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    Title: She’s My Person (A Mother’s Heartbeat)

    Fandom: Twilight

    Genre: Family/Romance

    Main Characters: Renesmee Cullen x  Blood Sing Platt Daughter O.C., Past Life Mother Esme . Daughter O.C., Leah Clearwater . (PLATONIC) Imprint Platt Daughter O.C.

    Side Characters: Jacob Black, Carlisle Cullen, Edward Cullen, Bella Cullen, Alice Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Jasper Hale, Rosalie Hale, Sam Uley, Paul Lahote, Leah Clearwater, Embery Call, Emily Uley, Jared Cameron, Brady Fuller, Collin Littlesea, Quil Ateara, Charlie Swan, Billy Black.

    Warnings: Jacob being awful, mentions of being homeless, living on the streets,mentions of past life, past life memories, mentions of past life death, brief bout with Lung Fever.

    Synopsis: With Renesmee Cullen only being half-vampire and already the imprint of Jacob Black it surprises everyone when on her first day of Fifth Grade the youngest in the Cullen Coven finds her Blood Sing in the form of a young girl who looks a lot like Esme and something that Jacob is far from happy about a response which has the pack  running and upon arrival the only girl Leah Clearwater proceeds to imprint on the girl Jacob is currently raging about.

                                                           : :

    Renesmee Cullen may have been young but she knew just what this moment meant and knowing she has a Blood Sing like everyone else in her family and that this person is in fact the same age as herself makes her beyond happy. 

    The young hybrid has nothing against Jacob and cares for him deeply but the thought of becoming romantically involved with someone of whom imprinted on her when she was no more than a few hours old honestly makes her shiver in disgust. 

    Still staring at one another Renesmee finally starts to move her right hand sticking out as she proceeds introduce herself to the red-haired girl with brownie colored eyes.

    “Hi, my names Renesmee Cullen, what’s yours?”

    “Amelia Platt, it’s a pleasure.”

    Smiling Renesmee finds herself feeling as light as a feather as the two shake hands.

     I like your backpack.” Amelia adds pointing to the all pink Aurora themed pack currently resting on Renesmee’s right shoulder. 

    “Thanks, I like yours too.”

    At the sound of the teacher calling for students both Renesmee and Amelia file into the classroom walking as close as best friend’s do all the way from the cubby’s where they are to put their backpack’s to one of the vacant tables near the window on the left side of the room.

    Sitting themselves down directly next to one another Renesmee and Amelia throw each other more than just a few smiles before the teacher calls for everyone’s attention and the school day officially begins. 

    Three hours have come and gone and it is currently lunchtime, Renesmee and Amelia seated together at the designated fifth grader table in the cafeteria the two currently discussing their favorite Disney Princesses in order.

    “I know that Mulan isn’t technically a Disney Princess but I just love her to much to have her not be. I also like Belle, Jasmine and Snow White.” 

    “Aurora’s my favorite by far, but I like Cinderella and Rapunzel too.” Renesmee replies with a smile.

    “Hey you know what we should do!” Amelia suddenly exclaims, a massive smile pulling along her mouth. 

    “What?” Renesmee retorts leaning forward as she eagerly awaits Amelia’s response.

    “We should dress up like our favorite Disney Princesses for Halloween and go trick or treating together!”

    Eagerly nodding her head Renesmee leans forward that much more the two girls proceeding to talk about what they will need for their costumes.

    Lunch and Recess have come and gone the classroom is full once more and Renesmee and Amelia are working on a newly handed out project. It is a writing assignment instructing the students to write a story whose core purpose is to pull at the heart strings. 

    “What are you going to write about?” Renesmee questions as she leans closer to her Blood Sing the red haired girl’s gaze drifting up and towards her own.

    “About my past life with my Mama. What about you?”

    “I’m not sure yet but I’ll think of something.”

    “Course you will!” Amelia happily exclaims. “You’re super smart and there is no doubt in my mind that you’re story will be the best!”

    Renesmee smiles unable to keep her heart from swelling up at the compliment given her by her Blood Sing.

    It is three fifteen and the bell has just rung Renesmee and Amelia quick to make their way over to their designated cubby’s and gather up their things, the two girls walking arm and arm from the class room and towards the entry doors.

    In an instant they all look up watching as little Renesmee is walking out of the school arm and arm with a red-haired girl the two both sporting massive smiles as they are talking about Halloween and what route is best for trick or treating.

    “Hey sweetie how was your day?” Bella asks her daughter when the two are close enough, the light in Renesmee’s eyes something they haven’t seen before.

    “It was great Mommy, I met Amelia today so that was really awesome!”

    Renesmee gestures to the red-haired child her brown eyes deep and dark yet still warm and inviting. 

    “Mrs. Cullen, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” 

    About to respond Bella’s eyes flicker back when she hears Alice gasp the pixie haired girl so suddenly hurrying forward and engulfing the little girl in a massive hug.

    “Oh honey, you shouldn’t be living like that, you need a proper home.”

    “Alice wh-”

    “She’s homeless, has been since she was four.”

    “Is this true?” Bella asks her brows furrowing that much more as the little girl nods her head.


    For a few moments no one says a thing though Renesmee asking her parents if they can bring Amelia home pulls them all out of their stupor. 

    “Of course we can baby.” Bella voices gently as she smiles down at her child.

    In the backseat of their car Renesmee and Amelia sit, their hands locked tightly together as they are whispering to one another and seeing as she can’t read minds like her mate Bella is left to contemplate why Edward appears to be both happy and astonished all in one.

    “You are telling me what is going on when we get home.” the female vampire whispers to her mate who merely slides he a swift look.

    “Don’t worry, you’ll all be learning soon enough.”

    Hopping out of the car Renesmee waits for Amelia to following after the two resuming their hand holding as Renesmee begins to talk about her family, leading the girl up the front steps as she does. 

    When Edward, Alice and Bella step into the house they already find Renesmee preparing a snack her small hands holding the goldfish box and pouring into a bowl while Amelia holds it steady.

    “So, are you going to tell me what’s going on or-”

    “She’s Renesmee’s Blood Sing.” Alice voices Bella’s head wiping around so fast that if she were still human it would have given her whiplash.


    Edward nods in response offering his mate a light smile before heading over to talk to the two girls.

    Renesmee is home and as her imprint Jacob just walks right into the house walking into the kitchen to find Renesmee and a little girl with red-hair and brown eyes eating goldfish from a bowl and talking about Blood Sing’s with Edward who is standing not that far away.

    “What are you talking to her about Blood Sing’s for?” Jacob voices a bit on edge. “She’s to young for that.”

    “Why not,” Renesmee begins gaining the shapeshifter’s attention in an instant. “You imprinted on me when I was only a few hours old why can’t I have a Blood Sing now?”

    For a moment Jacob isn’t sure what he has just heard, almost as if his mind won’t let him but then it begins to truly register.

    “Wait! you have a Blood Sing?!”

    “Yes she does Jacob and there is nothing you can do about it.” Edward is quick to inform his form moving to stand at the edge of the table between Jacob and the girls.

    With his chest beginning to heave with rage the shapeshifter watches as Edward orders Nessie to take Amelia and their snack outside, Alice zipping up beside them and escorting them out.

    “How could you let this happen?!” Jacob snarls his eyes narrowing in rage as he glares back at the blood sucker before him.

    “I didn’t let anything happen Jacob, Renesmee found her Blood Sing and much like your bond it can’t be severed.”

    “You’re wrong!” Jacob finds himself exclaiming, “What I have with Ness is nothing like that-that freak!”

    “Amelia is not freak she is a child and my daughter’s Blood Sing and unless you wish to break my daughter’s heart than I suggest you learn to curb yourself.”

    Renesmee, Alice and I are waiting outside the house the sound of that strange man yelling at her dad echoing loudly through the house.

    “Why is he so mad?” I ask turning to look over at Alice. “I don’t recall doing anything wrong.”

    Turning her head to look at me Alice lightly smiles shaking her head.

    “You haven’t done anything wrong sweetie, Jacob is just mad about the Blood Sing bond you share with Renesmee.”

    “But why?” I ask glancing over at Renesmee as she squeezes my hand. “I thought being a Blood Sing was a good thing?”

    “It is.” Alice replies, her eyes saddened as she continues to speak. “But as Renesmee is also Jacob’s imprint he believes he has some sort of right over her even though it is stated that as an imprint Renesmee can choose however she wants their bond to be.”

    “He’s way to old for her.” I state my lips down turning. “He’s like almost thirty and she’s only ten, that’s a twenty year difference. That’s not right. I mean sure they can be friends or family or whatever but romantic? That would just be so gross.”

    There is a sudden bark and when I turn my head to look there is a huge dog leaping out of the house and onto the ground its form starting forward and in my direction. 

    Renesmee is quick to pull me away though and as we are running across the ground, neither of us really paying much attention to where we are going we bump into someone and when my head snaps up to look I find a woman with short black hair and eyes like mine staring back a short lived look of shock on her face before she suddenly moves behind Renesmee and I glaring down at the wolf that has been chasing us, its form skidding to a stop right in front of her.

    No word is uttered. 

    Rensemee tugs on my hand and when I look back I see her gesture towards the woods.

    Nodding my head I follow after and very soon it is just the two of us.

    It was in the truck of a tree that Renesmee and I hid, there was a cubby like place big enough for the two to sit under and so we did, holding each other close as the sky began to loose its color.

    “So that Jacob guy is a werewolf and your family are vampires?”

    “I’m only really related to my mom and dad, the rest are adoptive family.” 

    I nod my head leaning my head on Renesmee’s shoulder. 

    “You know when the teacher handed out the assignment today and you asked me what I was going to write about and I said my past life and my Mama?”

    “Yeah?” Renesmee replies glancing down at me.

    “Well, I think its only fair with what I have just witnessed to tell you about that more.”

    I tell Renesmee. I tell her about living in the 1900′s, about my Mama Esme Platt, about me contracting Lung Fever when I was ten and dying two weeks later. I told her because she is my person.

    Saying nothing Renesmee simply proceeds to wrap her arms around my neck and pull me into a hug.

    My eyes pop open at the sound of a crows cawing and it is only after my mind really starts to work that I realize Renesmee and I spent the night out here.

    “Nez.” I call out, gently shaking her. “Nez, it’s morning, we slept here all night.”

    Making a soft noise Renesmee begins to stir her eyes fluttering open, head turning my way.

    “We did?” she questions, voice still thick with sleep.

    I nod.

    “Yeah. Apparently it rained too.” I add looking out over the clearly rain stained leaves.

    Nodding her own head Renesmee nestles herself into me, eyes shutting again.

    “Still tired, don’t want to move.”

    I smile leaning my head against hers.

    “What are a few more hours.” I reply before shutting my own eyes and falling back asleep.

    At the exact same time Renesmee and I wake up, our bodies instinctively moving closer as the sound of footsteps is heard. 

    “How can we not have found them by now?” I can hear Renesmee’s Mom voice, her tone clearly worried. “It’s been a whole night and nearly a full day.”

    “We’ll find them Bella, it was raining, I am sure they took cover.”

    My heart stops eyes blowing wide and when Renesmee throws me a look I just barely manage to mouth the word.


    Crawling out from where we have been hiding Renesmee and I take to our feet and brush ourselves off, our hands once again clasped as we move forward and around several trees.

    I see her. Even from behind I know and with tears beginning to well up in my eyes I open my mouth to speak.

    “Nessie! There you are!”

    At the sound of Jacob Black’s voice both Renesmee and I start running in the opposite direction coming upon a river side not that far down and without hesitation we leap down over the edge and hide ourselves underneath the dirt shelf, and even though there are clearly people standing on the ground only inches behind us we can’t seem to be found something I have a feeling has to do with Renesmee. 

    Gripping each other’s hand for dear life Renesmee and I remain absolutely silent the sound of a yowl shattering the sky causing us both to use our free hands to cover at least one of our ears.

    For who knows how long we remain here waiting for Jacob to leave and really anyone else who comes looking and when they finally do Renesmee and I ever so carefully venture out.

    “Come on.” Renesmee whispers as she helps me up back over the edge of the riverbank.

    “I know a better place to hide.”

    The trek was no a short one but it wasn’t long enough that night had completely passed either. In fact when Nez and I finally reached Forks itself it was a little nine-thirty as I saw from catching a glimpse of clock in a store window. 

    I knew this place at least in passing. This is where the Chief of Police Charlie Swan lived and by the looks of it he wasn’t home.

    “Come on, my Grandpa’s already got a place set up for me here.”

    Without hesitation I follow Renesmee up the driveway and to the front door to her Grandfather’s house though she told me because of the Vampire thing he just thinks her parents her dad’s Niece. 

    Only needing a moment to look for the spare key Renesmee unlocks the door and ushers me in, though not before having me put the key back and locking the door behind me as I step in.

    “Come on, I know where Grandpa’s candy stash is.”

    Renesmee and I had eaten both sweets and some of those microwave barbeque hot pockets for dinner, and after cleaning up we headed up to where her Mom’s old room was and picked two of her Mom’s t-shirts and shorts to wear for bed we spend about an hour just sitting on the floor talking, keeping our voices down and the lights of just in case her Grandfather comes home.

    At around eleven we get into bed, cuddle up to one another and fall asleep.

    I wake up coughing. I mean really coughing. Almost rival to the amount of coughing I did when I was dying from Lung Fever. A little less of course which makes me consider the fact that I may have contracted it again.

    Nez is up in less than a minute her gaze worried as I continue to cough and cough.

    I know that sound, the one that makes my breathing sound like bones are rattling. 

    Falling back against the pillow my eyes drift up toward the girl who has become my entire world in less than a day.

    “It’s happened again.” I mournfully voice, tears beginning to well up in my eyes. “I’ve got Lung Fever.”  Tears begin to drip slowly down my cheeks. “I want to see my Mama before I die.”

    Down the stairs she runs her eyes wide and fear filled. 

    “Renesmee what-”

    “Call my family! All of them! She’s sick and I need them here!”


    “Just do it!” the little girl snaps before running off back up the stairs.

    Tossing his friend Billy a quick look Charlie Swan hurries up the stairs after her, finding not only Renesmee but a red-haired girl laying on Bella’s bed, the red-haired child coughing in a way that defiantly doesn’t sound good.

    Bella and Edward were the first in the house, followed by Carlisle and Esme,.

    “They’re in your room.” Charlie is quick to voice the forms of Sam Uley and his Wife Emily lingering in the doorway to the house.

    Renesmee has a hold of her hand in a moment dragging her towards the bed, her frightened eyes only forgotten when Esme’s fall onto the form of her little girl. The one she had lost in 1921 to Lung Fever.

    She begins to cough, blood beginning to well up and out of her mouth.

    Dropping down beside the bed Esme is quick to cradle the girls head, her eyes filled with fear as she knows just where this is headed.

    “Amelia, sweetie can you look at Mama.”

    The little girls eyes are like hers used to be, big, innocent and brown her voice weak as she calls out.


    “It’s okay sweetie, Mama’s here.” Esme begins gently. “Mama is here and she is going to make it all better.”

    Amelia nods all be it weakly. 

    “Okay Mama.”

    Esme is crying. There is no way she wouldn’t be. She has just found her baby, her little girl of whom she knew had died of Lung Fever when she was ten back in 1921 and now she was dying of it now and the only way to save her would be to turn her. She wants her baby and knows what she is going to do but she knows just how badly this is going to hurt.

    “Close your eyes and relax sweetie.” Esme sooths as she runs a hand over her daughter’s fiery red hair.

    “Okay Mama.”

    Her screams of pain were heartbreaking and Esme wept bitterly for every moment her little one made that horrid sound little Renesmee refusing to leave her side, and held her left hand tightly all the while.

    A little over an hour it went like this but then the screaming suddenly stopped and Amelia’s eyes opened next instead of seeing blood red eyes Esme Cullen stared into chocolate brown orbs, her skin only partially cooled.

    Her brows furrow confused as to why Amelia had not fully turned but then, out of nowhere her questioning is answered in the form of a single phrase.

    “She’s like me!”

    Walking behind her daughter and Renesmee, Esme’s gaze immediately flickers to the shapeshifter’s standing outside of Charlie’s house, her form tensing as she can very clearly see Jacob Black pacing around at the back of the group.

    Renesmee seems to take notice as well and immediately hurries over to her parents where she proceeds to drag Amelia along behind them.

    Making her way over to where Edward and Bella are currently standing Esme’s gaze drifts towards her own mate who catches her eye and flashes her an reassuring smile.

    With her eyes darting back towards the pack outside Esme takes notice of Leah Clearwater who appears just as antsy as Jake and with a look towards Edward she knows.

    Leah has imprinted on her daughter.

    “Amelia, my darling,” Esme calls her daughter’s eyes very quickly set on her. “There is someone here who wants to meet you, can you come out from behind Edward and Bella please?”

    “Yes Mama.” Amelia replies reaching out her free hand though Renesmee follows suite still holding ever tightly to Amelia’s other hand.

    Leading her over to the door Esme gestures for Leah to move closer.

    “Amelia sweetie do you remember what Edward told you about imprinting?”

    “That it’s like soulmates but for werewolves, that they can be whatever you need, no matter weather it be a friend, a sibling, a lover or protector.”

    Esme nods softly smiling.

    “This is Leah Clearwater, she imprinted on you.” Esme then informs her child Amelia’s drifting up to view the girl before her, her next words causing everyone’s forms tense up a bit.

    “That explains why you reacted when Jacob tried to hurt me.”

    Esme observes how Leah briefly tenses though her form does relax when Amelia lets go of her hand and sticks it out.

    “Amelia Platt it’s a pleasure to meet you Leah.”

    Leah smiles softly, her gaze easing in its intensity, her own hand coming to meet that of the little girl.

    “Leah Clearwater.”

    Renesmee and Amelia were playing tag in the front yard of Sam and Emily Uley’s place the Cullen Coven rimming the edge of the yard as they look on with fond smiles. Leah is standing next to Esme having gotten over her hatred of Vampires as her imprint is half vampire half human. The same cannot be said for Jake however and although he and Renesmee remain in contact Renesmee has made it very clear that her priority is Amelia and that when the two are old enough it is very clear that they will end up in a relationship. Something everyone believes that Jacob will never get used to nor be okay with.

    But in their eyes it is perfectly alright seeing as Renesmee has made it quite obvious that she can live without Jacob but can in no way live without Amelia and if she has to choose Amelia will always win.

    As the sound of her daughter’s laughter rolls out into the air her fiery red hair seeming to flicker like firelight against the sky Esme Cullen finds herself feeling something she has not felt in several millennia. 

    A Mother’s Heartbeat and the love of which it holds.



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  • All I’ve been doing is reading fanfictions about Twilight. I rewatched the movies and now I’m attached. 

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  • The fact I have a widget on my phone dedicated to Twilight 🥴, kind of tempted to make my entire phone Twilight themed 🤠

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  • who i write for | p.t 2


    * - i’ll write for them the most

    + - requests are open for that character

    twilight + stranger things



    — jasper hale * +


    — jonathan byers +


    — will byers + (sister reader ONLY)

    #jasper hale #jasper hale x reader #jasper hale x y/n #jasper hale x you #jonathan byers #jonathan byers x reader #jonathan byers x y/n #jonathan byers x you #will byers #will byers x reader #will byers x sister reader #twilight#stranger things#fanfic#reader insert#imagines#fluff#oneshots#headcanons#fiction
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    It took 8EIGHT8 Apps and 35 different saves/results but I FINALLY edited myself into a cullen photo

    Forgive the rough draft, I’m sure there’ll be improvements later

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  • Edward every single second of his life having to hear the thoughts of horny teenagers, creepy teachers, and his family that just bangs each other 24/7:

    #edward cullen#twilight#twilight renaissance#twilight revival#alice cullen#jasper hale#carlisle cullen#bella swan#esme cullen#emmett cullen#rosalie hale#jessica stanley#mike newton #I found this meme after someone tweeted zayn that they were fingerling themselves to his album and he replied #and I haven’t stopped thinking about that tweet since #anyways edward is vanilla and bad at sex #dick game WEAK #Jessica is probably good at sex and he’s jealous
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  • Here’s my Twilight 🧛🏻recast 🔁It might be controversial🚫 but I think Timothee 🍑Chalamet 🤒would be perfect 💯for the role of Edward 🩸even though he looks 👀nothing ❌like Edward 👄is described idk 🤷🏻‍♀️I just think 🧠this guy could do ✅it. Anyway tell 🙌🏻 me what you think 😘

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    Hello to all of the lovely people,

    I am in desperate need of some suggestions and ideas for my new twilight fanfic!

    Freya was born in England around 800 A.D, the eldest daughter of an Anglo-Saxon woman and a Frankish soldier. She was born a few years before Jane and Alec.

      Due to the woman’s suffrage when her brother and sister had supposedly ‘died’ at the stake,her abilities took on a sharper form after her conversion into a vampire; she gained the supernatural talent of inflicting an anguishing amount of fear and torture on one,along with insanity Inducement and mental manipulation.

    Unlike her younger siblings who were condemned to be burned at the stake for being falsely accused to be witches.

    Freya was condemned to be burdened with being alone without the only two people that she had loved and helped raised her entire life.

    Freya was trapped into her own worst fear for many nights and mornings until she had tried to kill herself luckily for her a man by the name of Demetri had found her right before she had bled out on the snow covered field. Demetri had quickly changed her and reunited her with her sister and brother.

    After that day,Freya had quickly became attached to Demetri and adored him like a brother and he had quickly accepted her as his nonbiological little sister. Jane and Alec had became so much more lively with their older sister around.

    Once the events of breaking Dawn roll around,the volturi are brought to intervene with intentions to kill everyone of the witnesses and cullens,Freya quickly realizes that her soulmate is none other than…….

    So what I really need help with is coming up with a love Interest. I really want a werewolf to imprint on her but I’m not sure who. So please comment or reblog with who you think she should be with,thank you!!!

    #twilight x reader #edward cullen #edward cullen x reader #jacob black #jacob black x reader #jasper hale #jasper hale x you #alice cullen x reader #rosalie hale x reader #carlise cullen#jane volturi#alec volturi #alec volturi x reader #felix volturi#demetri volturi #demetri volturi x reader #seth clearwater #seth clearwater x reader #paul lahote x reader #sam uley x reader #leah clearwater#anna popplewell
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  • Human!Emmett/Vampire!Rosalie AU [Part 2]

    An AU where Rosalie is the one to fall in love with a human, complete with no stalking and confessions of wanting to kill Emmett

    Part 1 can be found here

    • After school the Cullens head home. Alice asks Rosalie if she met any interesting people, to which Rose scoffs and comments on how no high school kid is interesting. She questions why Alice asked that, who responds with a very suspicious “no reason”. Edward finds this amusing.
    • The next day Emmett tries to talk to Rosalie again. She brushes him off like she did the previous day. Emmett is a little disheartened but continues to chat to her about nonsense. This happens for a couple more days. The most Emmett can get out of Rosalie is a hello, and even that is uninviting.
    • One day at lunch Bella questions why Rosalie is so harsh to Emmett after he smiles at her. Rosalie says she isn’t there to make friends and Edward retaliates saying that making friends may do her some good. Rosalie isn’t happy by this comment and goes to say something back but Alice intervenes, suggesting that she could at least talk to Emmett in class.
    • In their next physics class Emmett greets Rosalie like he usually does and to his surprise she says hello back, and not in the cold way she would say it before. The two manage to spark up a conversation. Emmett asks Rosalie how she’s finding Tennessee and the new school and she gives a minimal answer. She’s still quite closed off, but is trying to be more polite than before. Emmett doesn’t mind though, he’s just happy that she’s started talking to him. At the end of class Emmett says bye before he leaves, which Rosalie returns.
    • After school Alice asks Rosalie how her physics class was. Rosalie knows that she’s actually asking about how things with Emmett went and she just says that it was fine. Alice goes on to say how Emmett seems like a really nice guy to which Rosalie ignores, saying that she can make her own conclusions. Alice just replies with “you’ll see”.
    • Emmett and Rosalie start to talk more in class. They never really touch up on personal stuff but if they do it’s things about Emmett. Rosalie starts to become less closed off around him and discovers that’s actually starting to enjoy his company.
    • One lunch time Emmett smiles at Rosalie from across the room and she smiles back. Edward makes a comment about how he can’t believe she’s smiling, let alone at a human. Rosalie flips him off but can’t help thinking the same thing.

    Question: should I attempt to turn this into a small fic? 🤔

    #I’m really enjoying making this up #human Emmett/vampire Rosalie would thrive #twilight#twilight saga#Emmett Cullen#rosalie hale #emmett x rosalie #rosalie x emmett #edward cullen#alice cullen#bella swan#carlisle cullen#esme cullen#jasper hale
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  • Smeyer writing an actual story about a groomer and a baby falling in love when there was a whole potential plot line about Angela being a witch was right there is a war crime

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