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  • cheekynacho
    05.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I reload the Jason Voorhees tag on tumlbr every night. I reload the last updated fanfics of "Jason Voorhees " on ao3 every day.

    I reload everything of Jason for 2 years now since I started playing Dead by Daylight.

    I'm displeased when there's only 2 new posts after 24 hours.

    This is not a hyperfixation anymore. This is chronic simping and I refuse to be cured.

    #Jason Voorhees #Sry I polute the tags #But am I the only one???? #JASON IS DA BOI #Tha man!!
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  • helloweenhorror
    05.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Me in a gIft from MadamKSews

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  • shadowhuntresso
    05.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The slashers as things I said 👉🏻👉🏻


    -"Tell the frigde your story I'm sure it's gonna like it but please for the love of my holy potatos let me eat"

    Thomas Hewitt

    -*seaches for cat* "where's my son?"

    Bo Sinclair

    -"If you don't take the stick out of your ass I'm gonna do it, but I'm making sure it'll hurt Bitch!"


    -"I'm an artist bitch now give me the cake"


    -"Yep that's a bird...oh no wait is that...nope that was a stick"

    Bubba Swayer

    -"there's a duck outside.....MOM WAIT!!!!"


    -*hears an odd sound and gets a knife* "okay who's ass am I gonna kick tonight baby"


    -"I love nature!....god danm it these fucking birds"


    -"You're so speacial I don't even find you annoying and this has something to say"


    -"great....now do you think I could fuck someone to Rammstein?"


    -"Don't you have a hairdresser you can tell that shit? I'm bussy doing absolutly nothing and you're kinda dissturbing me"


    -*sees cat eating some spider* "does it taste good?"

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  • yourfavehatesnfts
    05.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th fucking hates NFTs!

    Requested by: Anonymous

    #jason voorhees #friday the 13th #your fave #your fave hates nfts
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  • randomly-a-fan
    05.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    First Christmas with Jason Part 1


    This is where MJ explains to her daughter about her first-time spending Christmas with Jason (10 years ago).

    After a few days of getting used to living in the cabin with Jason, she decided to go out for a stroll around the woods. MJ has no idea what day or what Month it was, since Jason doesn’t keep track on that stuff. MJ was going to learn to adapt with not knowing the date until she saw a lumberjack in the woods; even though she knew that no one is allowed to enter Jason’s woods, but she wanted the time to ask someone for the date. “Excuse me sir, would you mind tell me the time of date it is today?” MJ asked calmly. The man turned and smiled before he answered. “Why it’s December the 13th; I’m just looking for a perfect tree for my wife and kids. You don’t suppose you know where I can find the perfect pine tree, do you?” The lumberjack asked. 

    Both MJ and the man were unaware of Jason approaching slowly towards the lumberjack with his axe, since it’s what he was using for chopping some wood for the fireplace. “Well, I think the better place to find a tree is at the Tree Farm down at--JASON NO!!” MJ screamed before Jason decapitated the lumberjack’s head with his axe. Jason looked over at MJ’s scared and shocked face. ‘MJ was used to his deeds of killing trespassers, what’s her problem?’ Jason asked himself. MJ walked away from Jason with anger and tears running down her eyes. Killing trespassers that do drugs, drink or do premarital sex is one thing, but kill off a family man is just pushed through her level.


    MJ was lying in bed with her face pasted to the pillow. Then she heard Jason approaching her with a lunch plate in his hands for her. MJ sighed before she took the plate from him. “Thanks...” MJ said with a glum impression. Jason sat down and gave her the note; ‘You were fine with my killing deeds before, how come you were so bombarded over the death of the lumberjack?' Jason asked. “That trespasser was a family-man with a wife and kids, KIDS... So you basically killed the husband/father!” MJ said with angry tears. “The fact that the kids will have to face the fact that their dad was killed is what haunts me... Can you imagine what it’s like to lose someone in your family that you love so much by some psycho?” MJ said until she realized what she just said; She remembered Jason explaining to her a while ago about the death of his mother. She can tell that Jason was depressed over it; seeing him facing down on the floor. “Jay... I’m sorry... I forgot about... your mother... I didn’t know what I was thinking.” MJ said with guilt. There’s a long pause between the both of them, so they both decided to take a break on seeing each other for a few moments until they are ready to talk again.

    In the present, MJ never told Malon the full detail about the lumberjack’s death, since it’s too gruesome to her liking, so she kept that part low for her mental safety.

    A week later, MJ was doing the dishes after her and Jason finished their dinner. Jason didn’t want to touch the water so he offered to dry the dishes and put them away. MJ then thought of something that she just remembered from last week; it’s almost Christmas, so she thought of asking him. “Jay... I just remembered that it’s almost Christmas, don’t you think maybe we should get a tree for the living room?” MJ asked with a smile. Jason sighed before he shook his head ‘no’. “No... Why no, don’t you like Christmas?” MJ asked in concern. Jason puts down the plate that he was going to dry to get a notepad. Then he wrote down his response. 'There’s no sense on celebrating Christmas because it’s just the two of us.' MJ read the note and stared sadly. “But we’re still a family, besides, I want to at least do something that reminded me of my home and my family.” MJ explained. Jason rolled his eyes from behind his mask before he left to his room. MJ turned towards the sink to continue the dishes before she tears up.

    Because Jason won’t go out to look for a tree, MJ decided to go out on her own and find a Christmas tree herself. She went to Jason’s shed to borrow an axe and then went out to look for a tree. 

    MJ learned a little from Jason on how to chop with an axe, but she had a little help from him, and it’s only for chopping wood for the fire. Until she spotted the perfect tree, she walked around it to check for any creatures that could be living in it; like the birds or the any woodland animals. “Hmm... Looks good enough to me.” MJ said to herself. She was going to chop it down until she got lost in her thought; “How do I know where the tree will fall?” MJ took a finale guess that it’s wherever the chopped side is what gets tipped over. However, she wasn’t entirely correct, she needed to chop half way and then push it down, that way it won’t fall on her... And that’s what happened. 

    The tree fell right on top of her and crushed her to the ground, she was going to crawl out, but the tree branch stabbed her arm so she’s stuck there until someone comes to her rescue. It took about ten minutes before Jason came out after noticing that MJ was gone. He rushed over to check on his girl. “Jason! My arm is stabbed by a tree branch!” MJ cried. Jason dug his hand to where the branch was and did the trimming on some of the branches so he can get better access. Jason used his machete to cut through the branch. Jason then helped MJ up and took her back to the cabin. 

    Jason grabbed his first aid kit and find the right tools to remove the branch off her arm. “Jason, you can’t remove it yourself and expect it to be solved with basic medics... I need to go to the hospital.” Jason took her injured arm and carefully removed the branch by digging his finger into the wound to dig out the branch, then he put pressure on the gash with a damp cloth before pouring some rubbing alcohol on the wound. MJ’s screams can be heard from a mile from all the pain she was in. 

    After a few minutes, Jason stitched up her wound and put a bandage on it, then he gave her arm a lingering kiss before he kissed MJ’s tears away. “I... I...” MJ tries to apologize but couldn’t get the words out because of the pain and the guilt she’s in, Jason just gently placed his two fingers on her lips and escorted her to their room, as he can tell that she’s also exhausted, so he decided to let her take a nap.


    After an hour, MJ woke up from the smell of pine, she turned her head and saw a small little pine tree in the corner of their room, decorated with handmade ornaments. MJ came out to the living room and saw Jason in the kitchen preparing dinner. She rushed over to Jason and gave him a big hug with her arms around his waist. “Thank you, sweetie...” MJ thanked while tearing up with happy tears. Jason smiled down at her as he believed that what he did was something worthwhile; in a way that made her day even special. He lifted her up as he was going to hug her properly before they kissed by the lips.


    “That wasn’t so bad, you and dad got a Christmas tree anyway, what’s the problem?” Malon asked. MJ was going to answer until she heard the oven ding. “I’ll answer in a second, the first batch of shortbread cookies are done.” MJ said as she was walking over to the oven to check on the cookies. The shortbread cookies looked scrumptious, so she took them out and put them on the cooling rack before putting the second batch in the oven.

    After the timer is set, MJ walked back to the living room with Malon snuggling against her. “To answer your question, that wasn’t the sad part. There’s still more layers in the onion that needed to be peeled before we get to the core.” Malon laughed at her mom’s ‘layers quote’ with an onion. It wasn’t the first time that her mom used the onion quote; her mom explained that it means that the story needed to start from the beginning before it can get to the end of the story, in other words; ‘the core’. “Anyway baby girl, it happened on the days when it was getting close to Christmas; which is where we had our first snow fall.” MJ continued.

    To be Continued 

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  • horror-my-beloved
    05.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    that one actor they used for Jason tho… double-cheeked up on a Friday the 13th afternoon 👀

    #jason voorhees#comfort character #friday the 13th #og #im thinkin abt Jason’s muscles to avoid remembering a horrifying thing i just read <3 #it’s well written but eUGH
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  • kim-sala-bim
    05.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    HPHM as Slasher Killers

    Merula - Freddy Krueger / / / /

    Kim - Jason Voorhees🔪

    Ismelda - Ghostface👻

    Ben - Michael Myers 🎭

    Corey - Leatherface🪡

    Tonks - Chucky🪆🔪

    Tulip - Jigsaw🧩👹

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  • killers-behind-you
    05.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Jason Voorhees prompt:

    “I love everything about you.” Hand/finger kissing.

    Includes: gn!reader w/negative self image focused on disliking their hands, first kiss, soft Jason, Jason knows sign language, fluff!! My hc for Jason is that he knows sign language and isn’t really super undead like zombie version :p please excuse the super cliche writing. This became longer than I expected it to be!!! 😳

    You have been staying with Jason for four months now. He had spared you from the same fate of your fellow campers after you showed kindness to him, when he saw how different you were from the others. You could even communicate with him with sign language! Pamela relayed in his mind that you were meant for him.

    Of course you couldn’t leave, but you got used to the camp and and the woods around you, as well as the machete-wielding giant man who had spared your life. He didn’t talk much, but from the time spent living in the same cabin as him, you’ve become friends with him and a mutual affection grew between the two of you.

    Like how comfortable you felt in his arms -how gentle he was with you and how safe with him you felt. He would never hurt you, and the loving care you returned to him made him want to break down. It’s all he ever wanted- no, needed- ever since he was left alone after his mother was killed.

    When you first kissed, he did cry. He hadn’t wanted you to see his face- it’d be too painful to see you grimace or step back in revolt, or even scream like others had- but you didn’t. You cupped his face in your hands and smiled, “You’re so handsome.”

    There was no teasing in your voice, and the way your eyelids drooped as you looked at his lips made his face burn up, blushing. Your lips touched and he let you kiss him, showing him how much you loved him, and he couldn’t help the tears from falling down his cheeks, the feeling of this kind of love so new to his damaged heart.

    So when he’d try to hold your hands at night and you’d pull them away and hold his arms instead… it made him wonder. Did you not like his hands?

    You’d walk together in the forest, him guiding the way, and when he reached for your hand, you wound your arms around his instead, letting him guide you like that. He didn’t object, he was closer to you this way after all, but still, your aversion to holding hands lingered in his mind.

    He decided to be bold. One day after returning from his patrol, he found you in the cabin, reading a book.

    He sat down on the couch next to you, making you lose your balance and sink closer to him, making you laugh.

    Turning to face you, he held you up by your shoulders first, tilting his head, and slid his hands down your arms until they enclosed over your hands, causing you to start at the contact, and instinctively you pulled back.

    “Why do you pull away?”

    What? You don’t do that…

    He tilts his head and you can see in his eyes that he doesn’t believe you.

    “Do you… not want me to touch you?” He warily signs it, slightly shaking. Did he do something to frighten you? Hurt you? Everything had seemed to be going fine…

    No! No… you sighed, realizing that he would think about it more if you didn’t settle this now… you started to explain to him how you were self-conscious about your hands.

    “Because they are smaller?”

    That made you laugh… but no, you explained.

    You spoke of how you didn’t like them for reasons, whether it was a skin condition, different shaped hands or other things like callouses or scars. You just didn’t want him to touch your hands and be grossed out by them or something.

    His eyes looked pained, hearing these words come from your mouth- your mouth that had so readily kissed him after he let you see his face and his own insecurities.

    “I love your hands,” he signed to you. You smiled and looked down to the side, as if you couldn’t really believe him.

    He pulled off his mask and set it down on the table next to them. His eyes were intense as he held out his hands, scarred and huge palms facing upward, waiting. Waiting for you to hold them.

    Taking the chance, breath shaking, you reached out and softly rested your hands into his, letting him enclose his fingers around you.

    He brought them up to his face, and started placing kisses on them- your palms, the top of your hands, then your knuckles, his eyes never leaving yours.

    It’s safe to say you were flushed and blushing like crazy at the attention.

    He pulled you closer and kissed you, and you embraced the heated kiss.

    He then pulled away, letting you breathe but leaving you wanting more, he placed one last soft kiss on your fingers before resting them down.

    “I love you. All of you.”

    #jason voorhees x reader #tooth rotting fluff #slashers#jason voorhees #jason voorhees x you #slasher prompt#my writing#slasher#fluff#hand kissing#hands #self conscious reader #friday the thirteenth #friday the 13th #Friday the 13th fanfic
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  • multifandomwritings
    05.12.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #slashers x reader #slashers x you #slasher x reader #slasher imagines#slasher imagine#slasher headcanons #thomas hewitt x reader #jason voorhees x reader #michael myers x reader #brahms heelshire x reader #bo sinclair x reader #vincent sinclair x reader #lester sinclair x reader
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  • sinfulwrites
    05.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Slashers reacting to their S/O calling them their first name again.

    Hi!! I'm alive!

    I bring slasher stuff this time. I was watching a tiktok trend where people call their partner by their first name and it inspired me to write this. Enjoy!!

    Jason Voorhees

    Don’t be alarmed, but you’re going to scare his soul right out of him.

    Especially if you say his name in a serious tone, now he thinks he’s in trouble.

    Near the beginning of your relationship to Jason, he always seemed to act very odd when you called his name. Like an alert dog who heard the heel command. Not that there was anything wrong with that, maybe a little startling at most.

    It’s because he knows to listen if he hears his name being called, and before you were ever around, it would have been mama Voorhees speaking to him. And she gets his 100% attention. But you don’t know that, and he can’t exactly explain it to you either.

    You started calling him a simple pet name at first, just to see how he reacted to it. Something as simple as “honey.”

    He didn’t negatively react, but you also didn’t get that snap around reaction. Almost like a, “... Oh, they must be talking to me!” kind of responses. But he didn’t address you calling him by something else.

    Little did you know he was gushing.

    Jason loves nicknames! Even all grown up, he loves being called his mom’s “special little boy.” Deep down he was hoping for you to start calling him by a nickname, but he wasn’t going to ask you to. Then it’s not special!

    And so, it became the norm. So much so that if you did refer to him by his name he’s immediately going to think something is wrong, or he did something wrong and is now trying to retrace all his steps up until now.

    Will calm down when he realizes it’s nothing serious, but is now wondering why you didn’t call him what you usually did. That’s not my name anymore…

    OG Michael Myers

    Loooong stare down after you do it.

    “... Didn’t realize we were back to that level, Y/N.”

    God, Y/N, pick one!

    When you first started calling Michael a nickname, he really hated it at first. His name is Michael. Not baby, and especially not boo. But eventually, it became routine. He got used to being referred to as your honey.

    When you’re at the level where he tolerates your nicknames, you’ve definitely had a few arguments and disagreements by now. Especially considering who you decided to start dating.

    He has now started thinking “Full name = Y/N is mad.” Now he doesn’t want to be called Michael.

    And you’re the one who needs to pick one…

    You can only roll your eyes at this point.

    “Sorry, honey, can you please take the trash with you?”

    He finally took the damn trash from you and continued on with his night to do whatever it was he did when he left.

    Probably best not to ask.

    RZ Michael Myers

    Immediately stops whatever he’s doing and looks at you.

    Will do a complete 180 if he has too.

    What did you say??

    Now, he’s familiar with what’s going on. When people are in a relationship, they use nicknames. His mom and step dad did. (If “Whore” and “Fucker” were nicknames.)

    In the beginning, he didn’t like it, but he knew why you were doing it. He eventually warmed up to the idea of only being your sweetie. (But best believe if anyone heard, they’ll never see the light of day again.)

    Like with his OG counterpart, you’re going to argue with this man. It’s inevitable. He knows when his name is called in that firm tone, you’re gonna get in a fight. But unlike his counterpart, he doesn’t always contribute it to you being mad. He knows what you’re doing.

    You found out how much he preferred to be called a nickname and is now teasing him with his real now and then to mess with him. Consider it your little payback for always having to clean up all the mud he tracks into the house.

    He has two usual responses. The stare before he just rolls his eyes and stops humoring you, now only responding if you call him “sweetie.” And the other…

    “I’m sorry, sweetie, please keep your boots on the porch! I just cleaned the floors.”

    He stares at you for a while longer before finally conceding and removing his boots by the door.

    “Thanks… Michael.”

    Boots immediately drop on the floor, door flung shut, you’re scooped straight up and taken right there in the dining room. On your stupidly expensive dining room table.

    Hope you didn’t have plans later.

    2018 Michael Myers

    Today was a fairly simple day. Michael stayed home all day, just sticking around you a little more than usual. Nothing too out of the ordinary. He even let you lay on him as you watched a movie together.

    Well, you were mostly watching it. He was just looking at you.

    He always just looks at you. It could mean a million things, and he doesn’t plan to let you in on what he’s thinking any time soon.

    When you first called him a nickname, it was like he wasn’t ever going to stop looking at you. He stared so long you thought he hated it, and almost didn’t do it again. He had been called many things in his long life in the pen, but you were the first to call him something as cute as “baby.” Loomis must be rolling in his grave.

    Nowadays he’s used to it. “Michael” is now a foreign name to him coming from you. Sometimes he might ignore you out of spite because you didn’t say the right name. Oh but now he can suddenly hear you when you say “baby.”

    Perhaps it was the tame atmosphere that made you so relaxed which caused the slip.

    “Michael, are you hungry?”

    At first you’re met with silence, and very soon you got a shake of the head. But not to your question.

    “Don’t refer to me by my government name.”

    It was so sudden and out of nowhere you couldn’t help but laugh. His tone didn’t indicate any humor, but you knew he was joking because he pulled you closer after he said it. If he was mad, you’d have been shoved off.

    Now you’re in shock.

    The Shape just cracked a joke.

    Maybe his old age softened him around the edges. Maybe this was one of his special little “only for you” moments.

    “... I thought your government name was a bunch of numbers.”

    You were only met with a huff inside his mask. You could practically hear the eye roll too.

    Unluckily for him, you just love to mess with him whenever you can. Unfortunately for you, you also forgot that he’s gonna punish you later for it. You’ll remember soon enough.

    Brahms Heelshire

    Immediate puppy eyes.

    “It’s baby, Y/N…”

    In that pleading tone, as if you genuinely forgot.

    He didn’t think he was going to be as excited as he was when you first called him your baby. He had always hoped you would, but couldn’t get himself to ask you to call him a nickname. He couldn’t use the rule card, it wasn’t a rule, and you would definitely notice if he added it to the rules.

    He almost cried when you did it the first time. He immediately asked you to say it again. And again and again… Until he decided he needed to hear you scream it. (Good thing he worked for it, if you catch my drift…)

    Fair to say, it wasn’t hard to figure out he liked being called that. So, you referred to him as your baby. You saved his name for moments when he was throwing his many tantrums about something so small.

    “First Name = In Trouble” formula again.

    Especially if he genuinely did nothing wrong, You will have to reassure him about twenty times that he is not in trouble, it was just a slip of the tongue. You might have to slip a little more to fully calm him down… (Sex at 2 oclock fast approaching.)

    If you’re trying to scold him though, that just might ignite his flame even more. “It’s not Brahms! I’m baby!”

    He certainly matches the name… Thankfully right now, he was being good for real.

    “You’re right baby, I’m sorry.”

    He spares you the usual routine and settles with a long snuggle until he feels better since the two of you were outside. You were cleaning the traps, so you had to endure the dead rat smell for a little bit.

    He’s lucky you love him.

    Bo Sinclair

    “Uh, who’s Bo?”

    “Uuuh… You?”

    “I don’t know no “Bo,” sweetheart.”

    God, this man makes such a scene. Will drag the joke on way too long. It’s not funny anymore Bo, please stop.

    He was probably the first one to start doing the nickname thing. Actually, he probably said “fuck no” to the first name basis very early one. You aren’t “Y/N,” you’re his darlin. His very special sweetheart. It was only a matter of time until you started doing it too.

    It became a game between you two, with you insisting to “let it happen naturally.” With his brilliant argument of, “or ya could say it now.” With that sly grin and wink of his.

    Unsuprisingly, it slipped out of you during sex. And you best believe he had you screaming it like a prayer for the rest of the night. (Poor Vincent.)

    After giving in, Bo now pulls these moves whenever you say his name. Unless it’s in the middle of an argument. He’s too angry then.

    After you roll your eyes at your ridiculous boyfriend he will scoop you up into his lap, kissing you from head to neck, definitely kissing your breasts before he teases you again.

    “I don’t gotta remind you my name, do I darlin…?”

    And very wisely, you shake your head no.

    Vincent Sinclair

    He notices immediately when it happens.

    “Hey Vincent, can I help you out at all?”

    You saying his name threw him off for a moment, but he brushed it off. It wasn’t too big of a deal. You don’t even notice what you said either. There was no reason to make a fuss.

    Vincent was used to affectionate nicknames from his mother and father, so he was familiar with the nickname thing. Doesn’t make him any less warm and fuzzy inside when you call him “baby” for the first time. He can’t stop himself from pulling you close to him and bumping your foreheads together.

    Every now and then it takes him by surprise when you say his actual name, but unless he knows he’s in trouble, he never points it out or brings it up.

    Truth be told, you never did notice what you said because you got lost in watching Vincent sculpt his wax sculptures and helping whenever you could.

    It sadly had to end though, you unfortunately had things to do. With one last hug in his lap and a kiss on his cheek, you part. Of course, calling him baby on your way out.

    You don’t see it, but he smiles when he hears the nickname again.

    That sounds much better.

    Bubba Sawyer

    You were rushing. Drayton would be home soon, and you and Bubba.. Let’s say, you forgot about the chores for a while. Now you were both hauling ass to finish cleaning before Drayton got back.

    “Bubba, I need the broom please!”

    He did bring you the broom, but you could tell he was giving you a weird look.

    Oh, you have no idea how happy he was when he first heard “sweetie” leave your lips for the first time. He nearly scoops you up and twirls you around; he's so happy!

    His favorite is “pumpkin.” It gets him a little more giddy than the others.

    As far as he’s concerned, he is “baby, sweetie, and pumpkin” for now on. Who’s Bubba? Never heard of him.

    He doesn’t even care if Drayton picks on him for the babying you do to him. It’s special between the two of you, and nothing Drayton says will change it.

    “Thank you bab…” You noticed the look. You knew he was pouting behind that mask. Despite working against the clock here, you can’t help but laugh and hug him close, making sure to give him a big kiss on the cheek. He shamelessly picks you up and holds you close as you do.

    “Thank you baby, but you gotta put me down, we gotta finish up.”

    You’re both upset by having to part, but you both knew you didn’t want to be wacked by Drayton when he got home.

    He’ll stroke your cheek before going back to cleaning, all giddy and happy again.

    Thomas Hewitt

    “Hey Thomas, you want some sweet tea?”

    The cleaver hit the cutting board one more time before it was left planted in the wood so Thomas could turn and look at you.

    By now you’ve realized the mistake, and you knew what was coming.

    Thomas was only used to being called mean names his whole life, so when you start calling him something so soft and sweet, he can barely handle it.

    The love he felt in just being called your “sweetheart” almost had him in tears. To hell with Hoyt and his teasing, no matter what anyone says, he’s your sweetheart. Your sweetie pie if you insist. You’re the only one to make him feel so happy with a simple nickname, nothing was ruining this for him.

    Sadly, you two fight sometimes. Every couple does, and you two always make up in the end. This has got him into the mindset of “name = in trouble” though, so sometimes he’ll think he’s in trouble. The other times though, he shows off that sass he keeps deep inside.

    “Sure, Y/N.”

    You both immediately cringe, and agree never to do it again with some giggling and kissing. The sweet tea has long been forgotten. He wants something even sweeter…

    #slasher x reader #jason voorhees#michael myers #brahms the boy #bubba sawyer#thomas hewitt #Hi I'm alive #I've had art block for a while #I also started a new job so I lost like 80% of my writing time #I'll pump them out when I can #I hope y'all like this!
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  • lostchickens
    05.12.2021 - 13 hours ago
    #friday the 13th #jason voorhees #jason voorhees x reader #jason voorhees x you #fanfiction#oneshot#scenario#slasher#fluff #big man gets big teddy #the teddy's name is jason jr btw #your child #the chickens are lost
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  • duranduratulsa
    05.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Now showing...Friday The 13th, Part 3 (1982) on glorious vintage VHS 📼! #movie #movies #horror #fridaythe13th #fridaythe13thpart3 #seanscunningham #jason #jasonvoorhees #vintage #vhs #80s

    #movie#movies#horror #friday the 13th part 3 d #friday the 13th part 3 #friday the 13th #sean s cunningham #jason voorhees#jason#vintage#VHS#80s
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  • misterrickletheficklepickle
    05.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    A tattoo design I was commissioned for.

    #jason voorhees #Friday the 13th #my art
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  • s0da-groove
    05.12.2021 - 15 hours ago
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  • jazzpear
    04.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    WIP of a very gentle lad 💙

    Consider commissioning me? Commission sheet can be found on my page!

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  • luxmberg
    04.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    lgbt slasher headcanons bc I can

    michael myers

    uses he/it but genuinely doesn't care what you call him

    demiromantic and pansexual

    jason voorhees

    he/they, doesn't have a particular gender identity he uses but he likes being called they/them

    is biromantic and asexual

    probably sex repulsed aswell

    freddy krueger

    mostly uses he/him, but has been toying around with the idea of neopronouns

    omnisexual with a lean towards women

    brahms heelshire

    personally I think he's bicurious

    he may have felt things for malcom


    norman bates

    I wholeheartedly believe he's gay

    a compulsory heterosexual, never felt anything for marie

    TRANS. oh my god he's trans masc. if any of you disagree with me you're wrong

    bubba sawyer

    genderfluid. isn't it obvious?

    uses all pronouns, but mostly prefers they/them and she/her


    bo sinclair

    SO MUCH internalised homophobia

    will hate crime you if he knew you were gay

    but he's basically just trying to suppress his own sexuality (which I headcanon as bi)


    vincent sinclair

    vince isn't as fruity as other slashers, but is still a little gay

    has probably though about kissing men once or twice


    thomas hewitt

    I mean.. tommy's a little gay in that one scene

    ripping that guy's shirt open and putting his fingers in his mouth.. smths definitely going on there

    he likes all neopronouns, but everyone just uses he/him (gross cissies) but he's ok with it. he couldn't care less what anybody calls him

    and he uses all pronouns, so you can't really misgender him

    #slashers#slasher #slasher x reader #slashers x reader #slasher community#michael myers#jason voorhees#freddy krueger#brahms heelshire#norman bates#bubba sawyer#bo sinclair#vincent sinclair#thomas hewitt#halloween #friday the 13th #the texas chainsaw massacre #house of wax #psycho#the boy #a nightmare on elm street
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  • general-nerdy
    04.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Just got finished recording the fan commentary for Never Hike Alone: The Ghost Cut!

    It was super interesting to hear from the director Vincente DiSanti about the filming process, and his take on the whole of the Friday the 13th franchise. I can’t wait to see more of his work! He’s got me hyped!

    If you’ve never seen Never Hike Alone, I highly recommend it. It’s a fantastic fan film with some great homages to the original films! You can support their Indiegogo here, and hear me gush about Jason in the track when it’s released!

    #never hike alone #never hike alone in the snow #never hike alone: the ghost cut #friday the 13th #jason voorhees#horror#slashers#movies
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  • clown-funeral-party
    04.12.2021 - 20 hours ago

    If I was Jason Voorhees I'd just smoke weed with the campers, too lazy to keep killing them

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