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  • Jason being a protective big brother to Sookie is my kind of aesthetic.

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  • Jason and Sookie cleaning Gran’s house and talking about the existence of werewolves, bigfoot, and Santa Clause is a mood.


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  • Question: Is it really that big of an inconvenience for people to tag their hate as anti? It’s not that hard, and it’s out of courtesy to the people who may like the character you hate, as well as so you don’t stumble across bile being directed at the character you like.

    I don’t see why this is so hard for people to do. Don’t be an asshole about it. Sheesh! 🙄

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  • im up to s3 of my true blood rewatch and wow i don’t think i hate anyone’s guts more than jason stackhouse’s. meanwhile, the guy’s personality and character development is dependent on how much overkill s*x he has every single episode, tara gets harsh mistreatment by everyone around her. i feel like every time the show tries to set something great for her, it’s snatched away. her mom was an abusive alcoholic, then she was targeted by an evil maenad, and tara always liked jason but he barely ever acknowledged her existence and somehow HE ended up shooting and killing her first love. after she attempted to commit su*cide, now she’s being taken advantage of and kidnapped by an abusive vampire. and i initially stopped watching up to s5, so i’m aware she’s got worse things to come.

    and what’s jason doing? having even more s*x and getting a job as a cop because he killed tara’s boyfriend and the town’s sheriff helped fabricate the murder. also, not surprised by the numerous hate-threads there are on tara despite all of the [negative] attention she gets. again, this is just further proof that a white dude will get center stage, especially when the showrunner is a gay white man who loves glamorizing them because they have abs.

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  • Rewatching True Blood just cause of Eric, Alcide, Jason and Lafayette

    Oh and I almost forgot Terry 😢

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    DISCLAIMER: I know the next two questions are about future TB couples and characters, but considering that the book series and the show are already over at this point, I consider those questions moot. Instead, I’m rewording the questions to be about my favorite Jason and Tara moments respectively.

    Day 27: Your Favorite Jason Moment?

    Jason saving Sookie by shooting Steve Newlin with a paintball gun.


    I loved seeing Jason turn on the Fellowship of the Sun to protect Sookie. And I loved how he was willing to do it with nothing but a paintball gun, lol! It’s both a funny and awesome moment, and the kind of thing you’d expect a character like Jason to do. Jason had a lot of badass moments that went unacknowledged by many fans, and this was one of them!

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    Day 26: Something that hadn’t happened but you wished had?

    Spoilers from season 4:

    I wish they had turned Jason into a werepanther. 

    In the books, he becomes one, and the werepanther community is pretty decent compared to the white trash cult of rapists that the show gave us. It would have been an interesting direction for Jason’s character to take.

    I still don’t understand why the writers butchered the werepanther story the way they did, or why they opted to ignore the trauma and PTSD that Jason should have experienced from being gang-raped.

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    Day 22: The Character you most relate to?

    Jason Stackhouse

    Before I go any further, I should make it perfectly clear that, unlike Jason, I am NOT attracted to women, and I am NOT a womanizer. I identify as homosexual, and even there, I don’t really have a dating experience when it comes to men because I kept it a secret growing up.

    That being said, for some reason, I relate to Jason. I don’t exactly know why, but I do. Maybe I relate to his struggle in redefining his masculinity and what it means to be a man. Maybe I relate to feeling like a screw-up all the time and being harshly judged for it. Maybe I relate to the idea of Jason being a normal human in a supernatural world who has to hone in his own skills and abilities to fight vampires and other supernatural creatures! Maybe I relate to his loyalty towards those he loves. Whatever the reasons, I relate to him. And I find that to be both fascinating and scary, lol! 😅


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    Day 19: Your Least Favorite Scene?

    This is pretty much the same answer as Day 12′s question: Jason getting gang-raped by the werepanthers and being victim-blamed by the show (and by certain internet reviewers and fans) for doing so. I’ve already explained why I hate this scene.


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    Day 14: A Scene/Moment That Made You Happy?

    Jason and Sookie cleaning Gran’s house in season 3.


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    Like I’ve said before, Sookie and Jason’s sibling relationship was an aspect of the show I enjoyed watching. This scene here in season 3 where Jason is helping Sookie to clean the house after Maryann’s rampage is a favorite moment for me. I love how Jason believes that Santa Claus and Bigfoot are real after being told werewolves exist. I loved Sookie’s melodramatic imitation of Bill. I loved how both of them got to chat/catch up with each other, and that Jason was trying to support her in the wake of Bill’s disappearance. It’s a nice moment that makes me smile! 😊

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    Day 12: A Scene/Moment That Pissed You Off?

    Jason getting gang-raped by Crystal and the other werepanthers in season 4.


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    To be fair, there were a lot of moments in True Blood that royally pissed me off, but this scene struck a personal nerve. I get that Jason isn’t the most popular character with people, but this guy did spend a year trying to take care of the werepanthers without any guarantee that Crystal was going to come back. He could have walked away any time, and chose not to. That’s a pretty big character moment that gets glossed over by most fans, and it showed a selfless side to Jason’s character.

    And how is he repaid for this? He gets abducted, tied to a bed, viciously bitten so that he’ll turn into a werepanther, fed Viagra under the pretense that it’s medicine, contracts a high fever, and is raped repeatedly by Crystal and the other werepanther women.

    There are so many reasons this scene angers me: First off, it was gross, mean-spirited, and a completely unnecessary scene that didn’t need to be there.

     Second, the show never truly addresses the trauma Jason should have experienced from being raped multiple times, and it’s an extremely ugly example of how male rape is downplayed in our media (Newsflash people: Male rape victims experience the same trauma as Female rape victims. We do not just shrug it off like some ignorant assholes think we do). 

    Third, Jason blaming himself for getting raped because he was promiscuous was awful. The fact that the show never corrects him on this is another example of how our media contributes to rape culture.

    But the thing that pissed me off the most about this scene is how the producers of the show, and certain online reviewers like Doux Reviews and Persephone Magazine (a “feminist” magazine), took the position that Jason’s gang-rape was a form of karma/comeuppance. 

    This is what was said about Jason’s gang-rape by showrunner Alan Ball and director David Petrarca:

    And this is what was said by Billie Doux of Doux Reviews:

    “You know, I bet the old Jason would have been turned on by the prospect of a line of nubile young things waiting to have sex with him. Instead, it was actually pretty creepy. Generation Jason in Hotshot. After all the sleeping around he did in the past, it’s sort of karmic. I bet he’s sorry now that he ever made a pass at Crystal, because like Debbie Pelt, I sure don’t have a lot of confidence in Crystal’s intentions.”

    This stuff makes my blood boil over. Regardless of whether or not you like or hate Jason’s character, it is NEVER okay to label someone’s rape as karma or comeuppance. This is the kind of harmful attitude that contributes to rape culture, and the fact that a show like True Blood tries to normalize this (or tries to play Jason’s rape as a joke) is disgusting. The fact that certain reviewers (like Slay Belle from Persephone Magazine) tried to take Jason’s actions out-of-context to justify why he deserved to be raped is……………….I just don’t have words, so I’ll summarize my feelings with a GIF:


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  • headcanon game: pick 5 characters (from the same or different fandoms), write 5 headcanons and then tag your mutuals!

    ty for tagging a while ago @kiarascarreras 💖💞

    eric northman

    1. has definitely for sure gotten busy on his throne before (like cmon he almost did w ginger in he canon)

    2. has a biting thing even when his fangs aren’t popped out (like just running his teeth along different parts of his s/o body, light biting, etc.)

    3. his favorite time period to like live in as a vamp was the 1970s

    4. will speak his native language during sex sometimes if it’s just like,,, hitting different

    5. has a massive closet bc,,,,, he changes fashion his sense like every year

    jason stackhouse

    1. watches the bachelor/bachelorette unironically

    2. can make the best grilled cheese in bon temps

    3. has a hole in the wall near his bedroom door from the time he tried to do a cartwheel into his bed (he doesn’t know how it ended up near the door either)

    4. owns a solid 3 pairs of shoes total

    5. owns a yellow bikini (and no, it’s not sookie’s) (and yes, he has worn it before)

    johnny lawrence but the karate kid version

    1. played baseball/tee ball as a little kid and was low key kinda good at it

    2. has a wall in his room covered in all his karate memorabilia (trophies, medals, shirts, etc.)

    3. would 10/10 make let his s/o wear his red cobra kai jacket

    4. kinda fye at beach volleyball

    5. has a stuffed dog he keeps on his bed (ofc he hides it when the cobra kai boys come over but like,,, he sleeps w it at night)

    rafe cameron but the tumblr canon version

    1. watches golf, football, and hockey whenever he can

    2. secretly loves 80s movies (like the fun ones,, not just top gun)

    3. gets nosebleeds insanely easily and uses sarah’s tampons to plug them

    4. will say the earth is flat w a straight face (and other things like that) just to get under sarah’s skin

    5. sings very poorly in the shower,,, so i stg he like belts

    george weasley

    1. him & fred were the ones that taught ron how to swear

    2. can do a surprisingly accurate irish accent

    3. snuck out w/ fred once to a muggle theatre to see Jason Goes to Hell: the Final Friday,,,,,, and wasn’t able to sleep for three nights

    4. said that he smelled snape’s cologne and hair oil in his amortentia (which earned him two week’s worth of detention,, but it was worth it)

    5. once apparated to hogsmeade from the burrow ten minutes before closing to get 20 galleons worth of candy.

    @ptersparkers @sunnypogue @butgilinsky

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  • I just saw Jason Stackhouse and Eric Northman fuck. In short, I now want a poster made.

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  • The dancing scene of Jason in his underwear with Lafayette filming it is 100 times better now that I realize the song Lafayette has playing is Soccer Practice by Johnny Mcgovern

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  • #jason stackhouse #like theres AT LEAST 4 i can think of #erik with the blood and the vamp in ep 3 with teh tats #and hoyt in one ep and there was that shaving incdident that was super gay with Warlow #mine#true blood #he was a bi king but the TB writers werent ready to hear that #just hint it
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