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  • heephoria
    19.06.2021 - 13 minutes ago


    i grew bored today, so here you go: random and very entertaining things that you could do with the enhypen members during the boring hours that you are stuck at school!

    𝐓𝐀𝐆𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓. @bloom-bloom-pow ​ @s4ijohs ​ @jaeminpeachy ​ @jays-real-girlfriend ​ @affectionaterainoflove ​ @hcwurld ​ @intokook ​ @bluejaem ​ @bluejaem-recs ​ @ethan806 ​ @hwiseungs ​ @oifelixcmerebrou ​ @spookybias ​ @kunrengui-reblogs ​ @stayctday ​ @fullsunfluff ​ @spicyjaem + send an ask or a dm to be added to the taglist.


    i am not kidding. literally, please start a tradition with heeseung to draw a little mushroom on random surfaces throughout the building with a very specific polka dot design to let each other know that one of you has been there previously!
    alternatively, you could draw the mushroom on the corner of the writing board to see how long it would go un-erased. the person whose shroom stays for a longer time on the board gets to be treated to a drink or snack they like!


    this is where you and jay come in hand in hand (figuratively, or literally. up to your choice) and give out some free energy for your fellow classmates as their designated hype(wo)men!
    as soon as the bell rings, yell something like “freedom at last, let’s get it!” and fly out of the doors in unison. you could also start a random chaotic musical-esque scenario with him and give out free classroom performances!


    you two should reign supreme in the band practice sessions. grab your violin (for jake) and any other portable instrument you would love to play and start marching down the hallway with them to wake the few students up before the first lesson!
    during breaks, you could swing the classroom door open with some pizzaz and start blasting out a riff and tune or two to cure the boredom. either that, or you two could just calmly practice alone together in a secluded room (or the designated music room)!


    grab your seat and get comfortable in front of sunghoon’s desk. whip out your deck of cards during the five minute breaks in between classes and challenge each other to an extremely quick round of game.
    scream and get frustrated at each other when one of you has to collect sixteen cards after a rather intense piling of +2 and +4 cards, and then argua about the rules. can you stack a +4 card after a +2? get everyone invested in your match and start a debate about the question.


    write down a bunch of random commands n a small sheet of paper and pass it around class. make the person who receives the paper do what it says on the paper as inconspicuously as possible.
    make sunoo do a a small tap dance when the teacher turns his back, he will make sure to write down an even more embarrassing command on the slip of paper: blow a kiss at everyone in class without the teacher noticing.


    be little shits and organise a devious plan. when the sub arrives, introduce yourself as jungwon and make him introduce himself with your name. watch as your classmates die in the background in the meantime as you both respond to the sub’s calls.
    “i’m jungwon!” you yell at him. he replies with an equally fired up, “no, i’m jungwon!” and make the teacher suffer and wait until she finds out who is actually whom.


    be even more devilish and stick an empty bucket, or if you’re even more daring, a bucket full of water (because you aren’t that evil and wouldn’t fill it with paint, duh) on top of the slightly ajar door and wait for your victim to arrive.
    once they open the door, you and niki’s plans will be set into action. enjoy the show and watch as the bucket turns upside down on your victim’s (preferably a mean student) head and cackle in the background somewhere in the far distance where no one would ever even begin to suspect you.... unless you’re renown as the prankster duo or something
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  • yangjungwon
    19.06.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    can they get any cuter 🥺

    #yang jungwon#jake#sim jaeyun#enhypen#enhypennetwork#enhypenet#gif#g: jungwon#g: jake#g: enhypen#g: vlive #this isn't even capture time but they're just the cutest huh alskjdk
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  • fairytheo
    19.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    enhypen with an asexual!s/o

    bf(f)!enhypen x gen!asexual!reader. fluff, tiny bit of angst. 1.4k. curse words. a few mean comments about asexuality. requested by anon.

    🍈 ⸝⸝ HEESEUNG ˙𐃷˙

    i feel like he knows quite a lot about sexualities and stuff like that i’m not sure if that’s just me lol so he’d definitely understand ofc ♡

    he knows that you were nervous about coming out and understands that — it’s quite a big thing for some people after all !

    when you finished confessing to him that you were asexual, he would be very supporting,,

    also loves how you trusted him enough to come out to him !!

    and tbh,, i don’t think he will act any different about you coming out

    but if someone insults or embarrasses you (in public) he won’t get violent but instead will have a short talk with that person.

    calmly. [:

    “asexuality isn’t even a part of lgbtq—“

    “excuse me, what did you just say?” 😀

    he’s the type to send you wholesome asexual memes when you feel down — at least you will smile again that way !! (even if it was a lame meme LOL)

    will probably help you & give you advice, too if you’re nervous about coming out to your parents, friends, other relatives, etc.

    will do absolutely everything to make you feel less conscious about your sexuality !! no matter how long it will take <3

    🍈 ⸝⸝ JAY ˙𐃷˙

    very caring

    THANKS you directly after you came out to him for trusting him so much <3

    probably didn’t fully understand the concept behind asexuality at first — turns your whole coming out into a small interview; he doesn’t want to overstep any of your boundaries and wants to know what makes you (un)comfortable

    will not hesitate to throw hands when someone talks down on you.

    i’m not kidding — he will literally be like 💢👊💥 (and then you hear 🚨🚓🚑 /j)

    defends + protects you if people ask you too much questions about your sexuality which resulted in making you feel uncomfortable

    gifts you cringy things but you lowkey love it 😭

    asks you every week if there was something unpleasant that happened while he was not with you — he likes communicating and wants you to tell him everything ! (if you’re okay with it •͈ᴗ•͈)

    the type to laugh at the asexual jokes you make but never actually makes jokes about it himself — he doesn’t want to offend anyone (aw ☹️☹️)

    overall would recommend 10/10 coming out to jay <3

    🍈 ⸝⸝ JAKE ˙𐃷˙

    extremely sweet about it !!

    listens with his full focus on you and is smiling the whole time (unless you say that you experienced a few bad things with being asexual :::[ )

    sadder than you when you do have bad memories with your sexuality ...

    “i’m so sorry this happened to you, sweetheart. i’ll be sure to protect you next time!” :(

    so so so supportive !!!!! the type to shower you with kisses and tells you how proud he is of you <3

    actually wants to watch videos about asexuality with you together so he has you right by his side when he has any questions !

    everytime he sees the asexual flag he just has to thinks of you 😩😩 also thinks of you when he finds any colours of the asexual flag — sends you pics of these !!

    besides that, i think he won’t really change much about the way he acts around you, occasionally throws in a “remember that i love you for who you are!” and he genuinely means it, but he will naturally keep being the sweet guy he is !

    🍈 ⸝⸝ SUNGHOON ˙𐃷˙

    will probably walk on eggshells around you at first because he doesn’t accidentally want to make you feel awkward or uncomfortable around him? thinks about what he wants to say first and then actually says it out loud

    if you feel insecure about it — oh, he will make sure you won’t be in a matter of a short time. words of reassurance will quickly become a part of your everyday life

    i have this feeling that he wish he’d find out himself? or that he at least had predictions, hints — but nothing, this boy was clueless as fuck LOL

    will not tolerate SHIT when someone dares to disrespect you though

    insults them “politely” and indirectly (just straight up roasting ngl)

    “asexual people don’t feel any attraction at all.”

    “your opinion is.... for lack of better words fucking dumb.”

    forgot about it after a month but has it internalized, promise !!

    smiles proudly when you’re more confident in your sexuality and expressing it !! he probably claps too and yo clap with him,,

    🍈 ⸝⸝ SUNOO ˙𐃷˙


    he is so excited tho it’s cute ???

    i feel like he kinda predicted it before but wasn’t sure so he waited till you showed more sings / came out to him

    gives you so many hugs and he gets a serotonin boost 😭

    way more excited and hyped up than you — you’re probably just standing there like 🧍 while sunoo is the human definition of 🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃

    makes jokes about celebrating your coming out with a party secretly completely serious about it,,

    would be way more interested about other sexualities after he knows you’re asexual; will read about every sexuality that exists out there

    likes how you’re so self-aware and knows “what you want”; your orientation, etc. ! looks up to you because of that <3

    wants to make (harmless!) jokes but then he’s always contemplating like “is this too offensive??? or rude???? can i say this????”

    and when you reassure him, that it’s fine — oh boy, there’s no going back now 0: you’re in for a ride 📈📈

    🍈 ⸝⸝ JUNGWON ˙𐃷˙

    i think he would know what it is but would need a bit to think about what it actually was

    to not disrespect you he would accept your coming out to him and offers you his full reassurance and support !!

    later he will read everything about it

    he will read about what asexuality is; what he needs to know about it; bad/good experiences people had with being asexual so he can prepare if anyone will insult his love bad decision, really.

    researches the whole night because he doesn’t want to do something wrong

    round-house kicks someone in the face when they talk bad about asexuality /hj

    i feel like he’d talk to his grandma about that (if you’re comfortable w it of course) and his eyes will literally sparkle when talking about how cool he thinks you are !

    talks about you like his role model 🤲

    does daily check ups from now on !! wants to make sure you feel safe and relaxed :]

    loves how you look so happy and relaxed, now that you’ve finally came out to him — can’t stop staring at you because of that 😩

    🍈 ⸝⸝ NI-KI ˙𐃷˙

    just straight up confused lmao

    he’s very perplexed but when he sees how vulnerable you look that moment he shuts his mouth and waits for you to finish talking

    still doesn’t really know what that means — even after you finished coming out to him

    he has probably heard that term before but never understood what it meant, so he either asks you directly or one of his hyungs

    won’t care much about it though,,,

    not in a “i don’t care about you” way, but more like “it’s your decision”

    he will probably forget that you ARE asexual because it really doesn’t play a big role in his life,, of course you’re important to him but you’re this or that is not his business and he doesn’t pay a lot of mind to it

    when someone mentions asexuality in a conversation he will just randomly pop in and be like “oh, did you just say you’re asexual? my s/o’s asexual too !!!” :DD

    so precious and innocent, he’s so cute ):

    if he finds ANY other asexual person he wants you to be friends with them — feels super accomplished if you’re more on the shy side pls still try to befriend them ni-ki feels so accomplished ):

    in conclusion he just acted like you told him your favourite animal and went on with his day

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  • princesunghoon
    19.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    210619 | Jake via TikTok

    Finding a plant that is most likely me🍀
    Try for your self too ENGENEs!!😁

    Which plant is right for me?

    1. Summer or Winter // Winter

    2. Sunrise or Sunset // Sunset

    3. Meticulous or Someone who forgets small details often // Someone who forgets small details often (not straight translation to that)

    4. Social or Independent // Independent

    5. Dog or Cat // Dog

    6. Book or Movie // Movie

    His result: Forget-me-not flower. Meaning: ~Don't forget me~

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  • sourguk
    19.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    capture time with our favourite father and son duo ✦

    𓈈 ✶ 190621 𓏭𓏭

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  • sourguk
    19.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    jake: 👋🏻

    𖣯 190621 vlive 𖣯

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  • sourguk
    19.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    jake imitating jungwon っ ̯ •̥

    𓂃 190621 ⊹⋆。˚⋆

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  • princesunghoon
    19.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    210619 | Jungwon and Jake via Weverse moments

    Everyone, we will start VLIVE in 5 minutes😆
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  • simwrld
    19.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    jake! the owner of the prettiest smile in this entire world !! 💘🥰💖🦋

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  • hueninghyung
    19.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Jake twitter update: 210618

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  • serendipitysung
    19.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    ꒰ enhypen & library dates ꒱

    ⋮ pairing – enhypen hyung line x gender neutral reader

    ⋮ genre – fluff

    ⋮ warnings – none


    — men only have two moods, and they are: either super helpful or completely out of it

    — the first time you went to the library together was to get your campus id picture taken, and he wouldn’t stop mimicking your expression. you didn’t even look bad, he just thought it was funny that he had never seen you look so serious

    — from then on you started spending more time there. partially because your professors loved assigning research papers, and the pain is more endurable when you’ve got someone by your side 

    — when he’s helpful he’s getting you snacks, constantly asking if you need a tutor, helping you look up sources to cite for your paper, filling out your study guide, the whole deal. definitely working over time just for you

    — him being so invested motivates you to study more diligently, and it quickly becomes a weekly occasion. even when you don’t have anything to study for, you like the tranquility of the library's ambiance

    — but when he’s out of it it’s like there’s no one with you. i don’t think he’s overly distracting because he probably is hyperaware and worries he’ll be annoying, so he just kind of zones out

    — “heeseung are you okay? you’ve been staring at my water bottle for at least half an hour”


    — your very personal and affectionate teacher

    — i feel like his notes are the type to have exactly what you need, but they’re so messy you’re constantly asking him what it says. at this point just have him read the notes to you lmao

    — he learns the content for you. if you’re taking the same classes as him you bet he’s paying extra attention to make sure you never need a tutor. he’s more than happy to teach you anything you don’t understand

    — will not hesitate to ramble about fun facts he learned who knows where about any topic your class covers. history in particular i think you could have a lot of interesting conversations to the point where the staff is begging you to take it somewhere else so they can close

    — when you two are just quietly doing your own thing he glances at you often. with the biggest heart eyes he pays attention to all your features as if he would be tested on them. compliments slip every once in a while and you have to remind him he has an actual test the next day that he should be studying for

    — definitely treats you to dinner after long sessions. he always lets you pick under the claim that he has nothing in mind. on the ride there, he listens to you tell him about what you want to order


    — tutor pt2 but not as lenient. don’t get me wrong he is more than happy to help you out, but he takes it a lot more seriously than jay. his rambles, though rambles at last, are much more focused

    — he strikes me as a very structured and orderly student, so he’s gonna be the one in charge of keeping track of time and making sure you’re taking breaks

    — he’d get just a little passive aggressive if you weren’t understanding the content. especially if you were making jokes because he feels like he’s the only one putting in the effort

    — also proofreads all your papers, which at first made you anxious because you didn’t want him to think you were dumb. all worries went away when you realized he had both given you feedback and compliments

    — “this sentence is really cool i never would’ve made that connection” “the way you incorporate your evidence to your sentences is very seamless”

    — 10/10 would study with him any day where can i sign up

    ⌞sunghoon⌝ no i didn’t write my ideal date stfu <3

    — he’s not going anywhere near the library unless you convince him. not that i think he’s a bad student, but i do feel like he’s not going there unless he urgently needs help finding something

    — probably asks you frequently if you need anything, yet complains when you do. jokes aside, every single time you’ve needed him to run to a classroom to turn something in or ask a question, he does. sometimes he comes back with a bag of chips or a bottle of water for you

    — in the middle of your study session he’ll notice you’re absentmindedly looking at your notebook, so he’ll take your book and call it “quiz time”

    — you’ll never admit it, obviously, but it’s actually helpful. whether it’s quiz time or he’s genuinely interested in what you’re learning, he’s quite a good study partner. solid middle ground between studying and hanging out

    — he is the embodiment of the 🤨 emoji when he’s quizzing you, and even though you know he’s not judging you he looks like he is

    — and since you’re already there he leaves some homework throughout the day so he has something to do too. your breaks are for quizzing each other. we love an intellectual couple yes yes 

    — like jay, he’d treat you to dinner and calls it a meal for good luck. this is the time where he won’t shut up and tell you about every single thing that happened during his day. don't let him catch you simping in 4k though !!

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  • sunookkii
    19.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    ₓ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚.enhypen imagine ˚◦○˚ ୧ .˚ₓ

    How enhypen members would be sneaking out with you during the night time to explore! (First time ;))

    Enhypen ot7 x reader

    Warnings :

    Genre : fluff

    Word Count : tbh idek but it’s pretty short for each member

    (I wrote this really quickly I hope you enjoyyyy)


    Heeseung would tell you that it’s a bad idea at first, but you end up doing it anyways because you’re a baddie.
    He wouldn’t encourage you to sneak out but he feels special that you’re willing to risk getting in trouble for him 😋
    Would definitely make sure you DONT get caught because he wouldn’t want you to be in trouble because and make a bad impression in front of your parents...
    So he would definitely be alert the whole time!
    ^^like for example he’d be paranoid and check the time every few seconds, and would hold your hand tight so you dont get lost or wander off without him knowing.
    Takes you home carefully with a good night kiss goodbye then has to part ways, thinks about you the whole way home :(


    Would definitely be surprised that you want to sneak out, since this is your first time he kind of thinks it’s a bad idea but then he’s like oh it’ll be fun don’t worry I’ll make sure we won’t get caught.
    Would definitely go downtown, get some food, take lots of pictures to post on Instagram.
    Hugs you while walking to make sure you feel safe with him since its so late outside.
    Worries a lot about you, constantly asks if you’re tired and want to go home,
    You two have a good time nonetheless,, this is something you guys would be looking back at in the future 😔


    Ya’ll probably went to the park or smtg ngl he probably brought Layla
    Didn’t know you snuck until you told him, is super shocked and would be like ‘’’gasp “no wayyyy”
    Clueless boy thought your parents knew about it buut apparently not, he’d be the type of bf not to let you sneak out bc/ it’s too ‘risky’
    ^that’s why you didn’t tell him until last minute ;p
    Would back hug you and kiss you on your cheeks the how night to ‘warm’ you up, but its just an excuse to kiss you tbh
    Probably run around the park playing with Layla till really late at night 😃
    “Uhh y/n i think we should go home... it’s 2 am...” takes you home safely cuz he’s a good bf


    Would be down to sneak out, y’all would probably go to skating rink or like a walk downtown or at hongdae streets together
    Is really good at it maybe? Idk i feel like he’s really good at things like this,,, very much sneaky vibes i dunno
    Would hold your hand all night as well, if not then you guys would just walk side my side... lowkey kinda awkward but then makes the mood brighter by just smiling at you
    Steals glances at you every 5 seconds
    I feel like it would be really cute for you guys to go to the skating rink as your first time sneaking out at night.
    Someone please make a oneshot ff abt sunghoon and y/n sneaking out for the first time to go to the skating rink


    Would also be down to sneak out but is very shocked that you even came up with the idea since you never snuck out before..
    He’s so cute but he loves the fact that you’d do something so risky for him
    Loves the adrenaline and rush that comes with sneaking out
    Takes lots of cute night selfies together as a keep sake.
    Takes picture like kissing you on the cheek out of no where leaving you FRICKING FLUSTERD I CANT ISTG SUNOO WOULD DO SMTG LIKE THAT!
    Super cute the whole night, you guys also would probably stop by a street food place thing to get a quick snack then go to the park to hang out
    Would also take you home to make sure you’re safe and sound.
    Gives you a big tight hug before he leaves to go home


    This kid seems like he’s scared of sneaking out, I feel like wonnie is a good kid so he never thought of sneaking out so this would be your first time but also his first time
    You two are both paranoid the whole night but then you two remember that you planned the whole thing out perfectly so you don’t end up getting caught ;)
    You guys probably went somewhere pretty for a walk, just to be by each other’s side, laugh and have a good time
    You’re with jungwon so its guaranteed for you guys to have a goood time,
    Like sunoo he’d also be super cute


    Man.. i feel like he was the one who brought up the idea T_T
    He’s great at these things. #internationsuperspy
    You two would probably go to china town or smtg related to that, and try out all sorts of street food and things, fool around etc
    You two probably get really loud for no reason and people judge you guys cuz it’s really late
    You two have blast outside in the streets with barely any people since it’s midnight,, holding hands under the street lights while he gazes into your eye AUH I CANT DO THIS RIGHT NOW STOP
    Tbh i feel like all the members would walk you home to feel safe but i feel like niki wouldn’t care,,,, buut if you really dont know where youre going then he’ll come with you but then would be petty about it bc/ he wants to go home, but its okay because he loves you and he may or may not do anything fo you :(
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  • sim-jaeyun
    19.06.2021 - 13 hours ago
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  • enhypen-info
    18.06.2021 - 18 hours ago


    Im having a great day today:) Hope u guys are too ❤️
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  • enhypen-info
    18.06.2021 - 19 hours ago

    JUNGWON’s Weverse Post 210618:

    Koala 😃

    ENG TRANS @enhypen-info

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  • gaiahypothesims
    18.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Movie star handsome.

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  • envirae
    18.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    ❝ the way you almost loved me ❞ - sim jake

    genre: angst, little fluff

    pairing: sim jake x gn!reader

    wc: 934

    warnings: heartbreak, unrequited love

    tagging: @bloom-bloom-pow @youreverydayzebra

    Falling in love was easy. Or at least, it should have been.

    For you, it was a breeze. Especially when Jake made it so easy to fall in love with him. You would intertwine your hand with his and look at him lovingly, and everything was perfect.

    For Jake, it was a bit more complicated. For months now, he had caught onto the glances stolen by others, the whispers in the halls of how the two of you were so in love. And Jake being Jake, he believed them. He convinced himself into believing he was in love with you.

    So when you told him you liked him, he wasn’t hesitant to say that the feeling was mutual, although the words left a bitter taste on his mouth.

    He convinced himself that if he just tried hard enough, he wouldn’t have to lie to you. Besides, you seemed like an easy person to fall in love with. But the more Jake tried to force himself into feelings, the farther he chased an unattainable euphoria.

    Jake wasn’t one who did things shamelessly, he felt remorse and regret for fooling you, but what could he do? No matter how hard he tried to fall in love with you, to see you the way you saw him, he couldn’t.

    You can’t force love, nor can you love someone into loving you back.

    The more Jake thought about it, the more he wondered if he was in love with you, or the idea of being in love with you. He didn’t want to lose you in any way, but it hurts. It hurts you, and it hurts him for hurting you.

    Jake’s mind rattles with possible solutions to his unique conundrum, but none of them are foolproof. None of them can guarantee Jake won’t lose you. He scratches at the fabric on his wrist and runs a hand through his hair, he just doesn’t know what to do.

    Jake’s acting skills kick in as you and the rest of his friends slowly stagger into his house wearing a smile. Jake strolls up to you and places a chaste kiss on your forehead, before pulling you in closer for a hug. Jake feels incredibly guilty.

    And while Jake’s acting is good, the instincts of his best friend are better. Sunghoon asks to speak to Jake outside for a bit, to which he nods before following him out.

    “So what’s up with you and y/n?” He finally asks, getting straight to the point.

    Jake shuffles uncomfortably as he rubs the back of his nape with his hand “I’m not sure what you mean, me and y/n are fine” He lies, trying his best not to raise any suspicion.

    “No, no you aren’t. You’ve been looking at them like you ran over their puppy all day.” He bluntly remarks. Jake underestimated Sunghoon. “Someone is going to get hurt if you don’t fess up, Jake.”

    Without Jake even needing to tell him, Sunghoon is aware of the entire situation. The two of them saunter back into the room with everyone else, trying their best not to raise any suspicion.

    When everybody leaves his house, Jake and you sit in a comfortable silence. “Are you okay? You seem tense.” You query, taking note of his uncomfortable behavior and guilty looking eyes.

    “I can’t do this.” He brusquely states, avoiding your eyes as he does.

    You freeze for a moment before calming yourself. “What do you mean?”

    Guilt and remorse beginning to overtake him, he decides he has to finish what he started “I can’t do us.”

    The silence in the room is deafening.

    The gears of your brain begin to turn as you try to even begin understanding what in the world Jake is talking about. “Why not..?” You subtly ask, choking back tears that threaten to escape your eyes.

    “You’re a great person, and a wonderful friend, but I think that’s all we are…friends.” The distressing atmosphere is killing him as he tries to think of a sentence that won’t make you hate him.

    You stand there, still trying to process the information given to you.

    Watching you, the overflow of shame begins to overtake Jake as he begins rambling to fill the silence. “I didn’t- I didn’t mean to hurt you, that wasn’t the plan. I thought that I could convince myself into liking you but it’s just…it’s just too hard. I’m sorry, y/n.”

    “Am I really that unlovable? You can’t even pretend to like me?” You ask through fragments of tears, the expression on your face unreadable.

    “No, y/n, that’s not what I’m saying. It’s just- you deserve someone who really loves and cares about you. I can’t do that for you.” You remain silent, but your eyes are telling him everything he needs to know. “I still want you as a friend but I just…”

    He continues to ramble in desperation of saving the fragments of your friendship, but it’s long gone by now. “I’m sorry y/n.”

    You walk out of his house wordlessly, not even knowing what you would begin to tell him. The weight of your heart is heavier with each step you take, the remnants of Jake still floating in your mind. His words begin replaying in your head over and over like a broken record, reminding you of it all.

    And you can’t help but think about how loving you was the kindest thing he almost did.

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  • simwrld
    18.06.2021 - 21 hours ago

    all of his mirror selfie’s are either 💖🥰💘💖 or 🕸🕷🗡🖤

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  • yang-cinnamowon
    18.06.2021 - 21 hours ago

    sim jaeyun | strawberries & cigarettes (for @affectionaterainoflove)

    ₊˚꒰♡꒱—  ❝always hoping that things would change, but we went right back to your games❞
    ₊˚꒰✧꒱— likes & reblogs appreciated
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