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  • Today is Martin Luther King and my Mom’s Birthday. Here’s to two of the most inspirational people that I grew up with and know.

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  • You re-read the first line of what you’ve written and see you meant to write lose and wrote loose. ALWAYS the first word that goes when I’m tired. You walk into the kitchen to make tea and forget what you are doing there. Go back to your computer to write your mom an email telling her you are alive and stare for five seconds too long when you are looking for the compose button that HASN’T moved. It’s in the same spot it’s always been. Just like the camera button. It’s on the right side. Always has been. Again. Good. Night. Mom- I’m alive. I love you.

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  • Sometimes you have moments where you lose your mind. This happened to me last night. I was on the way home from work, and I got really excited that I would be able to make it to Barnes and Noble before eleven, when the store closes. I stop in, take my time, shop around. I buy all the books that I plan on reading this year, enough to fill my two large bags full. There’s a pep in my step as I walk to the parking lot, I picture curling up with my book when I get home, lighting my candles, pouring some tea. I had no idea that dreamy moment would never happen. Not last at least. I get to my car, and I can’t find my keys. I kneel down and start to panic, frantically tearing through my purse. The only shiny metal objects I find are leftover coins from Paris. I decide to empty the contents of my purse onto the pavement, scouring every last inch. The contents are few, and the keys are nowhere to be found. I retrace my steps: I locked my car, put my keys in my purse, zipped my bag, walked to B&N, collected books, purchased books (which required opening my purse, taking out my wallet, returning the wallet and zipping up my purse), walked to my car, opened my purse, which led to this moment, keys gone, nowhere to be seen. Where did I lose my keys? This has never happened before! I have lost many things, my phone, earrings, house keys, etc. But never my car keys! B&N is now closed. My phone is dying and I call Chris. The doll that he is, he comes to my rescue. We call AAA, they patch me to a locksmith because my AAA is expired and needs to be renewed and being after hours, they can’t do it until morning. To my chagrin, I find out that only dealerships can duplicate a new key for my Mini Cooper, although there are many other brands of cars that locksmiths can make duplicates for on site. Just not mine. Disappointing news. The need to get into my house before morning is great, and I’m brainstorming ways to remedy these unlucky circumstances. I have already called my friend who has my spare, but she isn’t answering because she is on a date, which I found out later. Then, I realized that I might have a spare house key in the car. This night is turning into a comedy of errors. The locksmith comes, I show him which button opens the door. He shoves a metal rod into my poor little mini and fishes around for a very long time without success. I excuse myself and get into Chris’ car, because it is freezing. Out of nowhere, two women walk up with coffee in their hands, and ask the man if he needs help. He is clearly a locksmith, complete with tools and a truck, but in his reverent struggle, the two women think that they should join him. After a few minutes of Chris and I watching the women and the locksmith (very comical I must say as they bossed him around) the hilarious ladies flag down another mini driver en route to Duponts. The mini driver is Lillian (as we find out) and the two women think that she should insert her car keys into mine, in case it might open my car. I jump out of Chris’ car at this point, introduce myself to Lillian and the women, and try to stop the madness. They are adamant. Clearly it won’t work. Alas, Lillian, the locksmith and I oblige the two older women. Clearly, it didn’t work. The locksmith has called a friend to come help him out, and Chris has called BMW’s roadside assistance. Lillian has now recognized Chris and me, and is lovely, says she is a fan of the show, helps with the process of everything, even calls her AAA to try and help. It is really funny when you are going through a ridiculous experience like last night’s and someone recognizes you. You feel like a child. A silly little girl who has lost her keys. I felt like repeating this phrase over and over again, “Yes, I momentarily lost my mind and the keys. No, I don’t do this all the time I swear.” It is at this moment that all I want to do is punch in the window, grab my house keys and run away. Pretend none of this ever happened. Pretend I don’t even own a car. Take my bike everywhere. I don’t really need a car, do I? The locksmith’s friend has arrived. He is supposed to be the master, the professor of all locksmiths. He tells us all to back away. To his horror, he can’t open the car! He struggles for twenty minutes, just in time for the BMW roadside assistance guy to arrive, and tow my Mini to the dealership, so that my car would not be impounded in the Farmer’s Market parking lot (which the guards assured me it would be if I left it overnight). WHAT A NIGHT! Last but not least, Chris the saint (who gets five hundred brownie points and a nice sushi dinner) drives me to Millie’s house (she called back in the middle of it all) we retrieve my house key. Finally I am home about two and a half hours later. Note to self, losing your car key is not fun. Note to self, Chris is a saint. Life is full of peaches, limes, lemons and pears. Last night was a sour, sour lemon and was a night that I hope to never repeat. Although, Chris and I did get quite a few laughs out of the madness. As of today, I have a AAA card en route to my address. I still can’t believe the chain of events that occurred. Good night, good night. Guard your keys everyone!!!

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  • Urea sales jump 148% to 649,000 tons in January

    Urea sales jump 148% to 649,000 tons in January


    Urea sales soared 147.7% to 649,000 tons in January 2021 compared to the corresponding period of last year, according to data released by the National Fertiliser Development Centre (NFDC).
    At the end of January 2021, urea inventory was recorded at 99,000 tons, down 67% against 299,000 tons in the previous month, according to a Taurus Research report.
    Di-ammonium phosphate (DAP) stocks…

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  • Just a note for my cloudtail’s daughter au that it’s still very much a WIP I’ve been fever dream writing over the course of like four or five days, so there are a lot of inconsistencies. For example, in lionblaze’s character work up, I did not mention the fact that a tree falls and he helps fix up camp.

    This is because I forgot about it.

    Similarly, in the big summary, I say that lionblaze realizes dovewing is part of the prophecy, but don’t mention it in dovewing’s character write up and in his I say he thinks it’s ivypool.

    This is because I decided it’s better if jayfeather confirms it later in book 4 (hollyleaf/Jayfeather), but I had already written dovewing’s write up.

    also in one of the bits i say something and then contradict it literally two paragraphs later. why haven’t i fixed it? it’s buried way too deep in my queue for that.

    That’s about it I just don’t want people wondering why everything is all over the place.

    (And if ur not a warrior cats fan thank you for being chill while I go fever dream on this)

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    • Vader: You're getting in to deep.
    • Starkiller: No I'm not.
    • Vader: You're wearing a Jedi Robe!
    • Starkiller: ....
    • Starkiller: It's soft and warm
    • Vader: ....
    • Vader: Don't forget you still ser-------
    • Starkiller: Master?
    • Proxy: Sorry Master ---- transmission was ---- lost.
    • Starkiller: You hung up.
    • Proxy: Maybe.
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  • January | Reading Wrap Up

    January | Reading Wrap Up

    I am not going to lie, my reading year had a really rocky start. Two of my first three books of 2021 were flops, and it wasn’t until I got to my fifth and sixth reads that things really started grabbing me and drawing me in.

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  • Back in Los Angeles, and I can truly say that I am happy to have returned, be in my apartment, and am fully recharged from this vacation, albeit jet-lagged. I made the mistake of sleeping on the plane, and now, it is 11:45 in the morning my time, 2:45 in the morning LA time. I’m ready to go play! Uploading pictures is putting a smile on my face. Funny that I’d rather do that than unpack right now. Strange…wonder why? :) Not quite sure how such a wonderful trip came together so easily. From Metz, to the Alps with Michael, his lovely family (who I already miss) and Marisa, my darling darling girl…..Jess (also my darling, darling girl) and hysterical Ed meeting me in Paris, the gorgeous tableau that is every angle of the city. I could list hundreds of people, places and things that were truly magical during the whole two weeks I was gone. We danced, we ate, we laughed, and now, I am ready to start work! I can’t believe it is 2010. My resolutions are: to be present, be kind, be thoughtful, to remove all unnecessary stress, and to laugh as much as possible. Bon nuit Los Angeles, although, technically, it is morning…

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  • This one’s for you Mom. Love, your “tiny dancer”.

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  • There is an amazing Ensor exhibit there right now. Again, feel strange taking a photo of a painting, but his kick-ass skull vase!? That I could photograph. Because you know I love skulls. And here’s one of my favorites that I pulled from the web.

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  • I’ve never seen so many people (hundreds) taking pictures of a painting. My question, will the picture ever be as good as being there and seeing the details in person? :) I had to take a picture (don’t worry, sans flash, to counter the damage hundreds all around me might be creating) of all the people taking pictures. If that makes sense! P.S. I’ve been told that there are signs saying not to take photos….and let me tell you, there were so many people in that room, I saw no sign. Whoops…well, again, no flash. That help??

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  • Put on my headphones and picked out my music of choice for the next hour it would take to walk through the catacombs. Stepped down one hundred stairs leading to the underground quarry. I had greatly anticipated my visit. Never have I seen something quite like the windy maze, comprised of intricately woven walls of bones and skulls from the 1800’s. When the cemeteries were overflowing, and disease was spreading rampantly, this was the solution that was deemed appropriate to remedy the situation. Call it macabre, but I found it beautiful. I took my time, pictured the priests in shrouds replacing the bodies in their new home, the two years it took to complete….pretty wild.

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