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    enha on “smash school” (on the content app smash) | jake cut

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    [2021ENniversary] ENHYPEN 2021 ENniversary Photo #2 ID | jake cut

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    𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐟𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐲?

    《《 au masterlist 》》

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    #FIRST PART UP LETZZ GAURRRR #jake x reader #jake sim x reader #enhypen jake#enhypen#enhypen smau #enhypen x reader #enhypen heeseung#enhypen jay#enhypen sunghoon#enhypen sunoo#enhypen jungwon#enhypen niki#enhypen imagines#enhypen fluff#nishimura riki#enhypen crack #sim jaeyun x reader #sim jaeyun #jake sim smau #enhypen social media au #faithwrites🌱
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    stereotype! — one ; he probably hates me too.

    -synopsis: everyone told and warned sunghoon about y/n and the way she plays people, but sunghoon didn’t listen. after being paired with her for a chemistry assignment he was keen on letting people know that she was not what people thought of her.

    -genre: classmates to lovers, angst, the rest of enha being assholes except sunoo & riki & jungwon but it’s okay! they get better, crack, smau, & etc

    -pairing: highschool student!sunghoon x fem!reader

    -warnings: swearing, slight slut shaming

    -taglist (open): @acciomylove @primorange @papiibuprofen @luvrseung @jup1t3r-n1ah

    ★ previous. next. ☆ masterlist.

    author’s note: made this while in geometry class today wow i wanna make the next chapter in sunghoon’s pov but idk yet

    #enhypen#sunghoon#enhypen smau #enhypen social au #enhypen social media au #enhypen x female reader #enhypen x reader #enhypen x y/n #enhypen x you #jake sim #jay park enhypen #kim sunoo#lee heeseung#yang jungwon #ni ki enhypen #enhypen nishimura riki #ficscafe#sunghoon crack #sunghoon x you #sunghoon x reader #sunghoon x y/n #sunghoon smau#park sunghoon
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    Incorrect enhypen

    Jake: I don't follow the rules. I follow dogs on social media.

    #incorrect quotes#incorrect enhypen#funny #incorrect kpop quotes #kpop incorrect quotes #incorrect kpop texts #enhypen#enhypen jake#jake sim#sim jake#sim jaeyun
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    summary: the team you‘re desperately trying to recruit in order to join the world dance competition is left stunned by your passion, because for one, none of you know each other, and two: barely anyone can actually dance. you‘re not sure what the bigger problem is: the fact that you‘re going to make an absolute fool out of yourselves for the whole world to see, or that none of them know the actual reason you want to join.
    pairing: enhypen x fem!reader, jake x fem!reader, jay x fem!reader, niki x fem!reader, sunghoon x fem!reader, heeseung x fem!reader
    warnings: cursing
    a/n: this chapter has chats + written parts!

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    [wc: 1.9k+]

    "finally!", ning ning greeted with a dramatic sigh as you slipped into the backseat. "I thought you had died."

    you groaned at that, the unfamiliar feeling of your outfit's tight fabric blocking your airways fueling you with more snappiness than usual. oh, and maybe also the fact that you were attending the very person's party that wouldn't hesitate to call the cops on you the second you stepped into his sight.

    maybe it was time to get used to orange, you thought.

    "wait.. no comeback? damn, you must be taking the whole jail thing more seriously than we thought.", ning ning continued with a genuinely confused tone as you remained quiet, your eyes blankly staring out of the window.

    "I don't think she's in the mood to joke around right now, ning ning. she seems actually down.", karina replied as she threw you a worried glance through the rearview window.

    "no it's fine, I'm just a little nervous. that's all."

    the car fell silent at your words. those were your best friends after all, they knew you better than anyone. so it didn't take them any thinking to know there was much more to your simple answer. they also knew that you clearly weren't in the mood to elaborate or get into it at all.

    so instead of pressuring you into talking, they threw each other knowing glances as giselle reached forward to turn on the radio, the calm music filling the atmosphere with warmth and comfort.

    you were beyond grateful for that.

    sure, your friends were aware that you weren't on good terms with park jay. in fact, you were pretty sure that everyone who either went to his school or was friends with anyone that did, was fully aware of the fact that not only jay hated your guts, but was also actively on the search for you. no one knew why, and you were genuinely worried that would change tonight.

    "we're here.", said karina as the car came to a halt in front of a big, fancy house. people were already gathered on the front porch and it wasn't hard to see the action that was going on inside through the big windows. "you guys go in first, I'll look for a parking spot."

    as the other girls exited the car with excited grins spread across their faces, the thumping in your chest became increasingly louder as you remained glued to your seat. with sweaty palms you fiddled with the fancy fabric of your dress as you cast your eyes downward. maybe you hadn't thought this through enough. maybe this was all a stupid idea.

    yeah no, this definitely was a stupid idea. and truthfully, the fact that you were sitting in a car right outside jay's house right now was by far the most hypocritical and stupid thing you could do, ever. but it was too late to turn back now.

    and at the end of the day you were just a young girl trying to feel included, so could you really be fully blamed for acting carelessly?

    feeling included. something that had always been especially hard for you. you recall feeling out of place ever since elementary school. while everyone got to hang out with their friends after school, you were stuck working on your family's ranch. and once high school had ended, it only seemed to have gotten worse as you had no choice but to now dedicate all your time to work. all while everyone else around you either attended university or started working a job they enjoyed more than you would ever.

    on a daily basis you saw your old classmates putting themselves out there, making new memories with new people in new places. and while you knew that social media was glamorized, it didn't help ease the pain and envy you felt whenever you scrolled through your feed.

    sometimes you wondered how you had managed to keep any friends at all, but you were scared of getting too much into it to the point of overthinking and anxiety. so instead you tried to settle on simply being grateful for their presence and support. it certainly made things easier.

    once more you were pulled out of your deep running thoughts as karina called out to you, worry now clearly evident in her tone as well. from all your friends, she had always been the most observant one. it was almost like she could read you like an open book.

    "y/n.. I can drive you back if you really don't want to go in there. you don't look fine.", she spoke softly, signaling the other girls to go in already. they hesitated, but complied soon after as they turned around and began walking toward the big, open front doors of the house.

    you shook your head. "I can't expect you to drive all the way back now that we're here, that would be unfair to you.", you began and immediately saw her lips part in protest. before she got the chance to speak however, you continued with a sigh: "I want to at least try.. I haven't been to any social gathering in so long, and not to trauma dump but life has actually started to feel so repetitive. giselle is right, this is a big opportunity.. and I wanna take it."

    karina remained quiet for a moment as she carefully took in your expression. then, she nodded hesitantly. "alright.. but the second you change your mind, let me know okay? I'll drive you home."

    you nodded with a thankful smile. "thank you."

    she returned the smile before casting her eyes back toward the road, returning back to searching for a parking spot. since the others had already left, you figured you'd just stay with karina.

    it was hard to keep your composure as the fear of being in a new situation increased with each step you took toward the house. karina picked up on this and grabbed your hand in hers, holding it tightly and squeezing it reassuringly every now and then. it made you feel warm inside.

    as you approached the front doors with you trying your best to hide behind your friend, your eyes wandered around anxiously in search of a certain person. however, there was no sign of him anywhere and you could only let out a shaky sigh of relief at that. it would be easier to go unnoticed inside, where it's more crowded.

    karina gently pulled you toward the entrance and into the house, where you were immediately greeted by warm air and loud conversations, almost drowning out the loud music blasting through the speakers all around the house.

    the house was beautifully decorated, with lots of neutral colors and expensive looking furniture. it was bright and open, the windows big and the natural views beautiful. you couldn't even begin to imagine how much it cost to live like this, but you were sure it was more than you'd ever be able to afford.

    around you were a lot of different people enjoying themselves, already dancing or grabbing something to drink. it was a lively atmosphere. everyone was having fun. in your ears sounded their lighthearted laughter.

    you felt so out of place you wanted to cry.

    "karina, you made it!", you heard an unfamiliar voice approach from behind. with slightly furrowed brows you turned around to be met with a boy your age standing in front of you, throwing the girl next to you a sickeningly sweet smile. you watched as karina returned said smile as the boy leaned in for a hug.

    you were left to glued to your spot, awkwardly trying to find something, anything, to stare at. they both fell into conversation very quickly and you were starting to think your friend had all forgotten about you. in that moment however, she looked over to you with a guilty expression.

    "i'm sorry, I totally forgot that you don't know each other.", she said with a nervous laugh as the boy's eyes landed on you as well. "yeah, I was just about to ask you who your friend was. I don't think I've ever seen her around before.", the boy replied, throwing you a smile that you awkwardly returned.

    "oh yeah, she doesn't go to our school.."

    you wanted to laugh in this situation. even when the topic quite literally revolved around you, they conversed in a way that was impossible for you to chime in. long story short, you were third-wheeling and you had no idea where your other friends were.

    you felt like you were stuck in a bad coming of age movie. now, all that was missing was a hot male lead coming to your rescue. at the thought of a hot guy heroically stepping in, you actually snickered to yourself to which you earned a confused look from the boy whose name you still didn't know.

    instantly, you felt your cheeks heat up in embarrassment and that was the moment you decided that looking like a loser on your own topped looking like a loser next to your friend. so before you could change your mind, you let a reluctant karina know that you were heading to get something to drink and that you'd talk to her later.

    you left no room for her to stop you, and with a quick bye to both of them you departed toward the big, open kitchen on the other side of the house. it was so big that it was the first thing you had spotted upon coming in here, and you were grateful that you wouldn't have to ask anyone for directions.

    so much for being social.

    you had no idea for how long you had already been sitting at the wooden dining table, downing drink after drink. and since you weren't neither a good nor confident drinker, you had settled on filling your insides with grape juice. at least, that's what you hoped it was.

    halfway down your fifth glass and minutes of uneventful people watching later, you felt a tap on your shoulder. it startled you more than you'd like to admit and you turned your head toward the person.

    your eyes narrowed in confusion as the girl sat down next to you. no matter how much you thought about it, you had absolutely no idea who that was or where you could've seen her before. well, she didn't make it exactly easy either, considering she was wearing a mask and a cap pulled deep into her face.

    definitely suspicious.

    without saying as much as a word, she placed her hand on the table and slid something toward you. if you weren't scared shitless before, you definitely were now as you immediately replayed the countless movie scenes similar to this in your head.

    oh hell no. you definitely weren't going to be the main character in a coming of age turned mystery movie. that was just a joke earlier, why was the universe taking you so seriously all of a sudden?

    before you could make a run for it, the suspicious girl spoke up: "you're invited."

    "hold up. wha-" and before you could finish, she had already left as quick as she came.

    you didn't dare to say a word as your eyes cast down to the purple envelope lying in front of you. and to your surprise, more or less, your name was written on it in thick, bold letters.

    "what the fuck just happened."

    taglist (open): @navsnct

    main masterlist

    © jenzyaa on tumblr

    #LMAOO I’m sorry for changing the theme in the middle of the story #Im indecisive like that 🤪🤪 #enha smau #enhypen x reader #enhypen smau#kpop smau #kpop x reader #park jay x reader #sim jake x reader #lee heeseung x reader #enhypen fic #niki x reader #park sunghoon x reader #yang jungwon x reader #kim sunoo x reader #aespa x reader #txt x reader
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    Love? Love! Fighting!! | Scene 29: Selfish

    Y/n stretched out her arms and yawned. “That’s the last one.” She said,

    Jimin leaned over her shoulder. “I can’t believe we got this done in two hours. It usually takes us more.”

    Sangwoo walked over to Lia moving his arm over her shoulder. “And we finished before second period.”

    “Should we get brunch? I’m sure Mr. Park will get it for us since we finish early.” Yuna said.

    “That sounds great.” Soobin said getting up from his chair. “I’ll go get him.”

    Everyone nodded and watched as Soobin walked out of the council room.

    “I'm going to go stretch. Does anyone want to join me?” Byeonghee said, pointing at the door. Huening Kai, Doyum, and Sunoo nodded while walking with him out of the room.

    Yeji grabbed Yuna and Chaeryeongs hand. She turned back to Y/n. “We are going to the bathroom, you wanna come?”

    Y/n shook her head. “I have to finish signing off on this.”

    Yeji nodded before walking out.

    “You work too hard Y/nnie.” Jimin said, laying his head on her shoulder.

    She giggled, patting his head. “It’s fine Chuji.”

    Jake stood up from the other side of the table. “Hey y/n?”

    She looked towards him, humming. “Yes Jaeyun?”

    “I was wondering if I could ask you something?” He said closing his laptop.

    Y/n nodded. “Go on.”

    Jimin moved his head to look at Jake pullin Y/n closer to him. “Yeah go on.”

    Jake shifted uncomfortably. “I mean privately. Can I ask you something privately?”

    Y/n looked towards Chuji. He shot her a look before she turned back to Jake nodding. “Yeah.” She looked towards the remaining council members. “Can you guys uh…you know? Leave?”

    “Alright we can leave.” Lia said, grabbing her stuff and all the remaining council members following her.

    “Thanks.” Jake said as he watched them walk out the door.

    “So what do you need Jaeyun?” She asks.

    “Uh, I actually have some questions about the scholarship program.” He said sitting across from her..

    “What do you need to know?”

    “How does it work?”

    Y/n sighed. “It starts with the school scouting prospective middle school students. The school scouts find all the top students in Korea and offer them to join the scholarship program. From there they go through multiple rounds of essays and interviews before they are let in. Usually it’s 100 per year.”

    “What happens from there?” Jake asked taking the stack of papers Y/n signed to sign them off as well.

    “Well from there you go through the sponsor program. You basically go through more interviews and write more essays as to why someone should sponsor you and then you’ll get paired with one.They do this every semester since tuition is semester based”

    “Are sponsors different every year?”

    “It depends. Some keep the same ones throughout their whole school career and others switch if sponsors pull out or only want to support a particular grade level. The ones we handled today were seniors sponsors. The office handles freshman’s and I think we will do junior's tomorrow.”

    “So there are 100 sponsors per grade level?”

    “Pretty much. They all have different ranges of tuition they are willing to pay as well.”

    “Can you explain that more?”

    “Sure. So basically if you come in as a freshman there are 50 full Tuition sponsors but as you move up there is more competition and less full tuition sponsors. Like right now for seniors there are only 7 full Tuition slots. A student could have applied for full tuition but because of their academic standing and extracurriculars they only received half credit.”

    “Wow… it’s so cut throat.”

    Y/n gripped her pen a little tighter. “Extremely. Is that all you wanted to know?”

    “Well not exactly.” Jake said awkwardly rubbing his neck.

    “Well what else do you need Jaeyun?”

    “Do we get to see who these sponsors' beneficiaries are?”

    Y/n looked up from her paperwork. “What?”

    “There is one sponsor that I would like to know who his beneficiary is.”

    “Jaeyun I’m sure you have a great reason as to why but it’s about student privacy we can’t see that stuff.”

    “Okay okay I can’t see the beneficiary but is there any way I can get in contact with the sponsor themselves?”

    “Jaeyun, you are asking for a lot here. I don't know if we are allowed to do that.”

    “Look Y/n I know it’s a lot but can you just give me the contact? Heck if you tell me where to find it I’ll do it myself I have admin access on the documents anyways right?”

    “What do you even need it for?”

    “Personal reasons.” Jake said trailing off. ‘Mr. Kim is the only person who can clear my dad's name.’

    ‘Personal reasons my ass.’

    “Jake I’m sorry but I don’t think that’s a good enough answer. What if it’s against the rules? What if for some reason they find out you got the number from the school records we could be in huge trouble. They could even retract the scholarship money”

    ‘My scholarship would be on the line.’ She thought.

    Jake sighed out. “You're right, I didn't think of that.” He sits there for a second. “I’m supposed to think of the student body before all else, if I acted so carelessly I could risk a student not being able to receive funds and put them at a disadvantage .”

    Y/n nodded. “I did the same thing my first year as president. You’ll get used to it later.”

    Jake nodded. “I hope so.”

    “Also you didn’t have to lie then Jaeyun.” Y/n said packing her things.

    Jake looked at her confused. “Lie? Lie about what?”

    “Personal reasons. If you wanted more funds for rugby you could’ve just said something. We are planning a festival soon anyway.” She said laughing.

    “You think I wanted to know the sponsor's name for club funds?” Jake said.

    “I mean it’s why you ran for council president anyways right?”

    Jake scoffed. “Even if it was, that's not the case now. I genuinely like working here”

    “How would I know that?”

    “You haven’t even given me a chance?! I’ve been busting my ass these past few weeks and I don’t even get so much as a thank you?”

    “Well what about you? You haven’t been much of a team player!” Y/n raised her voice slightly. “You came in here with all these secret plans and ulterior motives. You aren’t the most trustworthy person here Jaeyun.”

    “Okay fine I’m not trustworthy but you are so bold for calling me a liar.”

    “And what does that mean?”

    “You really think I haven’t noticed your disdain towards me? You can only hid behind those stupid emojis for so long. ”

    Y/n clutched the strap of her bag tightly. “I could say the same for you. Plus you started it anyway.”

    Jake laughed. “I started it?”

    “That’s what I said, didn't I?” Y/n gather the rest of the paperwork sliding it over to Jake. “Jaeyun I don’t care what your problem is with me but you can’t act on your own selfish ideas.”

    “What do you even know?” Jake gathered his stuff and walked to the door.

    “Where are you going, we aren't done yet?” Y/n said.

    Jake looked over his shoulder. “No Y/n I think we are.” He said as he walked out the door.

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    ♧ Summary: Jake is finally moving back to Korea after spending 5 years in Brisbane Australia to spend his senior year at Belift Academy. After one faithful meeting on a train with his new schools top student Kim (Y/n) he decides to make her his rival. Swearing to not be second in his class he also refuses to acknowledge his growing crush on his self declared rival. In other words he will NOT confess first. But you know what they say: All is fair, and Love is war.


    A/n: What? Another misunderstanding? Everyone pretend to be shocked 😮

    Taglist (open): @msxflower @kyleeanne @sbnchaos @sunvishine @rinyx @acciomylove @milkbreadchild @liliansun @maeumiluv @elicheel @youreverydayzebra @dear-dreamie @kac-chowsballs @kai-g2titos @mykalon @lionessmane @nycol-ie @navsnct @meiiiwa @mochisnlix @c9tnoos @deez-nutzz @wh4txium1n @snowfalltxt @enhacolor @mavlogist

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    We, engenes will always support u guys no matter what and always have your back :)

    There's no such word to describe how much I love u guysss😭❤

    Enhypen have been through a lot... stay strong dear cutiesss! Enhypen always making engenes day better <33 I hope we can meet soon ")

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    Jake: Can I be frank with you guys?

    Sunoo: Sure, but I don’t see how changing your name is gonna help.

    Ni-ki: Can I still be Ni-ki?

    Jungwon: Shh, let Frank speak.

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    Jake, watching Heeseung trying to convince Jay to put his hand on a blue flame by saying it's cold: And you thought we could help?

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    #[200 followers events] #sim jake imagines #sim jake x reader #sim jake #sim jake x y/n #jake x reader #jake imagines#jake scenarios#jake enhypen#enhypen fluff#enhypen imagines #enhypen x reader
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    Happy ENniversary!!!


    only been a year but we've achieved a lot. the power EN— holds no one can deny.

    let's be together stronger in the future as well!


    "Mahal ko kayo, so much..."

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                    FROM DAY ONE TO YEAR ONE WITH ENHYPEN * happy anniversary to our hardworking global monster boy group, our rising stars. thank you for working so hard since day one until now and for inspiring us and loving us as much as we love you. we are so proud of you - always by your side, engenes. to more years, together forever !
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    This is Jake from ENHYPEN ya all 😎✌🏻❤️

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    211130 | ENHYPEN via Twitter

    Thank you for being with us for a year ENGENE ❤
    We will work hard so that we can always repay your love that you send
    Let’s be together for 2 years, 3 years, and forever
    Thank you always and we love you 🥰

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    Thank you for the laughter and the happiness and the memories you chose to share with us. Thank you for being there. Thank you for being you. Here is to more love and joy in the future! ♥ Happy anniversary, my loves!!
    #enhypen#enhypenet#kpopco#*mine#lee heeseung#park jongseong#sim jaeyun#park sunghoon#kim sunoo#yang jungwon#nishimura riki#heeseung#jay#jake#sunghoon#sunoo#jungwon#riki #i love you boys! #you deserve every inch of attention and love and support! #let's walk on nothing but flowery paths from now on #1yearwithenhypen
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    𝐖𝐡𝐲 𝐚𝐦 𝐈 𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐨 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞? 𝐄𝐢𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐰𝐚𝐲, 𝐢𝐭’𝐬 𝐚𝐧 𝐨𝐛𝐯𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬 𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠...

    happy 1st enniversary with enhypen — november 30, 2021

    hi engenes! i can’t believe it’s been a year since enhypen officially debuted! they’ve accomplished so much more than we ever anticipated in just a year and i couldn’t be more proud of them. they’ve grown so much in a year as artists and we’ve seen the members get closer to each other as family. i’ll just keep my sappy emotions to myself on how enhypen made my life so much better but here’s to many more years of walking on a flower path with enhypen (and continuing to wish for a polaroid pull in their albums!) sticker credit

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