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  • Jasper, leaning close to Kipper from behind with his two cockatoos on his shoulders: *grinning smugly* Hey son, how was your day?

    Cockatoo #1: Hey son

    Cockatoo #2: How was your day?

    Kipper, clearly annoyed: Get your dumb birds away from me

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  • Jasper has cockatoos.

    Two cockatoos.

    Kipper tolerates them at best and calls them Beevis and Butthead even though those aren’t their names.

    They’re almost always on Jasper’s shoulders or arms.

    He talks to them like they’re humans and treats them as if they’re his children.

    Jasper is a proud birb dad.

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  • *Kat and Lavatore are hanging out and Jasper, Krupp, and Ree are spying on them*

    Ree: Why are we spying on them again?

    Jasper: It was his idea. *points at Krupp* *whispers to Ree* He’s a little overprotective.

    Krupp: Am not!! >:(

    Ree: *smirk* What, you afraid my brother’s gonna do something bad?

    Krupp: No, I just want to keep an eye on them.

    Ree: Suuuuure.

    Jasper: Benny, Kat’s a grown woman. She can take care of herself.

    Krupp: Well she’s still my baby sister.

    Jasper: She’s mine too, y’know. -_-

    #captain underpants #mr. krupp #jasper krupp #katherine ‘‘kat’’ krupp #mr. ree #lavatore ree #kat x lavatore #lol#overprotective #big bro gotta protecc #and if u not careful he will attacc #brothers will be brothers #I guess this is a ship now #:P#bored
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  • Jasper: What an excellent armrest.

    Krupp: I know, it’s so soft!

    Kat, the armrest in question: I hate you guys

    Krupp: *pats her head* No you don’t.

    Jasper: *giggling*

    #captain underpants #mr. krupp #jasper krupp #katherine ‘‘kat’’ krupp #lol#funny#headcanon #I hc that kat is short enough for her bros to use her as an armrest whenever they please #they think it’s hilarious #but she hates it #I’m gonna be doing a lot of stuff with kat cause she’s awesome #:3
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  • @jackie-sugarskull Imagine if Krupp introduced Edith to his siblings and vice versa

    They’d be ecstatic when they find out their big bro has a girlfriend

    Kat: You’re so beautiful!!

    Edith: Thank you! ^////^

    Jasper: So how’d you two meet?

    Edith: Well, we’ve known each other for as long as I’ve been working at JHE, I guess it just sort of…happened. *she and Krupp both blush*

    Kat: Awwww!! *big sparkly eyes*

    Jasper: So when do we get nieces and/or nephews? *big grin*

    Krupp: *red-faced* N-Now hold on—

    And then they find out she’s an alien

    #captain underpants #mr. krupp #edith the lunch lady #jasper krupp #katherine ‘‘kat’’ krupp #lol#funny#cute#:3
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  • Jasper: *southern accent* Alright, Pinhead, your time is up!

    Krupp: *glaring* Who you callin’ Pinhead?

    #captain underpants #mr. krupp #jasper krupp#lol#funny#spongebon squarepants #it’s funny cause krupp has a cone-shaped head
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  • I have this cool idea that I don’t really know what to do with

    The idea is Ben taking leave for some reason (maybe he just needs a break) and Jasper covers for him.

    Some sub-ideas:

    1. Ben doesn’t like the idea of Jasper being temporary principal at first but figures nobody else will do it so he reluctantly agrees in the form of a bet, the bet being that Jasper owes him a certain amount of money if he calls him for help at all. Jasper accepts the bet, thinking it’ll be a piece of cake.

    2. All the students at JHE are super surprised to find out that Mr. Krupp’s brother is actually a nice guy, but only some of them enjoy it. The ones who don’t think it’s all an act because he’s the dad of the biggest bully that ever walked the halls (Jasper most likely mentioned Kipper to them at some point) and that “underneath his cinnamon-sugar-coated eggshell is a rotten yolk” (but of course we all know that’s not true :3).

    3. Jasper becomes good friends with Edith and is thrilled about her being his possible future sister-in-law.

    4. When it comes to Melvin, Jasper has mixed emotions. He greatly respects Mevin for his high intelligence but also recognizes his pettyness and isn’t very fond of it.

    5. No mixed emotions about George and Harold, though. He takes an immediate liking to them and their comics, however he doesn’t appreciate his brother being made into a bad guy in every issue. “My brother isn’t a bad guy. He’s just unhappy because life hasn’t treated him very well.”

    6. Things start to go downhill when Jasper starts to realize that this isn’t as simple as he thought, and as things seem to get harder, his stress and anxiety start to rise. He struggles to keep himself from dialing Ben’s number.

    7. George and Harold soon decide, since they’ve [most likely] pranked every staff member in the building, including Ben, that pranking Jasper is a “golden opportunity that they can’t pass up”. However, their elaborate prank goes wrong, and poor stressed-out anxious Jasper is turned into a monster.

    8. At the end of everything, when he’s turned back to normal, the stress that hadn’t been taken out on the school and/or town by his monster self is taken out on George and Harold, via yelling and lots of tears. “I GAVE YOU MY TRUST AND YOU CRUSHED IT!!”

    9. Ben shows up and is able to calm him down, and then they have a little heart-to-heart.

    10. “Jasper, the only reason I made that bet was because I was worried you wouldn’t be able to handle doing my job. Why do you think I took a break?”

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  • Jasper: WAKE ME UP


    Jasper: I CAN’T WAKE UP


    Bernice: SAVE MEEEEE

    #captain underpants #mr. krupp #jasper krupp#bernice krupp#lol#funny #bring me to life #wake me up inside
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  • ( @infini-tree I thought of this and thought you might enjoy it)

    Jasper: If you don’t smile I’m gonna jump off a cliff

    Ben: Then perish

    #captain underpants #sticky notes au #mr. krupp #jasper krupp#lol
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  • #the epic tales of captain underpants #captain underpants #mr. krupp #jasper krupp#headcanon#ultimatecufangirl
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  • Mr. Krupp: I’m plenty masculine! You see this chest hair? *opens his shirt, showing his bare chest*

    Kipper: *jokingly* Put it away! Put it away!

    Jasper: So smooth! *covers eyes* MY EYES!

    Mr. Krupp: *closes shirt* Aw, man…

    #captain underpants#mr krupp#kipper krupp#jasper krupp #incorrect captain underpants quotes #source: gravity falls
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  • Another idea for the CU Iron Giant AU

    @biolizardboils @tornrose24 @flufflepops I know we’ve all agreed that Krupp is an unusual but kinda fitting choice for Dean. And I know Dean lives by himself in the movie, but dammit, I wanna work Jasper in here somehow!

    Maybe he helps Krupp at the scrapyard as a way to help put Kipper through a good school.

    Plus, unlike his brother, I can see him being hilariously on board with hiding CU there.

    Jasper: Aw, c’mon Benny, it’ll be fun! How many guys get to say they have an actual alien living with them?

    Plus, I think Jasper would like CU’s innocent personality, and see him as kind of like a “little brother”.

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  • i havent drawn baby benny in ages so heres one to fix that, plus a bonus little bro!

    #captain underpants #mr. krupp #principal krupp#benjamin krupp#jasper krupp #i meant to post this on his birthday but i couldnt clean it up in time oops #cu#me talking#my draws#baby Benny
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  • I have no details about Jasper but I feel like he’d be pretty oblivious,, maybe not as grumpy as Benny but still with a bad temper when he gets angry. He’d believe that his son is an angel bc he behaves around his dad and Benny is too protective of him to believe he could do any wrong.

    I feel like Jasper would just take his big bros word for it bc, well, he’s his big bro?? And why would his big bro lie to him u kno

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  • I Won't Say I'm In Love - Duet Annapantsu and Caleb Hyles

    I don’t know what compelled me to draw this but I did so uhhh yeah. :P

    Kat belongs to @jackie-sugarskull

    #captain underpants#lavatore ree #katherine ''kat'' krupp #not my oc #ship? #maybe? #idk#cute #I'm sorry if you don't like this jackie #I DO NOT OWN THIS AUDIO #I just thought it went nicely with my drawing #<:3 #I wonder how protective jasper and benny would be of her #a lot probably
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  • #ask #jasper has...... /many/ misconceptions about how krupp and captain operate #vis a vis what captain is
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  • @infini-tree you inspired me with this awesome post so I hope you enjoy my word art :P


    Captain was too tired to change himself back to Ben.

    He’d just fought a monster and it was late, so he made his way to Ben’s room and went to bed.

    Soon after he drifted off, he found himself in a peaceful meadow, with blue skies and white puffy clouds, green grass and trees, and beautiful flowers.

    “Wow…” he whispered to himself as he looked around.

    “Beautiful, ain’t it?”

    His eyes widened when he suddenly heard another voice behind him, and when he turned around, he saw a man with a red flannel and jeans, a cowboy hat and boots, a belt with a big gold buckle, sideburns, and green eyes.

    And he looked almost exactly like him.

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  • image

    This is my hc design for Mr. Krupp’s dad. I based him off of @jackie-sugarskull’s design because I like it a lot.

    -His name is Jonathan (I believe that’s also jackie’s hc name unless it’s canon), Jon for short.

    -Thats not a beard, it’s stubble.

    -He’s an angel because he’s dead.

    -He’s wearing an army outfit because he went into the army, which is where he was killed.

    -Backstory: Jon joined the army when Benny was 8, Jasper was 5, and Sarah (their sister) was 2. Benny, Jasper, and Bernice were all upset to see him go, and they were even more devastated when they found out he wasn’t coming home. Sarah doesn’t remember it like her brothers and mother since she was a toddler when this happened but she was told eventually.

    -It’s been at least 30 years since he died, and even after that long, Bernice was never able to move on. This is why she hates Benny, because he reminds her a lot of Jon and it makes her upset.

    -He’s buried under under a lone tree on a small hill at the edge of the cattle ranch where Bernice resides.

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