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    I snagged this! Yippie!!

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    #lebron james #criminal justice reform
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    If you look at this closer it is also a graph of how closely each person follows doctor laws

    #I have gotten to the middle of season 2 and what is Wilson doing #quit falling in love with the cancer woman #house is right there #you vampire of neediness #house memes#greg house#house#james wilson#dr cuddy
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    The sexy thing about Xenia is she is terrifying and evil once you’re trapped between her deadly thighs 🤤🤯🤩🤷🏻‍♂️

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    Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich when someone says they can’t play

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    happy biday to the bicon that is the bi who lived. mwah <3

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    31.07.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Better when you're gone

    Pairing: James Potter x Fem!Reader

    Warnings: Angst

    Word Count: 0.8k

    Summary: James doesn't value his relationship with the reader, and soon that comes back to haunt him.

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    a/n: This was requested by @msmb so long ago. I'm so sorry it took this long! (Also I lost the request!) [x] [divider]

    James and Y/N. The couple everyone wanted to be. The relationship on the outside was beautiful. Everyone was jealous of you both, but there was no point. On the outside it was all sunshine and rainbows, but behind closed doors, it was screaming matches, hurtful insults, objects being thrown around, all because James didn't appreciate you, and still tried to go after Lily.

    It had been going on for a year. You thought that after a while, James would start looking at you, the way he looked at Lily, but that was only a child’s dream. You couldn’t take it anymore. Your boyfriend looked at Lily like she was the world. Not sparing a second glance at you. So you did what any person in your position would do, you left him.

    Word got around that your relationship had come to an end. Almost everyone was happy, as the girls were desperate to get James’ attention, and the boys thought that they had a chance to date you. But you didn’t care about them. You were busy trying to fix your heart, and prevent people from breaking down your walls again, to pay any attention to them.

    The girls too didn’t have any luck. It seemed as if James finally came to terms with what he did to you, that he no longer went behind Lily, instead filled with guilt. He could see how hurt the rest of his friends were too. No one knew what had been happening, and why the two of you had broken up. All they knew was that something really bad had happened, and neither wanted to talk about it.

    But slowly, you moved on. Being too invested in trying to make the relationship work, you had forgotten to care about yourself. So you took time to fix yourself and you came to a stage where you no longer cared about dating, where you no longer cared about the stupid stereotypes that said only dating, or being with someone, can bring you joy.

    No, you didn't pay any attention to those, only focused on yourself, knowing that the greatest joy was when you felt good about yourself. Your friends supported you, and soon, the whole school looked at a new Y/N Y/L/N. One who didn't care about what others thought of her, and who was happy spending time with her friends, instead of seeking out love, like most others.

    James was hurt. He had let one of the only people who had genuinely cared about him, not because of his position in the Quidditch team, or because he always got into trouble, but because of who he was inside, get away.

    Seeing your attitude in the hallways, and how you didn't bother to look at him anymore stung more than it should have. In the end, it was his fault. He had gone after another, and he knew it was wrong. But he couldn't help but feel lost. You had been there to support him, and without your presence beside him, he didn’t know what to do anymore.

    Seeing your laugh in the Great Hall, and the carefree, happy attitude, broke him, shattered his heart, because he finally realised that you were happy, happier than when you were with him. And he knew, the moment his eyes met yours, ones which used to be filled with love and adoration for him, which were now filled with happiness and a more mature look, that he had lost you, and there was no way he would be able to get you back.

    Tell me what you think?


    @siriusbarnesslut , @beeblisss , @stillfindingmyway , @justadreamyhufflepuff , @halobaby , @msmb , @gryffindorgirl ,  @yvonnearce22 , @ilovebakugokatsuki , @oneoftwoghosts , @cedricisnotdead, @catching-the-train-to-hogwarts , @potters-heart, , @v4l3nt1n44 .

    Note: I do not give consent for my fics to be translated or reposted. Reblogs and comments are greatly appreciated!

    All Rights Reserved®

    #james potter #james potter imagine #james potter x reader #james x reader #james x you #james x y/n #james potter angst #james angst #harry potter imagines #lily evans #james potter x y/n #james potter x you #n.writes
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    31.07.2021 - 15 minutes ago


    i just published a wolfstar one shot. check it out please!!!

    this is my first fic about them kzdfnvoai

    there is more stuff on my writing blog, make sure to check it out too, if you want! @sheraayasherwrites

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    #god i love today #gtwce #gt world challenge #gt world challenge europe #24h spa #24 hours of spa francorchamps #james pull#sandy mitchell#team wrt#audi#barwell motorsport#lamborghini
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    Dennis aesthetic mood bored

    #james mcavoy#discord #kevin wendell crumb #unbreakable and glass #aesthetic#mood bored
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    happy birthday to the boy who lived!!!

    #harry potter #the boy who lived #harrypotterbirthday#31 july #harry james potter #Potter #today is harry’s birthday #my little boy is 41 now #41birthday #omg i can’t #harryjamespottersupermacy #i’m more into PJO fandom now but harry is still my comfort character nr 1 #i’m crying i swear #happy bday
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    🪄 harry potter universe

    main masterlist ⑊ harry potter masterlist


    warnings: fluff, gay-ness, a bad pun, google translate french, lower case intended and not proof read.

    pairing: sirius black x remus lupin

    summary: how can one expect sirius to do otherwise when remus has the cute face on?

    note: feedbacks are appreciated! :)

    source: pinterest

    ˚₊❏❜ third person ꒱

    it is an another lovely and usual afternoon at hogwarts. the great hall was buzzing with energy, chattering and the sounds of utensils clashing against each other; it is lunch time. delicious foods floated just above each of the four long tables making everyone's mouth water.

    candles floated at a very high height, making the great hall's aesthetic look even better. the chattering from students increased minute by minute but neither of the teachers minded nor paid any heed to it; they were engrossed into conversing amongst themselves as well.

    students ate their lunch with great pleasure and satisfyingly. however, this could not be said one of the notorious marauders. the brain of the marauders is not satisfied with his lunch. his stomach was definitely not satisfied in the least, something was missing.

    remus lupin knew why he isn't feeling content, he know what is missing, but he'd rather sulk than admit it. knowing that remus is not going to receive the only thing he desperately wanted right now, is rather very disappointing and disheartening for him.

    sirius black, as he would rather call it, observing his boy shamelessly but also being discreet about it at the same time. remus' sad body language didn't sit well with his lover. while trying to figure what got remus to feel such, sirius is also thinking of the ways a smile could appear on the gorgeous face.

    had james potter been there, he would've have figured out if the sadness appeared because of something sirius did or it was something else. had peter pettigrew been there, he would've asked remus quietly and let sirius know what was the cause. but unfortunately they both are not currently present at their house table.

    james and peter are currently in detention for which prank sirius can't remember and he has no idea what they are doing, siting in a classroom together. but sirius can't handle the wait, he needed to know now what was troubling his true love. therefore, sirius concluded he would have to ask remus himself.

    "mon amour, are you okay?" sirius asked with worry and softness in his eyes. [my love]

    remus' head perked up at sirius voice, a small smiled automatically made its way to remus' face. oh how he loved when sirius called him that!

    "yes, darlin', i'm good. why do you ask?" remus said, with the same softness as sirius' evident in his voice.

    "you look a bit dull to me, are you sure nothing is troubling you?" sirius said, reaching out and taking remus' hands into his and drawing small circles with his thumbs.

    remus smirked and cheered mentally, he now knew he could get the missing food quite easily. he cleared his throat as he executed his just-made plan.

    "there is something..," remus purpose stopped himself from saying further and kept up the, now an act, sadness.

    "what is it? you know you can tell me anything, mon amour!" sirius said with increasing worry. [my love]

    "you promise to give it to me?" remus put up an innocent face.

    "yes yes, of course my dear, you have to just ask!"

    "could you please get me a chocolate? it's on the end of the table."


    "no? what do you mean no? you promised!" remus pouted.

    "you already had eight since morning, mon amour, you're not getting another!" sirius said, trying his best to be firm. [my love]

    "please, darlin'? for me, please? won't you get l'amour de ta vie a chocolate? please?" remus said, pouting and with puppy eyes, knowing it will work. [the love of your life]

    sirius is left speechless. the way remus looked, an absolute cutie, sirius just wanted grab his face and kiss him all over his face. sirius is also shocked as to how and when did his beloved learnt the french phrase. remus was full of surprises.

    "alright fine, don't do all wolfy-eyes with me." sirius rolled his eyes but they both knew sirius couldn't have possibly be able to resist remus.

    as soon as sirius said that, remus' eyes widen. did his eyes start to transform? was that even possible? but there is still time for the full moon to come. what is happening? he needed to get out the great hall. sirius noticed remus, who is about to slip into panic mode, and his urge to laugh appeared.

    "relax, l'amour de ma vie, you're okay. it was a pun. you were doing the cute face thing and looked like an adorable puppy, but since you can't be that; because you know, you're not a dog; i am. so i said-" before sirius could complete is sentence remus pulled away his hands, which were formally in sirius' hands, and slapped his lover's chest, playfully. [the love of my life]



    "shut up and get me a chocolate."

    "as you say, mon petit loup," sirius said as he laughed whole-heartedly while getting up from where he was seated and as remus gave him warning glares. [my little wolf]


    harry potter masterlist

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    #he’s got such a cherub face #metallica#james hetfield #a year and a half #the black album #black album era
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    Pully with that green helmet😂😂

    #james pull #so recognisable haha
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    #metallica#james hetfield #a year and a half #the black album #black album era
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    New Fic Alert


    Chapter One: Beginnings and Endings

    "If an injury has to be done to a man, it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared."

    - Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince


    'Regulus', known as the 'Lion's Heart', is the brightest star in the constellation 'Leo'. Associated with the heralding of Spring in the northern hemisphere, by May the star shines in the skies every evening as the sun is setting.

    'Regulus' is the only First Magnitude star to sit almost squarely on the ecliptic, which marks the path of the sun, moon and planets across our sky. That means it can be seen from the entire Earth.

    The name, 'Regulus', means 'Prince' or, in the original Latin, 'Little King' to celebrate its bright significance in the night sky.



    But... what if Regulus Black lived?

    #torship#harry potter #everyone lives au #canon divergent au #regulus black#lucius malfoy #narcissa black malfoy #sirius black#marauders era#fanfic#lily james#kingsley shacklebolt #kicking ass and taking names and learning not to be a fucking racist #fuck you racism and transphobia #everyone is gay
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    ❄ Hey guys I'm back!


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