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  • *Dick holding a shovel and Jason holding an axe walking past Bruce in the kitchen*

    Bruce: Guys, I know I’m going to regret asking this, but… where are you going with that stuff?

    *Dick and Jason simultaneously*

    Dick: The library!

    Jason: We’re in a play!

    *Dick and Jason looking at each other*

    Dick: We’re in a play at the library.

    *Bruce starts writing in his notebook*

    Jason: Whatcha doing?

    Bruce*looking at his watch*: Oh I just want to get my facts straight, just on the off chance I have to fill out a police report later on.

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  • Taking the first day of Pride Month to shout out how much I love my boyfriend. He is caring, sweet, and kinda an asshole. He has a habit of getting on my nerves but who doesn’t, right?

    But he’s also my best friend. He gives the best hugs and always knows the right things to say. He has this laugh that’s unlike anything I’ve heard before and I could listen to it every day.

    He’s my best bro and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world!

    Love you, Roy! Full romo!

    #bro of my life🧡 #bro of my life 🧡 #roy harper#jayroy#jason todd #//OOC: This is highkey a petty response to an ask
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    Its JayTim week! Here’s day 1! I have no idea why there’s a ottoman in what looks like a gym but here ya go!

    Day 1: college au, replies/reblogs pls!

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  • well june is the anniversary of when jason and conner met happy anniversary

    happened during pride month

    and on national coming out day

    and clois 2.0 saved the same way

    so we love soulmates

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  • #asks#Jason Todd#Dove Marquis#tentatodd #whatever opinions people have about UtRH #that was at least equal-opportunity suffering #nobody won that day
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    • Fandom: DC comics, Batman
    • Pairing: Jason Todd x Timothy Drake (JayTim)
    • Rating/Tags: JayTim Week 2020 - Day 1: College AU, Family Feels, Fluff and Humor, Secret Crushes 
    • Other(s) links: AO3

    “Okay.” Jason sighed, gathering strength to himself. “You remember… That guy?”

    “That guy?” Roy asked back.


    “The one you have a crush on and look at him from afar, but you deny it and never take the first step because you’re a dramatic bitch?”


    “What? You have finally talked to him?”


    “Then what?”

    “I hit him with the bike.”

    Roy was silent, looking at him and blinking a few times at the news. But he didn’t have to say anything, Jason knew he was totally fucked.


    Based on the prompt “I was distracted looking at my crush and accidentally hit him.”

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  • #jason todd#damian wayne #jason todd x you #jason todd x reader #damian wayne x reader
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  • image


    Nome : Alice (letto all'inglese)

    Cognome ; Drake Todd Wayne (al ghoul)

    A scuola solo Todd

    Età : 15 anni

    Genere : femmina

    Data di nascita : 02/08

    Altezza: 164 cm

    Genitori biologici : Ra’s al ghoul, Tim Drake

    Genitori: Tim Drake, Jason Todd

    Carattere: testarda, allegra, fiduciosa, spericolata, ansiosa, sincera

    Particolarità: cicatrice sul sopracciglio destro, rigenerazione due volte maggiore al normale

    Sessualità: Bisex

    Ama ❤️ :



    -Farsi le unghie con lo zio Dick

    -Scherzare con Dami

    -I suoi papà

    -La sua chitarra

    -I nonni Alfred e Bruce

    -I suoi cani (Ace e tate)

    -Suonare con le amiche

    -Nick ❤️


    -Viola, Rosso, Celeste, Verde

    Odia 💢 :




    -Essere chiamata principessa



    Name: Alice (English bed)

    Surname ; Drake Todd Wayne (al ghoul)

                          At school only Todd

    Age: 15 years old

    Gender: female

    Date of birth: 02/08

    Height: 164 cm

    Biological parents: Ra’s al ghoul, Tim Drake

    Parents: Tim Drake, Jason Todd

    Character: stubborn, cheerful, confident, reckless, anxious, sincere

    Special features: scar on the right eyebrow, regeneration twice as normal

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Love ❤️:



       -Get your nails with Uncle Dick

       -Joke around with Dami

       -His dads

       -Her guitar

       -The grandparents Alfred and Bruce

       -His dogs (Ace and tate)

       -Play with friends

       -Nick ❤️

       -Video games

       -Purple, red, light blue, green

      Hates 💢:




        -Being called princess



    Ita: Questa è la piccola Alice, come vedrete ci sono più versioni di lei.

    Ho disegnato un unico modello per lei da piccola, semplicemente perché non sono brava a disegnare bambini.

    Alice si trova /troverà principalmente un due mie ff.


    This is little Alice, as you will see there are multiple versions of her.

    I designed a single model for her as a child, simply because I’m not good at drawing children.

    Alice is / will find mainly a two of my ff.




    È un disegno vecchio e si è rovinato a causa dei pennarelli



    It is an old design and has ruined because of the markers


    Ita:Non ho ancora deciso il nome da darle da eroe.

    È una un eroina che lo fa per molto tempo di nascosto da tutti tranne Alfred, sono tutti troppo protettivi nei suoi confronti secondo lei.

    Allenata di nascosto per essere come WW

    In un altro post posso dirvi perché il suo costume è cosi


    I have not yet decided the name to give her as a hero.

    She is a heroine who does it for a long time secretly by everyone except Alfred, they are all too protective of her in her opinion.

    Trained secretly to be like WW

    In another post I can tell you why his costume is like this


    Ita:Questo è l'ultima cosa, me sue versioni alternative:

    La prima è la versione di Alice che è stata cresciuta da Ra’s al ghoul come sue erede.

    Tutte e tre sono nate in coltivazioni, come damian, ma un solo tentativo.

    Lei è l'unica versione ad avere un fratello biologico.

    Ha un buon rapporto con il padre e fa tutto per renderlo fiero.

    Il suo soprannome è green.

    In questo mondo sta con una ragazza di nome Kara che non è altro che una delle copie di Damian ma femmina.

    Odia Damian non per carettere ma perché lo vede come tutto ciò che deve superare.

    Conosce molti cattivi

    Odia anche Talia perché sa che il padre la vede sempre come un ottima opzione

    In un mondo dove Tim è femmina ed è stata venduta a Ra’s da piccola, lei è nata normalmente ed ha un ottimo rapporto anche con la madre

    La seconda è quella che uso di più nelle role.

    Cresciuta da Tim e Jason, presa da Ra’s quando era una neonata.

    Molto amica di Damian, ama i suoi papà e tutta la sua famiglia.

    Ha un fidanzato di nome Nick che è un ragazzo cresciuto nelle strade che adora i pipistrelli.

    Vuole andare a scuola di musica.

    Conosce molti eroi e ne è amica.

    Ha avuto diversi incontri con cattivi in molte occasioni.

    Scappa spesso da scuola

    Ha scoperto molto in la chi era Ra’s

    Il suo soprannome è Red

    La terza versione è come sarebbe Alice cresciuta da un mio pg.

    Lontana da eroi, cattivi e cose del genere.

    In un mondo in cui Damian decide di essere erede, Ra’s distrugge il progetto ma Alice viene salvata e portata via da tutto.

    Qui ha una vita normale.

    Il suo soprannome è Blu

    Ci sarebbero altre versioni, una in un mondo di angeli e demoni e altre cose, si ho molti universi alternativi con Tim.

    Però raramente le cose cambiano, solitamente solo i rapporti con gli altri personaggi sennò assomiglia molto alla seconda Alice.

    Queste sono quelle che uso di più nelle role, sopratutto la seconda

    Se volete vedere alcuni miei mondi alternativi cercatemi su archive of our own con il nome Lazymid


    This is the last thing, me its alternative versions:

    The first is the version of Alice who was raised by Ra’s al ghoul as his heir.

    All three were born in crops, such as damian, but one attempt.

    She is the only version to have a biological brother.

    He has a good relationship with his father and does everything to make him proud.

    His nickname is green.

    In this world he is with a girl named Kara who is nothing but one of Damian’s copies but female.

    He hates Damian not for caretter but because he sees it as everything he has to overcome.

    He knows many bad guys

    He also hates Talia because he knows that his father always sees her as an excellent option

    In a world where Tim is female and was sold to Ra’s as a child, she was born normally and has an excellent relationship with her mother too

    The second is the one I use most in roles.

    Raised by Tim and Jason, taken by Ra’s when she was a baby girl.

    Very close to Damian, she loves her dads and her whole family.

    He has a boyfriend named Nick who is a boy who grew up on the streets and loves bats.

    He wants to go to music school.

    She knows many heroes and is a friend of them.

    He has had several encounters with villains on many occasions.

    He often runs away from school

    He found out a lot in who Ra’s was

    His nickname is Red

    The third version is how Alice would have grown up from a pg of mine.

    Far from heroes, villains and things like that.

    In a world where Damian decides to be heir, Ra’s destroys the project but Alice is saved and taken away from everything.

    Here he has a normal life.

    His nickname is Blue

    There would be other versions, one in a world of angels and demons and other things, yes I have many alternate universes with Tim.

    But things rarely change, usually only relationships with other characters otherwise look very much like the second Alice.

    These are the ones I use the most in roles, especially the second one

    If you want to see some of my alternative worlds look for me on the archive of our own with the name Lazymid


    Originally posted by aloofwindbag

    Ita:Shippo da molto Jaytim e anche questo pg ha abbastanza tempo.

    Credevo che finalmente fosse l'ora di mostrare tutto il mio lavoro.

    Ditemi che ne pensate.

    Se volete vedere altre cose della mia bimba adorata


    Shippo Jaytim for a long time and this pg also has enough time.

    I thought it was finally time to show all my work.

    Tell me what you think.

    If you want to see other things about my beloved baby

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  • I’m writing a series of my own idea of RHatO, and here is my basic set up in the series chronicle order:

    1) Team One/The Beginning: Jason is still 18 in this, so this takes place directly after UtRH. In this universe, right after the fight with Bruce Jason leaves Gotham and has no intention of ever returning to it or the Batfam. He has seen what happened in his absence, and as fearful as he is for Tim’s life, he can not mentally handle being around a Bruce who no longer loves him because he’s too caught up in a memory to see his present self.

    When the explosion happens at the end of UtRH, Jason manages to make his way to the docs bleeding out from his neck and severely wounded still from the explosion. He ends up sneaking on a boat, discovers it’s a smuggling boat for nuclear weapons and takes it down. Kori rescues him from the water and she and Jason save Roy from execution same as the comics.

    The difference is, I keep the cannon of Roy and Dick being friends, but they became estranged after Roy became a bit more radical than the Titans cared for, and Kori and Roy are still friends who remember each other. (Kori also still remembers meeting Jason when he was first adopted, but at first does not recognize this as the same Jason. Neither does Roy, and he grew a friendship with Jason when Dick would have to drag him along and to his knowledge that Jason is dead).

    In this version Roy’s character doesn’t get absolutely botched and Lian exists but he doesn’t know about her yet. A good portion of this story is a three of them running towards their own futures together that doesn’t involve their past (no Batfam, Oliver or saving Tamaran, just their own character growth as a found family away from their past).

    Jason and Kori help Roy through recovering from drug/alcohol addiction. Jason and Roy help Kori find her footing on earth as an alien and as a survivor of her trauma. Kori and Roy realize who Jason is and help him overcome the Lazarus rage and redefine himself as he wants to be without Bruce, Talia or Ducra’s influences.

    This is much more a story about survivors overcoming their trauma together and learning to be happy with their little found family than it is a story about a group of Antiheroes looking for redemption.

    2) This is about a year and a half after the first team started. Kori has to go off world for the Tamaran plot and Roy is overseas trying to figure out the situation with Lian who he just learned exists. Jason is left alone again with just the promise that their small family will get back together. I actually have no problems with the Rebirth team, so they basically get together same as they did in the comics.

    Found family trying to break away from the image of “The Dark Trinity” to be themselves and their own heroes. They aren’t Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman but dark. They are Jason, Artemis and Bizzaro. They care for each other and do their jobs as anti-heroes.

    3) The second Outlaw team has to also do a temporary dispan of the team with their Justice League counterparts chasing after them. During this time, 22 year old Jason accidentally runs into two familiar faces from his past who are also on the run, but from the Titans.

    Rose and Eddie has run away from the Titans after Eddie took up Neron on becoming a sort of protege of his instead of signing his soul away and Rose broke the no killing rule (again). Eddie and Jason were best friends as kids, and Jason and Rose has become friends behind Dick’s back while he was training her as a hero.

    Together they team up while on the run, making it into a sort of mercenaries/heroes for hire gig while also being a child hood friend reunion.

    4) This is where the All-Caste and Untitled plot comes into use (because I actually loved that bit of New-52 Jason and hated how under used it went). Kori is back on world with Artemis and Biz safely hidden on her island. Jason and the third Outlaw team make their way to the island to hide out with them after a mission gone wrong revealed their position. Essence appears to Jason and tells him aboyt Ducra’s death soon after he arrives, and he leaves with her to go see for himself.

    Jason and Essence go on their crusade against the Untitled together as sort of sibling figures to each other. It’s them against the last remaining members of the Untitled, taking them out once and for all.

    During their crusade they run into Cass (who is Jason’s cousin with her mom and his dad being the children of Ma Gunn in this). She helps out for a little bit, and convinced a Jason to finally let the Batfam into his life when this is all over before parting ways.

    Another person they run into is none other than Joseph Wilson. They put their crusade on hold to help him straighten out his mind. Joey ends up coming to trust them and when he hears that his sister is a good friend of theirs, he tags along and helps with the rest of their crusade.

    5) Generation Outlaw and Ma Gunn happens somewhere? I’m not sure it will be before or after the four teams combine.

    6) The teams converge into one wth Roy returning to the island with Lian. They end up building an actual base underneath the island that safely houses all of them (including Generation Outlaw who they are raising as anti-heroes instead of villains). Roy rarely works in the feild anymore, instead becoming a sort of Oracle/Man in the Chair for the Outlaws who makes their weapons, fixes up the ships and all that other stuff that keeps him safe so that he can be there to watch Lian grow while still making a difference.

    I forgot to mention, in each story both Kyle and Sasha will be making guest appearances.

    Kyle is sent out by the JL every story in the series to capture/stop the Outlaws and keeps “accidentally” letting them get away. (He May not agree with their methods, but he’d have to be blind to not see the positive results).

    Sasha is basically the young girl Jason adopts right after UtRH. She’s much younger in this (around nine at the start so that Jason can legally adopt her), but her story plays out about exactly the same. In the first story she pops in a few times but is kept safe in the island for the most part while she traines as Scarlett. Begrudgingly by story two Jason sends her off with Ducra to be under what he knows is safe protection and good training while he’s on the run. In story three Sasha is running around in her own adventures following the same Overnight Crime Lord path that Jason took right after his All-Caste training, checking in with Jason on the phone at a set time every week so he knows she’s safe (at first Rose judges his parenting style, but realizes upon her first in person meeting of Sasha that he is doing just fine with his tiny Russian crime lord). She’s there for some of the Untitled crusade, but for the most part she knows she would only get in Jason and Essence’s way if she wasn’t on the island because they would be constantly worrying about her.

    The ships will be Jayroy, and possible parings with the others I haven’t decided on, but the romances will always be very much background things going on. This series is first and foremost about platonic love among a found family of individuals who find healing and safety in each other. In my opinion that’s what a RHatO story should really be about.

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  • Dick to Bruce: We’re fine! We’re all fine!

    Dick, whispering: Tim, go revive our brother.

    #source: modern family #dick grayson headcanons #dick grayson headcanon #dick grayson#nightwing #tim drake headcanon #tim drake headcanons #tim drake #jason todd headcanon #jason todd#red hood #jason todd headcanons #damian wayne #damian wayne headcanons #damian wayne headcanon #batboys#batfamily#batman #incorrect batman quotes #batfamily headcanons#batfam headcanon#batfam headcanons#batfam #incorrect batfamily quotes #incorrect batfamily #incorrect batfam quotes #batfam quotes#batboys headcanons#batboys headcanon#incorrect batfam
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  • #asks#Jason Todd#tentatodd #there's crack and there's WTF #that thing is WTF
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  • I saw someone say that the entire run of RHATO puts Roy down to elevate Jason who verbally abuses him and like…I haven’t read it yet but I’ve seen a lot of panels and I don’t understand, Jason practically worships the ground Roy walks on, he’s absolutely fucking pining after him, and the “verbal abuse” thing is just teasing and it’s mutual, except for when he intentionally lashes out bc of trauma in order to hurt himself, which I’m pretty sure Roy is familiar enough with to recognize. Can’t make everyone happy though, I suppose.

    And I’m finally going to start reading the comics now, I am Prepared

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  • image

    DC characters as D&D characters! I made this using Reroll

    Jason Todd is a Goliath. His class is Paladin of Vengeance and his background is Haunted One

    Part 12

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  • im actually ready to get clowned by geoff johns if he brutalizes jason and babs or he’s gonna piss all over my crops by trying to make jaybabs happen in the 3 j*kers even when ive been waiting for jayrose all this damn time 

    #jason todd#barbara gordon#three jokers #ppl have put fear in me after that detective story he wrote like PLS
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  • “So what do you like to do?” Steph asked, sliding into a booth and then quickly spreading out her stuff so neither of them could sit next to her. Jason looked distinctly unimpressed as he and Tim sat on the opposite side.

    The three of them were at the cheapest diner they could find near their school, which was hard because their school was in a ritzy area that seemed to think milkshakes should cost at least ten dollars a pop. Jason always paid for her because his new dad gave out twenties like they were quarters, but they both still preferred to eat somewhere the prices didn’t give them gray hairs. 

    She hadn’t asked Tim if he liked milkshakes before coming here because of course he did, everyone liked milkshakes, but he was slowly picking up the menu and staring at it like it was in a foreign language he was trying to translate. 

    “I don’t know,” Tim said, eyes flitting up to her, then back to the menu. “I like things. Cool kid things.”

    Jason snorted and tried to hide it in a cough. Steph put both hands over her heart. “Oh, Tim. You think we’re the cool kids? I’m so sorry.” 

    “No, I need to know,” Jason said, clearing his throat and holding his hand up in a stop-right-there position. “What are these cool kid things you like?” 

    Tim’s eyes flit up and down again. “Stuff. Skateboarding. Parkour.”

    “You do not like parkour,” Steph said while Jason laughed too hard to hide in his second round of coughs. She tried to imagine Tim’s scrawny little butt doing flips over low walls and had to push her lips together to keep from laughing herself. They’d finally gotten Tim to hang out with them. She did not want to immediately scare him away. 

    “I do,” Tim insisted, finally putting the menu down. “I used to sneak out every night and climb buildings.”

    “You used to sneak out,” Steph repeated. “At night. To do parkour.” He nodded and she leaned forward to put her hand over his. “I think you might be the cool kid, Tim. It’s you.”

    He flushed and pulled his hand away, returning his full attention to the menu.

    His version of ‘sneaking out to parkour’ was probably more like going into his villa courtyard and walking along the garden walls, but it was cute that he was trying to impress them. 

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    #tim drake#stephanie brown#jason todd#batfam#batfic#chirp #it's still a few weeks until I'll start posting the chapters #but here's a preview #amwriting#wip
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  • Day 1  — College of Music AU

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