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  • You know this sound that’s trending on TikTok that goes “Take her to the moon for me okay?”, “I’ll try”

    Yeah I just imagined Jason saying that to Will about Nico.

    Why am I doing this to myself? 🤠

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  • I mentioned how compelling dark Piper would have been, so I have to elaborate on that. This one’s for @winnies_sketches

    Piper doesn’t like using her powers at first. She rejects any connection to Aphrodite, and that includes charmspeak.

    But then she uses it on some monsters to save Leo and Jason, and thinks hmm, maybe this isn’t so bad. So she starts to use her voice more and more, only on monsters. Compared to all the other powers the other demigods have, Piper feels really inferior, so she practices her charmspeak over and over to try to fit in

    Then one night on Argo II, she tries it on Jason. She asks him to get her a glass of water, which he would have done anyway, but his eyes glaze over and instantly gets her a glass. She feels guilty, but can’t deny the small rush of power it gives her. She finally has a way to contribute, to fit in, to show that being a child of Aphrodite is more than people think

    In this au, Piper and Jason fall into Tartarus, and that’s when we see Piper truly start to lose it.

    She forces monsters to help them, to turn on their own kind. They hate her for doing it to them, and she feeds off their hate, uses it to grow stronger. And then when they come across Akhlys, she attacks and injured Jason before Piper can force her to help. Her eyes turn black and instead of just leaving, Piper tells Akhlys to stop breathing. She does, and Jason and Piper watch the goddess fall to her knees, clutching her throat. The Jason snaps to his senses and begs Piper to stop, that no one should have that power. And Piper does. But she doesn’t forget.

    After Jason and Piper get out, Jason has a long conversation with her about how scared she made him feel with Akhlys. Piper explains that if she has that power, why shouldn’t she use it? It’s no different than Jason flying

    And then Jason is truly alarmed. Because Piper seems like she’s too far gone. The others can’t look in her in the eye after that, they don’t know exactly what happened down there but they see her force an entire legion of venti to help one day

    Piper becomes so used to her charmspeak it starts to bleed into her everyday speech. Until one day she jokingly tells Leo to go take a swim. He promptly flings himself over the railing and plummets to the ground. He’s saved just in time by Jason, but Piper is so rattled by the incident she refuses to speak for days.

    And it’s Jason, again, who pulls her out of it. Who convinces her to come back, saying he trusts her with his life. He always has. She eases up on the charmspeak, only using it on monsters and only when absolutely necessary.

    Then comes the fight with Gaea. She doesn’t want to kill to Gaea, she doesn’t want to give into that side again, but she has to to save everyone. So as Jason struggles to keep her aloft, she tells Gaea to stop breathing.

    But her charmspeak is so powerful it washes over Jason too, and he stops breathing. They plummet fall to the ground, saved by Pegasi, but it’s too late for Jason.

    And Piper, hating herself but also hating Aphrodite for giving her this gift, completely goes rouge, vowing to tear her mother and Olympus down stone by stone. She’s the enemy no one can stand against, because her will always overpowers the wills of others. With a silver tongue and frozen heart, Piper McLean becomes the enemy.

    #went a little wild with this but I’m thinking thoughts #dark!piper #piper mclean#jason grace#pjo#hoo#jasiper
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  • Piper: Hey, here is your tea.

    Jason: With ice cubes?

    Piper: No, just normal tea.

    Jason: But it isn’t ice tea without the ice cubes!

    Piper, irritated: Fine.

    *Takes a glass of water, and pours it into the mug of tea*

    Piper: Now you have melted ice tea.

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  • jercy







    • jercy
    1. jercy


    #cathy.txt #jason grace#percy jackson #heroes of olympus #jercy #it’s my otp and i will DIE shipping it
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  • In Jercy:

    Percy is hella bottom, don’t listen to what others say, PERCY IS BOTTOM! okay?

    And Jason is top!



    Thank you!

    #jercy#jason grace#jason#percy#pjo#percy jackson #percy jackson is bottom #jason is top #no one can change that
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  • There was only one bed trope where Nico is hyperaware of himself as he lays down, trying not to scream his panic, frozen solid with fear, but snuggle time wolf child Jason immediately curls up around him like a fucking heated blanket and when he wakes up Jason is still there, face nuzzled into his hair, one leg thrown over Nico’s and his arms wrapped tight around him, and it is both so great and also the cause of Nico’s heart attack.

    #nico di angelo #jason grace#jasico#jasonnico #happy talks pjo
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  • “If you don’t survive basic training, there’s no way you’d survive the journey from the Wolf House to New Rome, even to live in the city and not be part of the barracks,” Jason hummed. “And frankly, why should you get to? It’s not like you were born there and you haven’t completed any service to prove you deserve to be there.”

    Piper swallowed thickly. “Do you hear what you’re saying?”

    He smiled at her. “Yeah. I hear every word and before you ask, no, I don’t see anything wrong with it.”

    She looked away, her brows furrowing. “It’s cruel though.”

    “It’s mercy.” He pulled the tea bag out with the ring of his timer, chucking the bag over his shoulder. The air shifted around it, so evident with the steam that flushed from it, and it landed perfectly in the trash can. “Imagine what would happen if they were caught by monsters on the journey. That would be slow and painful. This way it’s quick.”

    “And painless?” she asked as he pushed the mug towards her. She wrapped her hands around the steaming mug. It was warm. Which was good.

    Jason’s lack of answer and piercing eyes left her feeling cold.

    She looked away. “I just never expected you to come from a place like that. You see value in everyone.”

    “Because they’ve proven themselves already,” he said simply. He crossed his arms over the table and smiled. “The kids that were mercied at the Wolf House - they couldn’t prove themselves. They couldn’t leaned to use their powers, they could barely use a sword or a knife or even fight with their fists. They didn’t deserve to be valued. But you guys-”

    His smile widened. “You’ve done that. And everyone in my Cohort proved themselves. Legacies don’t just show up for service. They might not go to the Wolf House for training but they have proof that they’re worth a place in our barracks. Why wouldn’t I see value in someone that’s already proven they have it?”

    She couldn’t respond to that, just nodded dimly and lifted her cup to her lips, with one very clear thought in her head.

    He should never have kids of his own. And he was never going to be alone with any of hers.

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  • Thalia: At least he was saved from the trauma of growing up under our mother and managed to find a fulfilling life in his own community and family.

    Thalia: *finds out what happens to new recruits in the Wolf House*

    Thalia: So today I will be burning New Rome to ground and murdering a seven foot tall wolf goddess and no, I will not be taking any suggestions for alternative means of action, good day.

    #thalia grace #wolf!jason #happy talks pjo #jason grace
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  • Thalia: I’m torn because on one hand, I’m really happy he’s alive. On the other hand, he was part of a child soldier gang as a toddler which might actually be worse than if he’d died.

    Jason: I mean, I’m fine.

    Thalia: No, you’re not! You think a child being torn to shreds by wolves for not progressing fast enough is okay!

    Jason: Yeah. ‘Cause it is.

    Thalia: I don’t know who I’m going to fight first! Hera, the wolf woman or our fucking father.


    Jason: Why do you want to fight them?

    #thalia is having a bad day #thalia grace#jason grace #happy talks pjo #wolf!jason
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  • Thalia being relieved her brother didn’t die some tragic death at the hands of their mother before finding out his actual upbringing post-abandoment was much worse than what she thought had happened.

    #wolf!jason #jason grace#thalia grace #happy talks pjo
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  • Thalia, eager big sister: So tell me about your childhood, Jay.

    Jason, eager wolf boy: Well, I was raised by wolves. And I had my own pack for a while but they were all useless so I had to get rid of them but then I met Dakota and we started a new pack and managed to complete our training really well after that.

    Thalia, concerned big sister: Got rid of?

    Jason, obvious wolf boy: Yeah, I killed them. They were really weak, it wasn’t even fun.

    Thalia, very concerned big sister: One, never tell me anything about your childhood again and two, what the actual fuck.

    #thalia grace #wolf!jason #jason grace #happy talks pjo
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  • Leo: My idea of flirting is being as annoying as I possibly can and seeing if they can handle me or not.

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  • annabeth in all of hoo: i don’t trust jason

    annabeth after tbm: 😭😭😭⚰😢😪😓


    #now if it was PIPER i'd get it #they had their little gay forehead touching moment #but WHY is there suddenly white to white sympathy she HATED him DKSSHSK #annabeth chase#jason grace#hoo#toa#tbm#tbm spoilers#k
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  • Percy: Let’s talk about this plan of yours. I think it’s good, except it sucks

    Percy: So let me do the plan, and that way it might be really good

    Jason: I-

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  • Piper snorted. “The reason you can’t find a link between why you like Nico and why you like Leo is because there isn’t one amongst their personalities. Amongst physicalities though…” She grinned wide. Jason stared at her. Her smile fell and so did the amusement in her eyes. “Jason, they’re twinks!”

    He frowned. “That doesn’t make any sense. What does a snack cake have to do with this?”


    “I don’t even like Twinkies,” he went on.

    She pressed a hand to his shoulder and said with complete seriousness, “I’m going to slap you.”

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  • Leo: Look-

    Piper: You almost blew up the ship.

    Leo: I am just a little creature. I cannot be blamed for my actions.

    Piper, a lesbian who is not susceptible to her best friend’s antics: Leo-

    Jason, gay and very susceptible to the antics of small men: No, no, he’s got a point.

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  • I will say one thing and one thing only….

    ✨🧚‍♀️🦄 𝑗𝑒𝑦𝑛𝑎 🌸🍄💖

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    • Leo: *sees a star-shaped box*
    • Leo: oOo I can mAke stUff wItH tHIs
    • Leo: *opens box*
    • Cat: *mushed into the box* hhhheh mrow
    • Leo: ...
    • -Later, to Jason-
    • Leo: *sobbing and cuddling the cat* they lied to me with a star-shaped cat-
    • Jason: *facepalm* why are you this way-
    #valgrace#yes #my sister just said this- #help#gatooo#gato#cat#star#star-shaped cats#box#leo valdez#jason grace #leo's having a weird day #and jason has a migraine now #*takes off glasses and sighs* #veeapproved
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  • Monsters: Now that you lost your weapon we can finally kill you.

    Jason, raised by wolfs: You really wanna die?



    Originally posted by justanothertheofficeblog

    #pjo#rick riordan#jason grace #son of jupiter #the office #raised by wolves #HoO
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  • It just doesn’t sit right with me that…

    • we didn‘t get to see Percy reunite with Sally and Grover
    • Piper and Silena never met
    • May Castellan doesn’t know about her son‘s death and is still waiting for him
    • Bianca didn’t get to watch Nico grow up
    • Hazel and Bianca ever met
    • Thalia is going to outlive all of her friends and is probably never, or at least for a long time, gonna see them and Jason again
    • Thalia and Jason had so little time together
    • Rachel Elizabeth Dare and Piper Mclean are straight
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