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    twilight masterlist

    Jasper Hale

    Edward Cullen

    Emmett Cullen

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    Collision - Chapter 5

    image from google; please ignore that it's Esme 😅

    Word Count: 3,960

    Story Description: (Y/N) Uley is back home after being away for four years. Her life at its first standstill and she is taking this time to find out who she is without school. But she never thought that coming back to the reservation would turn her whole life around. In the midst of secrets and mystery, a man crashes into (Y/N)’s and her life will never be the same.

    *DISCLAIMER* I do not own in any way Twilight, all credits of the pre-established characters, script, and storyline belong to Stephanie Meyer and Summit Entertainment. The only thing I own is Uley Reader insert, any upcoming characters, and her storyline, as well as her effects in the others’ story line.

    Chapter: 5/?

    A/N: Sorry I haven't updated in a bit. Working on my business and some health issue, but hopefully I will post a bit more regularly. If you enjoy my writing I’ll also be posting them in AO3 and Wattpad along with other stories. You can request at any time any story or one shot you desire. Hope you enjoy and all constructive criticism is encouraged.

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    Chapter 5

    Carlisle couldn’t believe that (Y/N) had been the first one to take a step forward. He was still working when his phone had vibrated in his pocket. He only stopped to look at it once he was done with the page he was holding at the moment. When (Y/N)’s name popped up on the screen, a smile painted on his face. It was a short conversation, but the blank page on his planner for Sunday now had an important activity at five-thirty. He felt nerves building up in the pit of his belly, anticipation building inside of him. A day and a half stood between him and seeing (Y/N) again.

    The emotions he was experiencing treaded on thin water. No matter how much he wanted to be next to her, there would always be a treaty standing in the way. Unlike Edward and Bella, (Y/N) lived in LaPush and was under close watch by the alpha of the Quileute tribe. Although his son’s relationship with the human from Forks was forbidden, it was a tad more manageable than whatever he was discovering with the sister of a shapeshifter.

    He ran his hands through his golden hair and let out a sigh of defeat. There wasn’t much left to do at the office, so he packed everything up and headed home. He was not ready for whatever interrogation was waiting for him back at the house. Carlisle had yet to go home that week, deciding to stay as close to (Y/N) as he possibly could. He would rest in his office, pretending to sleep as to not raise suspicion from his coworkers. No one questioned as to why the doctor had not gone home, it had been a busy week and he was the best doctor they had.

    Carlisle put his car in park and stared at his front door— Alice would be behind the door, a million questions about (Y/N) would be asked, none to which he’d have the answer to. He grabbed his briefcase and braced himself. Before his hand could reach for the door handle, it opened.

    “Hi, Carlisle!” Alice perked. Her face was lit up with a giant grin and her eyes held a playful stare. She didn’t need Edward’s mind-reading powers to know what he had been up to that week. “How was your week?”

    “Tiring, Alice. I’d really just like some peace and quiet.”


    “He’d rather be back in his office, reading with (Y/N),” Edward chuckled from behind a book. “No other advancements in the relationship. But they do have a date on Sunday.”

    “A date?! Oh, that’s wonderful, Carlisle.”

    “It is, and Edward, you know I don’t appreciate you reading my mind to divulge private information,” he smiled. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to my office.”

    Thankfully, Alice had left him alone and he was able to decompress in his office. He had grown accustomed to the books he had collected over the years, but seeing (Y/N) fawn over them awakened his love for them once more. His golden eyes scoured through all the spines and a smile was painted on his face. He reminisced on the first time (Y/N) came into his office. She had been uncertain about going in, knowing the important work he was doing; she didn’t want to become a distraction, she had said. The girl didn’t know that even in absence, she was his biggest distraction.

    “Come in.” A knock on the door had captivated Carlisle’s attention and broke his train of thought. “Oh, good evening, Esme.”

    “That girl really has a pull on you, huh?” She grinned. “I haven’t seen you smile this big in a long time.”

    “She’s truly something special.”

    “You shouldn’t feel guilty for pursuing happiness, Carlisle.” Esme smiled. Through the years she had come to know Carlisle in a deeper level, being able to read his silence and know his thoughts without having to read his mind. “It’s been long enough.”

    “I just do not believe that I should delve into the risk of being with her for my own happiness. I must think of the family and how our relationship could affect your safety,” he sighed. “It’s selfish.”

    “Carlisle, after a century of loneliness, no one will judge you for being selfish this one time.” The forever 26-year-old rested her hand on the doctor’s shoulder, a reassuring energy being transferred from it. “You deserve to explore this relationship for yourself, we’re all big enough to take care of ourselves. And if what Alice sees is true, this is destined to happen. Allow yourself to have something good in your life.”

    “I can’t say that I won’t have my doubts about it, but I can tell you I will try my best to enjoy whatever this may be.”

    They both shared a smile just before Esme left the room, leaving Carlisle alone with his thoughts. His heart and his brain were in dangerous turmoil, debating on choosing possible happiness or ensuring the treaty was preserved. They were already crossing a line by allowing Edward and Bella to have a relationship. But he would give himself permission to see where this adventure with (Y/N) Uley would take him.

    Saturday flew by quickly since (Y/N) spent most of the day in and out of sleep. Her mother had not allowed her to do anything else. Following Dr. Cullen’s instructions, Allison limited her time in front of the tv and computer, closed all the curtains in the house to minimize her exposure to bright lights, made sure she was well hydrated while she was awake, fed her protein centered foods accompanied with other with antioxidants and rich in omega-3s, and a lot of rest. She had not left her room since she had gotten home Friday night. But (Y/N) had made sure to tell her mother that she had an important meeting on Sunday.

    It took a long time to convince Allison to let her daughter go, agreeing to at least driving her up to Forks so she could meet up with her school friend. (Y/N) had decided to lie about her meeting with Carlisle, opting to tell her she was meeting up with a schoolmate that had graduated a year before her. Her mother had questioned why this friend couldn’t pick her up from her house, but somehow (Y/N) had been able to convince her mother that her friend was spending time with their family in Forks and was on a tight schedule to not miss a flight back home. Truly, she didn’t want Carlisle to risk crossing the treaty their ancestors had made, knowing the importance the elders held to it. Carlisle had agreed to meet her at the Art Center in Forks and return her there once they were done to the same place, only leaving after her mother would pick her up.

    On Sunday morning, she woke up earlier than she had intended. (Y/N) had passed the night tossing and turning, nerves running through her veins for the encounter she’d have to endure in the afternoon. As excited as she was to see Carlisle again, she couldn’t help but feel anxious about the time they would spend together alone. The past five days had been comfortable and exciting, getting to know each other a welcome activity they had partaken in, but that was seen in a friendly light. Now she was looking at him in a way she had not looked at anyone else. (Y/N) wanted nothing more at the moment than to have Carlisle look at her in the same way, and today would be a testament to whether their relationship would take that route or not.

    “Morning, mom!” (Y/N) perked as she walked down the stairs following the smell of breakfast coming from the kitchen.

    “Good morning, darling.” Allison had her back turned to her daughter, plating the eggs she had just finished cooking. “Sit down, breakfast is almost done.”

    “Smells good,” she sat. A few more seconds, Allison turned and placed two plates on the table for the pair.

    “So, you excited for today?” (Y/N) nodded, not wanting to give away too much information. “I know I won’t be able to meet this school friend but tell me more about her. How long have you guys been friends? You haven’t said much about this mystery person.”

    “Um, we met in my junior year, she was a senior at the time, and we’ve kept in close contact. She has some family in Forks and since we haven’t seen each other in a bit she invited me to go out for a bit. Her time’s a bit short cause she had a flight tonight so I’m sorry you won’t get to meet her.”

    “Oh, and what’s her name?”

    “Um,” (Y/N) had to think quickly on a pretend name for this fake friend. “Carine. Maybe next time she’s around you can meet her.”

    “That’d be great, honey! I’d be delighted to meet this friend of yours. I’m sad that I have to work this afternoon, it’d be fun to finally meet someone from the time you were in school. You never talked about friends or anything back then.”

    “I know, it seemed like the most boring part of my life when I was in school.” She chuckled dryly, hiding the truth behind her laughter.

    “But I hope you have a good time there. Let me know as soon as you guys leave Port Angeles, so I know when to leave, alright?”

    “Of course,” (Y/N) smiled. “Thanks, mom.”

    “Any time, honey.”

    After breakfast, (Y/N) cleaned all the used dishes and pans before going to her room to get ready with enough time to overthink her outfit and review talking topics in her head. As the time arrived to leave the house, her bed was covered in various items of clothing, her floor littered with shoes, all her jewelry scattered across her desk. Her hair had been braided and she had applied the slightest bit of makeup to cover any blemishes she didn’t want to be seen, a bit of mascara, and enough highlight to make her look awake and glowing. Rare was the time she did herself up like this, but she wanted to look her absolute best for her encounter with Carlisle – even if he had already seen her at her worst.

    “You’ve always looked so pretty in red you know.” (Y/N) jumped slightly at the sound of her mother’s voice. “I think this is the one.”

    “That’s perfect!” (Y/N) turned around and smiled at the piece of fabric her mother was holding in her hands. Taking it from her hands, Allison smiled at her daughter, her happiness being so contagious.

    “Are you sure you’re just seeing a friend, (Y/N)?” Allison mused, a playful grin teasing her lips.

    “Yes, mother. Just a friend.”

    “Okay, honey,” she laughed. “Now, hurry up. It’s almost four.”

    “Thanks, mom. I’ll be down in a sec.”

    (Y/N) worked quickly to finish getting dressed, opting for a mix of silver and gold jewelry to accompany the red clothing she was sporting. She decided on some black boots to cover her feet. Although it was summer, Washington was still quite cold. Pairing her outfit with a black leather jacket, she sprung down the stairs with a bag on her back, finding her mother already waiting for her by the door.

    “You look beautiful, darling.” Allison smiled, amazed at how much her daughter had grown up. It had only been four years, but so much had changed in that small amount of time. Allison had lost a son, and her relationship with her daughter was close to none. But her daughter was here now, and there’s nothing she wouldn’t do to keep her close.

    “Thanks, mom.”

    The pair walked outside, getting into the car to drive to Forks. It was only a twenty-minute car ride, but the whole way (Y/N)’s hands felt clammy, and her heart was beating quickly. She tried her best to hide her nerves from the figure next to her, but every time Allison would steal a glance at the passenger side, she noted her daughter’s feelings. She did well not to draw attention to it, knowing it would do no good to her child. Deep down she knew (Y/N) wasn’t meeting up with just a friend.

    “Call me as soon as you leave Port Angeles, okay?”

    “I will, mom. I promise,” (Y/N) smiled. “Drive safe. Love you.”

    “Love you, too. Have fun.”

    (Y/N) watched as her mother’s car drove away, leaving a trail of car smoke behind it. She sat on a bench, waiting for Carlisle to arrive. And with every second that passed, her anxiety rose. Every time (Y/N) looked at her watch, she felt the time was getting closer but no sign of the blond. Before she knew it, 4:30 had arrived. She was starting to feel nervous about the possibility of a stand-up. Her first date had been ruined before it had begun.

    In the Cullen household, Carlisle was running around exasperated. Alice had been berating him over and over about what he was wearing, what car he should take, what excuse to say on why he wasn’t eating that seemed human enough – things Carlisle had already known.

    “Alice, thank you for everything, but I’m already late. What will she think if I don’t show up soon?”

    “Oh, I’m just so excited, Carlisle. I’m glad you’re doing something for yourself.”

    “Thank you, Alice. But if you don’t let me leave it will all be for naught.”

    “Yes, yes! Go. Have fun!”

    Alice waved at the retreating black Mercedes that was leaving the house, smiling at her father figure, the thought of his future only bringing her happiness.

    On the bench, (Y/N) sat growing angsty. Carlisle wasn’t late by much, just a couple of minutes, but he didn’t strike her as someone that was tardy. She was starting to believe that maybe he was married, and he had been caught by his wife trying to leave. The breath hitched in her throat and tears were stinging the corners of her eyes. She fidgeted with her hands and followed with her eyes every car that passed in front of her on the street, none being Carlisle’s.

    It was 4:50 when a black car stopped in front of the art center, the driver’s window rolling down. She felt her lungs finally fill back with air when she saw the pearly white smile she had been thinking of.

    “Sorry for the tardiness, I’m normally early.” Carlisle got out of the car and opened the passenger door for her. “I hope you can forgive me for this.”

    “No worries, I understand,” (Y/N) smiled. The jittery nervousness was back, but that underlying feeling that he was hiding something from her was still there. Pushing her intrusive thoughts back, she got in the car and waited for Carlisle to get in.

    The first few minutes of the ride were silent, only the soft humming of the A/C and the music from the radio were heard. The silence was comfortable, his presence having a calming effect on her. His fingers drummed on the steering wheel to the beat of the song, not sure what to say. They were both too nervous to be the first ones to speak up.

    “How have you been feeling these past few days?” The doctor in him couldn’t help but shine through to start a conversation.”

    “I’ve been feeling okay, my mom won’t let me do anything other than what you recommended. It’s been quite boring, to say the least,” she chuckled. “Nothing like spending time in your office.”

    “Can’t say I didn’t miss you there on Saturday. Kept looking up at the door waiting for you to come in at any point.” He smiled brightly, still looking at the road in front of him. “It was fun having you around.”

    “It was fun being around. I think I might enjoy actually working there.”

    “I would hope so.” His laugh was like music to her ears, as sweet as honey. He gleamed as he smiled, it was almost like she could see shimmer emanating from him. “You’re always welcome to come around whenever you like. As I said at the hospital, my door is always open.”

    “Thank you, Carlisle. I truly appreciate that.”

    It didn’t take long before they were at the restaurant. Although they did almost miss the reservation, Carlisle’s fast driving made sure they got there during the tardy window they had for their table.

    Once they were settled at their table, they were finally able to stare into each other’s eyes. It had been such a short amount of time but there was adoration shining in their pupils. Anyone that saw them would think they were a couple with several years of love between them. (Y/N) believed everything was happening quickly too. The way she had become so infatuated with the man she had just met two weeks ago – she barely knew his name, but she felt so deeply for him.

    (Y/N) wasn’t the only one who felt such strong feelings. Carlisle was feeling like a schoolboy in love, willing to ignore his instincts to have even just an inch of closeness to (Y/N). In two weeks, he had grown captivated by her, in a way he had hoped to be when meeting Esme – who in a century of being together had only grown to be his friend. But with every beautiful thought he had of (Y/N), he couldn’t help but think of everything standing in the way of their happiness. Even if they got together and revealed feelings for each other, they still had to overpass the treaty, the supernatural secret, and the dangers that might arise from their closeness.

    “You’re not eating?” (Y/N) questioned, eyeing the plate of spaghetti and meatballs in front of her.

    “I had a heavy lunch,” he reassured. “I’m still full of that, but you enjoy. Don’t worry about me.”

    “You could have said something, though. I could’ve eaten at home, and we could be doing something else. It’s not very entertaining to watch someone eat.”

    “I don’t mind.” She raised her eyebrow. “Truly. We can go get ice cream when you’re done so you can feel at ease of eating here.”

    “Alright, that’s a deal.”

    They engaged in small conversation before (Y/N) was done with her meal. There was a small ice cream shop near the restaurant where they both got a cone. The afternoon was comfortable, and a walk seemed good enough.

    “Does this ease your worries of being the only one eating?”

    “A tad, but next time you have to eat also. Or we should do something we can both enjoy.”

    “So, I have a chance to do this a next time?” She grinned before taking a lick from the ice cream she held. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

    “Well, I’m definitely not saying no.”

    The sun had started to go down and, through the fog, the sky was turning a beautiful orange and pink hue. It was truly something out of a movie. As they walked down the strip, their hands danced around each other. Inching closer and closer, not daring to touch without permission. They both felt the closeness of their hands, neither responding to the calling of proximity they were yearning.

    “Can I…” They both spoke up at the same time, a laugh interjecting the rest of their questions.

    “Go ahead,” she chuckled.

    “I was just wondering if I could hold your hand.”

    “Funny, I was wondering the same.” They both smiled at each other, inching their hands quickly together.

    A spark was exchanged through their skin, his coldness instantly perceived by her warmer skin. (Y/N) attributed the cold temperature to the ice cream he had been holding, not caring about the difference in degrees – it felt comforting in a way for her. (Y/N) smiled up at Carlisle and got closer to him, enjoying the cone in her hand and the presence of the man beside her.

    Carlisle was surprised that she didn’t recoil when she felt his hand in hers, she seemed to actually enjoy the small act of intimacy. He was overjoyed that (Y/N) was reciprocating the feelings he was experiencing, but he could sense a bit of doubt in her.

    “Is something the matter, (Y/N)?”

    “What do you mean?” (Y/N) looked up at Carlisle, wondering if he could read her mind.

    “It seems something might be troubling you.”

    “It’s nothing to worry about, Carlisle. Don’t worry.”

    “But I can see it’s bothering you.” Carlisle was now standing in front of her, his cone already discarded, and placed his free hand on her cheek. “You can tell me anything, (Y/N).”

    “Alright,” she leaned into his touch before grabbing both his hands in hers. “There is something that I have been questioning.”

    “What is it?”

    “My mother commented on something the other day. Apparently, there’s talk that you’re married and have kids already with this person. And, as much as I like you, I would not enjoy being put into the position of being the other woman.” Although (Y/N) had gathered the courage to voice her worries, she was not able to look into his eyes when she spoke these words. She was putting everything on the table, and she didn’t know how he would take it.

    “(Y/N), I can assure you now and forever I would never put you in a position where you’d have to go against what you believe. And this will not be the exception.” He lifted her chin and held her stare so she would trust in the words he was declaring. “I am not married, and I have never been. I adopted 5 teenagers with my best friend and people just assume that we are a couple. I am tremendously infatuated with you, (Y/N), and I wouldn’t want anything to come between whatever could flourish between us. I hope you can trust that all I’ve said is nothing but the truth.”

    “I do, Carlisle,” she smiled. “I don’t believe there’s any reason for you to lie to me, and I appreciate your honesty. I’m excited to see what will become of us.”

    “You truly are something special, (Y/N) Uley.” A smile painted onto his face as his eyes flickered from her eyes to her lips, wanting nothing more than to seal that statement with a kiss.

    “As are you, Carlisle Cullen.” The man would not wait long before their lips first made contact.

    (Y/N) stood on her tiptoes and balanced herself holding onto one of Carlisle’s arms, closing the gap between them – Carlisle lowered his head to meet her halfway. Electricity rang through their bodies, feeling a ripple in time where pieces of a puzzle had finally fallen into place. Their lips both curled into a smile, and Carlisle’s hand landed on (Y/N)’s neck to deepen the kiss.

    The girl wasn’t sure if she was dreaming --  this being a strange fever dream had crossed her mind. But being able to touch him and be as close as she was now told her that she wasn’t.

    On the other hand, as happy as he was, Carlisle couldn’t help but feel guilty. Nothing stopped the thought that he could be putting his family in danger, or worse, (Y/N). He knew just by having her be associated with the Cullen clan she would have a target on her back, and if the Quileute tribe found out of their relationship it could be grounds for the dissolution of the treaty. Carlisle would never forgive himself if he did anything to jeopardize the lives of the people he most cared for. But for now, he would allow himself to enjoy the moment and take everything as it developed.

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    OKOK WAIT BEFORE I GO I wanna live out my dream of writing NSFW between Jane and her human female mate- y’all want that or do u want me to fuck off—

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    The Romanians reaction to this pls @like-rain-or-confetti

    Vladimir or Stefan: talks about how many wars they fought and etc. During their like 5 millennia’s of living

    Their bored gen z human mate: I fought and won the race against 100 million other people when I was only a few hours old

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    I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll stop writing and just reblog my fav imagines instead bc I literally suck at writing and I’m so cringe- bye

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    NSFW VOLTURI GUARD PART 2 female reader human

    Felix Volturi

    U were tiny asf like TINY compared to his huge 6’8 frame
    So sex was out of the question….at first
    He would avoid u when he would get aroused
    So u decided enough was enough and wore lingerie in front of him
    He had just come back from his feeding
    And his eyes started turning darker and darker from the lust
    He’s definitely a top but also loves it when u ride him
    But he’s still in control cuz he’s the one moving ur hips and slamming u onto him
    He has trouble with controlling himself
    The first time was a bit painful because he’s so big
    But because he ate u out for like an hour beforehand
    U were wet enough to take him on
    It hurt for a few minutes but u never felt so full and pleasured
    Anal was out of the question Tho because again he’s way too big so u would have to wait till u were a vampire
    He LOVES doggy more than anything but also loves it when u ride him
    He prefers having slow and sensual sex but can’t help himself so it soon turns out to be rough and fast
    Even as a human u push urself to go for HOURS with him
    Then u end up sleeping for like 20 hours because of the exhaustion
    When u were human, the longest u had sex with him was for 7 hours straight which is very very very impressive for a human
    Sadly u passed out from pleasure and exhaustion so y’all had to stop
    But when u turned, the longest u guys went for was for 3 days straight because Felix got some vacation days from Aro

    Demetri Volturi

    This dude was a bit hesitant at first to have sex with u
    But he couldn’t control himself
    So he planned to just fuck u for an hour because he knew how humans got tired
    But he lost track of time
    And y’all fucked for like 5 hours straight without stopping
    Which is extremely unnatural for a human to have continuous sex for 5 hours
    U were so so so sore everywhere including ur voice from all the screaming
    Demetri first started off with a bit of foreplay and then started to eat u out, making u orgasm for hours
    He then started missionary just to see u roll ur eyes and shake from the pleasure
    He would put u on top to see ur face while at the same time slamming himself into u
    He liked to move ur hips for u because he didn’t want you to tire yourself out
    When you passed out from the pleasure demetri took care of you
    He was shocked to find out that you two had been doing for 5 hours when the plan was to stop after an hour
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    me, watching episode 7 of the bad batch:

    #the bad batch #bad batch#disney+#star wars#twilight#jasper cullen#battle scars #she’s always bitchin #i’m sorry for how niche this is
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    Quotidian- chapter 2

    Luna loved her sister so much

    But seeing the 4 golden-eyed vampires in the living room, her current thoughts were the opposite of what a loving sister should have.

    The audacity this bitch has

    yup that was it.

    that was the only thing that came to her mind.

    Her sister was immortal with a loving new family.

    A mate that loved her back

    A kid that she could love and bother for the rest of her immortal eternal life.

    So why ON EARTH did her sister have to bother her.

    She would be long gone in a few months.

    She was dying

    she was one useless human out of the billions, just dying

    She had cut off her parents a long time ago

    earlier than Bella had

    and she technically had also cut off her sister

    who was now again in her living room

    furious at her

    "How dare you. I'm your sister. I love you so much and when I come home from Italy I'm met with a furious Charlie and my sister nowhere in sight? Do you know how worried I was? I don't care if you're a freaking shield who can shield herself from appearing in thoughts I was so WORRIED in case of the Volturi ever finding you. And you kept contact with Rosalie and not me? Do you know how fuckin reckless and dangerous that is? What if someone found your letters? NOT TO MENTION I KNOW ROSALIE TOLD YOU ABOUT THE ALEC VOLTURI, THE MOTHERFUCKIN WITCH TWIN BEING YOUR SOULMATE AND THE VOLTURI HAS A SHIT TON OF ENEMIES SO IF YOU USED YOUR FUCKIN BRAIN ONCE IN A WHILE YOU WOULD FIGURE OUT THAT NOT ONLY IS THE VOLTURI YOUR CONCERN BUT THE PEOPLE WHO HATE THE VOLTURI COULD'VE TORTURED U OR EVEN KILLED-

    Bella's screams echoed through the living room

    She was angry in a way a concerned mother was over her child.

    She didn't get to finish before Luna interrupted her.


    Luna stopped shouting when she saw her sister's face.

    She looked absolutely heartbroken.

    Luna continued her rant in a softer voice.

    "Bella we all know that I won't even make it to 18. I don't know shit about the Volturi but I know one thing. Even if this Alec or witch twin is my soulmate, that changes nothing. He has his other twin. According to Carlisle they're inseparable and always will be. I'll always be #2 and he probably won't even glance at me if we even ever meet. I'm human. Bella, I'm human. He probably won't even bother with me and I just can't live an eternity stuck in a relationship with a dude who probably won't love me-"

    "ok, you know what you need to shut up. The Volturi may have tried to kill my daughter but guess what? It's their job. They haven't met or heard of a half-human/vampire child so it was their duty to confront us. I can ignore the fact that they're basically murders if it's all for you. Luna, please. Carlisle told me about how rare soulmates are. Me and Edward were just blood singers and now we're mates. On the other hand, you and Alec haven't even met, yet you guys hold a possible stronger bond than us and we've spent two years/have a child together." Bella spoke while going to put her arm around Edward's waist.

    "Bella just go. Please leave me alone." pleaded Luna

    Luna was tired.

    She had an expiration date above her head and she was emotional/mentally/ and physically drained.

    "Just- Just, Luna please just hear me out."

    Luna hopelessly let herself fall back on her couch and just helplessly looked up at her desperate sister's face.

    Bella proceeded to walk towards her as she sat down next to her on the couch

    " I want you to go to Italy with me. Hear me out please, I want you to come with me to Italy and just at least, meet him. Look him in the eye and tell him that you're going to be gone by next year. I want you to at least tell him before you make your decision. If you can do that, I'll accept it too and leave you alone." Bella finished, closely watching her younger sister's facial expression.


    In a blur, Alice came forward with packed bags and suitcases.

    She had basically packed everything Luna owned in less than 10 seconds after the word was spoken.

    Luna was already regretting her decision.

    They got off the plane at midnight.

    The Volturi were notified of their visit, as they had Carliels with them, but they didn't about Luna.

    All they had told the Volturi was that Bella's younger human sister who was dying would also be coming along.

    They hadn't clarified the bond she would share with one of their most prized guards.

    And because the human was dying, the Volturi looked over the fact that the Cullens had broken another law.

    The human would be gone soon anyway so why bother.

    Esme held Luna tight.

    She was like the daughter she would have had

    "Everything will go smoothly. We're staying for one night and then we're going to go back to Forks and you can choose to spend the rest of your days as you please," Carlisle reassured Luna in a gentle comforting voice.

    She got into a car that Alice was driving, her sister choosing to sit next to her, reaching out for her hand to grasp tightly onto.

    Bella gave Luna a reassuring and comforting look, but the look of sadness and hope was also visible in Bella's eyes.

    Bella didn't care if her sister would end up being a normal vampire.

    She just wanted her sister to exist with her for the rest of eternity.

    When they had stopped by forks, she wished that when Luna was introduced to Renesmee, she would fall in love with her niece.

    But who was she kidding.

    Bella knew how much Luna had a distaste for children.

    Not to mention Renesmee was the exact spitting image of Luna when she was around 10 years old, and Luna didn't like to remembring things from the past.

    So during the short three hours, they stayed at the Cullen's residence, she avoided Renesmee like a plague while the child held a curiosity towards her only biological aunt.

    Rosalie, Alice, and Edward were rolling over when they had seen childhood pictures of Luna.

    But unlike Renesmee's bright hopeful happy eyes, Luna Swan's 10-year-old eyes showed different emotions.




    In almost every picture, Bella had now realized that Luna Swan was never really happy.

    Her sister had the most normal childhood, other than divorced parents and growing up without a proper father figure, Luna Swan had grown up normally.

    Bella had once spent a whole week frustrated flipping through photo album after photo album trying to find a childhood picture of her younger sister not looking depressed or frustrated but she couldn't find anything.

    She beat herself over and over again frustrated at how she never caught on to what her sister had felt over these past years.

    She soon was brought out of her thinking with her sister shaking her.

    "Bella we're here."

    The golden-eyed pixie turned around giving her a small nod.

    Felix and Demetri couldn't wait until their shift was over.

    The Cullens would be coming over and they really didn't care until Aro had spoken about Bella Cullen's younger human sister who was dying.

    They still didn't care but couldn't help their minds as they curiously pondered on this younger dying human.

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  • thevolturiarejustbetter
    12.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    I’m sorry but the entire plot of twilight happened because a depressed vegan mind reading vampire found his bloodsinger? Not even his mate but a mf BLOODSINGER-

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  • thevolturiarejustbetter
    12.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Me when I realize Tumblr notifications tricked me into thinking that @wallwriterstuff posted an imagine-

    I hate tumblr so much like pls stop tricking me-

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  • ryebread-3
    12.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Chapter 2

    Warnings- None

    Maze carried on but she didn’t quite forget the goddess of a woman with tantalizing purple eyes. Meanwhile, Lucifer says enlisted the help of his uptight brother Amenediel. “I’m telling you amenediel, she said her eyes glowed purple” Lucifer says pacing the floor. “Lucy, this could mean anything, while I am concerned, we don’t even know where this girl is” Amenediel says rubbing is hands down his face. Lucifer stops pacing “That’s right brother, we’ll find her ourselves”. The brothers didn’t quite know what they were getting themselves into, Lucifer scoped out lux to see if the woman would come back. He asked Maze if she got the woman’s number but that was a dead end. Finally, after 3 weeks, the woman arrived at the club. Lucifer called Amenediel and both men were floored from the gorgeous woman in the back booth of the club. She had on a ripped black jeans with two chains hanging from the pocket, black combat boots with a graphic tee and a maroon leather jacket. No make up on her rounded face, after snapping out of their trance the two men made their way across the club to the woman in the booth. “Hello there boys” she said with a wicked smile on her face. “ I already know why you two are here, no I’m not an angel or demon per say. I’m something a tad bit different” her smooth sultry voice rang through the brother’s ears. “I’ll tell you this, I may come back in a while, I have some more fun to complete” with that the woman stood up and left. Lucifer and Amenediel scrambled out of the booth and ran to the door only catching a small glimpse of what looked to be a purple light closing out. Both men had one question on their minds, What was she?
    Amethyst had more places to travel and see, while Amenediel asked God who this woman was and only received the answer “Stay away from her” and Lucifer had many thoughts of the gorgeous woman and who or what she was. Maze thought of that night only once, but she too thought of who this mysterious amethyst was. Maybe they would never know.
    Amethyst walked through the new portal opening she had created. Her plan was set in motion, she just had a few more places to visit first. The woman peeked her head from behind a tall tree, her targets spotted. The Cullens. “This should be fun” she said while her lips pulled into her famous smirk.
    The Cullens felt a presence, they subtly looked around until Emmett spotted a woman peeking from behind the tree. But as quickly as he saw her, she disappeared in seconds. Who was she? And why was she watching he and his family?

    A/N- Sorry this is so short:(

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  • thevolturiarejustbetter
    12.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    NSFW volturi guards

    These are just thoughts on how the volturi guards would have sex with their human mates based on the short descriptions and powers of their personalities from the book For Jane it’s femalexfemale and for the rest it’s a female reader


    SO THEYRE LIKE 2,500+ years old at least and have the physical appearances of 21-22 year olds bc again the living conditions made them physically age faster-

    Jane Volturi

    She’s one of those ppl that definitely cares for u but literally never shows it because she just has a hard time expressing herself.
    She would eat the fuck out of u
    Even when ur orgasming/cumming/finishing she would NEVER stop or even bother looking up and just keep tasting u with her nose on ur clit and her younger/mouth basically making out with ur pussy-
    She’s a top
    She’s always on top
    She refuses to be the sub
    And her mate is ok with that
    She loves watching her mate roll her eyes back and cry out loud form pleasure
    So usually she would eat u out with ur legs spread wide as possible so she can look up at u
    She loves playing and sucking on her mates breasts too
    She doesn’t rlly care if she herself orgasms bc she’s satisfied enough and smirking when she sees her mate cry out her name/sometimes in frustration/ and she’s even more satisfied when her mate is whimpering/rolling her eyes back/ and writhing to get away from her hold under pleasure
    But vampire strength is WAY stronger than human strength so u ain’t crawling away anytime soon
    Once she ate u out for like 6 hours straight, because her tongue never gets tired and the only reason she stopped was because her mate has used her safe word because of the pleasure being too much-
    She gets jealous way to easy
    She gets easily pissed off
    So a lot of angry sex happens
    She’s usually not completely naked during sex like you are.
    She’s never had periods so when she sees u in pain she does some research on the computers (with the secretaries by her side as a snack and an assistant to teach her technology
    She’s about to make a list in her mind if things to buy when she discovers that orgasms are very very beneficial ways to solving and getting rid of period cramps
    And she’s gone
    But then comes back quick to have a snack (the last remaining assistant)
    Then in an instant she’s gone
    And when she breaks into ur bedroom not even bothering to turn the doorknob bc that’s how impatient she is
    Yknow that ur fucked because her eyes are dark asf from the lust
    ur period cramps are gone
    And Jane has found a way to taste ur sweet sweet irresistible blood while giving u the same pleasure
    But she makes sure to feed on at least five secretaries before doing u so she doesn’t lose control
    Oh and she’s never had sex before u but did her research from books/she doesn’t know about porn and it’s too much of a headache to explain how advanced technology and society/humans have gotten-

    Alec Volturi

    First off he died a virgin but he did have an idea of how to have sex since in his day ppl got married at 13/14 bc the life expectancy was like 28
    But because he’s read books about it he knows EXACTLY what to do an more
    The only thing he was shocked to find out were name calling kinks and blindfolds during sex
    Except y’all don’t need blind folds💨
    Yes he uses his gift but only restricts u of ur sight/hearing/and smell so the only thing u have is touch
    He’s also DEFINITELY a dom/top NO QUESTION
    BUT he loves it when u ride him and he does the work most of the time moving ur hips up at down onto him bc vampire strength means it’s easy for him to just slam ur body into his-
    This leads to bruises on ur hips and honestly everywhere
    So even if ur on top riding him, he’s still in control
    He also likes doing doggy once in a while but the thing he loves to do the most is trapping u into a missionary pose and seeing u roll ur eyes and head from the pleasure while he’s literally slamming and pounding into u
    He’ll take it as a challenge to get u to moan and literally SCREAM out his name as much as possible-
    He loves foreplay and before u guys have intercourse be LOVES LOVES LOVES to eat u out
    Imagine his shock and excitement when u told him about period sex-
    And how having orgasms during a period actually help with cramps but humans don’t do it because blood is disgusting-
    He’s appalled
    He fuckin loves it
    Because he’s aros favorite he gets a four day break when it’s ur time of the month-
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  • divinityblooming
    11.06.2021 - 3 days ago


    ╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ daisy jones ❩ ╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ serena van der woodsen ❩ ╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ simon basset ❩ ╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ cole st. clair ❩ ╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ love quinn ❩ ╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ lorenzo st john ❩ ╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ valerie tulle ❩ ╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ damon salvatore ❩ ╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ jasper hale ❩ ╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ emmett cullen ❩ ╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ jace herondale ❩ ╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ aleksander morozova ❩ ╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ kaz brekker ❩ ╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ will bennett ❩ ╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ augustus samos ❩ ╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ jupiter mccarrick ❩ ╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ addie larue ❩

    #╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ addie larue ❩ #╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ jupiter mccarrick ❩ #╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ augustus samos ❩ #╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ will bennett ❩ #╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ kaz brekker ❩ #╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ aleksander morozova ❩ #╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ jace herondale ❩ #╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ emmett cullen ❩ #╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ jasper hale ❩ #╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ damon salvatore ❩ #╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ valerie tulle ❩ #╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ lorenzo st john ❩ #╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ love quinn ❩ #╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ cole st. clair ❩ #╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ simon basset ❩ #╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ serena van der woodsen ❩ #╰   ––––––– ✧   MUSINGS      :        ❨ daisy jones ❩
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