notorious for his playboy ways Sim Jake had decided you'd be his next conquest from the second his eyes laid on you. To his surprise though, he'd fallen hard for you. He thinks it's because of how difficult you were to get but he's really not sure. That is until he meets her, and suddenly you're not all he sees. His eyes are focused on her while you focus on him. He looks back at your relationship and deems it just a quick fling that he had to have before he met his so called "soulmate." To make matters worse Jake doesn't even break up with you properly. He waits till you catch him in the act, and then he tells you. The whole scene unfolds terribly but hey, as he said, "you knew what I was like when you agreed to go out with me, why are you surprised."


    "It doesn't matter, I've made my decision."

    Sunghoon is the definition of perfect. From the hair on his head to his pointed toe spins, he is perfect. That's why it's such a surprise to everyone when he announces that he's quitting all activities regarding skating to be with his...girlfriend?! Sunghoon loves skating but he loves you a ton more and when you decide that traveling the world is what you plan to do he decides that he'll go along with you for the journey. No matter how many times you tell him it's alright and that he doesn't have to he insists and thus you both set out to explore and enjoy your time together, but it doesn't take long for Sunghoon to long for his past on the ice once again. It all happens as quickly as it started, fights and unforgettable words are thrown back and forth just before Sunghoon packs his things to return back to Korea, suitcase in hand he refuses to turn back as he walks away from you and your once happy relationship.

    coco's ♡ note: writing enha angst >> writing enha fluff !!

    taglist! @yeoforce @bloom-bloom-pow @nikis-mum @yourlocalhotgf @kyublr @spoooooooooooon @enhacolor @yoongimooni @blaqpinksthectic @gyuuss @eternallyhyucks @dinosdance @simpforsung @misschubswrites (bold can't be tagged!)

    #hello I've had this in my drafts for almost a month and a half now #so now i present it to you all :) #enhypen fluff#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios #enhypen x reader #enhypen 02z#enhypen jay#enhypen jake#enhypen sunghoon #enhypen 02 line #enhypen jay imagines #enhypen jake imagines #enhypen sunghoon imagines #enhypen
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    Daydreamer (Josh x Reader)

    Summary: Josh finds your journal that held one of your biggest secrets.

    AN: This is a quickie that I wrote up at 3 am when I couldn’t sleep and was simping over Josh (also was pretty high so it might be a jumbled mess.)

    Category: Fluff

    You kept all your secrets in the tattered journal that was covered by textbooks and notebooks in the bottom drawer of your desk. It was your best friend, the thing you confided most in in a world that continued to keep you quiet. It’s not like the ones you surrounded yourself with purposefully hindered you from sharing any of your secrets, but your own fear would continue to get in your way. The loud boisterous personalities of your friends sometimes made you question your own. As if you couldn’t live up to them. It was honestly stupid because your best friends would never ask you to change in the slightest. They loved that you would often bring calmness into a situation, but they loved even more when you would let your hair down and partake in the hijinx they always seemed to plan.

    Josh, Jake, Danny, and Sam were in your kitchen preparing dinner. Josh and Sam focused more on the beverages that would be accompanying you in the evening. They had just gotten back in town after a stint of a few shows randomly placed around the country. The band made it a tradition to cook you dinner whenever they returned, mostly as a thank you for watching their houses, watering their plants, and keeping track of all other household duties when they were gone. Without you, Danny’s electric bill would always be late and Jake’s plants would have died ages ago. They depended on you and you always tried your best to erase any added stress from them when they were on the road. It has been like this for all of the years you knew the boys. You were their ship in the chaotic ocean of their lives.

    “Y/N” Sammy’s voice was calling to you. “Where are the limes? I need them for my margarita!” It reminded you that even though they were rockstars, they were still men in their early twenties. And that was highlighted by Sam refusing to walk a few feet to the living room and choosing to scream at you with his head inside your fridge. Josh was assisting Sam in the exploration of your refrigerator, standing on his tip-toes to peer over his shoulder. Danny gave you a mischievous smile as you walked in the kitchen. The bowl of limes were at home in his grasp and he kept his back turned away from Sam to shield his view.

    “Well, I don’t know. I put them out before you guys even got here.” You played along with Danny’s innocent joke.

    “This is madness! You can’t have a margarita without limes, Y/N. You just can’t.” It was now Josh’s turn to be dramatic. His arms flew wildly, as they often did, as he spoke about the injustice of the missing limes. Danny was holding in laughter, which was more difficult due to the three beers he already chugged down. Sam noticed his laughter and stood up in alert with his eyebrows furrowed.

    “You..” Sam had an accusatory point directed at Danny. “Where are my limes?” He was speaking as if he was in an old detective movie. All he was missing was a tobacco pipe falling from his lip.

    “Y/N’s limes,” Jake corrected. He was sitting on the bar stool nursing a beer of his own watching the immature shenanigans in front of him.

    “Where are the limes Daniel?” Sam kept his rigid finger directed at Danny, as Josh stood behind him with his hands on his hips. Your eyes couldn’t help but to linger over Josh’s exposed arms. His toned biceps were accentuated by the anger he was feigning. He was always such an actor and when he played his characters it made you swoon. You reveled in the moments where you could sneak glances at him without him noticing.

    This was something that had begun happening a lot more recently. You found your mind drifting to Josh during all hours of the day, especially right before you fell asleep. Various imaginary scenarios would lull you to sleep, giving you so much inspiration for the dreams that would follow.

    “I don’t have them, Samuel.”

    “Daniel Wagner give me the limes this instant!” Sam stomped his foot, imitating the actions he would often see from Karen.

    “No.” Danny finally turned to the others to reveal the bowl of limes. Jake was giggling from his chair, a blush spread on his cheek from the alcohol he had consumed. It was like rubbing your own daycare sometimes with these men, but it definitely kept the excitement around the house.

    “Y/N!” Sam basically screeched your name to ask for your help. “Tell him.”

    “Danny, can you please give him back the limes?”

    “Fine. Since you asked so nicely.” Danny was talking to but the ladder end of his sentence was directed towards Sam.

    These simple moments were the ones you kept so dearly to you and this night was full of them. You began to drink alongside them, drinking one (or three) too many of Sam’s strong margaritas, causing you to be draped over the twins on the couch. Your head was in Josh's lap and Jake was playing with the laces of your shoes, he kept pulling them tight and trying to strum them like his guitar. Danny and Sam had retired from the night an hour earlier, calling an Uber to give them a ride back to Sam’s.

    “Do you think there are aliens?”

    “Josh, we have had this conversation so many times!” Your drunken smile grew when he looked down at you. His eyes were glassy and his lips were moist from the cocktail he actively kept chugging down.

    “I just want to know if your opinions have changed.” Before you could answer, Jake perks up from where he was lazily sitting.

    “I call the guest room!” The two often fought on who would be sleeping on the extra bed and who got the sectional. You offered a couple of times to take the couch to allow them both to have a bed, but they always looked at you like you had two heads and told you that was absolutely ridiculous.

    “But!” Josh started to protest against Jake’s claim.

    “No. I got it. Now,” Jake gently pushed your feet away from his lap as he stood. “I am going to lay down before I get sick.” His eyes were hazed over and he slightly swayed even when he stood still.

    “Jake, you drink all the time. How are you so drunk?” You laughed as you asked him. Josh was playing with your hair adding to the giddiness of the moment.

    “Sam had an extra heavy hand tonight.” Jake pointed to you as he stumbled over his feet, “You should get some sleep too. I know you’re feeling it, you are so red.” His words slurred the more he fought to stay up right.

    “Fine. I’ll bring you some water then I’ll go to bed.” With that Jake made his clumsy exit to your spare bedroom.

    “Are the pillows still in the chest over there?” Josh helped you sit upright as he asked.

    “You know you don’t have to sleep on the couch.”

    “I am not sharing a bed with Jake and you’re not sleeping out here!”

    “No, just sleep in my room.” It must have been the alcohol that made you forgo thinking about any repercussion of sleeping next to Josh all night.

    Josh appeared to mosey over the thought before exclaiming “Yeah! There is no need to sleep out here. We can cuddle!” He said it so matter-of-factly that it made you think that it had been so foolish to not have done this before. Alcohol really was a hell of a catalyst in a situation like this.

    “Cuddles!” A rambunctious cheer escaped Josh. You were both so obnoxious when you got drunk together, feeding off of each other’s own intoxicating energy.

    “Y/N!” Jake’s faint voice broke through your fit of giggles. “Can I have that water?”

    After you got Jake his water, Advil, and helped him into bed, you trot into your own bedroom. Josh was laying on top of your comforter, still in his tank top and khaki colored pants.

    “Do I need to help you undress too?” You refer to the fact that you just had to basically fight Jake to get his pants off. He must have drank much more than you initially thought since he usually handled himself so well.

    “What? No, I didn't think you’d want me to be in my boxers.”

    “Oh.” You didn’t think about Josh laying down with you, almost naked, and pressed against you. The nerves caused you to begin to fidget with the hem of your shirt. “You can, um it’s really not a big deal.” You kept your eyes on the ground to avoid his gaze.

    “Okay if you say so.” Josh rose from your bed, unbuttoning his pants in the process.

    Panic began to set in when you watched his fingers begin to work. “I’m going to take a shower!” You declared hysterically before rushing into the adjoining bathroom.

    You look at yourself in the mirror, slightly cringing at your appearance. Mascara migrated under your eyes making you look even more tired and your foundation was rubbed off in certain areas. This appearance, albeit completely gorgeous to everyone around you, caused some anxious insecurity to creep up. You felt defeated, like your feelings for Josh were pointless because they never could be reciprocated.

    You take the opportunity to daydream about Josh while showering. You wonder what it would be like if Josh really knew who you felt. Would he be uncomfortable that one of his best friends had started to feel differently or would he embrace a relationship with you? For your own sake, you decide to think about a relationship. You daydream about going to the farmers market with Josh, something you already often did, but now he would hold your hand and place small kisses on your forehead while you shop. It was a muse that brought warmness to your heart, yet a slight ache when you remembered there was a slim to no chance of it actually occurring.

    A heavy sight leaves your lips when you vacate the comforting heat of your shower. You had to leave your safe place to face the reality of Josh halfnakedly sleeping in your bed. In your earlier panic, you had forgotten to bring your pajamas into the bathroom with you. You prayed that Josh was already asleep as you slipped out of the steamy bathroom with a white towel tightly wound around your body. The towel didn’t leave much to anyone's imagination as it clung tightly to your curves and sat dangerously high on your thigh.

    Your prayers went unanswered. Josh was not on your bed and it took a moment for you to notice him sitting on the floor in his boxers next to your desk. He didn’t even look in your direction, choosing to keep his eyes on the little journal in his hands.

    “Josh…” you were hesitant to speak because you knew exactly what he was reading. Before this last tour, you had written a letter to Josh explaining your newly found feelings. It wasn’t something you were ever going to show, but you needed to do it for your own therapeutic reasons. “I can explain.”

    “Explain what?” His thumb rhythmically tapped against the page, “there really isn’t anything to say.”

    “Oh.” Your stomach dropped when he spoke. The sad realization that Josh didn’t feel the same way about broke your heart into a million little pieces. Everything would change now and it would most definitely be for the worse.

    “I am so sorry Josh. I never meant for you to see that. I am so sorry.” You were rambling on, not even noticing that he stopped tapping and was looking at you. You kept apologizing in different words, anything to try to distract him from the knowledge he just gained.

    “The only thing you need to apologize for is not telling me sooner.” This snapped you back to him. He was now staring at you, his eyes lingering over your thighs for an extended moment.


    “You should have told me this before.”


    “God you’re cute.” He was smiling now. It was a smile laced with amusement and lust as he watched you move nervously in your towel. Water was still dripping down your body adding to his overall excitement. You raise your eyebrows at him in confusion, so he continues, “I have feelings for you too.” The way he spoke was so clear and direct to ensure you didn’t miss anything he was saying.

    “I-wait. Wow, really?” It was the only thing you could get out at that moment.

    Josh rose from his position on the carpet to make his way to you. “You, pretty girl, mean so much to me and I just want to be with you.” His hand slowly rubbed up your arms while looking at you directly in your eyes. He was telling you just as much with his eyes as with his words. They were lighter than normal and were softened on the edges.

    “Josh, kiss me.” And he obliged your request. Josh leaned in giving you a passionate kiss. It held so much feeling between the two of you and formed into bright fireworks. As cheesy as it may be, that kiss felt like your first. Josh’s hands found the back of your neck as he deepened the kiss further, swiping his tongue along your bottom lip. You open your mouth slightly to allow him to twist his tongue gently along your own.

    Just as Josh’s hands started trailing up your thigh, a small knock on your door causes you to break the kiss. “Y/N,” Jake’s horse voice came through the door. “I threw up.”

    taglist: @weightofdreams-gvf @maverick-rose @secretgvfstan @greta-van-yeet @tripthelight-fanfic @ageofflowerpower @theweightofstardust

    #greta van fleet #greta van fleet fan fiction #greta van fleet fluff #greta van fic #greta van fleet imagine #josh kiszka fic #josh gvf #josh x reader #jake gvf#josh kiszka#jake kiszka #sam x reader #sam kiszka#danny wagner#sam gvf#sammy kiszka#gvf #josh kiszka fanfiction
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    another old lang syne - j.t.k.

    inspiration drawn from the song "another old lang syne" by dan fogelberg.

    summary: jake runs into someone important from his past, and the memories rush back

    warnings: smut 18+, angst, unhappy ending, verbal altercations, alcoholism, mentions of drug use, first-time sex, high chance of crying if you read :')

    word count: 8.6k

    “Fuck, I’m sorr- Y/N?!” he grabbed her arm to steady both her and himself. She caught her breath from almost being ran over by him as she looked up into his eyes, recognition washing over her face immediately.

    Oh, shit.

    As they stared into each other’s eyes, all the memories began rushing back.

    It was Christmas Eve, in their 22nd year. “Goddammit, Jake.”

    He was laughing so hard he snorted. He knew he needed to cut his shit, but there was something about getting Y/N worked up that made him both exceptionally delighted and undeniably turned on. His latest antic was throwing some of the flour at her that she had spread oh-so-carefully onto the counter to prevent their cookie dough from sticking. He, as usual, wasn’t being much help. She stared at him, trying her hardest to look angry, but the twitching at the corner of her mouth gave her away. A sly look washed over her face, mischief in her eyes as she slowly shifted towards him. He stared back, a little confused, a smile playing on his lips. She inched closer, until she could snake a hand around his neck. She used her other hand to lightly graze her fingertips across the crotch of his pants, causing his breath to hitch in his throat and her to smirk, feeling that he was already hard. “Y/N…” he began, as she quickly removed her hand from the front of his pants and placed her index finger on his lips. “Shhh,” she breathed, as she withdrew her finger from his lips and inched her face closer to his, her lips barely caressing his, just close enough that they could feel the warmth of each other’s breath. He swallowed, his eyes filling with lust as he began to lean into the kiss…

    “HA!” Y/N yelled as the opened the hand that was around his neck, dropping flour down his shirt that she had been holding in her fist. “Fuck you” Jake feigned anger as Y/N began to back away, watching Jake’s lips form into a devilish grin, the lust in eyes replaced with playfulness. He sprang into action causing her to jump and fabricate terror as he began to chase her around the kitchen, both of them throwing flour at each other until they were covered in it. Jake had succeeded in backing her into the corner where the countertops met next to the sink. “You’re gonna pay for this” he said in low voice, desire dancing behind the mischief in his eyes. “Oh yeah?” Y/N breathed out. In a quick movement Jake grabbed her by the neck with one hand, keeping her in place, and flipped on the faucet and yanked out the handle angling it at her body with the other. Y/N screamed as the cold water doused her clothes, quickly soaking through to her skin. She clutched onto his wrist with one hand and was able to finagle the handle out of his hand with the other, flipping it onto Jake for just a second before he was able to reach over to the sink and turn the faucet off. They were both giggling, but Jake’s slowly dissipated as he noticed the red fabric of Y/N’s bra clearly visible through her soaked, white t-shirt, the craving from earlier that she had caused still having not completely disappeared.

    Her breath hitched in her throat, noticing the sensuality of their positions with Jake’s strong hand still around her neck as she was pressed into the corner. “Your clothes are wet, Y/N,” he said in a low voice, laced with lust. “No shit,” she said under her breath. He shifted his body closer to her, positioning one of his thighs in between her legs, and putting his other leg slightly behind her leg on the outside, trapping her there. He leaned forward, dragging his lips up Y/N’s neck, darting his tongue out here and there until he made contact with her earlobe. He took it between his teeth, biting down slightly before licking it to soothe the prick of pain. He breathed into her ear, “I would wager something else is, too”. Something about Jake like this, in complete control, cockiness dripping from his words, turned Y/N into putty as she could feel the heat rise in her center, despite the chill of her soaked clothes sticking to her. She lifted up her arms and ripped her shirt off in one quick, fluid motion. She cocked her head to the side. “Wanna find out, lover boy?” Something about her confidence made Jake exceptionally horny, and he quickly grabbed Y/N’s thighs to hoist her onto the counter, and he took her right there in the kitchen.


    At 14, most freshmen would never be invited to a party. But because of Y/N’s attachment to the Kiszka twins, who were already rising through the ranks of popularity as freshmen, Y/N found herself sitting in a circle on the floor of some junior’s basement playing a hybrid game of spin-the-bottle, where they had to play seven minutes in Heaven with whoever it landed on. Y/N was extremely nervous, having never even kissed someone before. The bottle would spin and stop, and a few minutes later two teenagers would emerge from a nearby closet giggling. Eventually, it was her turn.

    With a shaky hand she reached out and gave the bottle a hard spin. She kept her eyes trained on the bottle as it spun, refusing to look up at anyone and make accidental eye contact with the person she would have to spend seven minutes alone in a closet with. She realized she had zoned out, when the girl sitting next to her elbowed her in the side, and Y/N noticed the bottle had stopped spinning and had landed on someone across from her. With a gulp, she slowly looked up and made eye contact with someone who felt like home, until she remembered she was going to have to kiss him.

    Jake blushed as their eyes met. With a couple of whoops and cheers from the other participants, she found herself in a tight closet with Jake Kiszka. He reached up to a chain hanging from the ceiling and yanked it, harsh light bathing them from the ceiling in an instant. A minute passed, neither of them saying anything, just making a couple seconds of awkward eye contact here and there. It was Jake who broke the silence first. “We don’t have to do anything, you know. We can just stay in here and make people think we did.” He reached a hand behind his neck and scratched it, nervously. It wasn’t like Jake had never kissed anyone before. But, this was Y/N. She was his best friend, someone he had shared all of his secrets with, had platonic sleepovers with. Sure, they sometimes awoke to find that they had cuddled up to each other in their sleep, and sure, he liked the way her hair smelled and right now she looked so pretty…

    He realized the ghost of sounds hung in the air and he had completely missed whatever she had just said. “Sorry, what?” he asked. “I said,” Y/N began, “that that’s not the rules.” Oh my god, what? She thought to herself. He had just given her a perfect cop-out, and now she was trying to play it cool for some stupid reason when she could have just listened to him. Jake laughed, the nervousness beginning to dissipate, being replaced with a craving for the unknown. “That’s true.” He started to shift a little closer to her. She began to lean in as well. Jake started to close his eyes when he heard Y/N’s breath hitch in her throat. He opened them to find that she had retreated back slightly. “What?” he asked, genuinely confused. She giggled anxiously. “I don’t know, it’s just, it’s you! And me! And I guess, I don’t know…” she trailed off. “What, Y/N? It’s okay, you can tell me.” She took a breath. “I don’t want things to be weird after this, I guess.” “It doesn’t have to be weird. Here, I’ll just turn the light off and then we won’t even be able to see each other. Then if you want, if it sucks or something, you can pretend it was someone else because you didn’t even see it.” And with that, he reached up and yanked the chain in a quick movement, washing them both in complete darkness save for the little bit of light peeking in from under the door. She giggled again, but Jake noticed the nervousness was basically gone this time.

    “Where are you?” she asked. Jake put his hands out, shifting forward until he came in contact with her warm sweater she was wearing. She grabbed his hands and he pulled her towards him. Y/N could feel the breath coming from his mouth on her nose, and knew he was inches from her now. He took a deep breath, to calm his own nerves, and then reached out, his fingers coming in contact with her cheek. He heard her take a breath, and then he leaned slightly down and forward, guiding her face towards his with his hand. All of a sudden, his lips were on hers. It was the softest of pecks, their lips barely opening to lock onto each other. He pulled away after a second, ever so slightly, still close enough that he could feel her lips turn up into a smile. He felt her arms snake around his neck, and she leaned forward, taking his lips in hers, this time with more intensity. His hands found their rightful place around her waist, and their mouths began to move together, not quite in perfect sync due to their lack of practice, but still in such a way that they were both breathless when they pulled away again. Their arms were still around each other as they each took a deep breath. Jake broke the silence first, but with a voice so quiet it was almost a whisper. “So…” he began. “So…” she answered. And just then, the closet door swung open with a whoosh of air, claps and whistled beginning from outside. They didn’t discuss that kiss for several years, nor did it happen again for quite some time.


    Neither Jake nor Y/N cared much for dances. They would rather be literally anywhere else. But each of their mothers insisted that senior prom was one of their own favorite memories, and they wouldn’t want to look back with regret, and you’re only in high school once, blah blah blah… and that is why Y/N now found herself in front of her mirror, a deep maroon colored dress loosely hanging from her shoulders. Her hair was in soft curls cascading down her back, her makeup simple and classy, but still much more than she wore on a regular basis. It wasn’t even a question that she and Jake would go together. They were best friends and that’s all it was, always at each other’s side to begin with, so why wouldn’t they be for this occasion too.

    She heard a familiar voice downstairs, joking around with her parents. She sighed as she took one last look in the mirror, waves of anxiety rushing over her all of a sudden. Her heels clicked on the wood floor as she walked down the hallway to the stairs, the noise bringing everyone’s attention to her from the bottom. Her dad stopped what he was saying with a smile, as he realized Jake’s focus was no longer on him. She made eye contact with Jake as she made her way down the stairs, his jaw slack as he watched her. She had to admit, Jake looked pretty handsome in his all-black ensemble, save for the maroon-colored tie that unmistakably matched her dress, definitely Karen’s doing.

    She reached the bottom of the stairs and smiled at Jake, almost at his eye-level in her heels. He shook his head slightly, bringing himself back to the present moment. “You clean up pretty nice,” he smirked at her. “Hey, you don’t look too shabby yourself,” she laughed. “Alright you two, go outside so I can get some pictures!” Y/N’s mom ushering them both out into the front yard. Y/N realized during the picture-taking that Jake’s hand around her back would sometimes find its way to hovering just above her ass. He also had no problem putting their cheeks flush together in some of the pictures or squeezing her extra close into his side. Once Y/N’s mom was satisfied, Jake held Y/N’s hand and led her to his car, opening the door for her. “What a gentleman,” she looked up at him through her eyelashes. “Hey, I can be, sometimes,” he winked at her before closing her door shut.

    This flirty tension continued through the rest of the night. He was always by her side no matter what song was playing, whether it was a sugary-pop tune or a slow-dance song. She had to admit she had expected Jake to join some of his friends at some point, or at least beckon Josh over to join them, but Jake gave her special treatment for the entire evening. When the amount of people began to dwindle and the song choices became even harder to stomach, they both decided it was time to make their exit. Once in his car, he took a minute to start it, and Y/N looked over at him expectantly to see him already staring at her. “What?” she giggled. His eyes shifted back into focus awakening him from his trance. “Nothing” he smirked and put the keys in the ignition. “Back to your house, I assume?” she asked. Jake nodded, “Sure”.

    Neither of them said a word the entire drive, a sort of tension between them, but it wasn’t unpleasant. Y/N watched out the window as they drove, remembering bits and pieces of the night. How many times she caught him staring at her, the warmth of their bodies flush together while they slow danced, the way he smiled at her with a look in his eyes she couldn’t quite place, but it reminded her of a night in a closet, 4 years before. Nothing of that nature had happened since that moment, and neither of them had ever brought it up again. But that didn’t mean they hadn’t thought about it, especially what it would be like to do it again. These thoughts occupied her mind for the entire drive, and little did she know, they were on his mind too. But staying over at Jake’s house was normal, she kept trying to remind herself. They were probably just going to watch something stupid and fall asleep, like they usually did, because there was no reason for tonight to be any different. Satisfied at the conclusion she had reached, Jake pulled into his driveway. His keys on his lanyard jingled as he unlocked the front door, and they were met with silence and darkness. “Hello?” Jake yelled. He waited a couple beats. “Guess it’s just you and me.” He turned to smile at her as he turned on a light. They went upstairs to his bedroom, and he pulled out two t-shirts and two pairs of sweatpants from a drawer. She looked at him with an eyebrow raised, questioningly. “You wanna change outta that, right?” he gestured to her dress. “Oh, yeah, I guess I should,” she said with a laugh. She grabbed the pants and shirt from him, and he started to leave his room. “I’ll change in the bathroom; you can change in here.” And with that he left, closing his door behind him.

    She took off her heels first, and then began her attempt at undoing the zipper. She got it just past the band of her bra in the back, but then, it got stuck. She kept fiddling with it, dragging it up and down, but it kept getting stuck in the same spot. “Shit” she mumbled under her breath. She knew she’d have to get Jake’s help. It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen her in her bra a handful times, she fondly remembered sneaking away in the middle of the night to go swimming in the lake on their conjoined family camping trip, or hikes in the summer when it just got way too hot, but something about this time seemed more intimate.

    He knocked on the door, and with the absence of a response he opened it. He opened his mouth to make some kind of joke about her still being in her dress and missing the point of him leaving, but he noticed her fingers lingering over the zipper half-way down her back. She spun around. “Can you help me, please?” she asked, a hint of nervousness in her voice. He stared into her eyes and swallowed slowly. “Sure.” He made his way over to her. His fingers brushed across her back as he moved her hair out of the way and flung it over her shoulder. He traced her skin slowly as his fingers found where her zipper was stuck, raising it slightly to be able to pull the fabric out of the way, holding it taut as to not get it stuck again, and lowered the zipper at an agonizingly slow pace, his fingers brushing across her spine the whole way down, leaving goosebumps behind. The zipper went far enough down that it came just below where the curve of her ass began, him able to see the top of the lacy underwear she wore. Her breath hitched in her throat as he lightly ran the tips of his fingers across it. She slowly turned around, clutching the top of her dress over her bra, the silky fabric now hanging loosely. He made no effort to leave the room, and she made no effort to ask him to. His eyes raked across her body, up and down, until he met her eyes again, matching lust dancing in their gazes. Slowly, she began to let go of the fabric, until the dress fell, and the fabric pooled around her ankles in a rush. Jake swallowed audibly, his eyes wide with shock and desire, and Y/N swore she could hear her own heartbeat. He took a couple of steps towards her and paused. “Y/N?” She waited a moment. “Yes?” she breathed, their eyes never leaving each other’s. He closed the rest of the distance between them and reached out a hand to caress her cheek. She leaned into it, her eyes closing for a second. He halted the movement of his thumb on her cheek and cupped it with his whole hand instead and leaned forward slightly. Y/N took his face into both of her hands and held it for just a moment, staring deep into his eyes, his boring right back into hers. She had seen these deep brown eyes cry before, when his grandma died, when the stress of middle school had come crashing down on him, when her dog died and he came over to help her bury him, when they were little, and she had crashed her bike and the sight of her sobbing and being in pain caused him to cry too. She’d seen them light up with joy doing what he loved, whenever he performed his music in front of people, when they would drive around in the summer with the top down, when he would play her mixtapes he’d made for her and he’d see how much she’d enjoyed them. And now, in his eyes she saw, lust, desire, passion, fear, and genuine care. She closed the distance between the two of them and locked her lips onto his. He kissed her back with such raw intensity, deepening the kiss almost immediately. He pushed her backwards until the backs of her knees hit the bed, and he pushed her down gently, lips never leaving hers. Her hands drifted up from his hips as her fingers danced across the hem of his t-shirt. She pulled away from the kiss and looked up at him with questioning eyes. He nodded breathlessly and slotted their lips together again as she tugged his shirt over his shoulders, breaking the kiss for only a moment to bring it over his head. She tugged at the waistband of his pants, and he kicked them off in a quick motion, and placed his hands on her waist and picked her up, placing her at the top of his bed so her head could rest on his pile of pillows. He held himself above her with his hands on either side of her. He admired her in this position, having only been this way with her once or twice during a couple of friendly wrestling matches. They were both completely clothed on those occasions, though. He drew his gaze up and down her body, clad in her matching, lacy, pale blue bra and underwear, taking in every freckle and scar, the blush across her cheeks from the heat they had created, her lips

    swollen, hair a mess, splayed across his plaid pillowcase. It was a privilege to see her this way. He took in a shaky breath as he met her eyes, a smile playing on her lips. “You are so beautiful.” He said, his voice level barely above a whisper. She grinned at him. “Kiss me more, Jake.” He didn’t need any more encouragement. He caressed her face as he took her lips in his, his other hand stroking up and down her arm, their bodies flush together now. She wrapped her arms around neck, holding him close to her. A quiet moan escaped her lips as he ground one of his knees over her groin, her hips raising up slightly to meet his. He took his hand from her arm and snaked it behind her back, fingers toying with the band of her bra. He broke the kiss to gaze into her eyes, searching for consent. She raised up on her elbows, slotting their lips together again as her answer. He fiddled with the clasp for a moment as he used his other hand to hold her flush against him. Eventually she felt the tightness of her bra loosen as he undid the clasp. He removed her lips from his and laid her back down on the bed, using each of his hands to slowly drag the straps down her shoulders. She slid the thin pieces of fabric over her wrists and tossed her bra to the floor. She looked up at him to see him staring down at her perky breasts, his mouth slightly agape. She caressed his cheek, causing him to draw his attention back to her face for a moment. “Can I…?” he let the words hang in the air. She smiled and nodded, appreciating how careful he was. He trailed his fingers up across her stomach and ribs until he met the apex of her breasts with each hand. He slowly traced his fingers across her nipples, watching them swell against his touch. He leaned down and took one into his mouth, his tongue swirling wet circles around the peak, playing with the other between his fingers with his other hand. The stimulation caused her to let out a breathy moan. He switched places with his hand, giving the other breast equal attention with his mouth. He traced a line with his free hand from her shoulder to her neck, placing his palm under her ear, his fingers lacing into her hair, and his thumb slowly caressing her cheek as he removed his mouth from her breast. She let out a little whine at the loss of contact, that she quickly swallowed as his lips connected with her neck. He left little nibbles here and there, tongue dancing around the light marks he would leave, until his lips made their way up to her earlobe. She moaned with the contact as he took the soft flesh between his teeth. She felt his fingers dip beneath the band of her underwear, tracing a line from one side to the other. He swallowed her moan with his own hum as he dragged his finger from her clit to her entrance with a featherlight touch. He barely dipped his fingers into her center, feeling the warmth of her wetness that had begun to pool there. He broke the kiss, and she watched with a slack jaw as he brought his fingers up to his lips, licking her off of them. She raised up slightly and took his lips back into hers, tasting herself. She brought her hands to the waistband of his briefs and slowly dragged them down over his hips. He broke the kiss and shifted slightly to remove them the rest of the way. He brought his fingers back to the hem of her underwear, flashing his eyes to hers with an eyebrow cocked, asking for silent permission. She nodded once, nervousness beginning to wash over her. He tugged them down, her raising up slightly so he could drag them below her ass. She lifted her feet up above his shoulders as he was in between her legs, and he tugged the fabric over her feet and discarded them onto the floor. He lowered his face to hers and took her lips in between his for a quick peck as he hovered above her, holding himself up with his palms on either side of her. He took his length into one of his hands and angled it towards her entrance. He looked into her eyes, lit with lust, fire, and curiosity. “Are you sure you wanna do this, Y/N?” he questioned. She nodded vigorously. He

    brought himself towards her entrance, the tip barely grazing her wetness as she grabbed his wrist. “Wait” she breathed. He stopped all movement and gazed at her inquisitively. “Jake, I-, I’m-…” she stuttered. He stared back at her and waited for her to finish. “It’s okay, sweetheart, what’s up?” She relaxed as the pet name landed on her ears. She took a deep breath. “I’m a virgin, Jake,” she sighed, the volume barely above a whisper. He smiled down at her. “It’s okay, you’ll be fine. I’ll go slow. If you still want to, of course.” “I do, I do, I just…thought you should know.” She responded. “Well thank you for telling me, I’ll make sure I’m extra careful.” He brought one hand up to her face and caressed it gently with his thumb, using his free hand to search his sheets for hers. As his fingers grazed hers, he grabbed her hand and laced their fingers together. He removed his hand from her face and wrapped it around his length, guiding it to her entrance again. He dragged the tip up and down, spreading her wetness. He met her eyes again. “Are you ready?” She nodded. He gave her hand a reassuring squeeze as he entered her slowly. She let out a hiss as did, him stopping halfway in to make sure she wasn’t in too much pain. She squeezed his hand as he filled her up with the rest of him. He gave her a few moments to adjust to his size and pressure. He stared at her face, scrunched with anxiety and her eyes closed. “Hey,” he stroked her face, and she opened her eyes. “Are you okay?” “Yes.” She nodded. “Okay, I’m going to move now.” She leaned into his hand on her face, not breaking eye contact as he began to gently thrust into her. The pain had completely subsided, and she let out a moan as she felt their pelvises meeting with each thrust. He gradually increased his speed, wet sounds and quiet moans filling his room. She let go of his hand and snaked her arms around his neck, bringing him closer to her, chests flushing together, sealing together with sweat. He brought one of his hands up into her hair and traced the other down her torso and onto her clit. He moved his thumb in circles over it, matching the rhythm of his hips. “Jake,” she breathed, the noise like a hymn sung by an angel, causing him to release a moan in response. He increased the speed of this thrusts and thumb, as she wrapped her legs around his waist, pushing him farther into her as if that was even possible. “Jake?” she said like a question. “Yes, baby?” he removed his hand from her clit and brought it up to her face to move her hair, giving him a clear view of her eyes. “No don’t stop” she moaned, and he resumed his thumb's position on her clit. “I think, I think I’m gonna cum”, she breathed, and Jake felt her tighten around him. He let out a groan of pleasure and maintained his momentum. He placed a sloppy kiss on her lips, and her teeth traced his bottom lip, their tongues dancing a messy waltz. He swallowed her moans until she broke the kiss and let out a breathy, “Jake, fuck…” as she tightened around his length again, coming undone beneath him. The feeling of her pulsating around his cock was enough to bring him over the edge, and he pulled out quickly, spilling onto her stomach. They laid there, arms wrapped around each other, the only sounds being their shaky breathing as they came down off of their high. He rolled off of her and grabbed a t-shirt off the floor, wiping it over his length, and then he knelt between her legs to clean himself off her stomach. He stood up and buried the soiled shirt into his hamper. She was sitting up on the bed when he turned around, staring at him with something that could only be labeled as adoration in her eyes, a blush painted across her nose and cheeks. He smiled back at her and handed her the still folded t-shirt and sweatpants from earlier that had long been forgotten on his dresser. She stood up to put them on, and he found his briefs and sweatpants on the floor, neglecting a shirt. She laid back down his bed, scooting against the wall, and patted the sheets next to her, beckoning him to join her. As soon as he

    laid down, she flung her arm over his bare chest, laid her head on his shoulder, and threw her leg over his. He turned his head to face her and placed a chaste kiss on her lips. They stared into each other’s eyes for a few moments before Y/N broke the silence. “I’m tired.” She said with a smile. Jake let out a quiet chuckle. “Yeah, me too.” He agreed and reached over to his nightstand to turn off his lamp. They laid there in silence, arms wrapped around each other, no other words needing to be an exchanged, as everything left unsaid was expressed with their actions; Y/N’s hand lazily running her fingers through his small patch of chest hair, his fingers laced in her hair, as he occasionally placed light pecks on her cheeks and forehead. Eventually their breathing slowed, falling asleep together.


    Y/N and Jake had officially been dating for just two months, their first night spent together definitely not being their last as they fell into a comfortable rhythm. After two weeks of days and nights spent attached at the hip, Jake had finally asked, “I can call you my girlfriend, right?” and that’s all it took. It was summertime now, and Jake had decided to drive them both up to Lake Huron for the day. The nearly two-hour drive was spent with the top down, their hair blowing as a tangled mess in the wind. Y/N sang along to the radio in pure bliss. Jake looked over at her, sunlight bathing her in a golden glow, drawing attention to the dusting of freckles across her nose and cheeks. She looked over at him and giggled, “What?” she smiled. He glanced over at her a couple more times, eyes dancing between her face and the road in front of him. He took a deep breath and trained his eyes on the road. “Nothing” he smiled. “No, you can’t do that, you were definitely gonna say something!” she pestered. He took another deep breath and glanced over at her with a smile on his lips. “I just-… I love you, Y/N.” Her breath hitched in her throat as she realized what he said. Of course, she knew he loved her, she loved him too, in many ways. And this wasn’t the first time she’d heard him say it over their many years of being close, but this was however the first time he had said it since they began their romantic relationship, those three words carrying a new weight to them. She grabbed his hand that was resting on the gearshift and brought the back of it up to her lips. She stared at him as the sun shone on his brown hair, turning it a bright caramel as it blew in the wind, his eyes a golden honey-brown. He glanced over at her for a second and caught her eye, noticing the grin displayed on her lips. “I love you, too” she said so quietly it almost couldn’t be heard over the road noise, but loud enough that Jake could still make it out. He couldn’t stop the huge smile from forming, or the blush that rose onto his cheeks.


    “Y/N? Y/N!” she heard her name being yelled from across the playground, by the only person she would want it to be yelled by at the moment, but she still didn’t move from her position hiding inside one of the slides. “Y/N” the voice was closer this time, but still obscured by the thick, blue plastic of the slide. She heard the sound of shoes scuffing on the plastic, and she slowly inched her way up farther inside the slide. “Y/N?” the voice was amplified, echoing inside of the structure. All of a sudden, a face popped out from around one of the turns of the slide, a mess of wavy brown hair stuck in sweaty strands to his forehead, brown eyes filled with concern as he took in the sight of tears spilling out of Y/N’s eyes and running down her cheeks. At seven years old, he didn’t know exactly how to comfort her, but he did know that she was hurting, and she needed him, even if she acted like the didn’t. She turned away from him, hiding her face in her hands to try and conceal her tears. “Hey, it’s okay” he climbed up the slide farther and took her hand from her face and held them in one of his, brushing away the wetness from her cheeks with his free hand. “Shh, shh,” he soothed, something he had learned from his mother when she would comfort him after a scooter accident, or a fight that went too far with his twin. After a couple moments, her tears slowed, and all that could be heard in the slide was her shaky breathing and scattered hiccups. He broke the silence, “You know they were just being stupid right? Stupid and mean.” She took a deep breath to self-soothe as tears threatened to spill from her eyes again. “But they’re right, Jakey. Nobody else has as many freckles as I do. They’re ugly.” “Shut up, they are not!” he argued. “I love your freckles” he continued. “They look like dirt.” She disagreed. Jake rolled his eyes. “Y/N, besides my mom and my sister, you’re the prettiest girl I know.” Y/N giggled. “Really?” she asked. “I swear” he responded. She smiled. He smiled back and tugged on the hand he was still holding. “Will you come down now? We’ll go for a walk, we can explore! We don’t have to see them.” She sighed. “Yeah, I guess so.” She slid down the slide with him. They left the playground and wandered into the woods behind it, following a dirt trail. Something caught Jake’s eye, and he let go of Y/N’s hand and ran off the trail a little way into the woods. “Jakey! Where are you going?” Y/N yelled. “I’ll be right back! Stay there” he yelled back, not turning around. He was bent down behind a tree, so Y/N couldn’t see what he was doing. She watched as he came out from behind the tree, his hands clutched behind his back, hiding something from her view as he walked back towards her. When he was right in front of her, he brought his hands from behind his back, grasping a small bundle of wild daisies. Y/N gasped and smiled. “They’re so pretty!” she squealed. “For you” he smiled, holding them out to her. Jake had learned from his dad that girls liked flowers. Jake didn’t know why, but he knew that it made them happy, and that’s all he wanted Y/N to be. She grabbed the bouquet from him. “Thank you, Jakey.”


    Jake slammed the cabinet door closed after getting a glass, hastily pouring himself a drink, and downing it in seconds. “I don’t know why the fuck we’re fighting about this again. You knew what you were getting into when you started dating me.” He muttered. “We were 18, Jake! A lot has changed in eight years. You played bars every now and then.” She yelled. “How the fuck was I supposed to know that someday you were going to be gone all the fucking time, barely sparing time to call or even send a simple text, let alone come home to visit? This isn’t what I signed up for.” Her volume gradually lowering as she finished her sentence. “I don’t know what you want from me. I would appreciate a little understanding? Maybe being happy for my success? Is that too hard for you?” he questioned angrily. She smiled, though there was no happiness behind it. “Are you fucking kidding me? Fuck you. Of course, I’m happy for you. But can you really blame me for wanting you here? You missed every holiday. My birthday. Our anniversary. I came to a couple of your shows, and you acted like you couldn’t give less of a shit that I was there, barely saying ‘hi’ to me before running off to get drunk. And tonight, I walk in on you doing coke? Coke, Jake? Is this really the road you wanna go down?” Jake started to laugh and shake his head as he poured another drink that he quickly gulped down. He started out the back door, fiddling with a pack of cigarettes in his pocket as she followed him outside. He put it in between his lips and pulled out a lighter, taking a deep drag. She sighed. “You know I hate when you smoke.” “Oh yeah? Why don’t tell me everything else that you hate about me, huh? Because lately it seems like a fucking lot.” He yelled with a sneer, venom practically dripping from his tongue. “Fuck, Jake, where do I begin?” she screamed. “I hate that all you do is drink lately, you’re practically borderline alcoholic. I hate that you apparently are into hard drugs now. I hate that you don’t take care of yourself. I hate that you’re never home. I hate that you treat me like shit and keep me on the backburner all the fucking time, just because you think that I’ve always been here for you since we were kids, I’ll still always be here for a quick fuck. I hate that you seem to forget everything I’ve done for you just because it’s convenient. I hate that you’re so willing to give up everything we have, just because you’re some kind of rockstar now. I hate that you laughed at me a couple months ago when I brought up marriage, and you told me ‘that’s just not your scene’, when getting married and having a family was all we would talk about when we were younger.” Tears were streaming down her face now. “I hate that I feel like you don’t love me anymore, and that you’re making it very hard for me to love you.” She finished as she choked back a sob. He was completely unaffected by her tears. “If this is what love is, I’m fucking tired of it.” He hissed. The breath caught in her throat. They stared at each other in silence, his face solid stone, tears flooding from her eyes and dripping onto her shirt. She shifted her weight between her feet and looked down. “Fuck you.” She finally muttered under her breath and went inside. After a moment, he sat down on a nearby chair and continued taking drags from his cigarette. Though he appeared unphased from the outside, his mind had begun to panic. They had been getting into way more fights recently, so that in and of itself was nothing new, but things went way farther tonight. He knew he had been changing, and he didn’t particularly like the person he was becoming, either. The nights he’d come home drunk had become more frequent, and though he would never, ever raise a hand to her in anger, their verbal altercations hurt almost as much. He didn’t realize it at first, until he tasted the salt on his tongue, that he had begun to cry. He sat outside alone in his thoughts for over an hour, and he stood up to make his way inside and apologize. Lately after a fight, Y/N would already be in bed, back to the door, and

    he would lay down next to her and stroke her back until she rolled over to face him. He would apologize, say some flirty things to her, and they’d fuck it out and move on. He knew this time was different, guilt was plaguing him, and he knew she deserved a real apology. He would change, he would take more time off from tour, he’d go to rehab, they could go to couple’s therapy, anything to make her happy; he couldn’t lose her. But when he entered their shared bedroom, something felt different. First, he noticed her closet door was thrown open, and it was empty. Her suitcase and duffel that were usually on the shelf were gone. The top of the dresser that was usually littered with her jewelry and perfume, was bare. He ran into the bathroom, realization beginning to wash over him as he noticed all her makeup was gone off the counter, even her toothbrush was no longer in the holder next to the faucet. “Oh my god,” he said to himself as he bolted to the front door, throwing it open as he looked to the driveway and saw that her car wasn’t there. He took a few deep breaths, trying to calm himself. Maybe she just went to stay at her mom’s or Josh’s, or even Sammy’s for all he cared. Her being gone right now didn’t have to mean she was gone for good. He went back inside, finding his phone laying on the counter and dialed her number. Straight to voicemail. He took a shaky breath, panic setting in, as he typed out a text to her, just checking on her and asking where she was. As soon as he hit send, he was met with red text that said, ‘Message Not Delivered’. He tried to re-send it, same thing. He typed something else, and it said it again. Eventually he had sent 18 different texts to her, each one with the same error next to it.


    And he hadn’t heard from her, or seen her, since. It wasn’t like she disappeared. Jake knew she kept in touch with his siblings and his mother. Josh would occasionally update him on little things about her, that he had had lunch with her, or she and Sammy had met up. Jake wouldn’t ask for details about their conversations, save for inquiring if she had mentioned him, at all. “She’s still not ready, Jake.” Josh would always say. And now, three years had gone by. Jake had used that time to better himself. He was in the best place he had ever been. He was completely sober, and his band had really taken off, grinding out world tours like it was easy. He hadn’t dated anyone, save for a couple of casual hook-ups here and there. In the back of his mind, Y/N was always his, and they would find their way back to each other.

    This particular Christmas Eve, Jake was sent to the grocery store by Karen, with a list of a couple things she had forgotten for their Christmas dinner the following day. He was home in his small-town, where everyone did know who he was, not because of his fame but because they had practically raised him, so he wasn’t worried about running into “fans”. The last person he had expected to run into, however, was Y/N.

    He rounded the corner of an aisle looking down at his phone for the list, chest immediately colliding with full force into the small frame of another person.

    And this was how he found himself in the position he was now, holding Y/N, staring into each other’s eyes catching their breath, as he had had flashbacks of their entire relationship run through his mind, she experienced something similar. He felt like he had whiplash, his breath was stuck in his throat, and a few moments went by until he shook himself out of his trance and realized he was still holding her. He looked down at his hand on her wrist and slowly let go. As she moved her hand away from him, something caught the light on her hand and he trained his eyes on a diamond ring, resting on her polished finger. He took in the rest of her appearance then, noticing her swollen stomach as her shirt clung tightly to it. “Jake?” she breathed. “Hi” he murmured, looking back into her eyes. He wasn’t expecting her to quickly pull him into a tight embrace. She began questioning him happily, asking how he’s been, about the band, and he caught her up as quickly as he could, right there in the frozen food aisle. They joked around, making each other laugh until they cried, the last three years feeling like only a day.

    After they made their way past the checkout, she turned to face him. “Hey, do you wanna get like a coffee or something?” “Sure,” he responded. They put their groceries in their separate cars, and then she climbed into the passenger seat of his. They couldn’t find any open coffee shops, so they ended up back in the grocery store parking lot, talking about everything of the last three years. Snow began to fall, covering the windshield of his car, as she told him all about the lawyer she had married last year, how she was 4 months pregnant and it was a boy, how she finally pursued photography like she had always talked about doing in high school. He listened intently, falling back into the habits of old best friends, neither of them realizing that the grocery store had long since closed and it was approaching midnight. Their lips became a little looser due to the lateness of the hour, and she finally addressed the elephant in the room. “Josh gave me your letter”, she said quietly.

    About a year and a half before, Jake had an emotional night after finding an old note from her from high school in the pocket of a pair of jeans back at his childhood home, his mom requesting that her sons finally go through all of their old clothes and get rid of what they didn’t want. He spent the better part of an hour crying and reminiscing, filled with so much regret as he remembered the night she had finally left. He hadn’t tried to call her or text her anymore after that night, understanding that she needed space and that was the least she deserved after everything he had put her through. But, he sat down at the desk in his childhood bedroom and began to write. He wrote 6 front and back pages, pouring out his heart apologizing and reminding her that he still loved her, and would always be there for her for whatever she needed, even if it was only a friend. He sealed it in an envelope with her name scrawled across the front and gave it to Josh. He had eventually begun to wonder why she still hadn’t reached out to him at all after that, even just through Josh relaying something to him, but the answer was now staring him right in the face from her ring finger.

    “Oh, yeah?” he responded sheepishly. She nodded. “I’m really glad you’re taking care of yourself. You look great.” She smiled. “So do you.” He replied, his eyes darting to her swollen stomach. She laughed. “Thank you.” He smiled back at her. “Of course.” They maintained eye contact for a few beats until she looked down. “I’ll always love you; you know?” she murmured. He swallowed and looked down as well. “I’ll always love you, too.” They looked back up at each other and locked eyes again. Loud vibration from her lap shook them from their trance. “Oh shit, it’s Anthony”. Anthony, Jake had learned, was her husband. “Hi baby. Hey, yes I know, I’m so sorry. I should have texted. I’m fine.” She paused, glancing over at Jake. “I met up with an old friend. Yeah. I’ll be home soon babe. I will. Love you too, bye”. She hung up her phone and laid it back in her lap, making eye contact with him again. “I should go, I didn’t realize how late it was.” “Oh yeah, um, of course,” Jake stuttered. “I’ll walk you to your car.” He said. They got out of his warm vehicle and were met with the frigid air, both of them beginning to shiver as he walked with her to her SUV. They stopped in front of her driver side door and she turned to face him. “It was really great to see you.” She said with a smile. He smiled back at her. “Yeah, yeah it was.” They both gazed into each other’s eyes for a few moments. She reached up and caressed his cheek. He leaned forward slightly, as did she, and she placed a light, chaste peck on his lips. He placed his hand over hers that was still on his cheek as she pulled away. She pulled him into a tight embrace that lasted several minutes, snow beginning to cover their shoulders and hair as they relished in each other’s warmth. When they finally pulled apart, they locked eyes again, saying everything they couldn’t with their words. “Don’t be a stranger,” Jake said, finally breaking the silence. She smiled. “I won’t, my son needs a fun uncle even if he isn’t related. Anthony’s sisters are a little boring I won’t lie.” She giggled. Jake laughed. “Sounds great.” And with that she climbed into her car. She turned to face him, giving him a little wave as she pulled away. He watched her drive the whole length of the parking lot until she reached the stoplight, and his gaze followed her car until buildings she passed hid her from view. As he turned and began to walk back to his car, the snow turned into rain. – fin.

    #greta van fleet #greta van fleet fic #greta van fleet fanfiction #jake kiszka #jake kiszka smut #jake kiszka fanfic #jake kiszka x reader #jake kiszka fluff #jake kiszka angst #sam kiskza#josh kiszka#danny wagner #greta van fic #greta van fleet imagine #gvf fanfiction#gvf fic#gvf imagine#gvf blurb#gvf smut#fan fic#sad fic#sad fanfiction
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  • keisua
    26.11.2021 - 8 hours ago

    small actions enhypen do that you love

    PAIRING. enha member x reader GENRE. fluff WARNINGS. c-couples 🤢
    # — idk bro enjoy!!!!


    JAY ! will randomly make food for you :(( *÷*$; whatever it is,, breskfast lunch dinner or a snack HE DOESNT CARE HE'LL MAKE IT FOR U <3

    JAKE ! shoving finger hearts on ur face HAHA or something like that.

    SUNGHOON ! he pulls ur head to his shoulder sjshd if ur walking somewhere, laying down, in a car. he wants u with him there for everrrr :(

    SUNOO ! he will randomly hold ur hand &÷£*# walking across the street, isles of stores, or even just at home. HE WILL HOLD UR ADORABLE HAND‼️

    JUNGWON ! mf will randomly backhug u and its the cutest shit.. EVER he just want u to relentlessly love him💘 WHICH U DO OFC WHO WOULDNT 82$&#¥(@

    RIKI ! piggyback rides ARE HIS FAV WAY OF SHOWING HOW MUCH HE LOVES U &÷&÷* SO CUTE IKIK<3 or he'll just randomly throw you over his own shoulder LSBEID

    © keisua 2021 — all rights reserved.

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  • gretavanwinkle
    26.11.2021 - 8 hours ago

    And Here You Are (The One For Me) // Danny Wagner

    Hello! I’m back again with another oneshot. This one was prompted by me being a sap and looking at photos from my sisters wedding whilst simultaneously being in a Danny mood. It’s a bit of a cheesy, fluffy mess, but I kinda like it. I hope you do, too! Remember, everything written below is a work of fiction and should not be taken as a figment of truth.

    The phone rang just as you were in the middle of sliding the final pin into your hair. Hurrying through your apartment to your bedroom, you grabbed the still-chiming device off the charger.

    “Hey, Danny.” Racing back to the bathroom to grab the hairspray, you tucked the phone in the crook of your shoulder.

    “I’m five minutes away, are you ready?” The smooth timbre of his voice echoed down the line, the soft thrumming of a car engine lingered in the background.

    “Pretty much, just adding the finishing touches now. Are you wearing the tie I bought you?”

    “Of course, how could I possibly forget when you’ve been texting me about it constantly for the past week?”

    “Shut up,” you huffed, rolling your eyes. “I’ll see you soon.”

    Hanging up, you placed your phone on the counter and carefully applied a thin sheen of gloss that made your already-red lips shimmer. Once you were ready, you grabbed a small, black clutch from your closet and filled it with the essentials. 

    Glancing out your window at the rumble of an engine, you watched as Danny’s car pulled into the driveway. Quickly slipping your feet into the small, black-suede heels you’d bought especially for the event, you headed for the door. 

    As much as you disliked formal events, your favourite aunt’s wedding was the exception. And besides, you were one of the bridesmaids, so you couldn’t exactly miss it. 

    Smoothing down the silken bodice, you took a deep breath, gathered the floor-length skirts in your spare hand, and opened the door. And there was Danny, in a tailored suit of darkest charcoal, with a deep emerald tie to match your dress, fist poised to knock.

    “Ready to—” Danny gulped, his gaze drifting down and back up again. “Woah.”

    “What?” Locking the apartment door behind you, you took the arm that Danny held out for you. 

    “Nothing. You just— you look really great.”

    “Thanks,” you muttered, glancing down at your feet, fighting the blush that had started to creep up your neck. “You clean up nicely, too, Wagner.”


    “Thanks for doing this, by the way, being my plus-one” you said as you got out of the car at the orchard. 

    “No biggie, that’s what friends are for, right?” Despite the confidence with which he spoke, Danny looked as though he’d punched in the gut. The two of you fell silent, but you were saved from any hint of awkwardness when one of your cousins came over to tell you to get into position. Your aunt was only minutes away.

    “You should probably go find a seat.” Turning back to Danny, his hair fluttering slightly in the breeze, you gestured toward the cluster of white, wicker chairs. Danny was fidgeting with the cuffs of his suit jacket, running his thumb and forefinger over the smooth silver of his cufflinks. He was always so anxious at things like this; part of you wanted to apologise for bringing him. But really, you just wanted to grip his hands to stop them from shaking, and tell him he’s the most handsome man you’d ever seen.

    You did neither of those things. 

    Danny swallowed as you reached up to straighten his collar, not balking as your gazes met. Despite the dozens of people milling about, slowly wandering to their seats, you had the sudden urge to risk it all. To just reach out and touch Danny’s face, to find out if his skin was as soft and warm as you’d always imagined it would be. 

    The sound of your cousin calling your name brought you back to earth.

    “I’ve got to go,” you murmured, backing away before you could ruin six years of friendship with a single, reckless touch, leaving Danny to find a seat in a crowd of strangers.


    The reception that followed the wedding was… lively, to say the least. The lodge that backed the orchard had been rented out for the evening, bedecked with white-and-gold ribbons, and balloons, and all manner of decorations. Tables bordered the huge function room, with the main table for the bride and groom sat at the very front of the room. 

    You were contemplating going back to your table, where Danny waited for you, when there was a tap on your shoulder. Turning, you came face-to-face with your newly-married Aunt Mel.

    “Hi, gorgeous,” she muttered, nudging you playfully with her elbow. “Boy trouble?”

    You cleared your throat, picking at your nails. “Is it that obvious?”

    Aunt Mel nodded, gossamer veil fluttering around her shoulders. Biting down on her smile, she waved Danny over before you could stop her.

    “What are you doing?” You hissed, trying to swat her arms down, but it was too late. Danny was headed your way.

    “Just something to think about,” Aunt Mel whispered before darting away. “The man I married? He was my platonic plus-one at my best friend's wedding four years ago…” Just like that, she was gone. 

    In her place, smelling of cedarwood and red wine, with his hair twisted into a messy knot at the nape of his neck, was Danny.

    “Hi,” he said, glancing down at his shoes. His suit jacket was gone, probably laid over the back of his chair, and he’d rolled the sleeves of his white button-up to his elbows, the veins in his arms on prominent display.

    “Do you want to dance?” You held out your hand, albeit a little awkwardly. “With me, I mean,” you added when Danny furrowed his brows.

    Despite being the one who asked, Danny grabbed your hand and pulled you toward the empty space in the centre of the room. Butter-yellow spotlights twirled across the floor, flashing in your periphery, but you were only focussed on him. 

    The familiar caramel hue of his eyes, the scar on his chin from when he fell off his skateboard in eighth grade, the dimple that lingered by the corner of his mouth, just waiting for the right time to emerge. 

    How was it that you could know every part of a person, lean on them for comfort, be the one they turned to in times of need, and still not be able to just say what you felt?

    The two of you had shared many secrets over the years, but never one like this. Never something that felt like love. 

    Danny’s hand on your waist almost knocked the breath from your lungs. You swayed along to the Taylor Swift song that drifted from the speakers, knowing Sam would be groaning dramatically if he were here, not really paying attention to anything but each other. As much as it made your knees tremble, you couldn’t tear your gaze from Danny’s.

    Something was changing. With each step, each breath, something was changing between the two of you. Unspoken, but not unnoticed.

    “I have something to say,” Danny whispered, leaning in. The warmth of his breath brushed against your cheek, sending a chill down your spine. He raised his arm, holding onto the tips of your fingers as you twirled, the skirts of your dress fanning out around you. 

    “Me too. You go first.” In the back of your mind, you kicked yourself for taking yet another opportunity to delay the truth. You didn’t resist as Danny pulled you closer to him, your hand drifting up to settle on his chest. The beat of his heart thumped beneath your palm.

    Danny took a deep breath, and with his exhale came a heart-wrenching string of words that, even in the wildest expanse of your imagination, you never expected to hear.

    “I find a new reason to fall in love with you every single day.”

    Biting down on your tongue to hide your shock, you continued dancing, even though your legs threatened to give up on you.

    “And I’ve been so afraid of telling you the truth because losing you would destroy me.”

    Danny fell silent after that, his hand still rested on your waist as songs-after-song melted into one another. 

    “I’ve been so blind,” you said, pulling back to look him in the eye. “I thought we were just friends, but that’s never really what we were, was it? Not for the past year, at least. We’ve grown up, I think. We’re in our twenties now, and we’re coming to terms with what we really mean to each other, I guess.”

    You weren’t entirely sure where you were going, but you couldn’t stop the words streaming out of your mouth. 

    “You always showed up. From the beginning, everytime I needed you, you showed up.”

    “Of course I did, you did the same for me.” Danny twirled you again and you caught a brief glimpse of Aunt Mel across the room, flashing you a knowing smile. 

    “And here you are. Again.”

    “Here I am.”

    All noise faded into silence, lights seemed to dim. It was just you and Danny, the only two people left in the entire world. Swaying mindlessly through time. 

    But then Danny’s lips were on yours and time stopped completely. 

    Every thought emptied from your head, until there was only him. 

    His tongue parted your lips effortlessly, the faint hint of wine was intoxicating, but his lips were what you were drunk on. 

    When you came back to reality, the two of you had stopped dancing, your hands lingered at Danny’s cheeks, while his own cupped your neck and back respectively. It was like waking up from a dream, a foggy, golden haze hovered over everything.


    “What does this mean for us?” You asked once you were in the car on the way back to your apartment, Danny’s hand resting on your thigh. 

    “Whatever you want it to mean,” he replied, smiling softly, “as long as I’m part of it.”

    #danny wagner #danny wagner gvf #danny wagner fic #greta van fleet #gvf #greta van fleet fic #josh kiszka #josh kiszka gvf #jake kiszka #jake kiszka gvf #sam kiszka #sam kiszka gvf #the battle at garden's gate #anthem of the peaceful army #the peaceful army #from the fires #fluff
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    chapter 7; do you mind if i sit here?

    "why'd you want to meet me?"

    jake was still holding the letter in his hand that jungwon placed in his locker. on the front, read red letters in bold spelling 'IMPORTANT!'

    "well.." jungwon started, not sure how to word the sentence. he figured to just be blunt about it.

    "i wanted to set you up on a date-"

    "no thanks." jake had already begun to leave, before he felt a hand grabbing his wrist.

    "please?" jungwon spoke, with a desperate tone.



    you were told by jungwon to meet him at the cafe, yet no sign of him was there. you sighed, before packing your things to leave when-

    "do you mind if i sit here?"

    series taglist: @ja4hyvn @lionessmane @mykalon @nishiwon @k4sjy @rinyx @luvrseung (taglist open)

    ʾʾ ⊹ ໑. fancy you

    summary: after four years of chasing after guys who will never like you back, you finally accept the fact you'll be single forever. that is, before he came along.

    prev // next

    # series masterlist || main masterlist

    a/n: i got the 'bsf paying for loved one's hospital fees' from another smau called perhaps love by @m1ng-how ! i feel like it really puts the reader on edge, so i decided to put it in! check out perhaps love, it makes me wanna punch y/n's 'bsf'

    #enhypen smau#enhypen angst#jake smau #jake x reader angst #jake x reader smau #enhypen fluff#jake texts #jake x reader fluff
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    hello idk if tumblr eats requests but my i don't have any asks right now except for one. if you have any requests, please send them out! ♡̷̷

    [rules] [main masterlist] [how to submit a request]

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  • hot-for-the-80s
    26.11.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Saturday Night

    Warnings: mild language

    Summary: You discover a startling truth about Jake when you attend the band’s performance on Saturday night.

    Word Count: 3.8k

    Series Masterpost

    Taglist: @jakekiszkasguitarpick

    I awoke the next day at around 12 o’clock.

    Shit. I slept in.

    I sat up and stretched, the popping of my joints echoing throughout the room. I pushed myself out of bed and went downstairs to see how Kathryn was doing. She was still passed out on the couch, one of her arms dangling off the side. The blanket was strewn haphazardly across the floor and her pillow was thrown behind the couch. I laughed to myself, imagining her flailing around in her sleep and thrashing at everything in close proximity to her.

    I allowed her to sleep. Rather than waking her, I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. I'm guessing she'll be starving by the time she wakes up. I wasn't sure if she'd eaten anything the night before. That's probably why she became so intoxicated so quickly.

    I rummaged through the refrigerator for anything edible. I needed to go food shopping soon. The refrigerator was practically barren. I discovered a half-eaten pack of bacon in the back and two eggs still in the carton. I double-checked the bacon's expiration date. Fortunately, it was still good for another week. I know how much Kathryn loves scrambled eggs and bacon, so I prepared my cooking station.

    I heated a pan on the stovetop and added three pieces of bacon. As the comforting aroma of bacon drifted through the air, I closed my eyes to take in the smell. In a small bowl, I whisked the eggs before transferring them to a separate pan. I heard Kathryn stirring just as I finished arranging all of the food on a plate. I walked over to her and gently shook her shoulder.


    Kathryn rolled over onto her other side. The front of her face was now pressed against the back of the couch. I shook her once more, this time more violently.

    “Kathryn. Come on. I made breakfast.”

    Kathryn hummed. I could tell she was trying to encourage me to leave her alone.

    “Kathryn. You need to eat.”

    I shook her even more forcefully. Her eyes shot open, and she stared blankly into mine for a few moments. She had just returned to the land of the living after a very long sleep and was still trying to process what had happened.

    Kathryn rubbed her eyes as she began to awake.

    “Mmm. What’s that smell?”

    Her voice was deep and raspy after spending hours without talking. I chuckled and gave her a warm smile.

    “Bacon and eggs.”

    Kathryn stood up. She leaned back and cracked her back before approaching the counter. She sat on one of the barstools and immediately began devouring the bacon.

    “Oh my god.”

    Her eyes fluttered shut as she chewed. She hadn’t even swallowed before she went in for a second bite.

    “That tastes like heaven.”

    As I approached the cabinet, I ran my hand along the cold marble. I was looking for something specific. Fortunately, no one had eaten it. I opened the package which contained the last blueberry muffin. While opening the trash can lid, I removed the wrapper. I took a bite while leaning over the counter. By the time I returned my attention to Kathryn, she had finished the entire plate of food and hadn’t left even a single crumb.

    “Shit Kathryn, you were really hungry.”

    “You bet I was. All that alcohol really takes a toll on you.”

    Kathryn placed her hand over her mouth to keep food from spraying out. I snatched a bite of my muffin during this brief pause. It was slightly stale from sitting in the cabinet for a while, but it was still tasty. She chewed, swallowed, and then resumed the conversation.

    “Speaking of a lot of alcohol. Do you have any Advil?”

    I scoffed.

    “Congratulations on your first hangover.”

    I turned and looked for Advil in a cabinet above my stove. I unscrewed the cap, poured a few into my hand, and handed them to Kathryn. I also gave her a tall glass of water to wash them down. She tossed the pills into her mouth and violently chugged the glass of water. I took a second bite of my muffin.

    “Do you know about the football game tonight?”

    I inquired while Kathryn was still drinking. She sipped her glass and wiped her lip with the back of her hand.

    “I’ve heard about it. Isn’t it the first one of the season?”

    I nodded and took a third bite of my muffin. Before I started speaking, I put my hand over my mouth.

    “Yeah. I was just thinking… Maybe we should go.”

    Kathryn scoffed loudly, cocking her brow.

    “When have you ever displayed an interest in football?”

    I shrugged, as if this was a spur-of-the-moment thought. I pretended I hadn't had a dream the night before in which I was Jake's rockstar girlfriend and I was always in the crowd watching him work the audience.

    “I don’t know. I just thought it might be fun. Like you said, we need to take action and do interesting things.”

    Kathryn furrowed her brow.

    “Why do I get the feeling that something is up.”

    It was my turn to cock my brow and appear puzzled.

    “What? No! Nothing’s up! I just thought it would be a good idea to try new things!”

    “Are you sure?”

    I vigorously nodded my head. Kathryn sighed after a few moments of silence.

    “Alright. I guess I believe you.”

    I took a third bite of my muffin as she returned her attention to her empty plate. I finished my muffin and wiped my hands on my shirt. A few crumbs fell to the floor.

    “Wanna watch a movie?”

    I asked in hopes of lifting the awkward atmosphere in the room.


    Kathryn agreed.

    We spent the rest of the day watching movies from various genres. Anything from cheesy romance to horror. My gaze was fixed on the clock that hung above the kitchen door all throughout our movie marathon. The football game began at 7:00 p.m. I watched as the clock's hands moved slowly from one minute to the next. I was literally counting down the seconds until it was time to leave. I had a feeling Kathryn suspected something. The way she kept glancing over at me whenever I looked at the clock for too long. Every time she mocked me for not paying attention to the movie because my mind was focused on seeing Jake tonight.

    It was finally 6:15. The ideal time to start preparing for tonight. It was going to be a hot August night. I went with jean shorts and a brown crop top with daisies. My feet were dressed in a pair of black Converse hightops.

    “Are you ready to go?”

    Kathryn entered my room just as I was finishing tying my shoelaces into a bow. After I finished with my laces, I examined myself in the mirror. I must admit I looked very cute. I hope Jake liked it.

    “Ooo. You look cute! I wish I had a cute outfit.”

    Kathryn was wearing the same thing she had worn all day today and last night. It was a simple red and black flannel with a white tank and athletic shorts.

    “You look very cute Kathryn. I bet you’ll have a lot of cute boys staring you down tonight.”

    Kathryn pretended to blush.

    “Oh stop! You’re too kind!”

    After her sarcastic remark, we both laughed.

    We made our way out to my car. I placed my key in the ignition and the engine roared to life.

    “Oh I forgot to ask. Did Elliot text you today about last night?”

    I flipped through the radio stations until I found a good old-school rock channel. Hotel California by the Eagles was playing. The solo had just started.

    “No, I think last night was just a one time thing. I definitely don’t see us becoming anything more.”

    I drove out of my driveway and onto the street. My brakes were slightly squeaky. I’d have to get them fixed later.

    “That’s a shame.”

    Kathryn laughed softly.

    “Please. Don’t be sorry. His car smelled like shit and he was so cocky. I wouldn’t want to go on another date with him.”

    I took a right turn.

    “He’s a football player. What did you expect?”

    Kathryn laughed as she looked out the window at the passing trees.

    “Yeah. You’re right. I guess my expectations were too high.”

    “Was he at least nice?”

    Kathryn leaned her forehead against the window.

    “He was nice. Not super nice but nice enough. It was worth it though because I got to meet some of his super hot friends. One of them is super tall, blonde, and plays baseball. He goes to a different school. I’m thinking about asking him to prom.”

    I kept my attention focused on the road in front of me. I watched as the white lines marking the middle of the road disappeared under my tires.

    “That sounds like fun Kathryn.”

    The rest of the drive was spent in silence, listening to the sounds of old rock music playing through the speakers.

    We arrived at the high school. The sounds of the school band and players warming up filled the air. I had a joyful feeling in my heart. I was extremely optimistic. I had a hunch something spectacular was going to happen tonight. I was practically skipping to the bleachers.

    Kathryn and I took our seats close to the front of the field. Jake’s band was supposed to play at halftime and I wanted to be as close as humanly possible. The first half of the game went by slowly. The only thing on my mind was seeing Jake performing. I wanted to see for myself just how good he was when he played the guitar. I tapped my foot anxiously.

    “What’s wrong?”

    I turned my head to face Kathryn.

    “Nothing. Nothing’s wrong.”

    A confused expression struck Kathryn’s face.

    “Y/N. What’s wrong? You’ve been tapping your foot and fidgeting with your hands for the past twenty minutes.”

    My lips trembled as I took a shaky breath. I suppose I should just tell her. She is my closest friend. If I don't tell her tonight, she'll find out later. I took a deep breath in an attempt to calm my racing heart.

    “Okay. I have something to tell you, but you have to promise not to tell anyone.”

    Kathryn pretended to zip her lips and throw away the key. I nodded.

    “I met someone last night.”

    The words came out in a rush. The moment the words left my mouth, Kathryn's eyes lit up.


    My hand was clasped over her mouth. She was yelling and attracting a lot of attention. A few people turned their heads to see what was happening below them.

    “Kathryn! Keep it down!”

    She nodded vigorously and I cautiously removed my hand from her mouth.

    “You met someone and you didn’t tell me sooner?!”

    She muttered. My lips were pursed.

    “Yeah. Last night at the party. I was gonna wait to tell you, but I figured you’d find out eventually.”

    Kathryn slapped her thigh and threw her hands up in the air.

    “I knew something was up! Is he here tonight? Is that the reason you wanted to come to this?”

    She frantically looked from side to side, studying the appearances of everyone around us.

    “Yeah actually. He’s playing at halftime.”

    Kathryn swiveled her head around and cocked her eyebrow.

    “What do you mean playing?”

    “He’s in a band. They’re playing at halftime.”

    Kathryn threw her head back and softly screamed.

    “He’s in a band?! That’s perfect! I can just imagine him going on tour and telling everyone that interviews him about his perfect girlfriend.”

    From the side, she gave me a bear hug. I waved her away.

    “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’ve only talked once.”

    Kathryn let me go and sighed with annoyance.

    “Come on Y/N. You’re a gorgeous girl who loves vintage things and guitar players. What more could you want?”

    I shrugged.

    “Let’s hope you're right.”

    Kathryn placed her chin on my shoulder.

    “Soooo. What’s his name?”


    Kathryn perked up.


    She moved back and looked me in the eyes. Her expression was both perplexed and shocked.

    “I don’t know. He only told me his first name.”

    Kathryn's jaw dropped to the floor.

    “You were talking to Jake Kiszka last night?”

    I opened my mouth, trying to think of something to say. I simply repeated what I had said previously.

    “I-I don’t know! He only told me his first name!”

    Kathryn rolled her eyes as if she was asking me a completely obvious question.

    “Was he skinny, really hot, had long brown hair?”

    I pursed my lips and nodded.

    “Yeah. That pretty much sums him up. How do you know him?”

    Kathryn widened her mouth and furrowed her brow in puzzlement.

    “How do you not know him?! I mean, he’s practically been with every girl at school except for you and me.”

    That made perfect sense. From our conversation in the bathroom, I could tell he was at ease in his own skin. Not to mention how sexy and alluring he was. Any girl, including me, could easily fall head over heels for him in a short period of time.

    “He dated a few of my kinda close friends in sophomore and junior year. He’s really hot.

    There was a beat of silence. I could tell there was something in the air that was bothering her. Something she needed to say.

    “But I’d be careful if I were you.”

    I scoffed. That was the last thing I was expecting her to say.

    “What do you mean?”

    Kathryn looked up at the sky, trying to figure out the best way to tell me the truth without hurting my feelings. The suspense that was building was causing an aching feeling to form in the pit of my stomach. I wanted her to give me the straight facts, no beating around the bush.

    “He’s… not the kind of guy to stay in a relationship for very long. Sure, he’s nice, but he’s a player. He could have any girl at school and he knows it. He’s sexy, charming and confident. Which makes him all the more dangerous.”

    I pursed my lips and fixed my attention on the floor. Perhaps he wasn't the right guy for me. I wasn't even going to entertain the notion that I could change him. That was a cliche that could only be found in movies and books. People are who they are, and they will not change for someone they care about. No matter how much you love them, their previous desires will always be present. Other people may disagree with my beliefs, but I firmly believe there is no way to completely transform a person.

    Kathryn leaned into my ear and whispered.

    “Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but I’ve heard he’s got some serious history.”

    Her breath tickled my ear and I couldn’t help but press my ear into my shoulder. I felt an unfamiliar sensation in the pit of my stomach. It felt as if I was destined to receive horrible news.

    “What kind of history?”

    I whispered. Although I wasn’t completely sure if I wanted a response to the question I asked. Kathryn shrugged her shoulders.

    “I’m not exactly sure. Everytime I hear the story details are switched around, and I don’t like to spread rumors. But I know he’s made some bad decisions in the past.”

    It didn't make sense to me. Sure, I could believe he enjoyed sleeping around, but what could he have done that was so heinous? What do they know that I don't? He seemed like a super sweet guy. I couldn’t imagine him seriously hurting people, at least not on purpose. Kathryn reassured me with a pat on the shoulder. Perhaps she noticed the look of concern in my eyes.

    “Look. It’s your senior year. I would say, go for it. If things end badly you’ll be off to college and you’ll most likely never have to see him again. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?”

    I sighed and nodded. I knew she was right. I suddenly felt extremely reassured. I took a deep breath, composing myself.

    “You’re right. I shouldn’t be so worried. I’ll just have fun. Who cares if it’s just a fling?”

    Kathryn leaned into my ear.

    “I bet it’ll be a good fling.”

    I squinted my eyes and recoiled my body in disgust.

    “Ugh! You’re gross.”

    I waved her away, and we both erupted in laughter.

    Our laughter was cut short by the sound of the buzzer. It was finally halftime, the moment I had been anticipating all night. In the center of the field, I noticed a small stage being constructed. It appeared to be a large white block with various instruments on it. A drum set was near the back of the stage, and a microphone was near the front. On stands, a guitar and a bass were placed. Because the sun had already set, the stage was illuminated by a few small stage lights.

    The tension was killing me. A few strangers were bustling around, attempting to prepare the stage for the band. My leg began to bounce once more. After about three minutes of waiting, people began to appear on stage. On that stage, I didn't pay attention to anyone else. My gaze was drawn to Jake, and I couldn't tear my eyes away from him.

    They performed a few cover songs as well as some of their own original material. I couldn't name one distinguishing feature of each band member if you asked me. The only thing I could say about their performance was that Jake played the guitar so unbelievably exquisitely. I would have loved their music even if he had been playing with three other complete idiots. He worked the stage like he was the only one present. It was beautiful, he was beautiful, and I wanted to be his. I wanted to be able to walk around our school's halls holding his hand and knowing that I am his and he is mine.

    I couldn't decide which part was my favorite. Perhaps it was Jake's ability to beautifully accentuate each note, or the way Jake's notes flowed together beautifully, or the way Jake looked on stage. Brown hair flew everywhere, and fingers danced across the fretboard. I sat, with my mouth agape, watching him bounce around the stage with pure joy coursing through his veins.

    I'd always considered rock music to be a rustic genre, but the way their band performed it made me question everything I'd ever known about rock n' roll. The music was elegant yet dirty, and everything was brought together thanks to Jake's astounding guitar skills. I could tell he was having fun by the way he closed his eyes when concentrating on a piece or when he took a few moments to himself to freestyle.

    Most people would probably just listen to the music, but I felt something deep within myself that I had never felt before. Maybe it was their lovely songs, maybe it was Jake's phenomenal guitar work, or maybe I was just overthinking, as usual.

    It was too soon for them to finish. I wanted them to continue playing for the rest of their lives. When they concluded, and I realized how emotionally attached Jake was to his music, my mind wandered. I imagined Jake sitting on his bed while he played a new song for me. I imagined us sitting on a blanket in a flower bed while he soulfully strummed. I imagined him trying to teach me a few chords and us laughing every time I messed up. My mind then began to drift to more intimate scenarios. I imagined us slow dancing at prom and then making out in the back of his car. I imagined us sneaking out of class to meet each other in the back of the school library. I imagined us passionately kissing in the rain. It all sounded so sweet.

    I had to pause and remind myself that wasn’t the person he was. He had history. There were plenty of girls that wanted him, and he had no reason to pick me. I wasn’t anything special. Nevertheless, it was fun to fantasize about a life we shared. A life where we were in love. A life where he was in a rock band and I made it to every one of his concerts. No matter how much I wanted him to kiss me on the forehead and slowly rock me to sleep, I couldn’t allow my hopes to raise. I needed to go into this relationship with no expectations. So, that way, if I get dumped, it won’t hurt as bad.

    When the song's final note was played, everyone stood and applauded. They sat down and awaited the start of the second half of the game once the applause concluded. I told Kathryn that I needed to speak with Jake and dashed to the back of the bleachers. She wished my luck and gave me an encouraging pat on the back. When I looked towards the stage, he wasn't there. I predicted he was in the parking lot, getting ready to leave.

    I pushed my way through a few small groups of people. There was only one issue: the parking lot was enormous. It would be difficult to find Jake's car amongst this jumble of vehicles. I began running through the car lines, scanning for him with my eyes. I eventually tracked him down next to a black SUV. A few areas of the paint were scuffed, and the license plate was slightly crooked. I just smiled and thought it added character to the car. I was already imagining us taking late night drives in that car, windows rolled down and Rock music blasting through the speakers.

    I was about to yell his name to catch his attention when I noticed someone standing next to him, deeply kissing him. My heart rate slowed. My entire world seemed to be collapsing around me. They switched places. He was pressed up against the car, and she was running her hands over his bare chest, which was hidden beneath his gray button-up shirt. Her beautiful, long black hair was blowing in the breeze. Even though I knew I had no chance in comparison to the other girls. I was still thinking that maybe... but no.

    Shit. He has a girlfriend.

    #rock #greta van fleet fan fiction #greta van fleet fic #greta van fleet #greta van fic #jake kiszka smut #jake kiszka fanfic #jake kiszka fluff #jake kiszka x reader #jake kiszka#x yn #jake kiszka x you #x you fluff #x you #x you smut #fem reader#reader insert#x reader#series#josh kiszka#daniel wagner#danny wagner#sam kiskza#smut imagine#fluff imagine#imagines#imagine#requests open#reqs open#fanfic
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  • moaberryjjunie
    26.11.2021 - 16 hours ago

    enhypen's s/o shorter and younger than them

    pairings: ot7 x gn!reader

    word count:

    notes: fluff! mention of food (on most of them...) and profanity

    request states “hi! i was wondering if i could make a request for headcanons w/ enhypen where their s/o is shorter and younger than them, but always babies them and acts really doting + affectionate? like they’re always the big spoon, or like “come here and try this” and feeding them, so they just enjoy taking care of them (just very soft interactions!), sorry if this is confusing, i just felt really tempted to request after reading some of your works, they’re really cute! 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍💌💘💗♥️💕🤍🤍🤍🤍"


    he LOVES it sm??

    it's questionable ngl to u

    he does NOT want to admit the fact that he likes that you baby him

    okay maybe let's say you're shorter than him

    he's 6 foot right, so you're shorter than 6 feet...

    and you're younger than him,,

    does not leave the fact that you! will! baby! him!

    babie seungie

    one time he got hurt during practice and yang leader called you

    "y/n! y/n! heeseung-hyung got hurt and he can't walk!"


    you got to their practice room within less than 15 minutes


    you saw him staring at nowhere sitting at the corner with his foot wrapped in a cast

    😪😪😪 poor heeseung

    you walked towards him with a pout

    he looked at you feeling bad bc he didn't want you worrying about him

    given the fact that he should be babying and worrying abt you bc you're younger than him

    but no, he's the one who needs babying

    he looked down and he saw a bag of snack and first aid kit

    more like an attempt to being a first aid kit bc it was just ice and band aid

    but either way the thought counts am I right

    "you made me worry. no, I'm really worried. look at you."

    you sat down with him and put ice on the fractured, swollen foot.

    which you also fed him not like he has working hands anyway 🙄🙄

    "thank you" he quietly said, feeling guilty.

    you pouted and pulled him closer and hugged him

    "please don't make me worry like that again."

    "okay mom"

    "hey stop that! im younger than you!!"



    istg he does NOT hide anything


    "yes 🥺🥺🥺"

    "try this! i made this for you!"

    you held up a macaron that you baked and put it closer to his mouth

    he smiled SO WIDELY!

    AND! HE! JUST! HE!

    he took a small bite

    which got you really happy because he looked so EFFIN ADORABLE

    you were looking at him like 🥺🥺🥺

    "my babie"

    you squished his face and kissed his lil cheekies

    then caressed it

    then he, he, he

    he made you boop his nose!!!

    what the heck jay!!

    "I like the macaron" he said in tiny


    you melted to his arms and you guys stayed like that


    mind you this is at a park, yall were having a picnic or something

    "i luv u"


    like you're just so tiny in his arms

    and you're younger that him

    but the way you both care for each other>>>

    *squish squish*


    okay mr can't stop acting sexy

    would only show his vulnerability to you and you only

    would literally get SOOOO sad if you don't pay attention to him

    one time you were doing your homework at a library and he kept you company

    you're one grade/year younger than him

    but he acts like a puppy around you

    "are you done yet?"

    "no not yet"

    "hurry i want to grab ice cream"

    you glared at him

    "i need to work hard on studying unlike you jaeyun"

    you pouted


    don't u ever make jaeyun sad istg

    once you were done he looked at u again

    with him puppy eyes

    "can we grab ice cream now"


    he latched to you arms and dragged you out

    and mf

    you fed him his mf ice cream KDJHFJSHSFDJ

    he also fed you btw

    but you mostly fed him

    "this is the best day of my life"

    "shut the hell up jake and hold your ice cream!"

    you're on your tippy toes trying to reach him while feeding him

    and he would tease you by tippy toeing much higher than you do


    YOU wont admit to yourself that you actually like seeing him this happy by babying him

    you love babying him BC it makes him happy

    and you're happy bc he's happy

    and he's happy bc you're happy


    you visited him at mubank afterschool

    ofc his colleagues and staffs are there so he wanted to still give off that cool guy vibe or wtvr


    once you got you're privacy

    the biggest baby ever

    "ahh, babe I'm so tired, do you wanna massage my back for me."

    you agreed and literally kneeled on the couch bc you're so small and massaged him

    would baby you too


    helping you do homework


    he may or may not be the smartest on some subjects but he tried his hardest!!

    he loves you massages so while he helps and explains stuff you would give small massages

    and you would like


    steal kisses on his cheeks

    would act like he's disgusted but he wants it!

    he needs those kisses!

    you would also hug him from the back and dig your face on his neck and he's giggle bc it tickles

    stop being so cute ig DSJFHS

    "you're such a baby" hed say

    "nooo, you're MY baby"



    would scold you!


    bc you're younger and HE should baby you!

    one time you had your arms wrapped around his while shopping for clothes

    and he made you try the hoodie he wants to buy for himself

    but you want to match so yeah you got two hoodies

    it's like 2x bigger than him

    so its 5x bigger than you LMFAO

    but it's okay!!!

    you both found each other SOOOO adorable

    you fixed his hoodie

    "you're so cute" you giggled

    you reached to him face and kissed his nose

    HE MELTED!!!

    he covered his face bc HE GOT SO SHYWQWJE

    not shy not me

    not shine


    you just ended up walking around with the matching hoodie

    + you went home and cuddled

    he was laying on your bed just on his phone so you laid on top of him

    you said you laid on top of him to "keep him warm"

    yeah right

    you guys r like butter on bread just bc ur e so small comparing to him

    "you're my baby im your baby"


    you both were at home

    at home doing nothing but cuddling

    guess who was the small spoon

    not you LMFAO

    he has his head rested on your chest

    you're like half his size right



    k1ll two birds with one stone id say

    you giving him back rubs

    and his arms wrapped around your body

    "this feels nice" he said


    he looked up to see you focused on reading

    "ah, i read that last year."

    "its an interesting boo ngl"

    "yeah, well the main character went through all that trauma for their spouse.."

    you both ended up cuddling WHILE he teaches you the book content KDFKSDJ

    you would talk about your homework while cuddling #goALS

    also while cuddling, you were also rubbing his back and head right

    so like he fell asleep :(((

    so devastating he fell asleep on you bc you were making him feel calm!!

    you loved it you loved the sight

    you took so many photos and set it as your wall paper <3


    he's young

    well you are too

    he's doing his homework, you are too

    you prepared some snacks and fruits to eat while doing homework

    an dyou were just feeding him!!

    stop babying him!!!

    I'm kidding

    he refuses to eat the fruit that you would offer

    but then you'd get SOOO sad

    so hell eat it

    you would teach him whatever he doesn't understand

    and you would also not stop feeding him lols

    anyways you both took a break

    and played games on his computer or maybe game console

    you were sitting on or between his legs

    i can not emphasize the fac t that you're way smaller than this giant baby

    you would playfully argue while playing the game

    arguments turned into cuddles >>>

    you would stop him from moving!!

    he's gonna be like

    "imma get water"

    you: "no stop sit back down lemme get it for you!"

    ni ki: "i can walk tho>??>?"

    you: "no stay!"

    at the end you ended up with you playing with his hair bc its soft??

    and you would cut fruits for him anytime

    he would eat it tho always

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    (4) MAiL : black market energy ..

    m.list | prev | next

    ♪♬ Sunghoon has always looked for one purple letter amongst the others. But when he hasn't gotten one in years, it's become difficult. Y/N believes that the feelings have gone, and so has their relationship with Sunghoon. But when Sunghoon needs 75 cents and Y/N is the only one to provide -- maybe it's time for Sunghoon to receive his long awaited mail.

    taglist: @ddeonuism @ja4hyvn @primorange @kyleeanne @miwonie @c9tnoos @nekkodiaries @killyoselff @kingkaithekiwi @liliansun @nyfwyeonjun @sunshine-skz @hoewithnojams @acciomylove @luvrseung @fairycheol @jejenono-ren @i2gyus @chirokookie @uauznaixla @verifiedsunghoonsimp @jakeytiddy @luvddeonu @enhacolor @mochisnlix @jjeongjjeongie @jisoos-bitch @mykalon

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  • naekkumi
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    [10:34 am]

    "damn it," enemy! sunghoon muttered to himself.

    he couldn't help it, you were too cute. you were trying to blow a stand of hair out of your face, but it was still stuck. gently reaching over, he took the stand and pushed it behind your ear.

    "i couldn't unsee it," he told you.

    "yeah right," you murmured.

    from behind, you both looked like two idiots with scarlet ears.

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    彡 ❀ ― CH. 8 | DON’T BE SAD

    ✧.* 𝐒𝐀𝐘 𝐘𝐎𝐔'𝐑𝐄 𝐌𝐘 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄 .ೃ࿐ / masterlist !

    ⇚ previous | next ⇛

    synopsis ! when jake has to leave for university, his relationship with his high school sweetheart becomes rocky. he thought he would do anything to salvage their relationship, but being miles away creates more than physical distance between the two teens.

    【taglist】 | [current status: open ! join the ‘say you’re my love’ taglist at this link !]

    @abdiitcryy @heelariously @mymeloem19 @luv3iza @sthinqsz @tomorrowbymoa-together @nikkitc0703 @ja4hyvn @studioreader @sprngfeverr @neovrse @enhacolor@aleinasstuff


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    #sad grumpy mopey jakey 🙈 #rodrikstark writes#rodrikstark headcanons #rodrikstark’s 2k follower celebration #jake jensen x reader #jake jensen fic #jake jensen reader insert #jake jensen drabble #jake jensen headcanon #jake jensen x y/n #jake jensen x you #jake jensen fanfiction #jake jensen imagine #jake jensen fluff #chris evans x reader #chris evans fic #chris evans reader insert #chris evans drabble #chris evans headcanon #chris evans x y/n #chris evans x you #chris evans fanfiction #chris evans imagine #chris evans fluff
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    ღ summary: "I might've done something. Please don't kill me. I love you...?" Is the text you received when you least expected it. Being forced into signing a contract with a gaming organization, you find yourself dragging your friends along into this mess and creating a team. Now you're thrown directly into the 'battlefronts' and are expected to beat one of the strongest gaming teams in South Korea. Gamers thought love is easy but not everything is like a cliche dating sim. Let the game begin.

    ღ pairing: professional gamer! heeseung x streamer! fem! reader

    ღ idol cameos: txt (all members), stray kids (all members)

    ღ genre: social media! au (+ written parts), fluff, crack, slow burn-ish?, enemies-to-lovers trope but the hate is soft? how can i explain this lmao

    ღ warning: just some curse words and bad humor

    ღ taglist: @gxmini03 @retrovelvet147 @artisticbitch24 @jongsaengseong @softforqiankun @prettygirlchaee @yougeans @enfinity @ja4hyvn @xtra-cheese @milkycloudtyg @gongiz @yjwfav @nar-nia @msxflower @dinosdance @im-so-sh0ck3d @unipanda1006 @prettyflxwer @luvrseung @hibuki-chan @bigtittietoji | OPEN! (send an ask if you want to be added ♡)

    ↳ previous | next

    A/N: I have so many ideas. If only I had time to write them all, LOL. hope you enjoyed this mess of a chapter. ♡ also, please be patient with y/n and heeseung. I promise you, they will meet soon and it's going to be good.

    #enhypen x reader #enhypen fluff#enhypen#enhypen angst #heeseung x reader #lee heeseung x reader #heeseung smau#enhypen smau#enha smau #sunghoon x reader #jake x reader #jungwon x reader #jay x reader #niki x reader #sunoo x reader #sunghoon smau#jake smau#jay smau#jungwon smau#sunoo smau#niki smau #enhypen heeseung x reader #heeseung fluff#heeseung angst #straykids x reader
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    There’s a First Time for Everything

    (Series masterpost)

    Pairing: Jake Kiszka x fem! Reader

    Summary: You’re a high school student with a fairly boring life. All of your friends were experiencing things you could only dream of. That was, until you met him at a party.

    Request?: No

    Warnings will be listed at the beginning of every chapter. But there will be smut and 18+ topics such as drugs, alcohol, depression, and suicide.

    Disclaimer: this series is FICTIONAL. Very little of it is based off of his real life friends, appearance, or experiences.

    Part One - The Night We Met

    Part Two - Saturday Night

    Part Three - Coming Soon

    #jake kiszka smut #jake kiszka fanfic #jake kiszka fluff #jake kiszka x reader #jake kiszka#series masterlist#x reader #x you fluff #x you smut #x you#x yn#x y/n#reader insert#fem reader#fluff imagine#smut imagine#requests open #greta van fleet fan fiction #greta van fleet fic #greta van fic #greta van fleet #josh kiszka#daniel wagner#danny wagner#sam kiskza#fanfic#fanfiction
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    The Night We Met

    Warnings: alcohol, language

    Summary: You meet Jake Kiszka for the first time after a weird encounter occurs at a party.

    Word Count: 4.4k

    Series Masterpost

    I was ready for high school to be over. My mom’s stories about how these would be the best years of my life were all lies. I despised high school. It was all one big hierarchy, and the only thing anyone seemed to care about being the most popular. People only knew who you were if you were really hot or had a lot of money. Everyone else was practically insignificant. Even though I know that once we all graduate, none of this will matter. We'll all go on with our lives, and high school will become a distant memory. Soon, the bleak corridors and endless classes will be a thing of the past. I'll be able to concentrate on college. According to what I've heard, no one cares in college. Everyone is just trying their hardest to reach graduation on time. That situation sounds ideal to me.

    I wouldn't consider myself antisocial; on the contrary, I can be quite talkative when I want to be. The real reason I don't have many friends is that I've always felt as if there was a thin veil separating me from everyone else. The feeling that even if I chose to talk more, I would still be out of place. Not because I'm mean or unusual. I'm just...


    I realize I sound like the stereotypical main character, but it's true. My mom claims I overthink things. Sometimes, on a starry night, I look up at the sky and wonder what happens after we die. Occasionally I think about how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things. I'm curious if other people have similar thoughts... I doubt it.

    I wish I didn't think this way. I wish I could blend in. I wish I could be ordinary. I wish my brain would refuse to allow me to think so deeply.

    The main reason I want to fit in is because I long to be in love more than anything in the world.

    Everyone seems to be in love on the other side of the veil.

    I figure there must be at least one other person in the world who thinks the same way I do, someone who is exactly like me. I suppose they're soulmates. I know I'll meet them one day, but I wish it were sooner. The empty void in my heart will continue to ache until I am safe in the arms of someone I love.

    Until then, I'm walking down the halls of my school on the first day of a new, dull school year.

    I pause at my locker, fidgeting with the lock before slamming my fist into it angrily. The rattling is barely audible above the cacophony of children flooding the school building. I pressed my head against my forearm, already wishing the day would end.

    “You okay?”

    The familiar, slightly deep voice of my best friend was heard through my right ear.


    I sigh, lifting my head.

    “I just really want to go home.”

    I turn around, leaning on my locker.

    “I’m so fucking done with this school year.”

    Closing my eyes, I cocked my head back until it lightly collided with the locker door. I exhaled loudly, taking in the deafening sound of students rushing through the corridors.

    “I hate to break it to you Y/N but we still have a whole year before summer.”

    I groan.

    “Yeah. I know.”

    Kathryn clapped her hands.

    “Molly is having a back to school party this Friday. I heard her talking about it just now in the bathroom. She says everyone is invited.”

    I scoff, my head still leaning on the cold locker door.

    “I hate to break it to you Kathryn, but I don’t think everyone includes us.”

    “Well I’m going. Come on Y/N. When was the last time you went to a party?”

    I roll my head to the side and open my eyes until our gazes meet.

    “Does your birthday party last year count?”

    Kathryn rolls her eyes and crosses her arms across her chest, irritably.

    “No! I mean a real party! With booze and hot dudes!”

    I furrow my brow.

    “Come on Kathryn, what do you know about booze and hot guys?”

    Kathryn hits me lightly on the shoulder.

    “Don’t sit here and act like you’re the boy expert! Have you ever actually had a boyfriend before?”

    Kathryn knows the answer to that question. It’s no. I've never had a boyfriend or even kissed a boy before. I bite my bottom lip, pondering what to say next. The bell abruptly rings, reverberating throughout the hallways. I'm taken aback by the sudden burst of sound. My heart skips a beat inside my chest before quickly calming.

    “I gotta get to class Y/N. Mr. Reynolds is gonna axe me to death if I’m late for Physics again.”

    She bids me a quick goodbye before running full speed the other direction towards the science wing.

    I allow myself to take a moment in the empty hallways. Everyone was already in their first period class. I just stood, staring emptily at the blank walls and trophy case in front of me. My eyes skimmed over the various awards. It was pretty basic stuff.

    Soccer State Champs 1984

    Basketball State Champs 1987

    Baseball State Champs 1994

    Nothing too exciting. My attention was drawn to a brightly colored poster. It was hung near the bathroom door. I read it briefly before heading to class. On Saturday, some irrelevant band was performing at a football game.

    I sighed, dragging my feet across the hard tile floor. I walked with my gaze fixed on the ground, hoping to disappear so I wouldn't have to go to class. I arrived five minutes late at the bare wood door of my math class.

    “Miss Y/N… You’re late.”

    My math teacher was a lanky woman with huge glasses. According to last year's upperclassmen, the lenses seemed to get thicker with each passing year. I plopped down at an open desk, tossing my backpack to the side.

    “I know. Sorry.”

    I mumbled an empty apology and rested my head on my arms. Maybe I should go to sleep so I don't have to experience the agony of math class first period.

    “I’ll give you a pass because it’s the first day, but I expect you to be in class on time from now on.”

    I traced shapes into the wood of the desk, not paying attention to my teacher's words.

    The first two periods felt like they lasted ten days. After a week, it was finally time for lunch. I ran into Kathryn at our usual cafeteria table. It was a two-seater table in the back corner of the lunch room. A great place to avoid drawing attention.

    “Guess what?”

    I shrugged, taking a sip of my water.


    I asked, not really paying much attention to the conversation.

    “I got a date to the party!”

    My ears perked up.


    “Elliot Brasher.”

    I cocked my brow. Elliot is satisfactory, but he would not be anyone's first choice. He's on the shorter side, with bleached blonde hair that's almost white and deep brown eyes. He's also on the football team, which automatically qualifies him as a colossal moron. His nose was absolutely ruined after a football nailed him square in the face when he was practicing with his friends. But he's fine. Just nice enough to be called polite, and just attractive enough to be called cute.

    “What made you wanna ask him?”

    Kathryn shrugged, taking a bite of her sandwich.

    “I’m not sure. I think he’s cute. Plus, I figure we should try new things. So I thought, fuck it, and I asked him in physics.”

    While chewing her food, Kathryn talked with her hand over her mouth.

    “We were just sitting in class when I heard Ava talk about Molly’s party Friday. Elliot was sitting next to me and I just… asked him.”

    Kathryn tried to appear nonchalant, but I could tell she was excited about her date. I was excited for her.

    “That’s great Kathryn.”

    I took a second sip of my water.

    “I bet you guys will have a lot of fun.”

    Kathryn rolled her eyes with extreme irritation.

    “Y/N. You have to go.”

    She took a bite of her food in the middle of her sentence before continuing where she had left off.

    “I mean, you can’t just sit around and wait for prince charming to sweep you off your feet. You have to put yourself out there if you wanna find that special someone.”

    I tapped the heel of my shoe on the tile. I knew she was right, I just didn’t want to admit it.

    “I don’t think my prince charming is waiting for me at Molly’s party.”

    I redirected my attention to the small bowl of cold pasta I brought for lunch.

    “I like to imagine he’s browsing a vintage bookstore right now. Picking out a classic like Pride and Prejudice or Jane Eyre.”

    I blushed just picturing a tall, handsome boy perusing the tall mahogany shelves of his favorite bookstore, looking for something or someone special. He, like me, was probably cut off from the rest of the world. We could have a picnic in the park and talk about our deepest thoughts about the world. We could go for late-night drives and he can show me his record collection. Maybe he could teach me how to play the guitar. I'm sure my soulmate can play the guitar.

    “Hey! Earth to Y/N!”

    I jolted back to reality after being startled out of my daydream.

    “Oh sorry. What were you saying?”

    The rest of the day passed in slow motion. I felt as if I had aged twenty years by the time the final bell rang. I wasn't sure how I was going to get through an entire year of this.

    Friday night came far too quickly. I sat on my bed, debating whether or not to attend the party. I stared at a dress I had chosen prior to my doubtful thoughts.

    It was a black fitted dress with only one sleeve. I'll admit it looks very sexy on me. But putting on a fancy outfit and going to a party did not seem like something I could see myself doing. I exhaled as I flopped back into my bed. My back was pressed up against the soft sheets as I adjusted to a more comfortable position.

    I rested my hands on my stomach, my eyes fixed on the plain ceiling. Elliot and Kathryn had left for the party thirty minutes earlier. I explained that I couldn't make up my mind and I needed more time. They both tried to persuade me to come, of course. I hung up before Kathryn could bring up my hopeless romantic fantasies in the conversation.

    I should go.

    What’s the worst that could happen?

    I’d look so out of place.

    There’d be so many people there, no one would even notice me.

    What if something great happens?

    I’m missing out on a great opportunity.

    I’d be so much more comfortable just staying home.

    In frustration, I pressed my palms to my eyes. I needed a definitive answer. I wanted someone to come into my room and tell me what I should do. I wanted someone to explain to me which decision would make me happier. My only asset was my poor decision-making.

    I was in my car, on my way to a party I would most likely despise. The fact that it would make Kathryn happy was the main motivator for me to go. I could put on a happy face for her, if only for tonight. It would make her so pleased to see me having a good time. Especially since this night was her idea.

    I found a parking spot a few blocks away from Molly's house. The party was hopping, and it was impossible to find parking near her house. The walk was long, and by the time I arrived at the front door, my feet were already aching in my black suede heels. I was not off to a good start.

    I was hit with a wave of horrible stenches the moment I walked through the front door. I was almost thrown off my feet. The odors of alcohol, sweat, and must were wafting towards me in waves. Molly's house was large, but not large enough to accommodate the insane number of kids crammed together with drinks in hand.

    I maneuvered through what seemed like thousands of sweaty bodies before coming across Kathryn with her date and a red Solo cup full of vodka. She was bouncing off the walls with joy and dancing like a maniac. Elliot was standing next to her, clearly not as inebriated as she was. To get his attention, I tapped him on the shoulder.


    Over the deafening roar of cliche party music, I screamed his name. He swiveled his head to face me.

    “Oh! Hey, Y/N! We didn't think you'd show up!"

    When Kathryn noticed me talking to her date, she snapped out of her dancing stupor.


    She yelled before stumbling over to us, nearly face planting into the ground. Elliot was able to grab her around the waist before she, like him, ruined her nose.

    “Hey Kathryn! How’s the party?”

    Kathryn's legs were violently shaking. Most likely as a result of the large amount of alcohol she consumed in such a short period of time.

    "Oh, it’s great! I'm having a great time!"

    Elliot, who was still clutching Kathryn in fear that she would crumble to the ground if he let go, caught my attention.

    "How many of those did she have?"

    I pointed to the solo cup, which was on the verge of spilling due to her wrist's slackness. Elliot shrugged.

    “I think six or seven.”

    My eyes were on the verge of popping out of their sockets. I looked at him in complete disbelief.

    "Six or seven?" Elliot, you mean to tell me she had six or seven drinks in less than an hour?! The most she’s ever had before was a sip!"

    "I don't know! She was just so excited and kept pouring herself more!" I guess I didn't realize she had so many until she started stumbling around!"

    Kathryn wasn't paying attention to what we were saying. She was preoccupied with taking more sips of her drink. She had finished it by the time we had finished discussing how much she drank.

    “I think I need more!”

    Kathryn silently handed her cup to her date, indicating that she needed more.

    I sighed and rolled my eyes.

    "Just fill up her cup with water." At this point, I think she's too drunk to remember who she's with. "I don't think she'll notice."

    While Elliot went to make Kathryn a drink, I slung her arm around my shoulder. Fortunately, Kathryn was dancing near the sink, so I could keep an eye on Elliot in case he decided to try anything. I didn't expect him to, and he didn't. He returned to where Kathryn and I were standing, holding a cup of water for her. She sipped her drink, unaware that her alcohol privileges had been revoked.

    “Kathryn. We should really leave."

    Kathryn violently shook her head from side to side.

    ““No! I’m having so much fun and you just got here! There’s a lot of cute guys here, Y/N. I think you should start looking for that perfect guy.”

    Kathryn gave me a wink. I dragged her closer to the front door, but she resisted. Kathryn flailed her arms around, nearly knocking people's drinks out of their hands.

    “Alright! Fine! We'll stay a little longer!"

    I sat on a barstool and watched Elliot and Kathryn dance for a while longer. They seemed to be having a good time. Elliot was being unusually polite for a football player. I sighed and poured a small amount of vodka for myself. When it came to alcohol, I was pretty good at limiting myself. Personally, I don't see the appeal of getting drunk. Drunk people are a recipe for disaster. Usually, a few sips are enough to satisfy my desire for alcohol.

    When I finished my vodka, I poured myself a tall glass of Coke. In the large tin full of ice and drinks, it was the only non-alcoholic beverage I could find. The heat of people dancing was starting to get to me. Sweat began to form under my arms and along my upper lip. I raised the drink to my mouth just as some idiot pushed past me in a clumsy manner. I splattered my drink all over my white dress. The black liquid quickly seeped into the fibers.

    “Hey! What was that for?! Can’t you walk straight?!”

    Some obviously inebriated football player repeatedly tried to apologize to me, but I was too irritated with life to care. I wasn't mad at him; I was mad at myself for allowing myself to attend this horrible party. I dashed to the restroom and slammed the door shut behind me.

    I squirted soap onto my hands and worked as hard as I could to remove the stain from my dress. My efforts were futile. There was still a massive stain on the front of my dress that would require thorough cleaning. I leaned over the sink and cupped my hands around my head. I wished to leave. I didn't belong here, and I wasn't wanted either. Kathryn was having a good time with her date, while I was in the bathroom trying to get a stain out of my shirt that some idiot jock had caused.

    The sound of a door slamming right next to me startled me back to reality. I swiveled my head to the side until I was met by the brown eyes of a sweaty young man. His black button-up shirt was clinging to his skin with a few buttons unbuttoned. He was dressed in faded jeans and black bts with laces. Not the best outfit for a party. He was panting and clutching the door frame for dear life.

    “Sorry. I didn’t think there was anyone in here.”

    The exhausted tone in his voice indicated that he had just completed a physically demanding task. I could imagine what he was up to, especially if he had just come down from upstairs. His bracelets jingled together as he rubbed the back of his neck.

    “The door… was open.”

    He rolled up the sleeve on his right arm, exposing even more bracelets.

    “Do you mind if I stay in here for a bit? My psycho ex is chasing me down.”

    I waved my hand through the air nonchalantly.

    “Sure. I really don’t care at this point.”

    The boy pushed past me and stood in front of the sink, turning on the water. I was pushed out of my original position and was now standing with my back to the bathroom wall. He was cupping his hands together and bringing water to his face. He removed his long brown hair from his neck with one of his hands and splashed more cold water onto a particularly sweaty area on the back of his neck.

    When he was finished, he turned to face me and turned off the water. He was a few inches taller than me, and he had to look down when speaking to me.

    "I'm Jake."

    He extended his hand for me to shake.


    I shook his hand, but quickly drew back due to the wetness. I rubbed my hand against my dress to remove the water.

    “Oh yeah. You’re in my math class, right? The girl who was late on the first day?”

    I pursed my lips together.

    “Yup. That was me.”

    I'd hadn’t noticed him in my math class. My gaze was drawn to his attire. It was not the kind of outfit you'd expect to see at a party. For dancing, a button-up shirt and jeans did not provide adequate insulation.

    "Are you checking me out?"

    I couldn't help but smile at his remark. I sighed and rolled my eyes. His arrogance was almost frightening.

    “No, I'm just looking at your outfit. It’s different. You look like you’re ready to go to Woodstock.”

    Jake laughed loudly. I could hear him thanks to the door stopping the loud sounds of partying coming from the other room.

    “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

    I chuckled through a closed mouth. I hadn’t even noticed the close proximity in which we were standing until this moment. I should be uncomfortable, I was in a confined space with a total stranger.

    But I wasn't uneasy. Quite the contrary, in fact. He appeared relaxed and at ease. I couldn't help but feel comfortable. It was as if my body refused to let me be nervous in his company.

    I couldn't shake the feeling that I'd seen Jake before as I got a closer look at him.

    He pointed to my dress.

    "What happened?"

    I lowered my gaze to the massive stain on the front of my white dress. I had almost forgotten about it.

    “Oh, some football player bumped into me. I spilled my drink everywhere.”

    “I hope it doesn’t stain. That’s a pretty dress. It looks good on you.”

    His demeanor was smug. When I met his gaze, he had a cocky grin on his face, which didn't surprise me. I sighed and rolled my eyes.


    Jake furrowed his brow but maintained his grin.

    “Oh come on. I thought it was a good line!”

    I snorted.

    “Yeah maybe if you’re 13 years old.”

    Jake placed his hand over his heart as if he had just taken a blow to the chest.

    “Ooo. Burn. Sounds like I need to step up my game.”

    I nodded and crossed my hands over my chest.

    “Yeah, if that’s the best you got you better get used to being single.”

    Jake raised a finger.

    “For your information. A lot of girls like me, okay?”

    I pursed my lips and focused my stare on him.

    “Oh I’m sure they do.”

    I said sarcastically.

    I studied Jake's face, trying to recall where I'd seen him before. The soft arch of his brows and the way his hair hung over his face drew my attention. There was a thin line of sweat forming on his upper lip. I snapped my fingers a few times before coming up with an answer.

    “Oh! Aren’t you in that band? The one performing Saturday?”

    I had seen his picture on the poster by the bathroom.

    Jake smiled widely, happy someone recognized him.

    “Yeah I am! Are you coming to see us?”

    I shrugged.

    “Maybe. I’m not really into football.”

    Jake tilted his head to the side.

    “Well, are you into rock n’ roll?”

    I smirked.

    “Of course. Who isn’t?”

    My tone was assuming, like he had asked an obvious question.

    “Well then I think you should come. I bet you’d like it.”

    I motioned my hand towards him.

    “What do you play?”

    He placed a large hand over his heart. The other he positioned on his hip.

    “I play guitar.”


    I liked the sound of that.

    I stared at the ceiling, pretending I was pondering his request. I cupped my chin with my hand to better accentuate the look.

    “Maybe. I’ll see if I can fit it into my very busy schedule.”

    My voice was heavy with sarcasm. Jake chuckled.

    “Well I sure hope you can come. I’d love to see you in the crowd.”

    I heard my name called from the party room during the brief silence that followed his sentence. Someone was calling out my name as they walked right past the restroom.

    “That’s my friend. I should probably go. It was nice meeting you Jake.”

    I turned to exit the room. Jake put his hand on my shoulder as I was gripping the door knob. I cocked my head over my shoulder as he drew his hand back.

    “I’ll see you around?”

    I nodded.

    “Yeah. See you around. Good luck with your ex.”

    I didn't hear Jake respond because I was already out of the restroom looking for my friend.

    Kathryn was sitting on some stairs near the bathroom.

    “Are you ready to go, Kathryn?”

    Kathryn nodded lazily.

    “Yeah. I can’t find Elliot though. I don’t know where he went.”

    I leaned down, slinging her arm over my shoulder.

    “He’s a big boy. I’m sure he can handle himself.”

    I dragged Kathryn out of Molly's house and onto her front porch. It was difficult to maneuver her down the stairs, but I managed. I threw her in the passenger seat of my car and climbed into the driver's seat.

    By the time I started the engine, Kathryn had fallen asleep in her seat. I drove home in silence, refusing to even turn on the radio. That night, I let Kathryn stay at my house. I knew her parents weren't home, and I would never forgive myself if something bad happened to her drunk self.

    I carefully placed her on the couch, covering her with a thick blanket and placing one of my favorite pillows under her head. She slept soundly the entire time I was getting her ready for bed.

    I took off my dress and tossed it in the laundry basket. I'd have to work extra hard tomorrow to get the stain out. Before crawling into my comfortable bed, I took a quick, hot shower.

    I didn't realize how tired I was until I felt the weight of my body sink into my mattress. In the fleeting moments before sleep consumed my body, I found my mind drifting back to the events that occurred in the bathroom.

    Somehow, I felt as if it was fate. That jock was meant to run into me and Jake’s ex was meant to come to the party. Everything that happened tonight happened for a reason. I was supposed to meet Jake in that bathroom, on that night.

    I reminded myself he had a bunch of women chasing after him and I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

    But I couldn’t help but get my hopes up.

    There was a connection. I knew it. Something special happened tonight and I couldn’t wait for it to happen again.

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    [ enhypen confessing to their crush ]

    heeseung ; heeseung knows what he’s doing. he’s the type to ease you into the idea of being in a relationship with him rather than springing it on you. he’d always invite you over to his dorm; taking care of you when you’re sick, cooking for you, going grocery shopping with you, letting you stay over at the dorms for the night when you’d stayed too late and neither of you were very comfortable with you going home alone. he wants to make you fall for him before he confesses, in fact, you would consider confessing to him before he could confess to you just because he’s so domestic. 

    his confession would be really casual, almost subtle if he wasn’t so blunt about it. you’d be sitting on his couch during one of your movie nights, sitting so close that your thighs were pressed against his, his arm slung around your shoulder. “y’know, y/n, have you ever thought what it be like if we were together?”

    jay ; jay’s conflicted. you’re his best friend, of course he’s gonna like you. you’ve always been there for each other, through the good and bad, of course he would be fond of you. but that fondness had to be platonic, right? still, he can’t help but notice the way he trips over his words when you’re around, how he can’t really think of what to say. he seems like the type to really think about how he feels before he says anything to you. but when he finally makes the decision to confess, he’s so sweet about it :( he’d hold your hands, his eyes and his touch so impossibly soft <3

    jake ; jake wouldn’t even notice that he had a crush on you. he’s so clingy and sweet and lovey with everyone, that neither him or anyone else really thinks about his feelings for you beyond them being platonic. still, he can’t help but notice the way he gets so much more nervous around you — the way his attention seems to always be focused on you.

    he would confess more easily than some of the other members. he seems like the type to believe heavily in taking chances, whether they turn out good or not, so he’s ready to take a chance on you <3 

    sunghoon ; sunghoon seems like the type to be really cool on the outside, having the aura bout him that he has everything under control — but he’s totally freaking out inside. he’s the type to be a constant presence in your life; protective, helpful, kind, if not a little cold. he’d wanna look after you, keep you out of trouble n’ keep you safe, and he wants you to fall for him because of that. he wants you to trust him and let him take care of you.

    he’d make a big deal every time you got hurt, fussing over you and checking over every spot on your body to make sure you were okay. and he’d be so gentle when he puts bandaids on any cuts you may have, smoothing the material over your skin and kissing the top before looking up at you. “you gotta stay safe, y/n, alright? how am i gonna win you over if you’re hurt, hmm?”

    sunoo ; sunoo is so, so sweet. he’s so obvious with his crush; always clinging onto you, holding your hand, pressing the softest kisses to your cheek and hands. honestly, most people already thought you were dating with how affectionate you were with each other. and every time someone brought it up you’d both blush and shift away from each other, muttering about how you were just friends — really good, close friends.

    eventually sunoo starts thinking about how it would be to actually date you, not just have a little crush on you. he seems like he’d be rather confident with his confession. he’d drop hints to you a lot, becoming more exclusive with his affection, before he finally just lets it spill. “look at us, y/n. everyone already says we’re dating. why not give it a chance? besides you’re so cute n’ sweet n’ adorable, we’d be good together, dontcha think?” 

    jungwon ; you were his best friend and he really didn’t wanna ruin your friendship, but he just couldn’t ignore the way his heart beat faster when you were around or when you were brought up in conversation, or the way he could feel butterflies in his tummy every time you got close to him, or how much he just... enjoyed your presence. still, he valued you too much to say anything :( he really likes you, both platonically and romantically, he would never want to endanger your friendship. 

    still, he wasn’t playing on you being around when he was talking about you to his hyungs. he wasn’t expecting to feel your arms wrap around his waist, chin resting his shoulder, your lips pressing the softest kiss he’d ever received to his cheek. “i like you too, wonnie.” 

    riki ; riki likes to give off the aura of confidence. he wants people to think highly of him and be impressed by the person he portrays himself as, he doesn’t want anyone to know that he’s soft enough to have a crush. still, he can’t help but be a little awkward n’ a little obvious; not being able to make eye contact and stuttering while he tries to get through his sentences when he talks to you. eventually his hyungs convince him to confess. “h-hey y/n, you gotta minute?” 

    and when he finally gets you alone, ready to confess, he completely forgets his words, just rambling out a string of sentences in japanese so fast that you can’t understand him :( but when you get him to calm down, placing a hand on his shoulder and telling him that he doesn’t need to be so nervous with you, he can finally get the words out and tell you how he feels <3

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  • b0m1n
    25.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    enhypens oddly specific love languages

    enhypen x reader
    i found this in my drafts and it’s like MONTHS OLD and i just remembered it. anyways y’all rockin with the layout? i think it’s quite cute. i’m editing it on my phone so it’s kinda icky in sawwry.
    fluff (is sunghoon a suggestive? idk i didn’t mean for it to come off like that but rereading it i can see how it might be)
    not proofread
    CW:food mentions on heeseung

    opening all of your things, like you have a bottle of water? pass it to hee. you want some chips? pass the bag to bambi. literally he wants you to feel like a princess, and to do that, he’s willing to do the little things like open pickle jars and ramen packages for you.

    stfu idc what anyone says jay definitely is an affectionate guy. like y’all are attached at the hip 24/7. so it’s just natural for him to wanna tell you everything even when you aren’t together. long late night phone calls are a must with him. even if they annoy the members, i promise he’ll find a way to call you.

    oh my gosh, this boy will make a whole 48 hour long playlist of songs that remind him of you. filled with sappy love songs about meeting the perfect person for you. he’s so down bad that every love song will remind him of you. expect him to constantly update it but he wouldn’t expect you to listen to it (if you told him you did tho, he would probably cry out of joy)

    he’s SAURR awkward but that’s okay cause he’s cute. since he’s kinda shy, he won’t usually be expressing himself with words and he probably feels bad about that. to make up for his inability to put his feelings into words, he just touches you a lot. literally he’s all up on you when you’re alone together but like don’t complain or else he’ll cry.

    even if he’s not that good at it yet, he will always paint your nails. the second the paint chips, he’ll bring out the bin of pretty coloured polishes and glittery top coats. once he gets a bit better, he’ll probably start trying to learn more intricate designs like flowers and hearts.

    you know how cats rub their face on things? yeah well that’s jungwon. i’m not sure when or how it started but to show his affection to you he just kinda rubs his face against you. even if it’s a little strange, it’s one of the cutest, most endearing things probably ever.

    sticky notes. this boy will literally leave sticky notes everywhere. with either little cute messages of things he wanted to say to you but was too scared, or little doodles. also he doesn’t just use ANY sticky notes. he started buying pretty ones with cute designs on them so that they would be more ~a e s t h e t i c~ but oh my lawd if he finds out that you save the notes, ya boy might just fall in love for the millionth time.

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