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  • ad1thi
    11.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #adi watches tv shows #supergirl#james olsen #noooo i like james :(( #he and winn have such a cute friendship #adi answers asks #dru tag#rhodeslabs
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  • ad1thi
    11.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    ARE THEY PITTING JAMES AND LENA AGAINST EACH OTHER stop why are they going to such lengths to ruin James and Kara’s friendship i HATE IT HERE

    #adi watches tv shows #supergirl#lena luthor#james olsen #s2.12
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  • ad1thi
    11.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    nooo Kara’s being so unsupportive I hate it 🤧🤧 James is right!! Kara doesn’t get to decide who’s a hero!! James deserves better 😤😤

    #adi watches tv shows #supergirl#james olsen#kara danvers #kara zor el #s2.10
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  • ad1thi
    11.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    i really like James’ new Guardian arc but why do i feel like its going to get him killed,,,,,

    #adi watches tv shows #supergirl#james olsen #s2.8 #i feel like there was potential here to have kara and james find each other again #but somehow i feel like this whole storyline is so that they can kill james off #thats the vibe im getting #or write him out as going to another city or smth
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  • lena-luthor
    10.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    kara danvers appreciation week (favorite romantic relationship (part 2/2)

    In this life, prayer normally doesn't work. Nobody shows up. But Clark did. And you do. Kara, you're something that we can see, something that we can touch. How are you not a miracle?
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  • sevenmileshq
    09.06.2021 - 2 days ago




    Britt Robertson (Unfollow)

    Elizabeth Olsen (Unfollow)

    Lily James (No Account Submitted)

    Robert Sheehan (Unfollow)

    Jessie Mei Li (Reserve Expired)


    hidden thus far between the mangroves and bad decisions, AUBREY ROUSSEAU is looking for their YOUNGER SISTER. sometimes the details get lost in translation but without a doubt, they have always been STUBBORN WITH A BIG HEART. FINDING HERSELF DEALING WITH THE RESPONSIBILITIES THEIR MOTHER LEFT BEHIND FROM A YOUNG AGE THOUGH SHE DIDN’T HAVE TO. THE MIDDLE SIBLING WHO IS MORE PROTECTIVE THAN BOTH HER SIBLINGS COMBINED. whether it be under sunrise or sunset, they without a doubt resemble BRITT ROBERTSON, HALEY LU RICHARDSON, ANY FITTING FEMALE AGES 26-29 for more information, reach out to @scatteredinspirations.

    hidden thus far between the mangroves and bad decisions, OLLY HARTFORD is looking for their EX-FIANCEE. sometimes the details get lost in translation but without a doubt, they have always been THE ONLY PERSON HE COULD NEVER LIE TO. THEY STARTED OUT AS FRIENDS IN HIS YOUTH AND THERE WAS AN INSTANT CONNECTION THAT OLLY TRIED TO DENY FOR YEARS. IT WAS A SLOW-BURN FRIENDS-TO-LOVERS THING UNTIL OLLY FINALLY GOT HIS SHIT TOGETHER. THEY WERE HAPPY, HE PROPOSED, AND THEN BROKE UP WITH THEM SUDDENLY VIA VOICEMAIL. whether it be under sunrise or sunset, they without a doubt resemble ANY FC 35+ (ANY GENDER) for more information, reach out to @giildedcages.

    #elizabeth olsen fc #lily james fc #jessie mei li #britt robertson fc #robert sheehan fc #sevenmiles.unfollow #sevenmiles.wanted
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  • stevesmewmew
    09.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Exceptional acting sequences by Marvel actors in the TV series so far:

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  • ad1thi
    09.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    after a whole season we dont get James and Kara together?? we don’t even get to see them try?? oh my god that’s so disappointing wtf 

    #adi watches tv shows #supergirl #s2.1 #james olsen#kara danvers #this actually makes me kinda mad about mon el and kara knowing that we sacrificed james and kara for it #we at least deserved to see them try wtf
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  • shieldagent93
    08.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Superlane | Korrasami Parallels

    (@cyclone-rachel I believe you were the one who put this idea in my head. So thanks!)

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  • chloelucia13
    08.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    Nothing Personal: Chapter 1

    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!reader (enemies to lovers)

    Prompt: Bucky’s public appearance was lacking in the... well, everything department. And now, with him fully being in the public eye as the new Captain America’s right hand man, that needed to be fixed. That brought you into the equation, someone who seemed to be the direct opposite of the White Wolf. Bubbly, friendly, the perfect PR girlfriend for the grumpy man. Whether he liked it or not.

    Chapter Summary: Bonding time seemed like a good idea in theory, but nothing works as well as it does on paper.

    Series warnings: angst, fluff, a tiny bit of smut, language, violence, descriptions of gore, cheating

    Chapter Warnings: just some fluff a teensy bit of angst, drinking, and Bucky being a dick

    Word count: 2691

    A/N: I’m planning on this being a pretty slow burn fic so I hope y’all are in for some ANGST. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy it! My messages, inbox, and taglists are always open!


    Tags: @summerdaughter​, @spid3rgwen​, @girlfriday007​, @lmaosupertuff​, @pansexualproblemchild​, @toothhurtyam​, @claudiaatje​

    You didn’t know what was worse, when he was silent and glaring at you or when he was hurling venom-laced words at you.

    All of the paperwork had been signed, all of the NDAs and contracts and whatever the fuck else there was that you couldn’t even remember. Basically, a shit ton of legal bindings that appeared to hold the next six months of your life in a vice-like grip.

    Of course it scared you, no normal person wouldn’t be at least a little intimidated by it. But you were willing to help your friend, and help his friend as well. And hell, maybe you’d even make a new friend along the way.

    Well, that was what you thought. 

    Now, as the two of you sat in a nearly abandoned diner, an untouched plate of fries on the booth table between you two, that possibility of friendship (or even some sort of civility) faded further and further away into near nothingness. It had only been five minutes, but the tension between you two made the seconds barely inch along. 

    “So,” you hummed, breaking the silence and offering him a smile. “Have you watched any new movies lately?”

    He scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning back into his booth seat. 

    “What? I’m just trying to start a conversation.”

    “Yeah? Well it’s a pretty shitty attempt.”

    You had only spent a couple hours of him spanning from the day before to now, but his attitude hadn’t shifted one bit. You let out a huff. “Fine. Do you have any better conversation topics?”

    His jaw clenched and he kept his lips pursed.

    You nodded, nervously rapping your knuckles on the table as you glanced around. “I’m gonna order a milkshake. Do you want a milkshake? O-Or we can share one? I know Jess probably wants us to do that kinda stuff.”

    “There’s no way in hell I’m sharing a shake with you.”

    Your smile faltered slightly. “So is that no milkshake at all or just no shared milkshake?”

    He squinted at you, his expression giving you his answer.


    “Sam, I don’t know about this, there’s gonna be a lot of people there,” you whined, tugging on his arm as the two of you walked along the street. “And with  how much James despises me, I don’t know how good this will look for the paparazzi.”

    “Why don’t you call him Bucky?” Sam asked, looking down at you with an arched brow.

    “Because he said I’m not allowed to call him that.”

    Sam rolled his eyes, shaking his head slightly. “You can call him whatever you want. James, Bucky, motherfucker, pain in the ass.” The chuckle he pulled from you made a proud smile rest on his lips. “And don’t worry about the paparazzi. This is just a bonding experience that you don’t have to do alone. Just let loose and have some fun!”

    “Easy for you to say,” you muttered as he pushed open the door to the crowded bar. 

    The group you were supposed to hang out with waved you and Sam over and the two of you made your way over. There were a few familiar faces surrounding the table, but most of them were strangers.

    “Alright, everyone this is Y/N!” Sam introduced you, patting your shoulders with a bright smile. You waved shyly, reluctantly moving away from Sam and over to Bucky’s side. “Buck, why don’t you introduce her to everybody? I’m gonna get us a round of shots.”

    Before you or Bucky could protest, Sam slipped away from the table and over to the bar. Bucky’s jaw tightened and you gripped his arm tightly, sharing a quick glance with him.

    Despite Bucky’s close relationship with (what you assumed to be) everyone in the group, none of them were aware of the fact that this “relationship” you and him shared was a fabrication. So you had to keep up appearances.

    Your grip fell from his arm when a tight smile crept onto his face. “Alright, Y/N, this is Wanda, Maria, Joaquin, and Sharon.” Each person offered you a wave and a smile as they were being introduced.

    “It’s so nice to meet you all!” you told them, smiling so widely your cheeks ached a bit.

    “So how did you two meet?” Wanda asked, leaning forward and propping her head up on her folded hands.

    You and Bucky shared a nervous look, but before you could stutter out the response Jess had instructed you to give, Sam swooped in with the drinks.

    “Alright we’ve got tequila shots and lime slices for the table, and a Shirley Temple with rum for the lady,” Sam announced, placing the tray of drinks on the table and handing you your specialized drink. “I can’t believe you still remember my order,” you hummed, grinning at him before taking a sip.

    “Oh come on, it’s only been like...”

    “Seven years.”

    “That looks like a hangover in a glass,” Bucky grumbled, lips downturned in disgust.

    “But it’s so worth it!”

    Can I try it?” Wanda asked, scooting over to you.

    You nodded and handed her the glass, letting out a laugh when her eyes went wide as she had a sip. “See, I told you!”

    You all fell into easy conversation, idly chatting while having nursing the drinks in your hands or, in the men’s cases, slamming down shots left and right. More and more people began to flood into the bar as it grew later in the night, and one by one, every person in the group had disappeared into the populated dance floor.

    That left you and Bucky all alone, standing awkwardly as you watched the rest of the group genuinely enjoy their time. “This music is giving me a headache,” Bucky huffed.

    “What kind of music do you like?” you asked, pouring an empty ice cube out of your glass and into your mouth.

    He shrugged. “40′s music.”

    “Oh right, because of the... right.”

    “What is that supposed to mean?”

    “Nothing!” You let out a sigh, twirling the ice in your glass with your straw. “I thought tonight would be better.”


    “I thought that maybe since we were with friends we wouldn’t feel as awkward. But I guess the situation itself is just... awkward.”

    “That’s one way to put it.”

    You were silent, allowing the ice cube to melt in your mouth as you watched condensation drip down your glass.

    “I can’t believe you wore a goddamn sundress to a bar.”

    You rolled your eyes and let your forehead rest against the tabletop. “Jesus Christ.” Pushing a hand through your hair, you took a deep breath. “Y’know, you being an asshole to me won’t make the next six months go any faster.” 

    “Who says it’s gonna last six months?”

    “The contracts we signed, Jess, this whole agreement basically.”

    He rolled his eyes. 

    “Alright.” You pushed your glass away from you and turned your body to face him. “We gotta get to know each other somehow. Let’s start with the facts. When’s your birthday?”

    He rested his forearms on the table and you mirrored his stance, looking him in the eye. “March 10.”

    You hummed. “Oh, a pisces. Makes sense.”

    He gave you a confused look, opening his mouth to grumble some statement to reflect his clear annoyance. 

    “Wait, March 10? That’s next week.”

    “Sure is.”

    You smiled. “Are you gonna have a party?”

    “I don’t have birthday parties, I'm not 8.”

    “No, but you’re in your hundreds. I’d say that’s a pretty big milestone to celebrate.”

    He let out an irritated huff, drumming his knuckles on the table. “I don’t like parties.”

    “It seems like you don’t like a lot of things,” you teased with a grin, pushing your boundaries and playfully nudging his shoulder with yours. 

    He aimed another death glare your way, but the two of you were pulled away from your “moment” by a flash of a camera. 

    Your eyes widened in panic for a quick moment before you sucked in a deep breath. “Hold my hand,” you whispered under your breath, glancing at the window to your left where a group of paparazzi were gathered. 

    “What?” he snapped incredulously.

    You let out a groan before tangling your fingers with his metal ones, ignoring his flinching reaction and smacking a bright smile on your face. “There’s paparazzi outside. Just pretend you like me for like one minute.”

    He seemed stunned by your bold movements, taking his hand with no hesitation. Silently, he nodded and let the cool metal of his fingers clasp around your warm ones. However, he still was able to catch the shy smile that settled on your lips before you looked away bashfully.

    “If we go to the middle of the dance floor they won’t be able to see us,” you whispered, glancing back at him to search his eyes. To onlookers, it seemed like a gentle gaze exchanged by two lovers engrossed in each other, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

    “Okay,” he hummed, nodding absently.

    “Are you sure? I-I know you don’t like crowds-”

    “It’s fine,” he replied gruffly, his demeanor switching back to being closed off and short with you in a matter of seconds. He gripped your hand in his and dragged you over to the dance floor, weaving you through the throngs of people until you two were squished together in the middle of the floor. 

    Your breath hitched in your throat when you realized just how close you were to him, your chest pressed against his and your hands still linked. Bucky seemed nervous as well, but you doubt that it was for the same reason. His gaze was focused somewhere in the distance, and though you tried to find what he was looking at, you couldn’t see anything. “Bucky?” you hummed, gently pulling your hand from his to rest it on his shoulder.

    “I thought I told you not to call me that.” his eyes stared down at you, making you shrink slightly in your spot. 

    “I- sorry, it just slipped past, I guess. Sorry.”

    “Why aren’t you two dancing?” Wanda cried out, reaching out for both of you. “Come on now, you’re in the middle of the dance floor!” You gave her a smile, squeezing Bucky’s shoulder which you realized your hand was still resting on. “We were just about to,” you shouted over the music. “We just, uh, needed to catch our breath. It was hard getting over here.”

    She gave you a doubtful look but didn’t push any further, which you were grateful for, and by Bucky’s sharp exhale that gentle fanned over your face due to the close proximity, you could tell that he was also relieved. “Alright, you two have fun. But not too much!”

    “I can’t promise that!” You shot her a wink and she grinned at the both of you before disappearing back into the crowd.

    “What the hell does that mean?” Bucky scoffed, sending someone a glare when they bumped into him while weaving through the crowd.

    “I’m just trying to sell this whole ‘relationship’ thing. Now put your hands on my hips, I can feel her watching us.”

    He rolled his eyes, but his hands shifted to settle on your waist. The contrast between the warm flesh on your left side and the chilled metal on your right side, radiating through the thin fabric of your dress, sent a small chill through your body. “I don’t know why I agreed to come here in the first place.”

    “I don’t exactly think we had a choice. Trust me, I’d much rather be at home right now than crammed between a bunch of drunk and sweaty people.”

    “Sure doesn’t seem like it.”

    “I guess I’m just better at putting up with things than you are.”

    “Clearly.” You watched his Adam’s apple bob, his eyes looking everywhere but at you. 

    “Y’know I don’t want to be doing this fake relationship thing either, right?”

    “Then why are you doing it?”

    You shrugged. “I just wanted to help. Maybe make some friends.”

    His tongue darted out to wet his lips, shaking his head. “Yeah, well I don’t need your fucking help.” His words were laced with malice as he spat them in your face, his hands falling from your hips before he shoved his way out of the middle of the dance floor.

    You stood there all alone, stunned and reeling from his words. Sure, you two weren’t doing the greatest tonight, but you thought that maybe you two had grown a tiny bit more comfortable with each other and this whole situation. Clearly not.

    Someone touched your shoulder, making you jump. “Are you okay? Where’d Bucky go?”

    You let out a small chuckle, hoping it would push away the sadness that simmered in your chest. “He, uh, he had to go use the bathroom. I’m fine.”

    Her eyes searched yours. “Y/N, you know I can see your thoughts, right?”

    Your forced smile fell. Right. The Scarlet Witch. How could you let that slip past you? “You read my mind?”

    She sighed. “I can read minds, but I didn’t. I can already see everything I need to know.”

    Your shoulders slouched as your eyes closed in regret. “I just... I'm just trying to make him like me.”

    Wanda squeezed your shoulder comfortingly and gave you a sympathetic look, but something else glimmered behind her eye that you couldn’t quite place. “Well, you’re not gonna be doing all of this alone. You’ve already got Sam, and you have me too.”

    You gave her a smile, one of the only genuine smiles you’d worn all night. “Thank you, Wanda. That really means a lot.”


    “Dude, what the hell?” Sam huffed, stepping into the bathroom with crossed arms and a scowl on his face.

    Bucky let out a puff of air through his nose and bowed his head, looking down at his wet hands in the sink. “What?” he answered, deciding to play the oblivious card even though he knew exactly why Sam was upset. 

    “You know what! Why are you acting like such an ass?”

    Bucky shook the excess water off of his hands before brushing past Sam to grab a paper towel. “Sam, I get that she’s your friend, but she’s fucking obnoxious. I don’t think I can do this.”

    “She’s not obnoxious, you are! She’s putting up with all your shit so you can have a better track record and maybe have some semblance of a normal life!” “I didn’t ask her to do that! I didn’t ask for any of this shit!”

    “You don’t have to ask for things for people to do them, Buck! This is good for you, she’s good for you. So get your head out of your ass and grow up.” The two men stood toe to toe, staring each other down until the other decided to budge. Sam shook his head and scoffed. “You deserve to be happy, Buck, no matter how much you try to push it away.” With that, Sam walked out of the bathroom, leaving Bucky to soak in the words he spoke.

    Bucky tossed the paper towel in the trash before staring ahead, catching his reflection in the mirror attached to the back of the door. He was scruffy, his beard growing far past the 5 o’ clock shadow that he swore was there just that morning. His hair was getting back to that fluffiness that he remembered having when he was young, wavy- bordering on curly- combed to one side and tamed to the best of his ability. With a frown, he ran his hands through his hair and mussed it up. It was getting a bit longer than he liked, and the thought of buzzing it all off crossed his mind. 

    Disheveled. Scruffy. A mess.

    With one final pass of his hands through his hair, he stomped out of the bathroom and over to the bar. As he glanced over at the dance floor, he was you and Wanda dancing without a care in the world, sparkling eyes and beaming smiles.

    He ordered a whiskey neat to drown his butterflies.

    #Bucky barnes #Bucky Barnes x reader #Bucky Barnes imagine #Bucky Barnes one shot #Bucky x you #Bucky x y/n #fanfic#fanfiction #James buchanan barnes #tfatws #the falcon and the winter soldier #spoilers#sam wilson#falcon#Wanda maximoff#wandavision#Sebastian stan#Anthony mackie#Elizabeth olsen#marvel#mcu #marvel x reader #fluff#angst#smut #Bucky x female!reader
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    05.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Supergirl really nuked Karolsen out of nowhere and them promptly failed to ever give kara a better love interest than James lol

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  • cykeno
    05.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    james and winn are totally banging btw 

    #supergirl#winn schott#james olsen #winn is totally not straight omg have you seen him looking at james
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  • cykeno
    05.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    WHY did supergirl need any male superhero wannabes!! WHY can’t men sit on the sidelines for once!! it’s a woman superhero show but no, men and their egos just can’t handle not going out and fucking smashing things, can they!! 

    #supergirl#kara danvers #kara zor el #mon el#james olsen#winn schott #im so fucking tired of this smh
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    03.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Supergirl (2015-)

    #supergirl#kara danvers #kara zor el #alex danvers#j'onn j'onzz#lena luthor#nia nal#supergirl poster#james olsen#brainy#kelly olsen#dreamer#martian manhunter#querl dox #not sure if it will end this year or if there will be another hiatus so it ends in 2022
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  • curiousfindings
    31.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    hey im ivy, im new to Tumblr but ive loved writing my whole life and being obsessed with marvel and Harry Potter has convinced me to let my two loves work hand in hand to create some writing :)

    so I will write smut, whatever you want ill write, I dont have boundaries on smut 

    I will also be writing marvel cast x teen!readers but I won't write smut for any of the cast members as I like to think of them as parental figures but as I said go ham with the smut for the characters lmao

    send me requests!

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  • youngjusticeimaginesus
    30.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    B!D and Toy man’s Bomb

    The mood was somber as you and Winn pulled up to the cemetery for his father’s funeral. Winn wasn’t doing so well since the news of Toy man’s death and all the Super friends were worried about him, including yourself. So you volunteered to spend the night in his guest room to make sure he was okay.

    As you and Winn got out of the car you placed a gentle hand on Winn’s shoulder not really knowing what to say at the moment. You went over to your sisters and hugged them both before standing in between them. 

    “How is Winn?” Asked Alex, concerned.

    You sighed, “I wish I could say fine, but we all know that would be a lie,” you told your sisters.

    “I didn’t realize it was going to snow,” you said shivering while trying to make small talk.

    “Didn’t you check the weather reports before you left?” asked Kara. 

    “I didn’t have time,” you said shaking your head, “I wanted to make sure Winn ate something,” you said quietly.

    Kara nodded understanding as she started taking off her own jacket to give to you, “no you dont have to give me yours, i’ll be ok.”

    “I Insist little one, dont want you getting sick” she said helping you put it one and you were actually glad she did. You both turned your attention as the preacher began the proceedings. 

    You wish you could say it was just a normal funeral, however it turned out to be anything but. As they were burying Winn’s father his mother who’d abandoned him when he was just a child showed up.

    You tried to ignore their conversation as it seemed very personal when you suddenly heard Kara shout at everybody to get down. Alex grabbed your hand and you ran with her faster than you’ve ever ran before. You both kneeled down to the ground where Alex physically shielded you when you heard a bomb go off.

    When it seemed to be safe Alex stood up, and offered you her hand helping you to stand up shakily as well. “Are you okay?” she asked concerned noticing your shaking and how you looked pale.

    You nodded, “you literally shielded me with your own body thanks Alex,” you said your voice sounding as shaken up as you felt. So your eldest sister wrapped you up in her arms and gave you a hug the physical touch bringing you comfort. You stayed like this for a few minutes when Kara now dressed as Supergirl approached you

    “Are you guys, okay?” She asked. You and Alex broke off your hug and you took a deep breath.

    “Yeah were fine,” you said avoiding looking her in the eyes.

    “Are you sure little one?” Asked Kara feeling guilty she didn’t protect you. 

    “Yeah sweetheart, your breathing doesn’t sound so great,” added Alex reaching for your inhaler.

    “You guys seriously I’m fine. Just a little shaken up,” you insisted.

    They both looked at you, “okay baby girl, at least come back to the DEO with us so I can look you over, and make sure you’re really okay.” Alex said as Kara placed a reassuring hand on your shoulder.

    You sighed, “Fine,” you said realizing they weren’t going to completely give in, but also realizing you didn’t quite wanna be alone right now after what happened.

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  • lenasluthorcorp
    28.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago
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  • liapetros-writings
    28.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    making heart in coffees (while i'm make heart-eyes at you)

    @chocolate-rouge GuardianCorp coffee shop au
    this was hard. it has been a long time since i wrote a het pairing. i tried to channeled supergirl season 1 jimmy in this au but i don't know if i made it. i hope i do better for the other guardiancorp a.

    The lack of glamour in working at a coffee shop was what drew Lena to the job - and because they didn’t require specific experience. She never worked in customer service before and although she had always been nice to baristas, waitresses, and similar workers, the woman didn’t know anything about these kinds of jobs. But she needed a fresh start after her brother was arrested on tax evasion charges and she didn’t want anything to do with the family company. Hence, the job as a barista in a new city.

    National City is nothing like Metropolis. Its urban traits are soft and with no edges. People are polite even when they’re in a hurry and the traffic is okay if not calm compared to her former home. Also, the weather is better - always sunny, warm, welcoming.

    She instantly feels welcome, despite displaying an unlike (to her) lateness in learning the basics of coffee shop customer service. Between getting used to always being in a good mood and learning how all machines work, Lena is quickly realizing the life of common folks isn’t a walk in the park. She never thought it was easy but the woman didn’t think making silly drawings in coffee was that hard or that some days all she would want to do is scream at a rude customer.

    Even in National City, deprived-coffee people were rude. Except for Jimmy.

    Jimmy is a newcomer like her and he is always in a good mood when he comes by the coffee shop, sporting his charming smile, and dripping honey with his velvet voice. Even when his peers seem to be in a bad mood because of their boss, he isn’t. Watching him has become second nature to Lena. She admits it - it’s stalker-y of her to watch Jimmy from afar while he’s drinking coffee (espresso or lungo) with his coworkers. They laugh a lot when they are together and it’s nice to know at least one of them (between Jimmy and Lena) made some friends since their arrival.

    Lena isn’t jealous of him for being more popular than her among his peers. Making new friends never went smoothly for her. Aside from Andrea, whom she had to persuade to not come along with her, she doesn’t have many friends, and opening up after what Lex did to their family name is complicated once people are quick to judge.

    And she also likes to watch Jimmy with his friends because he flexes his arms from time to time and it’s a great view from where she stands.

    “You should give him your number,” Jack tells her out of the blue. It’s an oddly slow day but Jimmy’s crew is here, drinking coffee and making small talk, sitting on a table near the counter.

    Jack is one of the few coworkers who doesn’t treat Lena as an over-intelligent business princess with no talent to brew coffee. The other coworker is Sam, the woman who taught Lena to work at the register.

    She stops washing the coffee cup only to give an annoyed look to Jack. He’s been bothering Lena about Jimmy. “He doesn’t order to go and his drinking order isn’t big. He drinks espresso in a traditional cup of coffee,” her voice is flat as she is busy resuming her task of doing the dishes when all of sudden she feels something poking her temple, making her move away from Jack.

    “Are you really smart? Did you forget napkins exist?” He sounds shocked by Lena’s stupid thinking. For what’s worth, she feels stupid.

    Instead of admitting that yes, she forgot about napkins, she simply says, “He’s not interested in me,” her voice has a matter-of-fact quality that hides her disappointment over her own words.

    Jack doesn’t argue nor questions how Lena knows this. He goes back to his place and greets a new customer while Lena continues doing the dishes.


    Lena is getting the hang of making hearts in coffees and although she knows they are aesthetically pleasing, she still struggles with the technique. If her family could see her, they would think of her as a disgrace to the Luthor name for having such an unfit job for a Luthor, but also for not exceeding on the same job. Sometimes their voices in her head get the best of her. Everyone is patient with her and she has improved her skills a lot.

    “Wow, you’re a pro now,” the baritone voice reaches her ears, causing her to stop breathing for a hot second. Lena knows who is talking to her. She has engraved his voice to never forget since the first day he walked in and asked for a coffee to go (the only time he did that) and give her his name (Jimmy. James, actually but you can write as Jimmy).

    Her dumbfounded face expresses her surprise to see Jimmy here, now. He usually comes by lunchtime or after work, and never alone.

    She blinks at him, still in shock, and his grin falters. “You good?” He asks, looking preoccupied since Lena hasn’t said anything.

    After her brain reboots and all of her functions are fully functional, Lena clears her throat and offers a weak and embarrassed smile.

    “Yeah, me good.” She grimaces as soon as she hears herself. Cringey. But Jimmy doesn’t seem to mind her weird answer. “What can I get you today?” Her recovery is something to be proud of.

    “What is this?” Jimmy points at what Lena is holding – the cup of coffee and the milk pitcher.

    “Oh, this? Latte. I’m practicing my latte art.” When Jimmy chuckles, Lena feels silly and flustered but also at ease. Turns out talking to him isn’t as hard as she thought it would be. He seems to be a chill guy.

    “Then I wanna latte with a heart drawn by,” he squints his eyes to read her name on her name tag, “Lena.” Frowning is never a good sign, it usually means someone is connecting the dots and getting one step close to figuring out she is Lena Luthor. However, Jimmy doesn’t say anything remotely related to Lex, making Lena less tense.

    “Anything else?”

    “Chocolate sprinkle donut.”

    She makes an uhh sound with a teasing voice. “Feeling daring, aren’t we?” Joking around feels natural, but maybe because she is focused on ringing Jimmy’s order and not focused on him being here, talking to her. He laughs wholeheartedly, causing Lena to melt away. Still, she manages to ring his order and prepares it without ruining everything.


    Jimmy is always here after the one day he came by alone, and most of the time, he is alone. Lena and he make small talk every now and then, and he is always nice and charming. He is more than a handsome man, he is kind and funny and chill but he is also just another customer, one that flirts with her or engages with her innocent flirting.

    “Still not getting why you didn’t give him your number.” It’s Sam who speaks about the matter this time, after weeks of seeing the guy here almost every day flirting with her coworker.

    “He’s not interested,” Lena shrugs as she keeps cleaning a table while Sam cleans the counter. She knows her colleague is giving her a look of disbelief even though she isn’t looking at Sam.

    A cloth-smelling cleaning product hits her in the head. “He’s here every single fucking day, woman! And he always orders the stupid latte.” Lena throws the cloth back at Sam, missing her initial target (Sam’s face) and hitting the counter.

    “He’s helping me practice my latte art,” it’s a lazy excuse but it’s better than allowing herself to daydream. She is a Luthor, her name brings shame, people don’t trust her despite her lack of connection with her brother’s illegal endeavors. Also, Lena knows for a fact she isn’t the only woman interested in him; his coworker, the blonde one, gets all flustered around him and she seems nice, too.

    Sam makes a gagging sound. “He is literally the only person who orders the latte for you to do.” Lena picks on the woman’s impatient tone but she chooses to not answer her coworker.

    The next day, Jimmy and his coworkers (including the blonde woman) are here before Lena arrives. She is late, yes, but so does everyone who rides the subway to their work. She and Jimmy make quick eye contact as she walks to the employees’ room to get ready for another day of work.

    “He’s waiting for you,” Jack tells as soon as she steps out of the employees’ room and into the saloon. She knits her brows together and glances at Jimmy. He seems tense, bouncing his leg and rubbing his palm on his other leg.

    “And he is nervous,” Sam cuts in, then adds, “also, he hasn’t ordered anything yet.”

    Lena keeps walking until she is behind the counter, along with her coworkers. “And?” The woman is doing her best to keep her cool and not follow her friends down this rabbit hole; Sam and Jack are reading too much between the lines, that’s it.

    “Uh, hi,” she spins on her tip-toes when Jimmy’s voice reaches her ears. He is right in front of Lena, only the counter separating them. She looks surprised and he seems tense with something.

    “Oh, hello,” Lena tries to play it cool as if Jimmy being here didn’t make her heart beat fast. The man keeps smiling, and he opens and closes his mouth like the words are leaving him. “You good?” She asks, honestly worried about him. Jimmy has never shown his insecure side before.

    He nods. “Me good,” and winces, closing his eyes for quick seconds before staring at Lena. “Sorry, I… I’m not, I’m not making fun of you.”

    Instead of making a remark about what the man just said, Lena states the obvious, “You’re nervous,” and her commentary makes Jimmy let out a quick laugh.

    “Yeah, I… I am.” The woman feels the sudden weight of anxiety on her stomach pit, and her sixth sense tells her to stay quiet. Lena only raises her brows questioningly. Jimmy laughs again and rubs his neck, showing more signs of nervousness. “I, hm—” he clears his throat, “—you see, I’d like to know—” someone cuts him off, the voice coming from the table he was at.

    “Just ask her out already, for fucks sake! She doesn’t have all day, James!” A guy shouts, his voice dripping impatience and annoyance. Lena shoots the guy a glance before looking back at Jimmy, who is clearly embarrassed. He hides with a laugh or laughing is what the man does when he is nervous.

    “Do you want to?” She gives him a mischievous look, feeling a little brave today.

    “Want what exactly?” They share a look. Lena bites her lips. Jimmy doesn’t need to ask and she doesn’t have to answer — the question and the answer are in their eyes. They keep looking at each other, smiling like two teenagers in love. Sam breaks the moment to tell Lena to wrap it up because there is a line of clients forming behind Jimmy.

    “So… a latte?”

    “Only if you draw me a heart.”

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