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    06.05.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    our prettiest prince

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    06.05.2021 - 50 minutes ago


    TW: MURDER He didn’t do it. He didn’t do it.

    He DIDN’T kill his sister. Yet why was he the one suspected to this day? Was it because his lawyer sucked at his job or was it because… His own father tampered with the evidence and he knew that Jay was the only one who knew the truth. Yet there was no evidence to point that out, so here he was sitting in the court in an orange suit convicted for a murder he didn’t commit.

    "Your Honor, the members of this Jury find the defendant, Park Jongseong, guilty"

    and that was the end of life for the poor framed boy.

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    06.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    If I may...

    Maybe you guys already know what’s been happening these last few days but I really think this should be addressed.

    As much as we love our guys, we just can’t invade their privacy.

    I get we want more news, sometimes photos/ videos get misunderstood but we can’t, as fans, cross the line and let our curiosity get the best of us and ask family members/ close friends about our doubts. And I also get that some people answering is annoying 🥴

    The Got7 members are human beings at the end of the day and things they do and happen to them are and should be private, they deserve that much.

    I also know temptation is waaaay too big 😅 but whatever news they have, they’ll share it with us in the right time.

    #let’s enjoy the new content we get #don’t get me wrong pls #got7#jay b#mark tuan#choi youngjae#bambam#park jinyoung#kim yugyeom#jackson wang#also #dont treat others the way you wouldn’t like to be treated
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    06.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    (this is obviously a joke, idols are free to interact with whoever they like !!)

    likes & rbs are appreciated !!

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    06.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    박종성, 니키, 심재윤 브라운 메이크업 룩

    Brown/Natural Makeup Inspired Moodboard
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    06.05.2021 - 3 hours ago
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    05.05.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #enhypen smut #enhypen hard hours #enhypen suggestive#enhypen requests#jay smut #park jongseong smut
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    05.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    JAY :: BORDER : CARNIVAL Comeback Interview @ Weverse Magazine

    #park jongseong#jay park#enhypen#enhypennetwork#idolsincedits#mgroupsedit#enhypenet#jay#m*#en*#e*#weverse magazine#long post #im just here to drop this #because how is this dude so beautiful??? #maybe i'll be back tomorrow tho
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    05.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Watch "Jay Park's Spills On How His MOM Got Him Into The Music Industry & Plays Emotional Lyric | Hollywire" on YouTube

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    05.05.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #big naughty #big naughty imagine #big naughty scenario #big naughty scenarios #h1ghrmusic#h1ghr music #h1ghr music scenario #h1ghr music imagine #seo dong hyun #seo dong hyun imagine #khh#khh imagine#khh scenarios#khh scenario#jay park #jay park imagine #jay park scenarios #korean rapper imagine
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    05.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    it all started with an interview (part one)

    pairing: big naughty (seo dong-hyun) x (h1ghr music member, female) reader

    warnings: none.

    summary: in an interview, reader reveals that the one person she wants to make a song with is dong-hyun. what she didn’t know was that dong-hyun watched her interview and wants to work with her.

    requested: yes

    note: fluff, acquaintance to lovers.

    part two will release on may 8 @ 8am est time!

    “Can we have (Y/n) in two for the interview?” A staff member entered the makeup room to ask while you nodded your head.

    When the staff member left, your makeup artist, Danielle, quickly sped up the process, “Are you nervous (Y/n)?” It seemed that she noticed the way your leg was bouncing up and down on the floor.

    Embarrassed that she caught on, you nodded your head and sighed, “What if I mess up during the interview? This is my first time being filmed for anything.”

    Danielle nodded, understanding why you must be a nervous wreck. 

    You joined H1ghr Music a bit after Seung-hoon had, so you were the newest and one of the youngest members (Seung-hoon being the same age as you). Not to mention, you were the first girl member.

    “It’s okay (Y/n). I remember the way Seung-hoon and Dong-hyun were so nervous about the Dingo music videos shoots we had. After enjoying the moment, they were like experts. You couldn't even tell they were nervous.” 

    Smiling at Danielle’s encouraging words, she finished up before you were bidding her goodbye and leaving the room.

    The interview room was a bit intimidating to you. There were about fifty staff members of Dingo just running around and trying to get everything set.

    Taking a deep breath, you walked more further into the filming room and towards the chair set in the middle.

    “(Y/n)! There you are!” A man approached you, and you assumed it was the director. You snapped your head to him and listened to his instructions. It all seemed simple than you thought.

    “We just need you to answer the questions honestly, and after the photo shoot, you’ll be done. If you need anything, let us know.”

    The man walked back to his chair while you stood there taking deep breaths, ‘(Y/n), you got this.'

    “Please introduce yourself.” The woman who stood behind the camera pointed at you motioned you to go on.

    “Hello, my name is (Y/n). I rap sometimes.” Some staff members chuckled and a smile formed on your face.

    The woman began to look down at her paper which was full of questions to ask you. “So, (Y/n), you are the most recent member of H1ghr Music to have joined. How did it happen?” You looked towards the camera and thought back to the best day of your life.

    “It was after I finished recording a song. I suddenly got a message from my phone stating I had a notification from Instagram. You should have seen the face I made when I read Jay Park would like to send you a message on my screen.” You laughed a bit, thinking back to how excited you were, quickly opening the text.

    “Soon, I found out it was Jay Park sending me a message that he was interested in my work, and if I would like to come over to the H1ghr Music building later. So that's how I got my contract signed.”

    The woman in front of you nodded, before continuing, “So I heard you were releasing an album soon,” You nodded in agreement, “Who is one member of H1ghr Music that you would want to feature in your album?”

    “Oh this is easy,” You already knew the answer. “Definitely Dong-hyun. I love his work. But I think he’s too busy to feature in my album,” You let out an awkward laugh. “In the future, I guess I could ask him”

    The interview went on, asking about your childhood and what made you first start rapping. Like Danielle had told you, the interview was not that bad because the staff members occasionally laughed at your jokes. Overall, they were friendlier than you thought.

    The photoshoot finished, and you were good to leave.

    “Bye, Danielle! See you next time!” You yelled and waved as big as you can while Danielle laughed at your actions. She was H1ghr Music’s official makeup artist, so you would see her soon for future works.

    With a big smile on your face, you decided to go to your studio and continue producing beats for your album.

    “How’s your album going?” Jay entered your studio and plopped on your white couch.

    You nodded and turned your chair to look at him, “Definitely fun, I think I have all my beats produced, so I just need to work on the lyrics.”

    “That’s good. Send me the song over by next week, the one I’m featuring in.”

    “Okay,” You turned to look back at your screen to open the lyrics you started writing. “Also, I was planning on asking my friends to feature for two of my songs.”

    “Sure, if you want me to help you ask anyone to be featured, let me know.” Jay gave you a thumbs up and started leaving your studio, leaving you to continue making your album.

    “Oh, before I go, the Dingo interview that you filmed today is releasing on Youtube in like four days.”

    Without looking back, you yelled, “Thank you!” before hearing your studio door close.

    You began to wonder if you should ask Dong-hyun to feature, then you deleted that thought.

    ‘Not happening anytime soon.’ You thought and resumed working.

    Oh boy, you were wrong.

    It was Saturday, the day that your Dingo Freestyle interview was releasing. 

    Many fans of yours were hyped since it was your first video other than your music works. You didn’t even know that other H1ghr Music members were posting on their social media to go watch your video releasing in five minutes. You were in your studio, as always, before you checked the time and decided to toon into the video.

    You walked over to your couch and looked for the Dingo Freestyle account on Youtube, using your television.

    As you clicked the video, it was already starting its countdown for the premiere so you nervously waited for the video to start.

    “Hello, I’m (Y/n), and this is my Dingo Freestyle interview!” You smiled a bit, thanking Danielle that her work touched your appearance and you didn’t look like you stayed at your studio for days.

    The interview started and you started recalling the questions as they played out on the screen in front of you.

    Somewhat hungry, you got up to pick up your phone from the table when you heard your past-self answering, “Definitely Dong-hyun. I love his work. But I think he’s too busy to feature in my album. In the future, I guess I could ask him”

    You stood still, glancing at the screen realizing that Dong-hyun might see the video and not even want to feature in your works. Feeling embarrassed, you resumed ordering sushi and decided to scroll through social media while keeping the video playing.

    Most of H1ghr Music's members were taking photos of them watching your interview, shouting you out to their platforms. You reposted some of their stories while writing a short thank you in all of them. It was Jay’s story that made you laugh because he was smiling widely and pointing to his television screen to take a selfie with your video.

    You looked back up to your television and saw that the video was on the final few questions.

    A ring on your phone made you look back. Assuming it was another story shoutout, you opened it without thinking much.

    Dong-hyun: Hi (Y/n)!

    You froze, reading the sender’s name again to make sure you weren’t dreaming.

    The one person you idolized, basically your celebrity crush, was sending you a dm?

    Don’t get me wrong, you were mutuals. Why wouldn’t you be? You’ve seen him around in the building since you are in the same label. You were just too shy to approach him and start any conversations with him. 

    Probably why you were close with everyone, but him.

    (Y/n): Hey! What’s up?

    ‘Nice going (Y/n), that sounded casual’ You thought sarcastically as you threw your head back on the couch. You didn’t want to seem too eager and scare the boy off.

    Quickly, your phone alerted you that he responded, and you were waiting for a congratulating message for the interview.

    Spoiler alert, you were wrong.

    Dong-hyun: I just watched your Dingo video, especially the part about wanting me to feature. I would love to feature in your song if you would like?

    The moment you finished reading that text, you jumped excitedly like a teenager just got asked out by their crush. To be fair - you were a teenager.

    (Y/n): Yes, I would love that. Could you come over to my studio tomorrow and hear some beats I have for my album?

    Dong-hyun: Okay, see you tomorrow.

    Placing your phone down, you picked yourself to see if you were dreaming or not. With a smile, you realized your food was probably downstairs.

    What you didn’t realize was that Dong-hyun was also excited to work with you tomorrow.

    visit the welcome page

    or go back to the main masterlist

    or check out the request page

    — written on may 5, 2021

    #big naughty #big naughty imagine #big naughty scenario #big naughty scenarios #h1ghrmusic#h1ghr music #h1ghr music scenario #h1ghr music imagine #seo dong hyun #seo dong hyun imagine #khh#khh imagine#khh scenarios#khh scenario#jay park #jay park imagine #jay park scenarios #korean rapper imagine
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    05.05.2021 - 7 hours ago
    ENHYPEN [Drunk-Dazed MV Shooting Sketch]
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    05.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    [18:14] jay park

    [18:14] “you look really good in that jacket, babe!” you tell bf! jay, a smile forming on his face. “is this code for you want to wear it?” he smirks, continuing to sip his coffee. staring at him and surprised he exactly knew your intentions, he started laughing loudly. “i knew it! i broke the code!” he giggles, as he removes his jacket and wraps it around your shoulders. staring at how adorable you look in his clothes, he tells you to keep it and wear it more often.

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    05.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    [17:46] park sunghoon

    [17:46] bf! sunghoon had always given you forehead kisses when he was worried about something. after the fifth time he did so, you looked up at him inquisitively. “ah.. you know.. what if we don’t get our first win today?” chuckling at how cute he was, you scooted over to sit on his lap and wrapped your arms around his shoulders. giving him a kiss to ease his thoughts, you reassured him that he was going to do incredibly well and that you would be with him every step of the way.

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  • bloom-bloom-pow
    05.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    [11:32] park sunghoon

    [11:32] eating your uneaten pizza crusts, bf! sunghoon smiles and hums along to the faint song being played in the background. in love with how peaceful he looks, you ask him a question. “what’s your favorite thing about me, hoon?” he blurts out his answer a little too fast. “hands! your hands. i like the way your hands fit in mine..” he exclaims, feeling a slight twinge of embarrassment. “my friends get annoyed by how much i talk about you sometimes..” he continues, a slow blush appearing on his face.

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    05.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Enhypen As Classmates

    Note: aaAAhhhHHH my first request omg!! ah this was so fun to write, hehe 🙈

    Genre: Fluff



    Lee Heeseung:

    the ChillTM one

    super laidback, never goes out of his way to any more schoolwork than he absolutely has to

    but he’s not a slacker!

    gets decent grades and pays attention in class an acceptable amount

    just,, views other parts of school to be more important LOL

    social butterfly pt. 1

    knows everyone in his grade, upperclassmen, most underclassmen 

    everyone has a crush on him

    but he’s not unapproachable, which may or may not make things even harder on the heart

    shows freshman around the school really nicely

    they’ll approach him with a panicky look

    and he’ll just give them a really friendly smile and gently point them in the right direction

    class president somehow, kids probably voted for him even tho he didn't run

    but uses it to his advantage to help him and his friends get out of trouble

    the teachers love him so they turn a blind eye

    the kids love him too

    one of the most popular guys, but doesn't let that get to his head 

    probably wears his uniform the normal way, doesn’t change anything too much other than wearing a necklace/ring/earring

    maybe “forgets” his tie once in a while

    takes electives that he actually think sounds interesting, even if people say it’s hard (he does hesitate tho lmao)

    always performs at school festivals

    everyone goes crazy as soon as he gets on that stage

    how could they not

    always lets you borrow his pencils

    asks for them back at the end of class tho lmao

    wont let you cheat off of him, wont ask to cheat either

    covers up for you if you’re a close friend when you get into trouble

    brings in the best snacks always, which is bad bc everyone asks for some

    and he cant say no

    so he doesn't get to eat any 😔💔 just stares at the empty pack like 😧 

    overall really chill and really nice

    Jay Park:

    impossibly cool

    so so so s o cool

    has his own clique of the most popular kids at school, the mainstream crowd

    and rarely talks to anyone else

    gets to class, then waits for it to be over

    tests.... probably tries a little in the first half and gives up after the second page

    walks out of class really quickly, as soon as the bell rings

    yells a quick and loud “thank you!” to the teacher without even looking back

    always gets something from the vending machine

    but does that thing where he punches it lightly to get the change stuck in the slot and uses that money to buy stuff

    chews gum 24/7

    closes his locker door by slamming his shoulder against it

    walks alone through the halls sometimes

    but in a very “part the sea, Jay Park Is Coming Through” way

    he’s in like 

    one club

    doesn’t attend meetings, just does it for the credit and the extra excuses he can make, blaming stuff on “club duties”

    is never wearing only the uniform in the standard way

    takes the sweater from the winter uniform, the blazer, the short sleeves from the summer uniform, and makes a whole new outfit or smthn

    does his part in school projects, but at the last minute

    effectively giving the responsible ones headaches 

    goes off script for presentations but he’s such a good speaker that it doesn't even matter

    always asks you for the notes or to let him cheat off you

    that one kid that has the best gum but never gives it to anyone

    if you think you “stole” it from him, trust me

    he let you take it

    carries around three super expensive pens and only those three pens

    talks to his friends during class, turns around when the teacher reprimands them, and then continues the conversation in like thirty seconds

    in conclusion

    Jay Park is the popular boy you wish you could be

    Jake Shim:

    such a sweetheart

    isn’t the most popular kid in school or anything

    but he’s such an angel that everyone loves him

    so he never has to worry about finding a partner 

    partly because he’s so dang smart

    tries his best in class

    doesnt make a big show of flaunting his grades or waving his hand obnoxiously when he has a question

    just genuinely is trying his best in classes because he wants to do his best

    helps everyone with stuff they need

    if he really needs to get something done, he gives them the sweetest smile ever 

    with really apologetic eyes and an adorable tilt of his head

    “i really really need to get this done, but i’ll help you right after, okay? i promise!” 

    surprises everyone with how good he is at soccer

    like,,, is there anything he can’t do????

    oh wait!

    we forgot orchestra :D

    so no, there isn’t much that he can’t do

    wears his uniform the standard way, no adjustments 

    tons of people have crushes on him

    but he has crushes, too, and it’s adorably obvious when he does

    everyone can tell

    poor bby is so innocent <3

    cant lie for his life, either

    so when someone straight up asks him, he just does that thing where he puts his hands over the sides of his face and just:


    really observant of his classmates

    always asks them “how are you?” or “everything okay?” and “im here for you if you ever wanna talk or hang out!” right when they most need it

    the purest bean  e v e r

    playfully tickles everyone, does that thing when he sneaks up and pokes their sides AHH

    helps people with their lockers but can’t open his own

    in a bunch of important clubs

    so incredibly loyal to his friends, it’s so heartwarming

    so dont touch them or he’ll be angry 😠

    but yea he’s the sweetest bby ever

    Park Sunghoon


    you guys already know how this one is gonna go

    first of all

    literally one of the most popular kids in the grade

    in the school, really

    but i feel like out of everyone in enha, he’s the one that literally talks to his friends and only his friends the most

    like Jay, he rarely talks to anyone that’s not in his circle

    except that times 100000x idk i get those vibes from him

    so if you go out of your way to talk to him in class and y’all aren’t friends

    expect him to just 😑😐😑 

    and ofc, we cannot talk about mr. park sunghoon without talking about his absolute plethora of secret admirers

    i’m gonna be completely honest,,, i don’t think he’d be that nice abt rejecting ppl

    or yk what- he probably would set reminders to confront ppl and reject them but instinctively swipe them without looking when they pop up for like a week and now it’s just awkward to mention it LMAO

    ahem anyways

    in class, idk,, hmmmm

    hoonie is a tough nut to crack

    but i think he’s the type of person to be like :0 omg how did i get a perfect score on those midterms??? i didnt even study 🙄

    but dont let him fool you, he practices on quizlet for 45 mins a day

    prob makes jake quiz him with index cards

    has decent handwriting, but doesn’t put in effort

    writes his ㅇs like his ㅁs and that pains me 3

    does his fair share in projects but that’s it

    pretty smart but makes stupid mistakes so never gets full marks

    sunghoon only drinks from plastic water bottles, and refills them every like hour

    talks in class all. the. time.

    knows he’s a tall hooman and takes advantage of it to annoy everyone sitting behind him

    sits slouched with the base of his head against the top of the back rest, and his feet sprawled out in front of him and won’t move this damn legs

    wears his uniform relatively simply except the occasional Forgetting Of The Tie 

    probably uses like three notebooks for all his classes, a single wooden pencil, and maybe one pen because it’s too much work to color code all eight subjects and carry around a pencil case

    pls he’s so dry and plain abt everything

    his locker, his notes, everything.

    but he has super good judgement in people, so he’s always happy whenever he’s with his friends bc he hangs out with the Real OnesTM

    just don’t piss this penguin and keep your distance if y’all aren’t friends lmao 😶

    Kim Sunoo:



    he carries around a hydroflask i know it i can jUST SMELL IT

    social butterfly pt. 2

    literally knows  e v e r y o n e

    and if he doesn’t know you, don’t worry, he’ll approach you and say hi soon :P

    always wishes everyone a happy birthday when it’s their special day 3

    up to date on all the recent gossip, and tells stories in the best way omg-

    like don’t even ask others for the story, go straight to sunshine boy bc he will give you the accurate tea in the best way

    his storytelling skills >>>>

    i strongly believe that he would talk to the kids that sit alone at lunch

    wouldn’t sit with them if they weren’t comfy with that, but def would try to make convo once in a while

    i don’t think he’d be a genius in class or anything

    but prob would be able to figure it out through uh- gossip blackmail and aegyo “persuasive talking” 

    fails all his tests but gets perfect 100% on homework

    public speaking is his forte- if you’re in his group for a presentation,,, sit back and watch how the master does it 😌

    wears his uniform with slight variations

    or maybe he just pulls it off like a pro- he literally looks like a model in anything pls

    the most aesthetic person everrr

    has the highest quality pens always, and uses mechanical pens and mechanical pens only

    .5 lead will not accept anything else

    has his locker decorated the best way, and it’s super organized

    a pro at opening it, never has trouble with it

    literally Will Not Help you with yours tho

    not letting you borrow his stuff either

    poor boy is traumatized from when everyone stole his stuff

    i think sunoo would have the most secret admirers/ppl who have a crush on him after sunghoon

    he’s beautiful and kind and friendly, how could you not?? 💔

    but he always confronts them afterwards, whether he’s rejecting or accepting

    bby never wants to have hard feelings

    he’s not a theatre kid, but he does have friends who are

    helps out in rehearsals sometimes

    is always the one to make class groupchats

    and leads the convos too

    but not in an annoying way bc he does it so well

    all in all

    everyone loves him and he loves everyone

    stop i wanna be his friend so bad

    Yang Jungwon:

    woohoo Leader Yang!

    he’s a leader in every way

    def the student council president or smthn

    but also just has that natural l e a d e r aura to him

    i think he would try his best in classes and probably has good grades too

    but he wouldn’t be a stuck up or anything

    actually pretty chill

    unlike jake, i don’t think he’d help a bunch of people with schoolwork

    he doesn’t have the patience for dumbasses 😒 LMAO

    might consider it if you’re close friends tho

    i feel like jungwon would be super polite to everyone

    but he’s the guy that everyone secretly wishes they got playfully teased by

    cuz he only does that to his real friends

    that being said

    if he actually teases you- god he’s ruthless 😟

    knows everybody’s crushes and holds it over everybody’s heads lmao

    lockers are his one weakness in those halls

    cannot figure out how they work for the life of him

    i feel like he would never carry around stuff he doesn’t need

    school supplies, some money, and a water bottle, nothing else

    the type of person that comments on stuff when the class is watching a movie

    and it makes it so much more funnier

    so good at read alouds, he’s confident and his voice is so soothing, it’s like listening to a podcast

    i think he’d be in broadcasting club or something like that

    makes adjustments to his uniform, but rly subtly so teachers can’t scold him

    on good terms with all the staff and gets stuff for free at bake sales bc of that

    his friends will tease him but he just goes “well at the end of the day i’m the one that gets it for free so 😋”

    but he’ll silently and discreetly give it to someone

    if he sees that they’re having a bad day or look like they could use a pick me up

    no bc jungwon is actually such a nice person

    the type of person you can always count on to be straight up with you 

    i think he’d be a very pure hearted and easy going boy

    doesn’t try to be anything he’s not

    just does his own thing and vibes his way through life

    which everyone respects

    Nishimura Riki:

    he’s annoying

    literally so annoying

    but he’s cute so it’s forgiven <3 kinda

    riki does not give a shit about grades

    usually gets jake to do everything for him

    only tries kind of a little bc his spot on the dance team depends on it

    speaking of

    always performs at school festivals

    he freaking OWNS that stage

    school festival is his night 😌 

    a lot of people try to join the dance team for the sole reason of wanting to see him in action

    but trust me, he can smell out the fakes from a mile away

    he’s a huge dumbass but so freaking cool

    everyone adores him

    and boy does he know it

    talks in class always

    ignores the teacher when they tell him to shut up 😭

    sighs super loudly when he’s forced to move his seat

    he’s the type of person to poke you with the sharp end of his pencil to annoy you lmfao-

    almost never does anything in group projects

    but somehow does fine for presentations???? 

    idk man it’s riki nothing abt him makes sense-

    riki strikes me as the type of person to only wear his blazer when that one super strict teacher checks them

    and chucks it away as soon he’s around the corner

    carries around one dull pencil, that’s it


    and now they’re all crinkly and folded but it doesn’t matter cuz he doesn’t do the work anyways 💔

    actually good at the games that aren’t blocked on school computers

    cool math games run 3 pro here

    i feel like he’d be pretty quiet in class, just doing his own thing sleeping

    but when he’s in the cafeteria?? or even just in the hallway with his friends??

    he’s LOUD LOUD oh my god-

    it’s the cutest thing ever when he’s with his friends

    like in class he’s this quiet, dance team boy that doesn’t give a fuck about anything

    but with his friends he’s the giggliest smiliest babie ever

    the kid everyone wants on their team for gym

    also has really good judgement in people

    in conclusion he is person everyone wants to be or be close with

    cuz god knows he’s so freaking amazing in every way or wtv 🙄

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  • yang-cinnamowon
    05.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    ₊˚꒰♥꒱— park jongseong x kuromi

    ₊˚꒰✧꒱— likes & reblogs appreciated

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