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  • incorrectpll
    12.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Jason: They were up all night making weird lesbian noises!

    Alison: We weren't being lesbians, dad.

    Emily: Yeah, we were being sea hags.

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  • tvshowscouples
    10.09.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • stolen-kisses-a
    03.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    PLL gives us some great things to think about when it comes to these characters morality and decisions they make to better understand them and what made them who they are. It makes you question how far are they willing to go to defend themselves or defend others, is it flight or fight, is it instinct or something learned?

    Here are some interesting moments in the series shown above when we see the Liars and other characters question or hint to them what are people really capable of based on actions or what they could do and makes us think if this is how they are perceived to be good or evil under the right circumstances or choices made.

    Questioning ones capability especially how we learned about the Liars characters and their own morals and behaviors to themselves and others around them, whether it’s perceived as if  they are too childish to do what they say or do or play a “nice” person to fool everyone that shows them eventually doing something immoral to others and supposed loved ones is a question of moral character and that is what human nature is all about and tested all the time. PLL is definitely not a representation of their characters portrayed as perfect without any flaws and mistakes, it  in fact thrives on these character’s injustice and wrong doing that makes us want to watch more, to see the taboo storylines and important things relevant even to todays society and beliefs. 

    It makes me question. What are we really capable of?

     Alison is a good example since we never got a deep dive into what made her, well Alison (pre her return). What made her capable of being such a horrible person to people and doing such unspeakable things at such a young age where youth is labeled as innocence and not capable of making such important decisions. And Alison was rarely ever shown to us with a side of innocence and compassion towards herself and others. Was it even there to begin with or stolen from her? 

    That’s the really sad part I think, knowing Alison is such a complex character who would have made the perfect villain in the end if written write. Trickery, manipulation, conning and lying is the definition of Alison and that’s what made her so unrelatable but we know what she went through before she went missing which makes her story relatable to people who went through the same thing, but the difference is she showed us what she was capable of because it was always fight and not flight.

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  • malixia
    30.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    ✘ Aria & Jason || I Wanna Be Yours https://youtu.be/1b8YRpHdrO8

    Finally my second #Jaria video is done. I love making videos for these two and I also hope that you love it too. You can find it on my channel. ✨💖

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  • jadesscissors
    29.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    earlier i thought of yet another pll plot hole that i don’t recall ever seeing anyone mention before 

    so we all know how charlotte went by the name cece drake right? years and years later we meet jessica dilaurentis’ identical twin, mary drake. 

    knowing ali and jason’s dad, i’d say it’s safe to assume he’d want to at LEAST know jason’s girlfriend’s last name before she came on their family vacation. 

    so..why wouldn’t he question why she literally had his wife’s maiden name? 

    #obviously he could've been like huh what a coincidence #but seriously??? kenneth dilaurentis not questioning that???? #also ive always had the theory that she went by cece because #its CC #for charles and charlotte #ANYWAY #has anyone else ever thought about this #pll #pretty little liars #cece drake#charlotte dilaurentis#jessica dilaurentis#jason dilaurentis
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  • luxxyducky
    28.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    If someone buys my shopping cart then I’m gonna model it for y’all. 😩😩🙌

    Trust me it’ll be worth it 💖💖💖

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    27.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago


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  • musicshylover
    23.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Don’t leave me

    Jason DiLaurentis x OC (angst/fluff)

    Third Person's POV

    Ami was sitting on Spencer's bed as she did her science homework. She had asked the girl if she could come over as she needed help with her homework.

    It was actually just an excuse for her not wanting to be home as she was avoiding Jason and she didn't want to have to answer her mom's question about why she is refusing to see him.

    Ami had tried her best to stay away from the said boy simply because of their one and only tormentor, A. Ami didn't want Jason to be in any danger because he was involved with her. She had rather he be safe and happy with someone else than putting his life at risk because they were together. She wanted to protect the boy she loves but Jason does not agree with her decision.

    Jason had known about A as he had found out about them by accident, thus he didn't agree to the break up when Ami had tried to keep him away to protect him. He knew that she was trying to protect him but similarly he wanted to protect her. He wanted to be there for her when she is suffering because of A.

    But Ami wouldn't let him, she didn't want to risk it, she wouldn't forgive herself if Jason got hurt because of her. She had made her stand clear to Jason but he didn't give up, believing that they could overcome everything together.

    He had been using his ways to try to get Ami to accept him again. He continues to text her everyday and approach her as much as he could to show his love for her and tried to take away the fear she held in her heart.

    There were so many times which she had to control herself from running back into his arms. Her heart still desires to be with him and she wanted to give in but she knew that she couldn't. She couldn't put him in danger because of her selfishness. Thus, she started to avoid him as she was scared that she would give in to her feelings.

    Ami was snapped out of her daze as she heard Spencer clearing her throat beside her. "You have been staring at the same page for the past 10 minutes." Spencer says as she took note that the girl had been playing with the necklace on her neck.

    She had subconsciously played with it as she get lost in her own thoughts. It was the necklace Jason had given to her and she doesn’t have the heart to take it off. "Maybe he's right. We shouldn't let A control our lives, you breaking up with Jason is what they want, but we shouldn't live in fear of them." Spencer says as she knew what was on her friend's mind.

    "I know what you are trying to say. But I couldn't risk it, I could live with it if he is healthy and safe with someone else but not putting himself in danger because we are together." Ami sighs as she looked at her friend.

    "I would have done the same with Toby but from the guy’s point of view, Jason probably wants to protect you too! He wants to be there with you even if it means getting himself in danger in the process." Spencer replied.

    Before Ami could answer back, Spencer's phone rang.

    Spencer picked up the phone as she stood up from her bed. When Spencer was talking on the phone, Ami looked back down at her necklace as she processed what her friend said.

    "Yeah, she's here beside me." Ami looked up curiously at her friend as she heard Spencer said to the person on the phone.

    Ami got worried when she saw Spencer frowning as she listened to the other person spoke on the phone. After a minute, Spencer ended the call after saying, "I will bring her there."

    Ami was about to ask what it was about but Spencer was quick to explain the situation. "It was Toby. You need to go to Jason right now, Toby had found him drunk in a bar. He had too much to drink and I'm scared that he might have to go back to rehab if this goes on as he had started drinking again since you broke up with him."

    Ami's eyes widened when she heard what happened, she didn't know that her leaving caused Jason to start drinking again. Feeling worried for the boy, she asked Spencer where Jason was at. "Toby is with him at his house right now but he refused to stop drinking."

    Ami nodded as she quickly stood up from the bed and packed her things to go to the boy. Spencer and her walked to Jason's house together.


    When Ami and Spencer got into the house, they saw Jason sitting on the floor with a glass of alcohol in hand as he talked about his feelings to Toby. His face was red and there were tears streaming down his cheeks, which clearly showed that he was drunk. He didn't notice the two girls as his back was facing them and he continued mumbling about why he is so upset.

    Toby who had noticed the two girls, approached them. "Thank you for sending him back home." Ami said as her heart breaks seeing the boy in this state.

    Toby shook his head, "It was no problem. You should probably talk to him. He really loves you and has been bottling a lot inside." Ami nodded as she looked sadly at the boy, thinking it was her fault he had became like this.

    Spencer and Toby exchanged glances as they decided to leave the two alone. "Sometimes what a guy wants is really just to be by your side and protect you." Toby says before leaving with Spencer.

    Ami slowly placed her belonging on a nearby chair and approached the boy whose back was still turned at her. She slowly sat down on the floor behind him as she heard what he was mumbling, "...she don't want me anymore... she doesn't listen to me...all I want is to be able to hold her hand and see her smile everyday... why is that so hard?"

    Ami's eyes teared up as she continued listening to the boy rumbling about his feeling. "I don't know what to do anymore... I want to make her not afraid... I want to protect her... but she doesn't let me... she wouldn't let me in... she's gonna leave me too... but I love her so much... I need her."

    Tears streamed downed her face hearing all those words as her heart broke looking at the boy. She slowly placed her hand on Jason's shoulder, hoping to give him some comfort.

    The sudden touch had made Jason turned and looked at her.

    Ami looked back at him as tears continued running down her cheeks and she rubbed his shoulder hoping that her presence at this moment would help.

    Jason had stared at her for awhile before he spoke again as more tears fell from his face seeing the girl. "I love you so much...how could you leave me? I know you want to protect me but you can't continue living in fear and keep pushing me away! I need you in my life! Please! I'm begging you please don't leave me! I really really love you! Please don't leave me...there would be no meaning in my life without you…" Jason had choked out his words as he continued pleading to the girl not to leave him.

    Ami didn't say anything, but she hugged Jason tightly, trying to reassure him that she was here right now with him. The couple cried in each other's arms and didn't want to let go of each other.


    (Next morning)

    Jason woke up in his bed as he felt his head throbbing. He then took the pills Ami had left for him with a glass of water.

    As he proceeded to walk down the stairs,  he smelled the delicious smell of food coming from the kitchen. Just in time as he reached the kitchen, he saw Ami turning off the stove and placing the food onto the plate and carried it to the table.

    Ami noticed him as he approached the table. She smiled at him as she said, "I made your favourite!" Jason took a seat before looking at her, wanting to ask what it meant for them after last night. And as if reading his mind, Ami spoke, "We have a lot to talk about afterwards but let's enjoy the breakfast together first!"

    Jason nodded as he picked up his utensils. He could remember the events from last night clearly and hoped that she wouldn’t decide to leave him again.


    After breakfast, Ami brought Jason to a place that held the memories of them together. It was a special place for both of them. The place was surrounded with trees and was very quiet, the only sound coming from the cars passing by. The couple had been there rather often when they go on dates as they didn’t have to worry about being disturbed by others and they had their time all to themselves. They would have picnic and sat there for hours in each other’s embrace.

    They stopped in front of a big tree and Ami ran her fingers around the words that was curved on the tree. This was the place where their relationship began. Jason looked at the tree as he thought back to the day he confessed to Ami.

    Ami had gone to the place where Jason had asked her to meet him but she didn’t see any sign of him. When she looked at the tree in front of her, she smiled as she saw words that are curved on the trees. Feeling curious, she walked over to get a closer look at the words.

    “I love you”, Ami read the words on the tree. She chuckled as she thought, ‘Aww, this is so romantic! The person who curved this must have wanted to show this to their lover.’

    She was snapped out of her thought when she heard footsteps behind her. She turned around, seeing Jason holding a bouquet of flowers.

    She was surprised as she processed the scene in front of her. She blushed furiously when Jason handed the flowers to her. She took it and Jason smiled as he walked towards the tree, touching the words on the tree.

    “Were you the one that curved this?” Ami asked.

    Jason then nodded slowly and turned around, speaking the message on the tree. “I love you, Ami. Would you go out with me?”

    As Ami heard those words, her smile widened and ran up to embrace the boy. “Yes! I love you too!”

    He then returned the embrace as he smiled happily. That day, they had made the promise that they would always be with each other.

    “I’m sorry for breaking the promise.” Ami said as she stared at the words on the tree, remembering the promise they had made.

    “But I really don’t know what to do anymore! I didn’t mean to hurt you so much! I know you do not agree with my decision but this is the only way I could think of to protect you! This is hard for me too, I am also in pain not being able to be with the person I love! You have always been by my side, supporting my decisions and that was what I needed every time. But this time is different, without your support, I felt so lonely and scared. I just really really don’t want to risk losing you!” Ami continued as tears streamed down her cheeks and she slowly squatted down hugging her legs to her chest.

    Jason wiped away a few of his own tears as he heard what Ami said. He then moved to squat next to the girl, pulling her into his embrace.

    “I know that you just want me to be safe, but I don’t want to live in fear or with any regrets. Even if it means that my life is at risk, I still want to be with you! You are the only person I want and without you, I don’t think I can live with that! I love you so much so please stop pushing me away. I would protect myself and you! I promise I’m always gonna be right here with you, I wouldn’t want to leave you easily so I definitely would not let A split us apart!” Jason said to the girl who was still crying in his embrace.

    Ami didn’t say anything and only tightened her hug on the boy. She didn’t want to let go, she wanted to feel him and feel assured that he was still there with her. Her fear was still somewhere in her heart but she couldn’t help but give in.

    “Please! Please! Just don’t leave me alone in this world! I can’t breath thinking that you are not gonna be here with me anymore.” Ami pleaded as she expressed her fear of losing him to Jason.

    “I promise I am not going anywhere!” Jason whispered repeatedly to the girl in his arms as he run his hand through her hair, trying to comfort and reassure her.

    At the moment, Ami thought ‘Maybe this is the right decision’. The fear may always be somewhere in her heart but maybe the both of them could overcome it together. It was time to be brave and show A that they are not backing down without a fight. They would protect each other and never ever would they leave each other alone again.

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  • musicshylover
    17.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Precious Arrival

    Jason DiLaurentis x OC (fluff)

    Third person's POV

    "Are you sure you both will be alright?" Emily asked worriedly as she looked at Ami. Alison and her were going out to spent the day together to celebrate their anniversary.

    Ami had volunteered to help them to take care of Grace and Lily(their daughters) when Emily told her about their anniversary.

    "Jason and I will be fine! Don't worry Em! Just relax and enjoy the day together!" Ami said as she smiled at both of the girls.

    "Just call us in case of anything." Alison said as she smiled back at the girl.

    Ami nodded as she watched the two girls walked towards their car and headed off.

    As Ami walked back into the house, she almost squealed in delight at the scene in front of her.

    Jason was playing with the twins, making funny faces which caused the twins to laugh. Jason had not notice her standing there yet as he was too busy playing with them.

    Looking at the interaction between the twins and her husband, Ami placed her hand on her belly as she smiled and spoke softly to her own baby. "I'm sure daddy will be so happy when mommy tell him about you! Mummy loves you so much and I’m sure Daddy will too! Thank you for coming to us!"

    Ami had just found out that she was pregnant a few days ago but she had yet to tell her husband. She wanted to give him a surprise on his upcoming birthday which is coincidentally the day after. She had planned to tell him right after midnight today.

    They have had conversations about having a family before together and had came to an agreement that they were both at the right age and it was a good time to walk into the next step of their life. So when Ami found out she was pregnant, she was jumping with joy and couldn't wait for her husband to know. She hadn't told anyone yet as she wanted Jason to be the first to know.

    She was sure that her mum would be very happy when she heard that she was going to have another grandchild again.

    She was snapped out of her thoughts when she felt a toy car hitting her feet. She looked over at the twins that were smiling cutely at her and proceeded to pick up the car and joined her husband to play with the kids.


    It was definitely not easy taking care of babies.  Ami and Jason had spend the whole day playing and attending to the needs of the twins.

    Although it was tiring, but the couple had done everything together and figured everything out.

    It was a new experience for the both of them. They both couldn't help but feel excited to have their own child. The thought of a mini version of themselves running around in the house brought a smile up to their faces.


    Ami was washing the dishes in the kitchen as Jason placed the twins to bed. He covered them with their blanket gently as he smiled softly at the sleeping twins.

    Afterwards, he left the room quietly and went to the kitchen to find his wife.

    Ami was wiping the last plate to dry when she felt arms wrapped around her from behind. Smiling softly,  she leaned back into her husband's embrace.

    "I didn't know you were so great with children." Ami said as she felt her husband kissing her cheek.

    Jason chuckled as he replied, "Gotta be prepared for our own child, I’m gonna be the best dad."

    "I am sure you will be!" Ami says as she turned around in his embrace and held his face.

    "And I'm sure you will be the best mom." The couple smiled lovingly at each other as they leaned in to close the gap between their lips.


    It was already past midnight when Ami stepped out of the shower. She went to check on the twins before proceeding to find her husband that was in the living room.

    As she walked closer to the living room, she could hear the noise from the television. Her smile softened as she saw her husband who had fallen asleep on the sofa. He must have been tired from taking care of the twins the whole day.

    Ami turned off the tv and quietly approached Jason who was still sound asleep on the sofa. She kneeled down softly close to her husband and gently brushed a few strands of his hair away from his eyes.

    She smiled lovingly at the sleeping boy, and whispered softly to him, "Happy birthday! Thank you for being the best husband and always giving me a shoulder to lean on. I love you!" Ami then proceeded to press a kiss to his lips.

    As she started to pull away from the kiss, she felt arms around her which pulled her back into another kiss. Without breaking the kiss, Jason had rolled onto his back on the sofa and pulled Ami along with him. She landed on top of his chest as she looked into the pretty green eyes of her lover.

    "Were you pretending to be asleep?" Ami laughed as they pulled away from the kiss. Jason smirked as he replied, "If I hadn’t, I would have missed those heartfelt words."

    A smile tugged at her lips as she laid her head on his broad chest. Jason slowly runs his fingers through her hair as they enjoyed the moment together before he pressed a kiss on the crown of her head and said, "I love you too!"

    No matter how many times Ami had heard those words from Jason, her heart still warms when she heard it. Feeling glad to have him by her side, she smiled happily, closing her eyes and listening to his heartbeat as she laid on his chest.

    They stood in that position for awhile before Ami suddenly remembered the surprise she had planned.

    "I have a present for you." Ami broke the silence as she pulled away from the embrace and walked to get a small box that was wrapped nicely.

    Jason looked at her curiously as she handed the box to him. He shook the box lightly first, trying to figure out what was inside, before tearing open the wrapping paper and opening the box.

    When he opened the box, he was surprised to see the content inside.

    Inside the box, was a pregnancy test stick showing two lines. Knowing the meaning of what the two lines meant, he immediately turned to Ami wanting to confirm what he was thinking. When she nodded her head confirming his suspicion, his face broke into a huge smile as he immediately pulled her into a hug.

    Nothing could seem to describe the emotion he was feeling now. He was overjoyed.  He then proceeded to continuously press kisses on Ami's face, thanking her for giving him the best birthday gift ever. Ami giggled as she pushed Jason’s face away from her’s, feeling ticklish from the kisses Jason was pressing against her face.

    With the smile still on his face, Jason moved his hand gently to her belly and looked lovingly at the baby. "Thank you for coming into our world! Daddy can't wait to hold you!"

    Ami’s heart swells with happiness seeing Jason so happy after hearing the news about the baby.

    "Do you think our baby is a boy or a girl?" She asked the boy curious to hear his preference.

    Jason's eyes shined as he replied, "I will love both equally. If it is a girl, she will be my little princess that I promise I will protect forever. If it is a boy, I will teach him many things and we will protect their mummy together."

    Ami laughed as she looked at the bright smile on her husband’s face.

    The feeling of excitement for the precious arrival of their baby was what the couple had felt at this moment. They promise to love and protect their baby together forever. And were going to build a happy home together with no secrets for their child.

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    12.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I'm gonna say it...

    I'm gonna write a pll fanfic for my sanity and i don't care if this fandom is dead lol

    Jason & Aria my babies there's not enough of them out there

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    11.08.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #jaria #aria and jason #jason and aria #aria montgomery#pll #pretty little liars #drew van acker #jason x aria #jason dilaurentis#team jaria#Lucy Hale #aria x jason
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  • musicshylover
    07.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Unrequited Love Final Part

    Jason DiLaurentis x OC (fluff)

    Note: Continuing from where I left off in part 2~ Hope you enjoy this story! 

    As the couple pulled away from their hug, Ami averted her eyes to the ground shyly. Her face was flushing from both the fever and the confession made by the boy.

    Jason looked at the girl and chuckled softly. He grabbed her hands in his which made her look up at him.

    ”I would like for us to become official but first I want to get the approval from your parents and friends.” 

    Ami smiled softly and replied, “Jason, it is my decision if I want to be in a relationship with you. I’m sure my parents and friends would come around the idea of us being together, even if they don’t approve us now.”

    However, Jason was determined. He shook his head and said, “After everything you have done for me, I want to get the permission from the people you love to give me a chance to love you and to protect your smile. In the past, it was you looking out for me and bringing happiness into my life. So now, it is my turn. I want to be the shoulder you can lean on and to be with you through the bits and pieces of life.”

    Ami’s heart warmed, hearing the words from the boy. “I’m sure my friends and family would definitely approve of you if they heard what you just said.” 

    The couple smiled lovingly at each other before Ami’s expression fell as she held the side of her head. The pain from the headache had gotten worse. Jason noticed this and immediately lifted the girl into his arms.

    Ami let out a surprised shriek and blushed, “I…I could walk by myself…”

    ”With a swollen ankle and a headache?” Jason asked as he raised his eyebrows.

    Ami sighed, knowing it would not change a thing protesting to the boy. Jason carried her to his car to drive them back to the hospital.

    As Jason turned his keys and started the engine of his car to drive, he looked over at the pale girl leaning against the window. He sighed and flicked the girl on her forehead gently, “This is what you get for not listening to the doctor and risking your life like that.”

    Ami pouted at him, “I was just worried about you… Besides, you don’t get to scold me after you risked your life to see Charles.” Ami folded her arms across her chest and looked away from him like a childish child. 

    Jason sighed once again as he frowned, “I knew what I was getting myself into, but what I wanted was just one moment with my own brother. I wanted to ask him the reason why he was torturing you and the girls. It was the only thing I thought of that I could do for you. I wanted to get answers and stop all these torture for you. I was going to persuade him to stop everything and turn himself in.”

    Ami looked at the boy as he gripped his steering wheel tightly. His expression had turned sorrow.

    She felt bad for the boy and wanted to comfort him.

    She placed her hand on his, “Jason, I am sure we will get to the bottom of this together alright? I know you want answers and to help us but I wouldn’t feel any happier if the answers came from you risking your life. I want you to be safe because I love you. I know he is your brother but we cannot be sure that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. I’m sorry to have followed after you but if I were to be honest, I would have done the same if I was given another chance. If there is any chance of you getting hurt, I would definitely go after you. So please promise me no more secret meeting with Charles anymore.”

    Jason looked over at Ami, taking in her worried expression. He then finally let out a small smile and nodded his head. “I promise.” He said as he held onto Ami’s hand that was on top of his.


    (Time skip)

    After they went back to the hospital, Ami got scolded by her family and the doctor for leaving the hospital without permission and for making everyone worried. 

    Apparently, the hospital had called her mom when a nurse realised she was missing. Her mom and Emily were worried something happened to her or Charles had tried something.


    Ami was lying on the hospital bed resting after the doctor had treated her ankle and fever. Jason, Emily and her mom were in the room with her.

    ”Mom, Em, I’m sorry for making you worried. I am fine now.” Ami said, feeling guilty to have them worried about her.

    Emily sighed, “I knew I shouldn’t have left you alone.” 

    Mrs Fields looked at the girl as she said, “I’m just glad that nothing happened to you. I was so worried when the hospital called me. Now I am worried to leave you alone in the hospital so I am going to stay here tonight.”

    Ami protested after hearing her mom’s plan to stay, “Mom, you don’t have to, sleeping here is not comfortable. I promise I will not escape again and I will be alright.“

    Emily agreed as she said, “Mom, I will stay over to take care of Ami. You should go home and rest.”

    ”No Emily, you also had a long day today so you should have a good rest. I will stay here.” Mrs Fields said as she looked at her elder daughter.

    Emily was about to protest but someone cut in before her. Jason who had been quiet the whole time, watching the interaction between them, spoke up. “Em, Mrs Fields, let me stay. I will take care of Ami and protect her.”

    Mrs Fields wanted to turn the boy’s offer down but he spoke again before she could. “Ami got hurt because of me so I feel the responsibility to take care of her.”

    Mrs Fields and Emily looked at the boy for a moment before they finally gave in. They had saw the look of love and care in his eyes when he looked at Ami. Thus, they decided to leave them alone and come back in the morning the next day.

    After they left, Ami turned to Jason. “You really don’t have to do this. Like I said, it is not very comfortable here.”

    Jason smiled at her as he replied, “You would have done the same if our roles were reversed.” Ami didn’t say anything back and looked down at her hands as she knew it was true. She just didn’t want to trouble him.

    Jason took one of her hand into his, making her look up at him. “Besides, I promised your mom that I will take care and protect you. Remember it is my turn be here for you.” He said making Ami smile at him.


    (Time skip)

    After all the drama with Charles, he was finally captured and the liars are finally free from his torment. Each of them are going their own way. It was hard to say goodbye to each other after what they have been through together but they knew this will definitely not be the last time they see each other. No matter their distance, they will still think about each other.

    After saying final goodbye to the girls and her mom, she got into Jason’s car. Jason looked at her as he asked, “Ready?”

    Ami smiled back at him and she nodded.

    This was the start of their new life together. Jason had kept to the promise he made to her that day they decided to be with each other. He had went to her house to officially get permission from her family to date her. He had asked for a chance to love Ami and promised to protect her smile forever.

    The couple then planned their future together. They had decided to move out of Rosewood and to rent an apartment near the college Ami will be attending together. 

    For the next few years, they will be living together and taking care of each other. After everything they have been through, they have learned to treasure each other and they believe that they will be able to take on anything thrown at them as long as they have each other. 


    (Years later)

    Ami had graduated from college. She was still in a stable relationship with Jason. The both of them had been through a lot together, the ups and downs of life. In these few years, Jason had been there for her during her worse. It was hard to cope with the lost of her dad, but Jason had been there to give her a shoulder to cry on and to comfort her.

    On the day of their 5th year anniversary, Jason had planned something for her.

    Ami had just ended work and as she walked out of her office, she spotted Jason outside leaning against his car door. She smiled as she approached him. “Hey handsome, are you here to take me out on a date?”

    Jason chuckled as he opened the car door for her, “Of course princess, I’m going to bring you to a special place.”

    “And what place is this exactly?” Ami asked curiously after they got into the car.

    Jason smirked as he replied, “It’s a secret!”

    Ami pouted hearing his reply but decided against pestering him about it.


    As they arrived at their location, Jason had got Ami to blindfold and carefully held her hand as he guided her to the surprise he planned for her.

    When Jason asked Ami to take off her blindfold, she took it off and scanned her surrounding. The surrounding was dark, she could see the figure of a big tree in the dark but she was confused to why Jason had brought her here. She was about to turn to her boyfriend when the lights on the tree lights up. 

    Now as she got the chance to take a close look at the tree, she saw that it was nicely decorated with different coloured lights and a few soft toys. There was also a set of lights that formed a message.

    ‘I love you, Ami’

    Ami’s heart warmed as she looked at the scene in front of her. She blushed as she turned to her boyfriend about to ask what this was for. 

    Jason beat her to it, “I love you, Ami.” He repeated the words from the message and proceeded to take something out of his pocket.

    Ami’s eyes widened as it processed in her head what Jason was about to do. 

    Jason got down on one knee as he opened the ring box to show the ring. “I used to feel jealous of Alison because she was always my parent’s favourite and I always thought how unlucky I am. But you had changed my thoughts. I’m glad to have met you and everyday I wake up feeling lucky to have someone like you by my side. Now, I would like to ask you to be with me for the rest of my life. You are the most important person to me in this world. So Ami Fields, would you marry me?”

    A few drop of tears rolled down Ami’s cheek as she nodded her head happily. She was touched by his words and there was no one else she would want to be with for the rest of her life.

    Jason slided the ring onto her ring finger. As he stood up, Ami pulled him into a deep kiss. He smiled into the kiss as he placed his hand on her waist to pull her closer.

    This was the start of another chapter in their life but they had promised to stick with each other until the very end. They had promised each other that they will be walking step by step together for the rest of their life.

    Loving someone is sure not easy, it could hurt you badly but the right person would definitely make you the happiest person on earth. Unrequited love is painful but someday all the love given away by you will surely find their way back to you and stay.

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    #they lost the wrong kid : interaction : jason dilaurentis. #rosewood will never leave you : verse 01 : jason dilaurentis. #dcmagedsovls
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    Unrequited love (part 2)

    Jason DiLaurentis x OC (angst/fluff)

    Ami’s POV

    That night after I told the girls everything. Spencer had called me the next morning, apologising for spilling my feelings to Jason. 

    Honestly, I was not mad at her, I know she did that because she cared about me and it was probably for the best to let him know why we shouldn’t see each other.

    I miss him, I truly do but it would not do both of us any good if I were to meet him. I have already decided to move on from this one-sided love and meeting him is probably gonna make it harder. 

    So far, I have been lucky not to run into him in town. Rosewood is only so big, thus it is highly likely to run into someone you know.

    I have been trying my hardest not to think about him but all the events these few days had made it nearly impossible. 

    The girls and I have been trying to find out more about Charles DiLaurentis, the name we found in the dollhouse. Turns out Charles was actually Jason and Alison’s dead older brother who was sent to Radley and Mr and Mrs DiLaurentis have convinced Jason he was not real. 

    I can’t help but feel bad for him, his whole life have been a lie. I kept thinking how he must have felt after taking in all these informations. I feel bad not being able to be there for him like I used to but I am scared it will be too late to pull back my feelings for him if I continue being around him. 

    I had talked to Alison and she told me that she will try her best to look out for him but I still can’t help but worry.


    (Few days later)

    The girls and I are having trouble contacting Ali. She is not picking up her calls and she is not at her house either. I am with Spencer and Hanna trying to find out more about the Carrissimi Group. That’s when Spencer’s phone rang.

    It was from Alison. Spencer talks to her on the phone for awhile before she hang up and Spencer update us that Charles is alive. He had sent his birthday invitation to her dad, threatening to come home.

    Spencer then looked worriedly at me as she told me that Jason is determined to meet him.

    That’s all I need to hear before I basically ran out of the Brew with the other girls hot on my tail towards Jason’s house. What is he thinking? There is no saying what Charles would do to him and he could get seriously hurt. At this moment, all I could think about is Jason and how I am scared what Charles is gonna do to him. I have to talk to him! He can’t just put himself in danger like this!

    When we got to his house, we knocked on the door many times but he does not answer it. I knew it was hard to change his mind when he had already set his mind on something. But we can’t just let him walk into Charles’s trap like this.

    I tried to call his phone. Maybe if he sees it was me, he will answer? For the first few calls, it rings for a while before going to voicemail. But afterwards, it went straight to voicemail, meaning the person had switched off their phone.

    We had no choice but to leave his house and discuss a better plan to help him.


    (Time Skip)

    Hanna had managed to put one of Caleb’s GPS tracker on Jason’s car so that we would know when he is on the move. We had decided to tell Toby and removed our microchips.

    Toby had made it clear that we cannot follow him and he will be going alone. I understand why he had not want us to follow but I can’t just sit here and do nothing when Jason could be in danger any second. 

    A million horrible thoughts ran through my mind and I just couldn’t help but feel like I have to go so I made up my mind and stood up. “I’m going.” I told the girls as they looked at me. The girls then stood up after me one by one, agreeing to go.


    Third person’s POV 

    (Time skip)

    As the girls arrived at the abandoned arcade, they saw Toby and Lorenzo asking Charles to get down. Charles made his escape by smashing several pipes and balls at all of them. 

    The scene was a mess and everyone was all trying to avoid the balls that were coming at them. 

    When Ami saw that one of the ball was going to hit Jason, she quickly ran over and pushed him down to the ground to prevent him from getting hit. As they fell to the ground, she had hit her head on one of the machine and twisted her ankle. 

    Jason’s eyes widened in horror as he saw the girl lying unconscious on the ground next to him. “Ami!” He heard the other girls shout her name when they saw what had happened. 

    Then the police arrived, but Charles had already made his escape. Spencer tried to apologise to Jason but he ignores her and quickly scoop Ami into his arms.

    His main priority now is getting the girl in his arms to the hospital. He is angry that the girls had told the police and followed him. But he is more angry at himself for letting the girl he loves get hurt again because of him. All he wanted was to get answers from his brother and to end the torture he was putting the girls through. He wanted to at least do something for the girl that have always put him before herself but yet again she got hurt because of him.

    When they arrive at the hospital, Jason quickly get the doctor to attend to Ami. The girls also rushed to the hospital as well, worried about the girl’s condition. While waiting outside the room, the girls sit on the chairs as Jason stand close to the door. His body was tense and his furrowed eyebrows had told everyone that he was worried. 

    Spencer looks at the boy and try to apologise once again. “Look Jason, I’m sorry I…”

    Spencer couldn’t finish her sentence before Jason cuts in. “Spencer, I can’t do this right now. All I want now is for Ami to be alright.” He tells her as he continue staring at the room.

    After awhile, the doctor finally came out with his report. He told them that Ami had a concussion and a sprained ankle and may need to stay overnight in the hospital for further observation.

    Jason was relieved that Ami was not in danger anymore but he still felt guilty that he couldn’t protect her. The girls watched him as he walked into the room. They stood at the door not wanting to disturb his moment with her. 

    Jason looked at the sleeping Ami as he spoke softly to her. “Why do you always put yourself in danger because of me? I should be the one protecting you. I love you.” He said as he pressed a kiss on his head. 

    The girls were definitely surprised by these. All this time, they had thought he would never see her the same way. They were happy that their friend’s feeling was finally being returned but after what she had been through, they felt that he should not get her so easily.


    After awhile, Jason had left to go home, now relieved that Ami was going to be okay. The girls had stayed with Ami until she woke up. She had convinced them that she could be alone in the hospital for the night and had practically chased them out to go home and rest.

    She knew that she had to see Jason. He was probably really upset about what had happened. She was angry at him for putting himself at risk but she was more worried about him. In order for her to see him, she have to be alone as the girls will definitely not let her leave the hospital. 

    During the night, when there were very few people, she put on a jacket as she sneak out of the hospital room. She knew that this was not right but all she can think about is Jason. As she approached the elevator, she saw some nurses coming out so she quickly pushed the door that leads to the stairways open to prevent being seen by them.

    She decided to took the stairs as the elevator is too risky. As she walked down the steps, she couldn’t help but feel the pain in her sparined ankle. 

    Halfway through the stairs, she had to sit down on the steps as the pain was too much and she was starting to get a headache probably because of the concussion. She could have easily given up and just go back to her room and rest but she was determined to get to Jason. She wanted to be there for him so she continued until she was outside of the hospital. Then, she took a taxi and headed to Jason’s house. 

    When she got into the taxi, her headache had become worse and her ankle had become more swollen. Adding on to that, she was also burning up. 

    When she got to Jason’s house, she knocked on the door. Alison being the one that opened the door, was surprised and worried to see her friend at her doorstep. “Ami, what are you doing here? You should be resting in the hospital! Why did you come here?” 

    Ami looked at Alison and asked, “Is Jason alright?” 

    Alison was surprised that was the first thing she said. She sighed softly as she saw the worried expression on the girl’s face. She then let her in and helped the girl up the stairs to his room. Before Alison left to go back to her room, she looked at the girl sincerely, “He’s lucky to have you.”

    Alison couldn’t deny that she wasn’t really keen on the the idea of her best friend and her brother together at first. But now she had seen how much the girl cared about her brother. She felt truly happy for them and she really couldn’t think of anyone better than her brother than Ami.

    Ami had knocked on Jason’s door before she walked in. 

    Jason was on his bed, looking at the photo of the younger him with Charles. It was definitely a surprise for him to see her standing in his room.  His eyes were filled with concern and worry as he looked at the pale girl standing in front of him. He immediately stood up and walked over to her.

    “The doctor said you had to stay overnight. What are you doing here?” Jason asked her and he lifted his hand to touch the pale girl’s forehead. “You are burning up! Why didn’t you stay at the hospital and rest?” 

    Ami looked up at him as she spoke. “I know what happened today with Charles must have affected you. I won’t be able to rest in the hospital when I know how upset and angry you must have felt so I sneaked out to talk to you. I wanted to make sure you are alright.”

    Jason’s expression fell and he covered his eyes with his hand. “Why?” Jason muttered under his breath after a few moment. Ami looked at him in confusion and asked, “what do you mean why?”

    This time, Jason had put down his hand that was covering his eyes. His expression showed anger and sadness and he raised his voice at the girl in front of him. “Why are you putting yourself in danger because of me again after I have hurt you so much! I don’t deserve you after what I have put you through!” 

    He was angry and confused. He couldn’t understand why the girl who is the one that is injured had sneaked out of the hospital just to ensure he is alright. Why the girl repeatedly risked her life for him. Why the girl repeatedly put his well-being before her owns even after he had hurt her so much. He was angry at her but even more at himself for not being the one that protect her and for letting the girl once again risked her life for him.

    Ami was surprised at his outburst, this was the first time he had shouted at her. 

    She frowned and thought for a moment, trying to find the answer to his question. “Listen Jason, I know Spencer had told you about my feelings but there’s nothing you need to feel bad about. I have tried to avoid you because it hurt me to see you with other girls but I have never thought it was your fault. I was the one that fell for you, there’s no right or wrong in love so you don’t have to feel sorry because you don’t return my feelings. But in the hospital, I realised how it actually hurts me more seeing you in pain. I could manage if you were happy with another girl but I just couldn’t stand the fact that you are hurt.  Jason, I was the one that chose to do all these for you, so I should be the one that determine whether you deserve all these or not.” Ami smiled at him softly as she continued, “And from what I see, I believe you deserve all the goods in this world.”

    Jason was silent and his expression unreadable after hearing what Ami said. 

    Ami’s face flushed as she realised that she had basically just confessed her love to the boy. She was totally prepared if he told her that he didn’t want to see her anymore because he feels awkward knowing her feelings for him. 

    She was almost ready to leave the boy alone and leave his house. However, what happened after was something she never expected. 

    Jason looked directly into her eyes with the same unreadable expression. “What good did I ever do to have someone like you love me so much?” Jason spoke softly like he was questioning himself. 

    He then took a step forward and placed his hand on her cheeks to pull her into a deep kiss. 

    Ami’s eyes widened as she felt his lips on hers. Her heart was beating so fast and her cheeks heated up even more. She didn’t expect this to happen at all. When Jason pulled away from the kiss, she blushed and asked him,  “What was that for?”

    ”I love you.” Jason had told her as he held both of her hands in his. 

    Ami was surprised to hear those words but after a few moment, she quickly pulled away her hands from his.

    Jason was confused by her actions, he thought she would be happy to hear those words but her reactions was different from what he had expected. 

    Ami averted her eyes from his and bits her lip. “Jason, you don’t have to do this because you feel bad for not returning my feelings. You are just saying that because you feel guilty that I got hurt because of you. You must have mixed up your feelings.” 

    Ami wanted to believe what he said but it was hard. For so many months, she had already made herself believed that this love will be unrequited. She didn’t want to get hurt again because of a false hope. She then turned around and was about to walk out of the door.

    But before she could step any further, Jason had grabbed her hand to spin her around and into his embrace. He used one of his hand to held her head close to his chest and the other around her shoulders. 

    Ami tried to break away from his hug as she was scared that another second of her staying with him, she wouldn’t ever be able to pull herself away from her feelings towards him. 

    But Jason only tightened his embrace and refused to let her go. “Please just hear me out! I know it is hard for you to believe me but I promise you what I feel for you is not my guilt. I love you I really do! I have for a long time but I just didn’t realise until now, so please listen to me, okay?”

    Ami had finally giving in after struggling a few moments, knowing it was pointless as Jason wouldn’t let go unless she listened. So she nodded and stopped struggling to get out of his embrace. Now that Ami was standing still in his embrace, she could hear his fast heartbeat.

    Jason smiled softly, happy that the girl had gave in. “I was stupid… I never realise how important you are to me until I lost you. When you started avoiding me, I felt that my world had turned dark once again. That’s when I realised that it was always you that brought the light into my life. I do not know when I started getting so attached to you. You got me to trust you and you are the only one that made me feel better about myself so when I lost you, I was lost. All this time, you were there for me, I had already fell for you but I have never realise probably also because I had always forced myself to deny any feelings I have for you. I didn’t want to believe my feelings for you were more than friends because you are the only person in this world that I can’t lose. If I step over that line, I might lose you forever and I knew I can’t live with that so I made myself believed that my feelings were just friends. But now that I realised I was just denying my own feelings. Heck, when I got rejected by Aria and Ashley, those pain cannot even compare to what I felt when I realised I had hurt you. When you girls got captured in the dollhouse, the first person I thought about was not Aria, it was you and I was so scared I was going to lose you. I couldn’t sleep for days knowing you are still in danger. Damn it Ami, I love you…so much! I’m stupid for only realising this now.” Jason finished as he pressed a kiss on the crown of her head.

    Ami had teared up hearing Jason’s confession. She tightened her hold on his shirt as she cried into his chest. 

    This time, it was tears of happiness that her feelings was finally returned by the one she loves. They both stood in the embrace, taking in each other’s presence. At this moment, it was what they needed to feel content.

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    Aria learns that Jason has CREEPY pictures of Aria in his possession that Spencer and Emily assume Jason had taken because he’s obsessed with Aria in “Touched By An Angel” (2x10) and I agree with Emily. The pictures they found ARE creepy and NOT in a good way. When Aria confronts Jason about the pictures, he said that Alison had taken them and here’s the conversation. 

    “Why would Ali take pictures of me sleeping?” - Aria Montgomery
    “Beats me. I don’t know what goes on at slumber parties. I found a roll of her film in the house so I developed it.” - Jason DiLaurentis

    I don’t completely trust Jason, but I low-key ship #Jaria and think that them having a crush on each other is really cute. Jason didn’t break eye contact once when he responded to Aria’s question, so, he’s either a really convincing liar or he’s being honest. I’m leaning more towards the second one because he kept eye contact and didn’t break it during or after he spoke to her. This makes it seem like both Jason and Alison are obsessed with Aria, and Aria’s most likely Alison’s inspiration for the alias and presentation of Vivian Darkbloom and Holly Varjack.

    #the montgomery family secrets #pll#pll clues#pll theory#pll theories #the dilaurentis family secrets #aria montgomery#alison dilaurentis#jason dilaurentis #pretty little liars #pretty little liars clues #pretty little liars theory #pretty little liars theories #aria is a #aria is a clues #aria is a theory #aria is a theories #aria is a member of the a team #jason is a member of the a team #aria should have been a
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    While Jason and Aria are near the dressing tables and tidying up in “Never Letting Go” (2x06), Jason asks if Aria needs a lift somewhere, and also starts flirting with her by saying he wants to be happy where he is, and where he is is with Aria. It’s clear that Aria is growing feelings for Jason, even though she’s supposedly unavailable in regards to the romantic department. 

    Aria says yes to getting a ride home and when they walk away, the camera moves to focus on some candles that are strategically shaped into an “A” on the table. Considering both Aria and Jason are in this scene, it’s a pretty big indication that one or both of them are on the “A” team.

    #crazyariaisa#pll#pll clues#pll theory#pll theories #pretty little liars #pretty little liars clues #pretty little liars theory #pretty little liars theories #aria montgomery#jason dilaurentis#jaria #the montgomery family secrets #aria should have been a
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