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  • yozzers
    17.10.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    damian got me into comics but jon is why i got invested and i curse the fact w my entire being bcs i hate comics but im like, too deep into it now to just Not Care so :/ anyway uhh read under “what the hell are these yozi” explanations 

    1) “holy shit they made jon bi” –> “didnt he just meet this guy like a week ago, speedrunning it like kawoshin” –> “i need damian to have the blandest response to jon saying he has a boyfriend 

    2) hope jons new boyfie and damian have shit tgt bcs nothing is funnier to me than 18 yr olds having shit w 14 yr olds, its like yugioh all over again 

    3) 2nd page is me getting used to drawing dc charactesr again bcs its been awhile

    4) sometimes i forget damian and cass are wasian and funnily enough both have white dads, #solidairty, i guess. tim is there bcs i think he’d be wasian too but is like, incredibly white passing so nobody expects it

    5) me and my feelings abt jon’s POV w the whole “i spent 6 yrs in space but im going to desperately try and just, go back to Normal things and barely acknowledge how fucked up this all is” 

    #dc#damian wayne#jon kent#jay nakamura#tim drake#cassandra cain#my art #yes i have portfolio art... i use my TA period at school to draw fanart now
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  • girlbosstimdrake
    17.10.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    no, I don’t accept criticism

    #damian wayne#tim drake#dick grayson#jason todd#duke thomas#dc#batfam#astrid speaks #i made myself laugh if nothing else #debated switching dick and jay but decided ‘nah’
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  • nullcodes
    17.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    every day i wake up and think about brian thomas

    #this is going to sound completely insane if you havent listened in on my internal monologue over the past few weeks but #do you ever think about how jay almost suffered the exact same fate as brian right before he went full hoody #except that jay had tim there to save him #and brian. who at that point must have still been more or less close friends with tim #was LITERALLY his next door neighbor #had to suffer a full blown operator attack which led to him spiraling so hard that it more or less undid a whole three years of therapy #and then he has masky at least for the totheark thing but thats obviously not permanent #and then when he comes to the conclusion that tim is more useful to him when he's working with jay he willingly lets go of even that #like i think it was the tta video right after. yknow the entry where jay goes to find tim/masky in rosswood. cant remember the number #where the description reads alonealonealone #because he knows!! what that means!! #he's spent most of the time over the course of the show alone! #and we always see him as this sort of cold & calculating chessmaster type but can you imagine how scared he must have been during those #times #and then in ghe end he posts null and null is his goodbye message #because he knows he's set everything into motion for tim to kill alex and end it all #he was literally only living for that exact purpose in the end #and he fully accepted that he himself also had to die for that #like we talk about how alex was planning to kill himself after he killed tim and i fully agree #but brian was more or less planning/expecting the same thing for himself #and with both of them this is so so incredibly sad because both of them had gotten better after marble hornets #but then they were both dragged into it all again and it got so so much worse #and jusr. hoody is so sad guys do you ever just think about that #he's always so angry but also so alone and scared and so incredibly sad #because its past 4am rn and im thinking about that 😔 #sv
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  • iloveyoujohnnydepp
    17.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Johnny Depp at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to discuss Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which was filmed at NBC Studios in Burbank, California (July 13, 2005)

    Re; Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) dir. Tim Burton

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  • venusmaderon
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Tim Drake could literally slaughter the entirety of the batfam and I’d probably still love him…… except for Duke. Don’t you dare touch Duke you sick genius son of a btch…

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  • bowlegsandbuttsex
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Missed Magnum PI last night due to a birthday dinner, lol, my birthday dinner, even if it was 3 weeks late. But will be watching in a bit and live-blogging.

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  • dissociative-x-jar
    15.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Seething and drooling and crying when I remember how many abusive relationships are in Marble Hornets

    #they literally all abuse each other yes including tim and jay #half of their interactions with each other alone are them bitching at the other for Existing
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  • jaskkin
    15.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    have to make a video for class: complete artistic liberty. we just need to make it about something we learned in class

    if you thought i wouldnt make it marble hornets you dont know me. marble hornets fire safety. jay and tim teach you about fire safety as tim loses his house.

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  • pink-bird-30
    15.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Titans 3x12


    READ AT OWN RISK!!!!!!!

    Listen LISTEN!!!!!!!


    First things first:

    -Dick Died? Like for real? Usually when I'm attached to characters I cry, but I wasn't convinced enough last episode to believe Dick had "died". But since Gar and Rachel found the Lazarus Pit, I'm not surprised they ended up using it on Dick.

    -Can we also talk about how Dick never dies in the comics besides it ever being Damian's fault? There literally has never been any other time unless we counting Justice League Dark: Apokolipse War, but everyone kinda died in that one.

    -I think the best thing that came from Dick dying is Gar finally FINALLY transforming into something other than a tiger. I hope in season 4 we can see him trying to shift into other creatures.

    -The Drake family. I would watch an entire Kardashian style show of this family, I love them! Tim's parents are beyyyyyyond real with him when it comes to being the next Robin. He has a family that loves him and wants to protect him, and I can understand why they want to keep him from becoming Robin. It wasn't even a few weeks ago the news of Robin #2 was found dead, it isn't a life they see for their son.

    -I won't forgive the writers for not making the Lazurus Pit green, you had one job.

    -I'm not even going to try and unload Dick's fight for his soul. The Joker, really? Could we have skipped that part and went straight to his redemption?

    Okay, its time:

    -The entire scene of Dick seeking forgiveness from his father and seeing his younger self. I think I still need time to process this. Brenton has this amazing ability to show such humility through his eyes, and cry on demand, it makes the scene so real.

    Especially when we see Mar'i for the first time. I cannot believe I'm actually typing this, but we saw Mar'i Grayson. For the first time ever, and it was also the first time, watching this show, that Dick had some real hope for a future. This man tries so hard to make a family for himself, and he finally has a chance to make that happen. It's not some disoriented hallucination from drugs or Trigon, this was all Dick.

    Moving on,

    -Rachel and Gar, their little scene together was so wholesome. I really missed seeing them together and the heart to hearts they have.

    Yooo the biggest moment today: Connor's betrayal.

    -I was not expecting this to happen. Like I was ready for Kom to be going off on this ship, heading to Tamaran, and maybe start to find peace with herself.

    (We also lost the entire scene of Kori and Kom talking about their parents decisions too).

    -But Connor Connor, my innocent little flower fucking blew that shit up. No joke, if he's the villain next season, that would be lit. The whole cinematography, the scene as a whole was beautiful. The parallels between Connor trying to save Hank earlier this season and seen him in the depths of raging fire, but then here again, but staring away from the destruction, being the cause of it all, damn. No words. And here I thought Kom was going to be the one to hurt Connor, it was the other way around and I'm completely flabbergasted.

    -I'm glad we got to see Babs again and actually being herself. Her acting passed out to trick the cop was great. I miss that version of Barbara Gordon. The woman that kicks ass and outsmarts people. Not just Dick's girl.

    -I'm also curious as to what Crane wants Babs alive for. What does he have planned for her? Also, why were we just given a glimpse of what Babs was doing while imprisoned. Why did we not know Crane was speaking with her everyday for however long it's been since the Titans tried to turn themselves in?

    -I'm angry it took until the third to last episode for Crane to finally be a good villain. He took over the city, got his big bad plan in motion, and is about to blow shit up. Where was this man 10 episodes ago!!!

    Overall, great episode. I hope we can keep this momentum up until the finale.

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  • tarantula-hawk-wasp
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    On the Timmy episode of BTAS feeling hysteria

    #like yes I’m annoyed they combined tim and jay but #a son boy!!! a little lad!!!
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  • captainshazamerica
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    THAT FREAKING TITANS EPISODE WAS SO FREAKING GOOD AHHHHHH. The character analysis and development and deep dive was just *chefs kiss* 😘 AND THE ACTING AHHHHHHHH

    Gosh this Tim is so freaking PERFECT. It’s SO freaking Tim wow. Jay is killing it. The PASSION of Tim and pure determination to be Robin ahhhh

    CURRAN IS KILLING IT DO I EVEN NEED TO SAY IT, holy CRAP that boy can act his butt off dang




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  • kimtiny
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Sum jam

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  • stuckylokanefan
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Imagine looking at announcements about Robin (Tim Drake) and Superman/Superboy (Jon Kent) coming out as bisexual, but all you can think about is your ships. Representation should always be more important than your own personal ships.

    #dc#bisexual #tim drake being bi is canon #tim drake is bi #jon kent being bi is canon #jon kent is bi #robin#red robin#superboy#superman#anti damijon#anti timkon #representation over ships #shipping is not activsim #jon/jay#tim/bernard
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  • ismiinci
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Tim Drake in Titans S3E012: Prodigal

    “You may not think I’m meant to be the next Robin, but I know I am.” 
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  • stuckylokanefan
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Jon Kent: Damian, I wanted to tell you that I am bisexual and I am dating Jay Nakamura.

    Damian Wayne: I am very proud of you, if anyone gives you crap about this, just send them my way and I will make sure they never mess with you again. I am sure that Rachel will want double dates now.

    Jon Kent: Awesome.

    Tim Drake: Hey, you didn’t get this excited when I came out as bisexual recently.

    Damian Wayne: Not everything is about you, Drake.

    #dc#damian wayne #damian al ghul #damian is the best robin #damian and jon are best friends #jon kent #jon kent is bi #jon kent being bi is canon #superboy#superman#jon/jay#tim drake#red robin #tim drake is bi #tim drake being bi is canon #damirae #damian and raven #rachel roth#demon birds #damian and rachel #bat family
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  • venusmaderon
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    No because this proves that Gar and Rachel could’ve gave this season exactly what it needed if they didn’t sideline them as much.

    How much better of a storyline would Gar just uncontrollably turning into different animals based off his emotions throughout the season be? There’s only 13 episodes, he could have been a good 4 different animals throughout the season and by the final episode he finally gets somewhat control over it.

    Instead of Rachel getting one appearance this season before throwing her into the plot, they could have been giving her this small little arc with the amazons learning that her powers aren’t just used for evil and destruction and having her finally being able to bring Donna back would prove that.

    Connor could have spent this season struggling to grow accustomed to earth. Struggling to differentiate his lex and Superman DNA and feeling like an outcast. Gar would try and help as much as he could but sadly not be able to entirely relate. Then BOOM, he meets blackfire and they’re just two peas in a pod.

    Nothing could possibly save that up is down and left is right ass storyline with Dick and Jason. The writers have put them through the MUD. Idk. Same with kory and her sister. What’s going on???

    Crane is such a boring villain. He’s so bland and doesn’t really give “one of Batman’s worst enemies.” Mostly because they’re trying so hard to make him so complex and sinister and I’m not buying. They should’ve gave us Black Mask or two face or anyone else. It would still suck because it would still be batfam related, but at least it would be more entertaining.

    Tim and Donna gave it the fck up like always. Literally carrying this season on their backs.

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