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  • pajamas-of-doom
    23.01.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    something something imagine dragons - "wrecked" amv or animatic split between kai and jay but probably centered on kai bc the song was literally about dan reynolds losing his sister

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  • uwur-b3
    23.01.2022 - 1 hour ago


    Ever since Wu brought the chicken to the monastery Lightning had been curious about her, there’s something about her that feels familiar and they don’t like it
    Every now and then they will go to observe the chicken to see if they can find about her, and when they do this, there will be trails of lightning everywhere in the monastery that leave Jay confused

    Lost all my sketchbooks and digital tablet due to a water and fire incident, enjoy lighting glaring at the chicken :v

    #ninjago#jay walker#ninjago jay#ninjago chicken#elements#doodle #I’m not saying that they think the chicken is jays mom #but they could be suspecting that #I don’t know what to believe about that theory to be honest #it’s funny
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  • swampythesweetsketch
    23.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    AU where instead of becoming a TV show host, Jay goes back to Clown College and finds joy in being a clown.

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  • allisonsylvine
    23.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    cole’s chillin, jay and kai… not so much :-p

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  • iennoganan-aha
    23.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Fanart of my favorite scene from Skybound- Jaya my beloveds💕

    I hope my composition turned out alright, I don’t draw backgrounds often.

    Uh don’t to other cites, edits need explicit permission 👍🏼

    #Jaya#Jaya ninjago#ninjago fanart #lego ninjago art #lego ninjago fanart #lego ninjago#ninjago#jay ninjago#jay walker#nya ninjago#nya smith #ninjago season 6 #ninjago skybound #ninjago skybound fanart #ns6
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  • whatawisb
    23.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    i finished this art challenge Yeah, Jay sitting on floor. My headcanon, that it's easier for him to play the console this way

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  • pajamas-of-doom
    23.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    ninja swearing headcanons no one asked for not even me:

    Nya swears the most out of anyone. I will not elaborate.

    Kai swears like a slightly above average amount but is bad at remembering when not to and sometimes accidentally does it around kids or in professional situations.

    Jay doesn't swear but he's made up so many non-swearing insults as a work-around that somehow he's capable of being much more offensive than anyone else.

    Zane didn't really know that many swear words until being around the ninja, so he didn't use them at first. But when he did pick them up, he didn't understand the context and used them very wrong, and everyone was like "buddy, uhhh, maybe don't hurt yourself"

    Cole swears a pretty copious amount (kind of as a reaction because he couldn't swear in his dad's house), and moreso when he's frustrated, but not when he's around authority figures, kids, and the like. Cole thinks that Wu doesn't know how much he swears because he only actually swore in front of him once. Cole is wrong.

    Lloyd swore a lot when he was little because he thought it made him seem edgy and that adults and teens would take him seriously. Sometimes it would just be stringing a bunch of curse words together that didn't even make total sense, but he eventually stopped when he realized the others weren't intimidated and just thought it was funny. He kinda cringes at his past self now and tries to have a little more decorum, but can still let loose if he stubs his toe and the like, or gets very angry.

    #lego ninjago#ninjago headcanons#nya smith#kai smith#zane julien#lloyd garmadon#jay walker#cole bucket#sensei wu#swearing #idk why i came up with this tbh #i dont even condone myself swearing nearly as much as half of these lol
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  • nancythesapphiremulti
    22.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Random Ninjago headcanons i have

    - As seen in the chart above, Lloyd is the shortest and Cole is the tallest.

    - Cole and Zane are both black.

    - Lloyd is badly traumatized from the incidents with Morro and Harumi.

    - The ninja (especially Cole) are overly protective of Lloyd due to his trauma.

    - Cole always works out after eating to keep his muscular physique.

    - Lloyd, Jay and Nya are the most emotional of the ninja.

    - Kai can be an asshole sometimes but he cares about the people close to him.

    - Only Cole and Zane can say the N-word.

    - Due to his trauma with relationships and as a trans man, Lloyd can only have children through in vitro fertilization.

    LGBTQ+ and physical stuff:


    Cis man; he/him



    Body type: Heavy set, very muscular


    Enby man; he/they



    Body type: Toned, muscular


    Cis man; he/him



    Body type: Average, a bit muscular


    Cis woman; she/her



    Body type: Lean, toned


    Trans man; he/him



    Body type: Lean, a bit muscular


    Trans man; he/him



    Body type: Lean, a bit muscular

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  • fluffyk97
    22.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Lloyd: *mixes Skittles and M&M's together*

    Jay: You're a menace to society

    Lloyd: *proceeds to eat one of both without care* Cope

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  • pajamas-of-doom
    22.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    my brain WILL associate you with the age and gender of your pfp and this is why i constantly have to recheck ppls bios for their pronouns and age range

    jay is fsr the exception to this

    jay could be anyone

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  • ninjago-text-adventures
    22.01.2022 - 7 hours ago
    #ninjago #ninjago text adventures #jay walker #time travel event #part three: the point of no return #day
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  • lilywily143
    22.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Thank @afandomroom for the inspiration for this art today!

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  • ninjago-text-adventures
    22.01.2022 - 10 hours ago
    #ninjago #ninjago text adventures #cole brookstone#jay walker #part three: the point of no return #time travel event #day
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  • ninjago-text-adventures
    22.01.2022 - 19 hours ago
    #ninjago #ninjago text adventures #jay walker#cole brookstone#nya smith#ed walker #time travel event #part three: the point of no return #day
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  • ninjago-text-adventures
    22.01.2022 - 20 hours ago
    #ninjago #ninjago text adventures #jay walker#cole brookstone#nya smith#ed walker #time travel event #part three: the point of no return #day
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  • ninjago-text-adventures
    22.01.2022 - 22 hours ago


    The trailer was quieter.

    As Jay was busy playing with Sol, the fire chicken-thing was awake, blurry-eyed and hugging Jay's hand like a baby blanket at the dining table-

    The others had moved away to the work area of the trailer, an oversized desk scooted of all its loose papers. But it still looked crowded. Cozy.

    Ed: Never thought I'd hear that crazy of a story.

    S1 Cole: It's true-!

    Ed: No son, we do believe you! Believing Jay was becoming a ninja that controlled lightning? Now that was crazy.

    Edna: And now look, you and your friends are quite the masters of elements!

    S1 Cole, blushing: We're still training. We can't control our elements without help from the-

    Golden Weapons.

    S1 Nya: At least one of us isn't reliant on powers or magic weapons.

    S1 Cole: I have a dragon.

    S1 Nya: And Jay too, you're not special.

    S1 Cole: Well I can carry Jay.

    S1 Nya: For two minutes.

    The two bickered, as Ed and Edna mulled over the village map. And over their son.

    Edna: ... Do we really believe that our son, right now- is both dead and alive?

    Ed looked over to Jay.

    Knowing Jay, his son wouldn't be this calm. Even after finding out about Sol.

    He knew the boy to have issues, it wasn't hard to find that out after he hit puberty. He'd usually overreact, huff and puff until the shock was over, spend an hour or so by his lonesome, and then come back tired and confused about it all.

    Ed: I'm inclined to. Ninjas then, time travel now. And with this-

    Ed: He hasn't acted this bad since...

    The couple was unsure if they could even bring 'that' up.

    S1 Cole: -So yeah, I'm the better fighter.

    S1 Nya: I could so kick your butt any day!

    S1 Cole: You don't have super strength!

    S1 Nya: I didn't slack off after "defeating" Lord Garmadon!

    S1 Jay: OI! Can you two NOT argue!? Sol is trying to fall asleep!

    Suddenly thunder.


    Edna: ... Well, that's not normal.

    S1 Cole: Was that storm thunder or wind thunder?

    S1 Nya: What's the difference?

    S1 Cole: Wind can push things around and make it sound like a storm, storm thunder is storm thunder.

    Edna: I hope there isn't a flash storm.

    S1 Cole: Should we stop and do scrap collecting the next day?

    Ed: We can pull the list out and give it a look over, other than that I don't think we got a restriction on time!

    S1 Nya: That sounds good!

    S1 Nya: Jay?

    Jay was up, Sol tucked into his neck, hiding in his mask's collar.

    S1 Jay: I got Sol!

    S1 Cole: ... How long does it take Jay to snap out of it?

    Edna: It takes maybe a day. Depends.

    Cole was worried about that.

    S1 Cole: Lead the way Mr-


    S1 Cole:

    S1 Cole: Ed.

    Ed: That's more like it.

    As the group grabbed up their lists, map to the village, and scrapyard; Jay had fixed Sol to be comfy, getting up from the cushy seats.

    It was when lightning coated the sky.

    Its power made Jay's body calm down.

    Jay felt elated.

    #ninjago #ninjago text adventures #jay walker#cole brookstone#nya smith#edna walker#ed walker #time travel event #part three: the point of no return #day
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  • ghostylen
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I’ve been gone for a while so please accept my ninjago doodles after I discovered a new brush

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  • ninjago-text-adventures
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    Ed: Are you sure of this son?

    S1 Jay: Going back on your decision already?

    Edna: Oh no, we aren't!

    Ed: We know this is a big change for you, and you are right.

    S1 Jay:

    S1 Jay: Right about what?

    Ed: About the element stuff!

    S1 Jay: Ohh yeeeahhh that!

    S1 Jay: Yeah we can figure that out later.

    Ed and Edna blinked.

    S1 Cole: ... Oh- right-

    S1 Cole: Something happened this morning.

    S1 Nya: And Jay's been acting off since.

    Edna: How off?

    Ed: Explains him being more open than usual.

    The group watched as Jay poked Sol, the stuffed chicken didn't stir. It was cute.

    S1 Cole: He had a breakdown. He's been masking it a bit better since we left, but I think he might need some time away from the monastery.

    S1 Nya: I think everyone does.

    Ed: Well, if you kids need a place, we always have an extra trailer in the back!

    Ed: It was Jay's when he started making his own inventions, everything's still in there but you can move things around as you see fit!

    S1 Cole: That sounds good!

    S1 Cole: You hear that Jay?

    S1 Jay: Great. Can we talk about the scrap donations?

    Nya shared a sigh with Cole.

    S1 Nya: We're gonna see a lot of this today, aren't we?

    Ed patted their backs.

    Ed: Jay's done this before. As long as we keep things calm, he'll want a long sleep and be better by tomorrow.

    S1 Cole: He's done this before?

    Edna: Only when something really messes with his emotions.

    Ed: Cole, Nya, can ya be honest with us?

    Edna: What happened to you all?

    S1 Cole: What did Jay tell you over the phone?

    #ninjago #ninjago text adventures #jay walker#cole brookstone#poor nya#edna walker#ed walker #time travel event #part three: the point of no return #day
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  • audrey-denise
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Nya Jay and Lloyd

    This one's a lot more sketchy looking, mainly because I liked how the slightly transparent lineart looks.

    I love drawing these three! Mainly cause their designs are all very clear and their hair isn't a hot mess (looking at you Kai)

    Right now I'm trying to come up with a design for Zane and Pixal and it's kinda hard like... WHY is the Samurai suit so detailed??

    The designs for Cole is easy and so is Kais but I just can't get their hair to work goddammit.

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