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  • Madison: This isn’t your assignment.

    Jefferson: Wait it’s not?

    Madison: No, this is a list of ABBA songs, in order of how gay they make you feel.

    Jefferson: That wasn’t the assignment!?

    Madison: Oh it super wasn’t. This was supposed to be a yearly report, but more importantly, the fact that you don’t have Waterloo as your number one is frankly insulting.

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  • Power Couple: FootballStar!Thomas x Cheerleader!Reader Chapter 1: Practice and Parties

    Okay so… this is my first x reader fic and I’m nervous on how this turns out 😬 I just had this idea of Thomas as a high school football star and the reader the cheer captain and they’re just a power couple! Also this was suppose to be like a little imagine, but ya girl ended up writing so much that this is now definitely going to be a series. Anyway without further ado I give you; Power Couple Chapter 1!!!

    P.S I was inspired by @daveeddiggsit Wideout series for this. Y’all should go check her out if you haven’t already because her writing is AMAZING! And because of her I have become a simp for a football star thom! 🥺

    Word Count: 1.4k

    Pairing: FootballStarThom! X CheerCaptain!Reader

    Warnings: None for now, as far as I know, but if you see some let me know!

    Summary: For Y/N, being the freshman cheer captain definitely had its perks, a cute uniform, a badass squad that’s always got your back, and getting the attention of a certain freshman football team captain. And one day, Thomas Jefferson decides to approach her after practice.


    Originally posted by reidsroses

    “5, 6, 7, and 8! Whoo! Good job everyone!” Y/N exclaimed to her team as they just finished the last steps of their routine. Their coach nodded in approval, “Yes, now go ahead and rest up for the weekend! I’ll see you all on Monday!” A chorus of “Okays” and “See you coach!” could be heard by the rest of the team.

    Y/n had knelt down on the track putting her stuff away in her gym bag, along with a few of her teammates/ friends. Her friends were excitedly chatting about the first football game of the season next Friday. She shared a smile, excited for their first time to cheer in front of a crowd at the freshman game.

    “I just hope we get a pretty good turnout,” one of her best friends, Peggy piped up beside her, “Not a lot of people really come to the freshman games.” “Well they will this year once they see the amazing freshman cheer team led by the best captain ever!” Her other best friend, Lafayette, had proclaimed while he nudged her, giving her a cheeky grin. Y/n playfully rolled her eyes at her foreign friend, “C’mon Laf, you give me way to much credit!”

    “Nah, he’s right Y/n! You’ve worked your ass off for the captains spot and you’ve earned it, you’ve gotta give yourself some credit at least!” Peggy declared, disagreeing with her friends previous statement. “Ok ok I’ll admit,” Y/n sighed contentedly “It is pretty rewarding to be where I am after practicing till my legs felt like they would fall off!” They all laughed together at her comment, finally standing up to leave the track.

    “Speaking of rewards,” Peggy spoke up, a smirk suddenly appearing on her face, “It looks like a certain someone has also noticed your hard work.” Y/n followed Peggys stare, leading her to none other than the freshman football team captain, Thomas Jefferson; who had been caught, not so subtly staring at the three.

    Thomas quickly looked away, hurriedly putting the rest of his stuff away, as he had just finished practice himself. He couldn’t help but look at her tho, she exuded confidence in a way that made him attracted to her. The way she smiled while performing a cheer, the way her ponytail bounced while she moved in step, everything about her was captivating to him and he knew right away that he had to at least talk to her, and then hopefully date her. Thomas then zipped up his bag, said a brief goodbye to his teammates, and decided to head over to Y/n’s group.

    “No way!” Y/n scoffed, “We were probably just laughing too loud and annoyed him.” It was her friends’ turn to scoff, “Y/n,” Peggy started, “You’re hot girl! Why wouldn’t he be looking at you?” “I agree mom amie, you are a ray of sunshine who’s beauty over flows! Any guy would be foolish not to be attracted to you!” Lafayette concurred with Peggy.

    Y/n began to blush at her friends praise, trying to hide the smile growing on her face. “Thanks guys.” Just as they were about to reach the exit, a figure jogging toward them caught Peggys eye. “Oh and look! Thomas Jefferson sure ain’t a fool since he’s coming right over here!” She tried to contain her squeal of excitement. Y/n’s head shot in the direction of peggys excited gaze. Suddenly she could feel her heartbeat speed up and her hands begin to sweat. Thomas Jefferson was approaching her!

    “And I think that’s our cue to go Peggy, Good luck mon amie!” Laf shot her a wink as he and Peggy hurry to leave so they can give Y/n some time alone with Thomas. “I want details later!” Peggy harshly whispered, seeing as Thomas was now in earshot, and quickly left giggling with Lafayette about their best friend.

    Thomas stopped right in front of her, quickly doing a once over of her practice outfit. “Uh, hi! It’s Y/n right?” Her eyes widened at the way her name left his lips. “Oh, Yeah hi! Thomas?” She mentally facepalmed, you already know his name idiot!

    “Yeah” Thomas gave her a small smile, “Uh, I hope I don’t come off as creepy but, I couldn’t help but notice you practicing.” “Oh?” She questioned, a smirk now appearing in her face, now that he had admitted to watching her, a certain confidence started to ease her nerves. “Uh, yeah. Your moves are pretty good!” Thomas sheepishly complimented her while mentally scolding himself. Dude what is wrong with you? You’re never this nervous!

    “Oh, thanks!” She grinned happily, “You’ve got some pretty good moves yourself captain!” She winked. “Oh really?” Thomas asked, “You’ve been watching my moves?” It was now his turn to smirk. Y/n looked down timidly, biting her lip quickly before responding. “Well, I’ve gotta keep tabs on who’s gonna possibly lead us to victory on our first game next Friday, you gonna prove me right?” She challenged. “Oh absolutely!” Thomas beamed. “And when I’m doing so, I hope the cheer squad is able to pump us all up!” He winked. “Oh trust me! We’re more than ready!” Y/n exclaimed. They both shared a laugh, the nerves leaving both of them as they bantered and started walking towards the front of the school together.

    “So, listen,” Thomas started, “I’m not sure if you heard, but there’s gonna be a party at my house after the game on Friday, regardless if we win or not, and um I’d like it if you could come.” He looked at her with hope in his eyes. She was just so infatuating and he couldn’t get enough. “Oh, um ok!” She replied bashfully, that blush coming back to her cheeks. “Um my squad can come too right?” “No yeah of course, um everyone’s invited, especially the cheer captain.” He smirked.

    Y/n was about to respond when a honk caught her off guard. They both looked in the direction of the sound and saw her older brother Zack, waiting for her in the drivers side. “That’s my ride,” she sighed, not wanting their conversation to end. Thomas nodded defeatedly. “I’ll see you around then?” He asked, hoping this wasn’t the last time they get to interact. Y/n smiled, “Definitly!” And with one last burst of conifidence, she took her phone out of her gym bag and placed in Thomas hand. He glanced at her, eyebrows furrowed.

    “How else am I gonna get directions to the captains party, hm?” She answered his puzzled gaze with a small giggle. Thomas chuckled and put his number in her phone, then gave her his so she could do the same. They exchanged gleeful gazes as y/n started to walk towards her brothers car. Just before she opened the door, she turned to give Thomas one last line, “See you around, Captain!” Thomas chuckled shaking his head, his curls bouncing. “You too, Captain!”

    With that Y/n entered the vehicle , hardly containing her smile. “So, who was that?” Her brother eyed her as she sat in the front seat with a goofy grin on her face. “No one.” She replied while trying to hide the smile growing on her face. “Mhm, ok” her brother quipped, deciding to ignore it for now and interrogate her later. Y/n paid no mind to her brother, looking out the window as he drove off towards their house. The alert of a text from her phone brought her out of her daze as she checked to see who it was.

    From: Football Captain Thomas 🏈🔥😉

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that it was nice talking to you. 😅 Here’s the address for the party! Hope to see you there, cheer captain 😉

    Y/n bit her lip while typing a reply.

    Thomas watched as the car took off, the smile never leaving his face. He quickly pulled out his phone to text the girl that has him charmed, while walking towards his moms car as she just pulled up. His mom made small conversation as he sat himself in the front seat. He then felt his phone vibrate.

    From: Cheer Captain Y/n 🎉😍🔥

    It was nice talking to you too! Bring us a victory and we’ll see 😜 Don’t let me down football captain 😉

    Thomas beamed as he read the message. If the was any more motivation he needed to win this game, he knew this was. He was gonna do it so the beautiful captain of the freshman cheer squad would go his party. And Y/n herself knew either way she would go, if it meant more time with the freshman football captain, she would definitely go to this party.

    Looks like being the captain of the team definitely has its perks.

    I hope you all liked it! I didn’t even think it would be this long and yet, here we are! 😅 Also what do y’all think about male cheerleader Laf?!? I just had the idea and it wouldn’t go away and honestly I love it!!! Also if you want to be tagged in upcoming chapters just let me know and I’d be more than happy to do so! 😘 Anyway let me know what y’all think! 🥺♥️

    -With Love,

    Spidey’s Wifey 🕷♥️🖤

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  • So, ya girl was gonna post just like a lil snippet of my FootballStar!Thom x Cheerleader reader, and uh she ended up writing so much that uh this probably gonna be a series instead! 😬 Whoops 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Lol so anyways, Chapter 1 of power couple coming up in like 10 mins 👀

    Hope y’all like it 🥺♥️

    #spideys wifey writes too much 🤭👀 #you’re welcome#daveed diggs#james madison #thomas jefferson x reader #thomas jefferson #thomas jefferson imagine #thomas jefferson fic #lafayatte #daveed diggs x reader #daveed x reader #power couple
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  • ok but the pure chaos that would ensue if the hamilsquad + the others played among us.

    alex blaming thomas for literally anything. like the round hasn’t even started yet and
    “jefferson kinda sus”
    “alex, he hasn’t done anything.”
    “that’s what an impostor would want you to believe.”
    any dead body he finds was killed by thomas, no questions asked

    both james and eliza panicking whenever they are impostor to the point where eliza once called an emergency meeting just to say that “I’m impostor and i don’t want to be :(”

    herc thinks he’s extra clever by just looking at the cameras without doing his tasks but 80% of the time he gets killed.

    lafayette pulls off the smoothest kills ever, but is terrible at faking tasks. peggy meanwhile is just terrible at the calibration and card swiping tasks and people always suspect her of faking them, but in reality she’s just struggling so much.

    thomas is the type of guy to report his impostor buddy just so he can be on the safe side (and everyone hates it)

    burr is a bad liar
    “i was with purple”
    “burr you are purple.”

    alex and laurens stick together as task buddies and they always walk around together. when they’re both impostors they are an amazing team

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  • Madison, apologising: … — .-. .-. -.–

    Jefferson: What was that

    Madison, barely holding in laughter: Remorse code


    #remember when we said madison loves puns?? yeah yall were right #hamilton #hamilton: an american musical #hamilton incorrect quotes #incorrect hamilton #incorrect hamilton quotes #hamilton: the musical #James Madison#Thomas Jefferson#jeffmads#incorrect jeffmads
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  • image

    Peace medal with depiction of President James Madison, by John Reich, 1814-1815.

    From the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery’s description: “President George Washington began the practice of presenting peace medals to Indian chiefs on such important occasions as the signing of a treaty or a visit to the capital. By the time of Madison’s presidency, the Indians considered the medals an essential part of negotiations. In May 1812, John Mason, head of the Office of Indian Trade, ordered new Madison medals after learning that several chiefs would be visiting Washington. He did not want to give them leftover hollow Jefferson medals, knowing they preferred the solid ones the British gave out. Mason engaged John Reich, assistant to the chief coiner at the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia, to cut the dies and strike the medals. Finally, on December 17, 1814, twelve silver medals of three different sizes arrived in Washington. The largest, pictured here, was given to the most important Indian chiefs.”

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  • “To understand Madison’s place in this talented circle [Princeton], one must contend with President Witherspoon’s oft-repeated remark that “during the whole time [Madison] was under [my] tuition [I] never knew him to do, or to say, an improper thing.” In the seventeen-eighties Witherspoon apparently said this to Jefferson, who subsequently delighted to embarrass Madison with it at every opportunity.”

    — Ralph Ketcham, James Madison: A Biography

    #:’) #don’t think the embarrassment was deliberate #jefferson just loved madison very much & was very proud of him; he talked of him a lot & praised him when he could #and madison was so extremely modest #ketcham goes on to say that madison did but say an improper thing #and quotes some of the more or less epic roast poems he wrote during the ‘wars’ between student societies #james madison#thomas jefferson#john witherspoon#ralph ketcham#biographies
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  • Hamilton: I really hate that Jefferson guy.

    Madison: You’re holding his hand.

    Hamilton: Hatefully.

    #source: tumblr#hamilton #hamilton: an american musical #hamilton incorrect quotes #incorrect hamilton #incorrect hamilton quotes #hamilton: the musical #alexander hamilton#thomas jefferson#jefferson#james madison#madison#jamilton#incorrect jamilton
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  • image

    James Madison, by an unknown French artist.

    #james madison#etching #i could not for the life of me find a year or artist #but he looks rather middle-aged. i would assume it was taken before 1800 perhaps. #quite cute i have to say
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  • image

    Portrait of James Madison by Thomas Sully, 1809.

    #james madison#thomas sully#art #19th century portraits #i don't understand why this one doesn't get more attention and that strange etching is the go-to one if you want a full-body depiction #even tho the etching is objectively inferior and in itself only a copy of this #and colorless too #i don't know how i haven't come across this painting before
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  • [Historian Drew R. McCoy in Last of the Fathers: James Madison and the Republican Legacy:]

    “From 1809 to 1815, Coles [James Madison’s presidential secretary], now in his mid-twenties, became Madison’s regular companion. Much later, when he wished to convey to his countrymen an accurate sense of his mentor’s greatness, Coles made an intriguing observation – one wholly at odds with Madison’s modern historical reputation – that casts fresh light on Madison and on the reverence his presence, and later his memory, frequently evoked.

    Writing in 1854 to the Virginia historian Hugh Blair Grigsby, who had solicited his recollections, Coles drew extensive parallels between Madison and Washington. He noted of Madison, in this connection, that “if History do him justice, posterity will give him credit, more for the goodness of his heart, than for the strength and acquirements of his mind.” Coles acknowledged Madison’s intellectual brilliance, but he insisted that his impressive mind (and the fascinating conversation it produced, for which he was justly renowned) were “but decorations to set off to advantage his pure and incorruptible virtue and integrity.””

    #edward coles#james madison#drew mccoy#madison presidency #last of the fathers #a follow up is underway
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  • 𝓔𝓪𝓻𝓽𝓱, 𝓦𝓪𝓽𝓮𝓻, 𝓕𝓲𝓻𝓮, 𝓐𝓲𝓻…𝓯𝓸𝓻 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓡𝓮𝓿𝓸𝓵𝓾𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷!!!

    Since time immemorial, we have been given the gift of manipulating any  one of the four elements. These gifts had allowed us to build nations  and amazing complex societies, but where there is power, there is also abuse. As nations joined together and subdued each other, kingdoms  became empires, inciting invasion after invasion until we ended up here, in a colony on the other side of the ocean. We’re asked to toil the  land and subdue our indigenous neighbours, while our king reaps our  wealth while offering not even an ear in return. No more. Now is the  time for us to rise up. 

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  • blessing you with lafmads and thomcules✨✨✨

    #if u stan them i welcome u into my house with open arms #send me ur headcanons #hamilton#lafmads#thomcules#james madison #marquis de Lafayette #thomas jefferson#Hercules Mulligan#madlaf#jeffercules #bro idk the tags #hercjeff#hamilton musical#myart
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  • image

    Portrait of James Madison by Chester Harding, ca. 1829-1830.

    #james madison#chester harding#art #19th century portraits #he must have been 78 or 79 in this
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  • mental illnesses historical figures suffered from (pt. 1) 😔

    1. thomas jefferson: ginger


    2. aaron burr: horny


    3. james madison: snake


    4. alexander hamilton: shrivelled little short dick man


    5. dolley madison: big dick syndrome


    6. nathan hale: party rocking


    7. john andré: swag disease


    8. king george iii: W. A. P.


    9. john adams: big tiddy goth gf milkers

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  • “He [Count Vidua] expressed admiration and reverence for all the founders of American independence he met. His favorite, however, was Madison, whose reflections on the War of 1812 he found “most profound, revealing a great mind and good heart”. In reviewing his impressions of Adams, Jefferson, Monroe, and Madison, he remarked: “If someone asked me to compare these four personages, and if it were not too presumptuous of me to attempt it, I would say that Jefferson’s mind seemed the most brilliant, Madison’s the most profound, Monroe’s the least penetrating, Adams’ the most cultivated. The Americans generally celebrate Jefferson as the first man in their republic. … I have found few who agree with me in my preference for Madison; but the quality of these few encourages me not to follow the opinion of the many”.

    “[…] Madison was “a little old man, thin, with sweet and pleasing features; his manners are very noble and, with no loss of the dignity and gravity befitting a man in his station, have something gentle and agreeable which I did not expect to find in an American.””

    The Italian Count Carlo Vidua in his letters about James Madison and the other Founding Fathers he met, as quoted by Joseph Rossi.

    #carlo vidua#james madison#thomas jefferson#john adams#james monroe #there are variations in the translations of course #ralph ketcham quotes him as #'an indescribable gentleness and charm which i had thought impossible to find in an american.' #(for example) #also madison was the only one of them who deliberately spoke a little slower for his foreign visitor #and made an actual effort at understanding him despite the italian accent etc. :)
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  • Madison: Bonjour, Lafayette. Voulez–vous coucher avec moi?

    Lafayette: No, I don’t want to sleep with you.

    Madison: Oh that’s what that means? Man, I had a really gross tennis instructor

    #source: brooklyn 99 #hamilton #hamilton: an american musical #hamilton incorrect quotes #incorrect hamilton #incorrect hamilton quotes #hamilton: the musical #james madison#madison#lafayette
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  • image

    uuuuh no DoaN content?? bitch I’M DoaN content stfu!!>:0 (from now on all my content is for @cyanspica and @cyanspica only, ok?? ok)

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  • Ah well I saw this coming 😔😔😔, James Madison watch out I will hyperfixate on you once again

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