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    26.01.2022 - 1 hour ago


    Nothing like watching Prosciutto fuck his succubus wife(?) in braids

    #n sfw#sims #THANKS JAY IM FUCKIN SCREAMING KSJBDKAJSBD #i really love her succubus form omfgggggg need that magic mod to make pros a wizard AND BAM fantasy AU #AND THEN MAKE HIM HER DOLL SCREAMS #selfship stuff#oc stuff
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    26.01.2022 - 1 hour ago


    tw: swearing
    taglist: @cha-raena @enheyy @goldenhypen @softforqiankun @c9tnoos @mavlogist @kyleeanne @enhacolor @wonyofanclub @missmadwoman @angel-hyuckie @hrrhmay-primaryblog @mochisnlix @luvrjn @rein-deer-stuffs @etherealcherrie @sophiko22 @jjhmk @revemixer @chocolotti (bold can't be tagged)
    a/n: read the teaser to see what happened before this chapter's events!

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    26.01.2022 - 2 hours ago


    004. running gag

    ↳ mention of fainting and hospitals, written part — 0.4k words

    According to the school nurse, discussing a school project is not reason enough to disturb someone who is recovering from fainting and that the most she can do is give you a sick note to give to your teacher.

    Which is stupid.

    Yeji didn’t die and it’s not like you’re planning on grabbing her by the shoulders and yelling DO THE PROJECT OR ELSE! You actually planned on having a civil conversation. But the nurse won’t hear that. She shoes you out the sick room and back into the hallway, sick note stuffed in your fist.

    With a resigned sigh, you begin walking back to class. This whole thing is weird and putting you on edge. Despite telling Sunoo that you are off monster duty for now, you can’t shake the feeling that you should be on the look out for something. You don’t know what, and you don’t know why.

    Even now, the anxiety doesn’t leave you and you are so in your head about it that you don’t notice you are walking into someone until you end colliding with their back.

    “Woah, you okay?” they ask, steadying you with their hands.

    A reassurance is on your lips, a yeah, I’m fine, but when you look up and see who it is, a scowl falls on your face. “Watch where your going,” you grit out once you realise who it is.

    Park Jay holds his hands up in mock surrender. “You bumped into me.”

    “Whatever,” you say, pushing past him. You aren’t going to let your day get any worse by talking to him longer than you need to.

    “Were you seeing Yeji?” You can’t have one thing, can you?

    You turn back with a groan. “Does it matter?”

    He shrugs. “Just curious. Didn’t know you two were friends.”

    “We’re not. Not that it’s any of your business.”

    He either ignores you or doesn’t care, because he keeps barrelling on like you have any interest in holding a conversation with him. “My friends and I were joking that Jake is cursed to make all his girlfriends unconscious at some point in their relationship. First Rina, now Yeji. It’s like a running gag.”

    Your eyes widen. That’s right—Rina also ended up needing medical attention after being with Jake and she just came back from the hospital today. “Are you saying that Jake is the reason she fainted?”

    “What?” Jay splutters like he can’t believe you’d even think that. “That’s crazy. It’s just a joke.”

    You’re dubious, but whatever. “Yeji’s party—Is it still happening?”

    He scratches the back of his neck. “Uh, yeah, I think so.” You nod once then turn on your heel with a newfound determination. “What—Are you coming?”

    You ignore his shocked outburst and continue down the hall. You don’t know what it is about Jay and his friends that rub you the wrong way, but you are going to find out. Even if it means going to stupid, fucking Sim Jake’s house to do it.

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    TAGLIST. @jaysstarz @iyeonjuni @yjwfav @tsupuffs @i-m4rk @acciomylove @sophiko22 @ren-chib @juricuser @hobistigma @msxflower @chuuae @mykalon @fairybinie (send an ask to be added)

    #sim jake x reader #park jay x reader #ficscafe#klibrary #prism.nw #jake x you #jake x reader #jake fluff#jake imagines#jake reactions#jake scenarios #jay x you #jay x reader #jay fluff#jay imagines#jay reactions#jay scenarios #enhypen social media au #enhypen socmed au #enhypen smau #enhypen x y/n #enhypen x reader #enhypen scenarios#enhypen reactions#enhypen imagines#enhypen fluff #enhypen fake texts #enhypen texts
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    26.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Hybrid Enhypen! - Reaction to how they act around their S/O


    Hybrid Enhypen AU! ⬅️

    Heeseung - Deer hybrid 🦌

    He’s elegant, strong willed and proud, he really is the definition of a forest prince always in protection mode for his herd of one. Deer heeseung has a tendency to follow you a natural behaviour to want to keep danger from you, even if your just walking around the house heeseung isn’t far away. Even as a herbivore he is very territorial over his partner being at his peak when his antlers are on full display and his rut is unbearably overwhelming, he needs that little more extra attention when his antlers decide to fall off, “I know they’ll grow back babe.. I.. I just want to impress you, I’m not exactly impressive without them”, he said seeking your approval, his eyes sparkling in adoration when you shower him with love and the compliments he deserves .

    Jay - Cheetah hybrid 🐆

    Jay is a difficult one to bond with, he’s on high alert constantly and doesn’t favour many people, you’re the only one he can properly relax around taking naps vulnerably because he knows you’ll still be there when he wakes up, loving to lay across your lap as you played with his hair or scratched his ears, he adores the closeness but that always brings out the territorial side of him, one odd scent from a different male and jay’s giving you the cold shoulder but proceeds to rub his scent all over your clothes, in hopes it’s a clear indication your taken, “what? It’s a precaution, it makes me feel better.. their human? well we can do a lap around their house while holding hands, I promise I won’t growl at them”, he said with big eyes hoping you’ll agree.

    Jake - Wolf hybrid 🐺

    Jake is very territorial over his mate, it doesn’t matter if his opponent is male or female he’ll have his eyes on everyone, it’s not entirely his fault either as it’s wired in his brain to protect his partner constantly, but his fun and loveable personality would still shine towards his partner, though having insane stamina mixed with strong sexual desire would keep his significant other on their toes. “what’s that smell?”, he said inhaling against your neck, “were you hanging around another hybrid today? I don’t care if they were just a cat you know I’m the better species Y/N”, he said lightly growling as he rubbed against your body to get rid of the putrid scent of the other half breed, it’s in his nature to be your only love as wolves mate for life.

    Sunghoon - Snow Leopard hybrid ❄️

    After sunghoon found you nothing else would matter, he’s not interested in expanding out to other hybrids or humans, he only needs one and that is you, his natural instinct in finding his mate is to protect and reproduce, he’s of course the territorial type and finds himself unintentionally keeping you from anyone who isn’t him but now he’ll just scent you and call it a day. He loves wrapping his long tail around you watching you react to the tickling sensation, he values cuddling and keeping you warm at all times is his specialty, one shiver and sunghoon is around you like a personal scarf, “you know I’m hot.. body temperature I mean, I don’t want you getting cold baby”, he said softly as he stroked his hand down your body to produce heat.

    Sunoo - Fox hybrid 🦊

    He’s warm, slightly timid but overall a beautiful soul, foxy sunoo is cuddly and playful with his partner, he’s the least territorial of the group though he has his moments, as jealousy is a common factor but with him it’s a pretty harmless attribute he doesn’t entirely act on, sunoo is extremely trustful but he’s also able to sniff out anyone you’ve came in contact with. “Y/N do you wanna go for a walk in the forest? At night? I can guide you! I promise I won’t let you trip again!”, he immediately giggles remembering the time he completely forgot you couldn’t see in the dark. Being in nature is a relaxing place for him but you’d never catch him going by himself, he loves the company you bring and he’s happy he can spend those times like this with you.

    Jungwon - Black Panther hybrid 🐈‍⬛

    Jungwon is grateful to have you as his mate, as a solitary carnivore he’s grown to appreciate and completely embrace a full human life style, cuddling, eating together and having someone to sleep next to is something jungwon wouldn’t want to give up. Brushing against you and keeping his tail against your frame is a given as he wants to show his love in anyway even if it’s small. Being territorial over you is common, he doesn’t want any other hybrid or human coming near what belongs to him, he’s feisty and not someone to mess with, “you shouldn’t hang around wolves Y/N, they don’t know how to control themselves, they wouldn’t like it if they found out a feline was your boyfriend”, he said rubbing his head against your neck leaving his scent all over you.

    Ni-ki - Tiger hybrid 🐯

    Tiger ni-ki is prideful and loyal, he’s not the one to easily trust people and you were lucky enough for him to spare you a glance, it wasn’t easy but he really warmed up to you and now he can honestly say he’s in love. He’s extremely cuddly and is willing to fight for his partner at any given moment, he’s on the possessive side but it’s portrayed in a more protective way. “Ew I can smell that other male on you, I know he’s your cousin Y/N! I still don’t like him! Go have a shower”, he said squeezing his fingers around his nose and waving you off but as soon as you’re out smelling as fresh as a daisy, he’s attached to your hip again, “that’s better”, he said smelling your hair completely melting into your arms like a giant baby, “you should only smell like this or me”.

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  • missmadwoman
    26.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Afterglow Part Fourteen.



    "It's all on me, just don't go. Meet me in the afterglow."
    Summary: It's been 2 months since your break up with your boyfriend. It was not pretty, neither of you has contacted each other since. That is until a thread you make about rating your ex's using Taylor Swift songs reaches him.
    Pairing: Park Sunghoon x female reader.
    Taglist: [Open] @hiqhkey @mykalon @jakesim-p @wanlore @rielleluvs @enxnesblog @ourschan {just ask or reply, whatever you want.}
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    26.01.2022 - 8 hours ago
    One. Beginning

    [prev] masterlist [two]

    ask / dm comment if you want to join the tags and for you to be updated on future updates. you can also request to be part of my permanent taglist ^^

    taglist. @jhanleanne @nyfwyeonjun @chirokookie @msxflower

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    26.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    CHAPTER 7 — doesn't everyone like chicken nuggets ?

    warnings: hints of a toxic past relationship

    a/n: hello sorry for delaying this chapter for so long,,,, school is so Shit goodbye theres so much work already !!! also. unknown number is a Little ..... yes

    summary: lee heeseung still remembers the fancall he had a few months ago, specifically you. but before he got a chance to ask for your number, the staff had rudely snatched the phone away from him ?! a few months later, he finds out that you are part of a newly debuted group... the same group that had beaten his by a point from a music show win. from there, an unexpected friendship blossoms, with heeseung trying to hide his crush on you, not knowing you were starting to warm up to him.

    previous | next ☆ series masterlist

    taglist (open): @amakumos @jungwoniics @ja4hyvn @scented-morker @sunarindior @oreoisa @kissuzies @liliansun @c9tnoos @hanarinlol @hakuyeo @vlykai @zzwonii @heelvsme @0912005 @ily-cuz-i @acciomylove @beomslonghair @prettywon @tomorrowbymoa-together @hutao-s @soobnny @im-on-a-hellavator @astrid-potato @uarealienated @enhacolor @myouikomi @lhsng @luv3iza @arikiu @kyleeanne @shinsou-rii @fairycheol @heeseunqie @oureris @missmadwoman @av3z @son9oi @nicksszzz @mitsukifilms @baekhyunstruly @babygay-stay @angelicncity @jakehugger @vampsvngie @avis-writeshq @dinosdance @hooniesoul @chirokookie @tlnyjoong

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    26.01.2022 - 8 hours ago
    his mates.

    ❦ ENDASH

    fandom name : GENIE

    Leader : Heeseung Lee (24)

    Members : Jake Sim (22)

    Jay Park (22)

    Sunghoon Park (22)

    Riki Nishimura / Ni-ki (21)

    [prev.] masterlist [one.]

    ask / dm comment if you want to join the tags and for you to be updated on future updates. you can also request to be part of my permanent taglist ^^

    tagslist. @jhanleanne @nyfwyeonjun @chirokookie @msxflower

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  • lovingjaeyun
    26.01.2022 - 8 hours ago
    her squad

    ❦ Y/n Hwang

    Age : 21

    - 3rd year Tourism Student.

    - A part timer at a cafe just a few streets away from HEE:LIFT.

    - Ginie since day one & a jake stan since pre-debut.

    ❦ Avery Hwang

    Age : 24

    - Y/N's Sister.

    - ENDASH's Manager / Manager Noona.

    ❦ Jeno Hwang

    Age : 23

    - 4th year Architect Student.

    - Y/n's Cousin.

    ❦ Sunoo Kim (3rd year-Culinary)

    ❦ Jungwon Yang (3rd year-Tourism)

    ❦ Yuna Shin (3rd Year-Fine Arts)

    Ages : 21-22

    - Y/n's bestfriends since highschool.

    masterlist [his mates]

    ask / dm comment if you want to join the tags and for you to be updated on future updates. you can also request to be part of my permanent taglist ^^

    tagslist. @jhanleanne @nyfwyeonjun @chirokookie @msxflower

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  • enhasubs
    26.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    11. sh*t-faced drunk… (written)

    warning: smut

    “holy shit, how much did you guys drink?” jay asked as you, erin, heeseung, and jake stumbled into the girls dorm. both groups maknaes decided to have a sleepover night at the boys dorm and kicked jay and sunghoon out to stay at your place which was why he was there. sunghoon and yunseo sat on the couch watching the scene unfold. while the ramyeonz had a wild night of drinking and karaoke, yunseo, jay, and sunghoon had a classy night in with a reasonable amount of wine and a movie which the three had talked over the entire time.

    “lets play a drinking game now that we’re all together!” erin cheered, somehow sober enough to be able to say her words clearly and want more alcohol in her system.

    “im up for it,” sunghoon smirked.

    thats how you all ended up sitting in a circle on the floor of the living room. the order went you, and to your left jake, sunghoon, yunseo, erin, jay, and heeseung at your right.

    yunseo, being the most sober, got to choose the game. she chose the “circle game.”

    the basis of the game and the rules were simple, one person had to look up and send everyone participating the link to a list of the riskiest tasks and/or questions, whoever the bottle landed on had to complete the task or they had to take a shot.

    first up was jay to you, “y/n, oh god- do i have to say this out loud?” everyone in the circle nodded in response to his question, “um… do your best fake orgasm face while looking the person to your left in the eye…”

    that person was jake. obviously the countless amount of drinks you had earlier helped you complete this task without hesitation.

    you furrowed your brows and parted your mouth in the most raunchy and porn-like way while looking into jakes eyes. you couldn’t tell if he was blushing from what you were doing or if the alcohol had caused his face to get all rosy.

    next, yunseo had to give you a task, “okay y/n, have someone blindfold you and then have everyone in the circle kiss your cheek. whoever was the best kisser you have to kiss on the lips.”

    “easy,” you smirked as yunseo quickly got up and grabbed a scarf from her room to be your blindfold. “jay, will you do the honors?” you held the scarf out in front of you for him to tie it around your eyes.

    after being blindfolded, one by one everyone kissed your cheek, leaving you to decide the best one. “um… number 3?”

    “YES LETS GO!” erin cheered as you took off the blindfold, “suck a fat cock motherfuckers!” she bragged to the boys that had been hoping you’d choose one of them.

    “it’s not like this will be the first time i’ve kissed you,” you rolled your eyes as you seductively crawled over to erin to sit on her lap. you placed your hands at the side of her face and pulled her in for a passionate kiss (with tongue too). leaving everyone in the room shocked. “kind of disappointing that the only time we do this is when we’re drunk and won’t remember a thing in the morning,” you teased, kissing her one more time before going back to your spot in the circle.

    after a few more turns and a few more drinks in everyone, it was back to you being asked to do something from jay, “with your eyes closed, cross the room and the first person you touch you have to kiss them in the place where you touched them.”

    you crossed the room and felt the soft, warm skin of someone on your hands and opened your eyes to see your hand on the lower part of sunghoons neck, close to his collarbone. “well, what are you waiting for princess?” he asked, smirking. you rolled your eyes, leaning down to press a soft kiss to sunghoons skin.

    “okay jake,” sunghoon began his turn to ask, “someone has to lick peanut butter, chocolate sauce, or whipped cream off your finger, cheek, or somewhere of their choice.”

    of course jake to no surprise chose you to do this for him. he desperately wanted to know what your tongue felt like on him.

    you chose his fingers to lick whipped cream off of because you thought it’d be tame, but you were proven wrong. jake gripped the sides of your face with his free hand, prompting you to open your mouth for him to stick two of his fingers deep into it. you closed your mouth, looking him in his eyes as you swirled your tongue around his fingers which were a centimeter away from hitting the back of your throat.

    “holy shit,” jake sounded out of breath like he had been holding it in after he pulled his fingers out, watching the trail of saliva between your mouth and his fingers.

    after a few more rounds you’d all agreed to change the rules to stripping an item of clothing instead of drinking because you all were extremely black out drunk and couldnt handle another drop of alcohol.

    “y/n, you’re in school and you’ve been a bad student. for the next round, you’re in time-out on someone’s lap,” yunseo read off her phone.

    “well im definitely not choosing sunghoon after what happened last time,” you stated, “and knowing that jake and heeseung have had me in their thoughts while touching themselves makes me want to choose jay.”

    jay for once wasn’t excited for this to happen because there werent any extra layers of clothing keeping himself safe from getting hard at the moment. you were only in a t-shirt, underwear, and socks, while jay was in the same amount of clothing. “you better behave yourself lil guy,” you slurred, pointing your finger at jays crotch as if you were talking to his dick. you were most definitely shit-faced drunk.

    jays only thoughts as you sat on his lap were, dont get hard, dont get hard, dear god please dont let me get hard.

    “how about we give this next task to jay and y/n,” sunghoon smirked, reading aloud, “someone goes onto your amazon account and buys a special toy for you.”

    “don’t spend all my money jay,” you warned, handing him your phone.

    jay was mentally cursing at sunghoon right now as he scrolled through various toys, feeling himself harden up as he imagined you using them on yourself or him using them on you. your shifting on his lap, trying to get more comfortable didnt help the situation in any way.

    “how about this bdsm restraint cuffs and blindfold set?” jay read off the screen before going to purchase the item, “free shipping if you also purchase vibrating panties? i guess you’re getting two gifts from your favorite jay,” he laughed, placing the purchase.

    “i can feel that you enjoyed that a little too much,” you got off his lap now that the turn was over, exposing the visible tent in his underwear.

    “look at what the fuck you did y/n,” sunghoon teased you, motioning his hand to jays crotch.

    “oopsie,” you laughed.

    “aren’t you gonna fix it for him?” sunghoon smirked. why did he always have to push your buttons? he must’ve gotten some sick pleasure out of teasing you all the time.

    “what if i did? you wanna watch?” you fired back at him.

    “y/n, please don’t put those thoughts in my head,” jay warned.

    “what if i made those thoughts a reality?” you crawled back over to him, too drunk to care about the people watching.

    you crawled onto his lap, straddling this time as you brought your mouth to his, grinding on his hardness as you kissed him roughly to spite sunghoon. your underwear was sticking to your soaking wet pussy and all you wanted to do now was take them off and have jay roughly thrust into your aching hole.

    as if jay could read your mind, he picked you up with your legs wrapped around his waist and took you to your bedroom which he’d been in multiple times. every time he was there, he fantasized about all the things he wanted to do to you in there and now those fantasies were becoming a reality.

    he tossed you onto the bed, removing the rest of his clothing before removing the rest of yours. “you look even more breathtaking than i had imagined.”

    “i need you jay,” you whined.

    “need me to what?” he crawled onto the bed and sat himself between your legs.

    “fuck me jay!” you cried out, more desperate than ever before.

    “okay beautiful,” he kissed your forehead before slowly sliding into you.

    “i want you to fill me with your cum tonight,” you confessed. thank goodness as an idol, you were under contract to take birth control no matter what just in case you were in a situation like now where you blindly make the decision to ask someone to cum in you.

    jay began thrusting into you with ease due to how wet you were, “let them all hear how good im fucking you baby.”

    “fuck!” you moaned loudly enough to make the other boys in the dorm jealous of how jay was making you feel at the moment.

    “you’re so fucking tight, i’m already close,” jay groaned, picking up the speed of his deep and hard thrusts.

    “cum for me jay,” you whispered to him in between breathy moans.

    just those words alone caused him to quickly fill your walls up with his seed.

    “you don’t know how long i’ve dreamed of doing that,” jay kissed your sweaty forehead again.

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    synopsis: you became an idol after going on i-land 2 and debuted in a group called “cozmo”. your group gained a lot of popularity and success quickly like enhypen did so the company decided it would make them even more money if the two groups became close and started working on projects together.

    (taglist): @enhacolor @artgukk @wntrsgf @shdowhuntr @luvrseung @deobitifull @nyfwyeonjun @zhaixiaowen @duolingofanaccount @lunaflvms @magssu @theskzvibe @diestheticu @yabukkura @pshwyfie @sleepyenhasasha @jiwlys @myouikomi @astra-line

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  • hoodpane
    26.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    In my timezone: Happy birthday @hersilentlanguage!

    I too have been swamped with work, so I haven’t yet managed a full fic…. which I do have in the works for you! But! For now, I hope you enjoy this section of my latest Jaylos WIP :)

    (fyi: a character accidentally says something suggestive near the middle, but it’s not detailed and the characters quickly move on.) ———

    Things go wrong the moment he spots his intended target. 

    Firstly, he isn’t alone like Chad promised he would be, and his lunch companion is a girl, which suggests that maybe he also isn’t gay like Chad promised he would be. Jay curses his teammate under his breath. Maybe all of this was just some stupid prank on him. Maybe the others found out about his secret and set this up to prove how desperate he can get. Fucking assholes. 

    Secondly, Carlos is standing up and packing his things, which means that Jay didn’t track the time, and lunch is almost over. 

    He quickens his pace as much as he can without earning a slip from Fairy Godmother’s stupid ticket system- again- and tries to look casual when he slides up beside the pair. When they each glance at him, he grins and leans on the table, much to the girl’s confusion and Carlos’... something like anxiety? 

    “Hey there,” Jay starts, his full attention on the boy in front of him, “I’m here to proposition you, babe.” 

    The girl scoffs, instantly annoying Jay, but he’s as great with the ladies as with the gentlemen, so he glances her way. “Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel left out. But my goal for today is this guy over here. I’m sure I could set you up with a friend, though,” he smiles, even when she narrows her eyes at him. 

    “I didn’t feel left out, I scoffed because of what you said. You want to proposition him? That means you want to have sex,” she tells him bluntly, whipping a small hand mirror from her bag and reapplying lipstick as she speaks. Jay blinks once, and then twice, slowly turning to look at Carlos, and… oh.

    The other boy is bright red, staring directly at Jay in mortification, but he quickly avoids eye contact. 

    “Oh, uh…” Jay sputters. Fuck. He’s never messed up this badly asking someone out before, and he’s definitely never been flustered by simple flirting. What the hell is wrong with him today? “Well, I guess I meant I have a proposal? I just think you’re... you’re attractive? And I think we should go out?”

    Carlos’ palm and face connect softly as he groans, studying his lunch tray in bewilderment. “This is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me,” he murmurs, “and that’s saying a lot.”

    “Sorry, sorry! I’m a great guy, I swear!” Jay protests, fumbling to take a seat next to the other boy, “if you-”

    “Will you stop talking if I agree to one date?”

    He pauses for a few long seconds before snapping back to his senses. “Oh. Hell yeah, dude.”

    “Pick me up at eight. You’re taking me to the science museum on forty-ninth. I’m going to forget my wallet, so make sure you bring yours.” He stands up just as the bell rings, perfectly in sync with the red flashing of his watch interface; Jay briefly thinks that trying to use it would make his brain hurt. Carlos still doesn’t make eye contact as he gathers… four empty chocolate milk cartons? “Also, you have chicken or something in your teeth. Please get it out before tonight. Thank you.” He leaves without waiting for a response. 

    Jay watches him walk away, thoroughly confused. “Wait, tonight? Uh… chicken?”

    “It’s true, hon,” the blue-haired girl says sweetly, her face strained with suppressed laughter, “do you need a toothpick? This is actually so embarrassing to look at.”

    …What the hell was that?


    Have a fantastic day, Sparrow! Birthday week solidarity 🙏💙 now I’m going to go play TWST…. y’all surely know I’m picking Malleus at every chance I get :)

    #descendants#Jaylos #carlos de vil #jay descendants #this is an au where everyone’s in auradon the whole time #and Evie hates Jay in chap 1 <3 #also: modeling the school after Canadian high school bc that’s where the movies were shot
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    26.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    𝗣𝗥𝗢𝗩𝗘 𝗜𝗧 ☆ !!

    < PREV | NEXT >
    SYNOPSIS. after getting called out for his year-long crush on you, jake tries his best to prove to his friends that he isn’t into you anymore. there are many ways to go about the situation and hiring a fake girlfriend to have fake phone sex isn’t the right one. but what could go wrong right? Maybe everything, when he accidentally dials your number instead.


    @berriniki @[email protected] @shoftiiel @sthinqsz @acciomylove @abdiitcryy @ielaa @baekswoons @sunshinehanjisung @[email protected] @ja4hyvn @yangrden @liliansun @hutao-s @httpheeseung @todorokiskitten @primorange @uanel @babygay-stay @woniecf @yourlocalhotgf @ddeonubaby @enhacolor @atrirose @[email protected] @wonjaems @msxflower @navi-llera @heesplanet @yooo-gurt @n1k1tty @[email protected] @c9tnoos @90sni-ki @icywhatim @yurazuyori @heeseunqxly @squiishymeow @gu8ki @jakesim-p @beomsun @babygay-stay @chirokookie @[email protected] @wonyofanclub

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  • lovingjaeyun
    26.01.2022 - 13 hours ago
    Chasing Sunrise.
    SYNOPSIS. Having to join her favorite group's fansign event once is already enough for Y/n, thanks to her family and friends. Wanting to have some fresh air, she decided to go outside only to meet her ultimate bias, Jake Sim.
    Under the same sky, breathing the same air, they found comfort and peace.
    In each other's eyes, their figures are reflecting,
    while the sun in front of them is already setting.

    ◽PAIRING. idol ! Jake Sim x Fangirl ! Y/n

    ◽GENRE. SMAU, fluff, crack (?), Jake is an idol and Y/n is a fan since pre-debut

    ◽STATUS. Ongoing

    ◽WARNINGS. Please beware of grammatical errors & typos. May contain vulgar words / a lot of swearing. I will put trigger warning at some part if it's needed.

    NOTES. I am very open for criticism, but please be mindful at your words. If I did something wrong, please educate me well on dms. This is my attempt AGAIN on making an au & so please remember that:
    ◽ Age are adjusted for AU purposes.
    ◽ This is ONLY A FIC. Any behavior of the characters do not reflect to any idol or any person in real life.
    ◽ Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters appearing in this work are a work of fiction.
    ◽  I do not ship any of them in real life. Any shipping that may happen in this AU is for this AU’s purpose only.
    ◽ Time stamps doesn't matter unless stated.
    ◽ Don't be shy to send me your thoughts about this smau, i would be very happy to read it. My ask is 24/7 open.

    Chasing Sunrise

    her squad , his mates

    One. Beginning

    Two. Selca Day


    ask / dm comment if you want to join the tags and for you to be updated on future updates. you can also request to be part of my permanent taglist ^^

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    26.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    So you know how Sun is/was technically Hylia?

    in the modern au when Sky and Sun were in elementary school, the school put on a play that was a basic retelling of the story of the Goddess and Her Chosen hero. Sky and Sun landed the main roles (since at this point in time Sky had anxiety and verbal issues he signed most of his lines, tho the hero didn’t have many lines anyways. lets Just say that a lot of hylians are fluent in sign and everyone was very supportive)

    and years later people will still refer to Sun as Hylia just because it’s one of those things that people just remember vividly

    #jays modern au #jays being dumb again #linked universe #Linked universe sky #linked universe sun #lu#linkeduniverse
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    Titanic AU (Jay Halstead + Halstead Sister + Upstead Imagine)

    A/N: The last like 1.5k words are unedited because I wanted to get this out to you guys, so if there are any typos, I apologize in advance. Please remember to reblog and comment as I love hearing what you think! Enjoy!

    April 10, 1912

    "A kitty!" you yelled excitedly and pointed to the cat walking down the gangway with a kitten in her mouth. "She has a baby, too!"

    You made a move to chase after the mama cat and her baby when Jay quickly grabbed your hand.

    "Y/N, what did I say earlier?" Jay asked sternly. He couldn't have you running about with this many people around. Plus, if you ran around who's to know when he'd find you, and by then, the ship of dreams could've left and you and he would have to wait around for another ship to go see Will in America.

    "Stay by you," you answered, while still longingly looking at the cat as it trotted away.

    "Exactly. So, you stay with me. I know you want to see the cat, but we can't right now, okay? You'll probably see them in New York anyway."

    "They have kitties there? Where Will is?" you asked, looking up at your big brother with wide, curious eyes.

    "Of course, they have kitties in New York, silly. They have kitties everywhere."

    "Cat runnin' off the ship," a man said from behind you and Jay, "that there's a bad omen."

    "What does that mean?" you asked. "Are- Are we in trouble?"

    Great, now he's done it, Jay thought to himself. "No, pumpkin, it's just what some people think. Me and you don't think that. We're not in trouble and we're perfectly safe."

    You nodded and then continued to take in your surroundings while you took a step forward in the line.

    "Sorry about that," the man said from behind Jay. Jay turned to look at him. "Didn't know you had your daughter with ya or else I wouldn't have said anything. Didn't mean to scare the little lady."

    "Appreciate the apology," Jay said. "And, she's my sister, not my daughter."

    The man nodded. "I'm Adam. What stateroom ya in? I'm in 28."

    Jay glanced down at his and your tickets. "We're in 28 as well."

    "Looks like we'll be bunking together for the time being. And don't worry, I'll be totally civil since there's a child."

    Jay was about to say something when you pulled on his sleeve to get his attention and started pointing. "Jay Jay, look! There's a car in the air!"

    Jay looked where you were pointing and chuckled. Sure enough, the crew was using a system of ropes of pulleys to get a car--no doubt someone's from first-class--onto the ship.

    "I see that," he said.

    Then, you continued pointing things out that were interesting to you that were getting hauled onto the ship.

    "Why they gotta look through our hair, Jay Jay?" you asked once you were almost at the front of the line for the health inspections.

    "To make sure we didn't have bugs in them," Jay answered.

    "I don't have bugs in my hair!" you protested. "I didn't even play outside today and you helped me wash my hair yesterday!"

    Jay chuckled at your response. "I know that. But, they just gotta be sure. They don't want anybody getting sick."

    "Oh, okay." Then, you started to watch the first class people walk on the ship, the women wearing very pretty dresses. This kept you occupied until you and Jay got to the front of the line for health inspections.


    "I don't understand why we can't bring our own liquor on board," Thomas Upton complained to his wife and daughter.

    "For the last time, Tom, they'll have some on board," Irene Upton explained. "And don't get your knickers in a twist. You don't have to pay for it since it's included.

    "Don't you dare talk to me--" Remembering there were people around, he lowered his voice. "Don't talk to me that way, you hear. Of course, I remembered the liquor is all-inclusive."

    "So you can drown yourself in it as usual," their daughter, Hailey muttered.

    "What did you say?"

    "Just said the trip should be business as usual," Hailey lied as her blonde hair rippled in the April breeze. "Get on, relax, and then get off in New York."

    "Yes, right, and then we'll take the train home to Chicago."

    Hailey wanted to say that she wasn't going back home to Chicago with her oh so dear parents (more like her oh so dear mother; she hated her father), but rather, she was going to stay in New York and try to go to university to study and become a lawyer. She knew that women weren't allowed to take the bar exam federally (but, state law still mattered), but she hoped that this law would be overturned by the time she finished her studies. She knew that in New York women were allowed to take law classes, and fifteen years ago, women were even permitted to take the bar exam there. A Women's Bar Association had even been established in Brooklyn, New York a year ago. Although she could still study law and take the Illinois state bar exam, she wanted to go to university in New York, seeing as there were better schools there than in Illinois. That, and she needed to get away from her father.

    Thomas Upton hadn't always been a drunk. Once, he had been a good father to his three sons and one daughter. That was until he lost one of the three bars he owned. Then, he started drinking and kept it up. After all, it was fine to drink that much alcohol because that meant that he wasn't drinking contaminated water (in the days he grew up, sometimes it was safer to drink liquor than water if someone near you had gotten sick since it could be due to the community well). But, then, since his sons were old enough, they figured out a way to reopen the third bar.

    During that time though, he had started grabbing onto his wife and daughter harder than he probably should have. But, who would they tell? The father had authority in the house, so therefore this was fine.

    Hailey on the other hand thought differently. Her mother just took the abuse. Hailey did, but she didn't want to. She followed the suffragette movement and hoped one day that women get the right to vote and that men would stop being such scum. She hoped that one day women would be able to do the same jobs as men and get as much respect as men. And then, maybe men wouldn't think it was okay to hurt their wives and daughters just because they could since men were "chosen by God to be the superior sex". Hailey thought that was horseshit, but she'd never tell her mother and father that.

    As Hailey was thinking about her plan to become a lawyer in New York and leave her family behind, she walked up the gangway and onto what everyone deemed as an unsinkable ship.


    "Sir, unless you have a family, you're going to have to go down there," a third-class steward said to Adam.

    "My ticket says room 28," Adam protested.

    "Well, there must be some mistake. What's your name, sir?"

    "Adam Ruzek."

    "Right, Ruzek...Ruzek..." the steward muttered as he ran a finger down the list. "Ah, yes! Says here you're in stateroom 82. Must've been a misprint with the ticket office, I'll be sure to pass it along to them."

    "Alright, thank you."

    "But, Adam said he was gonna teach me how to play the pigs game," you whined.

    "Don't you worry, little lady," Adam reassured. "I can bring Pigs in a Clover to the general room and teach you how to play."

    "You promise?" you asked while holding Jay's hand.

    "I promise," he replied with a wink. He held out a hand to Jay. "Nice meeting the two of you. I'm sure I'll see you soon."

    Jay shook Adam's outstretched hand. "I'm fairly certain of that since I'm sure this one will want to see you again. Best of luck to you."

    "You as well."

    "Alright, pumpkin, ready to go see our room?"

    "Yeah!" You gasped. "You put Teddy in the big bag, right? I need Teddy."

    Jay chuckled. "Of course, I remembered to put Teddy in the suitcase. I couldn't forget him now, could I?"

    "No, or else you would be in trouble."

    "Would I now? And what kind of trouble would you do me in for?"

    You scrunched up your face in thought. "No more Y/N hugs."

    Jay gasped. "No more Y/N hugs? That's terrible! But, that would mean you don't get anymore Jay Jay hugs."

    Now it was your turn to gasp. "I love Jay Jay hugs. You don't get in trouble. I would just be very sad."

    "I know you would, pumpkin. And that would be punishment enough for me. Now, let's go see our room for the next couple of days."

    You nodded excitedly and walked with Jay while happily swinging your joined hands back and forth.

    "We get bunk beds?" you exclaimed excitedly at the sight of your stateroom.

    "Yes, we do. But, I think it would be a good idea for you to sleep on the bottom bunk since there's no ladder to help you get down if you need to use the bathroom at night."

    "But I want the top bunk!"

    Jay sighed. "I know you do. But, how about you can come up with me sometimes during the day to read a story, okay?"


    Jay set the suitcase on one of the bottom bunks and flipped it open. You quickly grabbed Teddy seeing as he was sitting on top.

    You looked up at the doorway just as a woman walked into the room.

    "Jay Jay," you whispered. You had never seen this lady before.

    "Hi, I'm Vanessa Rojas," the lady introduced herself.

    "Jay Halstead," Jay said and stepped forward to shake her hand.

    You hid behind Jay's legs. You didn't know who this strange lady was!

    "Nice to meet you, Mr. Halstead."

    "Please call me Jay." He paused. "And, the little girl hiding behind my legs is my little sister, Y/N."

    "Hi, Y/N," Vanessa greeted. "I won't bite. I promise. I might even have some sweets in my bag if you want some."

    That got you out from behind Jay's legs.

    "You have candy?" you asked timidly.

    "I do." She looked back up at Jay. "That is if she can have some of course."

    "I think a few pieces should be fine," Jay answered.

    Vanessa sat on the bottom bunk and opened her purse. She took out four boxes, each the size of a field notebook and the depth of half a ruler. "Alright, we have candied orange peels, turrón, tortas de aceite, and churros."

    "What are those?" you asked quietly.

    "These--," She held up the box of tortas de aceite. "--are like sweet bread with cinnamon. These--" She put down that box and picked up the one with the churros "are like the ones I just showed you but sweeter. And these--" She held up the tin of turrón. "--are sweet and they have almonds and uh, this sticky sweet stuff called nougat inside."

    She let you try the candied orange peels first, which you liked. They tasted like the ones you'd always have at home during Christmastime. Then, she had you try a torta de aceite. You got one half and Jay got the other. They did taste like sweet bread and were super crunchy! Then, you tried a small churro.

    "They taste like elephant ears!" you excitedly said to Jay. "But these are better!"

    Vanessa smiled and then handed you a piece of turrón. You were skeptical about this one because you had never seen anything like this before, but everything else she gave you tasted good. So, you tried it. And, like everything else she had given you, it was sweet and delicious.

    "These are delicious, thank you," Jay said.

    "Thank you!" you piped up from where you were sitting on the bottom bunk and licking remnants of nougat from your fingers.

    "Where did you learn how to make these?" Jay asked.

    "My mother taught me," Vanessa replied. "I took her original recipes, gave them a little more sweetness, and ¡buen provecho! I started my own little bakery, which grew into more. Turns out they want one in America."

    "Wow, congratulations," Jay said.

    "Yeah congra-lations," you agreed, causing both Jay and Vanessa to laugh at your pronunciation for a split second.

    Once you were unpacked, Jay suggested that you and he go explore the rest of the ship. He invited Vanessa, but she said that she had a long journey to get here and desired a nap. So, it was just you and Jay off to explore the Titanic.


    It was dinnertime and Hailey was sitting in a giant dining room with fancy tables. God, she hated this. Having to be all prim and proper and respect her father when she and her mother didn't get an ounce of respect in return. That's why she hated fancy dinners because she always had to act like the perfect daughter. The perfect daughter who had the perfect family because her perfect father was rich. But that's not how this was. It's not how it had been for years.

    She doesn't remember when it started really. She thinks she was just born into it. There was never a specific day it happened she's always remembered liquor bottles.

    She didn't care if she was on the ship of dreams. She didn't care that she was probably having a fancy meal that people would die for. All Hailey wanted to do was get to New York and get out of this life.

    She wanted to yell at her father and expose him in front of all these rich people. Maybe they'd take him to the brig and lock him up in jail cell once they got to America.

    "I need some air," she said and abruptly pushed back her chair and started out of the dining room and to the deck.


    "What's that one?" you asked Jay as he held you on his hip and you pointed at the constellations.

    "That one is called the big dipper. See? It looks like I giant spoon."

    You scrunched up your face. "That's a strange spoon," you said and looked at him. "You think Mommy and Daddy are up there?"

    "I hope so," Jay answered. "They're watching over us and making sure that me and Will are the best big brothers to you and that we keep you safe."

    You nodded. "You both are the best! And- And Mommy and Daddy are watchin' over me makin' sure I don't sneak cookies before dinnertime."

    Jay chuckled. "Yes, that too."

    Jay walked along the poop deck until he came to a staircase. He knew you couldn't go up there since that led to the first-class promenade deck.

    But then, he heard yelling.


    "Do you even want to be a part of this family?" Thomas Upton roared on the promenade deck. Luckily, no one was around.

    "You want the truth, father?" Hailey asked, trying to keep her voice steady.

    "I'll take that as a yes, then! If you want out of this family, then do it! But I will not be giving you a cent once this ship docks in New York. How will you get by? A single woman on her own?"

    Hailey scoffed. "I'll figure it out."

    "Sell yourself like a cheap whore?"

    Hailey gasped. "You know, I always wondered why mother married you! Was it for money? Because you are one abusive bastar--"

    Hailey was cut off by a slap to her face.

    "You don't ever, ever speak to me like--"


    A man sprinted over to Hailey and her father and quickly stood between them.

    "Did you just hit her?" he asked. Thomas Upton said nothing. "I asked you a damn question! Did you just hit her?"

    "If I'm not wrong, scum like you aren't allowed on this deck," Thomas said. "You'd best be going before I call a steward and have you thrown in the brig."

    "I'm sure they'd much rather throw you in for hitting a woman."

    He scoffed. "I'm going back to the dining room. I'd suggest you leave before you make more trouble for yourself, young man."

    Then, he walked away.

    "Jay Jay?" Hailey heard a small voice ask. "Is the angry man gone?"

    The stranger's tone softened. "He's gone, pumpkin. You can come out now." He turned to Hailey. "Are you alright? I'm sure there's a nurse on board if you need one."

    "I'm fine, thank you, uh..." she trailed off, not knowing this kind stranger's name.

    "Jay, Jay Halstead."

    "Pleased to meet you, Jay. I'm Hailey Upton."

    "Nice to meet you, Miss Upton."

    "Please, call me Hailey."

    Jay was about to say something when he felt a pair of arms wrap around his legs.

    "Are you okay?" you asked once Jay had picked you up.

    The lady smiled. "I'm okay. And who might you be?"

    "I'm Y/N. Jay Jay's my big brother."

    "I'm Hailey. Nice to meet you."

    "Your dress is pretty," you complimented. "Jay Jay said we couldn't be up here but then we heard yelling and he said he needed to help."

    "Well, that was very nice of him."

    "He said Mommy told him and Will to respect ladies," you explained.

    "I like that rule," Hailey agreed. She turned to Jay. "Let me at least buy you and your sister something at the Cafe Parisien to thank you for your kindness."

    Jay waved his free hand. "It was nothing. I was just doing what any decent man would do."

    "I insist," Hailey said. "And, I'm sure she'd enjoy one of the pastries they have there."

    "Pastries? I like those!"

    Jay sighed. He couldn't say no now that you had heard that. "But, how will we be allowed up there? We're only third class."

    Hailey smirked. "Leave that to me. What's your stateroom number?"

    "Stateroom 28 on D deck," Jay answered.

    "Two-eight on D as in dog!" you agreed, repeating what Jay had taught you earlier in the day just in case you got lost on the ship.

    Hailey laughed. "I'll be at room 28 on D deck as in dog tomorrow at two o'clock in the afternoon. I'll bring the clothes with me."

    "Clothes?" Jay asked.

    "Yes, clothes. Don't worry. I'll make sure you two look like first-class passengers."


    "And now we get to see her tomorrow, too!" you told Vanessa excitedly after you had met back at your stateroom after yours and Jay's little adventure around the ship.

    "How exciting!" she exclaimed.

    "Do you think we can bring Vanessa back something from the caf... caf..." You furrowed your eyebrows trying to remember the name of the place.

    Jay laughed. "Cafe Parisien, pumpkin."

    Vanessa's eyes went wide. "The Cafe Parisien? But that's only for first-class passengers!"

    Jay laughed again. "Very much aware. But Hailey said she had it figured out and would be here at two o'clock in the afternoon tomorrow."

    Vanessa nodded, impressed.

    "Do you think she's pretty, Jay Jay? I think she's very pretty," you said.

    Jay smiled. "Hailey's pretty, pumpkin, very pretty."

    Vanessa shook her head. "Amor en el barco. Que romántico y maravilloso." (Love on the ship. How romantic and marvelous.)

    "Sorry, what?" Jay asked.

    "Oh, nothing."


    April 11, 1912

    At 2:00, Hailey Upton knocked on the door of stateroom 28 on D-deck.

    You whipped open the door. "Hi, Hailey!"

    "What did I say about answering the door?" Jay admonished.

    Even though the room was small, you were just a few feet closer to the door and able to reach the handle before he could. Of course, you didn't check the peephole to see who it was.

    "Oops, sorry." Then, you turned back to Hailey. "We gonna go eat now?"

    Hailey smiled and crouched down to your level. "In a minute, but I need to come in to give you some fancy clothes to change into. Does that sound alright?"

    You nodded excitedly and moved out of the way and she came into the stateroom.

    "Only two of you in the cabin?" she asked curiously.

    "Well, there's Vanessa, too. She's the other person in our room," Jay explained. "A candy shop owner from Spain who is starting a shop in America as well."

    "Her candy's really good!" you exclaimed.

    Jay laughed and agreed. "So, Cafe Parisien? How do we go about this?"

    "Well, I brought you this." She handed him a garment bag. Inside was a fancy suit she had stolen from her father. She had put a small dress in there, too. It was one her mother was planning to give to Hailey's niece once they arrived in New York. She figured she wouldn't even notice the dress was missing since they had bought her so many. "There's a suit for you and a dress for Y/N. You should blend in as first-class like that."

    Hailey handed Jay the bag and he unzipped it. He pulled out his suit--tie, jacket with coattails, the lot--and then he pulled out the dress that you were to wear. It was a pastel pink with frills on it.

    You gasped. "It's so pretty!" Pretty seemed to be the word you were using to describe everything as of late.

    "It is!" Jay agreed, matching your enthusiasm. "How about I help you get changed and then I'll put mine on?"

    You nodded and Hailey turned around as Jay helped you undress and then slid the dress over your head. Once it was on, you spun around and around. You loved watching the dress flair out around you. You felt like a princess in those stories that Jay would always tell you before you went to sleep.

    Jay began to change as well. While he was doing that, Hailey snuck a peek over her shoulder. Color rose to her cheeks when she saw the muscles bulging in Jay's back before he put the white shirt on. She quickly turned her head back to its previous position. She couldn't risk you seeing the color in her cheeks because if she had learned anything from her brothers' children, it was that little ones said anything and everything that was on their minds.

    "You can turn around now," Jay said.

    Hailey turned around. He looked quite handsome.

    "There. Now both of you look like first-class passengers."

    "Thank you for the princess dress!" you exclaimed.

    Jay laughed as Hailey said you're welcome. "You don't get to keep it, pumpkin."

    "Oh. I still like it," you said and spun around once more, causing Jay and Hailey to both let out a laugh.

    Their eyes met and Hailey quickly turned away as her cheeks filled with color once more.


    "I- I dunno what to get," you said quietly as you stared at the case of pastries in the Cafe Parisien. All the choices were overwhelming. You wanted all of them, but you didn't want to pick the wrong one!

    You stayed glued to Jay on the walk up here and were now still attached to his side. In fact, when he moved to go around to look at something, you quickly grabbed his hand to keep him from looking at it. This was all so new and strange to you that you continued to hold on to either Jay's pant leg or his hand.

    Hailey bent down. "How about this," she started, "how about you choose the three that sound the best and then we all split them, hmm?"

    "Hailey, I can't--"

    "Okay!" you quickly cut Jay off. "I choose all three?" you asked and held up three fingers.

    Hailey nodded and then you decided on your three.

    A lemon pastry, a strawberry pastry, and a chocolate pastry.

    "One lemon pastry, one strawberry pastry, one chocolate pastry, two coffees, and one hot chocolate," Hailey said.

    The man repeated the order back to her and then she gave him her room number and said that it would be charged to her room and that she'd pay for it at the end of the voyage.

    The three of you sat down at a table and Jay cut all three pastries. He also warned you to blow on your hot chocolate because it would be very hot if you took a sip of it right now. Jay placed a slice of each pastry on everyone's plate.

    After trying all three, you decided that you liked the chocolate one the best.

    "Of course," Jay laughed. "Which one do you like best, Hailey?"

    "Hmmm," she said and then pursed her lips as if she were deep in thought. "Strawberry. Yours?"

    "Mine's strawberry as well," Jay agreed.

    "They should make a chocolate and strawberry one," you suggested.

    "I think mixing our favorites would be a great pastry idea!" Hailey agreed. "Maybe you and Jay should write the White Starline once we get to New York, hmm?"

    "Or, we could tell Vanessa and maybe she could make a kind of strawberry chocolate candy," Jay suggested.

    You gasped. "Yeah!"

    The three of you chatted while you ate your pastries and drank your drinks. During this time, Hailey suggested that tomorrow, she meet you at the same time and give you two a whole tour of the first-class areas.

    You nodded excitedly while Jay tried to turn her down, but Hailey insisted and Jay relented. You were just excited because you might get to eat more sweets!


    April 13, 1912

    Yesterday, Hailey took you and Jay to explore the first-class areas of the ship. You did get more hot chocolate and pastries and you even ate some cheese and grapes. Everything was so good! It was better than a third-class dinner!

    Tonight, Jay insisted that it was only fair if she come to a third-class party because he said that those would be more fun than the dreary conversations she described having the past two nights in the first-class dining room.

    "You'll be fine," Jay reassured. "Any man looks at you wrong, I'll knock his teeth in."

    "Mommy said no hitting, Jay Jay!" you told him.

    "That's alright," Hailey butted in. "Surely I can handle myself in there."

    Jay just smiled and shook his head. This woman was something else alright.

    "Just in here," Jay said as he led the way and the music got louder. It was a sort of an Irish jig that was playing.

    "Halstead!" Adam yelled over the music.

    "Adam!" you yelled back and ran towards him.

    "Little lady!" Adam said once you got to him and he picked you up and threw you up in the air and spun you around.

    "You bring the pig game? You promised you would bring the pig game!"

    "Y/N," Jay scolded. "Remember your manners. Mommy taught us those, too."

    "Oh. Did you bring the pig game, please?"

    Adam laughed at how you said that but answered anyway. He settled you on his hip like Jay always did. "I did. Mind if I steal your dancing partner from you, Jay?" he asked.

    "Y/N!" Vanessa said as she made her way through the crowd. "I thought I heard your giggle!"

    "You wanna play the pig game with me and Adam?" you asked. "He said he'd teach me!"

    "I'd love to!" She turned to Jay and Hailey. "And, is this the famous Hailey I've heard about for the past two days?"

    Hailey nodded. "Yes, and you must be Vanessa, the famed candy maker."

    Vanessa smiled. "I wouldn't say famed quite yet. But candy maker, yes."

    "Well, either way, pleasure to meet you, Vanessa."

    The four grownups chatted until you bugged Adam enough that he took you and Vanessa over to a table to teach you how to play Pigs in a Clover.

    "Would you like to dance?" Jay asked and held out his hand to Hailey.

    "I would love nothing more."


    After fifteen minutes, you had caught on to the game. It was a sort of circle maze where you had to get the marble to the end. You looked over at Jay and Hailey and gasped.

    They were kissing.

    "Adam! Vanessa! Look!"

    You pointed at Jay and Hailey.

    "Aw, hell," Adam groaned and covered your eyes.

    Jay pointed to the door, then to him and Hailey, then to you and Adam. He mouthed "watch her" and Adam gave him a thumbs up and Jay and Hailey walked out of the room hand and hand.


    "Where's Jay Jay?" you asked half an hour later. Adam had been teaching you how to go fast at the game. You looked up to look for Jay and you couldn't find him. And, you were starting to get worried.

    "He's uh..." Adam trailed off. He wasn't about to explain sex to a little girl.

    "Hey, pumpkin!" Jay exclaimed and ran up to Adam, Vanessa, and you.

    Adam held back a laugh as he looked at Jay's shirt. The button was buttoned one buttonhole too high.

    He leaned in to whisper in Jay's ear after he had set you back on the ground.

    "Your shirt's buttoned wrong from uh...consummating the voyage," Adam whispered.

    "Shit," Jay said and quickly fixed his shirt. He turned to you. "Alright, pumpkin, wanna dance with me and Hailey?"

    You grabbed one of Jay's hands and one of Hailey's and made your way to the middle of the dance floor. You hoped you'd see more of Hailey when you got to New York.


    April 14, 1912

    "Your room's so pretty. The bed's so soft," you said yet again as you laid on the bed in Hailey's stateroom.

    Hailey had decided to show you her room once the three of you chose a book to read.

    You yawned and rubbed your eyes.

    "Sleepy, love?" Hailey asked.

    You nodded.

    "Alright," Jay began, "I think it's bedtime for you, pumpkin. Back to our cabin we go."

    "No," you whined. "Comfy here. Warm here."

    "I know, I know. It's a lot better than ours," Jay said. He reached down to pick you up, but you rolled away from him. "We can't sleep here, pumpkin."

    "You know," Hailey started, "she could sleep on that single bed there." She pointed across the room. "Or you and her could take my bed and I could sleep on the single."

    "Hailey, we can't--"

    "I insist. It's just one night."

    You gasped. "I- I can't sleep without, Teddy!"

    "Okay, okay," Jay said. "I'll be right back. I'll grab Teddy and I'll grab her nightgown and be right back."

    "That's right. Can't change out of the suit or they won't let you back up here," Hailey said.

    He quickly kissed her on the cheek. "Be right back."


    Four hours later

    You jumped awake at a loud knock on the door. Teddy was still clutched to your chest.

    "It's okay, it's okay," Jay quickly reassured and sat up in bed.

    Hailey jumped out of bed and answered the door.

    "Life vests, miss," the steward said and handed her a life vest.

    "What is the meaning of all this?" Hailey asked.

    "Just a drill, miss," he replied. "Only a drill."

    "Well, I will need two more life vests in that case."

    "I'm sorry, miss. I thought it was only you in this stateroom."

    "That's alright. It's a common mistake. My husband and my daughter are here as well. You see, they get seasick very easily so they stay in here and get dinner delivered most nights," she lied.

    "Very well." He handed over two more life vests. "Again, just a precaution."

    Hailey nodded. "I'll keep that in mind. Thank you."

    Hailey walked over and handed a life vest to Jay and one to you. You got out of bed, still holding Teddy.

    "Why do we need this?" you asked.

    "They told us to put it on, so we listen to them," Jay said as he was tying his. "Here, I'll help you put yours on." He helped you with your life vest. While he was tying it, he looked at Hailey. "So now I'm your husband, huh?"

    "Just this once," she answered with a smirk.


    One hour later

    There was another knock on the door. For the past half an hour, you had been sitting on the bed between Jay and Hailey, listening to them read you yet another story. You were scared. You didn't know why you had to wear these and Jay Jay didn't have an answer for you! You thought Jay Jay knew everything!

    Hailey stood up and answered the door again.

    "All of you need to put on your warmest clothes and then make your way up to the promenade deck immediately," the steward said.

    "Why? It's the middle of the night and I have a young child with me who should be sleeping right now! What is the meaning of this?" Hailey asked.

    "It's only a drill," he said.

    "In the middle of the night?"

    "Yes, miss. I'm sorry. But again, please just put on your warmest clothes and make your way up to the promenade."

    Then, the steward moved on to the next door.

    "I'll give Y/N one of my shawls," Hailey said and began rummaging through her closet. "Jay, I don't know--"

    "I'll figure something out. Just, make sure she's warm," Jay said.

    But, then he remembered what Adam said, about the cat coming out of the ship when they got on.

    A bad omen.


    "What's happenin', Jay Jay?" you asked as you clutched his coat when you walked onto the ship deck and into the frigid April air in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

    "I dunno, pumpkin. But, we'll be okay." He knew that something bad was happening; the best ship to ever be built wouldn't have lifeboat drills in the middle of the night unless something was very wrong. They wouldn't want everyone to get to shore and give the Titanic and their captain and crew a bad reputation. Something was wrong.

    "Sir, what's going on?" Hailey asked the nearest crew member on deck.

    "Just a precautionary drill, miss," he answered. "We just wanted everyone out to practice in case something were to actually happen."

    "Well, if we are treating this like the real thing," Hailey began, "then I will need someone to fetch my maid, Vanessa Rojas from third class. I gave her permission to leave for the night to go to a party down there. Please go get her for me if you'd be so kind as to do that."

    "Miss, I--"

    "Did I stutter? I need my maid this instant, sir! Last I checked, me and my family are first-class passengers and we are paying good money on the voyage, probably paying for your wages, as well. So, I suggest you go and get her for me this instant."

    "Yes, Miss. Very well, Miss. Vanessa Rojas it was, Miss?"


    And then the crew member was off.

    Jay chuckled. "Didn't know you had it in you to be that bossy."

    "Wasn't being bossy if I was trying to save a friend that your little sister has become very fond of."

    "We getting Vanessa up here for the- the drills, too?" you asked as your teeth chattered despite the heavy coat you had on.

    "She'll be here soon."

    The lights flickered and you jumped in Jay's arms.

    Jay and Hailey shared a look.

    This was bad. Very bad.


    One hour later, 12:45 am April 15, 1912

    "Women and children only!" a crew member yelled. "Women and children only!"

    "Take her! Take her!" Jay yelled and tried to hand you over to Hailey.

    "Jay! Hailey!" Vanessa yelled as she sprinted down the deck.

    "Nessa!" you yelled back.

    Once she got up to Jay, she whispered in his ear, "It's bad. It's bad. Some of the third-class areas have already begun to flood."

    Jay sucked in a breath and tried once more to hand you over to Hailey.

    "No!" you screamed. "I wanna stay with you!"

    "I know, I know," he reassured. "But, for now, I need you to go to Hailey because if- if this was real, you'd have to go with Hailey because she's a woman and you're a child."

    "I'm not a child, Jay Jay!"

    "I know, I know," Jay said quickly. He glanced over to the lifeboats which women and children were reluctantly getting into. "But, I need you to go with Hailey and Vanessa, alright? I'll see you soon."

    "But I want you to come, too!"

    "I know, I know you do, pumpkin," Jay said he held back his own tears. Tears began rolling down your cheeks. He wiped them away with his thumbs. "But for now, I need you to go with Hailey and Vanessa. Just for a little while, alright? I need you to be a big girl and a brave girl for me. Can you do that?" You nodded and allowed him to pass you over to Hailey. You clutched the collar of her coat, but your eyes were still trained on Jay. "I love you, pumpkin."

    "I love you, too, Jay Jay." You blew him a kiss.

    "I'll- I'll..." he took a deep, shaky breath to calm down. The last thing he wanted to do was scare you and make you worried. "I'll see you soon, alright?" He grabbed your hand and gave it a squeeze. "I love you, pumpkin. Never, ever forget that."

    "I remember," you said. "You get me Teddy, too?"

    He smiled. He knew he probably wouldn't make it out of this alive, but he'd do anything to reassure you. "I'll get Teddy to you. I promise."

    "Women and children!"

    "Go!" Jay urged. He leaned in to whisper into Hailey's ear. "If I don't make it out of here alive, look for my brother, Dr. William Halstead in New York City. He'll take care of her."

    Hailey nodded and gave him a kiss on the cheek. After all, this might be the last time she'd see the man. Then, she took one more glance at Jay and grabbed Vanessa's hand. Then, they ran towards a lifeboat.

    Hailey, Vanessa, and you got into the lifeboat. You clutched Hailey's dress and closed your eyes as you were lowered down into the sea.

    "Hailey, Nessa, I'm scared!" you cried. "I miss Jay Jay al- already!"

    "I know, Y/N. I know you do," Hailey said. "But he'll be here soon, remember?"

    You nodded. But you were still scared. It was so dark in the water!

    "You know," Vanessa began, "mermaids are the ones who carry us out. They help us row. They make us go faster."

    "Really?" you asked excitedly. Jay had always told you stories about mermaids and maybe you'd actually get to see one tonight!

    "Here," Vanessa said and handed you two candied orange peels with something in between them. You didn't know what was between them, but you liked Vanessa's candies, so you took it.

    "Thank you," you said politely.

    "Now, close your eyes," Vanessa instructed. "They always taste better when your eyes are closed."

    You nodded and closed your eyes.

    Within five minutes, your breathing evened out and you fell asleep. You hoped you'd see a mermaid when you awoke.

    "What was in that?" Hailey whispered.

    "Sleeping pills," Vanesa answered. "I figured if I had to go down with the ship that I'd much rather be asleep while it happened, so I pocketed the candy and sleeping pills. But, seeing as we're on a lifeboat now, I figured she might need it more."

    "You're a good woman, Vanessa."


    "Halstead!" Jay heard and quickly turned his head as he watched the lifeboat with his precious little sister go off into the dark of night and towards safety.

    "Adam!" Jay yelled as he saw the man.

    He ran to him.

    "Where's Vanessa and your sister?" he asked.

    "Already boarded a lifeboat with Hailey."

    They felt the ship dip once more.

    "Hate to say this, man," Adam began, "but the only way out of this is to jump. The minute this ship goes under, we get sucked under with it. We need to jump if you ever want to see your sister again."

    "You're sure?" Jay asked.

    "I'm positive. There are no boats left on this side. And, if there are any on the other side, they sure as hell aren't taking men."

    "Right." Jay took a few steps forward.

    "What's you got shoved in your trousers?" Adam asked. "I see an ear sticking out."

    "Y/N asked me to grab her teddy bear and it didn't feel right lying to her. Ready?"

    Adam nodded. "One..."

    "Two..." Jay said.

    "Three!" Adam yelled.

    Then, Jay held his breath as he jumped into the frigid waters of the Atlantic.


    Jay let out a scream as his body touched the water. It was the coldest thing he had ever felt in his life.

    "Shit! Shit!" Adam yelled.

    Jay took a deep breath. "We've gotta swim for it!"

    "Where? We can't go to that overturned boat over there because it's gonna sink if one more person tries to get on it!"

    "Any piece of furniture you can find to hang on to. And we've got to do it fast because in this water we'll freeze to death. Swim!"

    They started to swim until they found two overturned deck chairs floating in the water.

    "G-God," Adam stuttered. "Wish my coat was as thick as yours. Should've found me a first-class girl."

    "It's not helping much," Jay answered. It wasn't. He was still chilled to the bone.

    "You've gotta hang on until one of them boats comes back for ya," Adam said.

    "Me? What about you?" Jay asked.

    "I haven't got a great relationship with my family. You've got your sister to look after. If it comes down to one of us or the other in a lifeboat, promise me you'll take it, Jay."

    "What? Adam, I can't promise that."

    "Yes, you can. Now, we just try to think of anything other than the cold."

    "Fat chance of that happening," Jay replied. But, he tried anyway.

    It was three years ago. Your dad had died a few months ago and you had gotten ill with a fever. Jay and Will were both taking care of you at this time. Will had to go get some antibiotics and more ice since you were running low and Jay was currently sitting by your bedside, clutching your little hand. There was a wet rag on your forehead, a lame attempt to try and cool you down.

    "God, kid, if you make it out of this alive, I'll do anything you want. We can go see princess castles or anything else. I don't care. But I need you to stay alive. Mom didn't die giving birth to you just so you could only live three years. C'mon, Y/N."

    Will ran back into the house and into your room. "She awake yet?"

    Jay shook his head.

    "I've got smelling salts and antipyretics. Hopefully, the salts will wake her up, and then we'll give her the antipyretics and some water. Hopefully, those will lower her fever in a day or two."

    Jay nodded and Will opened the vial of smelling salts and put them under your nose. After a few seconds, you jerked awake.

    Tears formed in both your brothers' eyes.

    "I'll go get her some water," Will said. He didn't want either of his younger siblings to see him cry. After all, he was the oldest, so he had to be the strongest.

    "Why you cryin'?" you asked groggily when a few tears rolled down Jay's cheeks.

    He let go of your hand and wiped his eyes. "I'm just so happy to see you."

    "I happy see you, Jay Jay," you said back.

    Jay laughed at how cute you were.

    And two days later, when the fever finally broke, Jay knew he was going to take you to see a castle one day.

    He just didn't know then that going to see a castle in Europe and riding back to New York on the Titanic might just cost him his life.


    Jay was at the end and he knew it. His eyes kept feeling heavier and heavier. He had to close them. He had to...

    He was seeing the light. Hopefully, death wouldn't feel so bad. He moved his numb down to his trousers and grabbed onto your teddy bear which he had put in there. At least he'd go into death holding a piece of you, despite not being able to feel it.

    The light was coming closer. This was it...

    "Hello? Is anybody out there? Anyone?"

    What? He didn't think there'd be yelling when he got to the pearly gates of heaven.

    "Anyone? Call out!"

    Jay focused his eyes on the light. That's when he realized that it wasn't just a light, but a light above a lifeboat.

    "Help!" he yelled with all the strength he had left. "Help!"

    The lifeboat drew nearer.

    "There! There's a lad right there!" one in the lifeboat said.

    "Help!" he yelled again. But, he couldn't;t help but think that there should be two.

    He looked over to see where Adam was.

    "Help us! Help!" Jay yelled again.

    He reached his hand over to try and feel for Adam's breathing. There was none.

    "Grab on, lad!" An oar came in the water to the left of Jay.

    "Thank you," Jay said. "May you go peacefully until we meet again," he whispered to Adam. He remembered his dad saying that to his mom when she took her dying breath and it seemed fitting to say here.

    Jay grabbed onto the oar. Hands from the lifeboat reached down and pulled him into the safety of lifeboat number fourteen.


    "Where's Jay Jay?" you asked once you awoke. You were wrapped in a blanket on the Carpathia, leaning your head against Hailey's shoulder which you had used as a pillow. You didn't remember this because you had essentially been dead to the world because of how many sleeping pills had been squished between those two candied orange peels.

    "Love, I--"

    "Hailey! Hailey Upton!" Jay yelled out as he raced across the deck trying to find her, Vanessa, and you. He hoped you made it out of the lifeboat and to this ship.

    "Jay?" Hailey muttered. But that's impossible.

    "It's Jay Jay!" you yelled. "It's Jay Jay!"

    You quickly stood up and ran to him.

    "You're all wet!" you exclaimed as you hugged onto his pant leg.

    Jay gave Hailey a confused glance. He thought you'd be freaking out.

    "I snuck some sleeping pills between two candied orange peels," Vanessa said.

    Jay was glad for this because now this meant that you wouldn't remember this harrowing event that would no doubt change history forever.

    "Sir here's blankets and soup," a woman said and handed him the blanket and soup.

    "Thank you."

    "You bring me Teddy like you promised?" you asked Jay once he sat down next to Hailey and wrapped the blanket tightly around his shoulders.

    He set his soup down and reached into his trousers and pulled out your sopping wet teddy bear.

    "I promised, didn't I?" he asked and handed you your bear.

    Because even in the face of death, you knew that Jay Jay never broke his promises.

    And, Jay never broke his promise to Adam about getting on a lifeboat to get to you, Hailey, and Vanessa. So, years later when Hailey and Jay had their first son, they named him Adam in honor of the man who convinced Jay to hold on.

    A/N: I hope you enjoyed this historical AU! Please remember to reblog and comment!

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    Ok so hear me out please (although this idea is kind of silly)

    Encanto, but it's reenacted by the Fetch! cast.

    #fetch! with ruff ruffman #fetch with ruff ruffman #fwrr#pbs kids#fwrr au #so far I have Shreya as Isabela #and either S5 Jay or someone else as Camilo #encanto#encanto au#encanto crossover #haha silly idea #greenjunipertree
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    ✷ alright ✷ ― 03 : welcome home y/n and jay plan

    𖦹 SYNOPSIS : Sunghoon comes back from an ice skating competition abroad and his best friend Jay has arrived from the UK as well with a girl...? He seems to have fallen in love with her but he isn't the only one.

    ⋆ author's note: let's hope yeonjun drives safely 🙏



    taglist; open! send in an ask <3

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    The big question now is how self-indulgent do I want to go with the anatomy in this AU?

    #Blue Jay Chirps #jsyk if you tell me to go all out nobody will have a human like nose anymore #slightly raised portion of the face around where the nasal bones are but nothing like what humans have #also more flexible joints and stretchy ligaments that retain their shape very well #i’m only asking because i’m trying to concept sketch stuff #Wrestlestuck AU
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    I just witnessed two boys jousting with fake spears and shields on spinny chairs.

    yes this was at fencing

    yes I can see the links doing this

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