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  • My mother while watching the movie for the first time after reading the books of twilight

    My mom : Why is she moving like that , why does she speak like that.

    Me: mom she is just awkward.

    Like me

    My mom : ohh


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  • with the help of @allicekitty13

    Jasper: I’m sad …
    * sad cowboy look *
    Edwars: * sigh *
    Jasper: life is too long
    Edward: I hate eternity.
    * Emmett comes into the living room *
    Emmett: Come on guys it’s not ALL bad
    * Edward and Jasper glare*
    Emmett: I got mood boosting cables and a battery
    *Jasper raises an eyebrow *
    * Edward sighs *
    * Emmett puts his arms around them
    * Edward: It’s just a hug.
    Emmett: Alice!
    * Arrive from Alice in the hug *
    Emmett: now !?
    * Jasper smiles and tries to snuggle up to Alice *
    Edward: It works for someone …
    *Sad emo Edward but a happy cowboy*

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  • Treetops {j.h}


    Request:  “(Can you make it super angsty and fluffy please 🥰)

    But can you make one where I’m walking around and get attacked by a vampire. Edward gets there just as I’m about to die and I beg for him to change me so I wouldn’t have to leave Jasper (he’s my mate) and he’s so sad for me because he feels like I’m a sister to him so he changes me just as my eyes close. He freaks out and takes me to the house where Carlisle is and Carlisle eases his mind that he had done it just in time(like with Bella in the end of the last one of breaking dawn part 1) . Then he when Jasper can’t find me he goes home all sad and worried and as he walks in Edward sits him down and tells him. He feels really bad and sits down by my side holding my hand just waiting as Alice and rose changes me into a cute summer dress. When I wake up it kinda like when Bella dose and Jasper is not there when I do so I end up going to look for him. In the end we just cuddle just happy to be together and read my favorite books.” from @faithie-brock-gillespie01​

    Warnings: one use of a derogatory term (not a slur or anything), mentions of scars and nakedness but not too graphic in either

    A/n: sorry i’ve been away for forever. yes, i’m still active and i see everything people send me (dm wise or in ask-form) anyway, i really really love this and i hope you do too


    You know it’s a bad idea. Growing up, everyone always told you not to walk alone at night. But, being the independent person you are, you took self defense classes and never went far without your pocket knife. But over the past year, being surrounded by your boyfriend Jasper all the time made you loosen the reigns a bit. Soon, the countless hours you spent in your basement practicing Hammer and Heel Palm strikes were faded lessons that sat collecting dust in the back of your mind. You didn’t have to worry about defending yourself when Jasper was always around to do it for you, and after graduating college, you would be almost indestructible like him anyway. So, yes, you know better than to be walking through the forest, in the dark nonetheless, but anger has clouded your common sense and that’s the excuse you were currently using to make yourself feel better.

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  • Alice comes towards him: Hi
    Jasper remains silent
    Alice: Come with me Jasper
    Jasper: I’m with you until my destruction

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  • alice’s interests

    Dude: Jasper you got a email!

    Jasper: ok

    Dude: you have… 6 email..

    Jasper: it’s my girlfriend, she send me picture of the new family house.

    *Jasper open email and see picture of; Alice in the bath, Alice in the bed, Alice in the closet… *

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  • image

    “I just don’t get why there are so many zombie movies.“ Flora joked. Jess laughed and looped their arms together. 

    "It’s, like, a metaphor? For crass consumerism or something." 

    Flora chuckled and Bella walked ahead of them. Jessica swung her shopping bag and called over to Bella, "Not that you’d know anything about consuming. You didn’t buy anything today." 

    Bella turned around and pointed to her bag, "I bought something.”

    “Socks don’t count, Bells.” Flora commented. 

    Jessica quickly agreed and lowered her voice so only Flora could hear her, “I’m surprised she even came." 

    Flora sighed and tightened her grip on her bag, "I know. Bella has been going through some stuff." 

    Jessica’s eyes softened and she pulled Flora into a hug, "You’ve been dealing with stuff too. Your family practically abandoned you. At least you’re trying to live your life, and you haven’t shut yourself away from the rest of the world. I know you Flora, you’re hurting and you’re trying your best to hide it.”

    “You know me too well,” Flora hugged Jessica back and they smiled at one another. They continued walking and Jessica went on talking, “I just don’t get Bella. I mean, at first I was worried. Then I’m like, okay, she’s still bumming? It’s not like I wasn’t going through things too. Like Mike deciding he wanted to "just be friends?” That was really hard and–“

    "How ‘bout a ride, girls?” a creepy voice called out. The three girls turned around four guys on motorcycles were staring at them. The shadows of the street lamps hid their faces and a chill ran down Flora’s spine. 

    She pulled Jessica with her and snatched Bella’s hand in hers. “Come on, girls.”

    “I know them..I think…” Bella whispered. 

    Flora looked at Bella with wide eyes and shook her head, “No, you don’t.”

    “Let’s just go.” Jessica chimed in. 

    Bella pulled her wrist from Flora’s grasp and she walked away from the girls. “I want to see something.” Jessica pulled out her phone and typed something into her search engine. 

    “Alright, we got a taker.” A man on a bike said.

    “You’re not them…” Bella mumbled. 

    A biker heard her and he laughed, “We’ll be whoever you want, honey.“

    Another biker pulled up and he held out his hand for Bella, "Ready for a thrill ride?” Bella hesitated then took his hand. She sat behind him and the bikers took off. 

    “Goddamnit, Bella!” Flora screamed. 

    “What is she thinking?” Jessica demanded.

    “Clearly, she isn’t thinking.” Flora ran after the bikers and Jessica followed. The bikers suddenly stopped and Bella jumped off the bike. They quickly left and Flora grabbed Bella’s arm. 

    “What were you thinking, Bella?!” She was furious. Her green eyes darkened and her eyebrows were furrowed. 

    “I…saw something.“ Bella muttered. Jessica dropped the shopping bags and placed her hands on her hips. 

    "You. Are insane. Or suicidal." 

    Bella looked down at the ground, "The more dangerous…the more real it was.”

    “What are you talking about?” Flora demanded. She was genuinely concerned for her friend. What did Bella mean by “the more dangerous…the more real it was”? 

    Jessica crossed her arms and her eyes widened. “So, what, you’re like an adrenaline junky now? Go hang-gliding or bungie-jumping. Don’t be a complete freak." 

    Flora released Bella’s arm and they started walking back towards Jessica’s car. Every now and then, Flora would take a quick peak at Bella and she noticed the vacant expression she wore. The care ride home was silent. Flora sat in the passenger seat and Bella sat in the backseat. Today was interesting to say the least.


    Bang! Bang! Flora jolted up in her bed and she slipped on her glasses. She looked around her room and laid back down. Bang! Something was clearly going on outside. Flora hopped out of bed and pulled her hair into a messy bun. She walked downstairs and poked her head out of the front door. To her surprise, she found Bella loading two old dirt bikes into the back of her truck’s bed. Flora walked out of the house and rubbed her eyes, just what was Bella up to now? 

    "Bells, what are you doing?”

    Bella spun around her eyes widened, clearly, she wasn’t planning on getting caught. Bella rubbed her arm nervously and she gave Flora a bashful smile, “Just got these from the dump. I thought it would be fun to fix them up and learn to ride them.” Flora couldn’t detect a lie from what Bella had said, but she could sense that Bella wasn’t telling her the entire truth. Flora yawned and stretched her arms in the air, causing her tank top to ride up and show her recently pierced belly button, somehow, Jessica convinced her to get it done with her a few weeks ago. 

    Bella spotted the red gemmed jewelry that decorated Flora’s navel and she smirked, “And when did you get that done?” She pointed and Flora just shook her hand. 

    “Don’t change the subject, Bells.” Bella merely shrugged and finished loading the bike in her truck.

    “Well, I’m going to Jake’s, want to come?” Bella asked. That actually didn’t sound like a bad idea. She could use that time to relax at the beach. 

    “Sure, just let me get dressed.” Flora quickly ran to her room and changed into appropriate clothes, leggings, long sleeved tee-shirt and LL Bean boots. She grabbed her jacket and quickly styled her bangs into place. She grabbed some snacks and joined Bella in the truck. They quickly made their way to the reservation and hopped out of the truck. Jacob ran up the girls and pulled them into a hug. 

    “'Bout time you came by.” Jake joked.

    “I brought you something.” Bella and Flora removed the tarp that covered the bikes and Flora yelled out, “Surprise!”

    Jake didn’t look impressed, “Scrap metal. You shouldn’t’ have." 

    Flora laughed and Bella just shook her head, "I rescued them from the dump. They’d cost more than they’re worth to fix…unless one had a mechanic-type friend.”

    “Me, being the mechanic-type friend?” Jake asked. He looked at the bikes with an intrigued eye, “Since when are you into motorcycles?”

    “Recently.” Bella responded. Jake took a closer look at one of the bikes and then he looked at the other one. His brown eyes looked up and he looked at the two girls, “The parts alone will be pricey.”

    “I have a college fund I can dig into.” Bella replied. Flora’s eyes widened and a soft laugh escaped her lips. 

    Jake whistled and smiled, “Charlie’s going to love that.”

    “Charlie won’t know.” Bella quipped back. 

    Jake and Flora exchanged a look and Jake rubbed his chin, “Wow. Lying to Dad. Blowing through college money. Repairing dangerous machines…that I’m guessing you’ll want to ride?”

    “I really get it if you think this is stupid and reckless.” Bella said, her voice lowering in defeat. 

    Jake shook his head and a large smile pulled his lips “Oh it’s totally stupid and reckless. When do we start?”

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  • Flowercrown

    Jasper Hale Imagine

    For @galaxybee97


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  • edward: *meets and starts dating this human girl and tells his family that they can’t kill her*

    jasper: bruh you sure?

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  • y’all can’t possibly have the audacity to tell me that emmett and jasper haven’t trashed the family home at least once over the years when its game night and they’re playing monopoly bc emmett stole jasper’s money for the umpteenth time in a row. you just can’t! the major came out full throttle last time, threatening to declare a war on emmett and now esme’s banned the fucking disaster of a game from existing beyond the threshold of any entrance into the home. and true to their defiant nature, the boiis™ have played it outside the front door bc she didn’t say anything about thatttt - admin kat 🌙❣

    #emmettcullen#jasperhale#esmecullen#twilight #twilight shit post #lmaoo it's the truth tho man #cue alice fucking video taping it for memories sake #bella joins in and her chaotic newborn energy only makes it worse #carlisle begins to wonder why tf he even loves these kids any more #esme almost dies on the spot #the cruel cruel disappointment #rose threatens to beat jazz's ass if he so dares to touch a hair on her himbos head #like she full on squares tf up #like no! wtf is up jazz?! #edward's cries can be heard from his old room #why are y'all like thissss #can't we have ONE game night where we don't try to rip each other's arms off???? #alice breathes under her breath no u pussy come out and face your demons #eggwart doesn't #and that's how they burnt down the house #lmaoo#admin kat
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  • An excerpt from a fic I’m writing:


    “…I was forever grateful that Edward had suggested we move after he broke things off with her temporarily. I remember cleaning out my locker the morning we left. Bella had pulled in the parking lot. It felt like a hole had been ripped out of me. I was falling apart. I fell to my knees- my heart physically aching like someone had a hold on it and was squeezing the life out of it. She was an emotional being- her and Edward both were.

    However, now, this hurt, too. Not near as bad as the previous hurt she had experienced from Edward. This small emotion hurt more than most of what pain our family had ever transferred to me. With them it was the flick of a light, off and on, just enough where I understood their feelings. With Bella, it was a sharp stab that depreciated into a numb ache, a numb ache that never went away until she had fully healed. However, her happy emotions carried over in the same fashion-making my worries seem small in the grand scheme of things… ”

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  • The Cullens + Bella go to the zoo- what goes down??

    Edit: it’s for a fic I’m writing - I’ll credit the ones I use in the story :p thx for all the inspo 💕

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  • I love twilight but when it’s been about 8 years since you’ve watched it and you go back and rewatch the first one.. all I do is laugh but also cry because the memories these movies hold are immaculate

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    Originally posted by wiccangoddes

    Warnings: mentions of blood, uhh everyone acting weird??



    Bella sneaks out a lot in the night. You’re not sure where she goes, but when she comes back she always falls asleep with a smile on her face. Charlie has been nagging her to go hang out with Jacob, and he tries with you, too. But something about Jacob made you feel off. 

    “Hey now, that’s the last one tonight.” Charlie warns you as you pull another beer from the fridge. 

    “Yes sir.” You giggle with a mock salute. He side-eyes you, then reaches over the foot of space between you two and grips the neck of the glass bottle. 

    “I think you’ve had enough.” He says, pulling the drink from your grasp. You gasp, then cross your arms and return your eyes to the game on tv. “It’s getting late.” 

    “What, are you giving out on me, old man?” You tease. He scoffs, getting up from the couch and putting the beer back in the fridge. You click off the tv as you hear him stomp upstairs. Walking into the kitchen, you open the door and grab the beer. You copy him by going up the stairs, but you change his routine by entering your bedroom. A cool breeze stops you in your tracks. You grip the bottle a little tighter, then you back up into the hallway.

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