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  • BONUS DAY: Quarantine
    Rated: T for language.
    Words: 9,064

    A/N: My favorite prompt, “suddenly human” was somehow NOT chosen for Jalice week. So I took some liberties here by combining a shitload of prompts together. Brace yourselves.


    Alice and Jasper face immortality together.


    Twenty-nine days ago they were celebrating.

    Birthdays weren’t something they acknowledged often. After Bella had been with them for a decade, their newest vampire had firmly put her foot down. She’d barely tolerated them as a human, but as an immortal being she’d loathed the parties.

    Thankfully, there was still Renesmee and her milestones to keep track of. Of course, she hadn’t changed much since her eighth birthday, but apparently even human-vampire hybrids weren’t immune to the desire for a Sweet Sixteen.

    Jasper had never seen Alice so elated to have someone so willing to plan a celebration with her. And she and Rosalie had once spent three years planning one of Rose and Emmett’s more elaborate weddings.

    It started with a vision.

    Turning the knob on the stove, Jasper cut the heat, ignoring the way his throat burned at the aroma that was wafting through the kitchen. It had been embarrassing, having to listen to Carlisle and Bella give him step by step instructions on how to light the gas stove over the phone, but if Alice had witnessed him struggle in a passing vision, she neglected to mention it to him.

    He checked his phone then, knowing that no messages awaited him, but still hoping for a notification nonetheless. Someone would be dropping off more supplies today, and he needed to know where exactly to go in order to receive them.

    He couldn’t risk interacting with any of his family directly. Not until they figured out what was going on.

    It started with a vision.

    Jasper reached forward, grabbing the canister from the boiling water, and began to wipe it dry. He knew it was warm enough due to smell alone. He hadn’t once used the food thermometer they’d stuck in their last delivery. While Alice’s condition had worsened, it hadn’t gotten so bad that she’d be at risk of being burnt.

    He eyed a bag on the kitchen table, and at the assortment of crazy straws poking against the plastic, and rolled his eyes as he exited the room. Leave it to Emmett to try to find something to joke about with the situation.

    He’d been pissed at the bonus items during that particular delivery—surely Edward and Rosalie hadn’t known Emmett was sneaking some extras into the package—but it had made Alice crack a real, genuine smile.

    And those were so hard to come by now.

    It started with a vision.

    Twenty nine days ago they’d been celebrating Renesmee’s birthday. That included balloons and streamers and cake and human food and humans and an assortment of emotion that, by the party’s conclusion, had given Jasper whiplash. The headache he had that day didn’t ebb until late that night. Alice had been too preoccupied with clean-up to notice.

    And Jasper had been too preoccupied with his headache to notice when Alice’s emotions caused the climate of the house to take a nosedive.

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    #jaliceweek20#Alice cullen#jasper hale#twilight fanfiction#jalice fanfiction #the twilight saga #this is my FAVORITE from this week even if it is what? almost two weeks later?? #who cares my parents came to town and now the US it attempting to remove a fascist from office #my priorities have been SCATTERED lads
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  • Moodboard for my fic Sweet Home Texas which can be read here

    #Jalice#jaliceweek20#jasper hale#alice cullen#Twilight #I still don't think this is very good but I do what Anna says lol
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  • Against a Wall Part 2

    Jaliceweek20 Day 1: Human/Vampire

    Words: 6264

    Notes: It is DONE. JALICEWEEK IS DONE. I am tired, so I’ll do a wrap up tomorrow. I’m honestly not sure how happy I am with this ending - I’ll write more notes tomorrow once sleep had been acquired but there still might be a third enormous rewrite.

    I’m just so excited I finished EVERY SINGLE PROMPT.

    Warnings for: suicidal ideation.

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    #my fic: against a wall #my writing: against a wall #jaliceweek20#jasper hale#alice cullen#twilight fic#jalice
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  • The Way of Things

    JaliceWeek20 Day 6: Reincarnation

    Notes: I… don’t know. It just sort of happened? This wrote itself. There were a few more lifetimes I thought about including (there was a Jessamine and Alice ‘life’ that I really wanted to include but it’ll be a standalone fic once I’ve done a bunch of research) but I think I’m happy with it? 

    This was absolutely inspired by a gorgeous Thor fic I read a few years ago based in Norse mythology and the creation of Yggdrasil; if I can find it, I will absolutely link it because it was an incredible piece of writing. 

    Also go me! I’m kind of getting a hang of writing sex adjacent scenes! I remember not being able to look directly at my cursor when I implied a blow job in Shadow to Light, I’m oddly proud!

    Now, just the second part to Against a Wall. 

    Word Count: 4,322

    NSFW - not graphic but yeah. 

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  • Hand in Hand

    JaliceWeek20 Day 4: Domestic Bliss

    Notes: Another day, another very, very loose interpretation of the theme because I enjoy being contrary. This is kind of a post-script to the Angel/Demon prompt, Afterglow. 1.5 to go! (oh my god, am I actually going to finish every prompt?)

    Word Count: 1,554

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    #jaliceweek20#alice cullen#jasper hale#jalice#fic: afterglow #all the mythology behind Alice's markings and stuff will come out if/when i write the full-length version #also the idea of angel alice stalking baked goods around the cullen house amuses me
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  • What You Say

    JaliceWeek20 Day 3: Canon Gapfillers

    Notes: It seemed unsporting for my version of Jess and Alice not to make at least one appearance in Jaliceweek, especially since everyone is so enthusiastic about the WIP! This is kind of a missing scene that comes before Jess’s temper tantrum scene posted here. I’m not big on canon gapfillers, really, so this was the most fun way to write it and even then, I probably took liberties. 

    Only 2.5 to go! We’re getting close!

    Takes place upon Alice’s return from Volterra in New Moon. 

    Rating: M-ish, I guess? NSFW, but not super graphic. 

    Word Count: 2,245

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    Find bellow the cut the links and descriptions to all fanfics posted in our Jalice Week Ao3 Collection. If your fic is not listed here, it has not been added to the Ao3 Collection here. Make sure you add your work to the collection and message us, so we can list it below, new works will be added as they come. Find our Tumblr masterlist for the event here.

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    Find bellow the cut the links to all fanfics posted for Jalice Week on Tumblr. If your fic is not listed here, we might have missed it. Make sure you message us, so we can list it below, new works will be added as they come. Find our Ao3 fanfic masterlist here.

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  • In honour of Jaliceweek2020 being over, I made a little something. 100% not to be taken seriously and I mean no offense to anyone who ships Edward and Bella!

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  • JaliceWeek2020 Day 7: Yeehaw/Western/Sheriff

    Love & Duty

    Notes: Okay, I’m pretty sure this isn’t nearly ‘cowboy’ enough, and I’ve already started an alternative piece, but I found an old tumblr post about how cowboys were just daytime witches, and I frickin’ loved it (I’ll link it in the morning) and my excitement got out of hand again. There’s definitely going to be more to this story, but separately. 

    I also just wanted to prove to myself I could smash out two prompts in one day, honestly. I opted for quantity over quality, and I currently only have some regrets - 4.5 down, 3.5 to go. 

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    #jaliceweek20 #does this even count? #it's set in texas and there are horses #alice cullen#jasper hale #my fic: love and duty #jalice#alice/jasper
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    I want to thank all of you who have participated on the Jalice Week event, either by posting fanworks, reblogging them, or signal boosting us when tumblr was acting up with our posts (or all of the above). This entire event was a blast and a little overwhelming to plan, but I loved every single fanfic I’ve read, every playlist I listened and every moodboard and art I saw. This whole event only worked because you all dived head first into the themes chosen and made the most amazing and different fanworks. Definitely can’t wait for the next events that are on the plans! On that note, I want to give you some news and dates:


    Our fan event hosted during Holiday season will be a gift exchange of digital fanwork. You’ll be able to fill up what type of fanwork you’d like to receive and give. We will pair those options and draw the names to let you know who you got. During the month of December you’ll have time to ask the person you got about things they like, or just look for clues on their blog if you want to make it a complete surprise! Check out the calendar below and let us know if you have any questions!

    • SIGNING UP: November 1st to December 1st
    • DRAW OF NAMES: December 5th
    • DELIVERY OF FANWORK GIFTS: December 24th - January 5th


    We’ll return with Jalice Week next year on two different months: February and July! Stay tuned for dates for theme voting and updates by following us here at the Jalice Network.

    FOR NOW THIS IS ALL, COWBOYS AND FRIGHTENING LITTLE MONSTERS, we say goodbye to this amazing event letting you know we appreciate everyone participating and moving this fandom. We’ll continue to reblog if some late Jalice Week works come up, but also keep a lookout for the masterlists I’ll be posting for the event’s works.

    Love, A.

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  • JALICE WEEK 2020
    ↳ bonus day: quarantine

    Alice and Jasper spend their quarantine together being the lovey-dovey couple that they still are in two thousand and twenty.


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  • JaliceWeek2020 Bonus Day: Quarantine

    Also Untitled We’ll Worry About That Later

    Notes: Under 3k, woohoo! This barely fits the prompt, but I’ve decided to go rogue. The real question now is… can I get another one posted today?

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    #jaliceweek20#alice cullen#jasper hale#Alice/Jasper#jalice #guess which twit posted this to the wrong blog #my fic: untitled quarantine
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  • @tragicallywicked thank you SO MUCH for hosting JaliceWeek20!! This has been so much fun 😊

    #I mean technically it's not done until we all read all the fics sooooo...... #Seriously the fandom needed this and we appreciate you so much 💜 #Community#JaliceWeek20
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  • And here we go. It’s the last day of Jaliceweek2020. The theme is quarantine, and instead of setting this in modern time, I decided to write about the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918 - Alice was seventeen at the time after all. I hope you guys like it, it’s my favourite so far.

    Till Death Us Do Part
    Fandom: Twilight Series - Stephenie Meyer, Twilight Series - All Media Types, Twilight (Movies)
    Rating: General Audiences
    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
    Relationships: Alice Cullen/Jasper Hale
    Characters: Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale
    Additional Tags: Spanish flu, Quarantine, JaliceWeek20
    Summary: Bonus Day of Jaliceweek 2020: Quarantine. In 1918, Alice Brandon’s father hires the son of a local farmer to supply his family with food and the bare necessities while the family is stuck in quarantine.

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  • JaliceWeek2020 Day 2: Soulmate AU


    Notes: I’m so mad this got so long because I was going to write this as a continuation of the Angel/Demon, but I wanted something shorter, and then this would. not. end. I think the premise was far too big. But alas, we have fic! No title is coming to me, so I’ll think of one tonight. If I get the other prompts done, I might even finish off the Angel/Demon version. 

    Words: 6581

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    #jaliceweek20#alice cullen#jasper hale#twilight #my fic: untitled soulmate fic
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  • image

    I took “Quarantine” from a more apocalyptic direction, so here’s a Jalice-Apocalypse playlist!


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  • Read On AO3

    Read On FFN

    Japer and Alice were set to be married in July, but unfortunately, those plans had to be canceled. Alice gets very, very sad, so Jasper has a plan to lift her spirits; no one ever said you couldn’t propose twice!

    Written For Jalice Week Bonus Day- Quarantine

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  • We’re totes doing JaliceWeek again in 2021, right? Because I am living for this right now. 

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