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    mine - j.m.k.

    summary: this is a oneshot for this lovely anon; could you possibly do one with josh where he’s away on tour and y’all get into y’all’s first real big fight, saying things you obviously don’t mean but nonetheless still very hurtful. and so the reader hangs up and gives him the silent treatment. and he doesn’t know what to do Bc he’s on tour?

    i hope this suits your fancy! ;)

    pairing: josh x f. reader

    warnings: mild angst, cussing, verbal altercations

    word count: 2.4k

    “Listen, baby, you can’t believe everything you read. The media always misconstrues everything, just for the sake of a story.”

    You huffed a sigh at Josh’s shallow attempt to comfort you. Deep down, you knew he didn’t mean to sound condescending, but in your already fragile, heightened state, his words came across like he thought you naïve. You heard him take a breath through the phone, and if you imagined what he looked like right now, you knew he was probably pinching the bridge of his nose and trying not to roll his eyes. The thought pissed you off even more.

    “I know that, Joshua,” you seethed, and you heard him sigh at the use of his full first name. “This isn’t my first day on this earth nor is it my first day as the girlfriend of a ‘rockstar’” you accented the last word with a mocking tone. You weren’t sure why you were belittling his fame in this moment, except that maybe sometimes you wished things could be more “normal” for the two of you. You’d much rather be able to have this conversation – well, call it what it is, a fight – in person, but he was states away, on tour, as usual. Actually, if you two had a normal relationship, one where he was just another average guy with a 9-5, you wouldn’t even be having this fight. “Pictures don’t lie” you finished.

    Josh sighed through the phone again.

    “Josh, if you don’t quit fucking sighing and give me some answers, I swear to God –"

    “Y/N.” he cut you off, his tone drastically less patient than before. “Pictures can be taken out of context. You don’t know what happened before or after that picture was taken –"

    It was your turn to interrupt. “She’s kissing you, Josh. I don’t care what happened before or after, I’m just looking at a picture of another girl kissing you. And then reading the vomit-inducing article following it.”

    “Listen to what you’re saying, Y/N. She’s kissing me. My cheek, in fact. I’m not kissing her. And again, whatever the article says is a load of shit. You know better than that.”

    You had to roll your eyes at his once again condescending tone, like a father reprimanding his child. It made you want to punch something. “Have you even read the article, Josh? It says that you’re finally off the market, that you made your first public appearance with your new girlfriend. Do you know how that feels, knowing that you’ve actually been off the market for over a year? And all your fans believe it.”

    “And whose fault is that Y/N? You’re the one who didn’t want to be public, you wanted to stay out of the spotlight, and you don’t let me post shit about you. They’re looking for crumbs. Until now, the world has thought I’m single. Because of you. Ironic, isn’t it?”

    Hot tears burned at the corners of your eyes at his words. You knew he was right, too. “You don’t have to be such an asshole about it.” You heard him mumble something under his breath, but you caught three syllables that made your ears burn: “dramatic”. “What was that? I didn’t quite catch that.”

    “You’re being so fucking dramatic, Y/N! Dramatic! Can you hear me now? Because you haven’t been listening to me this entire fucking time, except for what you choose to hear.”

    “Fuck you.” And with that, you hung up.


    Josh heard the three beeps signaling the end of the phone call. “Shit” he sighed. He sat down on the small couch in his dressing room and held his head in his hands. After a few beats of silence, he heard a knock on his dressing room door. “Who is it?” he huffed; the sound muffled by his hands still holding his face.

    “Me” said a voice that sounded much like his own, and with that, his long-haired twin peeked in. “Can I come in?” he asked.

    Josh made eye contact with him from over his fingers and nodded. Jake stepped through the doorway and closed the door behind him, took the few steps toward the couch and sat down next to his twin. Josh simply stared at the wall across from himself as Jake rubbed his back a few times.

    “That sounded…brutal.” Jake finally broke the silence. Josh nodded.

    “I took it too far.”

    “Mm”, Jake hummed. Jake was often a man of few words, but nothing if not a good listener.

    “Did you see the TMZ article?”

    “I did.”

    “Bullshit, right?”

    Jake half-smiled. “It always is.”

    “Y/N wouldn’t really believe all that, would she?”

    “I doubt she actually believes anything it says. She just misses you, and seeing that picture coupled with their nonsense wouldn’t make anyone feel very good if they’re already feeling vulnerable, y’know?”

    “Well, it’s her own fault people don’t know about us.”


    “Do you disagree?”

    Jake avoided the question and asked his own. “What have you done to reassure her?”

    “I mean, I don’t really know what she needs to hear. I mostly just point out every other couple that is in the public eye –"

    “Which definitely makes her feel like her feelings are valid, I’m sure.” Jake interrupted in a sarcastic tone, a smirk on his face. People often thought Josh to be the “sweetheart” of the group, and he could be, at times, but he was rather bull-headed and had a very hard time rationalizing anyone else’s views unless they mirrored his own. In short, he always thought he was right.

    Josh turned to face him at that remark, the words he was going to retort dying on his tongue as he mulled over his brother’s words. “I hadn’t thought about it like that.” Josh finally said as he turned to face the wall again.

    Jake patted his twin’s back a couple of times as he stood up with a sigh. “Give her some time to cool off and then give her another call. Maybe try…listening, this time” he said with a smirk as he made his way to the door. He opened it with a creak and was almost completely out, when he heard,


    Jake turned his face towards the couch from the doorway. “Yeah?”

    “Thanks.” Josh mumbled, almost too quietly to be heard if Jake hadn’t been listening for it.

    The corners of Jake’s mouth twitched as he bit back a grin. He knew Josh must actually be pretty unnerved if he was actually humbling himself enough to offer any kind of gratitude to his brother. “Anytime” Jake said as he closed the door.

    Josh waited an hour, spending time getting settled on the tour bus to drive to their next destination, then attempted to call you. After a couple of rings, it sent him to voicemail, indicating that you had declined the call. After a half hour, he tried again. Same thing. Fifteen minutes after that, he tried one more time. You still declined it. With a frustrated huff he tossed his phone onto his bed. The next day, he tried a couple more times at sporadic hours of the day. Same story as before.


    You were in the middle of brushing your teeth when your phone began buzzing on the counter. Your finger hovered over the red decline button when you noticed the contact. You spit out your toothpaste and pressed the green button instead, bringing your phone up to your ear.

    “Hello” you answered, monotone.

    “Hi, Y/N. Are you busy right now?” Jake’s deep voice sang through your speakers.

    “Not particularly. Just getting ready for bed. Why” you huffed, but you knew the answer.

    “I just wanted to…” Jake paused as he chose his words. “…tell you a story. If you don’t mind.”

    You sat down on your and Josh’s bed and made yourself comfortable in the covers. “Shoot.”

    Jake told you in detail all about Jita’s and his relationship. He started with how they met, when they were still playing bars and local venues, before fame was really on the radar. He described all the events leading up to the present, noting how her Instagram account is still private with very limited followers. He talked about how fans would recognize her and take pictures with her occasionally but were still respectful of her privacy. You understood what he was trying to tell you without him actually saying the words.

    There were a few beats of silence as Jake gave you some time to process his words. “Can I ask you something?” he broke the silence.

    You nodded first, then remembered he couldn’t see you. “Sure.”

    “Why did that article bother you so much? Really?”

    You considered what he was asking for a few moments. You knew Jake was someone you could confide in, but you were embarrassed to say the words aloud. You took a breath. “I think…because it built up this grand reveal of his supposed girlfriend. And…it wasn’t me who they were revealing. Even though I don’t personally want fame, I still…love him, and I want the world to know he’s mine. And I’m his.”

    “Hmm” Jake hummed in response. He was quiet for a couple of beats as he turned over your words in his head. “You know, a little bit of fame comes with the territory. But that doesn’t mean you have to be in any kind of spotlight. It sounds to me though, like you do kind of want people to know who you are. Josh could always ‘reveal’ who you are. But you can still keep your social media private. Keep your personal life with him private. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we all have to pretend you don’t exist, like we’ve been doing.”

    You sighed deeply. After a few minutes of casual conversation to shift the mood, you said your goodbyes and thanked Jake for calling.

    You considered returning Josh’s missed calls before you went to bed, but your conversation with Jake had been a bit draining, and you were already exhausted. You drifted into a restless slumber, dreaming you were in Josh’s arms.



    You woke up with a start to the sound of a familiar your voice calling your name across yours and Josh’s shared home. You sat up quickly and began rubbing the sleep from your eyes. You had to have been imagining it. Josh was supposed to be in Ohio, wasn’t he?


    There it was again, there was no way you could have imagined it this time. You leapt from the bed in only your underwear and an oversized tee and took off in a sprint out of your shared bedroom and down the hallway and stopped before you crossed the threshold into the kitchen when you saw him standing there, backpack on his back and a small carry-on in his hands. His eyes sparkled when he made eye contact with you.

    “Hi, sweetheart” he greeted you with a smile. You made quick work of the few feet between you and jumped into his arms, wrapping yours around his neck and your legs around his waist, has he grasped your thighs and held you tight. After a few moments he set you down slowly as he pulled away from the tight embrace he had held you in, and crashed his lips into yours. He tasted of honey and vanilla chapstick as you slightly parted your lips and allowed his tongue to dance across your bottom lip.

    You both pulled away after several minutes, and his deep, mocha and amber eyes met yours.

    “I’m sorry –” you both began at the same time. You both giggled sheepishly. He held your hand and led you over to the couch in your living room, and that began a couple of hours of conversation of what you both wanted from your current relationship. You discussed what Jake had shared with you, and that you hoped maybe you could have something similar to his and Jita’s situation with Josh.

    Josh brought your hand up to his mouth and placed a gentle kiss across your knuckles. “All I’ve wanted is just for the world to know you’re mine. Even if you don’t want to attend events with me or anything like that, it’s fine, I understand. But I love you. And I want people to at least know that much.”

    Eventually the conversation turned to his reason for being back in Michigan. He explained that he had been asked to do a last-minute interview with a radio station, due to the original interviewee having to drop out at the last minute, but of course he flew in early, so he had time to spend with you.


    A few hours later you were settled down in a chair in the living room, listening intently to the live interview being conducted with your boyfriend.

    “So, Josh…we’ve all seen the article by now. We and your fans gotta know the details. Tell us about your girlfriend.”

    Josh laughed. “Well, I would love to tell you all about her. But, you should know it’s not the girl in the picture.”

    “Oh damn, this is an interesting turn of events!”

    Josh laughed again. “In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve been seeing someone for over a year. We still want to keep our personal lives private, of course, but we’re more than ready to make our own grand reveal. And Y/N, baby, if you’re listening, I love you so much.”

    The interviewer gasped jokingly at Josh’s name drop. “Well, you heard it hear first, folks. Our Josh Kiszka is off the market. But has been for much longer than we all thought! If you’re up to it, you should share a picture with us of you and your actual girlfriend for our article.”

    “I’d love that.”


    The next day, the radio station shared their own article with the transcriptions of everything that had been said on air. You smiled at the picture of you and Josh he had chosen to share with them. It was taken on a beach vacation you had went on, your hair was almost as wavy as Josh’s from the saltwater and ocean breeze, a scattering of freckles across both of your tanned faces. You looked blissfully happy, as you always were with Josh. It didn’t take long for people to begin finding your social media, but you took solace in the fact that you weren’t required to let anyone in. In the end, your relationship was only yours and Josh’s, but you were happy the world finally knew he was yours, and you were his.

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    Jake: *has acquired baby by whatever meens you see fit*

    Jake: gotta get the powder- *spills the baby powder on the baby* OOH SHIT... well goddanm... oh lord, SIT UP *picks up the baby* JESUS *laughs*... we got the rest of our lives together, girl

    #this is how i imagine dad jake #creds: tiktok #greta van fleet #gvf#jake kiszka#jake gvf#josh kiszka#josh gvf#danny wagner#danny gvf#sam kiszka#sam gvf #incorrect greta van fleet quote #incorrect greta van fleet quotes
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    Imagine: being Melissa and Nine daughter?

    Request:yes! Cuz I liked that story!! Here you go anon

    I love it how it ends and still shipped them along with the original mc but who cares, those three works well

    After some years of defeating the demon king, being the new Podebrat family head and marrying Nine, it took some times for them to talk about children as they both don't know if it's possible for a whereweolf and a human to able to conseveed a child together they asked a very good friend to asked

    Yuri, being one of the intelligent person they ever know, did quite alot of resurch as both wolves and humans are closed to physically biological minus the magic aspect of the wolf men to shape shift, the magic assecpt is difficult as Melissa has no Mana anymore since that hunting compition some years back, it's an eventually that she found in a acient text that there is a possibility that they could have a baby but required alot of Mana support for the mother to be stable to handle the amount the Mana the baby is handling from being both human and wolf men hybrid, with that she works hard to make supplements with Mana support for Melissa to take before hand if Melissa gotten pregnant or not. Spoilers alert, both Melissa and Nines been trying secretly behind the scenes when they have time, sometimes office sex if they feel liked it

    As some months passed is one meeting with Yuri that Melissa feeling nauseous when she bring in some tea and sweets, poor plant at the corner of the room, as Yuri check on her condition worry it might be a flue. What supprise her that it not that but a small Mana energy comminng from the middle

    " what is it? Is something wrong? " Melissa asked as the exspretion that Yuri show on her face

    " Melissa your pregnant! " She said in both worry and exsiment to her friend

    Both are shock but what got their attention when Nines drop a tray when he hears the news, as he looks like he having a heart attack

    " Nine? "

    Nine looked at his wife and came to give her a hug and wagging his tail

    " a pup Melissa, we are having a pup! " He said with so much love to her and the unborn baby they are having

    " yes we are " she smiled at him as she returns the hug

    Yuri have to separate the two so she can give Melissa the medicine she needs for her health and progressing pregnancy, but the challenge the two is facing would be hard because of family

    The first of the family members who discovered it is when Jack came to see on what things his territory and the Podebrat territory would trade when he smell something off with Melissa as he cross his arm and looked at his brother with a brow raised, Nines next to his wife all protective and in guard, take a step forward lead Nines to growls that supprise Melissa quite a bit

    " Nines what gotten in to you? "

    " nothing Melissa " he said but still growl at his twin brother

    " it's normal, he just protective of his mate since you smell that you've carrying his pups "

    " wait? Pups? " Melissa look at him with slightly pale as the mentioned that she might carry mutuple

    Jack exsplain that it common to have a littler of three or four at best, rarely they able to get more then that as it put alot of strain on the mothers

    Melissa end up resting that day as laying on the large bed

    " you alright? " Nines asked her in worry while holding her close to him so she gets warm

    " yeah, just need to prosess that I might have more then exspected " she rubs her head to calm her head ache

    " so your not mad? "

    " no, just going have to prepare sice the pregnancy is going to be awhile till the fall season that they be born at that time " she smiled at him to reassure but she is worry, and thankful for the quietness that is till her brother came in the room via window and father busting in the door

    As usual they all did their families arguing and to the point that Nines out of his charater tell the former Duke and brother in law that stress is bad for the baby

    Melissa have but of hear eyes moment at her hubby

    Jake still against it but still want the future neice or nephew, maybe both, are alright but all that lead to Melissa yells at them

    As the pregnancy is smooth sailing for the most part as one night at a full moon it's when her water broke and quickly gone to labor as Nines yells that the baby is coming

    Yona calls in to get the nurse maids, and doctor to come over quickly

    It took alot of guards to held Nines back as Melissa gives birth to their child as confirmed that she given birth to one child, a cute combination of both parents as the doctor make sure that the bleeding to stop

    Once she okay she given the baby, Nines given permission to come to the room

    Once looking at Melissa he also look at the small bundle in her arms

    In her arms is their child who is cooing softly as he comes closer

    He smiled and cry, in fear when offer him the baby but with reassurance he did

    With a soft smile, he holding the greatest treasure he ever received

    Melissa look at the two people she love together

    As that full moon cold night, is the warmest day

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    pairing: jake sim x reader

    word count: 1078

    tags: fluff, best friends to lovers, mutual pining, study date

    a/n: this is actually my first time writing a time stamp, I asked a friend to tell me a random time of the day and adapted the plot I had thought of to it,, I'm currently going through a jake brainrot. not proofread, as usual.

    "When you solve this equation you have to use X and Y on this other one." Your best friend was looking at your worksheet over your shoulder, right hand holding the pencil he was using to point at the numbers and letters, while his left one rested on the back of your chair as he stood behind you. The explanation he was giving to you soon got lost, his words becoming nothing but background noise as you could only focus on his proximity and the way his breath tickled your neck and cheeks as he spoke. Your eyes fixated on the paper laying on the table, the numbers and letters meaning nothing to you when you closed your eyes, as if that would make your feelings for Sim Jaeyun -your best friend- go away.

    When you opened your eyes his hand appeared in front of them, moving up and down as he tried to get your attention back. "You there?" You could practically hear the grin on his face when he spoke, which made you throw your hand back, hoping to hit him on the shoulder, the 'ow' he let out letting you know you hit your target. "I deserved it?" The chuckle that left his mouth made butterflies appear on your stomach as you turned around to face him. "Yeah, yeah." You waved your hand dismissively. "Can you explain it again? I got a little distracted." You admitted, looking away from his face and missing the way his eyes drifted to your lips for a moment before coming back up.

    "Of course." He smiled even if you weren't looking, this time choosing to sit by your side instead of standing, hands reaching for the paper on the table. "Pay attention this time." He joked earning him another hit on the shoulder as he laughed at the expected reaction. "I hate you." You glared at him and this time it was him that missed the way you eyed his lips, his eyes on the math problem he was helping you with. A part of you hoped he would catch you looking, and little did you know he did too, maybe that way you would move on, be it because of rejection or because a move was finally made. 

    A few minutes later the grip you had on your pencil loosened, making it fly away as you threw your hands in the air. "I can't do this anymore, it's time for a break." You declared, making Jake turn his attention away from his own work, now focused on you. "It's barely 3 pm." It almost sounded as if he was complaining, something that wouldn't surprise you due to his love for math. "And? I think it's time to watch a movie or something." You crossed your arms over your chest, a frown on your face trying to show how serious you were and he called your name in warning. "It's finals week, we agreed to study all day." And with that he turned back to his notes and work, wanting to ignore the pout on your face and how he wanted to kiss it away.

    “Why do we even need to study that much, you’ll ace it and I’ll pass.” You tried again, maybe waking up at 9 am on a sunday to study with Jake hadn’t been your brightest idea, especially since you couldn’t seem to stop getting distracted by your best friend doing the bare minimum. “Because I want you to ace it too.” Was his only explanation, yet it didn’t seem to convince you and he sighed. “Okay, just one movie.” The smile that adorned your face in response to his words was enough to make taking a break and risking your grades worth it. 

    Not even half a minute had passed and you were already dragging him to the kitchen to get some snacks, the feeling of your hand holding his making him go red in the face. “Okay first snacks, then we’ll pick a movie and then ignore studying!” You turned around to see his reaction, the smile still on your face and the blush still on his. “You are red, do you feel sick?!” Only then you let go of his hand, reaching up to check his temperature by placing your hand on his forehead, the way you stood on the tip of your toes strangely endearing to him. “You are warm, I’ll get you some water.” You moved to get away from him but he reached out to stop you, his hand on your wrist as he pulled you back in, this time you noticed how he looked down to your lips for a moment doing the same just as his eyes met yours. “I’m so in love with you.” The man blurted out and by the way your eyes widened in surprise he realized he had actually said it instead of just thinking about it. “You love me?” Shock was written all over your face, and he worried you didn’t feel the same, eyes drifting to the floor as he spoke. “Have for a while.” He didn’t see the shock fade away into a smile, too busy wallowing in self pity at the idea you didn’t love him back and that he had ruined your friendship.. “I love you too Jake.” Your words broke his train of thought, now it was his turn to be shocked as he looked back up. “You do?” His eyes were filled with hope as he searched your face for any sign of it being a lie. “Yes, I realized it that day we ditched Jay and Sunghoon at that party and watched movies all night.”

    He let go of your wrist, instead wrapping his arms around you and bringing you incredibly closer. “I was so scared I had ruined everything.” He spoke against your hair. “You could never ruin anything Jake." You chuckled against his chest as warmth spread across your cheeks. "So… Do you want to go out with me?" He asked, one of his arms moving away from your form as he scratched the back of his neck. "Right now?" You looked up at him. "Right now." He poked your nose in an affectionate way before wrapping his arm around you again. "What happened to studying all day?" You laughed at the face he made at the way you used his own words against him. "Then a study date it is."

    #enhypen x reader #enhypen imagines #jake sim x reader #jake sim x you #jake sim imagines #sim jaeyun x reader #sim jaeyun imagines #sim jaeyun x you #sim jaeyun fluff #jake sim fluff
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    synopsis: if hogwarts thought the biggest rivals to date were the gryffindors and slytherins then they clearly weren't ready for park sunghoon and park jongseong. along the way, you naturally stayed away from jongseong due to your best friend status with sunghoon, but what happens when you're dragged into tutoring the gryffindor quidditch captain, aka park jongseong.

    the night had finally arrived.

    the guys were frantically learning last minute how to place their ties while glancing at the clock as they left one by one.

    you were scared shit less, but luckily having wonyoung and yuna by your side eased your nerves.

    "what if I fall when I walk in? I can't embarrass a triwizard competitor like that." wonyoung rolls her eyes and places a bit more of make up under your eyes.

    "they had so many options, I should have just said no."

    "You look great tonight and everyone there is going to drop dead when they see you walk around his arm." yuna takes your hand and wonyoungs and leads you to the mirror.

    "we do look hot." you let out a giggle and make your way to the great hall where the ball was being hosted.

    "well I guess the two of us will head in. break a leg!" they smile and leave you alone as you wait for him to arrive. your nerves begin to eat you up but when he wraps your arm around his, you begin to slowly gain confidence.

    "I couldn't have asked more a beautiful date." he whispers and waltz into the room with you for the grand entrance designated for the triwizard competitors.

    and upon the both of you entering the room there's one for sure thought prancing in everyone's mind.

    was that yang yn? entering with hwang hyunjin!?

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  • sungswhore
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    Welcome To Luna's Universe!

    ♡ Materialist!!

    ♡ About Me!!

    #enhypen smut#enhypen jake#fiction#enhypen heeseung#enhypen jay#enhypen sunghoon #enhypen x female reader #enhypen x reader #fanfic#imagines#kpop smut#enhypen scenarios#enhypen#enhypen imagines #sunghoon x reader #jake x reader #jay x reader #heeseung x reader
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    Who Are You?


    coming soon


    coming soon


    Sex Exam Special


    Use Your Words, Baby.

    #enhypen smut#enhypen jake#fiction#enhypen heeseung#enhypen jay#enhypen sunghoon #enhypen x female reader #enhypen x reader #fanfic#imagines#kpop smut#enhypen scenarios#enhypen fic #sunghoon x reader #jake x reader #jay x reader #heeseung x reader
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    ★ PROFILES O1 : y/n and friends !

    LOVEYN ( l/n y/n ) a first year at belift university, she’s honestly just passing, kind of in an educational drought atm but it’s okay. jake sim’s ex girlfriend ;0 has a bad habit of overthinking little situations, often runs away from her problems

    LOCALESBIAN_69 ( shin ryujin ) second year at belift university. the lesbian mom of the group, will go to the ends of the earth for her friends and will do everything in her power to keep them happy. helped y/n cheat through her first exam

    NINGX2 ( ning yizhuo ) first year at belift university with exceptional grades, y/n doesn’t know how she does it. the second 02 of the group: y/ning besties. raging bisexual but only the group knows, looking for a way to come out on twitter but she hasn’t found one yet hshsj

    FOREVERYTHING_10 ( jang wonyoung ) high school senior at hybe high, the baby of the group. is incredibly spoiled by all the girls but she’s not complaining. y/n is her ultimate inspiration, tbh pretty tempted to make a fan account for her. tells her friends everything <3


    female reader + jake sim !

    featuring : enhypen members, aespa’s ningning, itzy’s ryujin, ive’s wonyoung

    your breakup with jake sim prior to the end of your senior year in high school was mutual — the deleting of each other’s numbers, the loss of contact, everything. you both knew you wouldn’t do good as friends, and with the transition into university being near, things were — luckily — going smoothly, just as you’d both hoped. but when you run into him on campus after so many months of not talking to each other, will things stay the same?

    — vrvzi, all rights reserved, do not translate / copy.


    @enhacolor @d1orjay @bakkumi @milkdoie @msxflower @angelcritterz @babygay-stay @woniecore [ @peppermintjake @cloudyjaeyun ]

    #enhypen#enhypen smau #enhypen social media au #jake sim smau #sim jaeyun#jake sim#enhypen angst#enhypen fluff#enhypen reactions#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios #jake sim fluff #jake sim imagines #jake sim angst #enhypen x reader #jake sim x reader #enhypen x female reader #jake sim x female reader #enhypen social au
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    ─── ✰ 𝐘𝐎𝐔𝐑𝐒 𝐓𝐑𝐔𝐋𝐘 13. you don’t know me


    PREV // NEXT

    ⌗— SYNOPSIS you had a somewhat interesting life. for one, you were attached to the hip to jake sim, your best friend as well as a known heartthrob at your uni. though notorious for his player reputation, he was the sweetest to you and treated you like no other— but he was also the root of many of your problems.

    @hobistigma @n1k1tty @enhacolor @luvrseung @p2arks @catecita @reallysmolrenjun @sleepyenhasasha @nyfwyeonjun @cosmiclele @kac-chowsballs @nekpma @theskzvibe @hibuki-chan @chirokookie @pitchblacksmile @msxflower @yizhoutv @gu8ki @alo-ehas @bakkumi @daintysan @enxnesblog @kimduo @mykalon @soobzao @sunnymai @cocoabeen @aria-grace-scott @dxlicateee @jakesim-p @seungstarss @mymeloem19 @acciomylove @missmadwoman @woniecore @woopetals @liliansun @kyleeanne @lunaflvms @strawbrinkofdeath @viscoolreal @90sni-ki @sukifics @papiibuprofen @sunshine-skz @bluesoobinnnie @wonjaems @hutao-s @love-4-keum [@heefeels @k1tty-colors]
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  • imaginedreamwrite
    16.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Love On The Brain: Part 12

    A/N: Angst heavy from beginning to end

    Ari had kept the heat low as he drove from the estate in Boston to the safe house tucked away in the mountains, keeping his eyes focused on the road ahead of him, instead of looking at you as you sat in the passengers’ seat, your fingers ripping at the pieces of paper in your hand, the tiny white confetti falling to the floorboard of the old, rugged pickup truck.

    It wasn’t anything new; it wasn’t anything that sparked absolute comfort. However, it was a truck that had no tracking chip in it from the manufacturer.

    “Y/N,” he tried again to get you to speak to him, “do you need to stop? Are you hungry?”

    Ari had been well aware of the rundown Frank had given him before you left the house of how you may have acted and what the following days would look like. The experience he had every time you moved that would have been applicable here, the cycle that you had gone through during and after the initial move.

    Frank told him, first and foremost, that you would likely shut down, compartmentalize everything, drawing into yourself as you thought, as you settled over another move and another displacement. Ari had been told that it was good to keep talking to you, keep up the effort to get you to open up, even if you hadn’t wanted anything to do with him. You would turn in on yourself, and the blame would soon follow.

    You would blame yourself for the shift in their lives, in the disturbance that rattled them all. It was deep cutting, and Ari would need to reiterate the importance of trusting them and the process; he would need to make you forget about the guilt because that would drive you into further despair.

    Ari knew that the cycle of guilt had been enforced upon omegas who were taken. If they could have the responsibility settled on themselves, if they could internalize the trauma, then they would be less likely to try and free themselves on their own.

    While you had never been in those horrendous situations, the guilt was still there. It could eat away at you, it could have torn you to pieces if you had let it, and it was no more apparent than when you had sorrowfully whispered an apology.

    You had thought that if they had just let you go, if they had just let what needed to happen, then they could have had a life of their own. They wouldn’t have had to uproot themselves, and they could have met an omega they wanted, an omega that wasn’t so riddled in problems.

    “It’s not your fault.” Ari had drummed his left hand against the steering wheel while he reached over with his right hand and rested his palm against your knee. “It has never been your fault; it will never be your fault.”

    He had stroked his thumb back and forth across the simple black leggings you’d worn, feeling the slight tremble that afflicted you as you had gotten further from your home, toward the next place you were going to have to try and settle into. The further you had gotten from the estate and the rest of your alphas had been another stroke of a hammer on a nail, driving the spike deeper into yourself and the overwhelming sense of loss.

    Even if it was temporary, it was afflicting.

    It was the surge of anxiety that had bubbled through the bond and pricked at the instincts they all had as alphas to keep their omega safe. It was the exhausting shift of emotions that had cratered within you, the consistent rise and fall of the reality that was chasing you, that was tracking all of you. It was a constant shift of whatever the world wanted to throw at you that had made you exhausted.

    You were tired; you were about to reach the brink of all that you could take. It wasn’t just the original pack you were running from, but the change in their determination and the end goal that had drained you.

    They didn’t just want you anymore; they wanted you to be completely wiped out. It was a devastating hit to their egos, the pack of disgusting and antagonistic alphas who wanted to destroy the omega who had outrun them time and time again. There were other omegas they could have; there were other omegas they could find and take, but it was you, and it was your pack, that had caused that straw to break.

    They wanted to teach other omegas a lesson; they wanted to show other alphas what would happen if they were fucked with.

    “Honey-“ Ari had spoken again, only to silence himself when you had shifted and turned toward him and dropped your gaze to the soft swell of your belly, the very start of the baby bump that was starting to appear.

    The small protrusion could easily be hidden behind a baggy shirt or sweater; even one of their flannels could hide the pregnancy. However, seeing it now had stirred that predatory and primordial reaction in Ari that had made him grit his teeth and clench the steering wheel with a grip that could have cracked the plastic casing if he had wanted to. You were pregnant with their pups, and it didn’t matter who the dad was; it didn’t matter who was the biological father, those pups were all of theirs, and they would eliminate any threat that came to them and you.

    It was what had made Ari stash weapons in a secure case in the box of the truck, the locked topic securing and housing the varied guns and rifles needing to not only keep you safe if someone approached the safe house upon arrival but would keep you safe from any wild animals who could cross your path.

    “I don’t want to stop.” You had finally answered his first initial question, and despite your stomach growling angrily, you would deny yourself food.

    Frank had told him that too. Frank had warned him that he would almost have to force you to eat because you would deny yourself the chance to eat. It wasn’t as if you were trying to starve yourself, but instead, you were so drawn into your guilt and your headspace, you didn’t acknowledge your body’s needs.

    “I have your favourite.” Ari attempted to ignore the rising need to rip you from your place and settle you in his lap, completely enveloping you in his scent and embrace.

    He was trying to resist the urge to stop the truck, to pull over on the side of the road and let you cry or scream, or sit in silence. He needed to keep going; the two of you needed to arrive at the safe-house before dark.

    “I don’t want to eat.” You mumbled, dropping your gaze as your hands shook, as your bottom lip trembled, and a rush of despair had shot through the bond, stealing his breath and making it hard to focus.

    “You need to eat.” Ari had reached into the backseat and grabbed a small container, his fingers gripping the edge as he removed it from the seat and settled it in the seat between you two.

    He watched you grasp the container and pull on the lid, the cheap clear plastic falling to the floor, and the muffled clatter bringing forth a soft, exhausted whimper as you reached for the first piece.

    It was a slow process, you consuming what Ari had brought for you, but at least it was something. Maybe it was only to keep yourself from getting sick, or perhaps you were only eating to keep yourself healthy for your unborn pups, but at least it was something.

    At least you were eating.

    “We’re almost there.” Ari had chimed in when you were nearly done, his blue eyes cast upon you as you turned your head, and he had caught the first few tears that had rolled down your cheeks. “When we get there, I’ll start a fire. Get the safe-house warm.”

    You had raised your hand and wiped the tears that had fallen, returning to silence as you kept your gaze on the scenery, the dense cluster of snowcapped mountains that would be the landscape that would surround you for the unforeseeable future. The two of you were maybe a half-hour away, and while you weren’t eager about the trip, and neither was Ari, he was determined to make the best of it as he could.

    When he had turned a corner and started the final leg of the trek that would bring you a half-hour into the thicket of the woods to the cabin that would be your temporary home, he had swallowed thickly. He cleared his throat, reacting mainly to the force in which your emotional state was being pushed through the bond.

    You were in distress, and so was he. So were they; all your alphas could feel how hurt you were.

    As Ari made the final ascent to the cabin, he did so in silence. You were not speaking but instead had reduced yourself to anxiously staring out the window while you were tapping your fingers rhythmically against the inside of your leg, almost instinctively as if the motion and the feel would keep you grounded.

    “We’re here.” While it wasn’t what you wanted to hear, when Ari had stopped the truck and put it in park, you had moved slightly and looked out his window toward the cabin that stood against a dense and thick cluster of trees, with three outbuildings laying behind though all the doors were closed, and you couldn’t see what was inside.

    You had slowly moved to undo your seatbelt. As it had been tossed to the other side of your body, Ari had glanced out his window and studied the arch of the roof that had covered the porch and the almost indistinguishable cameras that had been systematically hidden and hung.

    It looked impressive in size, with enough space for all of them if it had to be a long-term place residence, and while it wasn’t your home, it wasn’t their home; it could be something.

    “Do you need help?” Ari had glanced over his shoulder, speaking while he had, but you were already out of the truck, standing near the passenger’s side door.

    You had your hands tucked under your chin like you usually had when you were struggling or feeling anxious. As he glanced at your forearms that were pressed together, he had gotten a look at the temporary ink that was peeking out between the buttons of the flannel Steve had given you.

    Jake had insisted on taking a few minutes, a few short moments to draw on your arms with a pen as he quickly created a minor and mild tattoo while the rest of the alphas were discussing the best roads to take, the best course of action should something happen while you were driving.

    “Y/N,” Ari called again, drawing your attention from the cabin before you to himself, “sweetheart, do you need help?”

    You had bitten down on your bottom lip and shook your head, standing still while he had walked toward the box of the truck and lifted the few bags with one hand, setting the largest and the heaviest on the ground before he finally approached the front door.

    He knew you weren’t following him, and when he looked over his shoulder, he saw you standing a few feet from the porch with your duffel bag in hand and a quivering frown on your face.

    He had never seen that exact look before, but Frank had told him enough about what to expect when he moved with you, but Ari hadn’t been prepared to feel as helplessly distraught as he had now.

    Seeing you standing there in a shirt that was drowning your frame while you flooded the bond with every wavering, every shifting detrimental heartbreak that you had felt had only made Ari aware of his own.

    You were torn from your pack; you were torn from your home that had started to feel like home. You have ripped away from Frank after only seeing him a few hours in the night. You were longing to go home, longing to be with the alphas who were your safe place.

    “Ari,” when your bottom lip shook, and the first few pricks of tears had started to blur your vision; he had to turn away.

    You were emotionally triggered because you were pregnant; you were being flooded with hormones from your pregnancy, from the sudden jolt of what you had known.

    “I know it’s not ideal,” he too, was feeling ragged, “but we’ll make it work.”

    He had unlocked the door with the security code, and as it swung open, he caught the reflection of you in the crystalline glass off the door's window. You were standing there, your arms wrapped around your waist, a silent and soft set of whimpers falling from your lips as you reached that first pivotal point.

    “I want to go home.” You mumbled, your knees nearly giving out, and as Ari had recoiled and jogged down the few steps to get to you, he felt the sharp stab of heartache, “please…just take me home.”

    “We can’t-“ He was cut off when you had struck him, having done so quickly enough that he didn’t have time to deflect you, nor would he have.

    He had stood before you, and he had seen that glimmer of fear circulates in your eyes. You had inched back as if you would run, as if you were afraid that he would strike you back.

    “Ari-“ your voice was shaking, and he knew you were thinking of running.

    “Do it again.” He reached for your hand. “You’re pissed off, and you’re hurt. Do it again. Give me everything you have. I can take it.” He grabbed your hand and rested it against his chest, your fingers gripping his shirt, your gazes holding as you stepped closer. “You won’t hurt me. If it will make you feel better-“

    You had again; you had struck him in the shoulder, your anger starting to dissipate through the bond. He let you do whatever you wanted; he had stood there as you hit him again and again, using him as a way to expend those emotions, as a way to expel your anger. Every impact, every strike had been complimented with the same thought, the same soft-spoken declaration that ‘he could take it. he was okay; he would be fine’. If this is what made you feel better, even temporarily, then he would take it. He would take it all.

    When you had last made contact, and your hands had gripped his shoulders when your knees had almost given out on you, Ari had embraced you. He had held you tightly against him; he had let you scream and cry into his chest until you couldn’t stand on your own.

    Ari had lifted you in his arms, and he had carried you from the truck to the cabin, his feet trudging up the steps and through the open door. He had taken you throughout the interior, to the set of stairs that would lead to the second floor, and within the moments that passed between arriving and you being set upon the mattress in the master bedroom, your grip on him had loosened just enough for him to realize that you had truly, and wholly, crashed.

    Permanent Tags List: @jennmurawski13-writes @marvelsangels @beardburnsupersoldiers @daydreaminginthechaos @rebekahdawkins @supraveng @bookfrog242 @old-enough-to-know-better73 @lunarmoon8 @valsworldofcreativity @thisuserlovesyouandyouandyou @dpaccione @rainbowkisses31 @loveitorleaveit20 @leyannrae @alexakeyloveloki @fanatic434 @socalgem1124 @mogaruke @dreamlessinparis @frisky975 @dispatchvampire @overwhelmedsupernova @hereforbuckyandsteve @jesgisborne @fairybnha3 @hallecarey1 @tang082646 @mrslokibarnesrogers @deputy-videogamer @jxlystan @posionivy0061 @loving-life-my-way @mollygetssherlockcoffee @pandaxnienke @kaylamcd2000 @mercyy98 @undecidedsworld @kimmie113080 @thereadingroom628 @rootcrop @whatinthestyles @slutforsteve @cornmousequeen @rededfoxy @yagurl-snow @glimmering-darling-dolly @patzammit @buckymydarlingangel @missusbarnes-rogers @andy-is-gay @nervousfandom @rileyloves5 @emi11ie @carelessreadersstuff

    #alpha!Ari levinson x reader #alpha!ari levinson x omega!reader #alha!Andy Barber x reader #alpha!Andy barber x omega!reader #alpha!Bucky Barnes x omega!Reader #alpha!Frank Adlerx omega!Reader #alpha!Jake Jensen x omega!Reader #alpha!Steve Rogers x omega!Reader #ari levinson x reader angst #ari levinson imagines angst #ari levinson imagine angst #ari levinson x reader #steve rogers imagines angst #bucky barnes imagines angst #frank adler imagines angst #jake jensen imagines angst #andy barber imagines angst #a/b/o#alpha/beta/omega#a/b/o polyamory#alpha polyamory #love on the brain #love on the brain masterlist #love on the brain series #love on the brain part 12
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  • jakeyuni
    16.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    ⌗ enhypen’s reaction when their s/o is sensitive to loud noises:

    pairing: bf!en- x gn!reader • genre: fluff, angst • warnings: mentions of loud noises, pet names, crying — mostly fluff, wc: 590.
    requested (?): yes.

    ໒ ✿ HEESEUNG: ꒱

    his initial instinct upon seeing you being scared of or surprised by the loud noise(s) is to take a hold of your hands. he looks into your eyes for any sense of discomfort and when you tell him that you don’t do so well with loud noises, he immediately coos at you. telling you that’s he so sorry it bothers you :( this boy just wants to rubs your back while trying to calm you down, letting you rest your head on his shoulder in the meantime.
    “you’ll be okay y/n, deep breaths sweetheart.”

    ໒ ✿ JAY: ꒱

    the way jay’s protectiveness kicks in upon seeing you all upset is just so reassuring. he pulls you by your arms and has you lay sideways on your couch with your head rested on his chest. he whispers sweet nothings in your ear while caressing your face and tells you that everything is going to be okay while you calmly drift off to sleep. the noise that had scared your prior no longer in your trains of thought.
    “i’m here now baby, it’s alright.”

    ໒ ✿ JAKE: ꒱

    this angel of a boy just knows exactly how you’re feeling and engulfs you in his arms. your head tucked under his chin as you let out a couple of tears because of how the noise made you feel. jake rocks both his and yours bodies side to side to help your sensitivity subside a bit. after a couple of minutes of peaceful silence, he lifts your head up and kisses your forehead. his eyes brightening at the small smile that forms on your face.
    “i’m glad you’re feeling better now, my love.”

    ໒ ✿ SUNGHOON: ꒱

    i do feel like sunghoon might be a bit confused at your reaction at first, but he quickly catches on. you call out for him and grab onto his shirt while crying a bit. hoon knew you hated being overwhelmed with noises — especially loud ones; so he peppers kisses all over your face. kissing all your tears away while you laugh at his sweet antics.
    “let it all out darling, i’m here.”

    ໒ ✿ SUNOO: ꒱

    the way sunoo is soso comforting makes me all gushy inside. so sweet to you, it’s insane. he takes both of your hands and leaves kisses over them both constantly as you sniffle in his arms. he holds you so tight and plays with your hair as you leave a couple of pecks onto his cheeks as a wordless but considerate ‘thank you.’
    “it’ll be okay, lovely. not leaving you ever.”

    ໒ ✿ JUNGWON: ꒱

    jungwon is very mature and great at handling you in situations like these. that’s why when he hears you whimper a bit because of the noise, he wraps his hands around your waist and tells you to breathe. after you’ve calmed down, he urges you to hydrate yourself. after you’re back to normal, won cuddles you as if it’s the last time he’d ever be able to do so.
    “come on bubs, just a sip. and then we can go nap, yeah?”

    ໒ ✿ RIKI: ꒱

    tbh he is so confused at first like he kind of laughs at your reaction because he thinks you’re faking it (?). but when you look at him with teary eyes he feels so bad. immediately pulling you into his lap as he kisses the side of your face. and when you tell him about how the noise made you feel super overwhelmed, he takes note of this for next time and plays with your hands as you fall asleep in his arms.
    “i’m so sorry, y/n. i love you so much. come on, tell me how you’re feeling.”
    DISCLAIMER: this work is pure fiction and not a real-life depiction of any person whatsoever. you are responsible for your own media consumption. any forms of copying, translations, reposts, etc, are completely prohibited.

    © jakeyuni 2022. all rights reserved.

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  • ohdudehesflirting
    16.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    enhypen reaction to you wearing their tshirt 🌱

    warnings mentions of food kisses and really bad grammar

    note: i changed it a bit to clothes but still

    this is my first piece so pls be nice also eng is not my first lenguage so yeah 😤


    “BABE have u seen my-”

    this man does a full stop and a double take

    “is that my shirt love?”

    he is literally so giddy

    you offered to him incase he wanted to wear it

    hee goes

    “nono how could i use it u look cuter in it”

    he is in l o v e

    the rest of the member under the cut


    having THE fashonista as your bf u just had to use that one blue shirt

    theone in the whats in my bag video yk what im talking ab?-

    as soon as he sees you

    he is WEAK for you

    “Love you look so cute”

    falls in love 348923 times more

    “u look so pretty”

    helps you pick accsesories

    “the black pants would look good”


    you two were going out to a dinner date

    you saw one of his blazers

    and it was so cute

    the temptation was too high

    u wore it to the dinner

    he acts like he didnt notice

    trust me he did

    after the dinner

    “hoon did you notice my outfit” :(

    and with that sunghoon m e l t e d

    “i did baby u look so cute and pretty in my blazer” D:

    mans is apologysing so bad

    after that he lends you his clothes more often


    it think we have all noticed jakes slight obssesion with hoodies

    like dont get me wrong

    i love a good bf look

    also its THE jake sim

    he looks good in everything

    but mans is always in a hoodie

    one cold morning mid winter

    you were so cold

    and his grey hoodie looked so warm

    you just had to use it

    jake comes back home after a long day of practice

    and sees you asleep on the sofa

    this man is so whipped for you

    carries you to your bed

    “u look so cute in my hoodie baby”

    and you both had the best sleep of your life


    sunoo for your birth day gave you a blue tennis skirt

    you loved it so much

    it was one of your most worn peices

    you realize that sunoo has a cloud cardigan that matches PERFECTLY

    it was the perfect weather to wear a cardigan

    you just caved in

    the both of you had planned a icecream date

    you get to the ice cream parlor with your cute little outfit

    sunoo is already in one of the tables waiting for you

    mans is starstruck

    u look so pRETTY

    “hi bub u look so pretty” 🥺

    he is so inlove withyo

    (i mean who wouldnt)

    yeah you got this man wrapped arround your fingers


    jungwon as the leader is very attentive

    and you as his s/o just makes him pay even more attention

    so on one date

    it was vv cold

    and he so quickly noticed

    “love do you need my hoodie?”

    “im good won”

    says as your literally shivering

    he wordlessly puts his hoodie on top of you

    “its fine love im not cold” :)

    he just cares so much and its adorable

    “u look cute”

    get a bf like jungwon


    you two were having a home date

    and were playing mario kart

    you got cold and niki noticed

    “are u cold love ?”

    “a bit dont worry”

    he did worry

    niki goes to his room and searches for a hoodie

    goes back onto the living room and plops his hoodie on to your lap

    🥺 “thankyou baby”

    this man is so whipped for you

    to the point that he cant stop taking photos and gushing(internally) about you

    now he has a new lockscreen 😋

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  • nik1lvs
    16.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    #. . .ENHYPEN reaction to their S/O hugging them out of the blue.

    #pronouns — they/them

    #warnings — n/a

    #genre — fluff

    note ! my first time writing something I'm hella nervous lmao + ctto for the format & layout im using <33

    ! . . . HEESEUNG

    — startled by the sudden hug, "what was that for" giggles as he tries to hug you back. "stop running away" but catches you anyway cuz DAMN he tall. gives you a lot of hugs after.

    ! . . . JAY

    — was watching the tv while you leaned closer and hugged him. smiles and asks you "why". "i don't know i just felt like hugging you" he laughs at your reply and grabs you in a way you can lay on his lap.

    ! . . . JAKE

    — is absolutely melted but he is a big tease. he giggles and grabs you by your waist. this man's giving you a LOTTTT of hugs and kisses. "i should hug you more often"

    ! . . . SUNGHOON

    — like jake, he's a big tease. "what was that for" he smiles widely still flustered by it. you just go back to your room at the sudden reaction, embarassed. "come back i wanna hug you!" he calls you out. gives you tons of kisses later.

    ! . . . SUNOO

    — he's whipped. super dramatic "OMG Y/N HUGGED ME!!!" goes on screaming all around the house. hugs you back tightly. is super sweet and gives you a lot of cuddles :(

    ! . . . JUNGWON

    — is super confused "what" "huh" "eh" "why". literally doesn't feel anything but confusion. it makes you feel a bit embarassed so you just run back to your room until jungwon follows you like a kitten. with his pleading eyes he snuggles into your bed with you "can we cuddle?" IS SUPER ADORABLE.

    ! . . . NI-KI

    — acts like he doesn't care. you get a bit frustrated at him so you proceed to get up and leave, but he grabs your arm pulling you in. "don't go" he says as he grabs you in a tight hug.

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  • kpopboysxtogether
    16.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Yandere Enhypen! - Reaction to their S/O teasing them in public


    Note- Sunoo is here but his is PG compare to the rest

    ⚠️Warnings⚠️ - More smutty then I anticipated, swearing, slut shaming and toxic relationships.


    He could never deny your touches but this really wasn’t the place, heeseung is still cautious of peoples opinions about him and you should know that, “you’re so greedy, you only care about yourself, what if I did this to you? Of course you’d like it, you’re such a slut for my dick”, he whispered angrily in your ear, he’s never called you a slut before and you knew you should’ve just kept your hands to yourself, “we’re leaving”. You wouldn’t be aloud to leave the house, he’d fuck you for days straight breaking you down till you learnt your lesson, “apologise for embarrassing me, your still wet for me? ah you’re liking your punishment to much”.


    He had to stop himself for liking your wondering hands, a moan nearly escaping him from just one simple touch, “not now”, he said angry at himself, he knows he can’t control his urges when around you, he completely melts into your hands like putty, “you know I can’t refuse you my love but do you really wanna make a scene?”, he questioned, if you stop he’ll reward you at home and if you keep going he’ll fuck you right in front of everyone, he’s willing to be charged with indecent exposure if that means he gets to have you, “you wanna ride me in this coffee shop? I could slide right in, people will only find out if they look too hard”.


    “Do it again Y/N, let everyone see”, he said not an ounce of sarcasm to be found, he wants you to touch him and if everyone sees it then even better, it just means he’s irresistible to you and your not ashamed to be with him, he’ll become your dirty boy if you want him to but if you stop jake isn’t going to be to pleased, “why are you stopping now? Have you decided you don’t want to be my slut anymore?”, he said so openly paying no attention to the on lookers, “come on baby make me cum in front of everyone”, he persisted biting his lip, you’d have to come up with a good ass excuse to not continue or he’s not going to be happy.


    Would enjoy it till he got a hard on, he loves you a lot and as crazy as he might be he’s still not very willing to whip it out in front of the old lady who’s just trying to eat lunch, “why are you so confident?”, he said ripping your hand away from him, he’d love to fuck you right now and show you who’s boss but his possessive side won’t let him, the thought of other people seeing you like that angered him, “don’t fucking touch me Y/N, you want people to see me like this? we’re in a public setting you whore, you don’t care about me”. He would get so worked up and storm out, holding your wrist tightly as he pulls you along, “no mercy Y/N, you’ve pushed me to far”.


    All you did was purposely glide your hand over his butt, you didn’t really know what type of reaction you were looking for but he loved it, turning to you with a shy smile as if you were both alone in a bedroom, “do you want me to touch you back?”, he said hesitantly and non-jokingly, completely ignoring the people that casually walked passed, acting like a nervous virgin, he wanted to touch you back it was only fair but as you reminded him of the public setting, his smile grew wide, “you don’t want me touching you in public, are you embarrassed of me? I thought you loved me”. You have two choices let him touch you or you can pray he goes easy on you back home.

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  • gretavandutchy
    16.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    a family affair | one

    {jake kiszka x fem!reader} fake it til you make it collection: phase two!

    summary: when your meddling sister backs you into a corner, you panic and tell her your best friend is actually your boyfriend.

    word count: 3.4k

    warnings: language, bridezillas, so. much. cake.

    You never really expected being your older sister's maid of honor would be so much work. Sure, you knew you'd be expected to help out with planning the event itself, as well as planning the correlating events like her bridal shower and the bachelorette party. What you hadn't expected, though, was for your sweet sister to turn into the bridezilla of the century.

    There was barely enough time left in a day for you to think, let alone do anything for yourself ever since you'd agreed to the task. It had really crept on you, too. In the beginning, things had been mostly sunshine and rainbows--but as the date drew nearer, and things were meant to be finalized, the sunshine turned to lightning and that rainbow had become a twister.

    Luckily, there wasn't much left to be done, and you could almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. The venue was set, the flowers had been chosen (after a notable tantrum on the bride's part), the caterer had been selected, and the invitations were out in the world. You'd reserved a block of hotel rooms for the bachelorette party, the bridal party's dresses were being altered in record time, and things really seemed to be looking up.

    The only major obstacle left was that fucking cake.

    Initially, the cake had been the first thing to be decided upon. Your sister had always dreamed of having a tri-tiered, red velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream frosting, and fondant roses. Hell, you were pretty sure there were different variations of the cake doodled in all of her diaries dating back to her preteen years.

    But then tragedy had struck, or at least it had in the eyes of dear Penny. The cake had been arranged for months, the selected bakery already having received their deposit, and then one night you'd received a call from your sister. Your eardrums had nearly blown out due to the volume of her wails, and through a lot of deliberation, you'd pieced together her broken words to figure out that someone had stolen her cake.

    A friend of her fiance's had invited her to her own wedding, and she'd been horrified to watch the cake be wheeled out--her cake. It was treacherous, mutinous! How had she found her designs? Who would betray her so?

    You hadn't had the heart to tell her that her concept of a wedding cake was quite literally the most basic design in history. That, and you also were pretty sure if you'd told her that she'd have gouged your eyes out with her brand new bridezilla claws. You'd bitten your tongue and talked her down from confronting the bride, patting yourself on the back for stopping Penny from embarrassing herself, and eventually, you'd convinced her that there was sure to be a better cake meant for her.

    That was how you'd ended up at a bakery at seven in the morning on a Saturday. The Bakery, as it was called, did not consider itself a bakery, in all actuality. The business was marketed as a high-end, designer pâtisserie. In other words, it was a cheap ploy to prey on rabid bridezillas like your sister, but it was by no means cheap.

    You'd seen the estimate for a simple three-tier cake, no frills whatsoever, and nearly perished. It wasn't coming from your wallet, though, so you just smiled and told your sister she was a genius for finding such a luxurious place. That had made her happy, at least.

    Penny was radiant that morning, dressed in a fancy dress with her hair all twisted up in a sophisticated updo, and her fiance, Mark, was wearing a matching tie. Her eye had twitched when you'd shown up in jeans, with holes no less, but she'd kept her mouth shut so as to maintain her poise. The other guy, though, you really had no idea who he was or why he was even there.

    You knew all of Mark's groomsmen, and the swanky lawyer type standing beside him was not one of them. "Sis," she scowled at the name, but you continued, "who's this?"

    Apparently, giving attention to the elephant in the room was precisely what Penny had hoped for. She beamed, plum-painted lips spreading in a broad smile as she introduced, "This is Tate! He works with Mark, and apparently, he's rather knowledgable about cake!"

    Raising a brow, you nodded slowly. Knowledgable about cake? Was he going to give some sort of a chemistry lesson on the inner workings of different flavored cakes? He certainly didn't look like a baker, nor did it look like he ate anything aside from plain chicken breasts and steamed vegetables, but you knew better than to judge a book by its cover.

    Tate extended a hand, gripping yours firmly when you met him in the middle in a hearty shake. You tried not to grimace as your knuckles crackled under the force of it, instead muttering, "Nice to meet you, Tate. I'm (Y/N)."

    Penny and Mark were immersed in conversation, though Penny seemed to be doing most of the talking as she grew red in the face, and that left yourself and Tate. You gave a small, awkward smile before rocking back onto your heels, checking your phone in the hopes that by some chance someone else would be up at such a ridiculous hour. Unfortunately, your phone remained void of life.

    "So, Penny says you're the maid of honor?" Tate spoke, and you nodded with a shrug. He seemed to deflate a little at your lack of conversation, but before he could try again a man in full butler garb rattled a cart topped with silver trays into the room.

    There were at least fifteen little plates on the cart, which you discovered was actually a double-decker. The man wordlessly moved them from the cart to the long, cloth-draped table one by one, and he left just as quietly. You hoped no one could hear the way your stomach rumbled to life, having skipped breakfast, but the pinch of your sister's brow told you she had.

    After a few moments of awkward silence, Penny spoke up, "Well, are you ready to start?"

    You didn't have to be told twice. Each of you moved toward the table, plucking the silver lids from atop the platters to reveal plate after plate of petit fours. Each plate had a little sign with the flavors, and your eye was drawn to four little, red-frosted cakes with a simple green leaf atop them. Rhubarb and rosewater? Your nose wrinkled, no longer so attracted to that platter.

    The flavors were all... strange. Almond cakes, and coconut cakes, and even a black currant cake. You scoured the table for something simple but only came up with a dark chocolate cake with walnuts and a sugar glaze. Penny, though, seemed to be having the time of her life.

    She nibbled on this, and tasted that, and wrinkled her nose when she bit into the rhubarb cake you'd avoided. You let her think you hadn't seen her spit it into a napkin, stuffing the wad into her purse because she couldn't be caught throwing it away. As you forced yourself to swallow the bitter dark chocolate cake, you couldn't help but to wish for a stack of pancakes.

    "This rhubarb and rosewater cake is to die for," Tate cut through the silence, and you shared a look with Penny. For a brief moment, your sister was herself again, sharing a secret look of judgment with you before she slipped back behind the bridezilla mask. "I think you'd like it, (Y/N)."

    You smiled politely, though internally you were wondering, how the hell would he have any idea what you liked? You didn't get a chance to decline, though, before he was shoving the little square into your mouth. The rosewater was overwhelming, your throat constricting as it tasted like a mouthful of perfume, and you weren't so discreet as you spit it out into your hand.

    Penny scowled, and Tate flushed in embarrassment, but you paid them no mind as you dropped the hunk of cake into the trash before wiping off your hands. You forced yourself to chew through the overly sweet coconut cake in an attempt to rid your mouth of the perfume taste, and the morning continued. And it continued, and it continued, and it just kept going.

    Three carts and two hours later, you were pretty sure you could go the rest of your life without ever seeing another cake. Tate avoided you throughout the rest of the tasting, and you were secretly thankful. You weren't so secretive about how glad you were to finally be done with the event, though.

    Tate walked off with Mark to fill out paperwork and make a deposit for the new cake Penny had decided on (it was the almond one), and you sighed, "Thank god that's over. I can still taste the rosewater."

    "Do you want to die alone?"

    You spluttered, choking on air as you gaped at your sister who was scowling at you. "Do I want--what? What the hell are you talking about, Penny?" you gasped incredulously.

    Penny's hands were on her hips, one foot tapping furiously as she stared down her nose at you like a reprimanding teacher. "You totally embarrassed Tate, (Y/N). You couldn't have, I don't know, tried to be nice to him?" she scolded, and you were gaping like a fish out of water.

    "I was nice! It's not my fault he assaulted me with that disgusting cake!" you defended yourself, before shaking your head in confusion, "What the hell does Tate have to do with me dying alone?"

    Her head fell back with a groan, her hands flying out in exasperation. "You're so dense, I swear," she bemoaned, "I was trying to set you up with him so you'd have a date to my wedding, which is in a month!"

    A date? She wanted Tate to be your date to the wedding? A date with Tate?

    "I think I can still make it happen," she began rambling, "I'll have to explain your behavior, but with a little work and a nice outfit, I'm sure he'll give you another chance. Maybe that sundress I bought that you never wear? You really should show your legs off more, sis, you've--"

    "I have a date!"

    And that was where you fucked up. You did not, in fact, have a date to the wedding. You'd never even been on a date at all, actually, unless you were counting the awkward eighth-grade dance you'd gone to with David Johnson. The thing was, though, you didn't want a date. You especially didn't want to be set up on one by your older sister, either.

    Penny stared at you for a long moment, her eyes narrowed and hands still on her hips as she speculated whether or not you were being honest, "Who is it? Do I know him? Why didn't you tell me?"

    There was something to be said about the way you fucked yourself over in that moment, your mouth moving before you could even think to stop yourself, "It's Jake."

    "Kiszka? That Jake?"

    You were an idiot. "Yes, he's uh, he's actually my boyfriend. Has been for a while now." You were an idiot with a death wish, already dreading telling Jake about your stupidity later.

    Jake Kiszka had been your best friend since your diaper days. Having grown up down the road from the Kiszkas, your families were exceptionally close. Growing up your families had gotten together almost weekly for cookouts, bonfires, and dinners, and it was essentially expected that you'd click with at least one of the Kiszka kids.

    The adults had always expected it to be Ronnie, considering she was the only other girl aside from your sister, but you and Jake... you just got each other. You were close with the whole family, but Jake was your person. He was the one you went to for anything, everything, and nothing at all, and you were that person for him. Sometimes he joked that you were more like his twin than Josh, and each time he said it you faked a laugh.

    There's nothing quite like being considered a sister by the one guy you've ever felt anything for. David Johnson and the eighth-grade dance had been the only time you'd ever tried to look at another boy, and he'd ended up crying on the bleachers when you refused to dance with him because you were so upset Jake was with another girl. It was a little pathetic, really, how devoted you were to something that would never happen.

    Jake was the guy who burped in your face or sat on your head to wake you up in the mornings. He put you in headlocks and forced your face into his armpit just because he could, he held you under the blankets after he farted, and sometimes he'd pull your hair just to see you get angry. You were like one of the guys to him, and it sucked.

    But Penny had always rooted for the two of you to end up together, and that was why you said it. You knew, if there was one guy she'd have absolutely no complaints about you bringing to her wedding, it would be him. Jake was going to kill you, but at least you could go without being set up with another gym rat by your sister before that time came.

    "That's great!" she cheered, clapping her hands together and grinning like a madwoman, "Oh, I'm so happy for you I can't even be mad that you didn't tell me. I am, though, so don't get it twisted. When I stop being happy you better expect my wrath, missy!"

    You'd gladly face her wrath a million times over before you'd deal with Jake's. But, that wasn't an option, because now you had to explain to Jake before it was too late for him to get a suit. You weren't sure what would be worse: his anger, or his relentless teasing.

    When you returned home, you did anything you possibly could to procrastinate. You started by taking a long shower, shaving and exfoliating every part of your body that you could, and even breaking out the conditioning treatment you'd been neglecting due to your lack of time. You moisturized, and then you did a facemask, and spent an obscene amount of time tweezing your eyebrows in the mirror.

    You picked at any blemishes you could find, and then regretted your choices when you looked at all the inflamed and irritated spots on your face. Getting dressed had never taken so long, and then you found yourself going through all of your clothing in an attempt to pull out anything worth donating. You didn't find much, but you bagged it up anyways.

    You started a load of laundry and then decided it was as good of a time as any to do a deep clean. You swept the floors, and vacuumed too, and then you spread one of those smelly powders around and vacuumed again. After you'd refolded your throw blankets for the third time, and dusted everything in sight, you decided there was no point in continuing to avoid the inevitable.

    Jake answered your facetime call on the second ring, his face illuminating your screen as he talked to someone in the room. "It's (Y/N)." he said, and a split second later there was a shout before Josh's face filled the screen.

    "Sunshine!" he cheered, and you grinned, "Come watch this whale documentary with me, Jake's being an ass."

    His face disappeared from view before you could respond, the screen flashing wildly before it eventually clattered onto the floor and went dark. You could hear the two twins start shouting before a door slammed and Jake returned with ruffled hair and an annoyed frown on his lips. You prayed to whatever higher power that may be that it wasn't a bad omen.

    You waited, fidgeting nervously the whole time, for him to get situated. Eventually, after a few too many seconds of rooting around to get comfortable on his bed, he propped his phone up against his pillow and smiled lazily. "What's up?" he asked, and you tried your best to smile like you weren't about to drop a bomb on him.

    "Oh, not much." you shrugged, and he narrowed his eyes.

    "Liar," he retorted, and you cursed, "I know when you're hiding something. You get this look on your face like you're constipated or something."

    The last comment made you scowl, your face burning just a little in embarrassment, "Thanks, asshole."

    Jake just laughed. He always got a kick out of embarrassing you, much to your chagrin, and he did it every chance he got. That was a major reason why you were so hesitant to tell him what you'd done. If he didn't get pissed, he was definitely going to give you hell.

    After a little more laughter than was necessary, Jake asked again, "So, what's up? And don't try and lie to me, because I'll know."

    You dropped onto the sofa, burying your face into the little pillow you'd placed on it, and groaned. Your heart was racing in your chest, and you barely turned your face enough to be heard as you grumbled, "I did something really, really bad."

    "Did you fuck Mark?"

    You scoffed, shooting up from the pillow with an incredulous glare on your face. "Did I--what? No, Jake, why would you even ask that?" you hissed, but the dopey grin on his face let you know that he was messing with you, "I almost wish I had, I think this might be worse."

    In an instant, his expression turned serious. That was one of the things you loved the most about Jake. He was ridiculously fun, and he loved to mess with you and make you laugh, but when he knew you were upset he'd shape up in a split second. He was the type of guy who'd fight your battles for you, no matter what, and you loved him for it. You just wished it meant more than what it did.

    "What happened?" he asked, brown eyes scanning the image of your face intensely before you buried it back into the pillow with another groan, "Come on, princess, you know you can tell me anything."

    That stupid nickname would be the death of you. You couldn't quite remember when or why it had come to be, but it had been Jake's go-to name for you since before you'd even realized your feelings for him. Once upon a time, it'd irritated you to no end, a stupid name he used when he thought you were being too girly, but over the years it had come to mean something sweeter.

    Avoiding looking at him, you replied, "I told Penny that I had a boyfriend who I was taking to the wedding."

    "Okay," he chuckled, "and what's so bad about that?"

    You mumbled into the pillow, "I said it was you."

    "What?" Jake laughed, and you turned your face to pout at him. Was he really going to make you say it again? Apparently, he was, because he prodded, "I couldn't hear you."

    Judging by the twinkle in his eye, he knew exactly what you had said. He was smirking so deviously, brown eyes alight with mischief, and your mouth ran dry as you repeated, "I said it was you."

    For a few seconds, he was silent. His lips were clamped between his teeth as he fought to keep himself from laughing, and he rubbed his chin with his fingers as he tried to keep his composure. At least he wasn't angry, you thought.

    "I didn't know you felt that way about me, princess."

    Your heart stuttered in your chest, eyes growing wide with the horror of thinking, oh shit, he knows, but then he started laughing. He laughed with his whole chest, his eyes crinkling in an expression that was far too cute when you were trying to be annoyed with him. Jake laughed even harder when he saw your scowl.

    You sounded pathetic when you questioned, "So you're not mad at me?"

    "No," he chuckled, shaking his head as if the question were absolutely preposterous, "I am going to hold this over your head for the rest of your life, though.

    If that meant Jake would be in your life forever, then you figured that was a pretty good deal.

    TAGLIST! @theweightofstardust @alltimekp @sing-against-the-sky @sammykiszkasunusedshoes @myownparadise96 @tripthelight-fanfic @imdepressedaf1996 @caravelstan @gvfvanfleet @vulture-withafile @godblessmarywanna @brokenbellz @gretavanfleas @streamsofstardust @celestialfauna if you would like to be tagged, send an ask!

    #jake kiszka #jake kiszka imagine #jake kiszka series #jake kiszka x reader #jake kiszka fic #jake kiszka fluff #jake kiszka angst #jake kiszka smut #jake kiszka au
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    when you and jake sim announced that you were dating, there were a lot of things that didn’t make sense. one, you have hated jay and his group of friends since the day you moved to hybe high. two, jake was a part of jay’s friend group (and not nearly as good looking). and three, jake was entirely too pretentious for his own good and you hated pretentious people. he knew that there was something else going on, there was no way you actually liked jake—he was everything you hated in a person—and jay was going to get to the bottom of it.

    PAIRING. jay x fem monster hunter reader ; jake x fem monster hunter reader

    GENRE. smau; fluff ; humour ; crack ; high school au ; love triangle ; supernatural au ; monster hunting ;

    WARNINGS. jokes about dying/death ; injuries ; mentions of food ; monsters/demons ; lots of blood ; action scenes

    FEATURING. stayc isa + p1harmony keeho + somi

    started : 16/01/22 ended :

    send an ask to be added to the taglist or fill out this form

    profiles : shadowhunters reboot ! riki hate club

    001. goblin blood

    002. club penguin

    003. coming soon

    #jay x reader #jake x reader #ficscafe #prism.nw #klibrary #park jay x reader #jay fluff#jay imagines#jay reactions #sim jake x reader #jake imagines#jake fluff#jake scenarios#jake reactions #enhypen x reader #enhypen reactions#enhypen smau #enhypen social media au #enhypen scenarios#enhypen imagines#enhypen fluff #enhypen fake texts #enhypen texts #enhypen socmed au #enhypen social au
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    Dream in a dream

    twenty-six ― [Do a back flip🍿]
    warning: mention of jumping off? (as a joke) 

    | masterlist | << twenty-five || twenty-seven >> | 

    author’s note: Ryujin is such a menace 😂 and a heads up that Heeseung and y/n are going to officially meet each other very soon 🙊

    summary: With assignments, studying and exams piling up, the reoccurring dream you had since you were young starts to hunt you back in uni. A young boy now a young adult your age, you wander if he was real or just a fragment of your imagination.

    @jongsaengseong​ ​@enha-pen​​ @giyyuzz​ @luvrseung​ @yukii0-0​ @lokideadontheinside​ @gu8ki​ @missmadwoman​ @youngestdelacour​ @staysstrays​
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    tangled! — fifteen : ouch, it's funny

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    warning(s) : cursing, someone being a bitch—, mention of insecurities, grammatical error might be occur

    "i look funny right now." yuna furrowed her eyebrows while watching y/n sighing in front of the mirror.

    "you know i'm only friends with hot people right? plus minus this dress was bought by jay himself, it really suits you so stop blabbering nonsense." yuna pinched her cheeks as a punishment whenever y/n seemed not so confident with herself.

    "the one who looks funny right now is sumin, not you, so keep your heads up. she looked like a clown last time i saw her." ryujin suddenly appeared from nowhere while munching her fries.

    "can we not mention her name here? i want to puke." chaeryeong looked at ryujin disgustingly which made both yuna and y/n scoff.

    "are you still pressed about she called sunghoon as hoon?" y/n asked chaeryeong which made chaeryeong flustered. 

    "what— what kind of gibberish are you talking about? NO I AM NOT PRESSED AT ALL."

    "yeah you pressed. no need to tell us." 

    "what's taking you guys so long? jay is already here." jungwon huffed seeing them not ready yet for the dinner.

    "oh y/n you look great."

    sunghoon snickered seeing jake facing the wall contemplating his life right there. "you look funny right now, you know that right?"

    "shut up, i'm trying to not lose my cool when heeseung is there , not to mention y/n will be here too looking like a goddess later— oh my god." jake's heart feels like it will drop in a matter of seconds as jay dragged y/n and chaeryeong to approach them. 

    'if she thinks she looks funny then she is wrong, she literally looks like an angel and i'm the one who looks funny here or to be precise, a clown. a clown who looks dumb and cannot express his own feelings.'

    "y/n, chaeryeong! come over here for a second. i want to take pictures!" minjeong who came earlier, ran over to them and snatched both of the girls away from jay which made jay scoff and just keep approaching jake and sunghoon.

    "you guys are so early for what?" jay asked but didn't get any answer as jake kind of spacing off which makes him furrow his eyebrow. 

    sunghoon sighed, saying "i think he's just stunned to see someone. let him be, the dinner will start in 10 minutes, let's go." and he's just dragged jake into the dining room.

    well the atmosphere seemed tense as jake scowled and kept his face cold when heeseung sat next to him.

    "a simple 'hi' doesn't hurt right, sim jaeyun?" heeseung looks at him which makes chaeryeong look at him disgusted.

    "a simple apology doesn't hurt right, lee heeseung?" truthfully jake's words took him back but he keeps his cool and acts like nothing happened. 

    "i don't know what are you talking about but let's just dine in shall we? the food will be cold tho." 

    y/n just sighed while jay rolled his eyes and scowled at heeseung. both of jake and sunghoon snickered looking at him but just decided to keep quiet.

    after they finished, taehyun clapped his hand wanting to get attention from everyone. "professor park told me he wants to see all of us next week for the upcoming campus festival. i hope all of you will not snitch, especially you choi beomgyu, so see you guys later. i need to go first." 

    after one by one left the room, someone came into the room and hugged heeseung while giggling. "baby, do you have fun tonight?" sumin asked him, doesn't care about her surroundings.

    y/n scoffed which makes everyone avert their eyes towards her. "oh hey y/n.. i don't expect you to be here. i heard this dinner is for top students only, are you here to pick up your friends?" sumin looks at her teasingly.

    "mind your words but i am the top one student here. i don't expect you to be dumber after meeting heeseung, but oh well." y/n wants to left but stopped halfway after hearing sumin's words.

    "well it looks like we are going to compete again later. and as always, i win.. while you lose. i heard you are still single? look, i am still one step ahead from you."

    "stop with your bullshit sumin, i'm—"

    "i'm her boyfriend. so shut your fucking mouth. y/n, let's go." jake cutted off y/n words and took her away while grabbing her handbag and left the others in the dining room.

    jay and sunghoon who was too stunned seeing the scene earlier gasped as chaeryeong slapped sumin right into her face.

    "i don't know why you became friends with y/n in the first place when you just chose to be a bitch until now."

    "jake, why are you doing this?" y/n asked jake as he kept quiet while driving through the road.

    "i am not doing anything..?" he asked slowly as he glanced towards her. "yes you are. why did you say that you are my boyfriend when we barely talk?" 

    ouch. so she doesn't see me as anything.

    "i just want to help you, i can't stand seeing sumin being a bitch along with heeseung."

    ouch. so he pity me.

    "so, please let me be your fake boyfriend in front of them." 

    a/n : oh? 🤭

    synopsis : lee y/n who become matchmaker due to the sudden confession from lee heeseung makes her friendship with her friend faded, well that's when she thought that she is just side character but sim jaeyun will prove her wrongㅡ wouldn't he?

    taglist : @softforqiankun @enhacolor @liliansun @cosmiclele @msxflower @mykalon @nyfwyeonjun @rielleluvs @misssparklyprincess @missmadwoman

    #enhypen x reader #enhypen social media au #enhypen social au #enhypen scenarios#enhypen imagines#enhypen fluff #kpop social media au #kpop social au #itzy texts #itzy social media au #enhypen fake texts #enhypen socmed au #jake fluff #jake x y/n #jake scenarios#jake imagines #jake x reader
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    um yes time to finally do this haha however overdone this is

    𝐇𝐄𝐄𝐒𝐄𝐔𝐍𝐆. words of affirmation— for someone who has gone through so many hardships throughout his trainee life and during i-land, i believe he'd appreciate words of affirmation so much. he's constantly striving to be the best, having the word 'ace' as his label. the pressure might get to him at times, so there's always a need for him to know that he's doing well and that he's worth it. he also actively makes time no matter how difficult that might be to pull you away from the days where you might be stressed to reassure you and tell you everything he thinks you deserve to hear.

    𝐉𝐀𝐘. physical touch— we can always see him pull the people he loves closer to him. take jungwon for example, jay sticks to him like glue a lot. he'd be all for it if you come up to him and attach yourself to his side. it doesn't matter what kind of physical affection— linked pinkies, holding hands, back hugs, cuddles, short and sweet pecks. as long as you're with him, he is at ease. in private as well as in public, he isn't uncomfortable with the notion of wrapping his arms around your waist while doing anything really.

    𝐉𝐀𝐊𝐄. quality time— i feel like he loves to bond with people and learn about them, so spending some quality time with him is a must. for him, the time you spend being vulnerable and open with each other, all ears for anything the other shares— that's one of the things he cherishes the most. sometimes all he needs is your presence, no talking even needed. he spends his days off a lot with you, taking you out on nature walks, preparing breakfast together, lying down and doing nothing— he is just fine as long he does them with you.

    𝐒𝐔𝐍𝐆𝐇𝐎𝐎𝐍. acts of service— i believe that hoon isn't one for grand gestures of affection, nor is he that comfortable with being as open with his feelings as some of his other members. for him, the best way to show someone you love them is by doing small acts of service. he's a man of action, i guess. sometimes you wouldn't even notice how he'd help you, that's how subtle he is. maybe you'd forget how you'd forgotten to charge your phone the night before, seeing how it was fully charged when you walk out of the house. he wouldn't bother telling you that he'd done it for you instead. were you tired? he already had dinner ready and made. blanket slid off your body? he'd somehow wake up drape it back over you.


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    > one single phone call was all it took for you to come running back into his enclosed arms.

    𔓕 PAIRING: exboyfriend!sunghoon x gn!reader

    angst / warnings: none / wc: 530


    you were walking away.

    Walking away from the boy that made you feel what it's like to love and be loved, to feel whole and complete in the essence of a person. to feel like you can give the moon, carefully handpicked the stars Zeus had put up, and deliver every little thing that coexists within the cosmos to the palm of his hands – Park Sunghoon.

    The same Sunghoon who had loved you at dusk, and forgotten at dawn. He who only needed you through his desires you chose to turn a blind eye towards because you were so caught up with the idea of love. you who still loves him nonetheless. even if the world ends up in flames, even if he was in the arms of another person.

    So walking away was the only option to salvage your heart’s last remaining pieces.

    To be completely honest it was neither of your fault. no matter how many times you wailed at night on your bedroom floor screaming “I hate you’s” as you let the salty tears fall down your cheeks not caring if your neighbors woke up to all your yelling – blaming him for every single thing. It wasn't his fault.

    It wasn’t his fault that he changed, it wasn’t his fault you slowly felt him drift away getting lost in between the blurred lines of what we used to be and what we’ve evolved in. it wasn’t his fault that you barely recognized the man you deemed was love. it wasn’t his fault he didn’t love you anymore. you convinced yourself.

    Hearing the sound of your ringing phone, you broke apart from your reverie. a small part of you wished it was Sunghoon yet you can’t bear to even listen nor look at him, staring at the caller id was none other than the man himself.


    “hi.” you mumbled suddenly taking interest in your fingernails.

    “I was just calling to tell you I'm coming by at 3 to pick up my things.”

    this wasn’t how it was supposed to go


    “yeah. Are you busy? I can always come at a different time.”

    why aren't you calling to ask if I'm okay? why aren’t you calling to see if we could talk things ove-

    “y/n? Are you still there?” he asked, seeming to be tired of this conversation, wanting to get it over as quickly as he could. “look if you don’t want to see me then that's completely fine, just leave my things outside the door.”

    how can his voice be so cold? is this the same park sunghoon? the park sunghoon that i once and still love?

    Not being able to find the proper words in this situation, “i miss you please come home” was what you wanted to say.

    “yeah sorry, no I'm not busy. you can come at 3.” “alright thanks.” he hung up after not giving you a chance to reply.

    Whispering for no one to hear on the other side

    “I love you”

    Walking away was so hard.

    Considering the one you wanted to walk away from, was the same man you wanted to find shelter in after.

    january 16 2022

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