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    18.10.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    Aesop Rock x Blockhead - Jazz Hands

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  • jannqt
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    that makws me just a little bit sad but im gonna finish my notes and then i dont know

    #jas’ jazz 🕺 #usually i have a plan #right nkw #i have no plan #and tgat makes me feel not good #but its okay
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  • necronyancy
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    okay so what if when the war ends jazz wanted a vacation but found starscream on a meteor or something and was gonna take him back and imprison him for war crimes but then he was like “quit your job join my emo band” instead and they singlehandedly jumpstart the cybertronian cultural renaissance. also that last joke is that starscream is actually an amazing singer of like operatic proportion but he doesn’t even slightly know how

    #transfomers#starscream#jazz#jazzscream #do they have a 'ship name' #transformers g1 #i got really emotional the other day after the last episode of the season before headmasters where the matrix wisdom got released and #galvatron was like ''there shall be no more war today'' #what if that but actually. #also i looked at the cover for and listened to 'wiggle' by binki for that second picture #myart
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  • anon-e-miss
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Kintsugi - aka Divorce AU Discoveries

    Abject terror was the only adequate way to describe what he was feeling. He had been nervous when he had gotten his first scan done but he had been nervously optimistic that he could somehow or another provide a decent life for his bitlet. Of course, the stellar-cycles that had followed had disabused him of that notion. Every waking mega-cycle was another step deeper into a black pit he had no hope to dig himself out of. Prowl knew, had known for sometime that he could not hope to provide for bitty femmeling and he had know the only thing he could really do for her was give her to someone who could and if Prowl were a good originator, he would have long since registered with an agency, chosen decent procreators for her. But Prowl was a good originator, not to his femmeling, not to his Twins. There was another bitty, his femmeling had a twin. Prowl darkened his optics.

    “Ratch,” Jazz spoke to the medic with such familiarity. Prowl wondered how they had met. Ratchet made a gruff, glyphless sound as he applied the electrodes. Pedsteps padded closer and Prowl brightened his optics as Jazz came to a stop next him. “Prowl. Can I hold yer servo?”

    “Okay,” Prowl said, the tears fell free once again.

    He squeezed Jazz’s servo as he held it to his chestplate. This did not feel at all the scans he had undergone with the Twins. There was no careless hope or desperate love. Prowl could not imagine the news being anything but terrible. Of course, he had known that he had been too small, that his forge had not grown near enough and thus his femmeling had not either but if there were two bitlets inside of him, he was that much more undersized. Images of malformed bitlets filled his HUD. Spark chambers with no frames formed around them. Frames without helms or fuel tanks or... or... Jazz stroked his helm as he shuddered.

    “Y’re in good servos, Prowl,” Jazz assured him. “Ratchet’s the best medic on Cybertron.”

    “I am unfit to be an origin,” Prowl whimpered. Jazz shook his helm.

    “No,” Jazz argued.

    “You said I was not,” Prowl countered. Ratchet made a growled warning when Jazz took a sharp intake.

    “I never once thought that ya was a bad ori,” Jazz said, modulating his tone carefully. “No one could see ya wit’em ‘n think ya weren’t amazin’ wit’em... I just... I just thought ya weren’t ‘round ‘nough, bein’ their ori.”

    “And your solution was to divorce me,” Prowl said. “To ensure I was around even less.”

    “Yeah,” Jazz sighed. “Wasn’t exactly what I was thinkin’ but yeah. I was mad at ya Prowl. Madder when ya acted like I had no right bein’ mad.”

    “You could have talked to me,” Prowl replied. “I wanted to go to counselling.”

    “I thought ya was playin’,” Jazz said. “I thought ya’d say it’d be different ‘n it be the same scrap it always was.”

    “I tried,” Prowl sniffled. He felt so hollow.

    “I know,” Jazz said. “‘N I stopped.  I stopped tryin’.”

    Was that an acceptance of blame? The breakdown of their bonding had been set entirely on Prowl’s shoulders from the very instant Jazz had placed the petition in his servos. Hearing this confession from Jazz felt false, how could it be anything else? Even though it was unlike Jazz to lie, he had blamed Prowl for the collapse of their relationship, treated him as the instigator and this quasi-reversal was too sudden to ring true. Yet, even as Prowl doubted Jazz, he held his servo tight against his chassis and leaned into other servo as it stroked his helm and waited for the medic to tell him how far he had failed his newlings. Ratchet held a tablet in his servo as his servo transformed into a wand. He began the scan.  At first, Ratchet did not show Prowl the screen and Prowl was terrified, imagining what horror he might be seeing. Jazz hissed as Prowl squeezed his servo just a little too tight.

    “I’ll just fold out the screen,” Ratchet said and with a flick of his servo, a holo-emitter folded out from the wall next to the exam berth. As Ratchet ran his wand/servo over the right side of Prowl’s forge the emitter projected the image the scanner was forming. “There she is. A bitty femmeling, like your last scan showed.”

    “She’s got pretty doorwings like her ori,” Jazz observed and Prowl took in the image with a shaky smile. She did have his doorwings. Since his last scan, her skeletal structure had fully formed. His forge had put down her wiring, along with her cabling. Despite how poorly he had been providing for her needs, she was truly taking shape. As far as Prowl could see, she was not missing any vital systems.

    “She’s been hiding someone with her doorwings,” Ratchet said and he moved the wand around to Prowl’s other side. Dodging the femmelings doorwings, Ratchet took took another scan.  A second bitlet appear on the emitter. “Her brother.”

    “He is so small,” Prowl’s said, anxiously.

    “He is small,” Ratchet agreed. The femmeling rolled, Prowl could feel her doing it and splayed her doorwing over her brother, blocking him from the scanner again. “But it looks like your forge adjusted his blueprints in response to the reduction in resources. He’s small, but he’s got all his parts.”

    “Can I make him better?” Prowl asked.

    “My guess is he’ll remain small,” Ratchet replied. “Somewhere between a minibot and the standard Praxian schematics. There’s no reason to believe he and she won’t emerge healthy if we can get you healthy.”

    “What do I need to do?” Prowl asked, a hope fragile as glass swelled in his spark.

    “You need to be on a nutrition dense, large volume diet,” Ratchet replied. “You’re fuelling for three without any natural stores, and it’ll take time for your frame to put on any at this stage. Everything your forge needs to continue manufacturing them will come from what you put in your mouth and... when was the last time the progenitor contributed?”

    “He has not,” Prowl said. “He was a fling and when I did not clear his path to a promotion he claimed I blackmailed him into interface and he ruined my career. Even if he offered to contribute, I would sooner slid my own throat.”

    “That won’t be necessary,” Ratchet said. Jazz made a sound and held Prowl’s servo tightly now. He had not meant it like that. Prowl had not plans to kill himself but he would sooner die than ask Chromedome for contributions or accept them if they were offered. “There are transfluid banks for buddings and carryings without sires involved. I can refer you.”

    “I do not have the shanix,” Prowl replied. “My account is empty, if not in the negative.”

    “I’ll cover it,” Jazz said.

    “I’m not going to let you take advantage of my patient like that,” Ratchet growled.

    “I don’t mean it like that!” Jazz snapped back. “I mean, I’ll pay. Whatever treatments he needs. I’ll pay for’em.”

    “It’s too much,” Prowl exclaimed. “The Twins...”

    “Won’t go hungry,” Jazz promised. “I got shanix ‘nough comin’ in since I signed wit a label to get by. Between that ‘n Ori’s commissions, no one is gonna go hungry.”

    “Next quartex,” Prowl said. “I will not have the support payment.”

    “I sent an emergency petition to cancel the support payments,” Jazz replied. “There’s no way ‘n Primus’ designation I would take shanix from ya right now.”

    “But the Twins,” Prowl worried.

    “I can support ‘em,” Jazz insisted. “‘N ya, ‘n these bitties. I got this.”

    “They are not yours, Jazz,” Prowl said. “How can I dare depend on you? You could just throw me out again. Me and them?”

    “I wouldn’t ever,” Jazz argued.

    “You did once,” Prowl countered.

    “Ya have my glyph,” Jazz gave his oath. “I promised the Twins there Ori was stayin’ ‘n I meant it.”

    “There is no way Punch will agree to that,” Prowl said.

    “Ori expects me to do right by my creations,” Jazz declared. “I do right by them doin’ right by ya ‘n their bitty brother ‘n sister.”

    “I cannot keep them Jazz,” Prowl cried. “I did not want the Twins to bond to her because I knew I could not keep her. How can I keep two when I am not fit to care for one?”

    “Prowl, listen to what ‘m sayin’,” Jazz said. “No misunderstandings. I do right by the Twins doin’ right by ya ‘n those bitties. I don’t just mean right now, I mean in the long run. ‘N I’ll put it down on a contract if that makes ya feel safer.”

    “You do not mean it,” Prowl argued, he just could not believe it.

    “I mean it,” Jazz promised. “On my life, Prowl. I’ll cover ya.”

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    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Masego, Garden Party, 2021 Release

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  • andydona-chan
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Doors research

    Read it at AO3!

    This was fun! Danny thought as he floated out of a door in the Ghost Zone, he had been checking some of the doors near the portal for about 20 minutes now, so far he had entered two different places through them, he smiled as he turned to his left and reached another door, he looked at it, studied it, the door was an elegant one, with crystal embedded on the surface making a beautiful pattern in the top center of the frame, it had an elegant knob too, it was color bronze but with intricate swirls, it had no keyhole, it’s purple color covered what was supposed to be some sort of strong wood, going by the design it was probably a dark wood or a fancy one, thought in the Ghost Zone the color wasn’t really an indicator, the purple was the same in all doors, only sizes and styles changed.

    Danny floated around it, it was the same on both sides so it was probably and one big room, when there were more doors inside them, doors usually were plain on the other side. He touched some of the crystals, and after a moment, instead of turning the knob he knocked on the surface of one of the crystals, the one that was different from the others, it had some scratches on its surface and it seemed dirty somehow, so it had to be it, she pressed on it until he heard a soft click.

    With a triumphant punch to the air, Danny pushed the door and floated into the new area, the space where the door turned opening to a dark blue barely illuminated room, just as he had expected, the room was huge, it was like a small palace room, it had one of those fancy coaches where you could lay on your side while eating grapes, or at least Danny would be happy if he could do that.

    There was a big rug under it, all flourishes and flowers and big enough for Sam, Tucker Jazz, and him to lay on comfortably, there was also a couple of cushions, all of them with size enough to be able to seat on them without being all the way down to the floor, there were some paintings on the walls, with prince-like figures painted on them and horses and dogs, also a lot of small but pricy items, like a pure metal tea set, he was sure it was some kind of precious metal, like silver or something like that, also a clock that had stopped at 4.30 and some jars on each corner, but he wouldn’t touch them. Not even the desk full of what looked like letters and books, he had learned from his previous incursions, to be respectful of the place.

    The big chandelier hanging from the roof was made only of big crystals that sparkled and added a bit to the whole scenario, even though the items on the room were not many, it still made it feel livable, thought if Danny had been a kid in this room he could have been playing around without interrupting his parents if they were sitting on the couch, or even Jazz, if she had been studying. He felt the expected wave of nostalgia roll over him, that’s what always happened in this kind of place.

    Even if it was entertaining, it was something he had decided to do alone, he couldn’t help the curiosity of his friends and sister, they wouldn’t understand, damn he could understand it, but he was unable to find a way to explain it, and he would rather lie than try to let them know what it meant for a ghost.

    He had learned just recently that most of the doors weren’t occupied, while some of them were the lairs of active ghosts and could open and close at any time, there were some ancient doors that had belonged to a certain spirit, these places they had used to rest, and the ghost itself had then dissipated within it, becoming part of the space within and closing the door, leaving behind seemingly abandoned lairs, however, they could be accessed and inhabited for short periods of time, like making a visit, the items could be moved and taken, however usually the ghost that was resting in that place could wake up and look you up until you returned it, but usually just being there, staring at a place so personal and special for a ghost, made you sad, as if you were in long lost memory.

    There were some doors where ghosts had just enclosed themselves and they didn’t like being bothered, also doors with nothing inside them, just an empty void, those places were unbearable, Danny had heard it could drive you crazy or they could lead you to disappear cause once inside you’ll get lost and never find your way back. He had seen some of those by accident but checking out some of the simple door designs or the ones that looked older and dimmer than the rest were usually the ones that you could safely visit.

    With a sigh Danny turned again towards the door and left, making sure it was fully closed and placed a small seal on the door, one that Pandora had given him, it locked the door for anyone that wasn’t a ghost with the correct intentions, like those looking for temporal shelter for example; then he floated to the next one a few meters away from the one he had just visited, this one was the one just above the portal, he could see it a few meters below, somehow it was nice to know there weren’t many doors around it, it could have been dangerous given how his parent’s curiosity was usually chaotic.

    Danny once more started his initial study of the door, this one looked like one that you could slide to one side, plain on the other side so there might be other rooms within it; it had a metal door with a metal handle that looked heavy, like for a high-security entrance. He looked at it trying to locate a hidden knob like on the other one; however this one looked rather simple, so he went straight to the handle and moved it, pulling at the door at the same time in order to slide the door open.

    The place was in complete darkness, so Danny floated to the entrance and lighted his hand with ectoplasm to cast some light into the room… It looked empty but he moved inside the place, seeing how there were some windows at the other side above what seemed like a bed. He approached it and found that yes, there was a bed there, a futuristic one actually, just a floating plaque with the mattress above it and the window to the side, the window wasn’t open, but the outline had a white glow to it meaning it could be opened. He wished he could touch it to see what image was out there.

    Trying to make out some other things inside the room he keep looking, there was a desk, it was empty but it had a small chair in the same style as the bed, it looked like a room a place to straight forward go to rest or take care of planning or something else. Then, there was another door, he went to it and opened it, it looked and worked just the same as the front one.

    In the next room, there was a living room, a small area with black couches and a TV screen, there was even a small coffee table with the remote there, there was also a window in this room just behind the TV, the white outline making it stand from the other things in the room, there was an area to the side where there was a table and a small refrigerator, maybe the ghost that had lived here used to be human and liked to have these amenities in their place.

    One last room at the end of the place led to a bathroom, a full bathroom that had its toilet and sink, a bathtub and shower, all of it with black and blue accents, this place could be a good hideout if he ever needed one. He floated out of the bathroom and went back to the living room, he approached the window behind the TV and risked touching it, it wasn’t an item he could take with him so it couldn’t be dangerous, and also it was improbable that anything would happen.

    He lifted his hand and touched the black screen in front of him, it immediately activated, fading out slowly towards the edges, illuminating the room at the same time and opening to a sight that left him breathless. Right out of the window, and so close he swore he could touch it, NGC 6753 was in full display, the colors, the shape, and everything was so… Danny gave two steps behind; he felt his core hum in a way that almost made him vibrate.

    He tried to get a hold of himself and moved into the previous room, he would be able to think straight once he was out of it, however, the next room was now illuminated too, the window next to the bed was now open to a view of IC 3639, and how could he ever mistake them? He approached it, his mind as always enthralled on the image and looking to see more of it now that he could. He knew what this meant, but he didn’t want to acknowledge it, he turned around, away from the image just outside the window.

    However there, over the bed, was something he hadn’t seen in ages, it was something he had got for his birthday a while back… for his 14th birthday. It was an official NASA pin; he had worn it every day since receiving it when he turned 14 and had last seen it on the day of the accident, he thought that it had got lost in the portal to never be found again, but… there it was.

    The only metal thing he had had with him on that day, and it was now inside this place, unknown to him, his lair. Just as the thought was formed inside his head the pin glowed and suddenly the room filled with other items, posters on the walls, books, and papers on the desk, he gave a quick glance to the living room and found it filled with some of his favorite things.

    It made him happy, but at the same time sad. It was like finding a place where he could be happy forever but also a place that reminded him that he also belonged to the world of the dead, that there was a place for him here where at some point, if he wanted to, he could come and rest, and never be disturbed again, his own last resting place, his own door in the Ghost Zone…

    He floated out of the place feeling numb; he didn’t know if he wanted to use his lair if he wanted to go in at all, should he tell Tucker and Sam about it? What would Jazz think of the place? He didn’t know if he liked it being above the portal of all things… Suddenly checking other doors felt irrelevant, so he just went down and back into the portal, he could take some time to think about it…

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    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i am so hungry today

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    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #it's the jazz design. remember the cups #do i call this an emoji... #maybe it's limited edition
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    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    BADBADNOTGOOD - Talk Memory Music Album Reviews https://ift.tt/3j9yQ9g

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    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Ectober 2021 Day 17

    Also fanfiction.net.

    #ectoberhaunt 2021 #ectober month 2021 #ectoberhaunt jump scare #ectober jump scare #prompt#danny phantom#wes weston#jazz fenton#phanfiction#fanfiction#fanfic#fic
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    18.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    @manifcst is getting a spam of memes bc i can. here i gooo.

    also before i do that. you.tube hates my guts bc it keeps playing ke.llie pi.ckler when a vid ends. absolutely not.

    #( ya like jazz ~ ooc )
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    18.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
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  • englishsunshiine
    18.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    anyway, i know i play them both, but i don’t really care. Making Aria and Violet best friends was the best decision that I ever made tbh.

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    18.10.2021 - 3 hours ago


    #jas’ jazz 🕺 #i kept seeing people recommend it soni finally sat down and i love it so far
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  • chairhouseclub
    18.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    本日の曲が降りて来てくれましたのでアップさせて頂きます。あなたに気に入って頂ければ幸いです。 なお、参考までに本日のピアノ楽譜付動画のプレイリストです。最近の毎日の曲が順番に聴けます。良ければどうぞ。https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPz2qVzW2xY&list=PLkAYYwSOKXVx-JTWgm0xKOovbpIUvvYyj chair houseの静寂ピアノ音楽を掛けっぱなしにしてクリエイティブな生活を送る人が増えています。spotify:《不思議だけど集中力が激増するプレイリスト》: 334曲、13時間28分の曲が集められています。フォロワー1312人。どんどん増加中です。静寂ピアノ音楽78, 潜在意識13 gentle piano music bath: 3

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