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  • Batman: The Adventures Continue #14 (2020)

    written by Alan Burnett & Paul Dini
    art by Ty Templeton & Monica Kubina

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  • Steph: How do you handle all the bullies at school? You’re Robin! You could kick their asses easily!

    Tim: Part of keeping my secret identity secret. Besides, sticks and stones, right?

    Dick: Jason, no

    Jason: Sticks and stones may break my bones but crowbar’ll do it much faster


    Tim: …(you messed up)


    Jason: f*ck

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  • Now im not saying they are related in any way but…


    Thats Interesting

    #red hood#jason todd#robin #batman and robin #alexandre dumas #red hood and the outlaws #red hood the outlaw #robin hood the outlaw #jason todd is a literary nerd but I love him #strange coincedence
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  • I just need a foursome with red hood, starfire and roy tell me AM I ASKING FOR TOO MUCH??

    #red hood #red hood and arsenal #red hood and the outlaws #rhato#starfire#roy harper#arsenal#dc#jason todd #jason todd smut #jason todd x reader #red hood x reader #starfire x reader #arsenal x reader
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  • “I can always count on you.”

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  • jason todd is more of a concept than a family member 

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    • Jason: She was... she was so nice, and kind and...
    • Jason: And she called me Robin:)
    • Barbara:
    • Barbara: That is your name.
    • Jason: Well yeah, I know that, but... when she says it it just sounds better
    • Jason, puffing his chest: "Robin"
    • *cuteness intensifies*
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    • [in an apartment by the harbour. a body is lying face-down on the floor.]
    • Red Hood: [looks down at the body, arms crossed] I think he's dead.
    • Red Robin: [next to him] that's scientific.
    • Red Hood: so check then
    • Red Robin: [pokes the body with his shoe]
    • Red Hood: He could sleep through that
    • Red Robin: [pokes the body harder]
    • Red Hood:
    • Red Robin:
    • Red Hood:
    • The Police Officers Who Were Working the Scene Before They Showed Up:
    • Red Robin: yeah. definitely dead.
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  • Guys, 6 days until Three Jokers #3 releases. I’m both scared and excited.

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  • image

    Diana and Cassie’s relationship should get more attention in dc

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  • Can I just say that I am relieved that the robin king book is about an evil version of Bruce and not damian because even though i have given up on any good expectation I had of rebirth, they are at least not making damian totally evil… I guess? Who knows what is even happening right now.

    The stories are a mess, the ages are a mess, the timeline is a mess and the height, everyone who saw nightwing 74 knows that the artist forgot how to draw someone to look their age and their build. Older people are not always taller, guess someone forgot to give you that verdict.

    Though Travis Moore has now picked up the nightwing title, it seems a real waste of his amazing talent to be drawing for a book that has been bashing on its protagonist for ages now and making everybody he loves and who love him ooc and abusive. Not that DC cares anyway right, normalise abuse, normalise ableism, take everyone i love and ruin them.

    Sorry for the rant and for anybody who feels offended by my harsh tone but I am just so fucking tired of everything.

    I miss post crisis and I must have said this a million times now but I miss the time where DC actually gave a shit about its characters. When heroes came in all ages and sizes. Where they came in all colours and shades (of morality if you didn’t realise what i meant).

    You can’t show batman as an abusive asshole and as a hero at the same time unless you have an underlying goal to normalise abuse, in which case fuck you.

    You can’t make oracle walk again using a magical cure that does not exist in real life even though it will make things easy for her because life doesn’t work like that and you doing this only makes you seem like you are promoting ableism which may be the only thing you are doing.

    You make cass forgive her father and have a relationship with her mother when she had none of this in post crisis while subsequently taking away her relationship with her real family, babs, bruce and the others who slowly also became her family. You know what that shows, only blood matters, only blood makes real family.

    You say they are a family but that term has lost meaning in the reboot. They are family only in name and ihateitihateitihateit.

    Older comics used to show women as these independent strong people who had their own life, their own problems, their own people, and their own faults. Right now they seem to be romantic interests and nothing more in their own book. No kidding. Just see batgirl rebirth.

    And this has officially turned into a long post about things i promised i will not let myself waste my energy over but I guess I just needed to say something, so here it is. Bye.

    #bruce of post crisis was the best dad #I miss him #Bruce wayne#Dick grayson#Damian wayne#Jason todd#Barbara Gordon#Stephanie brown#cassandra cain#Cass cain#steph brown#Tim drake #I will always remember who you truly are tim #Red Robin of post crisis was the best #Alfred pennyworth#Batfam#Dc#Dc comics#Honesty#Fuck dc
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  • All hours are loving Jason hours

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  • I think I’m at the point where if I’ve posted on Wednesday two weeks in a row, then Wednesday is probably posting day lol. This chapter features Dick and Jason’s povs and we’re starting to get moving into some plot-y things.



    Dick ducked as a fist came flying at him. He turned on the back of his heel, and shoved his elbow up and into the attacker’s sternum. It connected, and the man cried out before falling backwards. Dick grinned as he danced backwards and away.

    Something caught as he moved, making Dick stumble backwards, one foot getting caught in the long cape that was for some reason under him now. It wrapped around his ankle as he twisted and turned in his attempt to find his balance, and finally tore even that from him, sending him stumbling to the ground.

    The man he’d been fighting caught his own breath and straightened, now towering over Dick as he struggled to untangle himself from his cape. The guy had scooped a plank of wood up from somewhere and hefted it to swing downwards while Dick fumbled for a batarang. A slim metal rod interrupted its descent.

    Robin moved in between Dick and the thug, giving him enough time to finally untangle his boot from the traitorous cape and locate what had caused all the trouble. The cape had caught on a part of raised concrete, just crooked enough to catch a cape that was ever so slightly too long.

    Dick yanked it back and finally stood again. He looked around and realized Robin had finished off the men they’d been fighting. He was currently crouched over and securing zip ties around the guy’s wrists.

    He contacted Oracle while Robin finished securing the men, and then they were off, ready to continue patrol. Dick held in his frustration for all of five minutes, just long enough for them to have made it far enough away from the thugs they’d fought and into a relatively quiet part of town.

    “You know, things like that never happened when I was Robin.”

    Tim snorted, “When you were Robin your cape was about as big as a napkin.”

    “First of all, rude. Secondly, it was not. My cape was long enough to be fantastic, but not so long it tripped me up at the littlest thing.”

    As if to make his point, part of the cape curled up and threatened to tangle around his leg again. Dick swatted at it, tugging it loose.

    Tim chuckled, “We’ll just have to ask Alfred to take off another inch when we get back.”

    Dick grunted and reached up to fiddle with the cowl again. “An inch there and some adjustments to the cowl. My peripherals are a nightmare.“

    “You didn’t complain this much when you were filling in for Bruce last time,” Tim pointed out, as they both stopped atop the edge of the roof they were on.

    Their patrol route was well planned, but they’d gotten off it when they’d moved to stop the thugs. Dick paused while trying to sort out what direction they needed to go in order to get back on track. He wouldn’t lie that the break was so he could school the emotions suddenly rushing through him.

    It was the permanence of their situation that fueled Dick’s many complaints. After Bane, he’d been able to ignore the little irritants that came with donning the cape and cowl, because he understood that sooner or later he’d be back in his Nightwing uniform. Now? A miracle had to happen for him to be allowed to step back into the life he’d made for himself.

    He didn’t want to complain. Well he did, but he didn’t. This was simply what he had to do, and whining about it would help no one. What he could rail against were all the inconveniences that came with added kevlar, a heavy cape, and a cowl that made his head sweat.

    The wind caught his cape in a sudden rush and dragged at him, causing a spark of irritation to flare up in his chest.

    “Yes, well this time I’m not just filling in, am I?” Dick snapped.

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  • MYYYYy baby

    #jason todd#red hood #he's so beautiful
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  • image

    Day 21 - Sleep

    Now it’s Jason turn to fall asleep first

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  • Tim: What exactly is happening here?

    Jason: I refuse to talk to that heathen

    Dick: Really? You’re starting to sound like Dami

    Jason: Replacement, tell him to stop talking to me

    Tim: What he do?

    Dick: Honestly, get traught

    Jason: I SWEAR TO GOD-!

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  • “Hey Hood, it’s time for patrol." 


    #jaydick#jason todd#dick grayson #me fixing a supposedly fixit? #its likelier than you thought #DC let me write Jason Todd JUST ONCE for you I s2g #wppyart #death in the family
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